Ongoing Evolutionary Ascension Changes

I’ve had a rough time again lately which is why I’ve been MIA physically for a bit. March was epic, not that I needed to tell any of you that, but it was difficult for me personally in multiple ways and for multiple reasons. Let me add quickly however that it was and is “perfect” and “normal” for what we’ve gone through and what we continue going through.

Especially For The Elder Forerunners, Starseeds, Wayshowers etc.

This changeover, this shift, this transition, this natural evolutionary ascension out of the old everything into the NEW higher everything in all dimensions, in all our energy bodies, in our physical body and Earthly life too and more simultaneously being done by the Forerunners first has not been easy here in the physical dimension and body. I didn’t need to tell you that either, because if you’re living, embodying, anchoring and being radically altered (evolved, expanded etc.) in every way imaginable by the NEW Light and LOVE energies, then you know firsthand just how wonderful, painful, glorious, difficult and oftentimes confusing this Process is… even after having lived every earlier phase of it for close to two decades or more already.

There’s no shame in occasionally becoming overwhelmed (polite for laid out flat!) by what all has been and still is going on. It just is what it is and going first often has its extra weird and/or difficult moments and phases. Moments that typically last for weeks and months for many. Just in case, I’m going to repeat this; and this is all “perfect” and “normal” for what we’re going through internally/externally in our physical bodies in physicality and our energy bodies in multidimensionality simultaneously. Breath, relax, give yourself a hug, celebrate in your own way over what you’ve done and what you continue doing for self, Self, humanity, Earth and All everywhere. Seriously.

You Need To Know This Now

A couple of weeks or so ago (“time” is such a joke anymore and sometimes very hard to locate oneself within during all these massive changes), I clairvoyantly saw and heard a most interesting event taking place in a higher nonphysical dimension. This event I participated in at that dimensional level included some Angelic-like Lightbeings along with some very advanced Elder ET beings of the Light (Team Light) and some ancient Team Dark (TD) nonhuman beings. These particular ancient TD beings were ones I’ve experienced before and wrote about a wild nonphysical abduction I had at their clawed hands in an article published at TRANSITIONS a few years ago.

Some call these particular TD beings the ancient Annunaki, the ancient giant Nephilim, and many believe them to be God. To me they’re spoiled shits and big monstrous bullies with massive egos and endless delusions of grandeur that have caused so much misery for humanity for far to long. Sounds like the current political arena doesn’t it? As above, so below so keep this one in your HighHeart mind as the political/governmental/cultural global insanity rolls on for a bit longer during its final death throes.

Remember the recent channeled message by Cosmic Awareness talking about how Nibiru had been stopped in its tracks by Team Light (my term)? I knew when I read CA’s message about this event happening in the outer reaches of our Solar system that Team Light had fired a warning shot across the bow of Nibiru recently, clearly letting its inhabitants know that things have changed and that they—the Annunaki & Co.—may not enter any deeper into our Solar system and continue doing harm to humanity, Earth and beyond. Keep this recent event in HighHeart mind as you read on please because they’re all connected and ongoing on many levels with many different Team Dark beings.

Anyway, there we all were in a higher dimension listening to the frantic pleas from these TD beings, begging to be allowed to continue existing as they always have. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing and kept glancing quickly at the Angelic Lightbeings and Elder ET beings standing before them, literally barring their way into the “future”, into any “future” as they have existed. This was another moment in Universal history that I’ve personally worked on and waited for over the eons—as have many of you reading this—and all I, in my Denise aspect, could do was witness and consciously remember this spiritual intervention taking place with multidimensional wide eyes and slack jaw and eventually open grinning. It was the best, and it’s something that’s so important for all of us to know on a conscious level now because so many of us (I’m talking about the Forerunners) are physically exhausted from the embodying phase we’re still in and all the changes that naturally go with it.

Put another way, I was meant to retain conscious awareness of this event not only for myself/self/Self/Higher Self etc., but to share it with you for the same reasons. We all need to know in no uncertain terms that TD is not, will not, have not and won’t ever be allowed to continue as they have always existed, doing what all they have to humanity and Earth and beyond. It’s done, it’s over, all but the crying, pleading, begging and occasional tantrum-throwing that is. Know this fact, remember this fact, don’t forget this fact because there’s still some old residual negativity and plenty of egos with delusions of grandeur still in existence in certain humans on Earth. Many humans need to see this, feel this and finally awaken to and understand what they’ve never been aware of before. Give them the time they need to see the negativity, greed and sheer insanity everywhere on Earth because that’s part of the Ascension Process for them now at that level and phase of the awakening Process.

The change/shift/transition has taken place, it’s just that some of these deluded, egoic, elitist jerks (aka the global patriarchy) will continue for as long as they can. Like I needed to tell you that. Continue doing and being what you/You/YOU (all merging) are while this old negativity on Earth and elsewhere blows itself out and finally disappears completely. Transitions continue.

Speaking of TRANSITIONS…

I wanted to remember to mention that I have been and will continue to write occasionally at my first blog TRANSITIONS too so if interested in Ascension related information at that level of the Process, please check the website for new articles. Thanks.

More Changes Again

Early in 2016, my food menu suddenly changed once again. None of this has ever been a conscious decision on my part to change or improve my diet, but is always triggered (polite for forced) by another major increase in the energies of the Ascension Process. Everyone under this roof, including the cat, experienced this sudden shift in what we’ve all eaten for the past couple of years. Physical exhaustion, physical pains and aches etc. and meal planning and preparation is, at times, just way too much for me. What I’d give for a dedicated someone to shove peeled grapes into my mouth on those really bad Ascension days! 😀

But alas I do not have a personal grape peeler and feeder, which means I have to sometimes actually cook something, which is as you know preceded by having to go to the grocery store to buy the food items. There’s a lot of steps before one gets to the point of ingesting food, and for most of us Forerunners, grocery shopping, meal planning and actual food preparation is oftentimes way at the bottom of our list of things to do. Many days have been just about survival, not playing gourmet chef for ourselves or anyone else.

So, when what I can eat now at this phase of the Ascension Process suddenly changed on me again, and the cat and my mom too, I’ve struggled with trying to keep all of us fed with foods we can actually digest and not feel like we’ve been poisoned! I bring this up again because if I got hit with this food business again this year, I know many of you are too. Eliminate what you can’t eat now and do your best to intuit what you can ingest comfortably now. This too will level out over time just like it has many times over the past twenty-five-plus Ascension years.

More Big DNA Changes Happening Now

One cannot go through this merging, embodying of Higher and Lower aspects/selves/Divinities etc. phase and not have their DNA automatically evolved and expanded to energetically match what’s happening. Because of this, we’re once again feeling multiple affects of all this in our physical bodies. For me it’s been amplified Ascension Flu aches and pains, constant ringing in my ears, sensitive eyes, sensitive emotionally, feeling very isolated and on my own and knowing that for different reasons that was and still is highly important and needed for all at this time. It won’t always be but for now it is.

This last “symptom” of being and feeling very isolated again was something I came to understand at the end of my participation, my witnessing of those TD beings pleading their case before a handful of us Angelics and Elder ET beings in a higher dimension. When that event ended, I instantly became aware of how it’s important for me and many of the other Forerunners of the Forerunners to be seemingly isolated now in our Earthly, physical lives. Here’s what I perceived about this now during this early 2016 time and phase.

While in our other energy bodies during sleep or while awake, we’re increasingly able to consciously Work on the Ascension Process in higher dimensions and retain memory of our multidimensional selves, labors, meetings and projects etc. We’re also increasingly able to now consciously Work on the Ascension Process from both our awake physical bodies AND from our other energy bodies in higher dimensions simultaneously. One flip-side aspect of what I’m talking about with this is the growing ability more of us now have of being fully awake but still “dreaming” and functioning in another energy body in one or more higher dimensions while we’re wide awake here in Earthly physicality. Understand that I’m in no way talking about daydreaming here, but actual dreaming such as when one is deeply asleep and out-of-body physically. As fancy as this may sound at first, it’s really nothing more than you and I becoming increasingly consciously aware of the fact that we are existing within multiple dimensions simultaneously and are using matching frequency bodies in each of them. This further developing Ascension Process symptom/side effect is nothing more than us becoming consciously aware of and able to carry on in growing numbers of dimensions and not drop the ball, get lost, or become unbalanced etc. while doing so.

This coupled with time being a bad joke from the past occasionally makes for some moments of stunning but “newbie” I AM awareness outside of linear time. I’ve gotten, momentarily thank gawd, Lost In Space while out in public shopping somewhere. Not cool, not yet that is. For moments, at least they feel to me like moments, I am the I AM aspect and I AM everywhere in timeless being-ness, which is great unless some cashier is staring directly at you waiting for you to pay for whatever you bought. Then it’s kinda like glow your Light really brightly and get yourself back home where you can become better acquainted with multidimensional being-ness and reality in private!

Because this is what we’re doing now and because we’re not yet, I repeat, not YET slick Masters with functioning in multiple dimensions consciously in physicality simultaneously, I’m discovering that during these maiden voyages of ours into increasing Multi-D being-ness and Work, it’s best we get the hang of this in the privacy of our own homes and/or bedrooms etc. It’s easier and safer for us this way and it’s safer for the unaware humans in the world out there too. We radiate tremendous amounts of Light anyway, but now we’re starting to do so from multiple dimensions at the same time and we’re doing this increasingly from our physical bodies and selves and that instantly impacts and alters physical reality and all of humanity living in it now too. This is who we are and what we do as Forerunners and we’re doing it from these Earthly physical human bodies, personalities and selves. Sometimes we do it really well; other times we look like Superman in his early period learning how to fly and not crash into mountains! 😆 What perfectly strange and wonderful times we live in now.


April 8, 2016

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16 thoughts on “Ongoing Evolutionary Ascension Changes

  • ‘…It’s as if no-one is in the same space as me, and some times it’s as if nobody is in the same place within time as me…’


    Yep, I know exactly what you’re talking about and how uber-weird it feels. I’ve written about this a couple of times years ago at TRANSITIONS and if I could remember the title of the article(s), I’d include a link(s) to them.

    Just last night I felt and heard this phenomena when I’d gone to bed. The entire city was soundless, not one dog barking (that’s a miracle!), zero traffic, no sounds of humanity whatsoever. I absolutely love this because the 24/7 noise of living in a city is often painful for me, so when that entire element is gone and utterly quiet, I’m happy happy.

    This topic is growing rapidly now as more people are clearly, blatantly experiencing the old lower world and reality literally disappearing and/or disappeared around them. This is what I’ve called the Separation of Worlds & Timelines over the years, but it’s rapidly becoming something that more Forerunners are dealing with in their daily or weekly lives and realities. As more people ascend/evolve, this will change of course and yet, some of us are so deeply within our own personal higher 5D space now that, like you said Mikey, there’s NO ONE else even in your world at this time. This is something I’ve yet talked about in an article but it’s looking like time for me to do so.

    Remember that 5D is SO much larger and more vast than 3D that it’s easy for many of us Forerunners to have this huge unpopulated space around us now and not bump into another person yet. We’re also acclimating to this pristine silence in this NEW 5D space/location we’re currently in. It’s full of Light and LOVE which makes our inner ears ring constantly and our body vibrate like pure crystalline bells. No 3D city or humanity noise pollution, just 5D HighHeart ascended/ascending Forerunners in human form emanating the sounds of being much closer to Source/God right within themselves and their bodies. 😉

  • Today after the Great Wave of Light, my lightworker friend said I am here but I Am There. Do you know where There is? Anyone else feeling that confusion? From a long time Lightserver in Southern Utah. Wish I could sit with glass of ice tea with you Denise, what a coincidental story we would share, until………Maureen

    On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 2:32 PM ​​ , HighHeartLife wrote:

    Denise posted: “I’ve had a rough time again lately which is why I’ve been MIA physically for a bit. March was epic, not that I needed to tell any of you that, but it was difficult for me personally in multiple ways and for multiple reasons. Let me add quickly however that”…

    • Maureen,

      More and more people are consciously aware of this ongoing and increasing sense of what I’ve called in years past, the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. It has to do with us being very aware that we’re no longer in the old lower 3D world and timeline that we were born into, but that we’re now in transition and that we’re consciously aware that we’re also existing within a NEW higher frequency level and state of being. This NEW level is still ongoing as is our “ascension”, our natural evolution into it. But, this growing sense of and knowing that we’re not all there (in the past lower 3D world) any longer while we’re not fully understanding, used to or externally functioning fully within a NEW higher (5D) world reality yet makes for some weirdness and discontent for sure! Our lives will be like this for a good while longer as more and more people (humanity) “wakes up”, evolves, “ascends” into it.

      “There” is in a higher level of frequency, hence why the need for everyone to transmute the/their old lower polarity and density so they can take on, can embody increasing amounts of Light. This is exactly what the Forerunners have been doing for the past 15-20 years now and why they’re able to embody more Light within themselves and their physical bodies first.

      As more Forerunners do this in themselves, this is exactly what they’re experiencing more and more now in 2016; the growing knowing and strong feeling of no longer being in the old lower world (the old “there”) and being increasingly in somewhere very NEW and different (the NEW “There” as you’ve put it), which is a fifth dimensional frequency of Light. More and more will continue experiencing this Shift, this grand evolution out of the old lower and into the NEW higher in more and more ways, and as more of humanity comes on board energetically too, this Process will only happen faster and faster.

      I’d love to sit and have ice tea with so many of you too. Some day soon I hope. ♥♥♥

  • All of you… Thank you ! I now realized that there are others aware of this ever changing world. I’m finding that I’m seeing the edge of the “hologram”…watching it collapse like a piece of burning paper.

    I too am watching the food change…feeling too acidic and yet not being able to eat enough meat ( I know it’s acidic) such an odd dichotomy.

    Denise…glad to have found this post.

  • It is such a comfort to feel the connection with all of you. Denise especially, what wonderful work you do and have done for so long. I got in a muddle with my credit cards (!!) so cannot show my gratitude in a practical way, but I will soon – well as soon as my exhausted and very confused brain begins to function enough……. I am 68 this month and for the first time I look it. I know it should not matter, but it does – a little bit! All of this and chemtrails too, we are just amazing aren’t we?

  • Wow, yes yes yes
    Been thinking about all this stuff the last week, the isolation that never ends, the unsuccessful forays into “real life” and the urge to get home as fast as possible.
    The food issues and digestion, eating less and less and the ongoing strange aches and pains and the time that is out of sync with others
    Through all this, there is a dream like quality, I sometimes wonder if I can remember how to drive while I am driving but I feel safe.
    Feel like my home is the only place that I feel “normal”
    I had the same feeling about Altz/dementia .. my mom told me a week before she died with dementia “last night I walked on hallowed ground”
    She was so sweet when she was demented, like she was already somewhere else.
    Thanks for this report, it is a comfort.

  • I’ve begun believing & accepting that my dreams were never ‘dreams’ lately. That we humans (all or just special types) were tricked by psychiatrists. I’ve been embracing one more truth revealed during my Awakening that I/we do live in multiple realities/dimensions as you mentioned, but I’m always the same deeply integrated ‘me’ in every of these. There’s no way that I could dream of things I dream, always being in control of events, always knowing what to do in realities which are far from my human existence and things I was taught so far as a human, always taking some action in different lands, timelines, on the surface, underground, in forests, on islands, in outer space while I do not watch any movies which could eventually influence my imagination and brain all together. I haven’t turned the TV on during the last 15 years, even though my family members use it daily but I’ve stayed away on purpose. There’s a bad vibration coming out of it, not just messages.
    I have been living in those ‘unearthly’ realities since I was a child and I’ve quite a library with dream diaries now in my 40s. Never used drugs or other stuff to ‘boost’ my skills. I always felt an urge to archive such experiences right after ‘waking up’ to never forget them. I write down every significant ‘dream’. There are dream realities, places which I return to, places of amazing vibration which I’m somehow unable to return to on my own wish but I know their location in a ‘dreamland’ and I make attempts to be there again despite of blockages. I also see people who either collectively wait for a ‘call’ to start doing things they know they were chosen for, or they do it and everybody knows their tasks. We don’t know each other but we move on without interfering. I’m often accompanied by 1-2 ‘invisible’ people whom I hear but cannot see often, they do know what to do and I assist them in taking various actions. I’ve so incredible, detailed dreams about places I’ve never seen or been in often that I’m amazed how my brain could even ‘make up’ something like that.

    I’m also thinking that our human ‘dreaming’ may be actually receiving VR projections through the connection with our other self, say, our other self is sitting on a chair in some VR room on an invisible space ship (it is one timeline so neither they are in the future, nor we are living in the past) and is projected into a VR reality, so we live their virtual lives thus, we-humans assume we have ‘dreams’. This is how ‘they’ may be learning about life on the Earth (enriched with some fantasy for a better entertainment) before they are transferred here, to fill & complete us – the human vessels, adding a missing 40-50% of which we always had known it existed.

    Finally, the DNA clean up is not a joke. My grandmother died a few days ago. I never had any significant connection with the family or her, as if living in 2 different dimensions, nothing in common, I’m an outsider, typical for angelic beings, but once she died, energy in me cleared up, it felt like a huge release in the body specifically. We’re not even grieving because grieving is a 3D behavior and it doesn’t feel like doing this somehow, because we’re in the new now. My family isn’t spiritual but traditional, have no conscious knowledge about Awakening etc, yet 5D energy touches & changes everything; it is that of allowing rather than holding on to things or people. We realize she left her very old (93) tired human body, and she’s finding peace and she will be taken care of elsewhere, allowed to do whatever she wants to do. I would never thought it could have such an inner impact on me. I’m also kind of suspicious that Alzheimer for old people may be also some Ascension symptom – a wipe out of their human memory so they’d ready to switch into the new dimension effortlessly, without the 3D baggage (that special dimension for souls without bodies, no idea how to call it) which zone is also refreshed thanks to 5D energy.

    I think there’s no surprise that I’m here and I find you, Denise, a sister or at least a class mate (of galactic origins) since you channel things the same like I do and your detailed descriptions are also my kind of expressing various spiritual experiences, the same sensations 🙂 I have no conscious experiences of leaving the body and this planet though, only once I was when I felt hopeless I was able to interact with light beings (they were solid but all white, no distinctive characteristics, just a solidified essence). I’m totally new to this but it’s exciting to discover there’s more knowledge coded inside us and yet it’s being revealed a bit after bit and that it’s not for the brain to analyze but the entire being guided by the heart’s energy to take part in. Even science is about to merge long rejected spirituality with scientific theories and new discoveries, ie. a multiverse, parallel universes, quantum stuff, ‘twin flames’ etc. Dualities dissolve and nothing is impossible. It’s just ‘impossible’ for a resisting human brain, but once we block it, we’re good. 😉
    Thank you for creating this hub where ‘re-wired’ humans, angels and those ascending can meet, learn and share their experiences.

  • Everything and more that is said above by Denise, Barbara and Jeff!!! Wow, March came in like a Lion and went out just the same! Exhausted is putting it mildly. Time? What the hell is that anyway? Looking in the mirror and thinking ‘I know that face… oh, shit, it’s ME’… Yes, yes, yes to all of it.

    Thank you Denise for your heart-lifting, soul-lighting sharing. I don’t feel so alone now.

    Love and more, Jay (UK) xxx

    • Jay, I just had to add to your looking in the mirror statement. I recently just turned 61 and what I see in that mirror is just frightful! Lol What I see staring back just doesn’t resonate with who I feel like I am inside, that of around a 30 year old. It is like Denise stated concerning us elder forerunner’s, it is just knocking the shit out of us physically and damn if it isn’t showing in myself. I definitely am ready to see in appearance that 30 year old staring back at me. I don’t know how much longer I can see that frightful image! Lol It scares the crap out of me! I think after all of our hard work it is the least that can be done for us, a newer, younger model. Trade in time!

  • interesting about food. it’s about the only thing i can still do other than be on the internet or lying in my darkened room listening to audiobooks. and jeff, you talk about seeing pictures and feeling like you’ve eaten already? i put on another audiobook in the kitchen ar 3 or 4 every afternoon and bring out the veggies and start chopping and putting them into a bowl. it’s more about the colors, shapes, sizes, textures, i don’t know, scents maybe, than what i’m really making. sometimes i don’t even feel like eating it after. i seal the bowl and put it in the fridge for tomorrow maybe. nothing feels real. i’m just looking for something to … bring me into body? pull in energy from? imagine from? feel human about? and yes, barbara. phone number….pulling numbers out of my brain when i need them. i can drag out the right ones but then i look at them and they don’t look familiar.

    wow right now, 1:30 am and drunken college students are out in the street shouting obscenities at each other. loud. i think, if you only knew …… not that i know the nature of reality, but sure as heck isn’t what they think it is.

    everything is so intense and difficult and yet so unreal, floaty, nonsensical. theatre of the absurd for sure.

    decades of this now. wow.

    lots of love to all,

    • Karina & All,

      So much of what many are sharing here has to do with us, literally, being in transition. We’re so obviously not in the old world any longer, but we’re not yet in the NEW world we’d each like to see around us. Don’t misunderstand me, we are in the NEW world already and have been for a while now, it’s just that the majority of humanity knows nothing about any of this and so they’re just recreating the old world, which is the ONLY thing they know. This is another reason why it’s so, so, so important for those of us that do know about the Ascension Process and that we’re actually in the “NEW Earth world” now, to consciously create what we do want in it, it BE the Light of this NEW World, to carry on like none of the other insanity is happening around us even when it is etc. etc. It’s all that old stuff, consciousness, drunk collage kids screaming at each other in the street etc. that’s of the old lower world reality/consciousness and does NOT fit in the NEW. This is why each one of us is so valuable, because we are and will continue to help manifest everything NEW within the NEW world. Who else can?

      Back to nothing feels real or interesting.

      I’ve been dealing with this too for many years but since 2014, it’s really gotten huge. I too have had to check myself to make sure I put pants and a bra on before I leave the house to go shopping! I too have a hell of a time sometimes simply interacting verbally with strangers out there in the world. I can feel them and know that they’re not remotely aware of much of anything yet and they can tell somethings “weird” with me so we’re all left not being able to meaningfully communicate or connect. Again, this is another reason why it’s so important and needed for us to radiate the Light we now are all the time, no matter what we’re doing. We don’t need to say a word or do anything physically, we just need to BE and radiate the Light we are because that affects the unaware more than you’d guess. So go fourth my fellow Forerunners and infect the masses with the NEW Light (and LOVE if you can) by simply having embodied them within yourself. 😉

      Reality is just going to feel unreal, surreal, sloppy, strange, unimpressive, boring, loud and stupid for a while until more of the human masses start carrying more Light within themselves which means they’ll automatically have their consciousness expanded. Until then, consciously create what you want and try to entertain yourself using whatever creative things you still are interested in. That’s what I’ve been doing for years now. Even buying my “new” old house and finally moving into it in January of this year left me feeling slightly disappointed along with super exhausted from all the work! 😆 Just do your best and eventually we’ll all get really good at carrying Home/Source/God/Divinity/Creativity etc. right inside our selves and will be “content” wherever we are, doing or not doing whatever we are. Group Hug. ❤

      • Denise, this was such a great explanation and I totally agree with you, once again, that we are already in the New! I think this bears repeating time and time again. I know I am in the New because so much has changed within myself. Much more positive and content then in the past years and instead of these last year’s of “Just Fuk It All”. 😆 I care once again and want to share, too much at times. I could respond to all the comments here, which are so great, but have to tell myself, be silent now. Lol Once again Denise, thanks for continuing to give us a outlet for info and sharing!

  • Yes, and ditto, thank you! A couple of weeks ago I needed to pick up a part for my car. I was in a line-up and I heard the clerk ask the fellow in front of me for his phone number. I thought, gee, I hope I don’t get asked for a phone number, I wonder what a phone number is. No panic at all, just a natural response on my part. My turn came and at the end of the process, the clerk asked me for my phone number so she could call me when the part came in. Meanwhile, I’m still at the stage of ‘what’s a phone number’, yet managed to rattle off some numbers and oh, so hoped that that was what the clerk wanted to hear. She looked at me rather strangely, read the numbers back to me, I said, yes, and quickly got out of there. End of story, the clerk did call and apparently I gave the right numbers. These days I have to make sure I have clothes on before I go out the door! Thank you for this post, Denise, my comment here is a tiny part to confirm your post of the latest experiences of the Forerunners from symptoms to food to dreams to home as sanctuary. Love, B.

  • Wow Denise, I am anxious to hear you speak more on our conscious multi dimensional work that we are doing while we are awake. I am more isolated then ever, rarely having any ascension conversation at all anymore with anyone and haven’t a clue what is going on at this time. I am on the internet constantly and I know this has something to do with my work even though it is just normal internet app stuff that anyone does. I am going to have a rare conversation tomorrow with my only ascension friend remaining that I am speaking to anymore concerning how tapped into the internet I am and how content it has allowed me to be. It is as if I am now leading my life through the internet. I have varied interest’s on the internet such as checking out photography, food pics, etc. and it seems like it is as real as if I am actually moving out and about in the world and eating that food! Any insights by chance???? Other than what I do on the internet everything around me feels flat-lined which I understand as the Old is continuing to fall! I have no interest in any of it and am glad to be sequestered away on my property, usually not going out for a week at a time. So thank goodness for the internet as it has allowed me to maintain my sanity and passes the time, which when you have nothing but time as a recluse, I am grateful for.

    • ‘…I have varied interest’s on the internet such as checking out photography, food pics, etc. and it seems like it is as real as if I am actually moving out and about in the world and eating that food! Any insights by chance????’


      I’ve had this for a long time now. I can physically cook something but the act of doing so fills me up so that I’m not physically hungry once the food is ready to be eaten. Gawd, I should be really skinny! Guess I’m not because of all those tiny chocolate candies I love and only have to grab out of the bag!

      Seriously though, you’ve hit on an important aspect of some of this NEW 5D and higher “Conscious Creating” business Jeff. The more we merge with our Higher aspects in these physical bodies, the more we’ll be naturally able to self-sustain ourselves in NEW, creative ways. I’ve known that the Light itself is a “food source” that can sustain us. Maybe not fully today but once we’ve fully integrated, merged with, embodied the higher energies with the physical aspect. I can also feel “full”, sustained etc. when I’m caught up in some creative project or being really creative. Creativity is LOVE and it and Light are “foods” that can sustain us.

      If we get really honest about this topic, we should all be realizing that the amount of food we can now eat and/or want to eat along with what foods/drinks we can ingest and not feel sickened by is shrinking like crazy. The more Light LOVE we embody in our physical bodies/selves, the less actual physical food we’ll probably need to eat to sustain/maintain the physical vehicle. Self-as-Source solves this issue and a whole bunch of others too of course.

      And Happy Birthday too. 🙂 ❤

    • hi Denise and everyone,

      very nice to be back ……

      Thank you Denise for your wonderful posts, they often ‘appear’ at just the right moment, and contain many synchronicities and confirmations about my own experiences in this ascension soup. I love the comments from other readers too, often mirroring my own life, it is such a comfort to know that there are so many of us having this ‘never ending’ process.

      I love the comments from Jeff about the internet mimicking real life – every day I visit the Pets for sale pages, I look longingly at the cats and dogs, the kittens and puppies, the abandoned ones, the rescue centres etc., etc. and by the time I have finished looking and longing, I sort of feel ‘full up’ with pets, almost as if I had been in the company of each of them, and the loneliness and isolation recedes somewhat. I am unable (at this time) to care for a pet, as I can only just take care of myself, and some days it’s not even that good.

      I also resonate with the info about feeling as if everyone has vanished, I have had a couple of experiences whilst sitting in my garden, like I was the only person around for miles, I could hear the birds singing (such gratitude for their songs), but no other sounds anywhere around, no people, no sirens or cars, no lawn mowers, no other noises that even hinted of a population nearby. I was aware of what this might be, but yet it all still looked the same, not a hint of change at the visual level.

      The actual mirror experiences reported in a few comments made me laugh, they are exactly how I feel when I see my reflection – ouch, how the heck did I end up looking like that, fifteen + years of ass-ending trauma and pain, that’s how !

      …………..keeps on putting one slipper in front of the other ………. :))

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