Thank You Kind & Generous Souls

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I want to Thank every person that I couldn’t reach by email or postal mail who’ve sent me donations to help me through this unemployed time with my Mom’s health traumas. It’s bothered me that I haven’t been able to reach all of you personally via email—some of you probably felt me energetically near you sending you Gratitude Hugs and I hope this wasn’t a psychic trespass—but I had to connect with you to Thank You.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thank you Cay T. from CA so very much.

Multi Thank You2 Thank you Gail from the UK so very much.

gold thankyousmile5 Thank you Kate B. from MI so very much.

thankyouflowers5 Thank you Debora R. from FL so very much.

thankyouheart 6 Thank you Annie M. from CT so very much.

225x183 thank you blue 3 Thank you J. from IA so very much.

Lapis gold Thank You2 Thank you Penelope L. from OR so very much.

200x200 goldpaper3 Thank you Andria F. from Canada so very much.

TY so much2 Thank you Coleen O’C. from NJ so very much.

???????????????????????????????????????? Thank you Sharon H. from NY so very much.

Dk blue gold Thank You2 Thank you Mia F.  so very much.

thankyouflowers5 Thank you Kaz I. so very much.

200x200 green thank you paper 5 Thank you Angie B. from the UK so very much.

red thankyou 6 Thank you Wesley S. from FL so very much.

Green copper Thank You3 Thank you Lori D. from OH so very much.

Yellow thankyou heart Thank you Bronwen S. from NJ so very much.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thank you Lill D. M. from Norway so very much.

800x600 thankyou leaves4 Thank you Linda B. from AZ so very much.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thank you Flower Th. from Australia so very much.

Blue thankyou heart Thank you Ewa R. from CA so very much.

TY so much2 Thank you Philip McC. from CA so very much.

multi-language Thank Yous 800x640 Thank you Kitty C. so very much.

heart icons 2 In case I’ve missed anyone else during these tumultuous weeks with not enough sleep and too much rushing around in the lower muck strata, I Thank You deeply for helping me through these troubles via your generous, heartfelt donations and loving energies. It has moved me, and lifted me up when I really needed it.

Gratitude Hugs to All,


October 3, 2014

Welcome to HighHeartLife

heart circle

Welcome to HighHeartLife — a NEW higher frequency place for our ongoing spiritual journey, education, and eternal desire as spiritual Beings to Create. And, welcome to the Separation of Worlds and Timelines and activation of the NEW!

To me this energetic threshold we’ve crossed/are crossing on September 21–22, 2013 is more meaningful than any of the earlier ones and here’s why. This one is the last in a series that have unfolded incrementally over the past few years. October 28, 2011 was the first major threshold; December 21, 2012 was the second major one, and September 21–22, 2013 is the third one in this stair-step ▲ trinity of transitions if you will. Remember, those energetic stair-steps are always there underneath everything no matter how low or how high.

But this third energetic threshold we’re crossing now on the September 21–22, 2013 Equinox and completion of the past Nine Month period (from 12-21-12) is so important and meaningful because it’s the last energetic and physical separation and Shift Point from the old past and very negative everything. It’s the full cutoff and disconnect point from the past Evolutionary Cycle and all of its blueprints/templates and the 4D Astral and 3D Physical Team Dark patriarchal control over earth, humanity, human consciousness and physical 3D reality itself. This is when the old everything expires and where the NEW begins.

Yes for a short while there will still be some of the old-world patriarchal jerks (male and female) around who don’t understand that this great Shift has even happened, or the NEW emerging higher frequency energies/blueprints/templates etc., and they’ll throw louder and crazier public temper tantrums because they can no longer get exactly what they want like they always did before. These old-world patriarchal jerks don’t realize that 4D Astral nonhuman Team Dark beings no longer have their backs or are energetically supporting them as they always have via stealing life-force energies from the rest of humanity! It’ll take these old-world human patriarchal jerks a while to realize that the Earth Game has dramatically changed and that they’re not even on the same earth and no longer run or control anything. They will change and adapt to the NEW on this earth, or they’ll die off, and rather quickly, and go where they can continue controlling unaware others. But, they cannot and will not ever control anything on this NEW earth or ‘Planet A/B’ as we’ve been calling it.

This is what many of us Forerunners have worked so hard and long towards and that’s why this date is more meaningful to me personally than any of the earlier ones. We’ve done it — not that I ever had any doubts we wouldn’t — but it sure is spectacular finally reaching the energetic cutoff and Shift Point out of the old insanity and negativity and into the higher NEW. Do you now hear that blessed sound of silence in the space/air around you? That glorious LACK of continual negative static, interference and chatter is the sound of the past Evolutionary Cycle and blueprints not here any longer! It’s almost too much and I feel like I could easily burst into a fit of giddy hysterics for a bit over being able to feel, hear, and know that Team Dark is not and never will be again in the same space/place that I am! I’ll quickly readjust to what’s far more normal to me as we all will to the NEW HighHeartLife.

It’s because we’ve finally reached this energetic and physical cutoff from the old and Shift Point into the NEW that I created HighHeartLife and launched it today. I needed a matching higher frequency place online to write about (and Library, archive) these NEW higher frequency changes, the NEW teachings that go with them, the emerging NEW higher consciousness in more and more people, the ongoing manifestation and effects of 5D High Heart, the current ‘Planet A’ overlays some of us are and will be embodying just as we Forerunners did with the Ascension Process, and so much more.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then please sign up to “Follow”  and receive email notifications when I publish new articles in the sidebar area. (You can unsubscribe at any time you wish by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of your email notifications.)

I know we’re beyond exhausted, but now that we’ve finally reached energetic Pay Day, we’re going to begin feeling better in multiple ways from here on out. Thanks for visiting, happy September 2013 Equinox, welcome to the higher frequency NEW and to HighHeartLife.

Denise Le Fay

September 22, 2013

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