Getting our Multidimensional Bearings

“The physical experiment must continue AND there must be physical human/animal/plant forms to show the way to Light Body Ascension.

We’ve been longing for home for so long now, a few more days, weeks, won’t matter! Apparently, our desire and intention to ‘go home’ opens the gates to….. going home, and every day I get stronger in my belief that the ‘show the way’ bit is happening. Otherwise, why the strong internal prompting to gear up?”

That quote was from a couple of lines in an email I received recently from Althea. Thanks Althea for this correct multilayered insight. ❤

It’s been something else since exiting the September 21, 2013 cutoff and shift point and some of you have been through multiple deep and intense personal changes and rapid inner growth since then. More of you will as we move day by day and astrological degree by degree into the NEW throughout the next eleven months. Whatever else needs to be triggered for release and further expansion will so be prepared for more changes within yourself and your consciousness and to instantly let go of old ways/things/relationships/beliefs/habits/expectations etc. in a High heartbeat! Inner change happens faster and easier now than ever before so take advantage and just go with it every time it touches you.

Like so many of my past articles both here and at TRANSITIONS, this one is not for all readers and certainly not for all readers at this time. Remember those personal Stair-steps we’re all on so please discern if this information is a match with you now or not. It might not be today or tomorrow, but next month or six months from now it will be.

Some of the Forerunners of the Forerunners have been getting their bearings within the NEW after September 21, 2013 and figure out where they are now and what all has changed yet again and so on. What I’ve sensed about this to date–and know that it will change much more over time–is that some of the Forerunners are currently standing at the edge of, and/or have their heads poked through into a fifth dimensional (5D) space. Then these Forerunners leave their homes and go out to the store or to their job or whatever the case may be and find themselves back in the NEW ‘Planet A/B’ world to use a Cosmic Awareness term, and like the old negative earth world before it, it also vibrates lower than 5D.

In other words, some of us Forerunners are feeling another shift and difference between where we are when in our physical homes and spaces, and, when we go out into the NEW Planet A/B world to do whatever it is we still need to do out there in those old ways. This isn’t all that different for the Forerunners from how it’s been since 1998–1999, or for our entire lives for that matter.

I want to add that all of us came in to 3D earthly physical life from a frequency range of 5D or higher, so, 5D and higher has always been the norm to us. What’s been profoundly abnormal (and still is) is the old 3D earth world (including the NEW Planet A/B earth world because the improvements in it aren’t yet recognized by the masses) with its horrible and negative beyond all comprehension ways. Because of this, when I say I or some of the Forerunners have recently found ourselves in a NEW fifth dimensional energy and space, what I mean is I’m feeling a lack of the lower frequencies–including the NEW Planet A/B frequencies–in that NEW 5D space/place. I’m not saying that I have or that all the Forerunners have reached 5D and ‘Planet A’ to use another Cosmic Awareness term, and now we’re all done and settled in permanently. Done and permanently don’t go along with intense spiritual growth and dramatic changes such as the ones we, earth, and all of humanity are in now.

What I’m saying is that many of us Forerunners are already existing in an energetic overlay space between the NEW 5D (Planet A for many) and the NEW Planet A/B earth world. Again, this isn’t much different from what we Forerunners (Starseed Energy Transmuters etc.) have done and lived for the past ten, fifteen, or more years already. The main difference now is that the earth world we’re living on today is the NEW Planet A/B with NEW energy blueprints instead of the old lower ones — the old ones where Team Dark ran the planetary show I mean and that alone is one hell of an improvement!

As is usually the case humans–even some Starseeds incarnate in human bodies now for the Ascension Process–typically expect dramatic and instantaneous external changes and obvious improvements within physical reality to happen overnight or even faster. These changes do happen very quickly actually, but you’ve got to know what to look for out there in the world and society otherwise it seems like nothing much has improved at all.

While I’ve been experiencing certain sudden changes and improvements within myself, my awareness/consciousness and so on since October 1, 2013, I’ve also been observing and sensing how much more I seem now to be in a fifth dimensional frequency place, and then how unpleasant it still is almost every time I have to go out into the world to do those old world things like grocery shop, get the oil changed in the car etc. This energetic gap and drop in frequency has always been painful for me physically and emotionally, but despite that I am seeing and feeling tremendous improvements in the still lower frequency, still lower consciousness NEW Planet A/B earth world. I’m painfully aware that was a really crap positive sentence but there we are!

One of the things that’s been bugging me lately is how much positive change there actually has been in such a short period since 9-21-13, and yet, so many people are still thinking, feeling, believing in and talking about the old lower frequency and profoundly negative ways of the old lower Team Dark earth. Why are they still doing this? Because they don’t have anything NEW and improved to replace those old thoughts and beliefs with yet. And of course that is exactly what the old die-hard patriarchal jerks are counting on and milking for all their worth now. This is where you and I and come in.

The best way the Forerunners can help the masses through this shift change between the old thoughts and beliefs and ways of doing everything etc. and the NEW is to keep doing what we’ve done all along which is override those lower frequency thoughts and beliefs with the NEW energies. Literally carve out the NEW higher Path for humanity in other words. There can be, is, and will be for a while longer signs of seeming Team Dark control and more negative BS and so on, but all this business is nothing more than frantic last-ditch efforts by the die-hard patriarchal control folks to try to further mesmerize the masses into continuing to believe their lies. That’s all it is at this point so don’t you buy any of it, for even a second.

Yes there are still plenty of lowly jerky bastards with lowly jerky bastard consciousness in the NEW Planet A/B earth world however, KNOW that their power and control is really gone and what we’re seeing and hearing from them are increasingly insane and obvious attempts to prevent positive changes. These tactics simply won’t work now however and another way to speed this whole shift process along for humanity is for you and I to continue constantly overriding these pathetic jerky bastards old stunts and attempts with the NEW higher energies and High Heart Consciousness and simply ignore them. Eventually they will disappear from the NEW higher frequency Planet A/B world, but until then, you and your ability to mentally and emotionally ignore and continuously override these lower frequency people and lower frequency thinking is very important.

So as we Forerunners continue to get even better at functioning consciously within this current in-between energetic overlay space/place, I sense we’ll increasingly discover that we’re existing more and more and longer and longer within 5D and Planet A than the NEW Planet A/B. So much for sudden and dramatic and easily recognized shifts and changes! 😉 As long as you can bend and roll with the cosmic punches and sudden changes, I think many Forerunners will be happily discovering that they’re deeper into 5D than they believed. And how great is that? ❤ Expect more, aim higher, dream bigger everyone.

Denise Le Fay

November 7, 2013

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