First Contact Made

No I’m not talking about ETs. I’m talking about first contact with this next level and section of incoming NEW Divine Mother diamond crystalline Christ Aquarian Age energies. And just so there’s not confusion or doubt about what I’m saying, SHE/IT, IT/SHE —Divine Mother in this NEW energy costume package— is personally delivering them to Volunteers first that can embody and anchor them into this ascending Earth for humanity and more.

The “event”, the “shift” as some have been calling it is actually numerous small incremental stairstep energy events and shifts. This latest one of this past week is the biggest and most altering of them so far — there’s more to come but one step at a time so we get “there” with as few exploding Volunteers and humans as possible. Some exploding by some people is inevitable and I mean emotionally but mentally and physically is possible too which is why this has to unfold in these incremental energy stairsteps. However Phase 2 of the Ascension Process which started January 2020, is unfolding so fast and intensely that it’s hard sometimes to get a clear grasp on just how much actual shifting has happened just in January 2021.

What I’m going to describe is not, I repeat NOT for everyone that may read this. I wish that were the case but it never has been since I’ve been writing about the evolutionary ascension online since 2003.

As best as I can tell from going back over my personal notes, plus combining them with a specific thing another Volunteer friend shared in her email a few days ago, this latest Divine Mother first contact happened and/or began on or around January 22, 2021. Did it happen or begin then? Both. Welcome to the linear and nonlinear NEW!

I suddenly perceived, felt and saw what I’m calling first contact with the incoming NEW Divine Mother Feminine diamond crystalline Christ Aquarian Age energies around January 22 into the 23rd. This was at first seemingly linear but it did not remain as such which is why the timeline often gets dicey to nail down precisely. The old part of me wants to nail it down and date it etc. while the higher me could care less about such things. The Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds and Embodiment Process all continues. Stop trying to box any of it into some handy but totally incorrect compartment because I’m telling you it doesn’t work plus Divine Mother won’t let you do it.

I wasted an hour this morning searching for a close enough image to what I saw and felt of this, of incoming Divine Mother SHE/IT carrying the NEW ascended 5D+ Aquarian Age energies and NEW energy templates. The above image is terribly inadequate so you’ll have to visualize my description of what I perceived on the 22-23rd.

Before I get into that however, I need to say that most of us have preconceived beliefs and expectations that Divine Mother Feminine is all soft and warm, fuzzy and loving (lower case “l”), nurturing and gentle with big, soft, girly round curves and cushy edges everywhere. Yeah, no, throw those incorrect fantasies into the trash immediately. Divine Mother of this NEW time is anything but all that, and this incoming ascended NEW Aquarian Age version of HER/SHE/IT is very much the opposite of all soft n’ squishy, lovey-dovey,  mommy-esk earth goddess type stuff. Pardon the slang blunt language but this bitch will cut you! You’ll thank me later for that crude truth when you understand for yourself.

This version of Divine Mother IT/SHE for this time has razor-sharp crystalline edges, strong diamond lines and angles, countless brilliant diamond facets that cut air and space and human consciousness, radiance that’s white-Light blinding and all with an attitude of take no prisoners. If all that sounds way harsh to you, honestly think back over global patriarchal human history for the last few thousand Dark Age years at the profound negativity, distortions, violence, numbing stupidity, crushing disempowerment and ceaseless need to kill other humans. Divine Mother Feminine for this ascending NEW Age, NEW Earth, NEW Humans is all done with what has been and is here now to get everything and everyone back on NEW Divine Source track as quickly as possible. And SHE/IT is not going to love, cuddle or sweet-talk you there but kick your ass there as often as needed. Many of us have been experiencing some of this in January 2021 and didn’t realize who and what it was.

It was around January 22–23, 2021 that I perceived, clairvoyantly Saw and felt incoming Divine Mother Feminine in HER/ITS NEW diamond crystalline Christ frequency Aquarian Age energetic attire. This appeared to me at that time as a massive and incredibly impressive Aquarian-like line of rippling energy waves far out in space heading directly to physical Earth and us. It was Divine Mother, it wasn’t just another incoming cosmic energy wave from the galactic center, the Sun, the cosmos, another dimension it was the Divine Mother in HER/ITS matching energy attire for the Aquarian Age and ascending Earth and ascending humanity. IT/SHE was not only incredibly impressive in this form but, and this is the strange part about this, the moment I perceived HER/IT something happened physically. A transference, a connection, a grounding, an embodiment was made in that split second I perceived HER/IT in this energetic form a few days ago. It was first contact with this NEW higher frequency version and general energy template embodied by the Divine Mother Feminine diamond Christ Aquarian energies.

In the past lower cycle long before the ascension started, when it was time for another new energy to be introduced to global humanity and integrated by them to continue their growth, learning and creativity, a “new” planet would suddenly be discovered by some astronomer scientist somewhere. The physical sighting of each “new” planet was the physical level activation of that planet’s energies into the human collective consciousness and external physical reality. It was that moment of actual physical sighting of the “new” planet that connected, anchored and activated that planet’s energies in humanity. Humanity then spent the rest of their individual lives working to embody, live and express those “new” planetary energies and grow further.

What happened with my perceiving, Seeing and feeling Divine Mother Feminine Christ diamond crystalline Aquarian Age energies approaching Earth and us last week was I sense, very similar to what happened when a “new” planet was physically discovered in the old patriarchal past. In other words, my perceiving Divine Mother HER/IT in this NEW ascended energetic Feminine Aquarian Christ costumery somehow instantly connected, anchored and activated IT/SHE into this ascending Earth and every Volunteer that was and currently is capable of embodying all that now. If I perceived this last week, so did a few others around the world in their own unique ways.

Now here’s where this gets interesting. Within an hour and a half after I perceived Divine Mother in her NEW energetic finery, there was a big physical side effect reaction in many people. Some of you felt this and either experienced it physically as I did and/or experienced it also in your dreams this past week. Lots has happened and we’re only now starting to put the pieces together as to what it was and why the side effects happened.

Within hours after perceiving SHE/IT on HER/ITS approach to Earth and humanity, some freaky and very Uranian type (Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius) “accidents” happened only feet away from my house. A big truck packed full of used tires flipped on its side and crashed directly behind my house. About thirty minutes after that some young adult male on a bicycle crashed in my front yard. He was okay but he made a mess of my yard and was lucky he didn’t fall on one of the boulders in my yard. Shortly after all this some other stuff happened with a couple of my readers.

The energetic connection that was made with Divine Mother and my having perceived IT/SHE in this way caused some pretty intense and sudden repercussions down here in the physical. Many of us felt a lot of anger and/or sadness or depression from about January 22 through the 28th. Many of us also felt anger and/or sadness coming from humanity in general since about January 22. I sense this was directly connected to the anchoring in of Divine Mother Feminine in this NEW energetic form on ascending Earth. This evolutionary ascension change is complete and totally opposite of how life, reality, humanity and human consciousness has been. Many will struggle with such an all-encompassing shift to absolutely everything they’ve known.

I need to backtrack a bit here and share some of the Divine Mother’s sober and razor-sharp personal messages I received from HER/IT last week. I had done a couple of things for a couple of readers that I thought and believed at that time, I repeat, that I thought and believed was “good” and “helpful” for them. Divine Mother recently informed me otherwise and I instantly understood and knew that information was 100% correct. This is so, so, very important because it shows us all how utterly, how profoundly, how amazingly different these NEW incoming Aquarian Age diamond crystalline Divine Mother Feminine Christ energies are to what we’re familiar with.

What used to be helpful and good isn’t so much anymore because we’re changing, evolving, shifting into more and more of the NEW and that NEW is nothing like the past patriarchal Ages. Nothing.

So with Divine Mother informing me recently in no uncertain razor-sharp terms that the old forms of so-called “help” and “goodness” etc. aren’t in this ascended NEW higher energies and consciousness. In fact they’re just the opposite. No more external old focus— it’s now all internal and it’s now all individuals having to embody the NEW energies themselves and change, repeatedly. If not there’s going to be continued and increased unpleasant side effects.

Also a few days ago a Volunteer friend emailed me that she had recently received a no fluff message from Divine Mother to Cease & Desist what she had been doing that she also enjoyed. That message was, “No, do better” which I feel is perfect in all ways for all of us. We both had, around the same time, experienced the same Cease & Desist messages from Divine Mother in HER NEW matching form that we both needed to stop doing certain things we’d been doing that to us were “good” and “helpful” in different ways. We both were informed that we and our energies are needed in NEW and different ways now and to get with the NEW program and stop messing around. Okay NEW mommy with sharp diamond edges, we promise!

As usual I try to include some humor in articles to make the information easier to relate to and make us all feel a bit better about everything we’re going through. But, this NEW Divine Mother in this energetic form is all about getting the current Work done immediately because SHE/IT is not going to slow down HER/ITS approach to accommodate you and me! No, no, it’s just the other way around. You and I will get our shit straight pronto because Divine Mother approach-ith and fast now. As I said in an earlier article, Divine Mother in this NEW energetic form will be fully implemented in the physical world by 2022, ready or not. Based on personal experience, I strongly suggest you also get yourself energetically ready for HER/IT and the NEW everything.

This is not a “golden age” but a diamond crystalline Feminine Christ Aquarian Light Age. Huge difference, so much so it’s nearly inconceivable.

Also another reader emailed me the other day to share an experience she had in a Trader Joe store on January 26th. She experienced a type of split and shift that caused her some physical head and eye pains and visual distortions to “reality”. I believe these and other anomalies will escalate throughout 2021 and 2022. Ride the NEW incoming energy waves that Divine Mother is bringing along with all the others happening from the Sun and elsewhere. Never forget that the best way to deal with all of these energy changes is to be as flexible as you can and willing to repeatedly change instantly.

Denise Le Fay

January 28, 2021

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81 thoughts on “First Contact Made

  • I had an insight today that what I needed to give up, “cease & desist” doing, was letting my regrets and feeling bad/not good enough about myself rule me.
    My (earthly) Mommy always told me I was “way smart and intelligent” more than I realized. And now my Cosmic Divine Mommy is telling me that not seeing how powerful and wise and important I am is the biggest tool the dark side uses on HighHeart Volunteers.
    I believe that may be true of lots of Service to Others individuals – just like Marianne Williams said. We take the blame for the sins of the world on ourselves and that chokes out our Light.
    Well – I’m done with that! This volcano is ready to blow…!!!
    Thanx Denise and all HHLifers for showing me The Way 💜💚❤️

  • Hi, Denise!

    That was exactly what I was feeling yesterday. It actually for me started a day before, but I woke up with pains in my neck and shoulder. Gravitating towards my right side. For the past three days I’ve been feeling a tremendous amount of energy going. The sensation is as if it’s about to squash me. Lots of pressure on the top of the head. The headache today for me is no more, sudden pains here and there definitely happen. A few days ago I’ve energetically removed something (spider like) out of me and couldn’t be happier!

    While meditating this am, I felt a jolt in my chest that made me gasp. I’m wondering whether our physical bodies are becoming softer, more receptive of new energy? Not too long ago started feeling my feet not just buzzing with “electricity”, more like having a ball inside vibrating and rotating at the same time.

    Thanks, Denise yet again for this information. It’s a great relief to actually be able to compare and have someone to help understand my own pace and what is happening with me.

    Lots of love,


    • Hi all
      The nights sweats have been insane the past few nights have been an experience. It’s not hormonal but it may be my duvet smothering me 😉

      Keep up the good physical work team!

      • I have not had this symptom in months but did off and on for years. The last few times I would jump out of bed in the middle of the night literally thinking my mattress was on fire! Mine was not hormonal either-just insane😳

  • Today the air feels new, the world today is not the world yesterday. The New is here and as Gerry said, feels foreign; everything subconscious is now the in the conscious and the conscious has taken a backseat and it’s making stringing sentences difficult (much more than before), never mind basic math.

    Crushing headaches! Tremendous body aches!

    Also there is a layer of numbing lidocaine/ice/I-don’t-know-what over EVERYTHING; memories, feelings, ideas, things, people, places. Trying to feel anything more than a certain octave is impossible. Divine Mother’s cease and desist is truly here.

    • “Crushing headaches! Tremendous body aches!”

      I wanted to respond yesterday, February 8, 2021 Jain L. and All, but I too was in very severe headache pain and then later in the day just pains in my head, plus pains and pressures in my spine mainly (now) in the area at the top of the HighHeart into the base neck that radiates out into one or both shoulders.

      We’ve had bad days of severe headache pains and pressures before but yesterday was for me a bit different. We should expect these types of subtle and not so subtle changes in the long familiar ascension embodying process and side effects because we’re only going higher in frequencies and we’re doing so at higher and higher levels as well — daily now in Phase 2 of the AP. 2021 is going to be an energetically severe year, more so than 2020 was, so everyone whose capable of embodying these now constant NEW higher frequency energies/codes/energy template patterns etc. now expect your old familiar AP side effect aches and pains, headaches and spine pains and pressures and all the rest of it to get more… crystalline Diamond.

      Just in case yesterday’s energy embodiment is going to continue today, I have to at least get this small bit written in this comment before I’m incapable of writing anything today!

      Sometimes the best way to get a better overview of what’s going on at the moment is to “back engineer” the past few days or weeks. I’m going to do this here because we’re still in this.

      “Yes, something felt off and “dead” around 1am (EST) to about 2am. I immediately stopped whatever I was doing, speedily brushed teeth and went straight to bed. Once in bed I had misty swirling images of faces coming at me, not human but human-like —small, pale, hairless, silently screaming— kind of looked like faeries (the mischievous ones, not Tinkerbell) or aliens.
      Didn’t feel good, so did some heavy protection work and right away drifted off to sleep.” — Jain Lee, February 2, 2021

      “Based on what everyone who’s shared about this has said, it sounds like a lot of something ended, died, got removed and/or relocated etc. and a lot of old and probably ancient connections with certain ETs, elementals and who knows what all happened in the early AM hours of this morning. It’ll be interesting to see how this manifests on Earth now.” — Denise, February 2, 2021

      So first with this latest simultaneous out with more of the old lower and in with more of the NEW higher was what I mentioned I’d felt in the early AM hours of February 2nd., which Jain Lee also had experienced around the same “time”. In our own ways we both perceived the same thing basically — we felt another BIG chunk of some inorganic, negative, not ascending world with its inhabitants be they alien, elemental, AI, human or whatever else, be permanently “deleted”. This has been happening over and over and over again throughout the galaxy, the universe and beyond as this PROCESS of permanently deleting, removing, dying, ending of what has been that’s not ascending is not being allowed to continue. The cleaning and clearing of the universal AP is beyond description which is the main reason why I haven’t talked much about this aspect of the overall Ascension Process. Not everyone and everything everywhere is currently ascending and that is normal believe it or not. Because of this a lot, A LOT is dying, is being ended, is being permanently deleted now constantly. Some of us are feeling this, seeing this and/or clairvoyantly Seeing it, hearing it, sensing it etc. and it is hard to perceive such profound and sweeping physical and nonphysical, earthly and cosmic, human and nonhuman deaths/extinctions/removals of what has been that was not organic.

      Some felt, saw or in some way perceived this recent end/death/removal of more within the old lower inorganic worlds and realms a week ago today. Then yesterday, February 8th many of us embodied more NEW higher frequency energies which this time mainly took place in our heads and spines. I’ve said repeatedly over the years that both the removal of the old lower is happening simultaneously to the embodying of the NEW higher energies etc., however since Phase 2 started in January 2020, this entire business is happening constantly with no “down time” in-between one event and the next one. It’s just all one ongoing singular event process now.

      Then there’s what Barbara Weeks said in her comment that’s part of all this too. All this is quantum but from our perspectives here on physical Earth is seems linear, albeit super fast now!

      (1) Strange phenomena in the middle of the night (or anytime at this point!) where things, worlds, realities, beings, aliens, humans etc. are perceived as suddenly dying en mass.

      (2) Those capable of embodying the next higher layer of NEW energies get hit hard with either severe headaches, body aches, spine pains, more HighHeart expansions that cause heart/upper chest area pains, movements, pressures, thumbs, pounding, racing heartbeats etc.

      (3) And then when we’re capable of getting up and going outside again 😆 , lo and behold it’s gotten even MORE Diamond, Crystalline, pristine, radiant, higher frequency everywhere within physical ascending Earth and reality and beyond.

      This is what you saw and felt Barbara Weeks — the latest end results of these ongoing now rapid constant AP and embodying Stairsteps as I call them.

      What I want everyone to never forget about all this is that it’s happening in us, through us and our physical bodies, Earth and all else. When your body suddenly hurts like all hell for no apparent reason; when you see/See, feel, sense and perceive what seems to be so negative and destructive etc. etc; when you feel your heart breaking over the death of more and more and more everywhere, KNOW that it is all due to the AP taking place on a universal level continuously now. It is a Process of massive ending and permanent removal of what has been and all inorganic everything/everyone etc. because all NEW everything is taking the place of it all, right here, right now. Well done everyone and rest up for the next round. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Dear Denise and All Here,

    Since early January 2021, I too have been experiencing and going through the wringer with what so many Volunteers here have been dealing with – the existential sadness and despair, the physical pains (in various locations) and the appearance of new “injuries,” the crying and releasing, the withdrawal from “futurizing” as a coping mechanism, the disposal of so many personal items that identified “the person I used to be,” and on and on…Like for so many of us, all of this has been core-level work for me…and despite its difficulty, absolutely necessary if I want to “stay” and bring through and Embody the attributes of the Ascending New Earth…as I do, unequivocally. Yes indeed, Denise…so much of it is REALLY FUCKING HARD!…and the only way to be doing this, apparently, is by “staying at home”…how beautiful yet ironic! There no longer is any “outside”…there is only the inside manifesting outwardly…mostly, tee hee!

    More than anything, I wanted to write and express how humbling it is to read the Comments here…to isolate one or a few of them that have impacted me more than others would not do justice to ALL of the Comments and exchanges that you Denise have had with many of those that have written in to you. Most of us here are putting our dirty laundry out on the line to dry so that our inner Suns can bring light to everything within us that is not yet sufficiently rinsed clean…an ongoing process, for sure.

    I want to thank EVERYONE who writes in to Denise with their Comments! All of you help me to accept myself and to help me understand that what I’m experiencing, now virtually moment-to-moment, is all quantum consciousness and no longer connected to any linearity, “have-to’s,” “shoulds” or “musts.” I don’t know what is to come, but a while back, I decided to “stay” so that physically incarnate Raymond would do the best he could, to share all the love/Love/LOVE that was in his heart/HighHeart with as many people on this planet as he could. In the “old” Tibetan Rainbow Body teachings, the purpose of an incarnation was, as much as possible, to learn and Embody the ability to have every thought be a loving thought…and when that was integrated/Embodied, the rest of the incarnation was to be one of conscious playfulness, even while “getting there.” I’m still working on it! As a Capricorn Rising and Virgo Sun, this has by no means been a playful incarnation, and it has been extremely difficult for me to have fun with Life.. Life has felt that it’s required almost too much responsibility, if that’s possible!

    To all here, and to you dear Denise, so much love/Love/LOVE for all of your wisdom and sharing and virtual Heart-Hugs that I feel I receive from you and this extraordinary forum and its participants. Onward! My HighHeart hugs back to ALL of you…

    • “…the withdrawal from “futurizing” as a coping mechanism,…”

      So perfectly said Raymond B. and thank you for saying it as I think we’ve all done it. ❤

      “As a Capricorn Rising and Virgo Sun, this has by no means been a playful incarnation, and it has been extremely difficult for me to have fun with Life.. Life has felt that it’s required almost too much responsibility, if that’s possible!”

      I can totally relate to that Raymond. I’ve always felt that happiness and fun were highly overrated but that’s a fairly typical Capricorn feeling. I’m not interested so much in being happy per sey as I am now in no longer being unhappy. That sentence may make sense to only a small handful of people reading this.

      Over the years I’ve said that my Soul has often ‘bundled’ multiple really big life issues for me to get through in this one incarnation during the AP. It’s kind of a thing of — this is tough anyway so why not throw in a few other biggies to get it all experienced, transmuted and transcended at the same time? Capricorn efficiency! 😆

      What’s been surprising to me has been that since Phase 2 of the AP began in 2020, I’ve been experiencing an ongoing sort of higher review of my entire incarnation and very honestly realizing just how difficult and painful it’s been from the beginning. I knew these things before but for the past year they’ve all been held up before me to soberly and honestly review just how much my Soul set before “me” to accomplish in this life. My Capricorn Sun comes in handy with all that but I sense it’s getting very close now of changing entirely for some of us.

      I’m working on an article now that this conversation goes with perfectly. I hope we’ll continue it there when I get it done. It’s time for more things to be said, shared, realized and released.

      What you said about old Tibetan Rainbow Body teachings sounds to me exactly like what Master Hotei taught me and others long ago. I’m still working on it too Raymond even with previous trainings from the Master of it! You do realize that we are being taught, groomed, prepared in these lives to be the NEW Master Teachers now. Tight timeline which is why it’s hurt so my friend. 😉

      And I too thank everyone for their comments because they help me and all of us continue becoming more right here, right now. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I have felt that way to Denise. That so much was handed to me in this in this incarnation to digest and transform. I am down to the last bit now of re-integrating the past and it is starting to even have pleasure. A lot of what I dealt with this lifetime was also in a weird way what I came to feel like was virtual life issues. In other words a lot of things came up that could’ve become probabilities but never actually manifested. Through that process I dealt with these probabilities but never felt the consequences that I would have if they had manifested. Does that make sense? For instance I had to deal with the probability of going bankrupt a couple of times but never actually did. Something happened at the last minute to pull us out. Also other physical and mental and emotional issues like that came along. When you’re living through life you tend to not put things in perspective but I, like you Denise have been looking back and going OMG I survived a lot! No wonder I felt traumatized. I was! I also don’t strive for happinesses so much but I do look for (and find). Peace and contentment most of the time.

      • Thanks for your keen insights, Denise. As you were synopsizing and discussing the understandings, intentions and difficulties of your Soul’s journey in this incarnation, you were reminding me of the similarities in trajectory for mine, although of course not in their detail. Ever since my Uranus opposition in 1993-1995, which is when I became conscious of my identity as a spiritual being due to many unexpected “Uranian” events, I’ve been on a path of “cleaning it all up,” as it were…that is to say, working on acknowledging, transforming and integrating my numerous as-of-then (and some still!) unhealed/”un-wholed” issues concurrently back into balance. Procrastination is intolerable in every way at this point!

        I look forward to reading your next article and seeing how our discussion here dovetails into what you will share with all of us in the near future! Until then, may you and All Here stay well in every way and on every level…with much LOVE and my deepest respect…

  • Dear Denise,
    Staying not leaving.

    For the past six months I’ve had some cardiac issues that my grumpy-mean-just-the-kind-of-Doc-I-needed cardiologist has been on me to fix… she pushed me to do some things I needed to do and finally she was ready to zap me and bring my arrhythmia back into sinus rhythm. I was terrified because ten or so years back, my now-deceased spouse Joe told his cardiologist “That sounds like you’re going to kill me and bring me back.” And that was all I could think of … but my sweet grumpy pushy doc told me it would keep me on the planet longer and I had to do it. The day of the zapping was 2/3. I arrived at the same Treatment and Procedure clinic I used to take Joe … alone this time, no one to hold my hand or tell me I was going to be okay the way I always did with him… terror growing… but the same silly little flamingos climbed the walls (their receptionist used to put them everywhere and even though she’s no longer working there the flamingos are!) and my nurse comes out and says “Hi Debora I’m Kathleen I glad to meet you… only I think I already know you, why is that?” Well, because she’d been Joe’s nurse many times. So my dearly departed husband made sure Kathleen was there so I wouldn’t be alone.

    There have been a lot of times in the last five years that I wanted an exit from the here and now and if it presented itself, I surely would have hit the off ramp. The days leading up to this day felt like I had an offramp coming up. Kathleen hooked me up to the heart monitor and I heard, out loud, how hard my heart was working to keep me upright even with its extra beat. They knocked me out, zapped me and guess what… while I was out I had the strangest dreams and I couldn’t tell you what they were, but I did, in fact wake up. And I heard my heart. And it was steady and strong and no extra hard beats that were wearing me out… trying to get me to leave before I was done.

    I’m staying. If I have to help drag this messed up timeline over the finish line all by myself, I will, but I’m grateful that you all are here and we’re doing this together.

    Blessed be, everyone.

    • Oh Deb, that was the best story, thanks for sharing it. ❤ I've wonder about you over the past few years.

      I know about being alone, getting older and having to do things on your own, and it's not easy with everything else that's going on. You should be so proud of yourself for pushing through your old beloved Joe fears and having this procedure done to your heart. You should feel vastly better I would expect and stronger and more “grounded” etc.

      “I’m staying. If I have to help drag this messed up timeline over the finish line all by myself, I will,…”

      I’ve come to the same conclusion myself recently.

      Rest and heal. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • As always, I’m glad you’re here! I’m feeling great, much more energy, sleeping better and *NO* Afib (according to my Afib detector device!)
        Thank you! ❤

  • Wow oh wow Denise long time, you nick named me “Ole Rear Guard” when your site was Transitions. Want to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent guidance and endless efforts to elevate me/us during the Acension process. I’ve read each of your articles, learning not lurking. Your High Heart family has also helped immensely with their sharing. Please know I stopped comments years ago due to stirring up a few “fluff cult”posters. Conversations were getting counter productive to YOUR intent & serious teachings you wanted to convey.

    Now on topic. About 4 am (EST) I too had a experience like you & others. Lucid dream I saw a person moving at me on my driveway with the face of my Mom (crossed 2000) but with very negative energy. I thought no way that’s Mom. Then the face changed to mine but started getting distorted, almost mummified. Body was real skinny with dark loose clothes. I wouldn’t turn away but was backing up. Then I saw this yellow & green outline around it’s head. It couldn’t keep it’s form. Since the arrival of our Sacred Mother/new codes etc these TD “F Heads” are getting unplugged. Again Thank you for being you/You/YOU & know there is no better place, a High Heart home/family to share my tears, aches & joy. Love you all!

  • Thank you Denise and everyone for sharing yourselves these last few challenging days … phew … it’s not just me freaking out here. Actually, I slept okay last night (first time in many days) … just keep having dreams with exes (long gone husbands, boyfriends) and giant bonfires in them that make no logical sense. And my husband and I agree that today just feels off, odd … not good or bad, just very different (as someone said). I too appreciate this space and especially you, Denise. ❤

  • Maybe just me but I have not been sleeping well since about the 2nd of January, contributing to my feeling exhausted, so it’s strange that last night in oh so long I actually slept during the time of midnight to about 5 a.m. when that’s been my can’t sleep time since January. Dreams have been weird whenever I do get some sleep, so while I can’t say I noticed last night being weirder other than finally getting sleep, today has been a mix of wanting to cry…yet, not wanting to either, like I am somehow in the middle of everything, not really engaged but just Here and neutral…dang can’t find words to describe…but if a lot of something died, shifted, or was removed…feels to me like I am not being bombarded now like it’s been practically my whole life…but I agree, Denise, it will be needing our attention to see how this manifests further so I am not going to let my guard down just yet. Thanks for sharing Denise, and everyone.

  • Hi, Denise and friends!

    Two days ago had a big download. It started with a mild headache, but did not progress to anything bigger. However, what happened was my reaction to food. Could feel nausea coming every time I put in my mouth anything except cottage cheese, honey any some crackers.
    Last night didn’t feel what you Denise just shared with everyone. But I did feel energies circulating. After my two weeks of funky adventures I asked my highest self to keep me grounded during night time. I tend to leave my body on an expedition unintentionally. Maybe this was it. Today I feel something like a loss in the chest area. Also very apathetic. Want to cry, but don’t have enough strength to shed tears. What to say f it all.

    This is not like my usual optimistic self. :/

    Lots of love,


  • Yes, something felt off and “dead” around 1am (EST) to about 2am. I immediately stopped whatever I was doing, speedily brushed teeth and went straight to bed. Once in bed I had misty swirling images of faces coming at me, not human but human-like —small, pale, hairless, silently screaming— kind of looked like faeries (the mischievous ones, not Tinkerbell) or aliens.

    Didn’t feel good, so did some heavy protection work and right away drifted off to sleep.

    Wonder what the hell that was myself this morning, glad I’m not the only one.

    • Thanks for sharing Jain Lee. ❤ It was strange for sure and happened around the same "time" for me, about 1-2AM PST. [Everyone, when things like this happen, they do so outside of linear time which is why all of us can be scattered across the USA and the world and still have the same or very similar experiences at “the same time”.]

      Based on what everyone who’s shared about this has said, it sounds like a lot of something ended, died, got removed and/or relocated etc. and a lot of old and probably ancient connections with certain ETs, elementals and who knows what all happened in the early AM hours of this morning. It’ll be interesting to see how this manifests on Earth now. Thanks again Jain. ❤

  • Hi Denise and all.Yes there was something very strange going on all last night and I am exhausted today.It felt like a not nice energy presence that i cannot name or recognise but it was dying or I am leaving it and memory of attack from it behind now to move forward again.Emotions so deep wanting to cry but not sure what about.
    This group is now my sanity as everyday I deal with what appears on the path and move forward step by step.
    Denise hug to you for what you have created here.Rosaleen

  • Denise, I was going to ask you if you knew of something going on last night, early this morning. It was beyond good/bad, just different, almost frightening because it was so foreign. Also – very painful full head ache and violent nausea. Could not walk without crashing into walls. Denise, if it weren’t for you we all go totally insane. Thanks. Oh good, now I’m crying,

    • “It was beyond good/bad, just different, almost frightening because it was so foreign.”

      That’s it exactly Gerry! Thank you for articulating it better than I did. ❤

      I know what it feels like when a dead human is in my space. I know what it feels like when ETs — both positive and negative, both highly evolved and not very at all — are in my space. Last night was both and much more and like you correctly said Gerry, so foreign. The very air and space in my bedroom last night when this was happening was blurry and looked like a nonphysical "white mist" everywhere. In the past this has been an indicator that I've changed frequency levels a bit so that may have been some of what was going on last night.

      Thinking back now over the past 2 or 3 days/nights to string these things together better. It was Wednesday, February 3rd around 7PM that I felt another incoming energy wave hit that instantly caused my body to feel the old ascension flu aches and chills, louder inner ear high/low two-tones, and got emotional and weepy instantly. Here's where this one got strange for me however. The second my body felt this energy wave connect and get embodied I was SO HAPPY AND RELIEVED for this "phase" of this latest process to have arrived because it meant I was done with the crushing depression, sadness, feelings of grief over I don't even know what. I have never been happy to feel the next energy wave arrive as I was this time and that made me wonder what exactly has been causing the depression and sadness and hopelessness etc. etc. that I'd been tortured with for weeks. I think many of us are feeling the "death" of a lot of things, people, beings, other dimensional things, other timelines ending, TD ending and so on. And, I think this latest event some of us felt last night/early AM hours of today is a big part of all that.

      Cry all you need Gerry, I've been weeping too lately.

      • I have felt the energy as well for days but especially the night of the 4th. It was intense all night and disturbing. I have been doing something that started about a month ago as simply cleaning out a closet. I ended up going through an entire lifetime (65 years) Of photographs, slides and old movies. So many of the people were dead or I no longer have contact with. It Has been a deeply moving process. I am still not quite done with it. It felt like I was doing a deep life review and saying goodbye and letting go of my entire life. I also felt like I was some re-patterning parts of my life that were not so good and almost correcting them. Thank you Denise and everyone in this forum for your thoughts and experiences.

        • “I ended up going through an entire lifetime (65 years) Of photographs, slides and old movies. So many of the people were dead or I no longer have contact with. It Has been a deeply moving process…”

          That is such a positive thing to do Debbie and it feels good releasing our pasts that we have nothing in common with anymore. I’ve done this too, throwing away old things and donating furniture and other items I don’t want in my space anymore. It feels great having everything in our current now time and not from decades ago. You should be proud of yourself for doing this, some people find it really difficult to let go of their pasts. ❤

  • Finding words to say thank you, to you Denise, for leading me and all of us who congregate here, doesn’t seem enough for all you do but I must try my best because I think “thank you” so often but need to be better at saying it! Virtual hug 🤗 since it’s not something I can do in person. Staying home in my physical body, staying Home in my HighHeart, when I feel so absolutely alone and no one to talk to who understands…yeah, screaming at my Team too cuz I am so lonely, and sad and frustrated at others who deliberately act stupidly and refuse to see… keeps me somewhat sane to come to this space of honesty and love and support you created Denise, so again thank you! Hell is real…the anger, grief, depression, manipulation, lying, greed, physical pain, and fear is coming from all those who have chosen to go down with the dying rats on the sinking ship…all those emotional energies and more bombards me constantly in waves from around the world, so I get it…to not get caught up in a hard, dark wave and have it suck me under back to Hell, I have to feel it, know what’s coming at me, and be always aware and paying attention, then get to my HighHeart life preserver and hold on to it’s Higher frequency to get me/We/Us and New Earth together. A lot of deep breaths…hang on everyone, we are working hard at keeping our HighHearts tied together…thank you Denise and everyone for that, as otherwise I would have drowned long ago, and being so physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted all the time lately I am grateful that my HighHeart found this safe place to rest.

    • Thank you PennyM for that, I appreciate it deeply. And thank you ALL for your support and understanding. ❤ ❤ ❤


      On a completely different note, did anyone else feel, sense or perceive some otherworldly presences in your bedrooms/houses early AM hours this morning, February 5, 2021? I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and the second I was awake I could feel that I was not “alone” in my house but that there was something there observing me. My first impression was that it FELT like galactic ET energies as there was a coldness and lack of heart to it which is often common with some ETs and groups of ET beings. It didn’t feel outright negative but it did feel like it had never been human or physical which made me a tad nervous — in the middle of the night! — due to plenty of up close encounters with TD in past decades. The energies in my bedroom and house felt much like it feels when a dead human is in the same space but this was on a huge scale, like a whole species had recently died. Hard to explain but it certainly felt very strange! The whole thing felt unusual so I was wondering if anyone else FELT or experienced anything abnormal last night? No fear just maybe more big ascension caused changes taking place on other dimensions and levels etc. now too.

      Thanks again PennyM and everyone for your support during these periods when the AP gets difficult for us all. ❤

      • Yes!!!!!! I kept hearing a critter skittering around on my concrete floors. This was about midnight for me. No fear or discomfort from the noise. It was more like, ok we can live in peace together.

        • Yep Ic, it had that sense to it too. I think this is one of many NEW to us aspects of our ongoing reentry back into “Universal Society” during the AP. Strange times everywhere! Thanks for sharing Ic. ❤

  • Think I’m a volunteer too, but have not been generally a “joiner”. I’ve had 2 brothers commit suicide. One I found. I was 21, he was 22. My first son was 6 months old. My brother was living with us. I’m 63 now. So…pain I understand. There has also been so much joy in my life. But I do get the pain. It’s hard to let go of. I had to suffer. Sink or swim. I chose to swim. And here I am still. Trying to help others. And me. Gratitude helps me.

  • I am so grateful that I am not working anymore. I send so much love to those who are going through this ascension process, this painful process, and still have to deal with the “regular” world. Thank you Denise for the community of support.

  • Denise, I haven’t commented here regularly since 2017 (when things really hit the fan for me), but not a day goes by that I don’t check in and read the latest comments. So I too THANK YOU for providing literally the one place on the planet where I can silently commiserate with my fellow Volunteers and what they’re going through. I don’t follow any other blogs anymore, and my circle of people in real daily life has dwindled to just my husband and two children. (And my husband is super supportive but doesn’t “get it” 😉).
    Also, I knew and felt you were right when you said 2021 would be even worse than 2020, but JEEZ has that turned out to be true so far! I had a headache and severe body pains of January.
    February kicked off with a massive emotional and mental breakdown in which I sobbed in the shower and yelled at my team “upstairs”, followed by a massive migraine. Tuesday, my husband was abruptly laid off from his job due to a COVID-related change in “corporate strategy”.
    I often think of the title of one of your articles (from late 2019 I think), Cannot Will Not Do this Anymore, because it may be the most relatable phrase I’ve seen in describing this journey.
    Yet we do, because “the only way out is through”, excruciating as it may be much of the time. So thank you Denise for You and for providing a home for us here. ❤️

    • “Tuesday, my husband was abruptly laid off from his job due to a COVID-related change in “corporate strategy”.”

      I think there’s going to be an increasing nationwide situation of exactly this Heather G. Everyone should be as prepared as possible for the old familiar ways of income to abruptly change, end and change again. Remember everyone that transiting Uranus is in Taurus and now all of 2021 transiting Saturn in Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus which means abrupt financial changes like more job loss etc. will most likely be happening more all year.

      And connected to this is the fact the these old patriarchal Corporate structures and systems are now going to be dying off and/or having to change into something totally NEW and very different just to survive the AP and Divine Mother Feminine returned in this NEW way. Constant change everywhere for everyone. Hang in there Heather G and husband and be open to different and better. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, I just wanted to say that I am apparently a volunteer along these particular lines. My life had already collapsed mid-2019 and in retrospect that was about needing time to move into position ahead of the pandemic. I have been going through a series of breakdowns the past five years that likely correspond with the stair steps you have mentioned.

        Even before that, I always sort of knew that I experienced things before the collective did. I have always noticed odd details that others either missed or mistook them for negative things. 2021 for me seems like an integration and rebuilding ahead of everyone else, probably because I will be a guide for others through the next wave of breakdowns coming.

        I felt a disturbance in the force on Tuesday night and Wednesday was intense but nothing horrible happened. I have been so used to being on a roller coaster of drama and intensity that it’s been downright boring lately. Wednesday was pretty exhausting and I’m still feeling tired today but all is well.

  • Yup, rough day today. Fuzzy head, fuzzy head, fuzzy head. Feels like my head is in a different place than my body. And not a good place. People extra weird today. Even my mom, who is not aware in the same way, had a weird day with weird happenings and weird people. Sorry for all the weirds, it’s the word that keeps coming up. And my mom lives hundreds of miles away, and she’s 88, so not with the same understanding as me. Or maybe the same reference points. I don’t know. Hang in all you high hearters. I will too. One of my mom’s favorite sayings is this too shall pass. I know it comes from her church beliefs but even though I believe differently the saying helps me sometimes. I’ll take the help.

  • “Thank You again and again for not leaving us, I think without you we’d be lost.” This. Actually the entire comment by Skoop. You’ve said what I said in my head so many times about Denise — “a seer, a perceiver, a responsible leader and a superpower hero”. Thank you Skoop for verbalizing clearly and thank you Denise for being, well, YOU.

    Love and strength to you Denise and to all my fellow light workers ❤️❤️🤗

  • I am annoyed more than usual lately. Getting pissed even. I wanna shake people and tell them to stop being so damn stupid. Also I am so tired. Bone tired. And I wanna slap my dear self for believing her self too much and coming into this loony bin. I cry at the weirdest times. I feel my heart heavy so much so that it feels crushing my whole being……and then I come here, see the comments and I remember I am not alone. Thank you for providing this space for us Denise.

  • Im sure this is off topic but thank you for being our Gandalf on this Denise, I doubt theres 2 or even 3 of you. You are a seer, a perceiver, a responsible leader and exactly the superpower we needed to accomplish this massive task. You’re my hero, and I look to you with great admiration for your service and cherished understandings and personality.
    Just wanted to convey an enormous Thank You.
    Sincerely, some dork named Skoop…..
    Thank You again and again for not leaving us, I think without you we’d be lost.
    All love.

    • I LOVE you sweet dork named Skoop. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Thanks Skoop, I needed that because I've been struggling with all this hellaciousness just like some of you have been. I’ve just been doing it for more years — but it’s been REALLY, no I mean REALLY extra hard, difficult, and emotionally painful since the Divine Cease & Desist Order went into effect January 1, 2020 and will be for the rest of 2021.

      Skoop, Teresa, Debbie & All,

      The need for some of us to Cease & Desist and stay at home (meaning stay in our physical bodies and live this particular ascension phase minute-by-minute from that location and not flee, loose it, exit or numb-out etc.) and literally pull ourselves and this ascending Earth through everything to become ascended NEW Earth has become MUCH harder than I thought it would be in 2020. I was wrong, this is REALLY FUCKING HARD. This stay at home is Volunteer code for stay in your physical body, do not change timelines, do not leave your physical body, do not etherically go anywhere else but stay right here on THIS Earth in your physical body and do, live, be this phase because we’re personally delivering ascending Earth to the point when it instantly becomes ascended NEW Earth.

      Those words sound so nice, so easy, so lofty and noble but we’ve learned since January 2020, and 10,000 times more so in January 2021, that this is REALLY hard Work we’ve been doing for one solid continuous full year now. And we’re needed to continue doing this all of this year which is why we all need to take extra good care of ourselves in all ways. There’s not a lot of us that are capable of doing this, of doing what we’ve been doing every minute of every day since January 2020. Not a lot.

      When I’m feeling less emotionally shattered and a bit better physically, I may put this info and more in an article. Big if at this moment however. Don’t tell anyone 😉 but the Divine Cease & Desist Order, and the human stay at home orders are actually causing the rapid breakdown, collapse and all out demise of the old global patriarchal systems. We “cease & desist” and we “stay at home” AND we Volunteers capable of steering and physically HighHeart delivering this Earth into NEW Earth is what’s causing the full collapse and exiting of EVERYTHING that was and still is of the Team Dark global patriarchy. Wondering why you’re feeling so horrible, so depressed, so confused and resentful etc. for this past year? A whole lot of all that is coming from the old patriarchy such as Big Oil, the original GOP, Big Banks, Big Pharma and so on.

      Yeah… lots going on and we’re doing it, we’re feeling it all, we’re not running around playing and planning into the near future, we’re Working on walking ascending Earth to where it instantly becomes NEW Earth. Some of us have to stay at home while we embody and/or Embody HOME as we steadfastly continue raising Earth into NEW Earth. And some of us thought all that nasty transmuting energy Work of Phase 1 was hard! 🙄

      Thanks again Skoop, I needed that. ❤

      • Hello Denise and all here. For the past month I have been in agony with pain in my feet and hand and it, s the worst it,s ever been. I had to ask the Dr. for pain relief which made me feel ill so I tried dealing with it myself as usual. Having read about how everyone is feeling then maybe I have more Ascension symptoms not just arthritis but the pain and depression and hopelessness that goes with it is too much to bare this time, there,s no respite at all. Why did we sign up for all this trauma, I have no interest in anything or anyone and stay home and wonder why we,re doing this.Sorry just lower than I,ve ever felt. Thank you for still guiding us here. Xxx

  • I don’t really understand what this New energy is. All I know is that I have felt like utter crap for the last week. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. And spiritually. I am in a complete and utter Void in my life right now and have no interest or passion in anything anymore. If this is ascending it sucks. Thanks for your work Denise!

    • Same here. The depression hit on Jan 22, and has not let up. Then I got this message in my head. “Suck it up cupcake “! Or out of the blue, I will say, “ I am not as nice as I use to be”.

    • You know I and quite possibly WE are there with ya, I can attest to this last bit being rough and feeling damn near hopeless. But WE continue on…..
      Love ya, keep digging and one day when we lift our heads up we will see an accomplishment the likes of which the Universe will sing songs and legends about.
      Humble as it is………

  • Thank You for mentioning the anger and the sadness. I was so sad I cried today.
    It’s too bad it happened but I’m glad it wasn’t just me…been verrrry sad lately.

  • Dearest Denise, I want to thank you for helping me many times. I’m a long time follower but have only commented once some years ago, a very brief comment from when I was still working – at the circulation desk in a library where I was accessible to all the peepees (portal people) who wanted to mess with me. Your words (meaning You) helped me through so much that I didn’t understand at the time. Recently, I emailed you after a deep dive into a very old trauma that I thought I was done with. You were the only one I thought I could reach out to. And you responded! Not even knowing me. And brought me comfort. And strength. So thank you. I’ve also been having the weird dreams. Like you Denise, I wake up before it gets really bad, don’t know if it’s consciously or not. And the td peepees still try to get to me but often now I expell what I call a snarky snicker. Cuz it’s so stupid and obvious now that it feels funny. Don’t know how to end this comment except to say again…THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Any community insight would be welcome…
    A new feature of my shift….
    I have noticed that I am no longer willing to be the nice engaging loving person if the other person has nothing to share in return. You know this upfront of meeting these energies. You don’t get the goods if you don’t have the goods… so to speak.

    • (1) All of these NEW feelings and attitudes you mentioned Ic are due to the AP. (2) Added to that is the return of the Divine Mother Feminine (now carrying the Crystalline/Christ frequency) which has been absent throughout the old patriarchy across Earth for many thousands of years. (3) And lastly is the entrance into the Age of Aquarius, an AIR sign ruled by Uranus. Combine all of these mega energies at ascended higher NEW levels etc. and you’re seeing, hearing and feeling some of us expressing these NEW higher energies already. This will only escalate year by year.

      I intend to write more about these things and how radically different they are from what used to be. ❤

  • Dear Denise
    Just to say that I came across your blogs via a website that is becoming ridiculously incredible to believe.
    So much of what you write about resonates certainly across this lifetime for me! Blessings and Thank you.

    • “Just to say that I came across your blogs via a website that is becoming ridiculously incredible to believe.”

      And that is only getting worse Anita which is why I’ve pushed the need for everyone to learn to discern for themselves. 😉 Thanks and I’m glad you found your way here. ❤

  • Denise,

    Thank you so much for the clarity!

    I had night terrors for the first time in 45 years the other night. To add to that, I have literally enbodied the “this bitch will cut you” mentality for the past ten days. So completely different from who I am/have been, yet feeling totally justified and guilt free about it. I have asked myself many times “who is this person showing up right now” and “what is the matter with me?”. It has been a wild ride all the way around.

    I have also had so many strange dreams of people/events that were completely bizarre. People/events that I knew never existed in my past lives and definitely not in my present. Even though I was asleep I was fully aware/observing and noting “what the hell is going on here, this is not mine”.

  • Thank you Denise for mentioning the dreams. I had no idea why I’ve been dreaming of my “lower self” in “lower situations.” Didn’t feel like an outright TD attack to me, it was so subtle yet what I could ascertain with certainty was that I was in a lower world. It all was very confusing. I’ve even mistakenly thought it was a bleed-through from the other earth worlds to our own, I guess it was to throw me off the scent of what TD has been up to.

    It’s disheartening to hear that TD is still at it, still so fervently attacking us, feels like their actions are bordering on desperation, no even beyond desperation, beyond panic, like they’re fighting us to the death so that they can just barely survive.

    That site you’ve mentioned has been caught up with so many lawsuits from parents who say their children joined a “cult” and last I’ve read which was early last year, they’ve moved their compound to Hawaii where the landowner kicked them out for being well, a cult. Their site just reeks of falseness, lies and disinformation. I’m sorry you had to go through that linked video. They are just on blind “attack” mode, aren’t they.

    Jain Lee

    • Thanks for sharing about your recent dreams Jain L. I didn’t instantly understand all of mine either from around January 22-28th, then the nightmare attack in the early AM hours of this morning that stuck with me once I’d woke up for a bit too.

      “IT/SHE was not only incredibly impressive in this form but, and this is the strange part about this, the moment I perceived HER/IT something happened physically.”

      And these side effects some of us are currently having is due to this. This is the endgame of old patriarchal Duality reality in all levels.

      I’d forgotten this particular cult’s name so it took me awhile to figure out these particular portal people players in this video. There was a comment pingback from that site after I posted this article that I deleted because I did recognize the name. That tactic didn’t work so another one was used, the video link, but this is how we all learn these things. 🙂 Well, some of us learn.

      It’s now time I write an article I’ve put off for years about some of the high and low aspects of Aquarius (AIR sign) and its opposite sign Leo (FIRE sign) and how much of the low side of them has been building throughout the AP and are so obvious now. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thanks so much, Denise for your last comment. I was wondering what was happening. As a few times I saw something in my dream state that didn’t feel like my own. Some stories of some people. Like a woman was telling me a story about her life. Including, that huge wave of pain. That also didn’t feel like my own. As if I was just a filter to transmute it. Maybe I’m wrong. But it definitely was…interesting to put it lightly. Thanks for reminding again to keep both eyes open and do not slack. As it is not over until it’s over.

    Lots of love,


  • That “split and shift” to “reality” you mentioned is showing me people instead of places. When I look at someone now – some more than others – I “see” a whole different presentation of them. Sometimes it is very sweet and beautiful; and some people are very dark and twisted in this “vision” even if pretty on the outside.
    It feels like discernment on steroids 😏

    Thank you Denise for always serving the truth 💜

    • Yes Diana H., welcome to Phase 2 of the Ascension Process (AP). 😮 See more, feel more, sense more, perceive more and know more about everyone and everything and learn how to cope with that personally.

      We’re all going to learning this one throughout 2021, probably longer. If you go back and reread my 2020 articles, especially the ones where I talked about ascension teachers/writers/channelers and the ascension and conspiracy communities, why I did that last year is becoming increasingly clear this year. The “Great Awakening” as some are calling the AP is ongoing and includes everyone including every Volunteer, every ascension teacher/writer/channeler etc. etc. etc. 😉 ❤

      • I’m going to put this here because it’s easier for me.

        Over the past week to ten days now I’ve had numerous dreams every night that didn’t look and feel like they were coming from me, from my “unconscious” I mean. I’m able to tell the difference between me dreams, lucid dreams that are actual etheric happenings and interactions with other people and/or beings, and I’m able to tell when I’ve been hijacked, abducted ethericlly from the sleep dream state and frequency by Team Dark in whatever form. I’ve always been able to discern my dream life “dreams” and sense or know what’s what and who’s who in them.

        Long story short, over the past 7-10 days like many of you, I’ve been having multiple weird random dreams every night. All of them did not feel like they were coming from me, like they were organic and legit if you get what I’m saying. They made no sense and seemed pointless to me. I made a mental note about this each morning and wondered what was coming, what were these many strange dreams building up to if anything? Then last night, early AM hours this morning (1-30-2021) I was attacked by Team Dark (TD for the new readers) through a dream nightmare. I’ve experienced this a hundred times throughout my life and over the decades I’ve learned to discern it all and learn a whole lot about this and how it works from the etheric into the physical and vise versa.

        So early this morning the dream tensions I’ve been feeling building in those other questionable dreams I was having all week broke finally via this etheric hijack abduction smash n’ grab attack attempt by some nonphysical negativity. The nightmare isn’t the point — it was a typical old theme dream nightmare they’ve used on me for a long time. The point is that I sensed it when I went to bed last night and beefed up my nightly protections because of that but still got suckered into a nightmare bloodbath dream by TD nonetheless.

        When these dream attacks get too much I consciously exit them and return to my physical body and wake up. Sometimes however TD follows you back into the physical, just like sometimes they/it waits for you to fall asleep. Last night was another case of my being followed back to the physical wake state in the middle of the night, getting up to go to the bathroom, then lay there in bed for a while because TD was close by and doing its best to pull me back to sleep again to continue the attack. What was interesting was that last night the “nightmare” continued after I exited it, was wide awake in the physical and walking around my bedroom, going to the bathroom, turning the bedside light on, laying there trying to not fall asleep again. The “nightmare” was present wherever I was, be that asleep or awake and it took some serious etheric muscle on my part to break the multi-leveled attack. I’ve experienced this many times before over the decades but I must admit that having it happen last night, in 2021, surprised me. It shouldn’t have which is one reason why I’m sharing this with all of you.

        Then a few hours later this morning while checking my emails I found one from someone with a video link in it. I wasn’t familiar with the woman that sent me that email and link, nor was I familiar with the two young women in the video. The only reason I checked out this video was because I was told they mentioned me and my latest article in it. Because of that I watched and tried to listen to only about the first 35 minutes of this video. As soon as it began the energies in it were nightmarish in that common negative, dense, heavy oppressive dark way. Then the two young women started talking and it was obvious some dank foul TD shit was about to unfold.

        After viewing those 35 minutes of those two TD controlled and used young women and clairvoyantly Seeing three small etheric demonic attachments literally sitting on top of one young women in the video, I understood the nightmare attack I’d experienced a few hours earlier. This is how some of this type of TD and Portal People physical and etheric, awake and asleep attacks works everyone. How do people like this find me and HHL? TD sends them.

        Learn from my horror story experiences please. I have this knowledge and Higher Awareness to pass along to those of you currently capable of understanding it and using it yourselves during this AP and these negative attacks. Things are moving, shifting, changing very fast now in 2021 and we all need to be prepared for anything from any direction at any time.

        The video was I found out after doing a fast Google search this morning of the name, from the Love Has Won two young women. Do not bother checking any of this out because it’s not needed. You don’t need to go way, way down there for any reason. I’m sharing this to assist you in navigating the negativity in general, the focused pockets of negativity, and the profound insanity and worse that’s increasing because the Separation is happening now and will soon become a complete disconnect cutoff point with all of this lower stuff and people.

    • I am experiencing something very familiar. It’s like a clean slate with clarity. Also, I feel another pang of how to be human and relate on same levels. It seems to be over for me with many people and situations.

  • Wow. Thank you Denise. I’ve been telling my fiancé all week I’m going through something. His response your always going through something. He’s right. These stair steps and energy shifts are constant and have been for awhile now. I feel these energy shifts differently and more intense now. However this current one that started last weekend is a doozy. It’s so interesting because I called it, “Dealing with my Mommy Issues” I’ve been dealing with these issues my whole life but they are really smack in my face this week.

    Not only am I dealing with my inner child mommy issues (she’s a portal person, classic narcissistic personality disorder) and lack of a father figure. I am currently engaged to my loving fiancé, who happens to have a 6 year old son from a previous marriage.

    He is a good boy, but a lot has come up this week about my feelings towards him and how I don’t want to treat him like my mom treated me. Also mourning missing my family but afraid to start my own family. Not sure if that makes since but missing the old even though I know it’s not healthy but afraid to begin the new, when it’s all I ever wanted.

    I am being gifted the chance to change and heal what happened to me. Yet I’m angry about it. I know what I have to do and it’s going to take work. This might not make sense but I just want to thank you for writing. It helps me so much 💜

  • When you mention the feminine energies I am reminded of an interaction I had with Kali many years ago, maybe in 2005 I think. At that time I was experiencing a huge amount of rage that scared me. So much so, that one day I completely dismantled a wrought iron bed frame that I’d been trying to break apart for awhile. I discovered Kali through Tom Kenyon and his workshops. I was putting together a children’s project at the time and I googled Kali and saw her picture and said, yikes! She later came to me and I said, “you’re reckless!’ She responded, “that’s how you perceive me. People prey on people because they can.” She then guided me through many aspects of my children’s project that I was struggling with.

  • Long time reader, first time commenter. This resonates quite soundly with my experiences of the last week or so. I’m not usually a sad person and when it started “hitting,” I went through my thoughts in an attempt to analyze/see it better, i.e., was the sadness an indication I haven’t looked fully at my darkness?, what is this helping me to see better? etc. before realizing that what I was experiencing wasn’t for thought to decipher. Purposeful existence, planning, intention setting, thought, “figuring it out” feels as if its’ placing experience “out there” when really the experience wants to be “in here.” Hope this makes sense. Thanks for all your dedication

    • “Hope this makes sense.”

      Absolutely Amy P. ❤ And I'm glad you decided it was "time" 😉 to comment here.

      More about old lower thinking vs NEW higher perception etc. soon. Thanks again for commenting. ❤

  • You are describing perfectly the visual effect many of us who experience ocular migraines see before the migraine hits. Then migraine, for me, and for many others, is painless but forces you to lie down and maybe even affect your ability to grasp for words. The visual begins small, shimmers in beautiful fluorescent colors, and grows. I began having them at least seven years ago. They are becoming very frequent now sometimes more than once a day. I have found that BHI Migraine, inexpensive and found in health stores and on Amazon, can alleviate or completely dispel the migraine. I am also extremely sensitive and feel that sensitivity is contributing to this. But I do not believe it is a visitation. In fact, if you go on Facebook and join a few ocular migraine groups, you’ll find there are many people who are experiencing the same thing and have been for years. Mine was diagnosed by a doctor.

    • Linda,

      Why are you even here at HHL writing the comment you just did? I phrased that as a question but I already know why.

      Like I said in this article and a few others, this information is NOT for everyone that will read it. I can’t get anymore obvious than that. You go to Facebook and those groups that are experiencing what you described and are NOT experiencing what I’ve described. I don’t and never have or ever would go to Facebook or any other place and blatantly tell people that what they’re personally experiencing is incorrect.

      I’m so done with unaware people and their egos.

  • I felt a palpable shift on the 21st per my notes. It’s go time. It’s get your act together time. It’s take complete responsibility from the inside out. Yay!!

  • Hi, Denise and friends!

    If I’m not mistaken the images you’re displaying about the type of new Mommy energies are exactly what I’ve felt in the beginning of January. Right after being burned to a crisp with cosmic fire 🔥. It felt like ozone mixed with hydrogen submerging you and a million of tiny fireworks exploding in you…around you. As Andrew said in his comments, there was a gift from our cosmic Mommy to each volunteer.

    I’m super grateful to her. Each time I think about it. I start tearing up. She did send me energy numbing me emotionally. Didn’t feel a thing for weeks, except those that are buried deep inside and still needs attention. Anyway, in those dates 22/23/24/25/26/27 I’ve been on cruise 🚢 with emotions. Which started from “divorcing” my biological parents, then seeing in the dreams my past experiences briefly. And to add to in all going through the most emotionally painful thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. In my sleep, I’ve transmuted a sea size of emotional pain. Only because I was emotionally numb, I’ve survived that. However, as a cherry on top it was my husband’s overreaction. Trying to get me. He was shaking with anger at the time of argument. Calling me names etc. I felt the targets being aimed to my chest and neck. Did not feel a thing, but felt the negative impulses being thrown at me.

    Anyway, the next couple of days was on a roller coaster 🎢. Irritated from this and that. Last night my body was feeling funky in my sleep. As if it was stretching.

    Prior around 20/22 felt another wave of fireworks with hydrogen. Which actually marked the next painful events.

    Thanks, Denise for your article. Glad to be a part of such wonderful universal divinity.

    With love,


  • Woah! Sounds like those wedded to the old patriarchal ways will have a fun time getting their shit in order this next 12 months. I’m here for the ride so I’d better hold tight and be flexible enough to roll with the twists and turns. Great article yet again for us who cannot see or sense as you do.

  • … “this latest Divine Mother first contact happened and/or began on or around January 22, 2021″…

    How peculiar! It was on that particular day that I had finally built up enough initiative to finally prepare, cook, and serve my very special “Confit de Canard”; and I presume that a kind of kick from our “NEW mommy with sharp diamond edges” was exactly what I needed to do the trick. – Also, these days I find myself mentally renewed with a sharp no-nonsense attitude. – Something else is indeed going on. – How exciting to be a witness to all of this. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for your razor – sharp description of the most recent energy blasts this past week, which give much needed understanding to what has happened and what to expect. My birthday is 2 February, and I feel like I am in the center of a cyclone, the opposite of making a celebration.

    I feel shredded, drained of energy, and as if I am existing in a void.

    Several years ago I ‘saw’ the mob of thugs that attacked The Capitol Building on January 6th, but I didn’t know where it was at the time. The rage of the men was vivid, blood thirsty, and the exact patriarchal explosion that was recorded that day; I do not want to be in that world or ever be close to it.

    Several years ago, pre pandemic, you said that millions of people would decide they did not want to be here any longer, and they would leave, which is exactly what is happening at a very fast pace, worldwide.

    I especially appreciate your description of how former ways of doing ‘good things’ no longer apply. I hadn’t articulated how I have been feeling exactly that way, but no matter if I like it or not, that is what it feels like.

    I have not been able to latch onto a life raft of cushiony relief; everything has felt very hard edged, as if I am being forced through a blender. Maybe the ‘teeth’ of the symbol for Aquarius are biting and chewing.

    For me, I have felt that all the life has been sucked out of me, as if I am an empty, hollow vessel, except for the larger ME who remains anchored, like a tethered balloon.

    Thank you, as always, for your insights, explanations, and vivid reports. Tattered, hanging by a thread, and very appreciative, Love, as always, Cali

    • Several years ago I ‘saw’ the mob of thugs that attacked The Capitol Building on January 6th, but I didn’t know where it was at the time. The rage of the men was vivid, blood thirsty, and the exact patriarchal explosion that was recorded that day; I do not want to be in that world or ever be close to it.

      Those people — and some similar low frequency others — are the ones on what I’ve called the Descending Earth. Those that want violence will have it and worse and nothing but that. So many are not ready or desirous of evolving at this time and so they won’t. They are not our problem or responsibility everyone reading this so let them go where they want and need to be now. Everybody in their own lanes now. 🙂

      I’ve felt pretty trashed myself Cali F. since Phase 2 of the AP started a year ago. I think most of us have. You can feel that you are, that we are literally morphing into a NEW species biologically, energetically, physically and in all other ways. I feel like Aquarian energy waves vibrating, sparking, snapping with power as I learn how to adapt to this NEW level of being and reality. Rest well Cali. ❤

  • The Divine Feminine Energy sounds like my 17 month old daughter, and all 3 of my nieces all under 7. Ballsy, knows what she wants, her will is strong and fierce, you know her presence even if she says nothing, and will cut through you if your in her way…all presented with a smile. As I’m writing this I’m realizing how the children born now are all New Earth and here for New Earth only.

  • “this bitch will cut you!” Oh my goodness yes, a thousand times yes! As usual what you are saying resonates with me so deeply and fully, I have so much to say but also feel like no need to say anything at all. Fells like it’s time to be now. I mentioned in my previous comments that I started to write down when I see the light codes coming so strongly and I just checked my notebook : “January 22, 20:12 pm, it feels new and stronger”
    Thank you Denise 😚❤️

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