We’re In Another SHIFT Now & It’s Big & Very Different

First I need to lay down some disclaimers and clarifications.

Normally I do not publish back-to-back articles because each article deserves some time to sit, without other distractions that pull certain people’s focus and consciousness. There’s way too much of that everywhere already. I write an article and then if it goes this way, there’s further discussions about that material, exchanges, sharing, further explanations etc. in the comments sections under each article.

Also, what I’m going to say in this unanticipated rush job article is connected to the January 3, 2021 one, The Many Non Compos Mentis. 

Another clarification about what I’m going to share is NOT, I repeat NOT due to or caused by or because of anything political whatsoever. The political changes happening now and coming this week and long after it, are a big part of what I’m going to share but all of that is NOT the cause of what I’m going to talk about. It’s just the other way around.

Another thing I want to clarify first is that this is NOT a timeline shift but something bigger. This is a general everything Shift—a big one at that—and it needs to be understood as that. I’ve said many times in many articles over the years that, like everything else in the Ascension Process, we’re living through numerous Shifts, not just one big one that no one on Earth could physically survive. The Shifts have been ongoing energy stairsteps too so we’d survive them physically along with Earth and the solar system and all else.

Okay, I think, I hope I’ve remember everything I felt I needed to say first before we get into what’s happened, happening, will continue to happen.


If you’ve been reading my articles for years then you know I clairvoyantly See, Feel, Hear and Know certain things all the time. It’s normal to me which also means I’m very familiar with perceiving different physical and nonphysical anomalies, phenomena, energies, dimensions, beings etc.

Late last night, January 4, 2021 I started clairvoyantly Seeing an increase in energies moving inside my house, my “space”. Nothing new or unusual about this. But as the evening wore on last night, these energy anomalies I was Seeing continued and changed somewhat, plus I Felt, perceived a “message”, a “pay attention notification” was making itself known to me through these different anomalies last night. This too is not new or unusual to me, up to a point late last night that is! It’s those new-to-me anomalies I physically and clairvoyantly saw and Saw last night that’s the reason for this rush job article. NO FEAR PLEASE. This is just some information about what’s happening now and going to continue happening.

2020 and Phase 2 and the Divine Cease & Desist Order are making even more sense to me since last night! Stairsteps, preparations, ongoing ascension related Shifts…

Last evening I observed for hours a buildup of energies and energies on the move and sensed that there was more to all this than what I was seeing and Seeing during those hours. Then later last night while in my bathroom getting ready for bed (remember I live in southern California and Pacific time) from my perspective everything went dark for about half a second. It was so fast that my first thought was that the overhead lightbulbs flickered for a moment or maybe the electricity flickered or did something. In other words, I saw it physically and did what humans typically do — I didn’t give it the attention or importance it deserved.

This happened three or four times late last night. Everything went dark for a very brief moment and then everything was back to seemingly “physical normal” once again. Or so I first thought.

After the usual evening bathroom preparations last night I got into bed and laid there for a while in the physical dark. No lamp lights were on. I was in bed and ready to fall asleep and hadn’t fully recognized those brief moments in the well-lit bathroom when it went dark a few times. First time it happened I thought electricity, light bulbs flickering glitch. Second time it happened I thought “What the hell is that?”  The third time it happened I knew I was in and perceiving a bigger than usual Shift out of everything as it had been right up until that moment last night. Old reality was going black, was disappearing while I and many of you were Shifting in this NEW higher way we’ve not done or experienced before from  full Triality frequency.

In bed I physically saw a bright white Light flash manifest in the living room from a wall with no windows on it. The entire time every one of these different anomalies happened, I repeatedly clairvoyantly Saw the familiar beautiful large blue Light sphere. Not smaller “orbs” but a single large blue ball or sphere of Blue Ray type Light. Every time I saw and Saw one of these Shift anomalies I also Saw these familiar large blue Light spheres. There was so much brief concentrated energies and Light flashing activity that I finally realized we were exiting more of the old, Shifting, and entering more of the NEW and that these repeated brief blackout moments of physical “reality” followed by bright white Light flashing in certain areas of my house were this particular Shift unfolding. Coupled with what I was Feeling and perceiving about these anomalies I finally realized that this latest Shift had just begun late last night, my physical time and location that is. You may have or are having slightly different experiences due to this current Shift.

From one perceptual level it looked and felt like there were a few brief hiccup glitches in “the Matrix”. What was actually happening however was that we Shifted entirely out in a bigger way than we’ve been able to prior. Very good news that, but I suspect many of the Non Compos Mentis people will get really irritated by this Triality level Shift for a lot of different reasons. Ignore the coming and also brief thrashing about some will continue doing because of this and stay focused in your HighHeart on NEW Earth. And so far I don’t sense or Feel any Earth side effects from this current Shift but that doesn’t mean there might not be a few small earthquakes here n’ there over the next week or so. This one is a big Shift, not just a timeline change, and like I’ve said, we’ve never experienced a larger Shift like this while being in full Triality frequency before. It feels good but many won’t experience it that way at all. Shoe on the other foot and all that finally. 😉

See you in comments.

Denise Le Fay

January 5, 2021

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86 thoughts on “We’re In Another SHIFT Now & It’s Big & Very Different

  • Hello Denise and all,

    In the last month I get electrocuted several times per day when I touch my cat, or tye door, or the fridge or my scarf etc. Of course it happened before but not with such intensity.
    Is this something you experience?
    Maybe there is something I could use this energy…but what exactly?

    Thank you all for building a High Frecquency group 🙂

    • Lacra,

      Yes I experienced this like crazy for many years. It was so bad when I’d shop and would touch the metal shelves that it’d make me jump and swear out loud in public. Like your CNS (central nervous system) isn’t overwhelmed anyway! Another location in stores that I’d always get zapped were the metal sections at the checkouts. One time a guy saw the blue-white electric arc zap between my finger and the metal and said he’d never seen anything like that before. It was nice to have a stranger confess to me that this was something much more than just low humidity and getting “zapped” from static buildup.

      It happens because the energies in your body are changing from your embodying higher and higher frequencies which often causes some rather strange side effects on old lower physical things, not to mention people! Another one I experienced in the 2000s was my physical presence often wouldn’t automatically cause public door censors to open — or public toilets to flush or the sinks to automatically turn on the water to wash your hands. My energy field wasn’t registering on those censers in public stores and bathrooms and automatic door openers and I’d often be stuck outside until someone else came along and triggered the door to open and I’d rush in behind them. Also, the first decade of the Ascension Process many people didn’t even see those of us who were living it first, which suddenly made driving more dangerous.

      Do your best to not jump out of your skin every time you get zapped Lacra. I know it’s hard having something else wearing on your nerves but know it’s because your energies are changing and eventually it won’t happen as much as it is now. Don’t try to “use it” in old lower ways but just continue embodying all the NEW higher Light energies, codes/templates etc. that are constantly arriving now. ❤

      • Hello 🙂 ,

        Thank you so much, Denise, for reminding me that the most important now is embodying and Embodying 🙂

        I have also started a few weeks ago to feel numbness and tingling. At the begining it was in my right arm, then my right leg and now it is also in the left part of the body. Could this be also due to the changes ?

        Many blessings,

  • Hi Elina,
    You are welcome and thanks for sharing your experiences as well. It is interesting what you said about the moon, my attention has been drawn there as well lately. Maybe we are working to clear out some icky architecture or something.
    I have the same feeling about my family like you have with your mother. Even though I am not in contact with them I could still feel them all the time, then all of a sudden they were just gone. Poof. It is very freeing.
    Another experience I have had a few times now, are attacking entities being hauled off. Often when I am just doing things around the house mean spirits will stand on my left side and shout meaness at me. The last few times that this happened a spirit lady in a pale blueish green dress showed up and promptly removed them. I hope she clears out your invader as well.
    Lots of love to you and all, AeM

  • Hi again, I just wanted to add something that I just realized. Two of the major forms of harassment that team dark uses to get at us are, our “body” families and past abuses that we have experienced.
    Our family often being used to torture us either though their actions or through attempting to attach poisonous situations, people or spirits to our energy fields by using miasma handed down to us through our familial DNA. I have also experienced what I could call emotional dumping by using our DNA connection to our human family like a bridge to transfer their emotional drama and garbage into our energy fields. As far as the past abuses are concerned often these are projected onto our consciousness in a record on repeat type scenario to wear us down or are used like a magnet to draw similar situations in our direction.
    I know you all know this, but if what I sensed in my other message is accurate then these two major team dark access points to us will soon be severed. Wouldn’t that be great. AeM

    • Hi, Andrew!

      Gosh…You’ve just summed it all up that’s been on my mind….um….last night….

      The divorce from birth parents! Check✅ Was not feeling my own birth mother for the past couple of days. As if she doesn’t exist. Harsh a bit, but that’s exactly how I feel.

      The torture/ harassment through the family! Check✅ About a week or so ago. I had an encounter similar to what Denise described with her female demon entity. Deep in the sleep, I clearly heard two voices. Not me speaking. Something about having a lot of show off kind of attitude. Next a loud bang woke me up and I saw a person/ entity/ thing running out of the door of my bedroom. At first, I thought that it was my husband…but when I got up to check, he was peacefully sleeping.

      However, only last night, or rather in the middle of the night I did realize that it was exactly a thing that was harassing me for the past god knows how long.

      After that realization, I felt a flow of energy that felt like liquid hydrogen mixed with ozone. Later found myself doing something with the moon. Was very conscious. Woke up yet again when I decided to take a few moon stones into my palm, crumbing it off from the side of it. I guess mission for the night was accomplished.

      Thanks, for sharing your experience! And thanks Denise for your continuous support of the light earthly forces.

      With love,


  • Hi Tuba and Denise,

    You speak my language.

    It seems to me that at this point in the quantum layers two things are being worked on very studiously by the Great Mother’s newly created angelic task force .(the old one being primarily fallen at this point)

    One – the forerunners are undergoing another layer of DNA scrubbing basically removing any trace of ancestral debris from their body’s family of origin and any miasma sourcing from that ancestry. Basically we just got divorced from our birth parents, energetically speaking. As this is being achieved the space created allows for greater integration of our pure spiritual dna. Connecting us to our multidimensional truth (the sense of bilocation you have been experiencing) and our crystal star families in a vastly more profound manner. This increased connection is, for me atleast, having a difficult backlash. It is making me very aware of the loveliness of my true home in a very tangible way and this awareness has magnified my longing for that home a million fold.

    Two – it also seems to me that certain painful events in the forerunners lives are being removed from the time space fields and that a sort of retroactive healing is taking place as a result. A special gift from the Great Mother to try to make things a big lighter for us and to return these energetic toxins to where they belong. (with the abusers, molesters, parasites, and tryants that created and perpetuated them)

    Now that the connection and dimensional pathways to Big Momma and Big Papa are all mostly restored l get the feeling that this sort of big wallop will be the new norm. Hopefully the ouch will be balanced out by the speed and tangibility at which Their new creations take hold. Lots of love, AeM

  • Hello Miss Denise,
    There is an aspect of me that began to laugh a few days ago, and it will not stop. After a day or two of this constant laughing in the back of my heart, I inquired about its source. The response was so amusing that I had to share it. This part of me is laughing because in their arrogance and complaisancy team dark forgot one little thing BIG MOMMA is a NINJA. Oops.
    Lots of love to you all, AeM

  • Thank you for your lovely response Denise ❤️ My heart used to hurt and I remember crying my eyes out and begging the skies to get me home and I would always hear the same answer: “you wanted to be there” I think for many of us our twenties were hard as a result of heavy attacks and longing to go back our homes.
    Air waves indeed! 💫🌟

  • For the last couple of nights my dreamscape is like “two movies in a row” and everytime somewhere around the beginning I realize it’s a dream so I just watch the whole thing happens without feeling any emotions. I say to myself “oh wow that’s crazy but it’s not real, I am sleeping in my bed”. This happened before, many times actually but never three nights in a row. I feel the veils are so thin that I am in between two or multiple places more than ever. In the past I just wanted to leave this place and go home. When I was a little girl I used to beg my dad to take me to my real family. Later that became me trying to kill myself. Now I keep my feet on the ground with the knowledge of why I am here. In the past everything used to give me fear. Now with love and knowledge in my heart I stand strong. Thank you for this space Denise ❤️
    Have a lovely day everyone!

    • “In the past I just wanted to leave this place and go home. When I was a little girl I used to beg my dad to take me to my real family.”

      This was a common reaction for Starseeds or any of us from higher levels who “volunteered” to incarnate on Earth now to help with the universal ascension.

      I’ve had a vivid memory of having a very serious conversation with the sky when I was only 4 or 5 years old. I told the sky that there’d been some sort of mistake and that my parents were not my “real” parents and I wanted to go HOME immediately!!! I was not happy about being “down here” in all this density and negativity and crazy humans and demanded that the sky get me back to my real HOME. The sky responded and we had a decent back and forth telepathic conversation about all this. The sky remined me, repeatedly, that I wanted to come “down here” for awhile and that there hadn’t been any mistake. I disagreed, the sky went through it all with me again and eventually I remembered that I had indeed Volunteered to come “down here” and fully, consciously as that very young child, accepted my own higher decision over all this.

      Most sunsets did cause me severe feelings of homesickness every evening until young adulthood however. I was an alien deposited on a foreign world with nothing but unstable humans around me and I too was afraid for my safety amongst them. Then my twenties arrived and things “got real!” because Team Dark showed up and the battles began to stop me (and all you other Volunteers) from doing all the things I came “down here” to do as a Volunteer. We are now at the very bottom of the barrel with that negativity which is why it’s so volatile now.

      “I feel the veils are so thin that I am in between two or multiple places more than ever.”

      I would suggest that instead you are now more conscious of your multidimensionality and your Work and goings on in numerous places simultaneously. This is another aspect of our (I mean the Volunteers, Starseeds, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc.) ongoing evolving and expanding Higher Awareness. The NEW 5D+ ascended/ascending energies of the Aquarian Age (which is an AIR sign) will greatly highlight all aspects of consciousness and Higher Awareness in all of humanity. More about that in upcoming articles because we’re in the AIR waves fulltime now! 😉 Thanks for sharing tuba. ❤ ⭐

  • @skoop —Good for you Skoop! Keep on going, we’re here cheering you on!

    @Denise —oh yeah, I felt it yesterday. Felt so definite that time, usually it’s very subtle for me so I question myself. But not this last one. I stopped whatever I was doing and said to myself “whoa, something definitely feels over.”

    Also the headache is constant now, much like the ear tonal ringing it’s always in the periphery of my awareness. Some moments it hurts a lot but mostly it’s just there massaging/playing light rhythmic bongo on my crown.

    Like skoop said, you are our hero, thank you Denise. Looking forward to some more of your “keeping it honest” articles, they are greatly appreciated precisely because it isn’t easy or pleasant but YOU’LL lay it out exactly as is for our benefit. Thank you so much for that brave soul ❤️❤️❤️

    • “Some moments it hurts a lot but mostly it’s just there massaging/playing light rhythmic bongo on my crown.”

      😆 Ouch, don’t make me laugh Jain L., almost made my head break!

      ❤ ❤ ❤

  • we do rhe impossible daily and today is my day where i finally get to lose my shit and the rest of the universe loses it with me
    i came HOME

    Ive never got to be me before so meeting this me is completely extreme
    Thank You Denise
    Youve been my hero and my gold standard this whole time

    • ❤ hugs skoop. Hang in there and open more, release more, embody more and continue becoming more. ❤

      We've been in another shift the past two days. This happens every few days now — we shift a bit more then have 3 or 4 days of acclimation time and then another shift happens and on and on it now goes.

      I’d say more but I’ve got a bad energy nausea headache, cellular swelling from more embodying, severe gut bloat along with some way up and way down emotional fluxing and all of this producing continued Higher Awareness about where I am, where we are right now. In my next article I’m going to continue ‘keeping it all honest’ which isn’t always easy or pleasant.

      • Thank you for your reply I was completely just hanging on yesterday but the symptoms were soo bad i hunkered down and hid out and i guess survived, inner body noise was as loud as a marching band.
        Sorry I didnt get back sooner!

        • Glad you’re feeling better now Skoop. ❤

          There were multiple days this month (and it's not over yet) that had me at what felt like a new level of "breaking" from all of this. January 2021 head pains into the spine and lengthy and intense HighHeart pounding expansion embodiments were soooo severe. And yes, the inner ear ROAR is higher pitched and louder than ever before now.

          There's nothing else we can do when these intense embodiment of more NEW higher energies happen — and they're happening constantly now in Phase 2 — but lay down somewhere quiet and private and surrender completely to all of it and look upon these personal events (they're "shifts" in themselves) as SACRED because they are. Yep they hurt physically and often emotionally too but this is normal for the profound compressed evolution we're going through while in our physical bodies.

  • Just wanted to share that Ive been at this FOREVER and finally got my paycheck
    i got paid
    i did
    after this long!
    Weve been runningnthe entire worlds drug supply out of 20 dopehouses and i got paid

    Thank You for your concern I went to an extremely deep place with all the tests and accoutrements that come with such….
    you know…

  • I absolutely love “What We’ve got here is failure to communicate…..”
    Had to go to hospital, oh fucking god no but the masses the masses the masses
    Its weird being the holders and discoverers or rememberers of the knowledge

    • You okay Skoop? Did you survive the hospital and come out virus free? If you don’t want to share I totally understand. Sending you ❤ hugs which are my "vaccinations". 😉

  • Today is a beautiful rainy day here. I love days like this, rain makes me feel very calm. So I made myself a huge bowl of popcorn and watched even more people on the ascension cycles play the tunes of duality. Last year around this time I was following so many of those pages. In the past couple of months I started to unfollow them one by one. It’s incredible -i don’t know if it’s the right word to describe or even if there is a word for it to begin with- to see after years of talking about enlightenment, personal sovereignty and such, majority of these people believe “one person is the saviour, now that “evil people” stopped him, we are doomed” storyline. 2020 vision indeed, what a year that was!

      • Dear Denise, I enjoyed that article a lot and reading it again feels the same. I’ve been on your archives lately, reading your old articles with today’s eyes feels both incredible and eye opener on a different level.
        That “bio” page is so spot on, i swear I saw writings like that too many times. Swammy Whatshisname indeed 😅

  • Hi Denise and All Others Here,

    I’ve been away and out of the loop for a while, and it’s taken me a bit to thoroughly read your recent articles and Comments and exchanges between everyone…and I feel a sense of relief that I haven’t fallen off my personal AP/EP soul-train as I digest where I and many others here, find ourselves in January 2021.

    Because virtually nothing pre-January 2021 holds any more energetic juice for me (there are still some minor fumes that I’m riding on)…and because I’m clear that what is to come later this year will override so much of where I currently find myself…it’s clear that I can only live out my individual AP/EP journey moment-by-moment, without any preconceptions. Talking about living in the now??!! What’s left?? I have no real clue about any of it, and I’m not sure what I really “know” anymore. Where I find myself in my journey, however, is to live in a way that is truly neutral, so that whatever is presented to me, I can face while doing my best not to bring any mental or emotional or energetic baggage from my past (immediate or otherwise) into my future Nows. Most importantly, though, is that my personal AP/EP is about fully accepting and living out the reality that “I am my own authority” regarding everything/anything in my life. It’s clear that LIFE as physically incarnate Raymond is now an inside-out relationship with existence, and no longer one that materializes from an outside-in approach.

    I’m truly appreciating learning to live within my individual Triality Consciousness and am enjoying being my own “group.” Denise, thanks for explaining this concept so understandably, and of course it explains why I and so many of us have needed to be by ourselves these past years so that we could discover and integrate our individuated “group” aspects so that each of us could sense how magnificent and courageous we Volunteers really are at both a personal and collective level at this moment in “time.” Ultimately, I’m a self-contained Everything…and I’m learning how to accept and consciously create out of it…let’s see how far I get.

    More than anything, I wanted to get online here and say Hi to all of my Volunteer friends and AP/EP co-workers here.

    Denise, I look forward to all of the wisdom that you’ll be sharing with us in the times ahead…and to all the insightful Comments that my family here will contribute. I send you and everyone my best love/Love/LOVE for a most auspicious 2021!

      • Namaste, Kathy F! Thanks so much for sayin’ hi! My last place of work before stopping in 2015 was a spirituality store named Namaste Bookshop, here in NYC…so thus…I see you also! Warm greetings to you…

    • Thank you for this, Raymond. I am bored stiff and feel like I should do something to get my business going again. I feel the same way too, that whatever is coming is going to make whatever I do right now irrelevant. I’m sort of feeling around for some inspired action to take but I’m just not feeling it. So I’m going to walk the dog again, cook something (when in doubt, I cook), write in my journal, read or take another nap.

      • 😁😁❤️❤️ Great reply cespringer. Ditto over here. Thank you for commenting 😊

        Sending well wishes to you too Raymond 💕🏡

      • Greetings, cespringer! I hear ya loud and clear…when life feels routine and anomie sets in (which is quite often these days!), I run errands! Here in NYC, where one can still find a 24-hr. drugstore and bodegas (corner foodstores for essentials), it remains possible to get some things done 24/7…Not that I DO that with any frequency, mind you…but the city impels one to leave their apartment and walk to get things done…and afterwards, I hope to be sleepy/worn out enough to take a nap…and that can happen at any time! Thanks for reaching out to me…

    • Hi Raymond,
      I’ve been thinking about you lately, so it is so good to see and hear from you. Your words always convey what I am FEELING but can’t put into words myself. Being ones own “group” is amazing. My discovery/acceptance/embracing of ALL of ME has been nothing but beautiful and freeing (and still learning). You’re always in the loop big brother and don’t forget it. We’re family and friends here. ALL connected. Anyways, so much love and big hugs to you. ❤

      • Karina! What a delight to say hi to you and read your words! I’m FEELING the truth of all you say here and we’re ALL goin’ to walk this one out connected and together…BTW, as I’m writing this, those festive champagne bubbles once again are showin’ up in my mind’s eye! Who knows…you may have been a party girl at some point in this incarnation…maybe even now, tee hee! Sending much love and hugs right back to you, dear lady…

        • Hi again Raymond! Haha, I’m Soo not a party girl (from my past or currently). I’m quite the opposite. I avoid gatherings and pretty much an introvert. I love quiet time in nature with myself or animals. I do my own thing and sounds like your in a similar groove. I love music and that helps me come out of my shell. So good to hear from you and share your wisdom more here. 💓💓💓

    • “…I can only live out my individual A/P journey moment-by-moment, without any preconceptions.”
      “Ultimately, I’m a self-contained Everything…and I’m learning how to accept and consciously create out of it..let’s see how far i get.”

      How beautifully you articulate such fundamental Truths. Thank you, Raymond.
      Spirit bows to Spirit as One.

    • Hi Raymond! We never talked before but you said everything I feel better than I can. Just the other day I was thinking how I became my own tribe! It’s so nice to be with like-minded people here. Looking forward to share more with everyone and ride the waves 2021 will send to our ways

      • Hi tuba! I also feel very grateful to be present here with so many Conscious Ascenders/Embodiers, all supporting each other’s journeys. 2021 is going to be one “hell” (heaven???) of a ride! It’s a pleasure to connect with you…

  • I have had the tired and wired and heartburn for several dys but not much else physically. I definitely felt the “duck and cover” feeling Tuesday that I get before some big events. The weirdest was that I had 3 brushes with energy (3 very different events ) that made me feel like the veil had gotten super thin the first of the week and then gone back to “normal”. I am trying to be more open to those experiences and not shut them down.

  • Wow wow wow I also experienced these bright light flashes, but it kind of freaked me out so my mind decided I must have just imagined it! I was putting my daughter to bed in a dark room and lying down with her when 2 times the room brightly lit up for a flash of a second as if the light had Just flicked on but quick enough that I could also decide I imagined it! This was the evening of the 4th! So timely and great to read this!!! Thank yoooooou 🙌🏽💗🦋

    • “…but it kind of freaked me out so my mind decided I must have just imagined it!”

      I loved that Donna, and it’s so true. Even when we know that old lower part of our heads does what it does! I did this when I first saw everything go totally dark for a split second while I was in my bathroom getting ready for bed. The light did NOT just flicker or dim, it went totally black as in NO light at all! I saw it and yet that old lower brain part did its best trying to rationalize the event. By the third time this everything went totally dark for half a second anomaly happened, I understood it was indicating that we had (I mean Earth and humanity) in those few seconds left behind a tremendous amount of old lower Earth reality and consciousness etc. etc. It was a massive planetary wide dump of the old everything and “reboot” then with the incoming Light flashes. It was and continues to be a larger than usual Shift. But our ‘mind decided I must have just imagined it’ at first because old lower consciousness has great difficulty coping with Higher Awareness and frequencies! It’s kinda funny actually because we all do it, still, and we know better. 🙂 ❤

  • Hi Denise I must also agree here in England about the quality of light we’re experiencing, the sunrises 🌅 and the sunsets 🌇 are truly spectacular with the days seeming longer coming up to the December Solstice not shorter and now the light is truly luminescent even the birds are thinking Spring is sprung. Also physical symptoms as you describe feeling nauseous, stomach cramps aching joints and head etc. I put it down to anxiety and am nurturing myself more which is never a bad thing to do and this really helps.
    Love your messages. Keep on Keeping On.

    • “…with the days seeming longer coming up to the December Solstice not shorter…”

      That’s it exactly Elaine and thanks for sharing that you were aware of that anomaly too in December 2020.

      I sense we’re not where we think we are and we’re much further along than we currently realize and that far more has indeed permanently changed for the better than shows very clearly yet. But it all will soon and more. ❤

      It's not anxiety caused but solar, cosmic, GC, photonic etc. All that sometimes causes anxiety in many of us however. It's common to go from feeling like you're running WAY too much very high frequency Light energies in your body to the opposite and feel drugged, sleepy, weak, exhausted etc. It's the ‘tired and wired’ ascension side effect. 😉 Thanks again for sharing that you noticed the Sun rising/setting at different times than “normal”. ❤

      • “Tired and wired” that’s what I felt yesterday. After sleeping about 12 hours, when I got up I was overwhelmed with sudden pain. All the way from chest to hips, back and front, inside and outside,, something I had not experienced before, and my heart was pounding in reaction. I tried to keep calm, taking care as I could, and wait. I thought I was working through something, or feeling some strong energy and getting it down to ground, like electricity, I don’t know how to explain it.
        It went on for a long time, it took hours to go back to my normal state. Later I checked your blog, though you had posted an article a few days ago, because I thought there was seomething peculiar going on.
        Thanks for sharing 💖

  • Ummmm, Denise,
    You know how sometimes I email you in a certain state and you kind of let life play out for me to see something before you respond? Life is right now explaining my similar restlessness and general emo of the last 2 days. I’ve long thought things come over me like this so we aren’t all in the depths of feelings at the same time. I don’t have tv and can’t livestream the news, lol, so I’ll just get back to my yard. Wow, 2o21 already full. Thanks for the lifelines you offer us here. All the love to all here.x

  • I was exhausted on Monday. But I can tell when it’s just me being tired and when we are going through something energetically. I tell my fiancée he doesn’t really get it but that’s okay. He’s supportive, so that’s all that matters. Anyways whenever we go through these big energetic shifts I’m always super tired, moody, all I feel like doing is eating and laying down. I’m a teacher working from home which really helps me discern what is my own energy and when there is a shift happening.

    Also, not sure if you experienced this recently but sometime after the new year a source of pain in my body located in my left side, mid back all the way down to my sacrum has shifted. The pain is no longer there. It’s been there forever!!! Which leads me to believe after a difficult holiday with my family (my mom is most definitely a portal person) I made it through and energetically shifted. I’m still up and down moody, irritable but I feel like I’m in another place energetically. Some of those aches and pains that I have had are no longer there.

    I appreciate your articles so much Denise. You always affirm that I’m not crazy or a complainer. That these energetic shifts really are happening to me physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Thank you ❤️

  • Last night as I went to sleep, I did feel an increase in energy. It was a very strong current. Around 9 am yesterday I started feeling restless. A clear sign for me that the shizer is about to hit the fan. Did not feel nauseous or a headache. Just a discomfort. I haven’t had any type of headaches since 21/12. When I had a rough ride even threw up at 3:33 at 44 degrees in Fahrenheit. Fun!

    As I fell asleep, I could sense the energy penetrating everywhere. I did switched off only to wake up to see the moon very low in the sky of yellow color. As I switched off again I did wake up at around 1 am eastern time to see the moon again. At the same position horizontally, as if I’ve only closed my eyes for a second, but higher in the sky. And the color was bright and vivid. Immediately, the first thing that came to my mind was that we’ve just jumped another dimension.

    Then, almost instantly a flow of strong energy arrived. I could feel myself being submerged. Even my husband felt it, moaning in his sleep.

    As I woke up again later in the night, I couldn’t understand which body I was feeling…physical, etheric but I did clearly felt myself burning 🔥 there were a few nods that I noticed in me, but the burning was painful. I am numb to pain. Most of the time it’s very subtle ( the phenomena happened with me after June 1st) however, the inner burning was super intense. One heck of a cleanse.

    Just wanted to share the experience. Hope you guys are doing well and feeling good, considering the circumstances!

    Lots of love,


    • Yes! I’ve woken up with night sweats since Monday evening!! Also I’ve been having really deep sleep. The kind where you don’t feel like you have moved at all when you wake up the next morning.

      • Danielle,
        Oh I wish I could get that deep of a sleep! Can’t sleep, exhausted but no sleep! Send some my way!! Lol

  • Dear Denise,

    It is Wednesday morning, 6 January 2021, and I am responding to your latest message, an urgent ‘news’ article, alerting us that whatever we may be experiencing is, although big, ‘normal’ in the sense that it is different, unpreventable, and part of what is unfolding. Thank you for your calming words, reassuring us not to be fearful.

    My body is doing strange stuff. I have a horrid taste in my mouth, like foul metal, that I can’t get rid of, and everything coming out of me is absolutely ghastly. What goes in is pure organic, but what has been leaving is very un-explainable, embarrassingly ugly, and horrible. I stink to high heavens, bathe twice a day after using a skin brush, and can’t stand to be around myself. The ‘inflating’ of cells has been driving me nuts, the physical pains are off the charts, and I wonder what good I am in the scheme of things now that I can’t function and practically live in bed. Part of my gums are suddenly irritated, inflating, then receding, just like the rest of my physical self.

    My attorney abruptly quit his firm and left me in the lurch. Other people I know have suddenly quit their jobs. People I know have been flying into blind rages over seemingly nothing; some are violent, just as you warned us about several ‘chapters’ ago, about human beings reacting to being off balance.

    Since I have not read or paid any attention to anyone else communicating about Ascension for years, yours is the only voice I hear, trust, or take seriously. I quit being counted on any social media, government spying mechanisms a long time ago. My news comes by instinct, which may sound crazy but when I get a nudge to check something electronically, I do, such as an avalanche outside of Oslo last weekend that killed people and destroyed a village. I am grateful for your news alert, as I was nudged to go online and hunt for it.

    Due to the terrifying weather and ramifications of the deadly after affects of it I have to pay attention to that because my survival depends on it. Nothing that the National Weather Service etc. forecasts has been at all correct. Weather is upside down and backwards. I do not have your abilities, but I do have a ‘sense’, like an antenna, that cautions me, and / or makes me take notice. One example is normally there are cardinal couples showing off in the bushes at this time of year. They are easy to spot because of the male’s bright red feathers. Cardinals are nowhere to be found. There is one very disturbed deer that runs around maniacally, and now has a limp; I don’t know where the rest of the herd is – the herd is normally stampeding through my property, pooping everywhere. Even the bugs, anxious to come indoors for warmth, are nowhere to be found.

    I am aware of the very violent groups amassing in cities, businesses being boarded up, and a general reflex terror running through the country like electricity because of it. For that reason, just as I have for several years, I quit talking unless I have to, and only do what I absolutely have to do. Bed is my sanctuary. Keep writing. We need you now more than ever, my friend.

    With love, as always, Cali

    • “My body is doing strange stuff.”

      Cali F.,

      I’ve kept quiet about what you’ve been going through for awhile now because I felt it wasn’t time for me to interrupt what you were engaged in then. That plus you were deep in Warrior Mode and I wasn’t about to put myself back in that. (I’ve been there and done that plenty myself many years ago. I learned what I personally needed to about all that.) I’m saying this only so you understand that I haven’t been ignoring you but letting you live what you were, even though I wanted to sooth you out of the battles you were fighting. I don’t have that right however, plus I’m not stupid and would never interfere with someone’s valuable personal Process and life lessons etc.

      Because you were in Warrior Mode with all those lower frequency people, now your body is having to purge those energies, those battle wounds, those emotional accumulations you picked up from going through all that plus fighting back so long and hard. Now… here comes the important part I’ve waited all this time to say to you and the others reading this.

      Each of us has to learn when to fight and when to stop fighting and walk away and why.

      Here’s the deal about this for everyone. If you remain in “the fight” with Duality lower consciousness, unaware, old Earth world people, systems, laws and such, then you are keeping yourself in that old lower frequency and consciousness. And, if you’re living the AP which I know you are or you wouldn’t be here Cali talking with me, then lingering in the old lower anything has a huge affect on us because we literally vibrate higher and faster than where we’re “battling” and who we’re “battling” with. There is a toll on us, our CNS and our physical bodies when we do this, not to mention those people make you freaking crazy because they’re NOT doing and living what you and I are. Many of them won’t in these lifetimes so the whole thing comes down to you fighting, battling with assholes and systems etc. that you’ve evolved beyond and that has consequences on your physical body and life.

      Sometimes it’s needed for us to go to battle with these Portal People for a variety of personal and collective reasons, other times it’s not and we need to walk away, protect ourselves, bodies and energies and just leave those people behind. Eventually, eventually you won’t waist any of your precious energies on any of them anymore because it’s just not worth it for you. I don’t care about them and eventually you won’t either for these AP reasons.

      Fight and battle, bitch and complain all you want and need but my friend and co-Worker, know when it’s time to problem solve in different higher ways. This is the start of our learning the whole business of becoming Conscious Creators at this time.

      “Nothing that the National Weather Service etc. forecasts has been at all correct. Weather is upside down and backwards.”

      Yes and it’s been this way since the AP started long ago. The “professionals” don’t have a clue about any of this so their information continues being wrong for the most part. The same can be said about those online websites that inform about solar activity. They inform that a solar flare or a CME or solar wind etc. has happened and “will arrive in three days”, or, “won’t directly hit the Earth” and so on. Those “professionals” don’t know that the second the Sun does anything the Volunteers, Sensitives, Starseeds, Embodiers etc. feel it instantly. And, even if some solar activity isn’t going to directly hit the Earth does NOT mean we’re not affected by it and feel it in our bodies nonetheless. So much for all the lower consciousness unaware “professionals”. Everything is up to each of us to discern, feel, sense, interpret for ourselves at these higher and faster vibrating levels and states.

      That article I wrote recently about the NEW planetary wide template code complex I Saw being laid over all of Earth means that these things have changed more so than ever before. This means these Shifts are and will continue like the evolutionary ascension energy stairsteps they are, which means it’s up to each of us to discern, sense, perceive, feel and act upon what each of us perceives and not on external people and systems that don’t even know we’re evolving like crazy right now!

      Anyway, rest and self-care and purge out all the gunk and junk from your latest battles with those people, all of them because they all exist down there in the old lower world and systems. Then decide what’s the best thing for you and only you to do now. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you both for the writing and understanding you are expressing. This was helpful to me and grounding at the same time. It’s very okay to release and reduce connections to people who aren’t serving us well, I’m hearing that message here clearly.

  • I’ve definitely been feeling something huge, very early morning hours 1/5 and 1/6, which is today.
    Symptoms: Massive headache, and extremely blurred vision. I typically relate this to Solar activity, which is high at the moment…..yet all does feel very different with me, and trying to navigate, and stay grounded is somewhat of a challenge.

    Thank you for this “rush job article”. ~Annette

  • I just read your article and I have been having these dizzy like the room just tilted experiences. I thought something was up with my health. I worked energetically on myself and activating my DNA since 2005 and have felt many experiences through out the years. I do feel amazing and light even though I have insomnia some days. This shifting/tilting of the space I am in has been happening since 2012. I feel so excited that we are making progress and it is important to enjoy this ride and each experience. Learning so much about myself along the way. We are all blessed 🙂

    • I too have experienced the sudden sense of falling through the floor and/or tilting to one side or dropping down about a foot or so Naginder M. Another old Phase 1 (from 1998-1999 through end of December 2019) side effect was the occasional inability to walk through any doorway without bashing your hand or shoulder into one side or the other of the doorjamb! All of these things (and more) are indicators that you are, we are once again moving, changing locations due to our ongoing increasing inner Light. The higher we vibrate internally via our ongoing embodying more and higher frequencies, Light, NEW codes etc., the higher our external surroundings, home space, and Earth itself vibrates with it all too.

      During periods of intense energetic shifting such as what’s happening rather intensely again now, we’ll often experience these unusual anomalies which are side effects of us literally vibrating faster and higher. We are ascending — we are on the move and at times all that feels and acts rather weird and strange but isn’t it just the best?! 😉

  • On 4 Jan in UK, I switched on power point with TV and it came on unexpectedly, and our prime minister Boris Johnson was giving a press conference on the latest mad lockdown measures. The picture glitched three times. I instinctively felt in that moment that something had moved or changed in the matrix, not a technical glitch, as these are unusual nowadays. And perhaps significant as he is part of the old power base. Just felt I was witnessing something big changing. Love to you Denise. x

  • I also feel timeline shift and positive energy around and feeling changes with other people too. Lots of static electricity. I woke up extremely nauseous this morning where I could barely function and it popped put of now where and extremely weird as that just doesn’t happen to me, I finally was given the great advice from my best friend to take baking soda, lemon and water ( I did twice) and then I went about the day. I am feeling and living the higher frequency.
    This weekend continued to have aches and pains for no reason and acupuncture today. greatly helped today as on and off through the accession I have had a hard time.

    Thank you for Denise for the extra article and sharing as it means so much to all of us.

  • Hi Denise.Thanks for the last two posts.Really helped as sometimes I feel like I am in another dimension when in my own space even when clearing energy it is ok and have to look at the reality outside like some strange movie with people in all levels of fear and chaos.love to you and to everyone.Rosaleen

  • 👏🏼👏🏼 This is so 🎯🎯 spot on to what I’m experiencing too, Denise! Sometime around 1/1/2021 I started seeing (SEEING) the whole freaking constellation of Capricorn receding in the ‘rear view mirror’ … Woha, WHAT?!! 😱! As I was trying to grapple around for some sort ‘situational awareness’ and get my feet under my ass.. I started hearing THE song 🎶 this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius🎶 and then, seamless as can be, I saw/SAW us/Us entering the constellation of Aquarius.. 😳 ummm wow, that’s pretty cool ..
    a split second later, ALL (well, a LOT) of dots CONNECTED .. the whole 12/21/2012 ‘NOT the End of the World’ thing, suddenly made perfect sense.. THAT particular solstice we (our solar system) entered the constellation of Aquarius .. Since then we have steadily been moving OUT of Capricorn’s frequency/magnetic grid,(s) by way of each consecutive Solstice, Equinox etc.. along with a slew of other planetary alignments.. most notably the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on 12/21/2020 which turbo boosted our humans even further INTO the Aquarius constellation/frequency, and OUT of Capricorn
    Because it (♒️) has a DIFFERENT frequency than Capricorn, ( ♑️)) we are required to meet, and MATCH it ( ♒️ ) in order to BE IN it.. AND to STAY in it.
    The whole bifurcation of the ‘worlds’ thing happens/is happening BETWEEN the 2 constellations.. it’s like a frequency matching sorting house.
    Those still ‘vibrationally tuned’ to the Capricorn ♑️ constellation and all of its grids, and its Earth, will organically STAY in IT, and OUT of the Aquarius ♒️ constellation.
    It’s TRUE.. there IS a different EARTH in this constellation and it is NOT a frequency match to the Earth in the Capricorn constellation..
    These huge ‘shifts’ that we are experiencing are a result of us/Us/US matching the frequency in the Aquarius constellation.. more ♒️ grids ON means more ♑️ grids OFF .. And I’m here to tell ya that the MOMENTUM in this constellation is moving at such at rapid rate that Capricorn is quickly disappearing in the ‘rear view mirror’ .. I’ve been waving goodbye 👋🏼 and sending Peace, Love & Gratitude in my wake OUT of its magnetic field/grid .. Thanks Capricorn! It’s been fun! (well.. the farewell bash of 2020 was a bit of a maneuver, but we made it! lol) See ya next time we orbit thru your constellation! .. until then, I am FOCUSING FORWARD into Aquarius ♒️ and my ‘Home base’ is the Earth in THIS constellation.

    For the record, I have not ‘fact checked’ any of this information.. it just ((feels)) in alignment with my human right now..

    I do KNOW this: Peace, Love & Gratitude are very effective when turning on the ♒️ GPS ..

  • I have been really nauseous since Sunday, I thought it was stress and me telling myself “no more Nicole, time to move on” (concerning my work!) but every time there’s a shift, I’m nauseous, thanks for posting! I’ll keep breathing and loving myself thru this! ❤️

    • Nicole S.,

      It’s this big and different Shift and two CME’s and more. I’ve got a splitting headache now which is making me nauseous as well so everyone take care of yourselves through all this. ❤

      • Hi Nicole:)

        Thanks for sharing this:) The whole nausea bit…& not so much the headache but….I was walking into the library to pick up a book around 1:30 est today and “something (energy:)) slammed briefly into the side of my head & everything went tilt for a moment:) I’ve had this before so…I know what it is, but all day, it has been intense here…not in a bad or scary way, just really feeling the blending of so many energetics…going back to my “dinner” of dry popcorn now:):):)

        • Nicole S.,

          Were you on Earth today? I’d guess most everyone is feeling really bad after everything that happened today. (I feel crappy still today too which is why I haven’t yet responded to some comments I want to.) And it’s not over. The energies are extreme plus what’s happening in this country are extreme as well. And if you’re a Sensitive/Empth then you’re feeling the shock, fear, anger, disgust etc. from the masses in this country and the rest of the world too. It’s going to be a very difficult month and rest of this year as all this change happens.

          We’ve all got to self-care this year and maintain the higher in all ways while the old systems, habits, blind rituals etc. in this country (and everywhere else) are forced into realizing everything has to change dramatically and as quickly as possible. Guess what’s going to push quick change? More NEW energies which is why we feel half sick physically. And so it goes this compressed evolution.

        • Thanks Denise! I am highly sensitive and I forget it from time to time, lol! I’ve been following you for a couple of years now, I don’t usually comment, I usually have a conversation with myself about it, lol.

  • I believe you. I experience these brief black-outs too and figured there was something up with that. It is as if the power in the house is going to go out, but it doesn’t. Does anybody else listen to Oraclegirl.org? She says that the eclipse on December 14, 2020, put all of us on a positive timeline. There is no more negative timeline. Oraclegirl is also known as Jacqueline Hobbs, and she has a lot to say that is very similar to what Denise is saying. I really think that when we see people engaging in “old world” stuff, that we are perceiving shadows and echoes of the other world that has split off from this one. I am supposing that it will eventually disappear altogether. I now put all my attention on this new world. It is easy for me to drop everything that is “old”, probably because I believe that the new world really IS HERE. I can see it.

  • Wow Denise. Wow.
    Thank you for this. It is awesome. I had a vision on Sunday night just as I closed my eyes. I saw my backyard full of coffins/ people who had died. There were hundreds maybe. It reminded me of something you wrote about when you had visited the funeral parlour and saw many coffins. It made me shiver. But I was there as an observer not part of it.

    Love and light to you and everyone here

    Magda xxx

  • Thanks, Denise for the info.

    I do not see things as you do. I wish I could see a bit more than just travel multidimensionally and occasionally get a glimpse of my inner space or outer… but on the other hand maybe it’s for the best. However, I’ve been feeling on the 3d and 4th lots of pleasant energies streaming. It felt like you breath something incredibly soft/tender/lava like but not burning. I was wondering what was happening. As it was going and going and going.
    Interesting for me was that just on the eve of the dates you speak of, I had an experience seeing myself in a shore house in a nice and white big room. There were people in my house and when I looked outside I saw a few more people on the shore watching the ocean waves. As I looked there I saw that the ocean was rough. At that point I couldn’t understand where was a reality. I was sure that it was super real. Not in a dream state. Than I had to shift my attention back to people in my house, they were discussing something and I got really upset that they did not tell me anything. ( another of my inner problems came out) very happy about it. As that particular grievance was hard to push out or even find. It was very deep inside of me hiding.

    Anyway, that was the day when I said – that’s it! Enough! And the very evening before going to sleep I felt it coming. Strong buzzing current of tenderness. At least that’s what it feels to me.

    Thanks, Denise for both of your articles. It was very beneficial to me.

    Lots of love,


  • Thank you so much for this article, and the previous one as well. (The previous article was dead on from my perspective). I experienced the “shift” here in Calgary, Canada last night as well. It was as you described. And once I was in bed, I watched my much higher and gorgeous higher aspects (in the form of beautiful free flowing, dancing, saturated colour and light) arrive and download into me. Just minutes prior to this I also was visited by large beautiful pulsing orbs of blue and an explosion of pure platinum light inside my head. This morning I can feel “the clearing” in the atmosphere although I am simultaneously aware of a great battle playing out, but one “side” feels like a balloon that is deflating. I see that by the months end many enormous infected boils will “pop” and the toxin will drain away. Then the healing wil begin in earnest.
    Thank you for the steadfast way that you keep us informed, with honesty and integrity. Your articles are timely, they always seem to arrive just “after” I’ve had a very visceral experience with the very thing you are writing about! Validation is such a supportive frequency and we benefit greatly by your sharing and insight.
    Many blessings, Barbara

  • As much as we see that we are in gerat times of great energy shifts the light the changes to our biological make up etc, we still see the dark intent on harming us terribly … we want to see freedom from Tyranny it is taking so so so long.

  • My heart was pounding on my chest while reading this. Things are getting even stronger since new year’s day and yesterday I felt incoming energies so strong and I don’t different in a more expansive way that I actually noted the time in my notebook and when I saw your comment about a rush article I knew it was something big. Thank you Denise. I have nothing but gratitude. We are the new earth.

    • tuba & All,

      I’ve intended to share this other tidbit of info since I first noticed it in early December 2020 and right here feels like the spot to (finally) do so. 🙂

      In early December 2020, I noticed that the Sun was setting every day later than it should have considering we hadn’t reached the December 21, 2020 winter (northern hemisphere) Solstice yet. The daylight should have still been shorter a bit each day until the December 21st Solstice but that’s not what I was seeing every evening. At first I thought it was me getting lost in time again while other evenings I thought I was just confused about it all. Other evenings in December I knew the Sun was setting slightly differently than it normally would have been before the winter Solstice. After a week of this I realized that we were not where we thought we were in the sense of linear time, space, physical location etc. but much higher and much further along in the overall ascension and ongoing Shift processes. The sunsets lasting longer than they should have at that time of year was representative of this Shift last month. We’ve had lots of anomalies indicating this latest big Shift but sometimes it takes a while to get things of this magnitude straight in our awareness. Interesting times for sure with much more to come now that this big Shift has/is/will continue unfolding.

      • Thank you for sharing this bit of information Denise. I was noticing the same thing and put it down to getting lost in time also. But this makes absolute sense to me/FEELS right. The sunsets have been downright spectacular with lavenders, pinks (soft to bright). I enjoy going into my sunroom every late day just to watch the show – it lasts longer than I remember sunsets being. I Ooh and Aww saying aloud Thank you NEW Earth. Thank YOU Denise!💓💓💓

        • Hi Denise and Karina

          I too have been loving the sunsets . The colours have just been off the Pantone paint chart 😅. They have been so special especially the pink hues that seem to just fill your house. I have been enjoying the sunrises too and the stars. They have been so clear this year. Everything seems so shiny and new, refreshed like it has rained. I have even liked the nighttime. For the first time ever it has at times felt velvety and safe. Thank you Universe ❤️❤️

        • Hi Magda. Thank you for sharing your experience with the colors of sunsets and sunrise. Yes, the pinks! I know the artist in you loves it. And yes, the nights /stars are gorgeous also. Love your textural description of it being velvety and safe. I totally relate and agree. Hugs to you!

      • Not to be contrary to any significance you are concluding from it, but I was watching the local weather forecast back in December BEFORE the solstice and the meteorologist mentioned that the sun would start setting later. I don’t understand the exact science of it, but he said the days would continue to get shorter as we approached the solstice as the sun would be rising later. Apparently, the sun would rise later by an increment greater than the later setting and that this was normal and expected. I think it has to do with the way the earth is tilted, the angle of the sun’s track across the sky, etc. but the culprit has to do with how our society keeps time??? https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/equation-of-time.html

        I had never heard of this phenomenon before and his mentioning it stuck in my mind. I am just now getting caught up on comments/blog and seeing you mentioning it here, I remembered what he had said. I know it seems counterintuitive, but for me, it’s not unlike how in the summer, the further north you go from the equator, the later the sun sets. Like in Alaska, above a certain line, it doesn’t set at ALL for one day each year. Astronomy & physics… who knew?!

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