Age of Aquarius, But Fifth Dimensional

This is a short quote from the Epilogue of A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (January 2010). I felt it needed to be read now by all who visit TRANSITIONS for the obvious reasons. If the material resonates and you enjoy it I hope you’ll consider buying the book. I know you will find the entire book very interesting and unusual.

“Because we have reached the pre-set expiration date for this system, because we have stopped seemingly journeying away from Source, turned around and are now evolving back towards Home, we are soon going to be experiencing a profoundly different sense of self and corresponding reality. For the past few years, I have come to understand so much more about what the new 5D astrological Age of Aquarius is about. This understanding or knowing is exactly that—a marvelous higher, spherical knowing as opposed to the old egoic linear intellectual thinking, contemplating, speculating and pondering we are used to from our earlier (past) lives within polarized 3D.

I clearly see how ascended Leo/Sun—the opposite sign and Age to Aquarius/Uranus—represents our lengthy soul journeys and how we developed important and individuated ego’s and sense of separated self from Source. Eventually, this process would reach its expiration date, its grand completion end date and we would stop, turn around, and begin the first phase, which is picking up after ourselves and cleaning up the campgrounds we have been camping in for so long—our time learning and creating within polarized physicality on Earth. With the start of our physical ascension process in 1999, we entered the phase of cleaning up and transmuting our many polarized and projected messes and monsters across time on planet Earth. These messes and monsters were the natural results of our acquiring egos and reaching such an extreme sense of separation from Source and everyone and everything else.

With the Leo/Sun separated ego aspects of ourselves thoroughly established over eons of seemingly linear lifetimes on Earth, we finally reached this current phase where we needed to transmute our little individuated Leo ego selves into the exalted and integrated aspects of high vibrating Leo/Sun. We needed to transmute our fragmented ego selves, plus the many polarized messes they created throughout our physical human incarnational experiences and lessons within 3D, and ascend. Once we accomplished this difficult stage of the grand integration and polarity resolution process, we are, or soon will realize that we have already become very different beings; that we are currently, and rapidly, evolving into a new species. The recently integrated and transmuted 3D human has (is and will) reached higher 5D Leo/Sun Heart consciousness, which automatically sends these non-polarized and like-vibrating beings into the opposite Aquarian side energies.

With our lower 3D egos and numerous fragmented selves now integrated and transmuted, we vibrationally become ascended/evolved individual humans that are non-polarized and unified within themselves. Once we transmute our baggage in all its diverse forms, we naturally become more than our past numerous and separated parts. We become whole or unified individually. This higher frequency state automatically thrusts us into the Aquarian energy side where everything is about the Group. However, this Group is comprised of non-polarized, integrated and ascended/evolved Leo individuals. Because of this, we now have a Group (Aquarius) where every individual (Leo) is an ascended and unified being, which obviously indicates that the entire Group is going to be rather spectacular! When combined, the Group also energetically becomes much more than its many integrated, ascended, and individual parts. This is what fifth dimensional beings and communities are. The early evolutionary levels within 5D consist of polarity resolved and integrated individuals, who are each a unique and important piece of a much larger Group puzzle. This is exalted Leo—still an individual even within 5D—fitting and functioning perfectly within the fully ascended 5D Aquarian Group.  Together the Group is capable of creating and sustaining a very high vibrating world and reality from their High Hearts (evolved Leo) and individual conscious connections to their own Higher Selves (high Aquarius).”

Denise Le Fay

March 3, 2010

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11 thoughts on “Age of Aquarius, But Fifth Dimensional

  • Quinky dinks again–I was just watching “Down the Rabbit Hole” which is an extended version of “What the Bleep Do We Know” and it was addressing a lot of what you and Barbra were talking about–re: 2D reality vs. 3D vs 5D etc. and the fact that neurons connecting and firing in the same pattern over and over so that what we choose tends to be the same (we repeat what we know and feel comfortible until it becomes our addiction) –so we need to start thinking “out of the box” and really creating what we want and not what we feel comfortible with then–when we do this we feel we have done nothing until we look back and see how far we have come–does that make sense.

    BTW–love the book–savoring it–As I am reading I keep getting OMG moments along with AH HA moments of understanding the OMG moments–lol. When I was younger up until my early 20’s I was doing lots of stuff that I felt was “normal” but others were not so sure about and then I closed off. One day I was doing it and the next morning it is like I woke up and had stopped and didn’t even realize I had stopped (not totally because I would still do some stuff and think everyone could do it) but a few years (like maybe 15) I realized I had to start up again and then I realized how much I had put aside and started trying to get it back. I said to a friend that I felt like the first 1/3 of my life was for my parents, the second for my family, and this time of my life (now that my daughter is grown and on her own) is for me. I felt that I had veiled myself in order to do what I had to do (ie. tie up loose ends for me and for others I came in contact with). I also feel like I never was truly “seated” in this body/life and that at times I am seeing life like I was looking out the peep hole of a duck blind or watching a play and someone would hand me the lines just before I was to give them and then shove me out on stage and say–you’re on–act happy/sad/mad–whatever and give your line. That is why reading your book has been such an eye opener and it is like you said at one point–it is nice finding others who are experiencing the same things and making sense of it. I also now understand the feeling I had knowing I was going to die at age 42 so I was preparing my daughter (without actually telling her why) to be independent because I was sure I would not see my 43rd birthday–well, I did, but after reading your book, I also know I did die at 42–it just wasn’t a physical death–thank you, Denise. I am still reading–it is not that the book is hard or I am a slow reader–I am just savoring ;0)

    • Theocacao,

      OMG…you bought my book? And are reading it now? 😮 OMG I’ve sooo needed to hear from the tiny handful of people who have bought it so far and are relating to it, getting it, and maybe having some of their own puzzle pieces fall into place. I can’t tell you how glad, how relieved I am hearing what you’ve said about A Lightworker’s Mission Theocacao. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I’ve been kinda down-in-the-dumps over not selling any copies during Feb., and it’s about so much more than my just making a couple bucks from royalties. I want the book read, I want the book related to, I want the book to help connect dots for other Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Starseeds/Wanderers etc.

      Many Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Starseeds got activated big-time by the Uranus Opposition (which everyone goes through) from age 39-43 to seriously jump-start their REAL and CURRENT reasons for being alive on Earth now. Prior to age 39, our lives were about dealing with family, mates, birthing children etc. But from age 39 on, it was about our time to wake up a whole lot more to why we were here again and at this particular time. I’m sooo very glad you are relating and understand that it (turning 39-43) IS a highly Initiatic death and re-birthing period…especially if one has been pre-set to activate with their Lightworker mission at that age. Obviously you were too. 🙂

      Take your time with A Lightworker’s Mission as it’s a journey through the Dark, and the Light, and why. Thank you again Theo because I really needed to hear this now.

      Hugs and Gratitude,

  • Hi Denise,

    Yeah, some visual changes would be very nice indeed! 😉 Most people believe more when they can see things!…..

    I’m sure I heard somewhere there would be some ancient structures that would appear that weren’t there before?….

    Maybe my new job will be a ‘higher form’ of decorating?.. 😉

    Love and gentle hugs,


    Denise : it is funny Barbra. You were so close to it.
    We’re there, finally, but we don’t get it or believe it yet because everything looks just the same…so far. But not for long, trust me! We’ve got some mega Interior/Exterior decorating to do and soon. Out with the old and in with the new, and all by our own design. How wonderful is that after everything we all have been through just in this one life?
    Big Hugs and ESPAVO,Denise

  • Hi Denise,

    Now I just have one question that has been taunting me for a good while now: what about those who live in Earth one and gradually are regurgitating into more higher vibrating beings? What about those who aren’t there yet… but are on their way nonetheless?

    Will they simply transfer over to the New Earth… like over over to the bridge??? Just curious… ^_^

    • Hi Lou Ann,

      If they desire to grow, evolve, expand their beliefs and consciousness outside of the giant, restrictive box that lower 3D (Earth One) is, then yes, they’ll move forward slowly also. But they have to be willing to expand their awareness and admit that there is far, far more to “reality” than that science says or religions claim etc.

      That is another reason why this time on Earth is and has been SO important and special; because a person can take advantage of all the available cosmic, galactic, astrological, energies and Light to make tremendous soul growth in this life and time right now. If everyone knew how long it is between these super-rare periods of compressed spiritual growth and learning, they’d leap into the Process immediately! Even if we look at this from ONLY the perspective of the completion of one Great Year (one trip around the 12 astrological Ages which is around 26,000-years long) that is an amazingly long time. But what’s happening now with the ascension and the ending Mayan calendar (what it describes), it is much, much longer of a cycle than 26,000 years! People should be taking advantage of these times, these ascension energies…but they are so comfy inside that freaking 3D box of lies and illusions and being told exactly what to do and when! Oh oh…I could go off on a rant here! 😉

      I’ve used the term stair steps to talk about the numerous and ongoing energy adjustments we’re going through via the ascension process. That is very much what this is like; walking up stair steps, reaching a landing, resting there briefly, then heading up another set of stair steps to reach yet another higher vibrating, more Light-filled landing and so on and so on we go. And there is a long line of people in front of us and behind us on these ascension energy stairs, all heading in the same direction, but at our own speed and ability to integrate and adjust to the nearly constant frequency/energy/Light changes inside us and around us.


  • Aha, thank you! YES!! Of course; you’ve hit it on the head.
    I felt that from January 1st precisely, too: we have to create the new earth, and we now CAN. And what do we do? -At first, not believing it or knowing any better, we automatically replicate the same tired old crap. Like living in a grey room, and being shown a huge palette of vibrant paints, and going, “Uh, OK….I’ll just do it grey again.” When I read what you’d written, I suddenly had a wonderful image of myself holding an old, cracked catfood bowl, going into a store with 10,000 new bowls, and dully choosing one with a crack in it. 😀 Thank you very much, Denise, I get it now! You explain things much more succinctly than Karen Bishop. Now I see why I’ve had the strange feeling lately, as if the spirit & space friends around me have been laughing at me; in a kind way, but laughing nevertheless. It really is cosmically funny, isn’t it? 🙂


    • 😆 it is funny Barbra. You were so close to it.

      We’re there, finally, but we don’t get it or believe it yet because everything looks just the same…so far. But not for long, trust me! We’ve got some mega Interior/Exterior decorating to do and soon. Out with the old and in with the new, and all by our own design. How wonderful is that after everything we all have been through just in this one life?

      Big Hugs and ESPAVO,

  • Hi,
    Thanks very much for answering. I was laughing reading this, because you sound just like me, and I know that, like me, you are doing your level best to express fifth dimensional realities in our clunky 3D language….or, as someone said, to fit a 5D concept into a 3D wrapper…and it’s SO hard, isn’t it? I was saying to my daughter the other day that it’s like taking a 2D person out of his flat world, and showing him a bouncing ball. How the hell could he explain that ball to his friends back in 2D? They live in a world where there’s no up or down! He’d have to make a circle on the ground, and say, “It moves.”

    And not to mention that you know that by next week, you’ll understand it all even better. I don’t know about you, but the waves of light pouring in are accelerating everything so much, that on Tuesday, my level of understanding makes last Friday’s ‘grasp’ of things look positively Neanderthal. 🙂

    I know intuitively what you mean; and, oh yes, the Sept ’09 Cut Off was dramatic. I actually saw myself saying goodbye to those who were choosing not to go up a level, and that night, dreamed of a giant pair of scissors cutting the two worlds!!
    That cut-off had to happen, we couldn’t have gone on otherwise, most of us were almost dead, having spent two extra years basically holding a ship to a quayside with a rope in our teeth, just in case some folk still wanted to leap aboard.
    So I get the frequencies of consciousness thing, but I’m still curious as to how this will affect our physical lives. We still get stuck in traffic and have to pay bills, and run out of catfood. Karen Bishop sees a time when we’ll no longer need money, to which I say, ‘Bring it on!’ Heh. 😀


    • Barbara,

      “…positively Neanderthal…” 😆 that is it exactly! Thanks for the laughs over how profoundly accurate your awareness of the current whirlwind of change is.

      We’re evolving that quickly now, and that is why I know that the old silly world of jobs, money, cat food, and stuck in traffic crap…will disintegrate as soon as we outgrow it, evolve beyond it, and let the silly crap go completely! We have to now replace it with something better, higher, with Heart.

      When Jan. 1, 2010 arrived I felt it was suddenly so important to begin talking – repeatedly – about how to NOT recreate the old lower stupid world and its junk in our new higher world. But, as Karen B. pointed out recently, we had to start somewhere, so of course that is exactly what the majority of us did; we recreated the old lower crap world in our new higher one! 😕 😳 🙄 I am not impressed, but that’s nothin’ new with me. 😉

      To help us all with this momentary silly situation, I want to write about all of the things and ways we DO want in our new higher world. Not all of the old lower junk. Again, I believe that that is what 2010 and 2011 are all about for us; getting up-to-speed with what we are now in the new Earth Two world as conscious creators and co-creators. We’ll get it figured out and sooner rather than later for sure. I insist! We just need to turn our backs on all that we hate about the old lower world. That is the biggest and fastest letting go of that we can create at the moment. And yes, I know that the new Earth world will be a money-free zone for all who exist there. See it, feel it, create it in your High Heart and it will help us all to have it manifest all the faster.

      Thanks again for the laughs and connection. Happy 3-3-3 day.

  • Hello Denise!
    Thank you for posting that, it’s well put.
    Do you think this Group will translate down to earth? I can’t explain this well, sorry….what I mean is, there don’t seem to be that many of us down here in 3D who have awareness of 5D. Most people are still deeply absorbed in the 3D, polarized ‘dream’ that they believe is reality, right? At night, I know I enter the fifth dimensional world, where there is no separation or polarity. (I’m conscious of still being in it when awake, too, but in waking hours, the 3D world butts in – I have to go to work, etc. 🙂 Here in 3D, physical daily life, I don’t know a group of other evolved, 5D-conscious people, so I wonder to myself what will happen. Do you think great numbers of people will have a sort of 100th monkey speed-ascension? Or will our 3D lives gradually become so dreamlike and unimportant, that although technically still on earth, we hardly notice it, as we’re talking happily with Sirians, etc, even though our 3D self is sitting lumpenly in an office? Or will the 5D-conscious people start to be drawn together on earth, relocating, etc?
    This puzzles me, so I’d like to know what you think!


    • Hi Barbra,

      Yes this one is a HUGE confusion to most all of us. I’ll do my best to answer your questions as I understand the situation today. I always expect however, to remember and know more tomorrow and the next day and the next…

      To help with this whole major situation, try to think of it all as frequencies of energy. Think of a radio dial where you slowly move the dial/bar thing from one channel to another channel and another and so on. All channels exist at the same time, but, you can only pick up and hear or perceive one channel at a time – the channel you’re currently dialed into. Now think of the current ascension and two Earth’s in the same manner; as different frequencies, different channels, different levels of energy and vibration. (This is my really simplified version of a very large and complex multidimensional situation we’re all in now.)

      So, in Earth One or the original old lower vibrating, lower frequency world reality we all incarnated into, exists within a much lower frequency, consciousness, and state. After Sept. 9, 2009 there was, finally, an energetic separation of worlds (see my post My Lightworker Strike) and populations of people on them both. Earth Two (these names are for ease of communication only OK?) was created for all of the people from Earth One who were ready and able energetically and vibrationally, to move to a higher vibrating, higher frequency radio channel – or new Earth world. Since Sept. 2009, those of us who vibrationally exited Earth One and now exist within this newly manifesting Earth Two or much higher vibrating, more Light-filled dimension and world, are currently working on learning how to be, how to exist, how to create and co-create within this brand new higher (5D) located Earth Two. You see, those of us who’d evolved vibrationally (via the ongoing ascension process) well beyond the old lower frequency polarized 3D world, had been existing within a sort of no-man’s land for the past few years, and in some ways we still are. It had becoming unbearable, so we chose to split-off from 3D Earth One so we could exist comfortably at a frequency that matched us now that we’d gotten as far as we had at that time, due to the ascension process.

      So now there exists two Earth worlds, two Earth realities, two VERY different frequencies (two different radio stations or channels). This is really all about different frequency rates of energy, spin, vibration, and greater and greater amounts of LIGHT/ENERGIES/CONSCIOUSNESS. The more Light a person is able to house within themselves, their bodies, their heart, their consciousness etc., the more they will naturally, automatically, and literally vibrate right up and out of any lower, slower vibrating, more dense, less Light-filled dimension/world/reality. That is ascension at this time. That is what’s happened and will continue to happen. People within the new higher Earth or Earth Two, are laying the new higher frequency foundations for the world reality we desire and require now. At the same time, people in the lower frequency “falling” Earth One world are faced with what to do and where to go or not go. It is a soul choice and always has been. No one is twisting anyone else’s spiritual arm to get with the planetary program and ascend! It is up to each person as to what they are capable of doing and going now. Many will NOT go the way of higher Light and that’s perfectly OK. There’s plenty of cosmic room for all no matter what level of development and focus they are currently at within this whole current process. It’s just that now absolutely everyone cannot exist within one low vibrating Earth world like before. This is why, imo, there will always need to be more than one Earth world (or some equivalent) for any souls who wish to experience polarized physical life in a place like that.

      The rest of us are and will continue to create our new Earth Two world fully into what it is supposed to be. That takes time, but I feel, not nearly as much time as many people believe. I say this because the people on both Earths are currently, and will continue to be bombarded by cosmic and galactic LIGHT energies that are designed to (continue) to fully activate our latent DNA and much more. This is causing us to evolve very rapidly into a new, higher Light-filled species that will function and exist within Galactic Society instead of isolated on a lower frequency, polarized dense Earth world where violence and greed are god. The many people who feel this incoming LIGHT as something painful, harmful, and a great miserable pressure to them (exactly as the Darkness and density caused all of us Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Ascensers to feel while we were down there in their 3D Earth world and reality), they will be forced to go to some place that is a vibrational match to them now.

      I hope I got this expressed decently in this silly little Comment area! Always know you (or anyone) can ask me questions and I’ll do my best to answer based on what I’m aware of at the moment. 🙂


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