2023 X-2 Solar Flare Side Effects

As I’m sure most of you are aware, on February 17, 2023, an X-2.2 solar flare hit us and “radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere…”. And that is exactly what it felt like it did to the top of my head as well. I’m certain many of you can relate.

The familiar physical side effects of the bigger solar flares, winds, CMEs and so on making your body feel like it was hit by a truck causing most of your body to feel stiff, sore, bruised and swollen for days afterwards. Another common symptom is what these solar energies do to assist in accelerating our evolutionary Ascension Process and physical body “upgrades” are seriously potent headaches, head pains and pressures all around the skull and inside the head. Often the eyes are also affected, “upgraded” too because we’re literally having our heads and brains and brain glands—Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus—Rewired a bit more.

You may remember that back in October 2022, I suddenly started experiencing something new which were tiny watery-like pimples on my forehead mainly, but down into my temples and sides of my face as well. Then again in December 2022, on my birthday I was forced to go to a local Urgent Care because this side effect had gotten infected and was very painful. I wrote about both of these things already but wanted to add to this because I’ve received some recent emails about people experiencing skin problems they’ve never had before.

On February 17, 2023, while the X-2 solar flare was doing what it’s supposed to, I had the typical crushing headache and inner head pains and pressures, very loud high-pitched inner ear squealing sounds, eye pains and all day saw flashes of white Light inside my house and also coming out of my body too. The next day the hit by a truck body pains and stiffness manifested and even my ribs were bruised and sore. And the skin on my face had those tiny watery-like pimples on it again. It didn’t the day before. I hadn’t had them since December when two of them became infected. Point is that since around October of 2022, the Sun has been helping us rapidly purge very old negative distortions and limitations etc. done to our bodies, brains and DNA long ago. This is good but miserable energy Work we’re doing in and through our bodies, still. I suspect it will be like this much of 2023.

For me this is mainly how this very old negative etheric and physical sludge let’s all it, is purging from my physical body and head with the help of what the Sun is doing. You may experience this process a bit differently, however. Some have told me their skin has suddenly been dry, flaky, irritated and uncomfortable. Others have said how their eyes have been hurting, dry, irritated, blurry, sore and bruised feeling. Whether it’s your skin, eyes, head, skull, ears, the skin in your ears, your spine, joints or HighHeart thumping and expanding in the center of your upper chest, it’s all caused by the current solar Light transmissions helping us purge out more and more and more of the ancient distortions and dark sludge both etheric and physical. We couldn’t survive doing this energy Work all at once so, as has always been the case with both our embodying more of the NEW higher Light energies and our purging out more of the ancient density and negative distortions, we do Energy Work bit-by-bit until the job is complete. Much of 2023 will continue to be this for those of us capable of doing this intense level of energy Work and purging in and through our physical bodies.

And so, plenty of deliberate self-care, rest, sleep when you can, eat what you sense you need at the time, isolate to get through the Work more quickly, keep any skin wounds or irritations clean or disinfected to prevent a sudden mandatory trip to Urgent Care!, and love/LOVE yourself for being able to do this Work for self and future humanity. Let your HighHeart expand and hold more Source and Home in it. That’s what I try to do during the really severe days of this type of energy Work; I totally surrender to it and let the Divine spiritual physical energy Alchemy take place within me. I’m NOT selling this, but physical pain can sometimes get you to very elevated, rarified, spiritual levels if you’re able to utilize it to get there. Again, I am NOT selling this or suggesting you do it, only stating that it can happen, sometimes, when you stop struggling and surrender during those extra intense and painful energy Work periods we repeatedly go through.

Be well and take extra good care of your body and HighHeart while more Source and Home gets embodied and more ancient gunk gets purged.

Denise Le Fay

February 20, 2023

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