Fires, Floods, Hurricanes & X-Class Solar Flare

If you’ve felt EXTRA miserable physically, seriously achy, weak, rattled and sort of in a state of free-fall, and like every single cell in your entire body is swollen, hot and being irradiated the past three days or so, it’s only because that is exactly what’s been going on.

After clearing more whatever it was for you personally during epic August, here comes more NEW higher energies in early surreal September. The past two or three days have been extra painful physically for our bodies as they Embody more NEW higher Light, Codes, DNA and more every few days. A reader friend recently wrote me that she’s felt like “Every cell has been flogged!” which made me laugh because that was such an accurate description. Now we can add irradiated to the flogging thanks to the Sun spewing out a massive Solar flare. A 9.3 X-class Solar flare.

“This is a decade-class flare.” 

And that is exactly how it feels; epic and like nothing we’ve experienced before because we haven’t, not at this level. This seems to be in the air now and hurricane Irma is shaping up to be a record breaker also. There’s going to be more of this type of thing playing out now at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Processes. No fear, just greater changes for everyone.

My body can’t sit at the computer for much longer than this today because of my irradiated, flogged, exploding with NEW Light cells that are hurting and expanding like crazy. Surrender to The Process and continue evolving into some more of what you/me/we are quickly becoming now. This is more prep work for our upcoming “coronations” later this month and the rest of the year and into 2018 as well. We’ve never been here before and that says a lot about how much AP and EP progress we’ve made so far so don’t worry about the NEWness of these greatly amplified, higher frequency, higher vibrational events both internal and external. ❤

Denise Le Fay

September 6, 2017


GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G3-CLASS): A CME hurled toward Earth by sunspot AR2673 on Sept.4th is due to arrive later today. NOAA forecasters say the CME’s impact could spark moderately-strong G2-class geomagnetic storms with isolated periods of strong G3-class storming on Sept. 6th and 7th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in bright moonlight. Free: Aurora Alerts

MAJOR X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: On Sept. 6th at 1202 UT, sunspot AR2673 unleashed a major X9.3-class solar flare–the strongest solar flare in more than a decade. X-rays and UV radiation from the blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a strong shortwave radio blackout over Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean: blackout map.

Above: The extreme UV flash from today’s X9-class flare. Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory

The explosion also produced a CME, shown here in a movie from NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft. (The fast moving star-like object in the STEREO-A movie is the planet Mercury.) NOAA analysts are still modeling the trajectory of the CME to determine whether or not it is Earth-directed.

Many readers are asking about the historic context of this event. How epic is it? Answer: This is a decade-class flare. A list of the most powerful solar flares recorded since 1976 ranks today’s flare at #14, tied with a similar explosion in 1990. Compared to the iconic Carrington Event of 1859, or even the more recent Halloween storms of 2003, this event is relatively mild. Modern power grids, telecommunications, and other sun sensitive technologies should weather the storm with little difficulty.

On the other hand, sky watchers could see some fantastic auroras before the week is over. And ham radio operators will surely be noticing strange propagation effects as the sun exerts its influence on our planet’s ionosphere.Stay tuned for updates.

27 thoughts on “Fires, Floods, Hurricanes & X-Class Solar Flare

  • Hello Denise and all readers!

    I can say it is a very hard burden the last 6 weeks! For many years after the kundalini has past in my life,( looks to my long time ago!) there came somthing new :the transformation of the BODY CELLS.,After 2000 cleaning up the famly karmic ect .Now fore the last years the flow of higher consciouness deeping in the body and incounscience parts, At the bottom its a horribele thing.! But I / We can not live in the inconscience any longer I know all we do is fore oure self and mankind that will follow now or later!
    A observation: If one drop of the
    higher consciousness comes in,it throws evething off balance; if much comes in, the body can’t hardly bear it!!

    Yes way up there in the Higher consciousness its perfectly well. But down here things can become a burden because the disbalance and the effect in the collectief On this moment the disbalance in the collectief is strong and critical .So I wish all light workers strenght and love .Have trust !! There is no way to go back to the old life a new body and earth will come!!.
    with Love Diviana

  • Sandra Walters just posted her latest and it addresses my mental concerns i posted in a second reply to u about who am i without all that mental escapism identity being stirred up. Im so grateful.

  • Wednesday, September 6, 2017 (a Full Moon) we had one X-class 2.2 Solar flare and three hours later there was one X-class 9.3 Solar flare. There’s been many smaller ones since these two big ones.

    And hurricane Irma continues.

    Since Monday, September 4th, I’ve been feeling increasing buildup pressures in the Earth which is one way I know an earthquake is coming somewhere, and if I’m feeling it like this before it arrives, it usually means it’s going to be a larger one. There was an 8.1 earthquake today, September 8, 2017, just off the coast of Pijijiapan, Mexico with numerous smaller quakes after it.

    Between the energies of the two X-class Solar flares this week, the growing fears from a lot of people over approaching hurricane Irma, what Irma has already done to the Islands, the hurricane Harvey flooding in Texas and Louisiana and all those people’s lives, homes, workplaces/businesses etc. devastated, and now an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico with numerous after-quakes, I suspect the sensitives haven’t been sleeping or feeling very relaxed or comfortable much this week. I know it’s taken some effort on my part to not let the fears and frustrations (over everything and there’s so much more of this to come) I’ve been feeling from people living through all these events. And we’re not out of the woods yet with these AP related shifts. Hurricanes Katia and Jose will do what they will as these events pileup one after another, seriously affecting how things in this country have been done and by who.

    I’m saying less than I could only because these events need to play out because they are and will push people into their 5D HighHearts and help them “unify” their 5D consciousness, energies, assistance, focus, expectations and so on. Individuals are doing this, which is also what certain other people need to see, repeatedly, so they too will begin changing their beliefs about the old dying patriarchal systems, government(s), leaders/people etc.

    Our job is to continue doing what we always have which is continue Embodying more and more of the NEW in our bodies and selves and maintain the Higher NEW Way as Forerunners/Wayshowers/Grid/Gatekeepers/ Ambassadors of the NEW Light. We went through that energy curtain/wall I wrote about recently and these are further signs of that with much more to come so keep the NEW Home Lights burning bright in your HighHeart and Conscious Creations for not only yourself but for All coming up behind us. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hi Denise. Thank u again.

      Ive been brought up short by realizing how i contribute to churning the waters by giving my opinions on articles, random articles like how children behave in public…. My point is there is so much anger and hostility. I mean nasty stuff and RAGE! My opinions dont create or give anything except to strengthen those who agree and infuriate those who don’t agree. Ive also begun to consider these as traps or set ups to create food for TD. Also all this feeds the collective and the big changes happening…..Im thinking about teachings from Seth / Jane Roberts about the weather and so on.

      As a person alone I’ve loved having an outlet to speak my piece on fb. Its a bummer to realize i need to wrench my soap operatic attention Away from that stuff! I see im also drawn to following circumstances such as a nurse after stating to a police detective that he couldn’t have a blood draw from an unconscious patient without a warrant or could if the patient was under arrest. He wasn’t. On webcam the detective attacked her in the hospital burn ward. He said if he couldnt have his way someone was going to pay. The nurse had her supervisor on her cell and he was stating policy to the dectective and other officers. This nurse was pushed, shoved and cuffed. She screams for help that shes done nothing wrong. The other higher up police man intimidates her as he forces her to sit in police car! This is all over the web. And i feel anger. I think these Reveals are showing people the truth. The truth u often share about male abuse of power. And our waking up and undeniably SEEING AND WITNESSING these things are playing into the earth changes ad well.

      And all this shows me i must choose and decide carefully with awareness.

      • “My opinions dont create or give anything except to strengthen those who agree and infuriate those who don’t agree.”

        Classic Duality consciousness Edith. Not so much in you I mean but in the people that polarize (Duality) to one side or the other. That old level of Duality and Duality consciousness is utterly and absolutely a NO WIN situation for all concerned. It’s endless back and forth, bitch and attack, fight and counter attack and you’re totally correct about it being endless food and fuel for TD.

        “As a person alone I’ve loved having an outlet to speak my piece on fb. Its a bummer to realize i need to wrench my soap operatic attention Away from that stuff!”

        The whole social media thing, especially the oldest ones like FB are also collapsing now. If it’s corrupt, it’s collapsing. If it’s of the NEW Light, it’s birthing now. Because of this we’re all having to wean ourselves off from our old favorite habits and addictions etc. as we’re having to learn how to be Self-Sustained, Sovereign etc. all on our own individually. This is how the NEW 5D and higher Group Collectives are created; one individual at a time reaching Mastery and existing as Self-as-Source.

        *** Side note: I just glanced at the clock and it was 11:11 AM on one atomic clock and 1:11 PM on the other atomic clock I have next to it. When the numbers scream at me like they’ve been again for the past few weeks — 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 10:10 mostly — it tells me that November 2017 is going to bring much more NEW in ways I’m not perceiving fully yet (some I am but it’s not time to go public with some of this stuff yet as it’s political which means I might not at all!), and also December as well.

        Back on topic.

        I’ve personally experienced so much of this type of old negative male patriarchal abuse over the decades from police, judges, attorneys, doctors and general patriarchal jerks that this energy issue has been a biggie for me all my life. I’m working on an article about this issue because we’ve been dealing, very intensely throughout August especially, with releasing old negative patriarchal male crap AND Embodying and anchoring more NEW positive Divine Masculine energies within ourselves. More about this asap.

        “And our waking up and undeniably SEEING AND WITNESSING these things are playing into the earth changes as well.

        And all this shows me i must choose and decide carefully with awareness.”

        This is the disintegration of the old lower 3D Earth world with ALL of its lowly, negative, corrupt systems, structures, beliefs and such. And yes, there’s a massive amount of the global human population that HAS to finally see this, feel this, experience this directly and indirectly to help push them into releasing the old ways etc. and have their HighHearts ignite and start opening and coming online at higher levels in higher ascending Earth worlds. ❤ You're doing great Edith and continue being super aware of everything both in you and outside of you. ❤

    • Denise, yes, what you are saying here really seems to be what’s happening. Just like it happened/is happening in all of us forerunners on a micro level for years, the tearing apart and destruction of the old is happening now on this more mass level with these mass destruction events like the hurricanes . Though very difficult and trying, like you say, these events will be a catalyst for going from the old separation energy to the high heart ways of living especially when these events keep coming one after the other which they likely will. The government simply will not be able to deal with all this and people are going to come together in greater loving, compassionate unity to cope, thrive, and survive. It’s time. We are ripe and ready for this. We’ve all had these ‘hurricanes’ of destruction on our personal ascension paths, and now it’s happening more en masse to do away with the old patterns and systems and usher in the New!

  • Thank you so much Denise. I’m always excited to see your articles! I wanted to ask a question. Twice over the last few weeks, in the same spot, I have seen ‘doppelgängers’. To all intents and purposes they were the people I know but with a couple of subtle differences. Obviously I’ve met people who look very much like others I know before but this felt very different. There was a paradoxical feeling of “it’s them but it’s not them” immediately. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this and what does it mean?

    • “Twice over the last few weeks, in the same spot, I have seen ‘doppelgängers’.”

      Jodie & All,

      I’ve never liked some of the old terms like doppelgangers and poltergeist only because they’re old terms for old lower level 3D experiences some people had. This is another aspect I’ve struggled with over the 14 years I’ve written online; old 3D terms and words don’t work for what we’re going through now via the Ascension Process and its many related “anomalies”. We need NEW words, NEW terms that accurately reflect what we’re living and experiencing now at 5D and higher levels etc. Easier said than done, especially while one is dealing with brain mush or brain fog as its been called!

      Hopefully my answer to your question Jodie will help everyone better understand what I’m trying to express.

      What you’ve been seeing and clarivoyantly Seeing are caused by the current Ascension Process (AP) Separation of Worlds & Timelines. It’s also caused by more and more people evolving/ascending enough at this point to be experiencing more non-linear Quantum time moments. Combine these two massive energetic happenings and it’s a wonder more people aren’t seeing and Seeing far more of these so-called “anomalies”. I wholeheartedly believe they will be. It’s almost impossible to NOT experience and perceive more of these types of AP related anomalies and related phenomena. We’re no longer in only one primary old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world with its matching low-frequency linear time and matching structures etc. etc. etc. We’re in many different ascending Earth worlds now and we’re each in one that we are a current energy match to and with.

      Example: Julei and so many other people that still believe that the negative old global patriarchy and elite etc. are still completely in control of not only this country but of the whole planet and beyond in some cases. Nothing could be farther from the truth but that’s not the point here. The point is that if someone honestly believes that The powers that were still are to the extent they used to be, then those people are currently existing within a lower frequency, lower consciousness/awareness ascending Earth world than the ones all the rest of us (Forerunners/Crystalline Light Humans/Wayshower etc.) are.

      This is why there’s so many ascending Earth worlds now, to accommodate, match where each currently is vibrationally.

      Because of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines that’s taken place already, and because more people are personally experiencing periods of quantum Now Moment which exists vibrationally far above linear time, many are seeing/Seeing and perceiving all sorts of strange, weird, unusual things like seeing certain known people but also sensing that there’s something different and not “normal” about them. They are not old lower frequency linear time 3D doppelgängers, but what you’re perceiving of other ascending Earth worlds with those people in it at this time. Things — time, worlds, realities, lives, perceptions etc. — have never been so malleable, flexible and supple as they now are due to the Separation of Worlds AND our evolution into greater non-linear consciousness and actual reality and life. Because of all this and more, we’re all seeing/Seeing, experiencing and perceiving more and more uber-weird stuff, and isn’t that fun and exciting!? 😀

      Last week or so, hard to keep up with everything again, I repeatedly saw/Saw something parked in the same spot in my house near my back door. It was about 2.5 foot tall, was covered in hair or fur or something, didn’t have a head and face and startled me every freakin’ time I saw it. It would remain there for a moment and then disappear. The more I saw it the longer it stayed until I banished it with LightLOVE and it hasn’t been seen since.

      I think it was a long-dead dog but I’m not certain. This thing wasn’t negative at all so I played along with it for days until I couldn’t take being startled like that every time I saw it in the same spot. I’ve never had a dog so my sense was that it was someone else’s either recently deceased or deceased long ago dog that possibly lived here in my house but years or decades ago. Even this experience was unusual but it shows how much “residual” stuff — people, animals, events, actions, locations, buildings etc. — are currently on the move out due to the Separation of Worlds, not to mention that the old Astral plane is almost unrecognizable at this point, and that is a very, VERY positive thing!

      I hope this ramble helps with some of the numerous strange things more people have been and will continue to be seeing/Seeing, experiencing and perceiving. We’re so on the move now in so many different ways that there’s a lot of past/present/future stuff flying about. 🙂

      • Thank u again. I need to focus where i believe i am. Thank u for reinforcing the old is GONE. Its too easy to get sucked into all the differing beliefs and fears expressed on social media. Im meaning the spiritual perspectives. AND IT ALL DETRACTS AND DISTRACTS FROM THE INNER SELF TRUTHS.

        I need to create something new to do with my free time! And not being into thinking so much and opinionated so much. And i realize i feel afraid because i always use my thinking to think i have control. Some control. And then i realize i need to let go of mind and go deeper and higher. Mind wants to hang on to identity. Stories. Opinions.

        I acknowledge i enjoy my mind and thinking but its suppose to be an instrument for responsible creativity.. And this me /mind isn’t ME. Denise i have yet to have or know my Life as not my human mind/thoughts/beliefs. When i realize what im doing or identifying i stop and acknowledge this isnt true self. And repeat as necessary. Ive read it takes time and the more we pause in the moment and just be, the deeper the higher self anchors in or maybe gets a word in!

        And also Will. To Do what I know to Do. And i often dont or wont. Like sitting all day surfing fb on days off. Old old escapism habits. I dont NEED to escape any more!


  • I just had a thought. The powers that be use specific dates to energize/amplify their negative agenda. We know they have used 9/11 on several occasions. Hurricane Irma is said to hit Florida on the 10th. Yet, I can’t help but think there may be HUGE devastation on 9/11. I read an article that Hurricane Harvey was cloud seeded a week before it hit. Here is the link to the article. Maybe Hurricane Irma is the same. Any thoughts?

  • An atheist friend told me yesterday that if she wasn’t an atheist she would SERIOUSLY think the world was ending. I thought that was fitting, because the old world IS ending.

  • Thanks Denise, I’m coming off drugs now I’ve been on for 24 years (it’s finally time) but I was just about to rush to the cabinet to get them back out as the last few days have been so bad, I will make it now, I needed this message badly, Linda in England in bed ! I hope you feel better soon, love to you 🌹

  • Hello. Weirdness updates from the UK: there is panic here on the UK’s south cost. The town where I work (luckily I live a bit further away and I’m not at work today) has been thrown into panic as they’ve discovered what they think is a WW2 unexploded bomb! People are being evacuated from their homes. Lots of us here down with another ‘virus’. And the standard response of ridicule when I mention Ascension flu 😂😂😂. Xx

  • Hey Denise,

    Sep 4th I was fine, but I felt like a heaping ball of fried shrimp light on the Sunday. My head couldn’t withstand it and I think I might have felt the CME ahead of time. it’s always been my experience that this sort of thing happens before the initial wave hits. I did need to share something with you and ask you an important question. A few days ago I think it was on the Monday the 4th, I was walking at night and the moon was out. However the moon looked red – and looked bigger than it normally did and I thought to myself “How, is that possible?” Then I thought, did we shift closer, move closer, jump near the moon physically. I know when we shift, move, and glide divinely towards new frequencies and energies we really feel and see it happening. However, I was wondering if soon we’ll be closer to and nearer to other planets physically because we’ve shifted and moved towards them?

    Thank you for this, as August was unbelievable and September despite all these geomagnetic/Solar love explosives going off in my head – I feel really good, wonderful, magical and divine. The energy feels really wonderful for me, feels really good – but maybe that’s because that’s how we’re suppose to feel when we’re living and existing through our higher hearts.

    Much Love Denise,

    • Michael & All,

      Yep, the past three days of this high richter scale X-class Solar flare — oh god wait, another big wave of nausea “morning sickness”, euw — came in fast and hard but it didn’t lay us out like large ones did years ago. And it’s often weird feeling how you can feel pretty bad physically and shortly after feel really expanded, floaty and gravity-free, super relaxed, comfy and full of more NEW Light and all that goes with that. Everything is happening so quickly now, until we’re in the quantum Now Moment constantly and when in that higher, larger state/frequency/level we just ARE and can deliberately play with whatever we want in timeless No Time.

      About the Moon and planets/solar system moving and/or changing locations and positions etc.

      As soon as we — we being humanity and Earth and increasingly our whole solar system over these ascension years — “we” all have been slowly moving to a very different and NEW higher frequency location in space because of our entrance into the Photon Band of 7D Light.

      In relation to this Ascension Process, I think of the Photon Band of Light like a sort of Divine energetic planetary, space, human and all life cosmic car wash if you will! 😉 Nothing as in nothing can enter 7D Photonic Light areas (Bands) and retain any lower frequency anything, as in anything! At the end of every massive Evolutionary Cycle such as what we’ve just completed (12-21-2012), “we” enter one of many 7D Photon Bands of Light which automatically transmutes, transforms ALL old lower density, junk, crap, karma, negativity etc. so the slate is wiped clean energetically BEFORE we begin the next higher level, higher frequency Evolutionary Cycle. People have thought I was joking when I’ve said we’re all being Exorcised by Source/God now! I wasn’t really as that’s what entrance into one of these 7D Photon Bands does; it clears out everything in everyone and everything that was accumulated throughout the entire previous Evolutionary Cycle. And that is some MAJOR cleaning and clearing as we’ve all been living and feeling for a good long time now.

      My point in all that was to show that once “we” — Earth, our whole Solar system, humanity and all life on Earth etc. — enters the Photon Band, we do indeed move slowly to a NEW and different location in space. Also, once the majority of humanity is more consciously aware that they’re now existing within a 5D level of frequency and consciousness etc., I doubt that the Moon will be much of what it was prior to this Ascension Process. That and more actually, but the Moon, like everything else, was intentionally distorted by TD long ago and none of that is in affect any longer now so I would think that the Moon will change too just like Earth and us and everything else is and will continue to.

      Having said all that… 🙄 also keep in HighHeart consciousness that you/me/we are changing, evolving dramatically now in 2017, and because of that what we’re seeing/Seeing and perceiving and feeling etc. is also changing dramatically as should be expected by us all. I’ve seen some things lately that I’ve never seen/Seen before and like linear time getting increasingly less linear, so too will what we see/See and personally experience and how cool is that?! ❤

  • And eclipses and full moons and meteors, oh my! One came down two nights ago in Western Canada where we live. And red suns from the wildfire smoke. So much going on. I don’t even have enough energy to finish writing this.

  • Over the last week, my body feels increasingly light on the inside following two months of on and off achy, flu like pain releasing in back, neck, shoulders, throat. Massive, massive purging on all levels since June that has ebbed off. Massive grief and tears released over the summer. Heart, chest area experienced major healings too with various and sundry head-brain happenings all summer. Two nights ago, intense random pain surfaced for about twenty minutes in my upper legs but then went away as fast as it came on. Inner body feels extremely light, floaty, and emptied out and external experiences seem increasingly by the day the same going on mostly about a week. Talking feels very very smooth, easy, and fluent. The words kind of gently roll out with little effort. Walking feels like floating a bit. I feel gravity much less. Driving feels even smoother and floatier, and cars seem to effortlessly move out of the way. It’s very very unusual and strange as I move through reality like this. Even swallowing food and digestion seems very smooth, almost sensationless, and effortless. Things just seem far less effortful and more in this floaty, surreal flow. As of now, there is almost zero pain in this body and this body almost feels like it’s not even here physically as much….much much lighter and less dense feeling. It definitely feels like another dimensional reality…. floaty and soft on the inside and floaty and soft experientially. Who knows what will be happening next week? I certainly hope this state stays as it has appeared before briefly and then shifted back to a denser state with intense healings. This time this 5D lightness has been increasing in intensity going on about a week. Wow, wow, wow, and wow. Feeling soft gentle heat as soon as any fear or anxiety comes up as if it’s gently and softly burning it off which is less and less now….as for now! Thank you Denise for the update!

  • Feels more like something was implanted into us during the eclipse and now it’s about to hatch. Hope it wasn’t some kind of Trojan type subconscious AI nasty virus that now is being activated with all this mad radiation to devour its host.

  • Thank you Denise for your timely report. 🙂 This morning, after I heard about the big flare, I decided to meet it head-on and so have been in meditation on/with/about the incoming particles. I’ve realigned myself to solar phenomena before but these whistling cubes and rocketing spheres of geomagnetic particles (which is how they appear to me) are coming fast! I’m not an alarmist, but I feel this is going to have a large impact (no pun) and there will be some disruptions. The folks who are in the descending world/matrix (beautifully and thoughtfully described in your last post) are going to be severely affected. But they’ll not be reading here. For those who are going to work through these changes with awareness do try, if I can offer that advice, to meet them halfway in meditation. Relax, accept, and/or meld with the changes as early as possible. It will still hurt, be confusing, and all the rest, but it might not body-slam you quite as hard. Plus you’ll be able to help others who may need you. Two cents from an forerunner who, like you Denise, has been at this ascension process for a lot of long, hard years.

  • Hey Denise,

    I actually became aware of feeling “fried” a couple hours ago and frazzled and unsure of what to do with myself. And yes, definitely been running hot internally as well as bloated (ugh).

    Quick sense/thought: as I was looking at the “blackout” map link in the spaceweather info above, I felt/thought of Iran/Iraq etc area. Recalled something Lisa Renee had wrote about having to do with the stargate in that area. And (ow, my head), wonder if the black out in that area had to do with literally shorting out/blacking out the rest of the inverted (preverted) tech in that area, to clean it out for the New to come in finally. Gotta go lay down, feeling it really hit me now, nausea!

    Much Love!

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