June 2016 Emotional Intensity & the Ongoing Completion Energies

 Hi Denise,
Numerous friends and I have noticed extremely strong emotional currents sweeping through during the last few days.  One highly evolved friend had such rage she finally wound up on the kitchen floor (her dog hugged her through it).  Another was dysfunctional all day with victim energies.  Others are crying for days.  All of us report this is not our emotional stuff, we can tell.  Others are having huge trouble even visualizing their 2nd chakra, and are experiencing pain there.  WTF is going on? Could you inquire?
A. What is causing this?  Dimensional shift, which will get worse before it gets better, as one angel reader has said?  Some infernal new technological attack by Team Dark to elicit one last milking of the human herd?  Their own rage and despair at being removed?  It is certainly more than the Pulse massacre, and I think more than Neptune retrograde. Whatever is it, it is laying people Out.

B. When will it end?

C. What can we concretely specifically do to cope with it (besides clear our own issues, which I think provide hooks for these waves to catch in us).

I so hope you will inquire and can get some answers.  People are definitely suffering and asking.

cartoon emotions2
We’d been having Comment conversations under my earlier article about how many of us have had an unusually difficult time with highly amplified emotional energies suddenly hitting us really hard. I’ve mentioned in a few articles this year how I’ve struggled with on again off again depression, and none of it feels like “me” but some strange territory I’m having to trek through this year. Others mentioned how they’re getting hit hard now with rage, anger, complete dissatisfaction with everything and pretty much everyone, and others have reached that magical point where they are all done with enduring the A’s & I’s — the Assholes and Idiots any longer. Maybe my old term makes more sense to more people now than it did ten years ago or so when I felt this way and struggled with it and many other related things.
Then I received the email quoted above from Falcon, and its obvious large numbers of people are getting hit hard with whatever it is we’re required to be consciously aware of now in ourselves and other people. Thanks for letting me share your email Falcon. ❤
There isn’t just one or two things causing what we’re all feeling and witnessing in ourselves and others, it’s a whole cluster of massively important and reality-changing things all happening in highly amplified ways in 2016.
2016 is a 9 Energy Year

01 number lights6

2016 is a 9-energy year. 2+0+1+6 = 9 numerically. Nine energy has to do with completions, and in this case with the Ascension Process those completions are vast and all-encompassing, both personally and collectively for individuals and the human collective and beyond. We’ve been through many 9 energy years over the decades—2007 was the last 9 energy year we went through—but not one of them took place at the end of Galactic Alignment! 2016 is a 9 energy year like none ever before and more and more people are feeling this intense and trying fact throughout 2016.

I believe that, especially so from September 1st through the last three months of 2016, we’re going to see (globally but very much so in this country, the USA) things, people, situations, systems, belief systems etc. disintegrate even more quickly. Old lower ways are already crumbling under the patriarchy’s feet and as the end of 2016 gets closer and closer, this dismantling process of the old lower everything will only escalate. Some will love this while others will freak out more than they already are, but any way you look at it, completion on all levels (which means total change) and in all ways is upon each of us personally and collectively as a species.

Plus we’ve got to traverse the zero 0 energy, the Zero Zone as I’ve called it, before we’re catapulted into the NEW of 2017, 2+0+1+7 = 1 energy but again, this is 1 energy as humanity and Earth has never ever experienced before. 1 energy has to do with new beginnings, and in this Ascension Process case, they’ll take place completely within the NEW higher level of being and dimension.

So we complete whatever we must this year in the 9 energies, then we travel through the mysterious and timeless quantum zero energy (all of December 2016 if you’re very sensitive) which will most likely also be highly amplified and personal for each of us. Immediately after this we reach the NEW 1 energies of 2017. But because this is 1 energy within the NEW on the other side of the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment, it won’t be like anything humanity has experienced before.

I’m working on another article about 2017, our exiting the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment energies and space, and the upcoming ‘three Flashes of Light’ arriving throughout the NEW of 2017 that will fully impact, alter and rapidly evolve mass humanity. They need this because we Forerunners/Pathpavers cannot haul their dense unaware butts up any more Stair-steps. Plus we shouldn’t have to suffer the unaware, the negative, the violence and insanity any longer either. Get an accurate sense of the monumental transition we’re actually in right now and will continue to be in throughout 2017. Feel into this information, and the current amplified personal and collective craziness, rage, depression, emotional sadness etc. etc. starts making a lot more sense.

The Sun’s Journey Across the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment

December 1980 GE crossing

December 1998 halfway across GE

December 2016 Solstice sun GE

I created these three images which is why they aren’t perfect. I intentionally lightened the color of the Sun to match the actual physical and energetic changes (entrance into Photonic Light) it has gone through during this Ascension Process/Galactic Alignment journey.

Please spend a few moments from your HighHeart, not your intellect, viewing the start, mid-way and completion dates of the Sun’s spiritual energetic journey, along with the steady changes in our Sun from traversing the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment and embodying higher frequency Light from doing so. And lastly, be very consciously aware of the date of the third image, which is December 2016, a mere six months from now.

The June Solstice is three days away, meaning we’ve got the second half of 2016 before Earth and all humanity reaches this incredibly important completion point of our Sun completing and exiting the Galactic Equator area, also called Galactic Alignment.

It is no coincidence that 2016 is a 9-energy year (completion) AND this thirty-six-plus yearlong transformational Ascension Process journey of the Sun across the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment reaching its completion at the December 2016 Solstice. No coincidence whatsoever, just massive multi-layered, multi-dimensional, multiple lifetimes worth of intense Ascension Process Work here and elsewhere. You know this and much more in your very cells, in your ancient Self, in your Star Self, in your Greater Divine Selves.

This is a lot of spiritual, energetic, physical, mental and emotional pressure for each of us Forerunners/Pathpavers/Light Embodiers to be going through this year, which has much to do with why we’re sort of all over the place emotionally. Honestly, is it any wonder? ❤

For many months now I’ve had higher visions of hundreds of thousands of super-fast images of people, beings, events, energies, lives, deaths, horrors, loves, places, dimensions, locations across time, multiple dimensions and plenty of things I don’t even know what or who they are in my mind’s eye. It’s hundreds of thousands of faces and places, events and emotions, Light and Dark duality events and much more all being lifted up and out of the old evolutionary cycle and cleared and/or moved elsewhere and catalogued. At times it becomes way too much for me to witness and I do my best to not become overwhelmed by what all I’m Seeing wiz past me on its way out. Some of the depression I’ve felt this year has to do with this as it’s not all me or mine by any stretch! I’m just another of many higher dimensional witnesses to this massive completion, clearing and evolutionary dimensional transition across the Universe.

There’s much more of course but this is a good start I feel for what we’re going through now and a decent glimpse into the massive changes coming via 2017 and the NEW 1 energies and life, reality and creativity on the other side of  Galactic Alignment.

Denise Le Fay

June 17, 2016


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26 thoughts on “June 2016 Emotional Intensity & the Ongoing Completion Energies

  • Thank you so much for sharing this email and your response. I have been a spiritual student for over 30 years, but, it wasn’t until my life started completely falling apart in 2012, culminating with a physical trauma in 11/2015 that resulted in my being a walk-in that I got the message. So, I’ve been busy like everyone else clearing out negativity (unfortunately, every person in my life had to “go”) and I was pretty worried these past days that it was just me. Yeah, good times… Onward and upward. I’m eternally grateful for these experiences and to have found my tribe. Love to all of you!

  • Extremely grateful for this venue, being able to ‘compare notes’ with others.
    I, too, have been living in isolation for long time, even more so last 6+ months since my beloved friend/partner passed away. For years he was one (pretty much the ONLY) soul that I felt in complete resonance with and being with him helped to make sense to all this seemingly nonsensical existence. He exited abruptly and unexpectedly and I just seem to be ‘coasting’ and treading water more than ever before ever since…

    Anyway, anger has been my ‘default’ feeling what seems like forever and part of my ‘practice’ has always been feeling it and expressing it… Hell with all the newage (rhymes with sewage) admonitions to ‘not go into low, negative feelings’…
    Of course I do it in a way that does not endanger, threaten or insult anyone around me, just allows for crap to flow out instead of keeping and staying stuck.

    Last about a week or so has been almost incomprehensibly intense.
    Tiniest little thing, like stuff falling on the kitchen floor and making a noise sets me off and I hear myself spewing out any and every obscenity I could think off and I repeat it over and over ’cause I cannot think of anything else even more obscene to express the depth of my rage, which infuriates me even more…
    Yet there is a part of me, the ‘watcher’, ‘observer’, that just witnesses and feels almost amused… Kinda of like “whoa, where is THAT coming from? I though we cleared that one long time ago”… 🙂

    I am not judging it, just feel very weary and tired of it all… like “how the hell LONG will we have to plow through this muck? Is there ANY end to it all?”

    So reading all of your comments and shared experiences helps tremendously in that it is not just angry little me throwing tantrums but seems like some big cosmic clearing happening…
    I have been on this ‘ascension path’ for over thirty years now (we did not even have the word ‘ascension’ back then) and it feels WAY too old, long, tired, repetitous, boring, insane, pointless, exhausting and myriad of other objectives…

    Yet, here we are, by the grace of God/All-That-Is, still kicking, breathing and pushing along…
    As some me-me said while back – “It will all be good in the end… If is still ain’t good – it means that it ain’t the end yet” 😀

    • Jana,

      I can totally relate to everything you said in your wonderful and completely honest comment. Thank you for your honesty because way too many believe that they have to or need to look like a runway model or pageant participant or Jesus or Angles etc. etc. It’s all so gag to me because, as a Forerunner of the Forerunners like yourself, we know how very, very difficult, lengthy and laborious it really is living, transmuting and then embodying all this in and through ones self, body and soul. There’s nothing kind and gentle, easy or comfortable about Pathpaving compressed evolution for humanity!

      I agree, the past going on three weeks or more now, have been un-freaking-believable. I’ve had two narcissist sociopaths in my house during that time–one fence guy, other one was an electrician, and I need fence guy to return and complete a second fence job…that I’ve paid him half for already. :/ Shields up!

      I’ve written old articles about rage and intolerance etc. at TRANSITIONS years ago. Because like you, during my Ascension Process I ‘default to anger’, I’ve HAD to feel it because, and this is important for some, prior to the start of my Ascension Process (AP) it was fear. Anger is a step up from fear evidently and because I’d never felt rage in my life before the AP started in me, it’s been something I’ve needed to deal, feel, heal so I can reach Neutrality finally. Sometimes I’m there, other times I “fall” back down into rage, especially when sociopaths (Portal People) are involved! Also, if we don’t get utterly fed up with the lowly crap and insanity, we never reach the level where we desperately want and need to evolve beyond it. This too is a big aspect of what we Forerunners have been and still are doing for the human species; getting really pissed off and all done with all of the old lower negativity. 😉

      But…I too have gone into rage-fests over dropping some little something on the floor because I’m in so much pain and so exhausted that I sometimes can’t pick it up! And on and on and on. This is I believe the last BIG blast of this sort of stuff for many of us; we’ve GOT to See ourselves from our HighHearts and release the pain(s) before the 2017 energies arrive. The rest of this year is us doing this I sense and some of it will happen faster and easier than ever before, while some of it seems, from our highly amplified perspectives and feelings, to be so freaking big and nasty and unbearable that we think we just might loose it. Trick is, I think we are “loosing it”, it’s just that it’s other things than what we thought they were! 😉 Gratitude hugs for all you’ve done and continue doing for Self and All. ❤

      • I don’t mean to just ‘trade compliments’ with you, Denise, however – big huge Thanks! back to you is very much called for.
        I have only come across your blog recently and am tickled pink at your ‘tell it like it is’ attitude… Have kept up with many other sites and dropped quite a few of them over the years thanks to my BS meter going way off sooner or later…

        Just couple of random thoughts inspired by your reply…

        When you say “losing it” – feels completely right and sometimes the whole pointlessness of this “earthly journey” still trips me up…
        What I mean, we have been ‘at it’ for 13 000 (or more) years (and I have been here since ‘the beginning’)… Learning ‘the lessons’, working through karma, being born and dying and ‘learning more lessons’…
        And all of a sudden – Pooff! Now we need to forget about it all, drop it all, let it go and release it all…
        Wow! Makes one want to seriously question this whole exercise in futility…
        Good thing that time is just an illusion, otherwise just THIS one point could make you feel like shooting yourself in the foot and get hauled off of this ‘battlefield’..

        You also say “If we don’t get utterly fed up with the lowly crap and insanity, we never reach the level where we desperately want and need to evolve beyond it.”

        Actually reminds me – sometimes I carry on (one-way) conversation to all TD, whoever the hell they are, actually THANKING them for tightening the screws so hard and making the life so impossibly difficult and crazymaking…
        To explain, I was born thoroughly and fully unconscious and plodded dutifully along for many years, desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to fit in…
        I believe it was only because everything around me was so painfully nonsensical and utterly maddening that I started looking around for meaningful answers…

        Maybe if it “all” was just a little bit more tolerable (less “bad”), I might have never embarked on my search and ascension journey and would still be trying to “suck it up” and still trying to fit in SOMEHOW…
        So every once in a while I thank the a$$holes for doing such a great job making this life so unlivable, otherwise we all might get stuck in it for much longer…

    • Hi Jana and Denise, to your comments I say ditto, ditto, ditto! I have been on this path about 25 years and it seems to make less and less sense the further along I have come. I was really a fuking mess before the start of the path and now I’m still a fuking mess! Lol I heard a comment on a popular tv show made by a character that really stuck with me, “The Universe is Indifferent” and I thought that is the most truthful few words I heard in a long time. The Universe is ever Evolving so we on planet Earth are a part of that process. It is Indifferent to how we Evolve but will help lead us through our individual holographic programs and it seems like this major evolutionary leap that is occurring is all about intense Human suffering caused by the intense push of clearing, clearing, and more clearing. It seems like the Earth experience is one of evolutionary periods of light, dark/ dark, light/ light dark, over and over again. Really feels like we have been quite stuck within this looping. As with all, this latest period has been quite intense and I had to honestly own there is still a bit of dark that is part of me, ingrained within myself, especially sexual. Don’t only like all vanilla, like some chocolate swirled within. Lol. So, for myself it seems to be an inner battle with this light/dark scenario and constantly working with releasing chunks of the dark in favor of the light. Earth is a planet of polarity and to have one without the other or a god balance of both seems to be an unbearable scenario and can be so downright boring, I have to say a little bit of darkness can add a bit of spiciness to the mix. So I think I am saying to myself at this point in time, a little bit of the so called dark is ok if I can find somewhat of a balance. When you have a charge of any kind you cannot have the positive without the negative, it takes both. I always think of a battery to remember the charge won’t work without the negative aligned with the positive. So I feel this is the current intense scenario that is playing out evolution wise here on Earth. Bottom line, are we trying to make friends/peace with the dark within ourselves, is that what we are being asked at this time to say, it’s ok to have some darkness at an individual level within even after all of the massive clearing we have worked thru! Also, at this time I have stopped focusing on the darkness without(around me) and only focusing on my remaining darkness within. May The Force Be With You!!!

  • Mary and everyone on the topic of Chakras… I, too, closed down my chakra centre after thanking the old system for taking care of me till now. Many thanks to whoever it was that posted the excellent meditation on doing this, as it helped me enormously and felt absolutely spot-on for me.

    As Denise says, it’s too complex to even find the words, but suffice to say I felt so much better. Later that day I listened to a meditation recommended by a friend that was channeled a month or so ago and felt worse… they were talking about 3D selves and all the old paradigm stuff! So, even in just a month, I have felt another vast difference and shift in my energy and my new ‘house’ can no longer sustain or even tolerate the ‘old neighbours’! I will be even more mindful and careful of what I listen to – nothing of the old comes even close any more. On a more personal level, I am no longer even interested in lower energy ‘coupling’ (to be polite!). I am having High Heart experiences that shake my whole body, and in my humble opinion are far superior to the old ways of engaging in the clunky old orgasmic thing! 😉

    I am LOVING this new energetic… everything is different!

    Eternally grateful to you Denise for this space to share, love and appreciation, Jay (UK) xxx

  • I agree that we don’t need all the spiritual protocols we have used to heal with from the past. I kind of got addicted to rushing around saving others and myself…it took up so much of my time….hope time disappears as it seems like it is doing so I don’t have to fill it up with do this, do that anymore.

  • It happens every 5000 years. We are simply repeating the act we have played before.

    • rahul,

      I’m sorry but you couldn’t be more wrong. We are doing so much more than simply repeating some old lower cycle within the old lower world and reality of the past.

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  • This article and accompanying comments are so needed right now. I have been scouring the internet, trying to find out what was going on. I even dragged out my crystals, which I haven’t used for quite some time, to see if I could get some relief. Three days ago, I even sailed into my husband’s car as I was backing out of the drive, I was so exhausted. Yeah, that’s been fun to deal with. I need rest, but there’s none in sight–so unbelievably many things to cope with right now. On the plus side, this last number of days (with accompanying Ascension phenomenon) has brought me to a strange point of balance. My body has taken about as much as it can, but my mind and spirit seem better after the most recent energies. So much coming ahead for us, I think. My birthday is the day after the solar eclipse in September. All I can say about 2015 and 2016 is, Wow. I really hope I can take what’s continuing to come up on all levels. Intense.

  • All I could do yesterday afternoon was lie on the couch, so I began surfing the ipad to see what the hell was going on, and I came to the article of a few days ago, and lo and behold you’ve got another article about this acute (not cute at all) experience of energy since it is literally frying us. Me, having Lyme disease, and going through all this crap, am sensitive to heat already, but even inside the house in the coolest places I felt like my skin was frying – there sure as shit is some kind of energy which is cooking us, and it sucks!!!

    I too have always felt a strong connection to the number 9, and this I feel is our year. I am targeting the equinox right now, since the fall equinox is my favorite time of year, and I have felt for a long time that the fall equinox is the ideal time for a shift to occur – a major one -visible – undeniable… Hopefully we will shorten our time lines now, not projecting far into the future, understanding that a major shift can occur very quickly – it actually has to – Heaven does not work at the grinding slow pace of earth. Heaven gets things done, just like Joe Pesci. (what the hell does that mean?)

    Rather than leave a comment on both posts, I’d also like to address the idea of male anger quickly since it was such a big topic in the last post. Now is our time – that means we need to harness that anger and use it ourselves. ‘Spiritual’ people for so long have had some weird objection to anger, thanks to a bunch of asleep monks and rabbis and whoever else condemning anger. Balogna. That’s BALONEY! Anger is a tool, a tool commonly associated with the male program, but it has its place and now its the time we need to be using, and actually correcting people when they make mistakes. Humanity loves cliches – one is the cliche that we are all one big family. Great! That means we get to yell at one another!

    While I would not advocate being a pissed off angry a-hole, I do know that if you have matured enough through this process your anger will be used efficiently and effectively and will be timely as well. Here I am on this forum, as most of us are, feeling alone in this process, and sometimes I get myself into a little trouble in the world because I get really pissed off. You’ve gotta get my back, I’ve got yours. When I see someone angry, I don’t immediately ass-u-me that they’re wrong. Unfortunately, human programming is not so charitable in its view of me, yet how can that be surprising.

    If you have to get pissed, let it the fuck out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yell, scream, curse, whatever needs to happen. The poles need to turn and we do have a lot of anger that is not wrong at all. I personally am really suspect if the historical Jesus ever said ‘turn the other cheek’. Just how many towns did he kicked out of? For what? Being a boring lifeless dud? Noone had his back when it mattered most, but now is the time we will have to come out of our bunkers and join together. Unless of course we want to be like the frog in the pot of boiling water.

    I have a website coming out soon which will make it easy to do so, and you don’t even need to worry about what to do – I am making it as easy as possible. This is the time. Let’s target the equinox of this year, and make this year of the 9 really count, so 2017 can actually be the year of the new beginning.

    • Oh yes!!! i loved your reply!!! In society I feel the blatant double standard of the use of Anger! I am often judged and labeld as unstable..It’s So not fair:) Like you said it’s only used when necessary:).I’m glad i’m not alone:)

      But I agree with you totally, it must be expressed! Like a lightening strike on the Serengeti burning away anything that stands in the way of truth(growth). It is sometimes needed…

      Personally, I feel like the goddess Sekhmet is living in me. She was the sister to RA in Kemet mythology. Ra sent her to earth to help mankind heal but when she witnessed man not being so kind she released her fire(wrath) and almost destroyed all of mankind. RA put a stop to it. I know it’s a little dramatic, but I think you get the point.:)) Again many thanks!!

  • Wholeheartedly agree with your comments and insights, Denise. It is the people around me who are not leaving the past behind that are having the most problems. And for those unable to deal with their emotional pasts, it is crippling!

  • Cannot agree more with all of this… I want to share a dream I had a few nights ago (vision more than dream, to be honest). I was transported to this place in a jungle-like setting where I was introduced to a Shaman. He was of indeterminable origin, but had darkish skin and looked Mexican. I was told (telepathically) he was a combination of Mexican, Mayan and Pleidiean). We connected immediately and he took me on a little journey, through a busy city where he pointed out the place we needed to go to. Across the street was a stairway up the side of a building, where lots of people were headed – it was a beauty parlour, but it was a vegan/vegetarian (?) place (suggesting it was good for you). I began to go there but my Shaman said, ‘No, not there. To the left…’ I looked toward where he pointed and saw a sign that said, HOSPITAL FOR PAIN, RAGE AND ANGER…

    “That is where you need to go”, he said. Then he demonstrated to me by going into the crowd and trying to antagonise people who only reacted lovingly, that when you have had your pain, rage and anger healed (by yourself, I might add) NOTHING can get to you.

    I was then suddenly back in the jungle, and he had disappeared to be replaced by a woman of maybe the same origin, who showed me the lost time (between my hospital visit and back in the jungle) on a movie screen…

    I KNEW without doubt that I had experienced a massive shift in consciousness, explaining my own pain and deeply held rage of a lifetime (mine, and others’) and how I’ve been working on healing myself and holding the light and the energetic of Love for others as well as my own ancestral timelines.

    Crazy and wonderful times… Manifestations happening all over the place and staying in the High Heart is recommended at all times.

    Thank you Denise for your brilliant insights and sharing xoxoxox Love you… Jay xoxox

    • “That is where you need to go”, he said. Then he demonstrated to me by going into the crowd and trying to antagonise people who only reacted lovingly, that when you have had your pain, rage and anger healed (by yourself, I might add) NOTHING can get to you.

      There it is in a nutshell; feel, deal, heal and you become Neutrality! Thanks for sharing this Jay. ❤

  • Dear one!
    Since monday, I have had excruciating ascension symptoms rage throughout my whole body.Today sat.18th I can actually breathe a sigh of relief 🙂 …My ancestors have called on me to tell my story. I just want to thank you all for your stories!! They have helped me through some incredibly dark times..xx

  • Three weeks ago I dissolved my chakra system as part of an “exiting the matrix” visualisation with Lucia Rene.

    It has made it easier for me to traverse these last weeks……….one sobathon cleared pretty much everything.

    For those who feel such a process would assist them or it is their time, here is a link to Lucia’s meditation:

      • Mary & All,

        I think what Pod was talking about (once again there’s tons of misunderstandings–and worse–happening now) is how, and it’s happening anyway whether one does this meditation or anything else, all of the old lower codes, blueprints, energies, karma, energy systems etc. are being evolved beyond; are disappearing from within each person “ascending”/evolving now. This HAS to happen because the old lower systems, consciousness, energies, codes etc. of and from the previous Evolutionary Cycle cannot co-exist with the NEW Evolutionary Cycle we’re about to fully enter (2017) with it’s NEW much higher “matrix” of energetic codes, blueprints, energy systems and so on.

        This is and has been happening naturally in us and it’s why I mentioned clairvoyantly Seeing hundreds of thousands of faces, places, beings, events, horrors, loves, emotions and so in in this article. Many people have been Seeing this during 2015 and 2016. Again, why? Because the old is leaving and rapidly because we’re embodying the NEW energies, codes, blueprints, “matrix” if you will of the NEW.

        This is why some people can’t clairvoyantly See their ‘second chakra’ or other related things. I cannot stress this enough — we are evolving beyond the old lower systems, consciousness, codes, blueprints etc. etc. etc. because we’re “ascending”, evolving into a totally NEW and totally different and vastly more complex and vast level of being, learning, creating, living and so on. Trying to use the old lower frequency tools, methods, beliefs and habits etc. in the NEW of a totally higher, more complex level/dimension of being just doesn’t work. There are more people still using and believing in the old lower tools, consciousness and everything else because they’ve not yet personally experienced and consciously realized enough of the NEW higher energies. When they do they’ll drop the old ones because the NEW are so, so, so much better and more interesting. 😉

        In many cases with the different stages within the Ascension Process, one or more Ascension Teachers will take on specific teachings to assist more people in consciously realizing that they’re dropping the past “tools” because they’re evolving into NEW ones. But, this doesn’t mean and never has that this isn’t taking place naturally, automatically within the Ascension Process because it is. It’s always worked this way, it’s just that sometimes one or more of us Ascension Teachers will be nudged from higher levels of awareness to do or say or write about specific things at that exact moment because it’s up next in the Ascension Process list of things To Do! 🙂 We highlight it in other words for the Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners primarily. But it happens automatically anyway via the energies of the Ascension Process.

        There were a couple of other things I wanted to add here but have lost them while writing this. Typical. I’m under some TD bullshit once again via Portal People (2 “handymen”) doing work on my house and property. The timing of this matches the June 2016 Solstice and same-day Full Moon. I’m intimately familiar with these TD tactics but it’s saddening nonetheless. I may quote Lisa Renee’s latest because that’s exactly what I’m experiencing, again. Many of us are. Anyway, peace, love, and rock and roll right on up and beyond it all everyone. ❤

        • Thank you, Denise! ❤ I have heard some people say that you should close your chakras because it is an opening for team dark to get in. I always thought that they are an energy center which is neither good nor bad, but like all things in duality, could probably be used either way. Your explanation is much more exciting, that we are evolving out of the need for the chakras.

          I recently took a class which uses "resonance" to facilitate healing. (Different from reiki, where the energy flows out of you. I just took Level 1, so am not an expert in any way to explain, but I think of it more like sympathetic vibration in music, when one "c" string vibrates, the other "c's" will vibrate somewhat, too.) Anyway, this class used the chakras and the meridians to guide where to place your hands to do resonance. I wonder if doing this sort of work would prolong my experience in the Old paradigm, and hinder my evolution into the New? (One of the goals is to open and balance your energy centers, especially your high heart, although they just called it your heart chakra.)

          I know receiving this healing was helpful for me because I had some intestinal problems, and for a couple of days afterward, I could feel intense energy every once in a while coming out my index finger. I looked it up, and saw that the index finger was part of the meridian of the large intestines. But, I wouldn't want to open my chakras, when the in the new, they will need to be closed.

        • Mary & All,

          I’m going to use a very simple but accurate example about this complex evolutionary change we’re going through, and very intensely now. Casting off the old so there’s room in us for more and more of the NEW to take up residence — aka Embodiment.

          Think of a house or large building being built and it’s at the stage where the framework is done, plumbing is done, vents done etc. and now the entire electrical wiring and electrical system is being installed throughout. In most residential homes the wiring is 110; think amount, volume, flow ability throughout and so on. Now think of this electrical wiring and entire electrical system in the house as your/my/our individual central nervous systems and nerves throughout our physical body. Replace house with human body and electrical wiring with Light Energies flowing through our central nervous system etc.

          Now think about the (evolutionary) need to drastically “upgrade” your house, your body with larger, more complex wiring that can embody and run, safely and comfortably flow higher, faster, much more advanced energies/Light/LOVE/consciousness etc. through it. This is why we, humanity HAD to be Rewired throughout their body and brains over these Ascension years. I wrote extensively about this at TRANSITIONS when the Forerunners where first living it. The Rewiring Process. This is it; evolving our old lower frequency “wiring” — central nervous system and nerves etc. — so it can comfortably and safely contain, embody, house and run constant higher frequency Light Energies and not “blow a fuse”! 😉

          110, 220 voltage but within the old lower levels and systems of our past. Today we’re releasing these old lower codes and templates of the old lower Evolutionary Cycle or paradigm or “matrix” because we’ve evolved/ascended and are able to, and need to, contain within ourselves a very different energy system that runs on very different “wiring” and so on. The differences between the old and the NEW are so vast it’s hard for me to accurately describe them. Two tin cans with string between them vs. Lightbeings! There, that was pretty accurate!

          What I’m going to say next might not be very popular with many people, but heck, that’s never stopped me before right? 😉

          All this inner cleaning and clearing, buffing and polishing of one’s emotional and energetic insides isn’t really needed at this point within the Ascension Process. We’ve already been there and done that with it. Now if one desires some sort of “fixing” or “repairing” of oneself on the energetic inside, all one needs to do is sit down and slow down, go into your HighHeart space and be with God, which is increasingly now You. Or, one can go outside, sit or lay down, slow down and have HighHeart Lovemaking with the Sun in your HighHeart space in your body and being. 🙂 These are some of the super easy but oh so powerful things we can and should be doing now because THAT is correct and appropriate for the NEW wiring we have, we are now. All those old lower “tools” just aren’t of a high enough frequency to do the trick anymore. We’ve evolved beyond them and are learning NEW ways of being Sovereign within our individual Selves because that is what life in the NEW 5D Earth reality is all about.

        • Thanks, Denise, for your great and detailed explanation, and for you patient reply. I appreciate it! xoxo 🙂

  • Dear Denise (and Falcon),

    Thank you for this. I realized in talking to a couple people yesterday about how I was feeling, a few things. A big one was that because of the trauma I had to cope with from very young, I had many layers of protection… the last one I’m realizing is an emotional energetic wall. I’ve been intuitive and empathetic through this life, and I now sense that when it got too much energetically I could come back on the other side of the wall away from feelings and energies… didn’t protect from energetic vampires though. Since Sunday, the low level sadness I’ve felt, and now yesterday the grief of Lois Duncan’s passing has (I now believe) obliterated this wall I had. It may have protected me, and it also kept me from receiving a lot of the energy and Ascension tools. This has been my sense about things anyway.

    Denise, I did what you suggested and Felt the 3 pictures above. The BIG thing that I noticed right away was the 18 year gap between each occurrence. Each of the years shown (1980, 1998, 2016) AND the years between each of the occurrences (18)… another “9” 🙂 I could also remember/feel as a child the deep yellow warm sun, and now it shines white and bright and my eyes are more sensitive to it. And now I feel like calling it a star instead of a sun… I am it, it is me… Star People. These are my feelings impressions from taking that moment to “feel”.

    And oh my, it feels like just yesterday was 2012 and I had just shaken off the last of my ptsd, feeling annoyed that this Ascension process was going to take forever realizing that we had a bit of an extension period… and now here we are, just a breath away from the completion year, on the verge of the start in the New new. And yes, it’s no wonder all these emotions running amok as there’s nowhere for them to go… and I LOVE when you said:

    “They need this because we Forerunners/Pathpavers cannot haul their dense unaware butts up any more Stair-steps.”

    We have cleared enough for the masses… it will be time for them to grow up and own their own stuff and feelings and Deal with them. It makes sense now to me, the swirling mass of feelings (until Year 1 starts, and I’m sure that it’s all still a process as well). We will not do for the child what the child can do for themselves now. It’s what any good parent does to teach the child responsibility for their own stuff.

    Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to help explain in your own understanding of what the heck is going on 🙂 I truly appreciate it.

    Much Love

  • Without question, the last 3 days or so, I would say that there is energetic hell flying high. Everyone who is deeply in tune with their selves gets to experience this in their own unique wonderfully horrible way. For me, it’s like being squeezed from the inside out to the point of barely being able to move around in the world at large, especially in public.

    Dig deep everybody. The stark reality is that there really is not much else to do! It will pass, as all things must.

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