In The Light, EVERYTHING Is Eventually Disclosed

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First of all, Happy March 2016 Equinox everyone, and secondly, how’s everyone doing with it all so far? It’s been kinda weird, kinda wonderful, definitely painful, and kinda frustrating at times but highly educational and reality-changing. I wouldn’t expect anything less at this point within the Process. And, there’s the final Eclipse (Lunar) to come on March 23rd at 3° Libra 17′.


In January 2016, I suddenly had some old Ascension symptoms return that I hadn’t had for years. I was not impressed that they were back again, even if greatly reduced in nastiness and intensity. Some of these old symptoms for me have been burning hot bottoms of my feet. I lived with this one for the first twelve years of my physical Ascension Process and couldn’t wear shoes the entire time because of it, not that I much minded that but it was and still is one very miserable Ascension symptom. I experience it when my body is doing more detoxifying of poisons from the physical environment. I also experience it when I’m embodying more NEW higher Light Energies and they’re flowing through my body and out the bottoms of my feet and into Gaia/Earth. You can see how the first phase needs to happen so the second phase of it can. This is typical of almost all these strange Ascension symptoms.

Another old symptom that returned for me at the same time was the miserable old upper belly bloat or Buddha Belly business. I also swelled all over, not just in my upper belly/diaphragm. My whole body swells slightly when higher frequency Energies/Light etc. comes in and interacts with it. My body and muscles respond to amplified higher Energies almost like it would with any “irritant”; it builds up fluid around the perceived invasive “irritant” in trying to cope with what’s happening to it. I have Pisces Rising (Water) and suspect that many people with Water signs Rising and/or multiple planets in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) may experience the body swelling somewhat like this when it gets hit with more Light/Energies/Photonic Light. ‘Electrocuted by God’ as Lauren Gorgo called it years ago and that sure is how it feels! 😆

The inner heat and pressures from the incoming Light Energies builds up in whatever way(s) that they do in your body and it responds in equally unique individual ways for each of us. I puff up like a blowfish, often accompanied with attitude caused by internal pressures, but much less so today thank goodness. Aah, more fun times.

Another old symptom that returned along with these others is the old eating food business. It just seems that while all these other changes are taking place it gets difficult for a while to want to and/or even be able to eat much of anything and not feel like you’ve committed slow-motion suicide via ingesting food! Here we go again with having to detox from having eaten something while God was electrocuting you, with LOVE Light.

A bit more seriously here, during March 2016 I’ve felt, as I know many of you have, building, growing, amplifying Energies and pressures that affect each of us slightly differently. I felt a confrontation building, which happened on the Equinox in my little world, but was instantly cleared/transmuted/Neutralized by me. It was like it had to happen and while it was, I was hyper aware that something major had changed and this confrontation and revealing more honesty and feelings about certain things was a reflection of that massive change.

What I felt come in with this March 2016 Equinox was something I’m going to call Divine Will or the Will of God/Source because I don’t know what else to call “IT”. This Energy felt to me like Divine Will is now fully and completely in place on Earth within the physical in this NEW way and higher level. Divine Will has always been there before but never like this and wow, does “IT” feel different and great. Said another way, this 2016 Equinox arrival and implementation of what I’m calling NEW Divine Will feels like the old patriarchy negativity of the past many thousands of years on Earth got fully and permanently removed. It’s like the NEW boss is in town for good and all the “bad guys” are leaving because they won’t risk staying. Giddy heart joy and a booming, multidimensional, told ya so assholes sort of feeling with this one!

What I’m feeling and experiencing since the March 19, 2016 Equinox is that a NEW rule—which is a NEW blueprint/template—is now fully in place on Earth at the physical level and functioning and because of this all sorts of quick changes will begin; all wonderful and positive even though much of them will probably seem terrifying and horrible to those that know nothing about the evolutionary Ascension Process.

In this NEW Light and NEW blueprint/template, nothing can continue being hidden or kept secret or not said, not revealed and not fully disclosed. Nothing, not individually, not collectively, not by the governments of the world, not by the remaining but quickly disappearing elite patriarchy, not by anyone or anything or any group(s) etc. My pressurized confrontation that unfolded on the Equinox was this NEW rule, this NEW law, this NEW fact playing out in my personal life, and despite it not being tons of fun, it was necessary and highly positive because everyone under this roof finally laid all their emotional “cards on the table” right out in the Light for all to see, know, feel and understand. This is one big aspect of HighHeartLife and how it works; honesty all the time with self and others because trying to hide anything anymore in this level of Light just doesn’t and cannot happen. Not having full “disclosure” with all things, situations, feelings etc. is impossible in this NEW higher Light and when we do try to withhold something, we instantly feel it in our bodies as building inner pressure that’s highly uncomfortable. And now with this NEW level of Divine Will anchored in earthly physicality, you can see and sense how quickly things, people, beliefs, habits etc. will be changing this year in preparation for an even higher energetic start with 2017.

Another aspect of all this is that now if I get angry, loud, pissed off, emotional in these lower sorts of ways, the HighHeart doesn’t do well with lower frequencies and there’s immediate physical sensations in my upper center HighHeart chest area of rapid and hard pounding heartbeats that feels scary bad. :/ I can focus on getting back up pretty quickly which instantly ends the hard and fast heart pounding, but I intend to not need to do this ever again because it feels terrible in my body now.

The first two times I experienced this I knew I was learning what it feels like in my body when I try running old lower crap through NEW higher inner tools and that it ain’t such a great idea! I know this, I know this, I know this… but I’ve obviously needed to experience it a few times at this even higher frequency level so I’d know exactly what it feels like trying to run old lower crap through NEW higher gold wiring. 😉 And I can tell you that it feels horrible and I better understood from doing this that eventually we reach a level where we cannot ever go back down energetically for any reason and have to learn how to deal with all things from the NEW higher platform/blueprint/template etc. Many of the Forerunners are having to learn and Master this in themselves in 2016, so that by 2017, they won’t ever drop or fall back down into old familiar methods of the past.

The weird dreaming continues too along with the return (temporary only so don’t panic) of some old Ascension symptoms/side effects. A few weeks ago I had a dream about ETs—not the good ones—coming on or around Easter 2016, and that this event was going to be seen by everyone but not understood by most. Typical. Now I’m well-aware that this sort of deliberately created mass message sent out to all but only picked up by those that can remember their dreams is nothing new whatsoever. I’ve experienced it most of my life and have learned to discern these negative created mass messages from my own personal dreams and from higher dimensional actual lucid dream experiences. There’s the Team Dark created mass media type of messages sent out at sleep levels; there’s our individual personal subconscious dreams that help us work on and eventually heal things in us and our lives; and there are actual events that take place in higher dimensions. This dream I had before the Equinox about ETs arriving around Easter 2016, felt to me like it was a negative created mass media message.

The closer we got to the Equinox, I began understanding things a bit better; things like this dream message about ETs arriving on Easter or there about, and, things like the arrival of Divine Will with the March Equinox 2016, and things like how more and more of the Forerunners of the Forerunners are currently going through the final stages of “Resurrection” or embodying, merging the Higher and Lower Selves in their physical bodies and embodying more of the Solar Christic/Crystal Energies. I began understanding that this year, 2016, Easter is going to be something totally NEW and very different in that more people will complete and/or begin the “Resurrection” phase of the Ascension Process. I’m not going to say much more about this but let you and your HighHearts float and feel in it for yourselves. ❤

It makes perfect sense to me that Team Dark—aka the powers that used to was—know that enough Forerunners have succeeded in embodying, merging Higher Self and Solar Christ Energies in themselves now that they needed to put out another BS mass message (dreams) to try to sidetrack, derail, confuse, distract as many people as possible, and ETs arriving around Easter and/or “disclosure” around that time would certainly do the trick for most people! These frantic TD tactics are only going to increase all year because of what’s already happened and what else is coming. No fear as these are just last-ditch efforts to continue what has been by the dying negative patriarchy. None of it will work however.

Do you see the connections between the arrival of what I’m calling no-nonsense Divine Will at the March Equinox; the completion of and/or near completion of the “Resurrection” phase for some of the Forerunners now; the mass belief and/or expectation that some ETs will be revealing themselves around Easter this year; and how we’ve all GOT to disclose everything now in this 2016 amplified Light or feel like we’ll be crushed by the growing pressures of not doing so? All these things are connected and no doubt much more I’m not consciously aware of at the moment.

I can’t wait to see what the Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd brings to this interesting mix.


March 20, 2016

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8 thoughts on “In The Light, EVERYTHING Is Eventually Disclosed

  • I have had the strange bites and itches both seen and unseen for a long time.
    House is full of wild life,mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders.
    Lots of bee stings and latest is a wasp sting which was hectic.
    Sometimes I have a trail of bites across my body like a map.
    Do not know why they are coming inside as I have always had a good relationship with nature.
    Feeling a bit phobic about it all, starting to “fear nature” and feel a bit threatened.
    Feel like I need to lift my energy and re balance my relationship with the earth.

  • Thank you, Denise, for this most excellent post. Yes and ditto. Didn’t have an ET-type dream unless you count THE most gross toilet (shit) dream I’ve ever experienced during the night of the 19th; on the 12th, had the home-front confrontation; the detox bumps and scabby stuff have been with me for years, and the inner burning is so intense I actually had blisters appear on my right calf! Okay, all good, and best of all I feel that Team Light has got the upper hand now, and finally, I just want to add that the ‘dreaminess’ referred to in Tom Kenyon’s latest Hathor post has been with me since dealing with the confrontation. Kind of like, okay, what’s real and what’s not, and sorting the illusions is getting easier. Thanks again for this wonder-fully confirming post. Love, B.

  • I am curious if any have had ..what I have just had an ah ha moment about…an ‘ascension’ symptom that shows up in small to large size bump on head or neck or jaw area? large bump like a big mosquito bite and small like a small small pimple..usually one or two in a spread out area all above the neck..rarely on face.I am 67 years old and since the 80’s ..probably around the Harmonic Convergence..I started experiencing these bumps. I know when I have them because I wake up in the morning..dizzy, nauseated, disoriented, very sleepy and kind of like I am going to have a panic attack. For years I have been saying they are a spider bite. I have lived in 3 different houses the same thing happens, I de cobweb, I spray orange oil, (spiders sense of smell is in their feet and they are repelled by orange oil) I wash my bed pillows.This is not a daily event,but when they happen it is several days of trying to back to ‘normal’ I don’t know the ‘bites’ are there until they itch..probably healing..that is why I always thought a ‘bug’ bite was the issue because of the itching.The day of the ‘bite’ I will always just be forced to take a quick nap.Actually when I find the bump later in the day it usually gives me a sense of calm as I don’t think something is very wrong health wise with my body.
    I also wonder if the ‘panic attacks’ that so many folks have ..are indeed ascension symptoms..too bad so many get on drugs during these times of they are so random and out of the blue they are hard to control when they come..anyway. I am more curious if anyone has had these ‘bites’

    • Catarina,

      I had two manifest, both at the same time which was almost instantly, about three months ago on the top of my hand. I felt something, looked at my hand and watched these two tiny “bite-like” bumps manifest before my eyes. I can tell you that they were NOT caused by any insect. I’m not sure what caused them but it wasn’t a “bite” from anything physical like a bug etc. I had the impression that their manifestation had more to do with energies traveling certain nerve pathways, and at the end of them, these two tiny bumps appeared. Why, I’m not certain but I believe they’re related to the Rewiring Process and the incredibly amplified energies flowing through us now.

      Now…on the other darker hand… I’ve witnessed Team Dark entities (nonphysical) try to literally take a bite out of me to access my energy to feed themselves. This is like nonphysical, parasitic energy vampires in the shape of tiny points of different colored light–often red but not always–flying around like nonphysical mosquito’s trying to steel your energies. If you can see clarivoyantly, there is oftentimes a sort of bruise looking spot left on a persons energy field/aura where these small Team Dark entities have broken the auric skin so to speak to get in to feed on your energies.

      Sometimes the “spiders” aren’t physical at all, but they bite too! 😉

  • Sooo, a couple of weeks ago I too had a dream about “ET’s” if you will, to tell ya the truth I am not even sure if that is a valid name anymore for these entities..anyway..what was notable in the dream to me was that ‘they’ did not look like ‘they ‘ have always been pictured in the media..they were more ‘cartoon’ like or human attributes at all. I also had just the other night this sensation of ‘some one’ or some ‘energy’ actually trying to pull both of my feet from the bottom of my bed pull me out that way of my bed..and I woke up in real time ..and said..”GET THE F#*K out of here..I actually felt there was some energy in the room..I was surprised by the ‘attack’ but not scared..I just felt so boundary after being awake awhile..and having a ‘conversation’ with whatever ‘it was…that” you just stay the F away from my space and energy field” felt very empowering. I know this may sound a little woowoo..but it was very ‘real’ in the sense that I physically felt the tug on my feet..and I was awake with my anger the nerve ..someone would invade my personal space.’Ya know just because these so called “et’s” can morph dimensions or supposedly fly around the universe..does not..I repeat..DOES NOT MAKE THEM SPIRITUALLY advanced in anyway..and clearly they are lacking in just don’t barge into someone’s space and DEMAND not cool. So, with so many becoming ‘enlightened’ to their own power and will ..if these so called ‘et’s’ have some kind of agenda near Easter..they are gonna get a real challenge in some of us ‘earthlings’..we are all part of the universe.(oh, and the vibratin’ body of it all..sometimes I wonder if other people can see what feels like realllllly my vbrating body at times most recently)

    • Catharina….I LOVE your response! We are not wimps here on Gaia as many ET’s may have been misinformed! Things/energy is changing. We are getting so much light and help! Thanks for sharing….Noelle

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  • Dear Denise, This article is just what I needed to read this evening! Thank you. I appreciate all the detail of symptoms as they can be disconcerting for sure. I also have the bloat with some added constipation. I can feel energy “rolling ” through areas of my body that leave my heart with little palpitations. When I worked with my energy therapist yesterday I told her I felt orange shards of glass leaving my space! Thank you again! Noelle

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