Ancient Starbeing/ET Portraits

Last year I mentioned that my sister, Yasmeen Harper, was working on three portraits of the Starbeings from my 12,600 B.C. past/simultaneous life in Egypt; the 8D Orion, the 6D Sirian, and the 5D Pleiadian. Those three portraits—plus 22 other illustrations—went into A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010). I’ve added these three Starbeings portraits because I want everyone to be able to see them as they were in that very ancient Egyptian past/simultaneous life. This is what they looked like once they had down-stepped their energies enough to enter 3D physicality way back then.

For more information about each of these Starbeings and other ETs and related information,  go to CATEGORIES and click on Starseeds/Starbeings/ETs.

Fig. 3.12. The 6D Sirian

Fig. 3.11. The 8D Orion

Fig. 3.13. The 5D Pleiadian

I’ve placed the three Starbeings portraits in this order because that was how the three of them always stood when they were together and interacting with us Starseeds in 12,600 B.C. Egypt, and also with me in this life and time now (clairvoyantly and telepathically). When they stood in this position with the 6D Sirian always on the viewers left, the 8D Orion in the middle, and the 5D Pleiadian always on the viewers right, they were holding all three stellar systems energies and different dimensions in place for the viewers (as they are in the physical sky) which tripled their individual energies and was profoundly potent. This is the reason I’ve placed their portraits in these positions and I’m sorry I couldn’t place all three of them side-by-side and on a slight angle (exactly as these three star systems are in the physical sky) for the full effect. Enjoy.

Denise Le Fay

February 26, 2010

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  • Thank you Rowing Through Life to bring this article to my attention! And huge thanks to you, Denise, for this article. Where do I start? A month or so ago we were talking about relationships; I think it was in reference to Lisa Renee’s article. So, I had mentioned I thought I might be on the verge of opening to a relationship. So since then, I’ve had a vision come to me many times – the face of a man. I thought, hmmm, he is interesting looking and I made the assumption he is the new relationship coming into my life. I didn’t really meditate on it as I didn’t question it much and just thought I’d be aware if I saw this man in real life. So, that brings us to this article. The man I’m visualizing looks a lot like the 6D Sirian you have pictured. I’m off to meditate on this as soon as I leave here. I’m now thinking he may be a guide or such trying to contact me. I’m so excited about where-ever this may be going. Again, any thoughts would be appreciated and I’ll keep you posted on where this leads. Many thanks, Morgean

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