Ascension & Dreaming

Dreaming was a very important way for us—prior to the start of the Ascension Process—to work on and work through whatever issues we had that we couldn’t cope with while awake and functioning within the old lower 3D world. Dreaming was a powerful way we all could work through massive amounts of emotional issues and stuck energies while outside physicality. So very much can be accomplished through our night lives—our dreams/dreaming, that only takes minutes or an hour or so. In physical 3D reality, working through those same personal issues usually took us years, decades, or even many lifetimes to move through and resolve.

But because these lives are happening during the planetary ascension process, we seriously had to move through piles of our own inner wounds, fears, projections, unresolved issues in record time. There was no more time to fool around and ignore our unresolved issues and aspects of ourselves. We’ve HAD to deal with so many of our longstanding issues within Phase One of the ascension process, and to do that and do it quickly, we’ve used dreaming to work through tons of our stuff in a very short time period.

What I’ve noticed now that I’m through Phase One and have resolved the majority of my longstanding issues, is that my dreaming has reduced greatly. I now hardly dream at all, but when I do, it is different from the dream work I did all my life prior. In Phase Two our need to dream to help us quickly work through or resolve our issues, doesn’t exist in the same ways it did prior to, and then during Phase One of the ascension process. If you have dealt with your primary issues, integrated them, resolved the majority of them and all the polarized energies and everything else, then your need to dream to work on your issues doesn’t exist like before.  I know, I know, I can hear so many of you grunting frustratedly about how you can’t even sleep anymore, let alone dream!  That is part of all this too, and how we don’t require eight or more hours of deep-level sleep like we did while we were in polarized physical 3D bodies/consciousness in the old lower world. You see where I’m going with this.

What I’m now noticing is that I (we all) seem to enter into phases of intense and compressed dreaming that can be rather strange. I’ve noticed that any little bit of lower junk that I still have within me, or that I allow to get back in via any vehicle (other people and my reactions to them, TV, movies etc.), will be something that I dream about that very same night. It literally cannot remain within me energetically now that I’ve cleaned up (transmuted) my inner house or landscape via Phase One of the Ascension Process. If any little issue, energy, frustration, emotion, concern and so on manifests within me now, literally only hours later I’ll have one or more fast-paced dreams to resolve those feelings, energies, issues etc. Lower crap simply cannot co-exist within myself, my body, my mind, my heart, and numerous dreams now immediately help to restore balance and peace to my personal inner landscape. I suspect many of you have experienced this same new and rather weird dreaming onslaught after experiencing something or someone who got back under your skin again! Actually, it’s a rather cool new feature and safeguard, and one that won’t allow us to drop back down energetically and become re-contaminated by lower frequency anything!

Prior to Phase One our inner landscape was a vast, scary wasteland littered with monsters, emotional landmines, wounds, projected, unloved aspects of ourselves, our fears across time and so on. After navigating and transmuting that dark territory within ourselves during Phase One we now find ourselves vastly brighter and shiny in Phase Two where we can still back-slide, but there are instant consequences and the need to make immediate repairs and clean up yet again. That seems to be what much of our dreams are about now. ANY lower frequency crap, junk, stuff that we allow back in, or was still in there, needs to be transmuted almost immediately so we don’t feel so miserable and uncomfortable. Now it appears we’ll purge whatever we need to via a bunch of fast-paced rather weird dreams in one night instead of the old way of months and years of recurring dreams to help us eventually resolve our inner issues. I suspect that—like sleeping—we’ll need to dream less and less for the purpose of inner health, balance, sanity and maintenance the more we adapt to the new 5D higher frequency energies and consciousness.

Denise Le Fay

February 23, 2010

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8 thoughts on “Ascension & Dreaming

  • Denise,

    Your words were instrumental in getting me to see differently, to begin to understand why I’d be having the experience of dreaming the same dreams twice.

    Now what’s happening is I’m seeing two of things. In dreams, daydreams, and light meditation, I sometimes see two identical versions of the same person or object.

    Briefly, sometimes in a dream there are two airplanes I’m piloting; or two “me’s” engaging in everyday activities; or twin students in my classroom; or one student in the classroom who suddenly becomes two of himself; or a set of mailbox keys that duplicate themselves in a wavy mist that becomes more solid so that I then have two identical sets of keys; and so on like that. This is very entertaining but I feel it’s something more and I’ll get it I know! – but till then do you have an idea?

  • For some reason I’m having the same dreams twice in one night. One after the other, 2 versions. Each night’s dream is different (nothing spectacular or anything) but it’s dreamt twice.

    The 2nd version is not identical to the first but almost. I’d say 5% of the activities, conversations, and surroundings in dream version 2 are different from dream version 1. Everything else is the same. And curiously, last night at the end of dream 1 a long print out streamed from a computer printer. I watched and waited, knew I was supposed to. It was a summary of, or report on, “benefits” of some kind. As soon as the printing was done I woke up. Then a visit to the bathroom, back to bed, and the beginning of the same dream again, only slightly different.

    This is a new experience but it’s been every night lately. Wonder what it is and why now..

    • Hi Linda,

      This is really interesting. It sounds like you’re re-doing, re-working certain things within these dreams now. And the printout at the end of that one dream! Something (most likely your Higher Self) is really wanting to drive-home some points to help you consciously understand, remember, and utilize. It may also be trying to show you how you can re-create any situation if you want to do so. Just re-do the event (in your mind/heart), but make whatever slight changes to it that you want or need. This is a great learning and reminder for all of us; we CAN intentionally create and co-create anew. 😉


      • This is making sense. It’s a lot to take in. And accept! I can’t even come up with the words right now to make a decent reply.

        Just thank you for this wonderful blog.

        • Linda,

          That was so cute, and I can totally relate believe me! I often have such difficulty verbalizing the usually multidimensional knowings cracking around inside my awareness now. Being a lifelong sensitive/psychic/clairvoyant, I’m used to perceiving other levels and Light/information at a much faster rate. But this! This is light-years beyond the lower, slower, linear psychic levels and I’m having to perceive in a New Way to contain some of the many things flying around 95% of the time now! The past two days have been like this for me and unfortunately I’ve lost so many amazing insights because I wasn’t fast enough to better grab them as they zoomed past my awareness. I’m learning however to function at Light speed. We all are.

          Here is another connection I re-discovered today while I was answering Derek’s comment about something else. This quote is from Barbara Marciniak and her channeled Pleiadian group in her 2009 winter issue of The Pleiadian TIMES.

          “…Even though the makers of various plans and agendas conspire to control what is happening on Earth, in the world of dreams, the mass consciousness is making ready for some sort of big revolution….”

          We’ve been doing sooo much Work in our dream lives I can’t even tell you.

          Hugs and thanks for your very kind words, they mean a lot to me.

  • I’m finding that the majority of my dreams in the past several months have been ‘meetings’ with fellow ‘members’ of the ‘Guardian Alliance’ in places/cities, based on real cities, but not those cities, maybe their 5th dimensional future manifestation? Mostly Sacramento, St. Louis, Eureka/Arcata, and San Francisco at this point. I have no idea what this all means yet.

    I get the awakening vibrating thing a lot after these type of dreams.

    Sorry I’m so bad at translating. I’m working on that too.



    • nadeanna,

      You’re very right about how Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc. have met for decades on the inner planes or higher levels while asleep and out-of-body. We’ve exchanged plans, held meetings and interact a lot in this way and have for decades. But now with more of us becoming increasingly multidimensionally conscious, we’re remembering the different things we’re doing on different planes/levels/dimensions with each other and also with other nonphysical beings/ET/Starbeings etc. This is only going to increase.


  • Hello Denise,
    I have noticed that, too – in phase two, we spend most of our night-time in the higher, fifth-dimensional world, no longer on the 4D plane transmuting acres of stuff. But! Just one negative vibe (as you say, from anywhere at all, inner or outer) and you plummet back to the astral plane that very night, to clear it through dreams. A couple of nights ago, all I did was remember an old friend who I don’t see anymore (she got involved with some people who were into wicca, and I kept away, didn’t like the energies around her). Five minutes’ idle thought, and it was enough to give me horrific nightmares! But it’s a fantastic feedback system, isn’t it? Like having an inner cleaner on alert duty 24/7, or being permanently in a car wash, with the big roller-things continuously going. 😀 Nothing, but nothing, negative is allowed to remain in you. I really appreciate it, because you don’t have to wonder if anything is sinking down into your subconscious, to fester and later cause problems. No chance – within hours, it’s processed and hurled out. 🙂


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