The Many Non Compos Mentis

Non Compos Mentis — not of sound mind.

So Many in Ascension Community Still Perceiving Everything With Duality Consciousness

Like myself some of you have been aware during these ascension years that many people who present themselves online and/or physically as ascension teachers, writers, channels etc., plus large numbers of people within the ascension and conspiracy communities have been hijacked and aren’t even aware of it. Not only have they been hijacked but the majority of them still have only Duality consciousness they’re perceiving reality, politics, the ascension, COVID-19 and everything else with. That means they’re still focused externally for solutions, fixes, answers, saviors and leaders be that a president, an old patriarchal Duality reality two-party political party, a patriarchal Duality consciousness conspiracy group(s), a religious leader/leaders, and they’re doing this with old Duality consciousness still.

What’s been playing out politically in this country—very visibly and for important reasons worldwide—and what’s been playing out globally and in all areas of old patriarchal Earth life and reality are the same things that have been happening to everyone in the ascension and conspiracy communities. The ascension teachers, writers, lecturers, the videos they make of themselves, and people who channel are at the top of that list because they influence large numbers of readers globally with a click of their computer mouse. As great as personal computers and the internet are, like everything else they’ve been used negatively to intentionally hijack humans and human consciousness away from the natural evolutionary Ascension Process, NEW higher Triality frequencies and consciousness, and NEW Earth.

Some want you to remain in old lower frequency Duality consciousness fighting, rebelling, being and feeling victimized and disempowered, protesting, paying for everything while getting nothing, hating, attacking, projecting on to the dualized other person/people/group/groups because if you are focused on those things, you are not evolving beyond them. You are still in lower frequency Duality consciousness and, amazingly to me, many in the ascension community are convinced that is the ascension! It is not, it’s the end of Duality and patriarchy reality on Earth. It’s also some people’s negative ego and lack of discernment and higher awareness being hijacked by itself and/or by someone or something else and derailed and duped for all sorts of personal reasons into loitering in old lower frequency Duality consciousness and reality.

It’s sad, frustrating and hard to witness anyone including some well-known online ascension teachers, writers, lecturers, channelers be so easily hijacked in their personal Ascension Process either by some parasitic human Portal Person and/or some nonphysical, nonhuman negative alien or entity. However, this has been the case since the Ascension Process started.

The best protection from negative ascension hijackings is to honestly know what negative energy feels like. When you’re honestly familiar with that, you instantly sense IT in any physical portal person and/or any etheric alien, being, entity and instantly take whatever actions are necessary in that moment. To protect yourself from negativity during the ascension, you need to honestly know what that energy feels like and unfortunately most people don’t which is why so many have been hijacked, even by their own negative egos.

Because we’ve just completed the 2020 November and December holidays, many of you who dealt with family members, in-laws, friends and neighbors during them have fresh experiences (wounds, damage, frustrations, guilt, plus some big helpful insights) with portal people trying to hijack you and/or energetically emotionally parasite, control, guilt, create self-doubt and derail you in any way they still can.

If you’ve been strong, aware, discerning and brutally honest with yourself in every way you can imagine all these ascension years, then you’ve foiled countless physical human Portal People and etheric Team Dark attempts to hijack you and worse. Congratulations are in order as that is no easy task. Not only that, but you’ve learned a lot about yourself, consciousness, duality and duality consciousness, nonhuman Team Dark and human Portal People and negative ego and how all that has and continues working on, in and through those who’ve been hijacked and/or are still only using lower frequency Duality consciousness.

This next bit I’ve known about for the past few years, but it was confirmed a few days ago when I watched only two minutes of someone’s latest video. This so-called ascension teacher/writer/lecturer was hijacked a few years ago which is clearly visible in her eyes, lack of Light generally and in her eyes, her actions, words and by who is controlling her and her ascension teachings. Pay attention, feel, look, listen, discern as it’s all right there out in the open now, and in many cases, videotaping themselves! Learn and recognize what’s happened to her, to him, to them and that none of them are aware of any of it. Recognize these things but keep moving forward. Some people are roadkill, some are temporary roadkill, some will recover, some won’t. They are not your responsibility, you are. Keep doing what you came here to do Embodier and Pathpaver and know it will make things easier for those who still are looking at the ascension with only Duality consciousness at this point.

The January 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order was no joke — it was an unconditional mandate, a divine decree from On High that was for all of us incarnate on Earth now. Slow moving Shift. Slow moving Separation of Worlds is what’s been unfolding rapidly all of 2020, and for years before it, but much of humanity eventually got the Divine message in one form or another that (not that they knew that’s what it was) things had been instantly and permanently changed across Earth in January 2020. Because of that we all had to Cease & Desist most everything we’d been doing. That was a profound blessing and giant assist actually which some people have been slowly discovering throughout 2020. Many have not however. Most needed a few months to personally Cease & Desist what they’d been doing for so long, many resisting for a good while at that. As I’ve said many times over these ascension years, you can intellectually know something but living it as a manifest physical reality is a whole different story. Many ascension teachers, writers, channelers have taught and written about this, some for years, and yet when it suddenly became a manifest reality physically many of them resisted it for a variety of personal reasons.

I wrote a few articles in 2020 that dealt with some of these hard and unpleasant truths, and I did so because it needed, needs to be understood. Just because we’re all incarnate on Earth now during this very rare universal Ascension Process does not mean everyone makes it to the highest level or highest NEW Earth together or at the same time. There are many ascension teachers/writers/channelers and other people that have been pulled off, lured off, hustled off, romanced off, ‘Smash & Grabbed’ off the ascending path they were on for different personal reasons. Whatever personal weakness and blind spots you and I have are taken advantage of and used to derail you, me, each of us from our personal Ascension Process. That plus you cannot take those weaknesses and blind spots with you into the NEW codes and Light and NEW Earth.

You know why people and many ascension teachers/writers/channelers get derailed like this? Because they don’t live what they teach, write, preach or channel. You have to embody it yourself and even after that we’re all repeatedly tested at every higher energetic stairstep to see if each of us is capable of maintaining the latest higher frequencies we’ve embodied and not be derailed, tricked or manipulated by anyone or anything from what you’ve embodied energetically to date. If you cannot maintain the higher frequencies while under duress or while someone or something attempts to redirect you to where they want you to be and say or write to your readers what they want you to say and write, then you’ve been hijacked and won’t go higher until you solve your derailment hijack problems. In other words, you’ve “fallen” ascension teacher, writer or channeler because you couldn’t hold the latest embodied higher frequencies while dealing with whatever and whoever it was or still is that’s doing their best to bring you down vibrationally, or stop your personal ongoing Ascension Process, and/or use you and your writings or videos etc. to misinform people. And there’s been a lot of misinformation about the ascension since it started.

The Much More Intense Energies of Phase 2

Since the start of December 2020 the latest incoming Light energies have and continue to be vastly more intense than the month, months and year, years before. The ascension energy stairsteps go up, not down, so expect the energetic and physical side effects of that to continually increase and also change into more new and NEW and slightly different symptoms and abilities. This is our current lives and this compressed evolution won’t end in our lifetimes so except constant change for the NEW, higher and better.

There are moments, sometimes longer as in hours or days when the latest incoming NEW higher Light energies, solar transmissions, deeper Photon Light, NEW codes and Triality consciousness and reality get very, very intense and cause momentary concern over the pressures and pains and if your physical body can embody them. December 2020 into January 2021 has been that constantly.

Sometimes when the embodying of these much higher Phase 2 frequency energies briefly overwhelms me, it causes me to momentarily weep or moan aloud, but I always willingly surrender to yet another higher level of transformation and personal Embodiment. Sometimes this just hurts physically. Sometimes it’s more emotional, and sometimes it’s a profoundly spiritual moment of me embodying more of ME which sometimes feels like it could kill my physical body because, well, how do you fit a bit more of the Divine into your physical body, self and life? You sit or lay there and let IT happen a bit more. Then you do it some more a few hours later or the next day and the day after that and so on and so on and so on. Spiritual energetic “layering” like putting on more layers of clothes!

I’m sharing this because I want you to know that embodying these 2020 and now 2021 higher still energies is not always a blissed-out affair. It can and sometimes is, but typically it’s a combination of both OMG! and I AM!  because we’re going HOME by becoming HOME by embodying more and more and more of our Higher Self/Soul into our living physical selves and bodies. OMG physical you meet divine higher YOU. This embodying and Embodying produces a NEW and different physical you/You/YOU, obviously. There’s no harm or shame or weakness in being occasionally overwhelmed by this Process. What you, me, we have been doing all along is cosmically breathtaking, and the Process entered Phase 2 one year ago this month, which means we’re doing even higher frequency, vaster and more complex cosmically breathtaking embodying now hourly since December 2020.

Some of the continued distortions being written and said by certain ascension teachers and ascension community people now is that we need to gather together in groups to accomplish and create higher level energetic things, realities, NEW Earth etc. I strongly disagree that this is now “needed” for embodiers and Embodiers to Consciously Create anything. We’re not in those old lower levels and states of being and consciousness anymore. What is needed now is that you gather together in a group that contains you and You and YOU to make your own personal, individual unified Triality based NEW Light human Self.

The NEW “groups” are you, You and YOU aligned, integrated, embodied and unified within and through the physical incarnate you and your body. When there’s more individuals who’ve done that in themselves, well, now we’ve got a NEW group of individuals that are whole within themselves, are energetically sovereign and empowered and don’t need anyone else to complete the package or gather together in groups to amplify the overall energy and quicken the manifestation of anything. What’s required is individuals becoming “groups” within themselves first by embodying the NEW energies, DNA and codes etc. It is internal, not external. It is individual, not a church service or spiritual gathering with other people. It is required that you get your own inner “group” embodied and unified within yourself FIRST. Once that is done the rest is cake… is NEW Conscious Creator cake. 😉

In as polite and gentle a way as I could, I just tried to show you how the distortions are serious hijack derailment attempts by some so-called teachers, writers, and channels in the ascension community. There are no shortcuts with the Ascension Process. There is Do-It-Yourself, embody the ongoing higher and higher still NEW Light energies, DNA and codes while continuing to walk your way through the maze of sundry lower frequency lies, cons, distortions, BS and general lack of Higher Awareness of others. You are on your own in all this however you’ve got You and YOU at your disposal which means you’re golden!

We dropped a lot of Light and our individual You and YOU aspects to get the greatly reduced you aspect incarnate into physical reality now to live and embody the ascension on physical Earth. This is the return HOME part of that whole trip. This is when we embody and Embody the You and YOU aspects of our Higher Selves and Soul in our physical body, self and consciousness. Instead of dropping and setting aside our other “layers” to incarnate in density, we’re now embodying them to become the HOME we want to return to. It’s called you/You/YOU of NEW Earth and we’re well on our ways. But you need to become your own “group” first, which is what many have been doing and we’ll continue doing it throughout 2021 at these much higher levels with these much higher frequency Light energies and NEW Triality codes. And yes it will at times still cause some physical and emotional pains, pressures and possible momentary doubts but you’ve been doing this long enough now to be familiar with the embodying steps. You’ve discovered, many times, that you repeatedly survive the continued onslaughts of embodying a bit more and a bit more at higher and higher still levels and frequencies. It’s time to stop second guessing yourself over this Embodiment Process and own it and be conscious of every time you embody a bit more.

Ignore the misinformation, distortions and negative egos of others that are not living what you are now. Ignore the 2021 continued chaos and BS because it’s going to take some more time to clear the old patriarchal swamp and swamp people. The NEW is here which is why the swamp is a frothing, rolling mess of Duality insanity at its very end of life. Know that the NEW is behind it all pushing it up and out of existence so the HOME we’ve been Working on embodying can begin manifesting physically. Do not get distracted by the lowly stuff, people and their consciousness. Maintain the NEW in yourself, your HighHeart and body and keep doing what you’ve been doing because it’s working perfectly. Thank you for your continued Service to the highest Light and the altogether NEW.

Denise Le Fay

January 3, 2021

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48 thoughts on “The Many Non Compos Mentis

  • Perfect Denise “all” of what you share and speak.
    Your wisdom and senses undeniable.
    As I was reading this article I get a text from one of those energies that can drain blood out of me like a vampire just preying on a victim ready to bleed 🩸 out their prey.
    Exactly when I’m writing this. She contacted me.
    I don’t want to feel that I am letting go of a friend of many years.
    But I step back and can only be present for my personal journey. Not responsible for others and how they approach their life journey.

    Thank you Denise. You are always straight forward. That’s the best part of you. You tell it like it is. And you do it out of a true caring heart 💜
    Love Cindy

  • Thank you so much for this article. It really reaffirmed what I’ve been Seeing, Sensing and Feeling strongly the past year through many channellers and ascension teachers. You nailed it when you said folks aren’t doing their spiritual purification. I had an experience this past summer where I made a comment on a prominent channellers social media page which was in disagreement with the channelling. I was shocked when I Saw and Sensed this person in my energy field attempting to feel me out and attack me. It really is true that each one of us can’t hide the inner from the outer during these times. My sense is that many folks who have been used to having an audience in this space are going to really struggle when more Authentic ascension teachers began to go public in this coming years. Thank you again, and thanks also for keeping it real.

    • “My sense is that many folks who have been used to having an audience in this space are going to really struggle when more Authentic ascension teachers began to go public in this coming years.”

      100% true pnizher and while I’ve been writing online about the Ascension Process (AP) since 2003, I’ve known that as the true ones kept chipping away and embodying more and more Light energies etc. and writing about it all, that the ascension imposters, hustlers, disinformation spreaders, the duped and unaware people and channelors etc. would slowly become seen and exposed within the ascension community, right along with everyone and everything else that’s inverted and Service to Self oriented. This phase began with the start of Phase 2 of the AP one year ago this month. Shit’s gonna get real from here on out as they say and it’s about time! ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    This article was just what I needed. It felt like a breath of fresh clean air. Many friends and family members are so good at manipulating and they don’t even know what they are doing.. And all those ascension teachers calling for united actions, meditations. …

    In a meditation I was shown what to do. I saw myself on a zipline – a small place to sit hanging on a strong cable, high above the ground. I could move myself that way from one mountain top to the next. The message was clear. Keep yourself seperated from the madness and keep your own high vibration.

  • Thanks for this timely article. I’ve noticed that many in the “ascension” community (and their followers in a kind of Group Think) have gone into extreme polarity thinking. Often, this seems connected to a victim-persecutor-Rescuer (savior) pattern, where they portray us as victims of some extremely powerful evil (21st century equivalent of The Devil and his minion demons); to overcome this Devil, we need a Savior (Trump for Q followers, rescue by ETs, etc), a message that fundamentally disempowers by saying “You, we, are powerless against this….fundamentally weak”. A victim seeks other victims to share in “poor me” outcries, to band together in group solidarity against The Evil, to petition the Redeemer – a like-minded tribe; those who don’t share the fear/despair are outsiders, and branded as evil. So, it’s also an “us vs them” polarity (the same polarity as seen in a war mindset), ironically expressed by people who also extol “unity”. There’s a division of people into “woke” and “sheeple” – a division that strokes the spiritual egos of the self-ordained “woke”, and which perpetuates/reinforces 3D “better than” patriarchal/hierarchal thinking.

    One apparent marker of this situation is zeal and tenacity. A specific theme (Covid as a cabal operation, election fraud, etc) seems to pull them in magnetically and hold them in place. There’s a difference between being aware of dark forces in the world (and touching on such topics lightly), and being obsessed with (almost addicted to) tracking the darkness. The former encourages discernment and prudence. The latter creates fear, despair and paralyzing overwhelm.

    I wonder if this is partly a consequence of the spiritual bypassing that was popular for many years: “Everything’s love and light”, “If you think/talk about the dark, you’ll manifest it”. Such bypassing discouraged people from looking at their own Shadow. When shadow material is unprocessed or, even worse, a blindspot – this seems like an easy way for dark energies/entities to gain entry. One’s own denied fear/despair resonates energetically with these energies/entities, can be easily amplified and manipulated by them. Because the person’s never done shadow work, her/his default reaction is to project blame – identify something external as THE cause of the suffering, identify a villain. “I am a victim and they are the perpetrators”.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks as always for your powerful affirmations. I want to comment on and ask about the individual process of Ascension/Embodiment which continues to be just as challenging as before the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on the Solstice (so, lamentably, no Hollywood fireworks displays).
    This time last year, you told us that the Second Wave of the Ascension had begun and, later, that for many Second Wavers the Process was initiated by a dose of the virus. Sure enough, I started hearing about ‘secondary symptoms’ which sounded all too familiar: fatigue; headaches; chest pains; brain fog; tingling. I told anyone who would listen (approximately no one) that nothing was wrong and these folks should simply accept their experiences and be grateful that their purpose in this incarnation was manifesting. Instead, here in UK, hospitals formed support groups in which patients get together to moan about this poorly understood illness now known as, ‘Long Covid’. Now I read ‘that there are currently about 186,000 people in England with symptoms relating to Covid that have persisted for five to 12 weeks: one in 10 people has symptoms 12 weeks after infection.’
    I wonder what has happened to those Long Covidians whose Ascension Symptoms have cleared up and speculate that is because they did not consent? Additional symptoms that they experience include anxiety (hardly surprising if you think there’s something wrong and medical science can’t say what) and depression (hardly surprising if you’re told there’s no way to know how long it will persist or what the outcome might be). My understanding is that personal sovereignty is crucial to the new paradigm. Those of us who are actively involved with the AP do so voluntarily. I don’t suppose that many – or any – Second Wavers remember having volunteered. They see the uncomfortable sensations of change as being a sickness that has been imposed upon them and they don’t want to put up with it. So they don’t. Is that it?
    If these second wavers have been bamboozled into believing they are sick and dying rather that suffering the pain of being reborn, is that a deliberate tactic on the part of Team Dark and will it be effective in retarding the Ascension Process?
    Thanks, Rx

    • I’ll get back with you later Russell C. to clarify some. Right now I’ve got to write another short, quick article. I’ll explain more everyone in it. It’s a super rush job article.

    • Russell C.,

      It’s ‘Ascension Auntie’ Denise here getting back to you finally. Sorry it’s taken me this long.

      First I feel I should, for everyone else reading this, clarify a bit. I’d said that with the start of Phase 2 of the AP one year ago this month, some of the first unaware people — not Volunteers from Phase 1 but now in Phase 2 some of the “regular folk” would start the Ascension Process bodily, physically etc. This will unfold in different waves or groups of unaware people in Phase 2. First wave of unaware folks, later another group, later another group still and so on. It was this same way for the Volunteers back in Phase 1 and there was three waves, three groups of us that were pre-incarnationally Soul Contracted to start our individual AP in our physical bodies at different times throughout Phase 1 (approximately 1998-1999 through the end of December 2019).

      There’s so much confusion over the whole COVID-19 business by so many. I said from the start that I perceived it was and still is a real virus and NOT a manmade creation brewed up in some evil laboratory somewhere. It’s always pissed me off how so many people instantly give all power and all credit for everything that happens to Team Dark, human and otherwise.

      Anyway, there’s more humans incarnate now (our lifetimes) on Earth (nearly 7.5 billion) because the AP is happening now and many, many wanted to be here to experience it in one way or another and for only as long as some of them wanted to. Many humans are incarnate now ONLY to witness the AP up to a point and then they’re bailing out, they’re dying for a wide variety of individual reasons. Many never intended to remain in-body and go through all the embodying of these NEW evolutionary Light energies, NEW codes/templates/blueprints etc. and “ascend” stairstep by stairstep up to NEW Earth. Many will return with a new and improved updated matching physical body in the future. Lazy bastards. Kidding! 😉 Free Will is alive and well everywhere still.

      As I said early on about the pandemic, it’s real, it’s a virus, and a lot of people have and will die because of it. This next part may sound crude and heartless but at higher levels this is exactly how things like this are perceived and dealt with.

      There needed to be a super fast way for a lot of humans to die quickly globally and car crashes or hit and runs or lengthy diseases or a war or wars weren’t going to accomplish what was/is needed at this point and Phase 2 of the AP. A pandemic would and with 7.5 billion on Earth now, honestly, I’ve expected a deadly pandemic for years. Too many alive on Earth now, so much greed, negativity and global ignoring of the general health of our foods, water and EVERYTHING… just make as much money as quickly as possible and ship it anywhere in the world and to hell with the health of humanity.

      So COVID-19 is and will continue long past all their vaccines are given and there will be more confusion in the unaware over all of this. Remember that recent article about my having Seen a HUGE NEW, I didn’t know what to call it — December 2020 NEW Energy Template Code Complex having arrived and been embodied by Earth? Because of that, plus the NEW Triality codes that arrived earlier, all of humanity is now living in, with and under these NEW higher frequency and much more complex NEW Triality codes/templates/energies and consciousness. Because of that I suspect that once the initial “waves” of those people dying from the pandemic for their personal Soul reasons around the world, that there will be a slow steady “awakening” in the First Wave of regular people in Phase 2 that they don’t have COVID-19, they have the Ascension Process. 🙂 But, that will take some linear time for all these different things to play out here in the physical. They’re doing so extraordinarily fast as it is, but for all of us living through these ongoing Shifts after Shifts after more Shifts, it seems much longer. There’s a big reason why I named my first blog TRANSITIONS and my second blog HighHeartLife. 😉 We’re getting there.

      If I’ve gone too far off course with my response or didn’t cover what you were after Russell, just ask me again and I’ll get back to you much quicker this time. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Fantastic and right on time-Thanks Denise! I don’t know who all the ascension teachers are because I never got into any of that but I’ve been down many rabbit holes derailing me just the same. I found the reassurance of FEELING the dark most helpful because the attacks are so subtle for me now. I’m able to stay away from people for the most part and I live in the mountains so it’s easy to get too comfortable. But the dark knows where I am and all it takes is one person. It usually starts with an innocent enough question directed towards me and quickly turns into being bombarded by multiple texts of cut and pasted channeled bs/conspiracy crap. This happened a few days before your article and it really confirms my decision to disengage. I started to get pulled into it responding to the questions and then the cut and pasted crap bombarded me faster than I could process it mentally but then something happened where I saw it for the mental attack that it was so I disengaged. I’d like to say that was the end of it but I did waste a night tossing and turning over it. But then it hit me, this doesn’t feel right! For the first time I was able to drop it right there. I see now how I was easily drawn in to a mental state when I’ve been so over that conspiracy fear crap for years. It’s very freeing to finally feel it and act on it and move on.
    I would also like to share a dream I had a few weeks ago that I believe ties into this article. It was an outdoor scene with more gravel but there were some picnic tables. I walked up and sat down across from you (Denise) and there were 2 other women sitting at the end. There was some discussion that I don’t remember but then you got up and walked towards a bathroom that was up on stilts with stairs leading up to the door. At the same time the other 2 women walked away in the other direction. You went in and out and away in a flash and I said to myself, wow that was fast. There seemed to be a moment of decision for me as to which way I would go. I decided to go up the stairs. When I got into the room it was like all the other bathrooms I’ve dreamt about all those years ago, stuff everywhere, toilet malfunctioning, etc., but what I was thinking was how did Denise get in and out of here so fast and easy? That’s the main part and I don’t remember leaving but I pondered that dream for days. It’s interesting because I only have 2 people I communicate with besides my husband and lately I just can’t connect because they are stuck in the doomsday thinking. I guess I made my choice and now I’m learning to release it all faster and easier. So, thanks Denise and all the commenters. It’s so helpful to be in this space. And now I need to go throw up, which is progress for me!

    • “I decided to go up the stairs.”

      Great dream Deana and good for you to chose going up the stairs. And yes, our Phase 1 years of cleaning up public bathrooms is completely over. Our contracts to energetically transmute as much of that old human shit and filth is over. Now we just ‘in and out and away in a flash’. Our Phase 1 cleaning days are over — now in Phase 2 it’s about us getting the hang of Conscious Creating and other related things. Thanks for sharing and great job in recognizing the derailment tactic by others and not buying it and Holding the Higher and continuing forward. That’s how all this Works. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks Denise💕and if there’s a way to send you a donation besides Paypal or online can you email the information?

  • Thanks Denise. I have stopped engaging with almost all Ascension communities and teachers. I realized that by listening to them I was giving my power away. I always know what resonates and what doesn’t and what direction to go in if I just pay attention to myself. I am also experiencing a lot of what Jain Lee mentioned. All of the parts of my life that contain negativity and stress have basically Falling Away. I actually feel really good most of the time. Thank you for continuing to write it is very helpful

  • Thanks, Denise. This article was especially incredible. I’ve been confronting and puzzling over a lot of things both physical and spiritual, including an eye twitch that keeps getting worse. The last thing I would ever want to do is be hijacked and spread misinformation or cause any harm. I’m wrapping up some commitments that involve sharing my perceptions and trying to navigate everything as best I can. Thanks for giving me a lot to think about and explaining your message so clearly. ❤️

    • “…including an eye twitch that keeps getting worse.”


      Is a particular small area near one of your eyes twitching off and on over days or weeks? Does the location change or remain where it’s been? I ask because I’ve had this too off and on over the decades and it happens when the vertebra in my neck area go out of place and pinch a small nerve that causes the twitch. Once the vertebra are put back into place the pressure on the nerve is removed and the twitching stops. This is the same thing in most cases with sciatica pain down one leg. Remove the pressure on the nerve and the pain stops.

      Try to stretch, relax, use a handheld percussion massager around your shoulder/neck area — anywhere that hurts! — and that should help. If it persists you may have to go to a chiropractor to get the vertebra put back in place. ❤

      • Ah! Thank you, Denise! It seemed strange to me that I wanted to mention the eye twitch when there’s other odd stuff, but now I’m glad I did. I felt a zing when you mentioned a chiropractic adjustment and made an appointment.

        I’ll add here that I was cheering through your reply elsewhere about dealing with the PP in your neighborhood. Hooray! ✨💛

  • Best protection is knowing you are an exoression of Highest Love – HTD UNcconditional love – and knowing how to expand it right from within yourself. Better than fixating on – cannot even bother to count the number of repetitive tines you poke and dig so unevokvedly at those in groups you see as your nemesis Denise. Run out of things to say?

  • Awesome article Denise ❤️ Compos Mentis I caught in lyrics of a song today and pondered on them. I’ve also been missing your articles and checking my inbox. Then right on time you begin with words that caught my attention today.

    Has been tough with very powerful energies hitting as you said. I often shout out and have kind of negotiated with my team to upgrade me more in the evening and when possible in sleep. Then I can do my job in the day without as many pains or fatigue etc.. This helped a lot.

    I’m trying to master rising above the hijacked souls and spiritual teachers unless I see something damaging that I have to say for the poor unknowing souls blindly trusting and following. (Never like bullies).

    You always confirm what I’ve felt and known to be right and that I’m proud of. The feeling and knowing what negative dark energy feels like. I’ve always tried to get this through to people . Without that i don’t know it seems from experience to be neigh on impossible to navigate the dark and avoid manipulation. I’m so glad I awoke when I did and learnt that early on as the lessons do keep coming and feeling the energies is vital to the journey. Thank you you wonderful soul I love your words and teachings 💯❣️

  • YES! I’ve been wondering why I am not listening or following those I used to. I just can’t go there. Why my family has escalated attacks. Why my “friends” have disappeared. Why I am so alone, yet not wanting to engage. And why my body is doing so many strange things- sometimes blissful, sometimes hard or scary.

    But all of it feels right. And just when I get there, by myself, I get your blog. Much much gratitude.

    And now out to nature with my dog.

    • Dear Maruyi,
      Nature is the BEST healing, isn’t it. You are not alone, and we have one another through space and time ❤
      Many hugs,

    • Hello
      I am also attacked by my family. The moral is different concerning money and other things.
      I started to be bully back because otherwise they are not letting me alone. I har to rest a lot because of the energy download. But now I started to feeling little better and is little more with people.

  • This article is perfect, perfect, perfect. I’ve been desiring to be alone, independent and self-suffficient. I’ve been learning so much about myself; it hasn’t been entirely pleasant but very interesting. I did some time ago read someone who said that we should gather in groups. I so rejected it – not intellectually but viserally. What you say in this article, I find very exciting. I’ve been getting excited a lot lately. Thank you for this, Denise; I feel somewhat validated.

  • Dear Denise…Thank you for thIs exquisite piece of writing ~ you have a gifted way with words. Can you explain the difference between “duality consciousness” and “polarity?”
    Wishing you and those you love all that you desire in the New Year and beyond…
    From my heart to yours in love, light and joy,

  • Oh forgot to mention, although this ascension process isn’t without its hardships (heartburn from hell, moodiness, headaches, random bouts of crying, inner heat followed by freezing, raging, permanent ear ringing, backaches, muscle aches, dizziness, spaciness, sleep disruptions, eating nothing then everything, frequently peeing/pooping, weird dream times, skin/hair issues, dealing with know-it-all idiots, and many others), when the blissed-outness hits OMG, that is amazing. Truly the heart feels bigger than before to absorb it all.

    • Jain L. & Debbie,

      Thanks for sharing all these embodiment symptoms Jain L. I often forget to mention them because they’re so much a part of my life. It’s good though to have them listed like this because others need to see them and know that most of us have them.

      I noticed that with the arrival of Phase 2 last January and all of the huge energy changes that many of the old common symptoms changed slightly and/or got more intense every minute of 2020 and it’s continued into January 2021.

      January 1, 2020 the inner ear ringing changed into multiple sounds like more layers of energies have been added, which they have, and we’re hearing them affect our bodies and heads. The constant high pitched sound has gotten higher still and much louder since last January plus two tones playing on top of that, plus occasionally the inner ear clicking Morse Code-like sounds start again too, indicating we’re in higher space and Light energies etc. and embodying it.

      All of 2020 into 2021 my hair has had that look and feel like it sometimes did in Phase 1 — lifeless, falling out, dull and just “not right”. This is another clue our bodies are working like crazy embodying more NEW and not giving as much energy to our hair for the time being. Skin breakouts etc. are usually when we’re purging more yet again too.

      There are times I don’t want to eat anything but during times when my body is embodying a lot of intense NEW energies/Light/codes I crave a lot of food and high protein more heavy foods at that. I’ve stopped worrying about the eating too much at times thing because my body can’t embody these much higher and higher energies unless I give it plenty of food (energy) to help me with all that. Other times just drinking filtered water causes problems! All we can do is pay attention to what helps us and when with all these ongoing body embodiment energy increases. ❤

    • Oh yeah. I forgot about all those symptoms even thought it is still on-going. For instance I don’t even notice the ringing in the ears anymore until I read a comment about it. And it has gotten really loud…sounds like crickets in my head!!

      • @debbie —you’re right, it’s constant so we forget about it being there, but ever get one where it’s a doozy of a dinger, so loud it knocks you off balance? So fun, right?

        @katinka —it was an absolute pleasure to witness the portal parasite slither away, ever watch IT 2? Crap movie but there’s a scene where the group realize it feeds on fear and start saying things like “I’m not afraid of you!” Pennywise becomes smaller and smaller and crawls away because HE is now afraid. It was juuuuust like that, beaaautiful!

        @10tinbluebirds & @karina —hello there fellow Conscious Creator Volunteers! 👋❤️💕

        @ana —thank you and ❤️ right back!

        And as always, thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️(((Denise)))❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi Denise, I hope this New year finds you well. Thank you for this article.

    I want to share my experiences over the holidays. Because my extended family members live close by and also have children near similar ages we tend to get together, and this year it was at my place. My cousin is a classic portal person, she is always possessed by lower entities who loves starting “discussions” that trigger my family in all sorts of ways, the topics are typical; politics, money, religion, race, status, celebrity gossip, etc.

    Usually I am drained by the end of the evening trying not to engage, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging all flying hate bullets. This year was completely different; my mother wasn’t interested, my sister feigned interest and immediately changed her topics, my husband left the table and I just observed in my corner. The moment passed without much ado but I knew immediately what had just transpired: TD is losing.

    The night ended with the rest of the family totally energized and full of happy conversations, laughter, cheer and giggles. My cousin on the other hand was completely spent, quiet and seemed like she couldn’t wait to end the evening and go home. And she did so in such a hurry that I had to flag her car down with the Xmas gifts she forgot to pack before she sped away.

    I’m noticing that the more I embody the less other people bother me. It is no longer draining, it is as if they cannot reach me, like my protective aura repels them. So that’s new, and it is a great thing.

    Also of note, the news is apocalyptic. What I experience is quite the opposite, life is finally more livable; there is more peace of mind, abundance, health and relative calm in my inner world that is reflected in my outer world. More and more time is spent living in the moment and therein lies the magic of manifesting, if I knew this before I would have gotten at it sooner but the ego was in the way and I didn’t have Divine mother spreading more of her love and fast tracking my development then.
    Oh well, better late than never.

    Sending so much love to you Denise ❤️❤️❤️

    • “Usually I am drained by the end of the evening trying not to engage, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging all flying hate bullets. This year was completely different; my mother wasn’t interested, my sister feigned interest and immediately changed her topics, my husband left the table and I just observed in my corner. The moment passed without much ado but I knew immediately what had just transpired: TD is losing. The night ended with the rest of the family totally energized and full of happy conversations, laughter, cheer and giggles. My cousin on the other hand was completely spent, quiet and seemed like she couldn’t wait to end the evening and go home. And she did so in such a hurry that I had to flag her car down with the Xmas gifts she forgot to pack before she sped away.”

      I’m so glad you shared this Jain L. because everyone needs to finally be experiencing these improvements. We’ve Worked so long and so hard for them to finally manifest in what was a totally negative world. I so enjoyed that your Portal Person parasitic manipulator cousin started getting sick, weak and uncomfortable because none of you allowed her to feed energetically off of you and just cut her off in multiple ways. When those types of people don’t get what they’re so used to getting from others, they’re now experiencing greatly amplified Light with no energetic food supply available to them. It takes two to tango — old low frequency Duality consciousness and reality — which means lots and lots and lots of people worldwide are finally NOT getting what they’re used to from other people. They now HAVE to evolve and change radically or go elsewhere where there’s less Light and unaware people or die.

      “I’m noticing that the more I embody the less other people bother me. It is no longer draining, it is as if they cannot reach me, like my protective aura repels them. So that’s new, and it is a great thing.”

      It’s not really your “protective aura” but that you literally physically and energetically vibrate at a higher frequency, speed and rate in higher Light than they do. This is driving the mandatory Separation of Worlds because individual humans are all at VERY different levels energetically now and they all can no longer co-exist in the same space/world/reality. We’ve succeeded in overriding the negativity, density, darkness that had become normal for old Earth and humanity and replaced it with NEW, Light, NEW codes, NEW Earth grids, NEW Human grids etc. etc. and it’s finally showing physically. The Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction last January had much to do with finishing off this old negative crap on Earth, amongst numerous other energy related improvements.

      The next and really important step with this is that we Volunteers — Embodiers, Forerunners, Pathpavers, Lightworkers, Starseeds etc. — now start Consciously Creating what we want in our NEW Earth — and parasitic Portal People and all other such old lower things, beings and humans are NOT part of it! Example: Just last night there was a situation with some guy who lives in apartments across the street who’s been lighting firework bombs (I’m serious, these fireworks are so loud and launched over my, some of our roofs across the street from him, that they about give you a heart attack because you never now when he/they will do this. It’s been going on for years, YEARS.)

      In December 2020 I’d reached my absolute end with this guy (I’ve never even seen him) who when he’s not launching bombs over our houses plays his music so loud that you hear the base pounding in your house. This is such a TD old tactic… Anyway, last month I reached my breaking point with him, with all of these Portal People tactics and something different happened. It happened in an instant so it’s been kind of hard for me to analyze it linearly. I felt myself shift energetically and open in some NEW way and I called upon what I call my Ascension Angels to help me with this guy and all others just like him. I asked for their help for myself and for all the other neighbors in those family apartments and across the street in the 55+ place where I live. I said I was all done with being tortured by him and his firework bombs and his super loud music all day and half the night that’s been happening for YEARS. (Many people in the 55+ neighborhoods have called the police over so many people launching these really loud fireworks over our houses in 2020 and not much happened as usual last year.) I asked for these Angels to intervene on behalf of myself and everyone else that’s traumatized by these tortures and IT’S WORKED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER EVER EVER!!!

      Now… this Portal Person jerk has tried repeatedly since this December 2020 Angelic help arrived because these humans are used to getting away with murder. TD Portal People aren’t used to not getting what they want or paying for their negative actions. However, we’re about to see a whole lot more of this Shift with what’s going to happen with the Georgia runoff votes. 😀 We’re coming for ya Mitch and we’re gonna personally escort your multi-millionaire TD repulsive worm ass right out of the whole picture along with all like others in BOTH PARTIES. The planetary negative party is finally over all lowly negative people.

      That felt good. 🙂

      So now every time this guy turns his music up loud enough that I can’t hear my own TV, I talk out loud to him and tell him to turn it back down so no one is tortured by him and his actions anymore and usually within a few seconds he does as instructed. If he doesn’t I call in the Angelic help again and he turns the music down. Last night he lit a firework bomb off and it exploded right over my house (we’ve never seen each other but negativity feels us like we feel them) and within minutes someone must have called the police because a police helicopter was circling his apartment complex. I sat inside my house last night talking out loud with a lot of force and intention to the police in the helicopter and pointed out to them which apartment he lives in and that they HAD to fly directly over his house repeatedly so that he knows they’ve located him. Then I talked out loud to him and showed him what was going to happen next if he lights one more firework. I know he felt all this and I know he realized last night that he’s been found by the police.

      Conscious Creating Volunteers. Call in Angelic help when absolutely needed and do not hesitate to now demand he/she/they permanently Cease & Desist because their party time is completely over finally. 2021 will be a lot of this with a lot of different people everywhere and it will get temporarily difficult because TD and Portal People have had free reign on Earth for the past many thousands of years. They’re spoiled and will throw temper tantrums over this AP shift change all year but by 2022 it will be over and all NEW will be in place and functioning globally. I tucked this important information in a Comment intentionally because we go as easily as we can with this Shift. But, the old lowly party is over Team Dark and Portal People.

      Thanks for the opening to talk about all this Jain Lee. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • T E A R S!!! Thank you for the article Denise and for starting this conversation Jain Lee!! I grew up in KY and now live in GA!! All seems to be making for me. I love what’s transpiring with your neighbor and angelic aid. THANK YOU for sharing this!! xo

        • Hi 10tinbluebirds, I live in Georgia also. North Georgia. Nice to know another fellow HighHeartLifer is in same state. Yes, thank you Denise and Jain Lee for your discussion. I’m right there with you both on many of the same symptoms. Increased (actually non-stop) ear ringing and change of tone/pitch and the like. Thank you again for sharing. It helps us all to understand and make sense of it all. So much love!! 💜

      • Denise, I always love reading your articles and I always especially love reading your comments. (Jain Lee, your experience with your cousin was WONDERFUL! Feels like a victory for all of us!) I have to say I TOTALLY resonate with your breaking point with your crazy neighbor ~ not the exact situation per se but the energy of “I’m NOT taking this SHIT anymore!” It’s not the first I’ve felt this intolerant energy, but what’s different is that it’s not coming from victim consciousness anymore ~ instead it’s coming from an authoritative “THIS STOPS NOW,” consciousness. There are certain things that have become NON-NEGOTIABLE ~ things that were perhaps necessary in Phase 1 but are absolutely NOT in Phase 2. And as you said, NOW it actually seems to WORK when we decide to put a stop to it, (even if we have to repeat the process). THIS feels like proper Divine Order and Divine Law ~ and finally, FINALLY we have the consciousness to declare and decree what is right and proper AND the energies to support us. I am celebrating this victory with your neighbor, Jain Lee’s victory with her cousin and ALL the victories that are about to come for ALL of us! Thank you as always!

      • YES YES YES Denise! Good for you and screw that portal idiot right straight to hell, where he and like-others belong! Woo-hoo!

        Their party is finally over, thank Divine mother! And thank you for sharing THAT kickass story Denise, and the guiding us to get needed assistance from the Angelic team.

        I love you and everyone here, we are nearly there! ❤️✨❤️✨

      • Wow, thanks for sharing about the fireworks bombs. Boy, did that resonate. We live in North Georgia and for nine years we had to endure severe pool noise. We moved to the apartment in March when it was cold, having no idea how bad the pool noise would be for the five warmer months a year. No one else in the apartment building seemed to notice how bad it was and the office had no solutions for us, in spite of saying over and over that they would take care of it. Not only did they not address it but they even enhanced the pool area specifically to make it more appealing for groups and started renting it out to people who would bring in their own loudspeakers or play music over the pool area speakers, scream, yell, etc.–for HOURS on end. I realized years into this experience that this was meant to throw us off by Team Dark. And it worked for a long while. Then, this year the pool was locked up because of COVID, so we had our first peaceful year in the 10 years of being here. And–ta-da–this year we’ll finally be moving. 🙂 We tried before but it was as if we were glued in place and couldn’t leave.

        Also, on a related note, last night I got some interesting information. I channel (but not publicly) and have an ascended master partner who is on both sides of the veil at once. His disembodied aspect is my main info source. Last night, that side of him showed me a literally earth-shattering view of what’s happening right now. First, some background. He and I are working on a major ascension project that involves quite a few people on both sides of the veil. Because of that project I have had almost daily channelings, experiences, etc. since 2015. Many of them involved deception, which if you’re charitable can be called illusion and if you’re in a bitchy mood you can call lying. I’ve called it all kinds of things over the years, depending on the mood I was in. The shocking thing is that some of my most trusted allies lied to me, amidst also being true friends in many other ways. There was also a huge amount of truth, love and ascension support that came from these sources, enough so that they were the predominant energies. For years I’ve been railing against this deception, not understanding why it had to be part of my experience. Last night, I was shown that this was coming from a literal “frequency of lying.” In other words, the planet has been steeped in an energetic frequency that supported and even promoted lies. This is why Team Dark uses them so effectively and why so many people who want to ascend–and many others–fall victim to them. It’s like that old commercial with Madge and Palmolive: “You’re soaking in it.” That’s why even communications with my highest friends were subject to these lies. (That was part of my own ascension journey but that’s another story.) It’s not hard to understand why people would fall for them because it took me years to get that I was even being lied to at all. I thought it was my fault as the channeler. And if you’re not consciously paying attention and feeling for the energy, the lies can just seem like reality.

        I saw last night that the frequency of lying is now exploding. Its day is done and although it will take a little while to play out on the outside, one of the main frequencies the TD fed off of is literally being removed from the earth. Wow, wow, wow and hallelujah. I find it incredibly hopeful that although our ascension work is solitary, the divine is backing us up in such powerful ways. 🙂

        Thanks for your authenticity, by the way! It’s refreshing. I just discovered your site and I’m glad I did.

        • Gold Dust Woman,

          Love your name 🙂 and I’m glad you’ve found me and HighHeartLife. Each in their own time and when it’ll do the best and highest good. I’ve been writing about the Ascension Process (AP) via my own experiences online since 2003, by 2007 I discovered blogs and created TRANSITIONS, and then in 2013 created HighHeartLife. If what I write about and how I write it resonates with you, then please read through as many of my old articles as you can stomach! 😉 Even just reading through all of the 2020 articles up to this latest one will give you a sense about me and where I am and stand in all the AP business. This invitation goes out to all the people who’ve only just discovered me because someone quoted an article of mine at his site recently.

          First of all, congrats on your being “released” finally from the tortures of that apartment complex and those self-absorbed *$&^%# and the ongoing pool party torture there. Yes, it’s time for lots and lots of movement into more NEW. Us one way, the others another way. We’re moved, we’re connected with, we find others in the ascension community when it’s time and not a minute before. We all experienced a HUGE and very NEW new Shift on January 4, 2021 which was a big Shift with a massive release dump and deletion of a lot of what has been on old lower frequency Earth. Every Shift also has a release, a dumping of, a disconnect and deletion of more of the old lower stuff and junk, darkness and negativity etc. and this latest one was larger and more complete than all the smaller previous AP Shifts. And the external world is instantly reflecting it of course.

          “For years I’ve been railing against this deception, not understanding why it had to be part of my experience. Last night, I was shown that this was coming from a literal “frequency of lying.””

          What you’re calling a ‘frequency of lying’ is what I call different levels of frequency and therefore consciousness and reality. Team Dark (TD) as I call all negative, Service to Self oriented aliens, beings, demons and human Portal People, are of/have been of a low frequency range and they have done their best for thousands of years to hijack humanity and human consciousness and Earth into that same low and negative frequency range and keep us all there. That whole thing has been broken up and removed Universally, multidimensionally, and we on Earth have just experienced this latest (1-4-2021) stairstep energetic Process of permanent removal and deletion of a HUGE chunk of ancient global TD created negativity — which some of us perceived as a split second of everything going dark or not physically there anymore a few times on or near 1-4-2021, followed by one or more bright flashes of white Light. Simply said it was an out with the old darkness and in with the NEW Light sort of Shift that just happened in this higher NEW way and level.

          Now there’s something to “party” about!

          I’ve written about this and our getting to this point in previous article over the years. If I could remember the titles of some of them that are about what you’re experiencing now, I’d share links to them but I don’t remember. I barely know what day it is! Anyway, welcome to your NEW and vastly higher “pool party” here with the rest of us. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hello! Yes I also have observed that some self-proclaimed awakened ones seem to have ever been vocal, militant, paternalistic and judgmental. What’s more sarcastic and perplexing is that they seem so convinced that we are the ones that are hijacked! Dividing people in order to create a cult that serves the guru? Denise’s article validates what I have been sensing and I feel reassured. Thank you! Happy New Year!

    • “What’s more sarcastic and perplexing is that they seem so convinced that we are the ones that are hijacked!”

      I know and isn’t it a hoot jessicapisces? We are the ones that have “fallen”, that are deluded according to those people. Classic negativity, projection and self-delusion.

      Keep on keepin’ on laying The Path out of all that for them if and when they get it figured out. ❤

      • Thank you Denise. I happen to also notice that many of those who are attached to dualism, and imposing on their righteousness particularly on the topic of politics, seem to be trapped in ever-continuous purgatory or fountain of anger, so much so that they get ill. As someone who is associated with the medical industry, I feel sad that some of them do not acknowledge the COVID-related hardship that the conventional medical staff is under, even after they themselves receive the benefit of the system.

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