There Is No Escaping Evolution

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So Calm It’s Smooth As Glass…

You know when it’s overcast, cloudy, high humidity, foggy, raining or snowing how the sunlight doesn’t get through all that interference and reach Earth and us fully and directly? The same is true when the Sun is very active and spewing flares, CME’s, solar storms, solar winds etc. Those externalized solar energies reach Earth, humans and all life here but they’re usually reduced due to the strong and wild movements of those very energies. We’re effected by them alright, but they’re often diminished by the great forces and pressures taking place from them being so violently projected outwards into space.

On the other hand, when the Sun goes quiet and isn’t hurling CME’s, flares, solar storms, solar winds everywhere, that quiet calm allows all the GC (Milky Way Galactic Center) energies to flow unimpeded or disrupted in any way right to, into and through you and your body/bodies and everything and everyone else including Earth. When the Sun is quiet the GC energies (plus any other cosmic energies) enter the area of our solar system in full-force because there’s no energetic wake turbulence or interference whatsoever from solar winds, storms or CME’s etc. When the Sun goes quiet like it has for much of 2016 for this very reason, the GC energies reach us directly, fully and totally unimpeded. Yowza! Energetic “weekend warrior” only business is over. It’s now full-time and full-on and coming directly from the GC to all incarnate human Crown Chakras on Earth! Can ya feel the Divine evolutionary LOVE?

More NEW Is Embodied & Activated When It’s Calm & Smooth As Glass

I’ve learned over these Ascension decades that when I suddenly become emotional over the slightest, kindest, highest vibrating of things, that means the Earth’s magnetic energies are in flux once again. As we’ve learned over the years, the magnetic grid and field helps hold the current Evolutionary Cycle’s energetic codes, blueprints, templates in place for humanity, Earth and all lifeforms on Earth throughout that cycle. Said another way, it holds the current curriculum in place for all during an Evolutionary Cycle.

However, when the old lower frequency Evolutionary Cycle with its matching codes, blueprints or energy curriculum Expires and starts disappearing, the magnetic energies around Earth become “unstable” while they reduce, dispel and go to zero. What all this really is are the old codes, blueprints and energies they contained for the past cycle dying away. Simultaneously to all that is the building of and then activation of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s magnetic Grid system at a much higher level of frequency and complexity. Out with the old lower and in with the NEW higher and more complex in other words. This we’ve done and lived since day-one of this Ascension Process so nothing new here.

But, since the Sun’s gone quiet this year which allows the GC to pour out the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s energies—codes, blueprints, templates etc.—very directly and with full-force right into each of us on Earth and into Earth too, these magnetic changes in the NEW Grid system are now being felt by more and more much more intensely than ever before. Not just the Forerunners mind you, but everyone at this point. Needless to say, this and all the rest of these evolutionary Ascension Process happenings cause many people to increasingly lose it and become extremely unstable for a while, or permanently.

Every time I get hit hard with either of these current Ascension related energies, I think about how difficult it is for me, my body, my central nervous system, digestive track, my mind heart and so on, and for the most part, I know what’s going on and why! As the old energies and codes of the past Evolutionary Cycle and their matching magnetic Grid and field around Earth reduce to zero and fall away, they’re replaced with NEW higher energies and codes that can sometimes cause some Forerunners to feel depressed, sad, very emotional at times, very much done with it all, extra weak, extra exhausted, extra achy, bigger and heavier, less than before, greater than before and so on. Much of all this has to do with us being in transition from all the old lower energies and embodying more of the NEW higher energies. The Ascension related magnetic changes cause some to feel more emotional, weepy, depressed etc. In many people still carrying the old lower consciousness, beliefs, reality and expectations etc., this puts a great deal of energetic pressure and stress on and in them to evolve, not that they realize that’s what any of this is about! And so, we have more and more of the “normal” masses utterly losing it now and/or going into more fear over more change taking place internally and externally. This will get worse before it gets better Forerunners so stay in your HighHeart and keep doing what you have been for all.

I’ve just completely forgotten what this article was about… Oh yeah, that reminded me about the need to sleep, to get out-of-body during the daytime hours. I think in many cases we’re doing much like what the Sun is by going “quiet”; we’re all needing to be still, quiet, peaceful internally and let the GC energy outpourings do what they are to each of us. That may have sounded like I was joking but I’m not. The Forerunners and Sun have gone quiet for very important evolutionary and embodiment reasons now so just let the changes take place in you, your body, your being, your soul, your Greater Selves and external reality. The one happens so the other can. ❤

At this point, none of this looks like what any of us Forerunners expected and isn’t that a hoot! Just lay back and go to sleep when you have to no matter what time of day or night it is and release, open and embody more and be glad, so very glad of it all.

How Does the NEW Energies From the GC Fit Into Our Crown Chakras?

Sometimes it feels like giving birth and being born at the same time but in a totally NEW way. When the GC energies come in strong and direct like they have all year, my ears start ringing again (Vegas nerve reverberating from contact with and embodiment of higher Light Energies), and I can clairvoyantly See feel a large half-dome shaped energetic area above my physical head (Crown chakra) receiving these tremendous evolutionary energies directly from the GC. They hit this area above my physical head/skull first which cases a reverberation down into my head and skull and then further down into my spine and entire skeletal structure and my HighHeart area. I literally shake, rattle and vibrate incredibly strong internally from receiving and then embodying the NEW energies and codes etc. into me and my physical and energetic bodies. My Lightbody spins faster and faster and seemingly from within me, to the point that I wonder when it’s all going to go totally NEW and different. Maybe I’m looking at this with old lower eyes, time will tell. For now however it’s one wild ride to be sure. Hang in there Forerunners and don’t feel guilty for exiting your physical body during the daytime. There’s a lot going on in us now which only further allows greater and faster evolutionary changes externally. ❤


June 27, 2016

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32 thoughts on “There Is No Escaping Evolution

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  • Many thanks to Denise and everyone for sharing. I wonder if anyone else has or is experiencing what some call the Dark Night of the Soul? Mine began back in 1999 and has really intensified in the last three years. I’ve never really felt comfortable in my own skin but these last few years have really made me feel completely lost and at times down right helpless. Any confidence I may have felt has gone and my interest or will to do much anything has as well. I really appreciate what Paul Brunton and others have written about this experience. It gives me a lot of hope when people speak about there own experience with this and how they eventually come out of it. I know for myself, in the last 3 months or so, since I’ve really stopped resisiting, I’ve had the experience of feeling intense meekness. It’s as if I’m being made to re-embody my own wounded inner child in order to acknowledge him, feel him, and finally heal him. I too felt a shift during the Solstice but today I had a wave of fear come over me and that old “stinkin’ thinkin'” and it was a bit disconcerting. I know there’s a Warrior within me. I just so want to be done with the fear.
    Blessings to everybody 😊

    • I can assure you that at this time, every human being on some level is going thru what has been called the Dark Night of the Soul! The “dark night of the soul” is just going thru an intense inner clearing process and allowing this process to play out! This is what that process has been for myself and I have been thru more then I care to count.The fear that you are feeling could very well be just “letting go” which is what All are being asked to do at this time. Letting yourself fall to the very bottom of the well so you can climb back out anew! You are a Warrior by just allowing this process to play out, I have never been more of a Warrior then participating in my own Dark Nights! Allow the fear to play itself out. An example from myself is that during this past “dark night” process I thought surely that I just might end up committed to a mental institution as mentally and emotionally I wasn’t sure that I could continuously find my way back to Balance as I felt totally broken inside. What I finally did was face the fear head on and say, well, if I’m institutionalized, so be it. It will be ok! As soon as I faced the fear head on, it dissipated and I no longer had that fear to be concerned about and I knew that I was going to be ok! Hope this helps you some Andrew!

      • Thank you Jeff. It helps me a great deal. Sometimes hearing it from others gives a whole new perspective.

  • Hi Jeff
    Thank you for your words. Although I am finding my place to speak I am still in a state of isolation too. My job is frontline and I deal with many people. But privately it is just me and my daughter. I spend most of my spare time trying to get through or if I am lucky asleep. Part of my path has been being put in very odd places. I have never really fitted in. But I am quite pleased that I have never really accepted the status quo. I am still junking crap but it feels like I have got down to the sludge now. I can’t express it better than that. Every so often it comes over me that everything familiar is ending. And yet that is how it should be. I can almost step back and stay neutral but not quite yet. So when I can’t I try to examine what that situation is showing me. I knew nothing about ascension until 2013. I googled some things and stumbled on what was happening to me. Because so much had happened to me energetically I trusted what was revealed to me. I have not looked back. I have had the most amazing healing using light energy and am off my asthma inhaler now. I can enjoy my day. Everyday. One day it will be completely dealt with. So love and light to you. Keep on speaking. Your voice as with all the voices here needs to be heard.

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  • Wanted to share my experience with TD Interference at this time. They will always come in the “back door” in a insidious way( proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects) vs in the front door with a battle ram, at least at this time as they are extremely weakened. What they are doing is trying to cause as much chaos in our lives as possible. As long as we maintain our true resonance and if it falls, continue to build it back up, they are really nothing more than an annoyance at this time. We have achieved a resonant level(High Heart) where they just can’t truly interfere anymore unless we allow it and that resonant level is a kind of force field passing around the earth. a force field of High Heart Love. Definitely maintain your stance as a Warrior of Light as that is what is truly needed at this time. Pull up all that amazing strength that we have within ourselves. A couple of days ago I was out for a walk and on the side of the road was a huge crow like black bird sitting and looking away from me. On my return walk it was still sitting but with it’s wings spread out and looking directly at me with it’s mouth open and saying to me, I’m Watching You but I am dying, I cannot fly anymore. I felt empathy for the bird but had no desire to save it as I know it is time for that TD energy to fully die. Rock On!!!

  • Hi Dhyan
    Thank you for your lovely words. It is so good to find a place where I can speak the truth about myself and my experiences. I think the hardest part of any life is when you do not know what is going on. Even when understanding happens it’s only ever a fragment at a time because I guess we would be crazy otherwise. This year has been about me learning to speak in the world. Having my place. I think it’s what Sandra Walter was talking about coming out of our caves. It’s a slow process but it has started. And this cyber space has been part of that. It has been so lonely, but knowing there are other genuine people going through similar things has really cheered me up. Thank you all very much.
    Love and light and hugs to you all

    • Hi Magda, I have the highest respect for you as you are finding a place to “speak your truth”. I also agree with the “coming out of the caves” comment. it doesn’t look quite like I thought it would because I am still “physically” in isolation/seclusion but we are coming out of the cave to fully Express our Individual Truth and it is exactly that, Our Truth! Continue to Rock On!

  • My crash and burn time has been around 3pm most days. I call it that because I believe that is the time I regenerate/burn off any crap that I may have picked up Most times I don’t dream for this 90 minute nap and if I wake after 30 mins it will seem like hours sometime. The out of body work has been off the chain! And I thought my dream time before this year was strange,,,,,,

    Chrysalis. thanks for putting into words what I have also been doing with my body. I call it re-programming the system. That the brain as the hard drive to the physical system can relearn/ reboot to be pain free. Not that I don’t have times of discomfort but I choose to use different words when speaking out loud about whatever, like my back is reminding me it’s there instead of saying I am in pain.

    Thanks to everyone for the comments. I so enjoy them.

    Denise as always, I am so very grateful to you for continuing to power though and find the energy to keep us posted. For sure something shifted when it became Summer, could be the full moon on the same day just lighted us up 🙂

    • Dear Sunny,

      In return, I thank you for your words. Listening to how you describe the process of using the energies to self-heal and shift to the New was truly speaking my language, in a way I can immediately and clearly understand. It helps to have different ways and words to explain this process and ways we all go about it. Chances are that the more definitions, the more people will be able to “get” it. They may already be doing it and not yet put it to words.

      I truly look forward to other peoples’ comments, not so much to validate my experience, a lot of the time it’s because another will say a specific piece of something I’ve been experiencing or wondering, and it will help me to fully complete my own picture of understanding on a whole new level. If you know what I mean 🙂

      Much Love,

  • Dear Magda

    I just read your comment and am trying to hold in the tears so I can write this to you. I too had a father with reptile eyes and lived through so much. I, however, was completely unaware of what he/ they were and what he/they were trying to do until much later and am so grateful for that. I don’t know how I could have survived the knowing. I believe the terror of it would have been too much. The fact that you lived through so much and could see what they were through it all makes my heart shudder for you. Your STRENGTH and TENACITY come shining through to me. I feel such DEEP LOVE AND GRATITUDE for you for what you have done and continue to do. At the same time my heart is weeping that so many of us have had to endure so much. BUT we have a new EARTH to experience now! Thank you Magda and every other carrier of the Light.

    From a Highheart overflowing with Love and Gratitude

  • Thank you Denise

    For your article, as it helped me understand that it’s coming from the GC, I’ve been really hammered with this one. I have been sleeping on/off since Sunday night, al day Monday, and most of today. Which has been a problem for some family members. Mainly because they don’t understand what i’m doing at this time. Neither do they care … which has made me feel a little more isolated, and feel alone, but I have my higher crew with me so i’m not totally alone.

    I’ve had to do a reality slap this morning, because I was feeling depressed, and when I discerned I realized half of it was from me the rest was from the collective. I’m just glad that I can continue still being neutral because it’s where I want to be.

    Thank you, for having this place up, as it feels like everyone else is so fucking fake/false out there. I’m also tired of people choosing to ignore what is really going on, and you have a way of letting it all out perfectly within your writing, and you give it a little attitude to boot. which I like, we need more feisty light-workers like you writing more about what’s really going on.

    P.s one small question, what’s up with everyone saying as I’ve heard this a lot directed at me ” how can you know what’s going on, when no-one else knows what’s really going” is this a team dark tactic, or is it just that these people hate that I can discern and sense what is really going on at this time? It seems like those who can’t access there sovereign I AM self seems to be attacking me and those who can and do reach their sovereign self and can fully comprehend what’s going on down here right now.

    • Hi Mikey, in answer to your question, plain and simply, those who haven’t achieved their “Sovereign I Am” resonance, they will not understand the resonance that you are operating from. Just maintain your Warrior of Light status and continue to do what you do as it is sorely needed. I feel the lack of understand coming at me all the time, that “how can you know what’s going on”! I know what’s going on within myself because I have achieved the status of Free and Sovereign “Human” Being. Many think they have achieved this status when they actually haven’t, being fooled by TD to think that they have! Many are still looking for platitudes and recognition from others as they haven’t been able to clear enough within(TD Matrix). My task at this time, and interestingly enough only on this blog as I don’t want to waste my energy at this pivotal time, is to Fully Speak My Truth that I have achieved from Within, not from Without as so many continue to operate from. I am a Warrior of Light and it is of no concern to me what others think of my sharing’s, it is My Truth! Besides, Denise does a great job of monitoring comments so I don’t become thoroughly pissed the fuk off if some disrespect My Truth!! Lol It is only because of my fellow compatriot Denise and other compatriot’s out there and for those of you still seeking the Real Truth that I am taking the time to post these comments. I am not looking for recognition and platitudes as this is already contained within myself.

  • Hi Denise,

    I wanted to write a bit about the fight with TD. I completely agree about they are not going to surrender without a fight. It is a fine balance between being aware of them and not being intimidated by them. It is also a case of learning how to get rid of an attack in as efficient a manner as possible. I have spent my life working to that end. I grew up in a dark house. I can’t put it better than that. I always saw lights and heard people talking to me before I could speak. But I also never told my parents. I knew they could not help me. I was so frightened to go to sleep I suffered childhood insomnia which haunted me up until a couple of years ago. It am 44. As a child I was scared because I was asked on a regular basis by this in invidious and calm voice which side I was going to pick. And whether I would be picking their side. I never saw the owner of the voice but I knew it was not from a good place. I have heard that voice every time I have encountered the dark. As a kid it waited till I was nearly asleep when my guard was down. As a consequence I would keep awake for as long as possible. Reading when I got a bit older. It went on from there. When my parents divorced it took two years for my dad to leave. During that time he became interested in spiritual things. He became a healer etc. That’s when the fun started. Our house was for me like living in a blackout. It was a spiritual war zone except I could not and did not know at seventeen how to fight. I suffered a physical oppression. My dad was not even my dad at times he had reptile eyes. The fallout was massive for my brother, mum and me. My mum never really recovered. And died several years later of cancer. But I got a chance to understand and I got a chance to learn to fight. And I got a chance to get better and move on from the fear and fatigue. At those low points the light did care for me. I realise now I was looked after. And later and at other points when the dark tried to take me down. I never chanelled and I was always afraid of giving myself over to energies and groups I was unsure of. I believe this saved me in some way. Because of the darkness in which my dad operated from i was very wary of everything. I endured much torment fromTD. One of my gifts is to see and feel those types of energy. Whether in people or In places. It was as if the universe wanted me to have my eyes open to what was really out there. after my mum died I really turned a corner. I felt so bad I had to reach out to the light. I never wanted the dark, even though it seemed familiar in some way. And i told that creepy voice I had chosen the light. I have not looked back. On every level, dreaming and awake I have fought back. In choosing the light I chose to save myself. And I thank the universe for this every day. We are so privileged to be living in these times. To make good our soul,s contract with itself. We are blessed to live in times when the light is raining down on us, and into us. Yes it is hard, last week was a bad week for me, but I believe if we truly look up we will see and be in a better place. We can make this world better. I know this is a long post and I have so much I want to say. But my final thing is this. A few years ago I got to see a tiny part of the illusion that constructs our everyday, the fabric of this reality. I was getting dressed and put my hand out to open my wardrobe. Instead my hand pinged back. I saw the air around me like water move and settle back. I put my hand out again and the same thing happened. It was surreal like a waking dream. That moment like a small trickle made me wake up further. Anything is possible. We are infinite and beautiful and light. I am so happy to have found your site and all the people on it.
    Love and light

  • Thank you dear Denise, the last 2 weeks have been very very challenging on all levels, and then some, had to make a couple of intense drives from Big Sur to Palm Springs area, the heat down there where my mom lives hit 121’F, just another example of the extremes of Purification ongoing at this time

    Your work and support is invaluable, cannot thank you enough, love to you and your mom,

    Hugs, Daphné/Kachinabluestar 🏁🔔🎷🎶🐶🎼🏞

    • Daphne,

      You drove right past me on your way out to Palm Springs. For two days it was 117-118 degrees here so PS would have been even hotter. Big Sur, really? Can I live with you? 🙂

    • Daphne,

      You drove right past me on your way out to Palm Springs. For two days last week it reached 117-118 degrees here which meant it was even hotter out in PS. Big Sur, really? Can I live with you? 🙂

  • Denise, these last three years have been the most difficult of all my life, feeling depressed, enraged, tired, pissed off at Heaven and literally wanting to kill myself. Since the 25th of June I feel more balanced within, more happy and content, one with the Universe and knowing that All is well, complete and at peace which I haven’t felt for years! Something changed, big time! I know that for most of us Starbeings isn’t like that right now and i really hope it does change for everyone soon.

    Maybe the dream I had last night, connects with what it’s here/coming. I was around a thousand feet above the earth’s ground with a beautiful blue sky and below there were magnificent green meadows and the sea at the background and as I was walking up the stairs to somewhere, I told to my self while looking at all that: “100% paradise”
    I really wish that soon enough it will be like that for us 🙂

    Thank you for your time and your love!

    • Lefteris, I haven’t seen your name in ages! It’s great to hear from you again and yes, since 2014 it’s been hell on earth for many of us, myself included. But we ’rounded some big important corner on or around June 20, 2016 Solstice and I felt a big improvement immediately. Things should be getting easier for many of us now, finally.

  • Thank you Denise. I so needed this today. It really fits! What a year!!!


  • Hi Denise, and thank you for this insightful explanation of the earth’s magnetic field recent instability. Since I have spent a lot of time in stillness & sleep over the past week, I am glad to see that it’s an appropriate response to the energies of the time. Love, Song.

  • Hi Denise! Love your posts! Thank you for guiding us in these times. Quick question… I’m pretty used to ascension symptoms at this point but for the last to days my eyes are very blurry. I’m finding it hard to read normal texts and usually my sight is very good. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Thank you for all you do, dear one!


  • Thanks for addressing this, and I hope you will write more about it, Denise. I sure wish the AA’s would take you up for an overview with more verbal explanation, because this feels Big. If the Higher Ups happen to drop any more explanation, please pass it on. But I am betting they are crazy busy right now trying to save planets and what not in the face of these massive dimension waves.

    I hope you have a second to kick this topic around a bit more, but if not, thanks for what you wrote. I truly appreciate your leading the charge here by helping us understand what is happening. Otherwise we would think it is just our own weird, distressing issue.

    The drop in sun activity explanation makes sense in explaining why now feels so horribly different from before, but if this is incoming higher frequency from GC, why does it not feel like love, joy, peace, light? Why do these energies feel so… Ick!! instead? There is some understanding I clearly lack about why it feels like this variety of UGHHH. To me this feels like having been kicked in the stomach after working a 29 hour shift. And a lot of us are suddenly being hit with life-threatening illnesses. Whatever is smacking us around right now feels in no way like high frequency the way I define high frequency (love, light, peace, joy). Am I defining high frequency incorrectly?

    Do you think since the sun blasts aren’t moving stuff around so much, another thing might also be happening: that Team Dark’s chemtrails are more able to interfere right now with our natural reception of life-giving high frequency from the GC waves? Are the chemtrails possibly therefore what is actually making us so sick and depressed, by getting more effectively between us and the Sun’s life-giving photons, as well as between us and the GC incoming energies? The chemicals in the chemtrails are, after all, barium, aluminum, and lithium, all of which depress and impede brain function (and even lead to Alzheimers, in addition to poisoning the soil our foods grow in). And who even knows what’s in the new black chemtrails which have been videoed. I wonder how the lack of solar flares affects the chemtrail particles and their distribution?

    If the chemtrails are not the problem, shouldn’t each step up the proverbial steps get a little easier instead of harder, if we are moving up in frequency? I can’t help wondering if this is TD’s last ditch desperate effort, to prevent our Illumination literally by coming between us and the light and by impeding our brain function so we can’t even think or feel.

    Also, do you know if the wave front from the explosion of the Fermi Bubbles that burst at the center of the Galaxy in 2013 has finally reached us? (I have always treasured having those graphics, by the way – Thank You for posting them here!!)

    • Have to chime in here. This information is coming from Denise, not some so called “higher up’s”! The higher realms are 99% infiltrated by TD and cannot be Trusted. Denise on her own level and myself at my level have been repeating this over and over and over! No more waiting for this to be done by these other realms. This is now being done by Human Beings for Human Beings with only a teeny tiny amount of outside help! Please hear this! This is being directed to all that are still relying on these other realms to save you. Not gonna happen. They are not helping our cause, so as a result if you are taping into those realms you are hurting our cause. Everyone please take time to really comprehend what Denise has been saying here, she cannot be any more clear and concise. Her words need to be truly understood! Denise is the so called “higher up” that some of you are so desperately looking towards. Don’t take this personally Falcon, we are only trying to assist in this Process!

    • Falcon,

      ‘…but if this is incoming higher frequency from GC, why does it not feel like love, joy, peace, light? Why do these energies feel so… Ick!! instead? Whatever is smacking us around right now feels in no way like high frequency the way I define high frequency (love, light, peace, joy). Am I defining high frequency incorrectly?

      Yes your definition of “higher frequency” is incorrect at this time. It feels so terrible because you and I and everyone else are, literally being hammered into NEW higher Beings by these Galactic Center energies and that Alchemical Process typically doesn’t feel so great! On the other side of this transition this won’t be the case but until then, it’s painful. Also, the love, joy, peace and light you mentioned are things that will come from within each of us and not from outside of each of us. That is one huge aspect of this NEW Evolutionary Cycle at a 5D level; we’re Sovereign beings meaning we individually have embodied enough Light to now BE those qualities ourselves.

      ‘…that Team Dark’s chemtrails are more able to interfere right now with our natural reception of life-giving high frequency from the GC waves? Are the chemtrails possibly therefore what is actually making us so sick and depressed, by getting more effectively between us and the Sun’s life-giving photons, as well as between us and the GC incoming energies? The chemicals in the chemtrails are, after all, barium, aluminum, and lithium, all of which depress and impede brain function (and even lead to Alzheimers, in addition to poisoning the soil our foods grow in).’

      I’ve heard this same type of thought and consciousness many times over the years. Up to a point all the great n’ horrible evils from TD and the human global patriarchy did indeed seriously damage humans, their bodies and consciousness as was always intended. However–and this is super important to understand–the moment that an individual evolves enough to start becoming self-empowered and Sovereign, everything that TD nonhuman beings and TD humans do is ineffectual. Why? Because that individual has literally evolved, “ascended” beyond those lower frequencies and consciousness and cannot be effected by any of them anymore. This is all about levels of energetic frequency and where they are and where you are, where I am etc. Eventually this gap will be so great (it’s happening now) that lower and higher won’t be able to interact or co-exist with each other as we’ve suffered with for all our lives.

      So, if you still believe that chemtrails and whatever else is more powerful, more potent than Divine Source, evolution, the evolutionary trigger energies pouring out of the Milky Way GC on to the entire galaxy, then you need to consider what and who you’re empowering emotionally and mentally and why. I say this to everyone that still believes that TD and chemtrails and such are MORE powerful than the freaking energies pouring out of the center of our galaxy now!

      And yes, this is TD’s last stand and I’ve talked about this over the years too and how they’re not going to just lay down and “surrender” but fight and resist. Because of this people have to seriously want and fight to get free of TD’s lower energies and tactics so they do evolve enough so that all that battling and struggling doesn’t exist for them anymore. I’ve reached this point after a lifetime of TD trying to crush me so I know what I’m talking about. Again, it’s all about levels of frequency and who exists at which level and who doesn’t etc. etc. etc.

      Those “outpourings” from the ‘Fermi Bubbles’ around the Milky Way galactic center (GC) have reached the entire galaxy already. Like with solar flares and CME’s etc., when an energetic event happens light years away from us on Earth, if one is sensitive to them at the time of the event, one feels them from that moment and afterwards. This is the case with the Aquarian Age energies pouring out of our Milky Way galactic urn; we’ve been affected by them since the moment that event happened physically years ago.

    • rita,

      I try to remember to always write something out first and then after that just abbreviate it. GC means Galactic Center, the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

      • Dearest Denise,

        I hope I am not terribly off topic here. Something in what you just wrote above struck me. “…the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.” I seem to remember from something I came across since 2012 about black/dark (not the TD darkness, but the true stuff) is the “stuff” of creation. So is the black hole in the center of our Milky Way where “Source” is, where the origins of us and everything is? And does it interconnect between each center of each universe (the black hole in the center). Is that what keeps everything flowing and changing? I feel a bit silly bringing this up, and yet there it is.

        I’m truly understanding the message you’re pounding into people (in a good way 😉 ), how when we get beyond a certain frequency ALL the old “Stuff” doesn’t work/matter anymore. Two days ago I was on the treadmill after months, and actually jogged for about 5 minutes (walked the rest of the time) for 2 miles! After being plagued with sciatic pain for years (because of a disc in my back), I was able to jog, and I’ve never been a jogger. It felt GOOD! Today, I got back on and jogged at a Faster speed twice during my 2 miles on the treadmill. During my time today, I started to feel aches and pains. Instead of paying attention to the old saying to “take it easy/back off when you feel pain”, I decided to consciously send energy and light to that specific area, and be open to listening to what my body wanted (if anything different). I was amazed at how quickly it worked! When I felt another start of a pain, I consciously directed more energy/light to the area to support it, and that worked! I wanted to share this with you, as an example of what you’re doing your best to make crystal clear to the new (and some old) people that come across your teachings and wisdom. I CHOSE to experience the JOY of moving my body after so very long and feel GOOD for a change in that moment; and so I CHOSE to help support my physical body with higher energies that I can now access because of the level of vibration/frequency I am at at this time. This is not to say I do not have sciatic pain (I do at the moment), however, this (for me) is a moment during this process of Being Changed that I’ve experienced what that change can be for me! 🙂

        Much Love To You All,
        Chrysalis (until my new name comes to me)

  • As always Denise, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!! It totally blows me away how you are able, in such a concise manner, to put the current energetic happenings into words. I Raise My Glass To You! Cheers! Let’s continue to Rock those Evolutionary Energies! I can tell I am continuing to assimilate those rocking evolutionary energies as I am feeling High as Fuk! Yowza!!!

  • Denise, thank you 🙂 i feel unstability (psyhical and emotional for about 6 months – depression, idenification) hope this will pass… That new will be more pleasant … Love, jasna

  • Hey Denise,

    As is so often the case, you provided just the information I needed. This past weekend (June 25-26) was spent sleeping or just being quiet. I kept trying to figure out what was going on, but was reassured that my body / Self knew what what happening and it was all good, even if it caused me to feel sad and a little depressed. … Wow! I really appreciate your blogs / insights / observations. They are so often “right on” — helping me to understand what’s happening. Help me to keep going in this crazy Forerunner role. … Other experience of late (past several) weeks has involved BEING LOVE for whole days at a time! What a trip. … By the way thanks for the notion of the menage a trois of me/ME/SOURCE. Really loving this! … Big hugs, Kristin

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