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How you like January 2021 so far?! These first weeks of 2021 have felt like a strange nonlinear lifetime. Many of you sensed in 2020 that 2021 would not magically turn into an everything’s okay now! year. This is still early Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and it is difficult living all this separation and shifting every couple of days. It won’t always be like this but it is now and will continue all year so do your best to relax into compressed evolution and in the latest higher still NEW ways.

Over the years I’ve repeatedly written about how the demolition and removal of the old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world and all that went with it was happening simultaneously to the creation and manifestation of 5D+ NEW Earth(s). The Ascension Process has had many Volunteers simultaneously transmuting more and more personal and collective old lower frequency stuff while embodying more and more of the NEW stuff. This left us existing within a strange no mans land place and state for over two decades. We didn’t belong to or were compatible with the old lower frequency world, but we weren’t close enough to the NEW higher one(s) yet either, meaning we’ve lived and Worked for a long time in this strange transitional nowhere land throughout Phase 1 of the intense Ascension Process.

There’s plenty to say about what’s going on now but this article is focused on what some Volunteers have been living and feeling very intensely emotionally and physically due to their individual Embodiment Processes. These particular powerful sensations have only amplified since January 2020 and has and will continue to get more personal, transformational and life, consciousness and reality-changing throughout 2021. This article is not for everyone but for those few who’ve been and continue living this themselves now. Discernment and honesty please.

The more you Embody, the more everything changes and often in ways that are sometimes rather hard emotionally and maybe unforeseen as well. We live them nonetheless to continue our individual Embodiment Processes for the greatest, highest good of All during this universal ascension. We haven’t come this far, endured all we have, transmuted and created anew what we have to date to be derailed by anyone or anything anywhere. Period. That’s not to say they won’t try however.

Remember around January 1, 1999 (give or take for some of us) when Phase 1 of the Ascension Process started fully in the physical for the First Wave Volunteers, the First Everythingers as I’ve called them? The start of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process and my personal, your personal, our individual physical level activations were extremely severe and overnight energetically forced us out of what we had been doing and where we had been living and working prior. It was hard back then abruptly having to disengage from loved ones, family and friends, most all relationships, earthly careers, locations and homes to do what you as a Volunteer were incarnate on Earth now to do. You set out on a very difficult and dangerous phase of the Ascension Process first and it was extremely hard for the very reason that you were first. No one had Pathpaved the way for you because you were the Pathpaver(s). We were attacked, hated, ridiculed, disrespected, misunderstood, abused and used for numerous reasons but we Pathpaved through it all despite the opposition, our battle wounds and increasing exhaustion.

January 1, 2020 Phase 2 of the Ascension Process began and from the very start it included what I’ve called a Divine Cease & Desist Order. It’s still in effect in 2021 and will be for as long as needed. I sense it will be mostly completed when we enter the enormous energy shift that 2022 is into full NEW Divine Mother/Feminine energies — what some are correctly calling the ‘Feminine Christ Consciousness’ . 

Remember your personal start of Phase 1 first group Volunteers (around 1998-1999-2000) and remember how severe and abrupt, how instantly lifechanging and radical it was for you back then. The start of Phase 2  of the Ascension Process in January 2020 wasn’t any different in how abrupt, radical and all-encompassing it was for some of the Volunteers starting it first again too. This time however all the Volunteers, plus all of unaware global humanity experienced the start of Phase 2 on January 1, 2020. The start of Phase 1 was radical and changed us, our bodies and lives overnight back in 1998-1999-2000, and the start of Phase 2 in January 2020 wasn’t any different in how intense and abrupt it was and still is and will continue to be throughout 2021.

2020 was a Divine Cease & Desist timeout Order for Volunteers and global humanity because a species-wide shift was happening and we all were put in that mandatory NEW space and told to be still and live it without running around like terrified chickens with our heads cut off. Some dealt with this better than others as would be expected.

2021 continues the Divine Cease & Desist Order because humanity and many Volunteers needs more physical time to make this intense and profound SERIES of rapid energy stairstep shifts out of the old lower everything and continued preparation to enter the NEW higher frequency template codes etc., consciousness and reality or exit from it one way or another.

2022 is the beginning of Volunteers and ascending humanity existing fully—not partially but completely—in the NEW Divine Mother/Feminine crystalline HighHeart template codes, consciousness and reality of ascending NEW Earth and all that goes with it.

Obviously 2020 and 2021 are tumultuous years of profound evolutionary energetic change for humanity, and NOT in the ways most think or believe at the moment. The surface shit is surface shit and it’s going on across the dimensions and galaxies due to the Universal Ascension and rapid shifts out of the previous energy templates and distortions and into the totally NEW higher ones. I do not mean to sound like I’m diminishing the volatile “surface shit” because it’s a very big deal that its all ending and shifting now. We’ve Worked a very long and hard time for what’s finally happening on the physical level now. Let it unfold, but for god sake pay attention to your consciousness and who is doing their best to grab and use it for themselves and their agendas even when she/he/they claim their agendas are lofty and ascension related.

It’s wretched that I had to say that at this point in the Ascension Process but I did. If you’ve been paying attention and have been honest with yourself, been honest about what some “ascension teachers” have been saying, writing, video recording and/or channeling for years, then you already know what I’m talking about and why I’ve been saying it since Phase 2 began a year ago this month.

The Divine Cease & Desist timeout Order was to help us stop doing what had become entirely habitual to us all. It was a powerful stop us in our mindless tracks Divine Intervention to prepare us for and help us with these rapid and continuous shifts on all levels. The best way to live through them—I’m speaking specifically here to the few Volunteers that are capable of doing this in 2020 and/or 2021—has been to be more still physically and focused internally within yourself, not externally on another person or group of people, external events and/or external energy rituals be they ascension related or not.

As I shared in some articles last year, on January 1, 2020 I very clearly and loudly perceived that Phase 2 had begun and that the way to NEW Earth was from within myself, specifically my HighHeart. From your HighHeart as well First Phase 2 Volunteer Everythinger. I tried to express this last year but I don’t think it was as successful as it should have been.

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process—1998-1999 through the end of December 2019—many of the Volunteers did a wide variety of ascension related energy Work. Some of us did this Work by intentionally time jumping into the near future to energetically Work from that position, space, frequency, level and so on. Some of us intentionally moved ourselves forward into the near future a bit to stop negative timelines and actions being done in them. What all we did isn’t the point I want to make here but that we’ve always been able to intentionally move from our current physical time and place into the near future or farther when needed, and then move ourselves back into the near past to, what was at that time, our current physical time and place on Earth. We often and repeatedly intentionally moved ourselves and our focus into the near future and then back in time to our current time throughout Phase 1. That’s the point I want to make now, not what we did but that we were capable of intentionally moving ourselves and awareness around this and other timelines from “now” to the near “future” and then “back” into the near “past” where we were incarnate on Earth.

When Phase 2 started January 2020, I very strongly perceived that that part of my and some of our Volunteer mission Work had ended for important reasons, the main one being that we had finally reached that point within the Ascension Process where we were needed to Cease & Desist running to and fro within future and past timelines and other dimensions doing ascension related Work and focus ourselves squarely in and from the current remain at home  position and location. It’s the why of this that’s so great and interesting.

Phase 1 had to do with the need of some of us to go into the near future to Work on this ascension from that and other locations in time and space and then return to what were our current lives in present time physically incarnate on Earth. Phase 2 was an unexpected and abrupt end to that and it was revealed to me January 1, 2020 that me, my physical body and embodied energies in it, my consciousness, HighHeart and higher abilities and awareness were now very much needed to remain in current time in this present moment. This huge change in my personal ascension related Work, in some of the First Everythinger Volunteers Work, had dramatically shifted into our now needing to remain at home on present ascending Earth and its timeline and energetically Work from my physical body’s HighHeart and quite literally pull-in the near future ascended NEW Earth so it becomes impalpable from this Earth. In other words, this current ascending Earth is pulled in so close to already fully ascended near future NEW Earth that the old Earth automatically becomes the NEW Earth.

I perceived this as “my” but I knew it meant not just me but every Volunteer that was capable of doing this part of the Ascension Process and shift in 2020. A few more Volunteers in 2021—and there are far less of us capable of doing this than you’d ever guess—are and will join in with this Phase 2 ascension Work to get us and NEW Earth closer together physically by 2022, so much so that most won’t even sense or know that the Shift from ascending Earth to full-tilt-boggie actual fully ascended NEW Earth happened. Happened while they were waiting for ETs to do the job, or Jesus, or fleets of UFOs, or their group’s external physical rituals or whatever or whoever. The Work is entirely internal and needs to be done from and in our current time and from your and my HighHearts in our physical bodies. We’ve Embodied enough that in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process we’re not only capable of but needed to stay at home in place and time to help shift ascending Earth in becoming fully ascended NEW Earth. Today there’s two of them but soon there will be only one, only NEW Earth.

Pull baby, pull NEW Earth right to you from your individual HighHeart in your physical body seemingly doing nothing much externally on ascending Earth. The Shift will be imperceptible to the majority but you know better because you helped get here there and there here if you get what I’m saying about all this. This is why the 2020 Divine Cease & Desist Order to timeout and stay at home was implemented. It’s all been to get ascending home to ascended HOME and ascended HOME to ascending home so it/they becomes the one ascended NEW Earth HOME we’ll exist on. No more going into the near future to guarantee this but Work it from this current moment in time in the physical and our own bodies and HighHearts in 2020 and 2021.

Biff boom bam and it’s done, and done while the majority continued to be entirely focused externally and on distortions from different self-proclaimed ascension teachers and their egos still hustling recruits to fuel their personal agendas and pad their bank accounts. Yeah, all that really feels and seems like NEW Earth doesn’t it? Wake the hell up lower stairsteps ascension community people or not and find yourselves on not NEW Earth in 2022 or beyond. Human consciousness is immensely valuable and it’s been used by many to fuel and support their agendas for a lot of reasons. Your responsibility now is to discern and know when this is happening and who is doing it within the ascension and conspiracy communities.


January 19, 2021

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  • Denise,
    I live in the countryside of Oregon which is always beautiful, but the last few days have been exceptional. I looked out my window and the sunlight shining on the dew on our cedar tree looked like thousands of sparkling diamonds. I’ve lived here a long time and have never seen that. I pointed it out to my husband, a scientist, and he saw it too.I take daily walks along a creek. Today the rapids were a whiter white, if that is possible and they had a crystalline quality. It was like all the colors in the forest were heightened and sparkling. Everything looked crisp and ultra clean.The pressure in my forehead, which I have experienced since Oct. of 2019, was intense today. Somehow this increased the vibrance of the colors. Then I came back and reread your article. You mentioned the ” NEW diamond crystalline Christ frequency” OMG! This must be what I am experiencing. I must say it is amazing! So glad you are there to give an explanation to my experience.
    Barb W.

  • Thank you Tracy Priest. I guess we’re currently going through a gradual separation. Things are changing rather quickly; on the other hand not quickly enough.

  • So much yes to this article. It really resonates with my experience. I have been fascinated by the physical manifestation of the shift into New Earth and the external purification that is happening, yet I’m not pulled into it at all. More so, with each energy wave it Feels incredible uncomfortable to focus on it too much. The story of Lot’s wife turning to salt came my way recently and feels like my experience when I pay too much attention to the external.

    What you described is EXACTLY what I’ve been experiencing in my heart space. All I see/Sense/Feel is Light and being one with Light. It’s like my body is nonexistant. I can see myself in the new Earth and I keep pulling myself into it. Almost like I’m trying to overlap into that Me, in that Space. And vice versa in my meditations. You nailed it with your description, and it just fits so much with my experience. I’m only 38 so I didn’t think of myself as a First Waver, but my life experiences definitely resonate with everything you said in this article.

    Thank you so much Denise. It’s nice to have a voice amoungst the channlers, and ‘teachers’ and psychics who’s actually focused on the Ascension process. And not the Trump and bring down Darkness events happening (though important, but that is NOT the New Earth). It also makes sense why I’ve found that part confusing cause it seems so obvious to me that it’s not the New Earth, but a purification of the Old…getting out all the distorted Masculine energy from the collective and individuals.

  • Wow! This article and all the comments! Feels like an unexpected Christmas morning just now! ❤️❤️🙏🏻For some reason, I didn’t get an email notice that you’d written a new article, Denise, so I’m really glad I came to check on HHL. Thank you for writing this and for all the care and attention you give your language and explanations.

    I often wake up knowing I’ve been busy in Dreamtime but unable to remember much of anything. But I was given to clearly hold part of one of my dreams on Saturday night when I woke up yesterday. In my dream, I experienced an undesirable emotion and thought, “I simply do not want to go through this again!!” And instantly with that thought, I saw a massive bird soaring across the sky— the most enormous Turkey Vulture I’ve ever seen. With seemingly no effort (no wing flapping), he quickly zipped across and out of sight. And I Knew he was telling me I could just as instantly transmute and process through and OUT whatever undesirable emotion was in me. That this was possible now in ways it hadn’t been before. And then I woke up.

    Turkey Vulture has long been a symbol to me of alchemy and transmuting, and has come in my dreams before. So I knew it was significant. But I didn’t fully realize until last night how much the visitation was helpful.

    I was trying to finish a work project that was really tedious, time sensitive, and demanded my full attention. It was bedtime. I kept telling my kids to go get ready and get in. I was so close to being done. But they carried on dilly dallying and interrupting me. Suddenly I was enraged. I screamed at them, and they ran. I finished and then went to the bathroom and sobbed into my hands for help before I could face them. I actually wanted to punch a wall—I was so upset. I felt a hint of past lifetimes where I’d acted on anger like that, probably towards my children in them, and really regretted it. And then I remembered my dream. As soon as I said within myself that I didn’t want to feel this or go through this, I instantly felt all of my white hot anger drop out of me through my feet. Suddenly, I felt normal again. Mildly frustrated since my kids are old enough to listen and get themselves in bed, but able to talk to them calmly and centered in my heart again.

    That anger streak was scary, and I think/hope I’ve closed the door on having it activated within me to such a degree.

    Anyway, thank you all for this HHL community and space to share. Looking forward to the future articles you’ve mentioned in comments, Denise! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Oh Kara, I understand you so much as having had such moments of anger flare up and unleashing upon my child, for just being a child(!), the regret, the shame, the guilt! I feel you and the last few days were rage filled for me as well. Releasing and releasing, just filled to the brim of releasing, as much as I do it seems to fill right back up again, took 3 days, for this round anyway. I’m sure there’ll be more for the next shift which seems to happen more and more frequently. Just catching up with the energy is exhausting enough.

      We are LightWarriors but we are also human. It takes a truly loving STRONG heart like yours to go through this with young children in tow, I know I don’t have that strength! Good on you for closing that door. Much HighHeart love, hugs and strength to you.

      • Jain Lee, your kind words brought tears. Thank you! ❤️ You get it. I’m glad you mentioned feeling that rage recently, because it kept surprising me in other moments, too, just never boiled over as much as the one I described. Releasing and releasing, like you said.

        I’ve been contemplating your sky blue turtle. It’s such a fun image to sit with, and I love exploring symbolism. I experienced an orca whale go through me once that was really powerful.

        Maybe your question was rhetorical! But since you included it, I will share my ideas, for whatever they’re worth. It feels especially significant about the turtle swimming in the sky. Since air is usually associated with mental process/thoughts, and water with emotions/feelings, maybe it represents a merging or healing of a heart-mind connection? Which you embodied as represented by the turtle going through you? Makes me also think of the recent transition from the age of Pisces (water) to Aquarius (water), too. A successful integration and carrying over the wisdom you gained from the last phase into the new, uncharted air waves?

        Also turtle is often associated with feminine, mother energy! The prevalence of the color blue feels important, too— sky, water, AND turtle? So cool. Maybe blue has a personal meaning to you?

        Anyway, thank you for letting me play, since it is one of my favorite things to do. With love and full recognition that it’s yours to interpret and decide. 💗💗💗

        • Wow Kara, that interp was amazing. I wasn’t expecting an answer but what an answer! All I could get at was that turtle represented Mother Earth and it had something to do with me wanting to help her. Thank you for breaking down everything from imagery, color, and elements, well everything—makes so much sense to me now that you’ve broken it all down in bite-sized chunks. You seriously have some innate intuitive sense for symbology, much respect.

          Love and HighHeart Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

        • Oh, I’m glad it resonated, Jain Lee! Thanks so much. I couldn’t seem to stop once I got going. 😂 💗💗 Love and HighHeart Hugs right back to you!

    • I forgot to mention about your dream Kara, I too have had a nearly identical dream, but mine was a giant sky blue turtle. It as swimming in the sky, it did an about-face when it saw me and came right for me! It went through me and I felt the swoosh of spirit meshing and woke up. What does it mean? 🤷‍♀️

    • I want to second what Jain Lee said. I had a bout of rage at a narc family member that was so nasty that I felt bad about it. Not that any of it was untrue or that she didn’t deserve it, but because I don’t like the person I become when she starts stirring things up. It’s super sad when you are so desperate for narc supply that you’ll sabotage your kids and your life is all about triangulating them against one another. I am about ten steps ahead of her, and I’ve called her out on it, and she thinks she is slick and that I don’t know what she is doing, but I have maneuvered into a defensive position, don’t tell her anything (she still makes a lot of stuff up on her own, though) and am protecting my light while I wait for the opportunity to leave.

      I cannot figure out why I am still within range of her black tentacles — maybe someone here can tell me. I have a service called FLFE that raises consciousness to about 570 on the Hawkins scale. It doesn’t seem to prevent things from happening, but it does sort of allow for better outcomes. She is still able to get at me but won’t be able to do much damage is the way I understand it.

      It sounds like you are attempting to reconcile the “rock and a hard place” and I empathize.

      We’re in the Mercury retro shadow and so there are most certainly things being revised or about to come out that will change how things unfold in March.

      And also, I often don’t understand some of the things that come up for me. I used to be super sensitive to it but after Denise’s triality post I realized that many of us don’t need the Schumann to jump to trigger us to the next level. I am on a five or six day cycle where I get zapped, get symptoms, and then get a day or two off before the next zap happens to push me to the next step up. And yet, still these people are able to reach my frequency. It doesn’t make sense.

      I am pretty sure I saw that the Schumann Resonance was around 6000 in Italy on the 21st. I also have a Mercury-Saturn opposition but after reading the two comments here I doubt it was just me. I also asked I Ching about it and Yi said it wasn’t a big deal! That’s a surprisingly cavalier attitude from the oracle, ha ha!

      I’m wondering what is happening energetically that I’m (and presumably many of us are) of stuck in between two realities.

      But it was pretty intense and I have been worried about the external repercussions. My narc family member is now 65 and the area she lives in is VERY involved in “protecting” senior citizens.

      I hope that helps! xo

      • “I’m wondering what is happening energetically that I’m (and presumably many of us are) of stuck in between two realities.”


        Since the Ascension Process began we’ve all been on the same Earth world living these higher frequency Light energies, GC waves, Photon Light, new codes, changed grids both external and internal etc. The Volunteers did this first and we’ve been embodying them the whole time. Most unaware and lower consciousness and frequency people have not and won’t in their current lives.

        Over these AP decades the energies have steadily gone from totally dark and negative on Earth to, slowly and incrementally increasing Light and higher and higher frequencies. As this slow steady evolutionary change has been happening, what used to be unfolding on only one Earth world HAD to change into two, three, four, five different Earth worlds from old very low frequency to a little higher, to higher still, and higher than that, and let us not forget the Earth world that’s been Descending this entire time the rest of things have been Ascending. Many of these different frequency Earth worlds have been all running parallel to primary highest ascending Earth which is why it’s felt and behaved like many of the people in one or another of the lower frequency worlds have continued being able to interact with us, try to harm us, use us, attack us etc. etc.

        The good news is that this time of all these different ascending frequency Earth worlds are very close now to no longer existing parallel to primary ascending Earth which means that all of them, including the Descending Earth world with it’s matching frequency and consciousness inhabitants — will no longer be connected to this primary ascending Earth in any way nor will any of them be able to affect those inhabitants on it. In other words, we’re going from decades of all this happening in very, very, close different Earth worlds that have been in parallel positions to primary highest ascending Earth (what’s in the Process now of becoming primary NEW Earth) to soon being completely separate — Separation of Worlds & Timelines that no longer exist or run parallel to primary highest ascending Earth. This is THE Shift that many call this final separation process.

        When that happens these types of bleedthroughs with other people that exist on any of the lower frequency ascending Earths, and of course the Descending one, will NOT be able to interact with us or affect us or influence us. The separation will be complete. This is closer now than most realize. 🙂

        One more thing cespringer, please do not forget that the AP is internal, is an inside job. Forget about the outside external and all it’s gadgets, tools and such and focus internally within yourself because THAT’s the only place that counts now. ❤

        • Forgive my linear visual thinking… but I want to make sure I am getting this one hundred percent and in a simple way…

          We are currently having to Cease & Desist so that we can BE alone… so that, all the ‘apparent’ people around us (that are not really there, but are actually in another earth reality from us) will ignore us and let go of any attachments to us (and us to them) so that we can ‘slip away’ (from their point of view) and we will then come out in the NEW earth reality unencumbered, whole, unattached, etc. And if we are running around elsewhere in the universe, no one is attending to our SELVES. So we have to be HERE to maintain this ‘You don’t see me’ isolation that will allow our ‘departure’ from anything and everything that is NOT the NEW Earth reality PLUS allow our TRUE self to go through it. (No putting a dummy in your place on the carnival ride… get in the car and go experience it yourself.) – Do I get it now???

          And I would also guess that if we DO associate with anyone during this time period, we better make sure they are on the same path of ‘quietly slipping away’, else we get caught up in whatever they get caught up in. And even at that, something is telling me that we still need to maintain some semblance of isolation/distance from even these close ones… as in ‘one person per seat while on this ride’.

          How am I doing? =)

        • Absafuckingluctely correct in every way you said Kevin M.! No need for you to continue reading any of my silly crap anymore because that’s how well you’re doing.

        • Denise,
          I woke in the middle of the night a few nights ago and felt such a huge shift and adjustment. As I lay there wondering what it was, I was told it was another earth separation…..it just felt amazing

        • Tracy P. & Gerry,

          I’ve been experiencing this too like many of you have. Once we entered early this morning — January 28, 2021 — shortly after midnight, midnight-thirty (an old favorite term of mine) this latest energy shift and NEW arrival event layer relaxed a good bit because it was embodied and anchored into this Earth. Because that level of this latest was reached in the very early AM hours of this morning, I’m finally able to write about what’s happened, which I’m doing now.

    • “For some reason, I didn’t get an email notice that you’d written a new article, Denise, so I’m really glad I came to check on HHL.”


      I had nothing to do with that. Don’t bother responding.

      I did however now in April Kara.

  • Dear Denise,

    Last night I had two funny dreams I want to share.

    Frirst dream: I was approached by 2 ? people and spmething like an order or a curse was placed upon me. I had to do something or I would have to leave the planet.

    Second dream: I saw a small white gated village and I entered. The moment I entered the order or curse was lifted. I didn’t understand. It was so easy to enter. Was that all that was required?

    Denise I quess I received my Cease or Desist Order last night. Apparently being able to enter a high frequency place is enough to lift the order. I thought only low frequency people would get it, but now I assume that everybody gets it.

    Thanks for explaining.

    Love for you and all the community,


    • Thanks for sharing this particular dream with us Maria. ❤

      I believe it's saying a lot to you about old lower Duality (2) frequency of old Earth and that time has runout for those who vibrate higher — have embodied the NEW Light and codes of Triality (3) frequency — such as yourself to linger in any of the old lower Earth world(s) anymore. It sounded to me like your dream was letting you know that you'd be "cursed" if you remained in that old lower frequency Earth world(s)… which is exactly what it would feel and be like for someone like you! And so you had to do something or leave that planet. Once you entered the “small white gated village” that lower level “curse” was lifted. Very telling dreams Maria.

      You were clearly shown two different Earth worlds in these (2) dreams– one old lower one that you would have to make changes to yourself and your current energies to remain there or leave and go to another Earth world that’s an energy match to your own now. This Maria is the Separation of Worlds and Timelines and you’ve been told to get where you belong now and to NOT go back down anymore to old lower level Earth worlds and realities. And yes, this is connected to what the Cease & Desist Order was about for those of us who are ascending and are currently NEEDED to stay at home meaning remain on THIS ascending Earth world and with our HighHearts continue lifting, ascending it toward fully ascended NEW Earth that exists in our very near future. We’re raising this Earth we’re living on now up vibrationally etc. toward NEW Earth and we’re pulling, drawing NEW Earth towards us until the two become just one, become NEW Earth. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you Denise as your posts keep me going forward in a deeper knowing of what I am doing. I feel I am transforming into someone I dont recognise as so many habits are leaving and feel my dna is changing.
    Some nights hours of being awake and feel the light and downloads of new and the old has to leave to make room for it.
    This is my space that helps me so much and I love the energy of the group and the comments..hug to you Denise and to all. Rosaleen

  • Lately light code downloads are more frequently and prior to receiving them I feel very complicated? I can’t find the right word to describe it. Just now it happened again, as I was seeing gold, white star, diamond shaped codes I closed my eyes and when I opened them briefly I saw a video on tv -it was on mute- that moment the name of the song was on tv: “God’s plan”. Is anyone else feels this way?

  • Thank you Denise so much for your article.

    I still struggle to understand lots of aspects of the ascension process. But I do trust it because it has not led me astray. It has only ever been the thing that has made sense of some seriously weird and not very pleasant circumstances I have lived through. In 1998 I got married. I was studying for a PHD. Life looked from the outside pretty decent. By the end of 1999 my mother had died, my daughter was born, my stepfather remarried (and I lost contact with my step brother and sister because of this) and I had the emotional care of my two ageing grandparents. Much more has happened since but as I look back over the last 22 years I can see how ascension has shaped me. Made me who I am today. I realise also that I have left my “old” life behind. The life that links me to “old earth” and the patterns we grow up with. I sat in on a zoom meeting today. As I sat there it became patently obvious I have most definitely not had experiences remotely related to other people. While they have been career building and enjoying themselves it has been one long pain journey to spiritual understanding and freedom. I am not an intellectual person any more. I am a heart person. Prior to 1998 I struggled to get out of my head. Now my life is as heart led as it can be. But it’s still ongoing. I just needed to say this today. Because I belong nowhere except here in this community. Thank you for having me and thank you for giving all of us nomads space to belong.

    And thank you for the gravatar advice💜🌸

    Love and light to you and everyone here

    Magda xxxx

    • “While they have been career building and enjoying themselves it has been one long pain journey to spiritual understanding and freedom. I am not an intellectual person any more. I am a heart person. Prior to 1998 I struggled to get out of my head. Now my life is as heart led as it can be. But it’s still ongoing. I just needed to say this today. Because I belong nowhere except here in this community.”

      ❤ Just absolutely beautiful and beautifully said and done Magda. Thank You for saying it and doing so today. ❤

    • Dear Magda,

      “I am not an intellectual person any more. I am a heart person. Prior to 1998 I struggled to get out of my head. Now my life is as heart led as it can be.”

      My sentiments exactly, and oh what a relief it is. Thank you for expressing it so well and, obviously, straight from your heart. ♥️✨

      • Thank you Lane. It wasn’t really until I read Denise’s article that I thought back and realised that although life has had its moments actually I was in the right place, doing the right thing. Ascension. I have spent so long feeling bad that I never followed through on my education and got an amazing job. But the amazing job was learning how to be. It’s only taken 20plus years to connect the dots. I have been a very slow learner. Although I had been experiencing the ascension process since 1999 it wasn’t until I discovered Denise in 2015 I finally understood that there was a name and a purpose to the things I had gone through. And that’s why I trust the process. I knew nothing except for what spirit guided me to do. I really was that naive. It was a relief to know I wasn’t completely nuts, just a little 😅

        💜💜💜💜 Magda xx

        • Thank you Magda & Lane. It’s so reassuring to know that others have had experiences so similar to my own. I wish I could remember how/when I was guided to Denise and this community, but I am so very grateful.

          Many many thanks Denise and to all here.

        • Yep, already had been through the grinder and did the gain a hundred pounds/ lose a hundred pounds thing and looked fried out and like I had washed up on shore when I discovered it (Ascension) had a name and symptoms and all that on this site, stayed ever since.
          Glad you made it and glad Im not the only one who went through it unsure of what had transpired or that it had a name.
          Thanks Magda and Denise

        • Hi Skoop,

          I love the “washed up on shore” image. That’s it in a nutshell
          I am so looking forward to one day having a body that feels reliable and not falling apart 😅
          Magda xx

  • Little me has now caught up with ME who knows it is all divinely perfect and I make these choices and shifts for highest good! It sometimes takes a while for little me to adjust to such big shifts and little me to catch up 🤣Grateful for this space and all that share! Thank you Denise 🙏🏽💗🙏🏽💗

  • Beautiful…this has been a wild and crazy ride for me, since a NDE in 2006. I’ve traveled and merged collective timelines since then….moving 14 times. My latest move was Jan 18th,to a place in the Atlanta GA area, named Avalon—fully grounded in the magic and mystery of this world. Thank you 🙏

  • Jeez Denise, what an article! Thank you so much.

    Ever since the Cease and Desist you’ve mentioned, I’ve stopped the timeline traveling, no matter how dull, how boring and mind numbing it was to stay stay STAY in this ascending timeline, I did it. There’s no need to tell you how hard that was for me, as it was probably for you and other starseeds out there who timeline traveled so easily as breathing air.
    For a good while I was floundering, lost and felt like I was losing perspective on what my mission was, and kept searching for what’s next; until my higher self said “Be. Just be in the NOW.”
    So switching focus to NOW, this now, now, NOW was like learning meditation, something that just doesn’t come easily to me, until I gave up trying so hard and let my mind go willingly blank and relaxed into it. That’s it. That’s all it took. It is so easy once understood but so hard to get there in the first place because I had to get the old me outta the way.

    Now whether I’m conscious of it or not, by simply being in the NOW in my highheart, I am pulling the New Earth to my primary ascending reality and vice versa. And maybe that’s why I’m so tired and require an inordinate amount of sleep even though my physical body is seemingly doing nothing.

    My 3D people around me occasionally snarkily say to me “I wish we could trade places, wanna do my (3D) job? I would love to do yours (to them I do “nothing”)”. What they don’t know is that they couldn’t possibly even qualify to do what I do, it’ll probably kill them. I smile at them, instantly read whatever they’re missing in their understanding, soul level and etc and do not engage and just BE.

    Thank you so much for your honesty and hard work Denise ❤️❤️❤️

    • “For a good while I was floundering, lost and felt like I was losing perspective on what my mission was, and kept searching for what’s next; until my higher self said “Be. Just be in the NOW.””

      I’m so glad you shared this Jain L. because I felt some Volunteers had a really difficult time with this mega 2020 Mission shift and entrance into Phase 2 of the AP. It took some of them much of 2020 to settle into this huge shift and stop running around the universe and moving into the future and back into the past or our “now” etc. It is hard to remain at home and do the Work that’s needed right now to help with the entire Separation of Worlds and Timelines and raise ascending Earth we’re on now high enough to where it becomes NEW Earth because they have unified and become one. Clever huh but kinda hard to remain in place and do such profound “heavy lifting” as what we’ve been doing very intensely since January 2020 from our own physical houses, apartments, backyards and physical bodies and HighHearts. What we used to so effortlessly do while zipping and zooming around the galaxy and universe and different timelines and dimensions we’re now having to do while staying right here and ride this thing all the way HOME so to speak. Once there we’ll be free to go wherever we want again but for now this is our Phase 2 ascension Work.

      I too don’t and never have done formal “mediation” for the same reasons you mentioned. All we Volunteers really need to do is be what we are naturally and be all that in this here and now physical space. In other words we once again manifest higher frequency HOME into this here and now location, level, frequency etc. BE HOME here, now because that is how we’re manifesting NEW Earth into this here and this now.

      And all this is another reason why many of us have needed more sleep time throughout the day. Because we’re needed to stay at home to help both raise this Earth and draw to us completed NEW Earth to become our singular NEW Earth here and now, we’ve been needing more out-of-body time, more sleep/nap during the daytime time because doing this level of ascension Work while remaining IN PLACE in the physical and not running around time and dimensions requires tremendous inner strength, focus and determination. Like I needed to say that! 😉

      “What they don’t know is that they couldn’t possibly even qualify to do what I do, it’ll probably kill them.”

      No probably about it Jain, it would instantly kill them. Look at how it all has affected we Volunteers, Starseeds, Embodiers, Pathpavers and we’re specifically here to do these things! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • “No probably about it Jain, it would instantly kill them. Look at how it all has affected we Volunteers, Starseeds, Embodiers, Pathpavers and we’re specifically here to do these things! ❤ ❤ ❤”

        Omg Denise, yes it’s nearly killing us (not really but it feels like it at times) but it won’t because we’re “built” for this purpose. Or rather, we built ourselves for this job. Even more specifically, we embody/Embody/EMBODY as much light along this journey so that we don’t drop dead suddenly from absorbing all that light at once.

        Aah but my body aches so freaking much! Haha, thanks so much for your response Denise, and for all the HighHeart LightWarrior responders in your blog. I love how much we share and learn from each other. Love you Denise, love to everyone here ❤️❤️❤️

        • “Aah but my body aches so freaking much!”

          Mine too lately Jain L. All the severe head pains and pressures have, for the moment, eased up and been replaced with focused shoulder and hip joint pains. If it’s not one thing it’s another!

          The rain has finally started here in SoCal with multiple rain fronts coming through day after day which I love, but I did wonder how much of these sudden body joint pains were from the rain/humidity? Usually my body feels so much better in cooler, damp weather so this is unusual. Who knows what’s happening to our joints and skeletal structure at this point though?! Going full crystalline throughout our skeletal structure also causes some evolutionary aches and pains. Never a dull moment but man oh man my shoulders and hips have been really painful lately making sleeping at night difficult.

  • 👏🏼👏🏼 Well said, Denise.. Thank you. As a fellow traveler of timelines, dimensions, galaxies and all the bandwidths, frequencies, and what have yous in between, I totally get and agree with your ‘staying put’ on THIS Earth, in THIS here and now.
    Here’s a snippet of one of my personal, mind blowing, life altering experiences.. that pretty much GROUNDED my ass on THIS Earth.
    Sometime in 2020 (20/20) during one of my journeys I saw a ‘cosmic’ billboard (🤷🏼‍♀️) .. the movie screen kind .. it only lasted a few seconds, but was chock full of imagery and information.
    This flashed first:

    Then these words appeared:
    The Peace Keepers STAY until the treaties are signed.

    Next was a stream of “Ancient” Peacekeepers.
    In a linear timeline they are Those who came before us and who have been vibrationally ‘staying’ HERE in/on/around THIS Earth holding, anchoring and BEING the vibration of PEACE. They all had human forms, and represented every culture and civilization that has ever lived on THIS Planet Earth. Many I recognized, many I did not, but I wept in gratitude for their continued Service. For a split second I tried to imagine the sheer energy it must take for Them to STAY, and be visible AND accessible in such lower vibrating frequencies. THE PEACE KEEPERS STAY flashed again. In that same split second, They acknowledged me (with eye contact) and thanked me for my service. 😶 I was speechless. Never have I felt so microscopically tiny and MACROSCOPICALLY LARGE, at the same moment, but their message was hitting home 💓.. 🌏☮️ happens THRU me..
    I thought my heart was going to actually burst from the surge of LIGHT that Their acknowledgement sent out.

    The billboard continued. Next was a stream of ‘humans’ who are not embodied yet, but are ‘on the roster’ to come and inhabit THIS earth in future generations. As before, many I recognized and many I did not, but eye contact occurred AGAIN and again another surge of LIGHT went thru me.

    Next stream on the screen was me, on THIS Earth, in THIS body, in the 2021 calendar. It was a split screen, and I was actively ALIVE in the middle of it. I was as a point of CONNECTION between the ‘past’ Peace Keepers and the ‘future’ Peace Keepers. I appeared as an old school switchboard operator on the Ancients’ screen and something like a tube or conduit on the Futures’ screen. Then I ‘heard’ (loud & clear) these words:
    I laughed 😆😂. I looked like some kind of DJ on the PEACE radio waves sending out messages between the Ancients & the Futures 🗣☮️🌏 👩🏻‍🦳🎧🎤🔊
    And again, THE PEACE KEEPERS STAY UNTIL THE TREATIES ARE SIGNED flashed across the screen..

    It was quite EPIC as well as GROUNDING. 👣🌏

    But then it really hit me…20/20 vision kicked in 😳 ohhhhh .. the frequency of ☮️ flows THROUGH me, and in order for the Future generations to experience this ☮️ when they arrive to THIS Earth, then like the Ancients, I must STAY on THIS Earth for the ☮️ broadcasts (via clear channel radio) to CONTINUE broadcasting in/on/around THIS Earth..

    I was humbled and honored to be a microscopic part holding the space open and steady for ☮️ to continue its flow .. in/on/around THIS Earth.

    What a transformative ‘billboard’ ..

    Last image on the billboard was this

    🙏🏼 U 4 UR SERVICE.
    signed, the Peace Keepers ☮️🌏☮️

  • Last year on January 13th I was walking down the street and heard very clearly “this is it”. I felt that on my whole being, so strongly that I had to stop walking for a few minutes. I didn’t even know about this beautiful place you provided for us, shared your high heart with us. Ever since I was a little girl I knew this strange place wasn’t my home. Can’t say it was an easy journey but I believe that’s also true for all of us here. Reading this post made me feel so much that I can’t even explain. Last year was the year I was alone with my heart for the first time on this planet. Ever since the beginning of this year I feel I am constantly in two places at once. There is work to be done -that is already done-
    Thank you Denise, from my high heart to your high heart ❤️❤️❤️

    • tuba,

      Thank you for your HighHeart comment tuba, and your lifelong Service Starseed. ❤ ❤ ❤

      “Last year on January 13th I was walking down the street and heard very clearly “this is it”. I felt that on my whole being, so strongly that I had to stop walking for a few minutes.”

      Last year on January 12, 2020 the one and only Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn happened. (Because you’ve only recently discovered HHL, you may enjoy reading through my 2020 articles tuba.) That one astrological transit literally that one day totally removed all the previous patriarchal filth and distortions that went with it across all of Earth and beyond. Old lower energy templates and their matching codes etc. are removed when it’s time and NEW higher frequency energy templates and matching codes etc. are put in place. That happened on a global scale on the day of January 12, 2020 via Saturn/Pluto Capricorn conjunction and you felt that mega energy shift and changeout of templates and codes on January 13, 2020 tuba. And it was it, and Phase 2 of the Ascension Process began fully for all life on ascending Earth that day.

      • After finding this beautiful place I went back to the beginning, starting from your old blog I read everything and I actually saved some of your posts to read again and again. It’s truly incredible to see your continued wisdom through the years. I highly recommend to everyone here.

  • Just wow, Denise. This particular piece of writing would deserve a peace prize for literature, that is if I thought those had merit 🙂

    Seriously, thank you for putting into words maelstorm of 2020. Please forgive all the metaphors but the next time a fly ball hits me on the head from presumably nowhere, I will just chalk it up to a glorious fondue pot of swirling, melting Soon, Then and Now cheese all in one pot.

    Question, Denise: Lately, and randomly, I have been literally seeing another reality, super-imposed on this ‘reality’. Has that happened to you? Or anyone else here? I’ll be just walking about the house, minding my own business and there on the floor, just a bit higher, is another floor. It’s completely different than seeing double (which I’ve also experienced lol). This is more like another dimension. It just started happening after the new year in 2021. And it’s happening more and more frequently. Sometimes I have to stomp my foot just to make sure I’m on the right floor! What’s going on?! I just had my eyes checked so it’s not that. It happens whether I have my glasses on or off.

    Take care and have fun stairstep hopping,
    Karen L.A.

    • “Lately, and randomly, I have been literally seeing another reality, super-imposed on this ‘reality’. Has that happened to you?”

      Many, many times Karen A. since 1999. One that stands out for me happened many years ago while driving through the town I live in. There where an actual physical gas station stood was a higher frequency transparent all crystal/crystalline three-story building etherically superimposed over it. The gas station was physical, dense, dirty and energetically lifeless and the energetic contrast to the higher frequency nonphysical crystalline building was so extreme it broke your heart! Gleaming, shining transparent crystalline high frequency structure literally superimposed over a crusty, filthy, low frequency dense physical gas station. Talk about Starseed blues! Gads it was nasty to take in like that but there it was in all it’s multileveled glory — old lower in a side by side comparison with much higher frequency NEW.

      We’re far enough along in this Separation of Worlds & Timelines process and multiple Shifts that more people are and will be physically seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing these overlays of higher frequency things, locations, structures, beings, people, objects and so on superimposed over our current physical “reality”. Like I’ve said before, we’re on the move so nothing from our old lower Earth world and reality/realities are sticking or holding in place or maintaining themselves because we’re literally vibrationally and physically shifting, moving, migrating from the old lower to the NEW higher and are perceiving all these in-between states and conditions. More to come of these sorts of bleedthroughs so everyone be prepared for just about anything! ⭐

      *** Forgot to mention this great little 2016 movie that shows this business of higher and lower frequency worlds and realities all in the “same space” so to speak. I’ve experienced this myself and it’s fascinating. The movie is called Midnight Special and I suggest everyone watch it.

      Midnight Special preview

  • O, Denise, what good news. We could get rid of so many things that are hurting us. Fanstastic! I am so looking forward to 2022. Healing, health, freedom, all within reach. Finally a new reality.

  • Thanks Denise. I have found that I am totally unable to interact with other people right now except for just a couple of ascensions sisters that I talk to over the phone. I am an artist and have been introverted for many years so I wasn’t expecting that I would miss human interaction at first. Now I am completely internally focused. The last year was spent frantically pulling in the Divine feminine through my art. At the end of November I felt it was totally done. Now I am going back through a lifetime of photographs, film and old memorabilia. I think I am feeling drawn to do this to completely clean up any old energy that is holding me back. I am energetically making peace with my entire past which is a very emotional and difficult process.Once again thank you for your words. I have always felt uncomfortable with the idea that others, Such as Jesus or ETs Or political figures were somehow going to save us. I always knew it was an inside job!

  • Thank you for this Denise 🙏🏽💗 I was really hoping you was going to comment on this, I know you want us to use our own higher awareness! I feel that and I know that! I’m sat reading this after another huge shift, my life has shifted yet again, home and relationship, feeling a bit exhausted and emotional from it all! But I know the drill and I know how it goes, this continual shifting! I’m grieving also a little bit the loss of my previous ascension work, I’m missing my usual expeditions around the universe my ability to jump back and forward in time even the traveling to different timelines for rescue work and this being grounded here (not in terms of the physical stay at home order, my multidimensional self) is also feeling a little bored and fed up and feeling like I have missed something or didn’t t make it! The same old earthly dreams and night experiences! It helps immensely to know this is a part of the next phase and this is the work that is needed now and I haven’t missed the boat or something! Adjusting to my new shift knowing that it is for my highest good unable to stay where there is no longer alignment but yet again feeling the no home here on earth feeling! 🙏🏽💗

  • Wow. Just yesterday I was hoping, wishing, wanting to see a post from Denise Le Fay. And hear her take on 2021 so far. So thank you Denise. Any clues, tips, on that discerment responsibility you mentioned? Would be very helpful. Much appreciation for all you do. Big Love to you.

    • “Just yesterday I was hoping, wishing, wanting to see a post from Denise Le Fay…”


      I had been trying to get something written all of January but nearly every other day I was being pounded by really intense incoming energies needing to be embodied. The head pains were so severe they made me nauseous off and on for most of January, and every time I tried to sit at the computer the nausea got worse so I had to let the writing wait until the most intense part was behind me… for the moment that is! There’s more coming this month so everyone get your ascension blankies ready to hunker down with as you become ever more NEW and Higher You.

      “Any clues, tips, on that discernment responsibility you mentioned? Would be very helpful.”

      Like Debbie so perfectly said, it’s an inside job.

      Read other people/teachers/channelers materials but everyone now MUST learn to release, ignore, walk away, disengage from anyone and any group that you personally, from your inner pure heart senses and feels that there’s something wrong or lacking in him/her/them. Something is still coming from his/her/their old lower egos and not from their pure HighHearts. Very simply, it really is an inside job meaning each of us HAS to live the AP in and through ourselves and our physical bodies. There is no one or no thing that can do it for you or me or any person, and any self-proclaimed spiritual and/or ascension teacher that says they can “fix you” or make this evolutionary process for you is a lier.

      Sometimes I go to some ascension related websites with well-known teachers/writers/channelers just to see what personal energetic condition each of them are currently in. I did this again recently and was shocked by how much worse some of these individuals have become for a lot of different reasons. Shocked then even more frustrated by each of them because these individuals are still writing about the AP, making videos, writing books, giving lectures and so on and people that cannot discern things like this get suckered into these distortions and lies and cons and worse — worse being they pull their readers off the ascension path with their lies and distortions and egos etc. etc.

      Discernment feels like that little inner thing, that inner body sensation, that little inner voice that tells you something is wrong here and that it would be really good for you to get away from it/her/him/them immediately! Sometimes discernment is subtle and quick, other times it screams at you in from inside your body, and other times discernment is a rock-solid knowing that that person, people, group etc. is not what they claim and present. You just KNOW from Higher Awareness because you’ve learned to pay attention to your own inner senses and to heed and trust them when they communicate to you in these different and very quick ways.

      I intend to go into more detail about this topic in coming articles this year due to the big shift into the astrological AIR sign energies that’s happened recently. Example: Every year Mercury (the planet of communications basically) goes retrograde three times throughout the year. In 2021, every time Mercury goes retrograde it does so in each of the three AIR signs — Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. This is another sign to humanity that the time for learning and mastering discernment, reading energies in people, things, places etc., and consciousness in general is here fulltime now via the Age of Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus. Very important stuff here about this topic and I’ll do my best to cover it all this year. ❤

  • Hi Denise. I’m just wondering if I am one of the Embodiers that you talk about in this article. My body never wants me to do too much activity or even thinking in one day. If i do, i suffer more physically than usual (and i go through a myriad of physical symptoms as it is per day anyway.)

    So, i can never be ‘out there’ much in the world.
    This has been going on all my life in some ways, but especially over the past 15 years, and enormously since Jan 2020.

    I don’t feel ill as such, but have incredible fatigue, aches and pains, practically all the time. Very occasionally I glow.

    I have had the odd psychic experience/ insight over the past 30 years or so, but not very often, and nothing since Jan 2020. So, not a lot to go on in that way…

    Is this the life of an Embodier?!?! If so, it’s hard, and hard to be understood… I do feel (what I believe is) my High Heart increasingly opening from time to time though.

    Any thoughts, much appreciated Denise 🙂

  • Thank you for a fresh post to work with.
    When I reached your bold “know,” I thought honestly I must not know. A few lines further I remembered I emailed a particular site to let them know that for all the light they profess, I see the instigator of darkness within the pages.

    • We often know more than we think we do with our Higher Awareness and discernment. Well done SRK and keep discerning no matter what’s said by anyone.

  • I am so grateful for the clarity and understanding for what has been happening with me. This past year of being inner and at home has led to the increasing “embodiment” of New earth. It does help to go be in nature, because that’s when I can “see” it and “feel” it up close and personal.

    When I read your description of the “not belonging” for the last 20 years to my husband, he said ”well there you go”.

    I am getting stronger and more centered in my own axis everyday. All I can say about it is “whew”!

    And much much gratitude for knowing what is happening and reflecting that. But I have to say my own knowing is really kicking in too…..

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