2023 X-2 Solar Flare Side Effects

As I’m sure most of you are aware, on February 17, 2023, an X-2.2 solar flare hit us and “radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere…”. And that is exactly what it felt like it did to the top of my head as well. I’m certain many of you can relate.

The familiar physical side effects of the bigger solar flares, winds, CMEs and so on making your body feel like it was hit by a truck causing most of your body to feel stiff, sore, bruised and swollen for days afterwards. Another common symptom is what these solar energies do to assist in accelerating our evolutionary Ascension Process and physical body “upgrades” are seriously potent headaches, head pains and pressures all around the skull and inside the head. Often the eyes are also affected, “upgraded” too because we’re literally having our heads and brains and brain glands—Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus—Rewired a bit more.

You may remember that back in October 2022, I suddenly started experiencing something new which were tiny watery-like pimples on my forehead mainly, but down into my temples and sides of my face as well. Then again in December 2022, on my birthday I was forced to go to a local Urgent Care because this side effect had gotten infected and was very painful. I wrote about both of these things already but wanted to add to this because I’ve received some recent emails about people experiencing skin problems they’ve never had before.

On February 17, 2023, while the X-2 solar flare was doing what it’s supposed to, I had the typical crushing headache and inner head pains and pressures, very loud high-pitched inner ear squealing sounds, eye pains and all day saw flashes of white Light inside my house and also coming out of my body too. The next day the hit by a truck body pains and stiffness manifested and even my ribs were bruised and sore. And the skin on my face had those tiny watery-like pimples on it again. It didn’t the day before. I hadn’t had them since December when two of them became infected. Point is that since around October of 2022, the Sun has been helping us rapidly purge very old negative distortions and limitations etc. done to our bodies, brains and DNA long ago. This is good but miserable energy Work we’re doing in and through our bodies, still. I suspect it will be like this much of 2023.

For me this is mainly how this very old negative etheric and physical sludge let’s all it, is purging from my physical body and head with the help of what the Sun is doing. You may experience this process a bit differently, however. Some have told me their skin has suddenly been dry, flaky, irritated and uncomfortable. Others have said how their eyes have been hurting, dry, irritated, blurry, sore and bruised feeling. Whether it’s your skin, eyes, head, skull, ears, the skin in your ears, your spine, joints or HighHeart thumping and expanding in the center of your upper chest, it’s all caused by the current solar Light transmissions helping us purge out more and more and more of the ancient distortions and dark sludge both etheric and physical. We couldn’t survive doing this energy Work all at once so, as has always been the case with both our embodying more of the NEW higher Light energies and our purging out more of the ancient density and negative distortions, we do Energy Work bit-by-bit until the job is complete. Much of 2023 will continue to be this for those of us capable of doing this intense level of energy Work and purging in and through our physical bodies.

And so, plenty of deliberate self-care, rest, sleep when you can, eat what you sense you need at the time, isolate to get through the Work more quickly, keep any skin wounds or irritations clean or disinfected to prevent a sudden mandatory trip to Urgent Care!, and love/LOVE yourself for being able to do this Work for self and future humanity. Let your HighHeart expand and hold more Source and Home in it. That’s what I try to do during the really severe days of this type of energy Work; I totally surrender to it and let the Divine spiritual physical energy Alchemy take place within me. I’m NOT selling this, but physical pain can sometimes get you to very elevated, rarified, spiritual levels if you’re able to utilize it to get there. Again, I am NOT selling this or suggesting you do it, only stating that it can happen, sometimes, when you stop struggling and surrender during those extra intense and painful energy Work periods we repeatedly go through.

Be well and take extra good care of your body and HighHeart while more Source and Home gets embodied and more ancient gunk gets purged.

Denise Le Fay

February 20, 2023


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More Out With The Old & In With The NEW

So much has changed energetically since the December 21, 2018 Solstice it’s dizzying, and it’s still happening. Then more changed via the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon. These changes will only be followed by nearly constant changes throughout 2019 so, eyes and HighHearts wide open transmuters.

The night of the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon—which feels like it happened six months ago instead of only days ago—I checked it repeatedly throughout the evening and felt other humans reacting to it. It was visually beautiful and I was grateful for the clear night sky so I could watch the entire process unfold from the privacy of my backyard. What surprised me about it however was once it reached its peak, the energies changed dramatically and instantly. Another LARGE chunk of old lower negative things were suddenly gone the moment this eclipse peaked and I felt an explosive removal of the old alien negativity and instantaneous insertion of NEW energies and codes. Remember back in April 2017, how Saturn got hit by seven solar flares to energetically free it from old lower negative things? The January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse had a similar energetic transformation, freeing the Moon of all past lower alien energies, negativity and distortions and has embodied the NEW energies.

This January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse energy swap-out was blatant, intense and took a split-second. As I stood there watching and feeling this, I was simultaneously saddened in a nostalgic sort of way and ecstatic, surprised and not surprised at the speed of this, and empty and full too. Empty of the old and full of more NEW. Another strange sensation and knowing about the ongoing removal of old energies and distortions and what remained of them and their etheric structures.

There’s been a great acceleration of the removal of old lower energies and instantaneous insertion and embodiment of more NEW higher Light energies and codes etc. since mid-December 2018. This quickening will continue during 2019 so be prepared to feel, I repeat FEEL, not think but feel the old world and its energies and intentional and unintentional distortions suddenly disappearing energetically more and more and more. This process has been happening all along but it has greatly accelerated since 2017, because we and Earth are capable of much more far more quickly being removed and replaced and not be injured or destabilized by these big evolutionary shifts and Separation of Worlds processes.

As great as all that always is every time it happens the fact remains that many of we Forerunners, Blue Rays, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Embodiers, Transmuters, Gridworkers etc. have to physically go through these cosmic energy changes in our physical bodies. Not every Forerunner, Blue Ray, Starseed, Lightworker, Embodier, Gridworker etc. does however. This has always been a big confusion in the Ascension Community since the beginning.

Over ten years ago I wrote about this at TRANSITIONS and said that not everyone, meaning every Forerunner, Lightworker, Blue Ray, Starseed etc., was a framer in the Ascension Process construction crew. Nor were they all plumbers or electricians, stone masons or painters, concrete foundation layers or roofers. They all were and still are Ascension Process “construction crew members”—aka Volunteers—but they all, we all do NOT have the same specialties. One of my specialties is Transmuter, another is Lightworker, another Lightwarrior, another Gridworker etc.

Where I’m going with this is to say that not every Volunteer has the same abilities and specialties, which is why there are a lot of “construction crew members” that have not and will not experience personally transmuting old negative energies and all the physical body pains that goes with doing that. This is why there’s always been these huge discrepancies between all of us Volunteers; not everyone has the same capabilities and because of that they, we don’t all have identical Mission Work or jobs to do while incarnate on Earth in these bodies. The roofer isn’t better than the plumber and the plumber isn’t better than the painters and so on. Each is incredibly valuable because each has different abilities, specialties and jobs to do for All. There are far too many in the Ascension Community that do not know or understand this and look down on other Volunteer “crew members” because they are still experiencing physical body pains in 2019 and they are not.

My point is that due to the December 21, 2018 Solstice Earth core change that took place then and continues to today, and due to the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse, those Volunteer “crew members” that specialize in being able to transmute old negative energies and Embody and anchor the NEW energies in their physical bodies have been doing this again increasingly since mid-December 2018. The January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse pushed this process to another level for those Volunteers that are Transmutors and Embodiers and anchor the NEW Light energies on, into and around Earth.

I’ve tried to get this article finished since the day after the Lunar eclipse, but earlier this month my physical body started to, once again, do this very painful thing it’s done off and on since the start of 2017. I’ll have one physical body part suddenly become very painful and not work or be able to be used normally such as an elbow joint, a shoulder joint, hip(s) joints, bones in one or both feet etc. and the next day another area will start hurting and the next day another area and so on for a couple of weeks. It eventually gets so bad and painful that I can barely walk or stand and put my weight on my feet, and this has been the case again for most of January 2019. I’m going into detail about this because I know that many of you reading this (not all but many) have been experiencing the same amplified cascade of body parts and areas suddenly and for no clear reason go super painful day after day all month.

The reasons for this amplified physical body pains that many of us have dealt with in January 2019, is due to the December 2018 Earth core energy change, and then the January 2019 Lunar eclipse that removed abundant old negative distortions placed in the Moon long ago by Team Dark. What happens to the Sun happens to and in our physical bodies. What happens to the Earth happens to and in our physical bodies. What happens to the Moon happens to and in our physical bodies and so on. Every time old negative energies and distortions are removed from any cosmic body, the same happens to our physical bodies because those old distortions were in our physical and energetic bodies too. So as we get excited over more old lower energies, distortions and their structures getting removed, many of us (but not all of us) also have had the same process take place in our physical bodies and it freakin’ hurts! I’m sure we experience this in our own unique ways too but pain is pain and transmuting dense negativity is transmuting dense negativity so do NOT feel bad for feeling bad. Why? Because you are the only ones who can do this type of Volunteer Transmuting and anchoring Work for All. Let the other Volunteers play on the beach or go to meetings and do their things, the things we can’t do but know that they’re able to do things like that because you and I are specialists at transmuting the old and Embodying more NEW. Plumbers, carpenters, roofers, framers, electricians and more are all needed to make the whole thing happen and get built.


January 25, 2019

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Company is Coming

I published this article at TRANSITIONS in October of 2010. Because this Process is incremental and ongoing, I wanted to re-post it now at HighHeartLife during this particular phase of further integrating, merging and embodying more of this special company with our physical selves and bodies. The entire period from the 2015 March Equinox through the Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 is this Process amplified and compressed even more than it’s been. In fact, all of 2015 is this Process more amplified than we’ve experienced before. It’s for this reason I thought this old article might help somewhat with what many of us are going through now in highly amplified ways. Special Easter company indeed.

Denise Le Fay

March 31, 2015


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ani bubble bar 3

In typical Denise fashion I perceive/receive higher complex information and large concepts in almost embarrassingly simplified ways. This is why I write the way I do; I cut to the chase and go for the bottom line because I usually don’t perceive/receive all the detailed filler information such as names, sub-zones, levels and such. It isn’t all that important to me in all honesty. Once I have perceived some main aspects of certain Bigger Pictures, I don’t need all the names and complex finer details. I perceive/receive the overall gist and feel of what’s happening, why and when.


I’ve decided to write this exactly as I perceived/received this information and not do as much interpreting, explaining and defining of reality as I usually try to do. We’re all needing to evolve to where we don’t depend on certain people and/or systems  and/or only our left-brained intellect to define reality for us. After thousands of years of deliberate dark BS, lies and distortions from lower frequency people and  global systems, we’ve reached spiritual adulthood now and need to start defining reality for ourselves. The body and brain Rewiring will enable us to do this and much more.

I’d like you to see in your mind’s eye exactly what I’ve seen, felt and know about the 09-09-09 through 12-21-12 transitions because I believe it’s how more of us are going to be perceiving/receiving higher Light information/knowledge now; decreased linear words (telepathic and physically written/spoken), with increased visual symbols as large chunks of complex Light information. Below are two highly simplified symbolic visual information concepts about the 10-10-10 energy stair step transition that I perceived/received a while ago. Actually it’s not only the triple ten’s of Oct. 10, 2010. Another level or phase (within the ongoing Ascension Process) was activated via the 09-09-09 of Sept. 9, 2009, and will  continue to unfold quickly and dramatically now through the 10-10-10, and the 11-11-11, and the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 remaining important energy transitions. See, feel and know these two symbolic visuals and interpret this phase of The Process for yourself.


In your mind’s eye envision a massive dense rain forest from overhead as if you were in an airplane looking down on it. There is absolutely nothing down there but dense trees and other thick vegetation. No cleared areas whatsoever, no roads, absolutely nothing but thick, dark, dense, scary and impenetrable rain forest. Do you see it? Can you hear the airplane’s little engine running far up above? Can you see the vast and dense rain forest below you? See it, hear it, feel it and hold it in your inner mind’s eye and heart as you keep reading, feeling and knowing.

The pilot of this small plane has one very important passenger on-board who desires to land in that dense Earth forest. Problem is, there’s absolutely no place to land the plane, and this very important passenger must land and step off on to the ground. This passenger will not parachute, but must land and touch the ground in this precise way. So the pilot and his very important passenger continue flying in large slow circles overhead, searching, waiting, searching far and wide, hoping to find a small landing strip somewhere below in the massive denseness.


You have a burning, unrelenting cosmic soul NEED to carve out a landing strip in the middle of a dense, dark, dangerous rain forest by yourself. WTF! Really? Do you realize how insanely difficult and dangerous that’s going to be? Are you aware that you may not be able to complete the landing strip in time for the small airplane to land? Shit… Hum…  No, I can do it. It’s what I do and do very well so cheerio, fuck-it-all, I’m carving out a damned landing strip in the middle of a massive dense, dark rain forest alone and by-hand and I absolutely will not stop until it is completed!

Amazingly you’ve succeeded in carving out a large magnificent landing strip in the middle of a dense rain forest. You are however all cut up, bruised and bloody, beat to hell, unimaginably exhausted, and you just wanna sit down now and have a good long hard cry and little Pity Party for yourself. Go ahead, you’ve earned it for god sakes! You carved out a freaking landing strip in the middle of a dense dark jungle where angels fear to tread! Have that hard-earned, gut-wrenching, snot-flying, deep soul sobbing cry and be proud because you did it despite the enormous difficulties and dangers involved. (This fellow Lightworkers, Forerunners, Pathpavers represents Phase One of the Ascension Process which I’m sure you recognize.)

So there you are in all your Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower/Pathpaver dirty, bloody and beat-up glory sitting exhausted and crying on your mighty fine-looking landing strip in the middle of a dense—but now much brighter, open and cleared—rain forest. You wait, and wait, and wait there for months, then years but no one comes. Insert more intense and dejected crying, confusion and anger along with short periods of real self-doubt here.

Then, one day you hear it, the ever so faint sound of a small airplane flying overhead far in the distance. OMG, could it be? Is The Great Day finally here? You bet your sweet Lightworker, Forerunner, tired Old Soul ass it’s finally here!

‘Da plane, da plane!’  your weary and nearly broken mind excitedly sings like a spiritual joke from that old TV show Fantasy Island. You hear the small plane finally approaching and you know its going to land on your beloved landing strip. Deep inside you also know that the real fun will start now. You glance at your watch to check the date and time and sure enough, it’s 10-10-10. Oh man, here it finally comes after all these brutal, isolated, painful and dangerous years of intense prep work.


See this next symbolic scenario in your mind’s eye and High Heart too for you already know all this but maybe haven’t put all the puzzle pieces together yet.

You’ve got very special company coming to visit you soon so you start the massive house cleaning, yard cleaning, window washing, buffing and polishing, washing and everything cleaning in preparation. This is so exciting and rare, but it is going to take plenty of time and serious energy-consuming cleaning and clearing work to get your house, yard, and yourself ready for the arrival of your very special company.

You start the massive cleaning, clearing and trash removal work on your house—inside and out—and in your yard too. You’ve got plenty of time to get it all done before your company arrives, however, you know your back is going to hurt like all hell doing it all, that you’re going to become profoundly tired and in a lot of extra pain and stress trying to do so much work, so much cleaning, so much polishing and prep work for this special company that’s coming. It doesn’t matter, you dive into all your cleaning and clearing work despite the extra aches, pains and fatigue that it causes your physical body and everything else. You rest when you can and get back to the intense cleaning and clearing work day after day. On top of all this however, you still have your daily regular life’s work and chores that also need to be tended to, but you somehow manage to get it all done.

It’s slow going and there’s far more dirt, junk and mess than you realized was there but you keep at it because you’re so excited to have this particular company coming. It makes the long and difficult cleaning and trash removal work worth it when you think about how much fun it’s going to be once this particular company arrives.

Finally, you take a long careful look around your house both inside and out, and check the yard to make sure it’s clean and beautiful. Most all the cleaning work is done now, and despite your being absolutely exhausted after endless months of cleaning and prep work, your house, yard and everything else is looking and feeling exceptionally nice, clean, tidy and ready for your very special company. You glance at your calendar one more time to check the date to see how long before your company arrives and you discover it’s only a few days now. 10-10-10 is right around the corner and your special company will begin arriving then. (This represents an aspect of Phase Two let’s call it of more Ascension work during 2009 and 2010 up to now.)


You smile in anticipation and joy over having succeeded in carving out the difficult landing strip in the middle of the dense and nearly impenetrable rain forest on time. You smile in anticipation and joy over having succeeded in cleaning and clearing your entire house, yard, and everything else in preparation of the arrival of your special out-of-town company. And importantly, you finally understand WHO the special passenger is in the small plane that’s getting ready to land now; you understand WHO your special out-of-town company is that’s arriving with the 10-10-10 energies. You finally understand WHY you were so obsessed about carving a landing strip in the middle of a dense, dangerous rain forest by yourself (the old physical 3D world of Duality). You finally understand WHY you were so obsessed about cleaning and clearing your entire house and yard (the transmuting and resolving of polarity, karma, and all lower frequency energies within yourself, mind, heart and bodies that was Phase One of the Ascension Process). All of this long, painful and incredibly difficult prep work was absolutely necessary so that higher aspects of YOU could even “land” and then start to merge with, be embodied by you physically.

10-10-10 is the start of this intense phase of us embodying, continuously and increasingly housing within our physical bodies more of that has always existed at higher dimensions. You know why this can finally happen because you’ve done all the insanely difficult and painful work/cleaning/clearing for over a decade! Since 09-09-09, we’ve been inching our ways towards finally having these next particular transitions happen. The 10-10-10, 11-11-11, and the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 Stair-steps or portals/gates are the last three important Ascension Process transitions we have to journey through. There’s more than just these three but they are huge in what and why!

The plane is finally landing, our special company is finally arriving via these remaining 10-10-10 and beyond energy increments or Stair-steps. Guess how amazing and easily creative it’s going to be to literally embody so much more of YOU (the pilot, his special passenger, your special company, plus you who did all the cleaning and landing strip prep work) in-body on the new 5D Earth from here on out? Hey, that sounds like your doorbell ringing… you’d better get it.

Denise Le Fay

October 8, 2010

Getting our Multidimensional Bearings

“The physical experiment must continue AND there must be physical human/animal/plant forms to show the way to Light Body Ascension.

We’ve been longing for home for so long now, a few more days, weeks, won’t matter! Apparently, our desire and intention to ‘go home’ opens the gates to….. going home, and every day I get stronger in my belief that the ‘show the way’ bit is happening. Otherwise, why the strong internal prompting to gear up?”

That quote was from a couple of lines in an email I received recently from Althea. Thanks Althea for this correct multilayered insight. ❤

It’s been something else since exiting the September 21, 2013 cutoff and shift point and some of you have been through multiple deep and intense personal changes and rapid inner growth since then. More of you will as we move day by day and astrological degree by degree into the NEW throughout the next eleven months. Whatever else needs to be triggered for release and further expansion will so be prepared for more changes within yourself and your consciousness and to instantly let go of old ways/things/relationships/beliefs/habits/expectations etc. in a High heartbeat! Inner change happens faster and easier now than ever before so take advantage and just go with it every time it touches you.

Like so many of my past articles both here and at TRANSITIONS, this one is not for all readers and certainly not for all readers at this time. Remember those personal Stair-steps we’re all on so please discern if this information is a match with you now or not. It might not be today or tomorrow, but next month or six months from now it will be.

Some of the Forerunners of the Forerunners have been getting their bearings within the NEW after September 21, 2013 and figure out where they are now and what all has changed yet again and so on. What I’ve sensed about this to date–and know that it will change much more over time–is that some of the Forerunners are currently standing at the edge of, and/or have their heads poked through into a fifth dimensional (5D) space. Then these Forerunners leave their homes and go out to the store or to their job or whatever the case may be and find themselves back in the NEW ‘Planet A/B’ world to use a Cosmic Awareness term, and like the old negative earth world before it, it also vibrates lower than 5D.

In other words, some of us Forerunners are feeling another shift and difference between where we are when in our physical homes and spaces, and, when we go out into the NEW Planet A/B world to do whatever it is we still need to do out there in those old ways. This isn’t all that different for the Forerunners from how it’s been since 1998–1999, or for our entire lives for that matter.

I want to add that all of us came in to 3D earthly physical life from a frequency range of 5D or higher, so, 5D and higher has always been the norm to us. What’s been profoundly abnormal (and still is) is the old 3D earth world (including the NEW Planet A/B earth world because the improvements in it aren’t yet recognized by the masses) with its horrible and negative beyond all comprehension ways. Because of this, when I say I or some of the Forerunners have recently found ourselves in a NEW fifth dimensional energy and space, what I mean is I’m feeling a lack of the lower frequencies–including the NEW Planet A/B frequencies–in that NEW 5D space/place. I’m not saying that I have or that all the Forerunners have reached 5D and ‘Planet A’ to use another Cosmic Awareness term, and now we’re all done and settled in permanently. Done and permanently don’t go along with intense spiritual growth and dramatic changes such as the ones we, earth, and all of humanity are in now.

What I’m saying is that many of us Forerunners are already existing in an energetic overlay space between the NEW 5D (Planet A for many) and the NEW Planet A/B earth world. Again, this isn’t much different from what we Forerunners (Starseed Energy Transmuters etc.) have done and lived for the past ten, fifteen, or more years already. The main difference now is that the earth world we’re living on today is the NEW Planet A/B with NEW energy blueprints instead of the old lower ones — the old ones where Team Dark ran the planetary show I mean and that alone is one hell of an improvement!

As is usually the case humans–even some Starseeds incarnate in human bodies now for the Ascension Process–typically expect dramatic and instantaneous external changes and obvious improvements within physical reality to happen overnight or even faster. These changes do happen very quickly actually, but you’ve got to know what to look for out there in the world and society otherwise it seems like nothing much has improved at all.

While I’ve been experiencing certain sudden changes and improvements within myself, my awareness/consciousness and so on since October 1, 2013, I’ve also been observing and sensing how much more I seem now to be in a fifth dimensional frequency place, and then how unpleasant it still is almost every time I have to go out into the world to do those old world things like grocery shop, get the oil changed in the car etc. This energetic gap and drop in frequency has always been painful for me physically and emotionally, but despite that I am seeing and feeling tremendous improvements in the still lower frequency, still lower consciousness NEW Planet A/B earth world. I’m painfully aware that was a really crap positive sentence but there we are!

One of the things that’s been bugging me lately is how much positive change there actually has been in such a short period since 9-21-13, and yet, so many people are still thinking, feeling, believing in and talking about the old lower frequency and profoundly negative ways of the old lower Team Dark earth. Why are they still doing this? Because they don’t have anything NEW and improved to replace those old thoughts and beliefs with yet. And of course that is exactly what the old die-hard patriarchal jerks are counting on and milking for all their worth now. This is where you and I and come in.

The best way the Forerunners can help the masses through this shift change between the old thoughts and beliefs and ways of doing everything etc. and the NEW is to keep doing what we’ve done all along which is override those lower frequency thoughts and beliefs with the NEW energies. Literally carve out the NEW higher Path for humanity in other words. There can be, is, and will be for a while longer signs of seeming Team Dark control and more negative BS and so on, but all this business is nothing more than frantic last-ditch efforts by the die-hard patriarchal control folks to try to further mesmerize the masses into continuing to believe their lies. That’s all it is at this point so don’t you buy any of it, for even a second.

Yes there are still plenty of lowly jerky bastards with lowly jerky bastard consciousness in the NEW Planet A/B earth world however, KNOW that their power and control is really gone and what we’re seeing and hearing from them are increasingly insane and obvious attempts to prevent positive changes. These tactics simply won’t work now however and another way to speed this whole shift process along for humanity is for you and I to continue constantly overriding these pathetic jerky bastards old stunts and attempts with the NEW higher energies and High Heart Consciousness and simply ignore them. Eventually they will disappear from the NEW higher frequency Planet A/B world, but until then, you and your ability to mentally and emotionally ignore and continuously override these lower frequency people and lower frequency thinking is very important.

So as we Forerunners continue to get even better at functioning consciously within this current in-between energetic overlay space/place, I sense we’ll increasingly discover that we’re existing more and more and longer and longer within 5D and Planet A than the NEW Planet A/B. So much for sudden and dramatic and easily recognized shifts and changes! 😉 As long as you can bend and roll with the cosmic punches and sudden changes, I think many Forerunners will be happily discovering that they’re deeper into 5D than they believed. And how great is that? ❤ Expect more, aim higher, dream bigger everyone.

Denise Le Fay

November 7, 2013


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