Compressed Evolution Means Your Body Is Changing, Now

As greater numbers of people worldwide continue being physically, biologically, energetically, consciously and spiritually pressured and pushed by the evolutionary Ascension Process (AP), many are confused about what’s happening to them, their body, consciousness, their lives, their county and everything else. This natural evolutionary Ascension Process affects everything, not just a person’s physical body, but is a complete life-altering transformational process that takes time—years and decades, not days, weeks or months—to transition through its many layers so relax into it and do your best to not fear what’s happening within yourself and your physical body, and the external world. It’s all very positive despite it not feeling or looking that way at the moment. Humans are always resistant to change of any kind, and the AP related changes cover everything everywhere so there’s plenty of confusion, unawareness, wild misunderstandings and fearful resistance.

Stop Fighting the Evolutionary Ascension Process Side Effects

People are getting really tired of their bloated, distended, unattractive evolutionary Ascension Process “Buddha Belly” and want it to go away, immediately. I’d very much like this too but my “Buddha Belly” gets worse, not better, every time I/we go through another big—and they’re all very big now folks—increase in Light Energies. I also get numerous other side effects besides the severely bloated belly/gut/diaphragm/abdomen area, which I’d also prefer didn’t make me look like I’m sick and/or lazy and/or don’t care about my physical appearance anymore. Nonetheless, I’ve been living this evolutionary Ascension Process on the physical, biological level since the start of 1999, and my “Buddha Belly” hasn’t disappeared yet.

Simple answer is stop fighting it, stop fearing it, stop resisting the evolutionary AP changes you’re experiencing and surrender to this natural and normal evolutionary Process taking place during our lifetimes. After having lived this and much more for the past twenty-six years and counting, I know that it’s best to just let it happen, don’t try to “fix” it because there’s nothing to “fix” in natural evolution, don’t think it to death which is taken care of by the fact that ones old lower level of consciousness is being dismantled so NEW higher levels can replace it, and don’t resist because doing so only prolongs these many changes and makes it more painful in most cases. Just open your heart and surrender to the natural evolutionary Process taking place within yourself and your body.

I’ve often thought about the millions of people who’ve gone to doctors, specialists and hospitals since 1999–2000 because of evolutionary Ascension symptoms only to be told nothing is wrong with them, or far worse, be diagnosed with something they don’t have and given medications for it. Just horrible and dumping pharmaceutical toxins into one’s body while it was/is already hard at work transmuting so much old 3D density, negativity and global toxins etc. only causes more difficulties in my opinion. Get a second and third opinion if your doctor tells you you’ve got such and such and his/her solution is to dump chemicals into your body to “help you with it”. You most likely don’t even have what the doctor claims you do so discern for yourself, and if you still feel uncertain, get other opinions to be safe. I’m not a physician, I am an Ascension Process Specialist, so discern and protect yourself from incorrect diagnoses, unnecessary chemicals, outrageous expenses, negative thought-forms, negative limiting old belief systems, and fear and worry.

It helps with your personal evolutionary Ascension symptoms/side effects to remember that everything is going through this Process, not just you and your physical body. Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way galaxy, other galaxies, the Universe, the Multiverses are all going through this natural evolutionary Ascension Process now. There is no aspect, no corner, no layer, no dimension, no star or systems that are immune from evolution.

It’s normal to feel “hot flashes” with the Ascension Process despite one’s sex or age and this is because that inner heat is Kundalini Fire burning away lower frequency density and duality within you and your physical body. Also, Mother Earth/Gaia’s heating up—so-called ‘global warming’—is Her having Ascension related “hot flashes” because she is evolving, transmuting, and becoming something very NEW, improved and of a much higher frequency. Humans and Earth/Gaia have been heating up because of this natural evolution and doctors and scientists don’t know this, nor would they believe it any more than people understand the real reasons behind ‘global warming’. Friction causes heat, and there’s been and still is plenty of friction from the old lower dense frequencies and consciousness coming into direct contact with the NEW higher Light Energies and being changed, upgraded, evolved because of it. It’s okay and to be expected during these massive transitions. No fear, just greater understanding about all aspects of the Ascension Process.

It’s also common to go through periods where your mind doesn’t work like you’re used to. It seemingly isn’t there at times, and no matter how hard you try, how hard you focus mentally, you just cannot pull information in or connect to it or stay focused or get anything to work. It feels like your brain is on hold and you cannot mentally focus or remained focused on anything. The reason for this AP side effect is because you’re being deliberately UN-FOCUSED and Rewired so you’ll be able to expand your consciousness far beyond the old narrow frequency band it and you are used to.

This is the old neural brain and brain maps getting greatly expanded, Rewired so they can carry vastly higher frequency Light, Light information and Higher Awareness and not fry anything important or blow a fuse in there! During this process—and it happens repeatedly over the years so don’t assume you’ve got some mental, cognitive disease—the way you accessed information and memories is changing, expanding and becoming far more complex and evolved. It’s just during this transition the old doesn’t always work and you’ve not yet got the hang of the NEW and how it works so there are times you’re seemingly going to “short-circuit” in front of people when they’ve asked you something and you can’t find or get the correct words out to respond to them. This usually causes frustration and embarrassment, which typically induces a hot flash! Now you both can’t communicate and you’re sweating like crazy, are miserably hot and uncomfortable and want to just run screaming from the building and go home. Oh, the joy of it all…

Because the electromagnetic energies have been and still are changing dramatically on Earth/Gaia, they’re also changing dramatically in you and your physical body too of course. This causes all sorts of symptoms and related anomalies. One is a severe build-up of static electricity in your physical body to the point that you’re getting zapped all the time, even in high humidity or rain. This too will come and go so relax into these changes. Attach a floor-length rubber tail off the back of your pants that drags on the floor behind you, discharging the excess static build-up as you walk. Kidding, except I honestly did think of doing this years ago out of sheer desperation when I was getting severely zapped every few feet in stores, in public, and usually uncontrollably cursing every time I got stung by an electrical zap. This was so severe that other shoppers often saw the blue-white lightning bolt shoot out my finger when I got close to something metal and would get zapped. And when one’s nerves (Central Nervous System being Rewired too) are rather fried from the AP anyway, getting zapped constantly for months on end only makes it all that much worse.

Another common symptom is what I’ve come to call the spinnies. It feels like the inside of your head (and sometimes your eyes too) are rotating and if you physically turn too fast, or just turn only your head, you almost fall over or crash into something. Vertigo, ungrounded, not connected to Earth in the old ways, in transition to another level of being and reality etc. all make one feel the spinnies.

Another aspect of this is the sensation that suddenly the floor has dropped out from under you and/or you’re falling, tipping over or suddenly dropping down a few feet. What you’re sensing is more energetic and frequency changes to old lower 3D energetic structures and systems etc., and this is just one of many ways your body and awareness perceive these fluctuations and disappearing old timelines with their blueprints and energetic structures.

The inner body vibrations or sense of an electric current running, vibrating, buzzing, shaking and/or pulsating in different areas of your physical body is another common Ascension related side effect. It’s caused by you literally embodying higher frequency Light Energies. As we continue clearing out old density duality within each of us, higher frequency Light Energies simultaneously replace them and are embodied by each of us and that feels like we’re vibrating inside our physical bodies. We are, and it’s simply our inner frequency being dramatically increased while incarnate in our physical bodies.

And no, the inner body vibrations is NOT caused by negative beings, aliens or demons as some incorrectly believe. They cause very different symptoms and interferences and blockages in people. When your body is vibrating, it’s a positive evolutionary sign that you are embodying more and more higher frequency Light Energies and are vibrating faster and higher because of it.

Another common side effect of our continuing evolutionary AP is that the more NEW higher frequencies we encounter on Earth, the more people are hearing them, seeing them and feeling them in a variety of ways. When you hear high-pitched ringing in your ears, and/or around your head and/or over your head in stereo-like sound, you are hearing some of the many higher frequency Light Energies coming in from our local Sun, the Milky Way GC, from Divine Source etc. It’s just that you’re evolving enough now to be able to hear some of them. Eventually we’ll be able to “read” them, interpret them, discern them for ourselves, but for most now, we’re only able to hear these ringing, squealing, humming, buzzing, clicking tones and sound frequency Light Codes.

Some are able to clairvoyantly See some of these higher frequency Light Energies, and typically they’re perceived as brilliant Lights of different color. As we evolve and get more adept at Seeing these higher frequency Light Energies, we’ll be able to “read” them too and we’ll See much more than only different colored Lights. We’ll See Codes in Light form and often they’re in geometric Light form but they’re also more than this too. Always be open to perceive and experience more than what you are currently.

There’s also the linear time vs. quantum, Now Moment no time, and Spherical Consciousness that’s capable of perceiving multiple “times” and non or no time simultaneously. At first this one is just strange and rather confusing, especially as we repeatedly jump back and forth between linear time consciousness and reality and quantum no time Now Moment consciousness and reality. With more experience and experimentation however, we slowly discover that we’re evolving beyond the old lower frequency limits of linear time and the matching and appropriate consciousness that went with it.

Again, get out of your own way with these more exotic NEW AP side effects and perceptions, pay attention and learn more as you continue becoming more. This is natural and highly compressed evolution you’re living, experiencing, perceiving and being constantly affected by now. Stop trying to limit and reduce it back down into old lower 3D beliefs, structures, systems and consciousness. It doesn’t work and won’t ever work. Lower and Higher frequencies and consciousness cannot co-exist in the same space so stop trying to make it happen. Doing so only makes the whole thing more frustrating.

There are so many people still trying to apply old lower limited and profoundly limiting 3D patriarchal beliefs, expectations, systems and structures, further dis-empowerment, deluded hopes and desires, and tremendous lack of personal responsibility on to the NEW incredibly higher frequencies present, growing in them, their bodies and the Earth world and reality around them. However, we are not evolving so that humans can have a slightly better form of continued global, species-wide disempowerment. Not going to happen, period.

This is evolution and change, incomprehensible change and improvement to most people, and it’s not allowed to try to superimpose old lower frequency negativity, lack of awareness, and lack of personal responsibility on to the NEW higher Light Energies and 5D consciousness. It’s not possible because these frequencies are so profoundly different that they cannot merge with one another or even co-exist in the same space. What they are doing now is separating, literally repelling from each other and going off in very different directions, which is natural at this point within the evolutionary Ascension Process; the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. Be brave, be open to positive changes beyond belief and stop trying to limit evolution with your current lack of greater and Higher Awareness. I apply this to myself as well and always have. Dream bigger, aim higher, much higher and get out of your own way with your old lower frequency 3D patriarchal thoughts and beliefs because they’re not a match, in any way or form, with the NEW higher Earth world.

Denise Le Fay

May 7, 2017

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20 thoughts on “Compressed Evolution Means Your Body Is Changing, Now

  • I am gradually accepting that this ‘Ascension Process’ is not for me. My body is just too tired, and might even be destroying itself. Ascension just seems to get worse, not better. I have realised today that the life I knew has gone, and all that remains is to feel permanently uncomfortable (or in pain) in my own skin, coupled with bouts of anxiety and depression. That is not a life that I wish to live. I’ve tried it for six years. It isn’t for me. I also don’t fancy the idea that all my hopes and ambitions must be shelved in favour of becoming a guinea pig in some deity or extra terrestrial’s pet experiment. ( by which I mean the mind-numbing exhaustion that forces people to take to their bed for large swathes of the day, or the mental fog/confusion which prevents any kind of creative activity). And of course, we have no idea if this process is good or evil. Couple this with the fact that there is zero practical support, and the decision is a no-brainer.

    • It’s your choice to check out of the evolutionary Ascension Process Paul if that’s what you really want to do. Many people have been checking out, physically dying because they don’t want to or aren’t able to remain in their current physical bodies and “ascend” them which means evolve them to a higher frequency. There’s no right or wrong about any of this and like I said it’s your choice. I made my choice long, long ago and no matter what I will fulfill what I Volunteered to do with this Universal Ascension.

      Natural evolution is not caused by some ETS. And you may not know if ‘the Ascension Process is good or evil’ but I and many others do. The profound evil is what has been, and that it takes real inner work and dedication to extricate oneself from that old lower frequency even with the all of the Source activated energies pushing everything everywhere to evolve, again.

      Again, this is your choice Paul but know this — Do it now or do it later but KNOW that you will do it at some point. Why not take advantage of all these energies that, yes cause pains in our bodies because evolution hurts, to do this now faster and with less misery than later when they’re not available? Your choice.

  • Again, thank you Denise for such detailed answers. Wow, I’m so happy to actually have asked these questions and to know what it is I need to do…. I CAN do this!! Onward and upward 😁😁😇😇

  • Denise, I LOVE your posts. I have bought and read your book. I’m so grateful and thankful for you those of you who spend so much time writing about this to help others! I have been having severe ascension symptoms for 6+ years now ( I can no longer work and barely function in society anymore and I’m 42). This all began for me when I stopped taking an ssri after taking it for 12 years. I’m quite sure my soul was trying to let me know for years to GET OFF THE MEDS… I finally heard the screams and listened … except it’s been full blast horror since then. I refuse to touch any medicine again, I no longer use western doctors or medicine of any kind … what I’d like to know is your view on those who seem to be catapulted into ascension after taking a medication or stopping it. How is it ALL the symptoms are literally identical? Before I recognized this as an awakening, I spent years living in fetal position and fear/terror of what could possibly be happening to me (with 50+ symptoms at once for years)…. so I’ve trained my 3D brain into thinking this is damage from the meds. Now as I move through ascension I’m becoming aware of much more but I still struggle with this 3D thinking. My question is does this ever stop, this 3D thinking? Also, in your experience, did you ever have unrelenting anxiety and panic that lasted a long long time? If and when did this stop for you? Am I the one hopeless case that won’t be able to shed this type of 3D stuff or is this just more “victim” thinking on my part? It’s been so long , sometimes I worry I will never ascend or move to the 5th dimension and actually shed this stuff!! Has there been anyone who lived a life of anxiety and actually shed this as they ascended higher? ( without western medicine )?

    • Liv,

      Your age first: Being 42 means you’re in the end phase of what’s called the Uranus Opposition. Everyone goes through it from age 39-42, 43 and only once in a lifetime so this is a very important astrological transit. I suggest you read Barbara Hand Clow’s book —

      to help you better understand this aspect of what you’ve been going through.

      “… I refuse to touch any medicine again, I no longer use western doctors or medicine of any kind … what I’d like to know is your view on those who seem to be catapulted into ascension after taking a medication or stopping it. How is it ALL the symptoms are literally identical?”

      I’ve felt the way you now do about Big Pharma and the medical machine all my life. I haven’t and won’t take any pharmaceuticals.

      There’s much more to this subject than only what I’m going to say in this brief response but know that Team Dark (TD) has done their best to prevent humans from naturally evolving now during the current Ascension Process (AP), and a huge aspect of that has been through drugs, legal and illegal. The more they can interfere with a person, their body, consciousness, thoughts, emotions/feelings, energy etc., the more difficult it is for people to live through the different AP phases. Getting off drugs usually reduces this intentional negative interference enough so that the AP either starts or if already begun, amplifies it and that on top of everything else really makes living the AP rough for a few years. You should be so very proud of yourself for listening to your Inner messages to get off the drugs and being brave enough to do it. Drugs or not, none of this is easy but it does get less severe, less painful, less confusing, and speeds up so you move through the energy Stair-steps as I call them — different energy layers and phases etc. — faster and faster. And, as you progress in all this now in 2017, TD’s power to derail, interfere, ‘Smash & Grab’, attack people living this evolutionary process is so reduced now that this is happening so much faster than it did for us Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers.

      “… Now as I move through ascension I’m becoming aware of much more but I still struggle with this 3D thinking. My question is does this ever stop, this 3D thinking?”

      We all have to work our ways through it because it was the primary “tool” for humanity in the old lower 3D frequency patriarchal world; the left brain intellect and the ego. What a combo pack! 👿

      The ego self doesn’t want to “die” so it and the left brain intellect yell and scream at us every time we dare to evolve beyond them! They’re old lower frequency tools and they’re not anywhere near sufficient enough to deal with 5D and higher Higher Awareness, Higher Consciousness, HighHeart Consciousness and so on. With effort on your part and trust and faith that there’s NEW higher perceptual tools just waiting for you (and everyone else evolving now), you’ll evolve beyond your old ego self and left brain intellect and what a blessing and freedom that is!

      HighHeart Consciousness and being is a fifth dimensional and higher frequency Light level that humanity is evolving into now. The HighHeart (Thymus gland) exists in the center of our chest above the old lower physical heart. It is now the NEW primary “tool” for humanity and it’s more about feeling to perceive instead of linear thinking to perceive and problem solve etc. It takes some getting used to but once a person learns to let go of the old lower 3D ways and BE and FEEL perceive from this NEW 5D HighHeart frequency, the freedom and increased creativity is hard to describe. It’s easier to “ascend” up into the HighHeart now than ever before so keep focused on doing exactly that and stop monkey mind as many times a day and night as you need to. I still have to do this in myself but it’s nothing as severe as it used to be for me.

      “…Am I the one hopeless case that won’t be able to shed this type of 3D stuff or is this just more “victim” thinking on my part?”

      The fact that you’re conscious of this is a HUGE positive and means you’ll have much less to work through with it. You are not and never have been “hopeless”, but TD sure as hell wants people to believe that! You, like each of us, simply has your stuff to work through, which it sounds like you’ve been doing, so the rest will continue to unfold via the AP energies that are now so high, so potent, so powerful that no one and nothing can anti-life can survive them. You’re doing an amazing job of this, keep it up. ❤

      Denise Le Fay

      • Denise, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my ( high) heart 😌 For this response. I truly appreciate your insight and kind reminders that yes I am doing great and on the right path … team dark is a “bitch” of a fight. Is TD a negative entity? Do they eventually drift away at a certain point or do we need to do anything to help rid this negative entity? For years now ( since stopping the medication) I have felt almost possessed and afraid. I recon they feed of this fear. I truly thought I was the only “crazy” person … I and VERY conscious of all that is happening to me. Is as if I’m sitting back and watching this play out inside me. It’s crazy at times and super scary!!
        Thanks again for your response. I will look into this book. My curiosity about this is peaked!! 😊

        • Liv & All,

          “…team dark is a “bitch” of a fight.”

          It most certainly is! It’s an “Initiation” of sorts actually, one that tests each of us to see if we can break free of that lowly, negative frequency range, consciousness, influences and world reality etc. This has gotten so, SO much easier and faster however because the Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers have cleared out so much old negativity and anchored so much NEW higher Light and Light Codes/templates/blueprints etc.

          “Is TD a negative entity?”

          Team Dark (TD) is ALL negative nonphysical and nonhuman beings, aliens, demons, entities and also, dead and living humans that are polarized to the Dark, the negative. ALL of them are Team Dark, both the living human ones and the nonphysical nonhuman ones.

          “Do they eventually drift away at a certain point or do we need to do anything to help rid this negative entity?”

          Have you read anything I’ve written that had/has the term Separation of Worlds or Separation of Worlds & Timelines? The Separation of Worlds & Timelines is what’s been happening increasingly and faster every year since the Expiration Date which was December 21, 2012. Ever since then the Separation of Worlds & Timelines has been taking place, and now in 2017, it’s very accelerated and very obvious on the physical level here.

          The Separation of Worlds & Timelines is exactly that; a process of the old 3D Earth world with the global patriarchal consciousness, negativity, greed, planetary illness etc. descending into even greater negativity, density, insanity and limitation. The other Earth worlds and timelines are ascending, are evolving into higher and higher levels of Light and HighHeart consciousness, life, being and reality. This is the Separation of Worlds and the people in them; one descending into greater darkness and the other(s) ascending into greater Light and LOVE.

          At this point you don’t need to do anything about Team Dark other than stay away from all things, situations, locations, people, beliefs etc. that promote more of what’s been on Earth for thousands of years — TD negativity! All you need to do and keep focused on is your own ongoing Ascension Process (AP) and getting into and remaining in your 5D and higher frequency HighHeart consciousness and being. Ignore everything else and stay in as high of an inner frequency as you can within yourself which means you’re in an ascending Earth world and timeline.

          ” For years now (since stopping the medication) I have felt almost possessed and afraid. I recon they feed of this fear.”

          All lower frequency human emotions, thoughts and actions are the food and fuel sources of TD. Always has been. This is why TD instigates and perpetuates fear constantly because as long as they can keep humans/humanity in a constant state of fear over anything and everything, humans are endlessly pumping out fear-filled energies that TD literally eats to continue their existence. This is what real TD vampirism, etheric parasitism, and human zombies “walking dead” (the unaware and energetically exhausted humans) of real life have been all about. Sad and revolting but true.

          In some ways when people get off certain meds, they feel more because they’re not as drugged out. TD takes advantage of this by doing all they can to get those people to feel fear (it doesn’t matter over what or who just that it’s low frequencies, consciousness and emotions being produced) instead of higher frequency emotions and thoughts (safety, empowerment, Light, LOVE, creativity, happiness, compassion, freedom etc.). If you never forget that what humans produce energetically, etherically, mentally, emotionally and lastly, physically determines what reality one is existing within, and, which unseen beings are there too you’ll be just fine!

          Thanks Liv for such great questions. Know that you are doing really well and that you will continue doing so. Know that and work your way through all the other shit/crap/negativity that presents in an attempt to derail you from you’re ongoing Ascension Process. ❤

  • Thank you, Denise. Love the article and the gentle reminder how profound and amazing all that we are going through, and viewing this all from our old 3D mindset simply will not work. At some point, we need to just sit back, and enjoy the ride. I feel at times, it is like a rollercoaster. When we pay for a ticket and jump on an amusement park ride, we do not question why the ride is going up and down, or taking turns, going upside down and sideways. We just scream when we need, and hang on. Some even smile and hold up their hands. Why not? Why not hold up our hands and enjoy the ride. I told my husband yesterday, that my body changes feel like I am in a fun house. I do not know what is around each corner, but if we relax, we can almost enjoy it! I loved the part of the article where you said our solar system is also going through this. Felt the unity and the love that we we are not alone.

  • Thank you, Denise, probably the most important concept of this article for me is, as you say:

    “Simple answer is stop fighting it, stop fearing it, stop resisting the evolutionary AP changes you’re experiencing and surrender to this natural and normal Process taking place during our lifetimes. “

    The ‘surrender’ bit has always been a problem for me, and yet, when I look around ‘out there’, that’s the duality opposite of what must be done ‘within’ by this Forerunner. I must ‘surrender’ and understand that it is my awareness, gentleness and humor that keeps the ‘out there’ a bit… a wee bit more non-focused on the competition and control that others not aware of the AP still require in the ‘the strongest survive’ mentality.

    And thus I find myself again in a Zero Zone of: What to Dream Bigger of? Any dreams I may have are still entrenched in 3D thinking, that some kind of physical action is required, when I know in my Heart that no action is required. If there is any struggle left in me, it’s a battle between the predictable confrontation of the ‘3D out there’ and the ‘5D gentleness within me’ as I continue to experience the AP. And damn it, without that polarity action, sometimes it’s outright boring! Love, B.

  • Bless you Denise for all your wonderful and heart-felt work, deep appreciation to you for all your care and vigilant service to humanity. I’m having to hold space for my mom now, as the Ascension Frequencies are hitting her hard, your articles are a great tool for her integration…

    Bless you and hugs from Big Sur 🦁 daph xx

  • I am experiencing all of the above including the latest, which feels the strangest, seems as if everything around me starts is fluttering as a piece of cellophane flutters in a breeze. It stops as sudden as it starts. It feels as if some sort of grid, reality whatever it is is coming down or coming in. Nothing seems real. I feel as if I am living in more than one reality at at time. Truly difficult to explain. I just continue to breathe thru it.

    • Nancy & All,

      It sounds like you’re Seeing one or more Earth world realities increasing in frequency and fluctuating, exactly like what we feel inside our physical bodies with the inner vibrations. It’s the same process internally and externally, which is ongoing tremendous increase in Light Energies and therefore frequencies.

      Nothing has seemed “real” to me either for decades, it’s just that now in 2017, everything is shifting and separating and permanently ending. And you are, most of us are, literally living in more than one “reality” — I’m going to call it a timeline — simultaneously. More accurately, many of us constantly jump timeline these past few years, and we sometimes do it multiple times a day. That alone is exhausting on our physical bodies and CNS (Central Nervous Systems) and is another reason why we’re so ‘tired and wired’ much of the time.

      What we do is jump, shift back and forth between a slightly lower frequency timeline (a main Secondary) that contains far more probabilities, and from the highest frequency and accelerated Ascension timeline which is a Primary Ascension timeline. The old negative timelines below these main two are the ones with the most negativity and density etc. in them and are finally being permanently removed, ended and dissolved.

      Stay in your HighHeart, which is the same frequency as the Primary Ascension timeline, and NEW Earth world and reality and the second main timeline what many Lightworkers etc. continue working within to reach the Primary highest frequency Ascension timeline, and everything will be great. ❤

      • staying in my center is what helps me as these timelines accelerate I find myself going into different worlds and realities and that can be quite confusing. I can contain it somewhat during the day but night times are the most difficult. I find myself waking up in a different world as it is so different to what I know here. Its usually for a brief moment but it can be quite disturbing. Some of these worlds are having their own ascension issues as they are in those lower frequencies you talk about….. Also, time is so different for me now as I feel as if I am living a day verses weeks or months. Thanks for your amazing work…..

  • Hi Denise! Thanks for this post. I stumbled upon your blog because I’m experiencing ringing and clicking of the ears, feeling my and others’ energy bodies, clairaudience/clairsentience when I practice reiki, and rarely clairvoyance where I can see swirling balls of light that are coupled with profound feelings of love. I enthusiastically welcome all of these new changes and have been doing my best to stay healthy, exercise, meditate, etc. Is there anything I can do to encourage a faster transition? Or just let it happen as it does? Let’s do this! Bring on the light! 🙂

    • Candace,

      Stay in your HighHeart as much as possible, be willing to constantly let go of, release more and more of the past (personally and collectively), which automatically opens us more to more of the NEW higher Light Energies/Codes coming in now constantly. We don’t really have to do much more, at this point, than stay as open as we can to constant change, expansion, new higher everything etc. Let the old go and be willing to change into something and someone NEW to yourself. That’s bigger and harder to do than it may sound reading those words! But, this is what we’re doing and further facing this year and beyond; becoming something more than just human. 😉 ❤

      • 🙏🏼 Thank you so much! All of that resonates just perfectly (of course) and I think that changing into someone new is what brought all of these goodies on. I will continue on that path & stay in my HighHeart as much as possible. Thanks again! 💛

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