Embodiment Wave Two

Since April 18th it has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in this life. I woke up April 18th severely depressed, heartbroken, sad to my very core, in a state of deep mourning and all for I didn’t know what! I had absolutely no reason to be depressed, sad, heartbroken and feeling like I was mourning the loss of, again, I didn’t know what. The worse part about this was that it’s still happening almost two weeks later, not as severely thank god, but it’s there and it comes and goes now like an invisible breeze…or invisible Wave.

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9


It’s easy knowing something; it’s very different living through it. We all knew 2016 was a 9 energy year, but honestly, I don’t think many of us were really emotionally ready for it and what all it has, is, and will continue causing the rest of this year. Who knew that 2016’s Number 9 energy ( 2+0+1+6 = ) would be so heartbreaking, repeatedly, not to mention increasingly weird and otherworldly. I’ve had that old John Lennon Beatles Revolution song Number 9, rolling methodically in my mental background off and on this year, slightly amplified after every death of another person of Light I’ve greatly enjoyed and appreciated over the decades, Prince being the latest.

This is a 9 energy year unlike any before or after it. Why? Because it’s happening at the end of Galactic Alignment (1998ish – 2016ish). It’s happening, very appropriately of course, at the end of the old and full entry into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle at a NEW higher level. It’s happening while many of the Forerunners/Wayshowers etc. go through these amazing Embodiment Waves and processes.

The last 9 energy year we went through was 2007. I can barely remember 2007 at the moment, mainly because 2016 has, so far, smote the holy poo out of just about everything that came before it! Or, maybe it’s just me. No, I think that’s pretty accurate for 2016 (and 2014 and 2015) and undoubtedly there’s much more to come considering we’re only four freakin’ months into the year so far! (I saw something online the other day that listed the famous people who have died so far in 2016, and it was a staggeringly long and shocking list.)

1600x1600 multihearts

Because I’ve always been an Ultra-Sensitive, I’ve always felt the human Collective whether I wanted to or not. Like all Emapths and Sensitives, I’ve had to learn to deal with the energetic emotional onslaughts coming from humanity. Onslaughts such as holidays, weekends, summer, deaths of beloved celebs, music icons and so on. What’s been hard for me has been the masses repeatedly radiating such profound heartbreak over the many deaths of certain Light-carrying movie and music icons these past couple of years. The higher Light amplifies everything—as in everything—so my having to learn to NOT be bowled-over (emotionally crushed, smote) by humans repeatedly radiating shock and mourning over the death of the latest greatly loved global icon has occasionally been difficult for me.

(To be honest, over the years I’ve mourned waffles, ice cream, certain shopping stores now gone extinct, smoking cigarettes, wonderful lovemaking when you’re young and fit, and many other old lower 3D things I can’t do anymore because they make me ill/sick. Mourning a lot of things one releases throughout the Ascension Process is common.)

I knew this aspect of the Ascension Process would be difficult for me for these reasons, but from April 18, 2016, everything has been extremely emotionally devastating. I simply could not lift myself out of the Plutonian Underworld place of depression, mourning and profound sadness four days before Prince actually died. So, what was and still is really going on?

Wait, What?

While I’m deep in process I usually can’t see or grasp what all is happening and why because I’m very much living it internally and externally. Usually however, the second I’ve embodied, lived and processed enough of it I’m then able to see and better understand what I’ve gone through and why. This finally happened for me the morning of April 26, 2016, with regards to these three Embodiment Waves. Keep in HighHeart mind that what I’m going to share here was how this has and still is unfolding for me. The Stair-steps exist with the Embodiment process too of course, but how you have/will experience it yourself probably won’t be or feel exactly the same as what I’m going through.


WAVE ONE of these Embodiment Waves began for me extremely intensely on December 19, 2015 and lasted through the first ten days of January 2016. I wrote about this and shared how I was suddenly during that time in love and also was LOVE itself. This first Embodiment Wave was so intense that my physical heart pounded constantly 24 hours a day the entire time. I wondered if it could, would physically survive this process. Obviously it did but it was not a comfortable process on the physical or emotional level either.

I’ve been happily celibate and single since I was called back to continue the Higher Work full-time at the start of my Uranus Opposition at age 39 (1991), so for me to suddenly “fall” for some man was a shock to me not to mention embarrassing. Been there, done that and I didn’t want or need to do it again at this stage of my Ascension Process, so why did it happen to me in late 2015? (It was all resolved by the middle of Wave One, about ten days into January 2016.)

WAVE TWO of these Embodiment Waves began for me, again, extremely intensely on April 18, 2016 and lasted (at that extreme level I mean) until April 26, 2016 where it thankfully reduced in intensity a bit. It’s still happening as I write this, but it’s not as strong as it was. I couldn’t be writing or doing much of anything else if it was. Wave Two has been, for me, about a nearly heart-crushing sense of profound loss, general mourning, mourning of loved ones (Prince at this time), and seeming personal and collective epic failure.

Can I get a 2016 collective Forerunner WTF?!?

Please note the start dates with both Embodiment Waves as I find that interesting because they began around the same time of the month in both cases. This may be more about number energies — 1 and 9 — completion and beginnings etc. This info pales in the blinding Light of living the actual events however.

For me, Wave One took the flavor or packaging of being a human female suddenly in love and also of existing as I AM LOVE. This is pretty clearly the Higher and Lower aspects of ME/me merging within Me within Denise in a physical body on Earth, but not as yet completely merged and fully Embodied.

Wave Two, for me, took on the flavor or packaging of love again on the physical but this time for someone famous, specifically Prince (another Family of Light member) dying suddenly and so young for one so creative. This triggered profound mourning and sense of loss and all the emotional pain that goes with the death of a “loved one”. I was consciously aware when I was going through this that, just as it was during Wave One back in December of last year, it was profoundly and abnormally amplified, almost to the breaking point. That at least let me know that something else was also going on at a deeper, more profound level and to surrender to it even though it was an emotionally painful process.

Another aspect of this Embodiment Wave Two for me was an abnormal but unrelenting sense of total failure, unendurable loss, heartbreaking lack and of not being nearly “enough”. I was mortified by my pathetic and epic failure as a spiritual being in the flesh. This one was a complete surprise for me because I’ve felt my I AM-ness while in this Denise self, so again, all I could do was feel what I was feeling, hope it ended soon, and that I would understand it all on the other side.

Remember the December 21, 22 & 23, 2012 LIFE REVIEW?

Around the time of blessed reduction I experienced on April 26th with all this, I was finally able to even just ask what this crushing emotional pain of mourning, loss and lack was really about. What I perceived was some of what I experienced in my personal Life Review on December 22, 2012. I think very few of the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners consciously remember anything about their personal Life Reviews that took place at some point during those three days, those predicted ‘Three Days of darkness’ that turned out to be anything but “dark”. I’ve only remembered a bit of what I experienced during it and wrote about it at TRANSITIONS.

I won’t share all of what I remember about my Life Review because it was between the Divine and myself, as it was with every human incarnate on Earth at that time, but I will share this.

On December 22, 2012 the Divine and I had a heart-to-heart during my Life Review about a couple of remaining things I could correct in myself and why and what would happen if I did deal with them while still in Denise form on Earth. I heart-to-hearted back to the Divine that they were small in comparison to what I’d already transmuted, integrated and energetically returned to Divine Neutrality and that I most certainly wanted to stay in-body in Denise form and finish this Ascension Embodiment Process and go from there. After this, I had time to go down a long line of people and have face-to-face Gratitude Hugs with every single one of them I’ve known and appreciated in my Denise lifetime. I was Reviewing, Choosing, Giving Deepest Thanks, Releasing, and Continuing On as we all did in our individual ways during the Three Days of our Life Reviews at the Expiration of the old lower Evolutionary Cycle on December 21, 22, 23, 2012.

Back to the Embodiment Waves

Never forget that you’re multidimensional and quantum and that time only kinda looks and acts “real” anymore, even in the physical! That was code for, you and the Divine are always having heart-to-hearts in Spherical Consciousness and are always together, chatting away with each other silently. The big change now is that as each of us progresses deeper into our individual Embodiment of Higher and Lower in these physical bodies and current Selves, our heart-to-hearts with the Divine are changing…because we are…because the Divine is changing because we are.

I don’t know how to express this so once again, I need you to feel into the information.

There is some beautiful, quantum, complex, perfect Divine correlation between the Three Days of our Life Reviews of December 21, 22, 23, 2012, and the current Three Waves of Embodiment that many of the Forerunners are now living through.

Said another way, think back over how you, your life and the Ascension Process has personally been since the Three Days Life Review that took place at that time whether you consciously remember it or not. Whatever we each needed or wanted or desired to do, complete, refine, course correct, wrap up, create or whatever the case(s), we’ve been doing exactly that since the start of 2013! Vastly more so in 2014, even more so in 2015, and are continuing to do in 2016 in preparation for our full Embodiment plus the NEW here in physicality at the start of 2017 ( 2+0+1+7 =  1 energy but in the NEW.  )

Wave One for me was about re-feeling being in love with a man in this physical dimension, and simultaneously feeling, being, knowing that I AM LOVE. Hell of a contrast!

Wave Two for me so far has also been about love and LOVE, but this time about the tremendous emotional pain one feels over the loss of love and the loss of a loved one in physicality. It’s also been about feeling the loss of what I’ve known and loved in this lifetime at the old lower 3D physical level. The final goodby to my Lower level stuff and self etc. as it has been.

Wave Three (triality) will begin around the September 2016 Libra Equinox, which also makes brilliant, balanced, integrated sense. Then there’s all that happens during and after that, and you know number three is going to just be incredible! As Master Hotei would say, ‘Why don’t you leave the Door of Eternal Possibilities wide open Little One?’  And so we shall. ❤ ⭐ ❤


April 28, 2016

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24 thoughts on “Embodiment Wave Two

  • Thank you for this little bit of hope, Denise. I identified with so much of it and will probably will have to read it a few more times to fully digest it.

    I identify with the mourning and depression so much. The end of December 2012 is when it really started for me, too. My life has been at a standstill since then. I don’t really understand how people can mourn celebrities they have never met or interacted with or really known, but maybe I’m just so jaded right now from all the things I’ve been mourning in my own life that it’s become hard for me to feel compassion. The last few years I’ve felt like the ones who get to pass on are the lucky ones.

    Since the end of December 2012 I’ve basically had to come to terms with the fact that I may never get out of my mentally and emotionally abusive relationship and this is just the new normal, how things are going to be and there’s nothing I can do about it. Life is just going to be horrible forever. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I may never love or have sex again or really experience happiness or even friendship again in this life. I’ve had to accept that I may never have a career again, and unfortunately that is what keeps me trapped where I am, taking care of my daughter with developmental delays and not allowed to leave the house because i have no money of my own and I need permission to do anything.

    The past few weeks though, nothing has changed, but I’ve felt a little better about it all. I’ve met some friends online to take my mind off things. My moon is at 17 Taurus so it’s in the wave of the transiting grand trine with Pluto and Jupiter. I, too, have been trying to hold on until September, knowing that’s when Jupiter will move into Libra with my ascendant. I’m hoping that’s when things will finally start to turn around for me. And by January, Pluto, as well as Uranus, will finally be off my angles and Neptune will be done with its opposition to my chart ruler Venus. Doesn’t seem like there’s anything to do but wait so that’s what I have to do for now I guess.

    I suppose my higher self is very busy behind the scenes doing things I can’t know or understand so I will just have to wait until it’s done. And if not, we all get to die eventually.

    • Venus Squared,

      Your comment was so negative, so self-defeating, so broken and weak that I almost didn’t publish it. Here’s some reasons why:

      ‘…Since the end of December 2012 I’ve basically had to come to terms with the fact that I may never get out of my mentally and emotionally abusive relationship and this is just the new normal, how things are going to be and there’s nothing I can do about it…’

      ‘…I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I may never love or have sex again or really experience happiness or even friendship again in this life. I’ve had to accept that I may never have a career again, and unfortunately that is what keeps me trapped where I am, taking care of my daughter with developmental delays and not allowed to leave the house because i have no money of my own and I need permission to do anything…’

      ‘…I, too, have been trying to hold on until September, knowing that’s when Jupiter will move into Libra with my ascendant. I’m hoping that’s when things will finally start to turn around for me. …’

      As long as you or anyone else thinks and feels this way about yourself and your life, then, THAT is the reality you keep re-creating for yourself. The Ascension Process is all about each of us as individuals having to pick up our power and take responsibility for ourselves, our lives, our happiness, our everything now and stop constantly looking, expecting, anticipating that everything we want need or desire exists outside of ourselves. As long as you and other people continue projecting your expectations of love, happiness, help, positive things etc. etc. etc. into the “future”, like when some planet moves into another position, or when some person (male or female) rescues you, when more money comes in, when other people help you etc. etc. etc., you and your life (I’m speaking here to not only Venus Squared but to everyone who STILL constantly looks outside of themselves for “help”, for “answers” etc.) will continue to become increasingly dense and painful because you’re not moving out of the old lower parasitic consciousness of the past and into the NEW higher energies of Self-as-Source. That is what this Ascension Process has been and is all about people; each of us returning to a higher level of consciousness and being, which means we’re no longer parasites but Self-empowered, Self-sustained, Self-creating and so on.

      This is a HUGE issue for so, so, many people to honestly understand and implement in themselves…immediately! Conscious Creators means exactly that; it does not mean waiting for someone or something else to fix things, solve problems, change situations etc. No more external solutions people, it’s time now to evolve into internal solutions individually. Those amulets, talismans, herbs, shamans, healers, spells and such do not work in the NEW Light and NEW consciousness. Period. That is the old lower consciousness which was totally disempowered and totally externalized. Guess who did this to humanity? That’s right, Team Dark, but that time has Expired which means so too have those horrible old lower parasitic, disempowered reality, beliefs, ways and behaviors. Get with the NEW people or feel the increasing pressures of not doing so.

      • Thanks for the reply and advice. I can see how you could get the impression that I am waiting to be rescued, but I have been trying everything possible things just haven’t worked out yet. My problem has been opportunities and blocks and restrictions I could not control. If you can control everything that happens to you I just haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

        But you’re right I need to work on thinking more positively and believing that just because nothing I’ve tried the past few years has worked out doesn’t mean things can’t suddenly work out tomorrow as long as I keep trying to doing everything I can.

  • Hi Denise, just re-read you article and it finally has clicked for myself. Firstly, I had a knowing that what you wrote was my truth also but the way it has played out for myself is a tad different. Firstly, at the end of 2012, all of my prior aspects were finished for me, in essence they all died with no realness of them remaining for me going forward into 2013. The reason for this was so that I could fully concentrate on the emotional body of human Jeff and nothing else, that is all that remained. Why this was asked of a human “double Pisces” seems to have been a cosmic joke on me.Lol

    One of my main aspects was one of a Time Lord whose task was to “coerce time in a certain direction” to arrive at this New place of a huge evolutionary leap for human beings. I totally forgot about this aspect until re-reading this article. When I realized I went thru Wave One in 2007 and in the same way that you explained it, I thought, but wait, these waves are just happening this year, I know that, but then I remembered bending time as the Time Lord as I needed to accomplish this wave at that particular point in time.

    Wave Two began for me mid summer of 2015 and lasted intensely for 3 months and then finished itself lighter in the last 3 months of that year. It was exactly as you explained what you felt in the period beginning April 18th. I truly didn’t feel I would make it thru those few months of 2015. The Time Lord remembrance also helps me to understand with certainty why I know that the New Evolutionary Leap has been achieved as I time traveled there, but at this time have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever except an energetic remembering of it. Once again, at this time only fully grounded human being Jeff being lead as a Forerunner by Evolution on a daily basis. It wasn’t till I came across the line in your article ” … time only kinda looks and acts “real” anymore, even in the physical” that this all clicked in place. For me this has been totally fascinating as having been only fully grounded in Jeff these past few years and had forgotten about those other aspects. It is also nice to have a better understanding why those aspect’s were removed from me as it was such incredible Loss at the time. Wonderful article as always Denise, you blow me away when you come out of these energetics and do such a damn fine job explaining what it was all about and then I remember, well yes, she is a fine author indeed.

    • Thanks Denise, as always, wonderful additional sharing on the jumping around! I understand Time Traveling on an energetic level as a Time Lord but as grounded Jeff, really haven’t a clue! Lol So interesting that I was picked to be a grounded one at this time period consisting of these last few years as I was so ungrounded my entire life. I’ll be glad when my form is big enough that I can finally understand what I have been doing with a little more certainty. I’ll just be ecstatic when we are finally fully there. I’ve been feeling like an outsider within my own circle for the last few years but as you always mention this isn’t going to look alike for everyone. I sure do feel that fits me at this time.

  • Thank you, i too have been having these experiencing, and trying to understand, as we did so much clearing work, on way to 5d…

    I think my guides, are showing me, it is the shadow, shew, in egyptian, that needs to be worked with…… at same time matt khan, has brought out talk, “respecting the shadow”, i find he spot on…. my guides tell me about foot chakra, the base chakra, the earth star. The need to earth a lot, which crystals, ie agates…. i presume it wll part of the process, of more light and our higher self, coming into body. I too had to go into retreat, am. Not want connect my freinds on ph, txt…..Anyway beltain, may day, sun am. A holy day, sacred marriage, start of summer. It reasssuring to hear other peoples are going through stuff….. i thought it me going bonkers…… be good ascension teachers, advice etc on this one. I hold you and holy earth, in my heart, of love

  • Wonderful writing..I agree with each word you are saying, feeling the same and experiencing the same…We are in this now and we are in this together…better make the best of it..I do earthing and yoga deep, breathing and walking long long walks…to get more at ease..gratitude Iréne

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  • Purple rain…purple rain…violet flame…violet flame…he was visionary…and his gift through this song is releasing and transmuting our grief.
    Thank you Denise for being visionary too.

  • “Global mourning”, yes. Thank you, Denise, for this article. Everything is so very heavy, a sadness so deep it cannot be expressed in words. I dreamed last night I was in a room that represented Planet Earth. It was bright in some areas, dark in others. I looked out a window and saw the outline of a person holding a baby. The baby’s head was very round and I knew it was, for want of better words, a baby Planet Earth. I telepathed to this person to come inside, please come inside, but there was no response. I cried out, “Someone let them in, please let them in.” There were then some people inside the room, one man with a baby, but not the person who was outside. Number 9 makes sense and in the fake linear time that we live in, September seems far away, but in the meantime, I find a great joy in saying goodbye to me and welcoming Me, and am very thankful that I am aware of these waves of LOVE. B.

  • Hi Denise , I think the below people/aliens are saying the same thing with a different perspective regarding year 2016.. and in line with your feeling….

    Brad Johnson-Adronis – Entering The 4th Density Earth in 2016

    Kryon “Recalibration Completion” 2016

    And offcourse Bashar , who said this in 2014 June… “Everything will change in fall of 2016”

    Hope you like it… and would love to hear from you regarding the first video at least by Adronis…


    • ‘…Hope you like it… and would love to hear from you regarding the first video at least by Adronis…’


      I’ve had your Comment pending until I had the time to listen to each of the three links you shared. Sorry I couldn’t get to it sooner.

      Because you asked for my specific feelings about the first video, I will but you may not like what I’m going to say.

      Link video #1 — I’ve seen the man that channels Adronis only one other time about a year or so ago in another link a reader left. In both cases, I was able to watch/listen to only five minutes of his channeling (your first link) before I had to bail. Why? Because it/he/them/they aren’t very high frequency and there were distortions in those five minutes I did watch. That’s all I need to discern things, less than that actually and in most cases all I need is to see a photo of someone to know/sense/perceive what’s going on and what’s not. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you were hoping for from me. Discernment always always always with everything and everyone.

      Link video #2 was Kryon and this one was excellent, correct, high frequency as usual, and with no distortions in it that I felt. As you may discover, because of you sharing this particular Kryon video, I shared it in another article in hopes that more people would discover it. Thank You for this one. ❤

      Link video #3 was also correct, high frequency and distortion-less from all of the channels and their information.

      • Thanks for responding and do appreciate your comments regarding all three of them.

        Your no nonsense way of writing and communicating brings me to your blog, keep it going.

        Thanks again

  • 9 should be called the loneliest number that I ever knew, I was born into 9, I was told by my high self that I would be dying to the flesh, at that point I dreamed I was in a cave on the ground giving birth to twins, THE TWINS REPRESENTED THE NEW CREATION I WAS TO BECOME ,22YRS AGO. double the process, double the pain , double the loss of everything ,family pets, friends, addictions ,love ,joy any thing that glorified the flesh, all DIED as I read your profound and extreme sadness ,pain loneliness, depression, loss, I know there is nothing on earth to stop the process, but to just hang on, believe, affirmations, prayer in the middle of this process I had a another dream ,I was on a mountain and everything around me was ash, not one living thing existed ,ash up to the thighs, meaning nothing of the old me would be left of me. WOW,This I was told was the great purification the bible talks about, cleaning out all your cells and light bodies, so we can start fresh again going into the higher realms .So now I am climbing out of the wreckage of my soul into higher dimensions, I have noticed things are being slowly restored to me , I can not believe I even lived to talk about this.Last month was the energy I needed to lift me up and out to get going again.. This feels like the lord of the rings , the long ,long journey , how to start all over again once finished with the dark night of the soul.Excited to see where this is all leading to…So please hold on ..Thank you for sharing, it helps when your ready to collapse .

  • I’ve dealt with depression for so much of my life that I don’t know what’s just “normal” depression and what is brought on by particular energies flowing through me. Prince’s death brought on a lot of depression – I’ve never before actually shed tears for any loved celebrity, but his passing brought them, they come even now. Personally, I believe part of my reaction is because his death was closely entwined with the end of a relationship I experienced in 2014. That was a 16-year relationship, the end unforeseen, and while I understand that I needed it to end in order to grow in the Ascension process, I still have a very difficult time finding “closure.” Prince’s music was very much part of that relationship. So, while I feel on the one hand that I need to just allow these feelings to flow, I also have the thought that these feelings are exactly what “Team Dark” wants and needs from all of us. At times I wonder if this was something they orchestrated in order to get this huge outpouring of grief to feed on. I’m torn, not knowing which way to go, to allow the feelings to flow or to say “ok, done with that, it’s what they want, I’m reaching for joy, eat THAT Team Dark!”

    Denise, thank you for your writings and your insights. I’m much newer to all this than you are and there are many times I can’t relate to what you are feeling because I am not feeling the same things (and I wonder what’s different with me), but in this instance we are in sync. I am hoping that I can finally let go of this depression and I’m really looking forward to the next wave to come through, intending that it will blow a lot more 3D crap far, far away!

    • Perhaps in the light of truth, it might be better in realizing that these deaths carry a greater sense of meaning then they may appear. There are far greater things at play and in the midst of unfolding, and not something team dark can in fact take true credit for, with regard to the countless famous ones who have passed since Michael Jackson, until now, with Prince!

      These events help directly in the process itself here in awakening. They are happening for a reason. And their unfolding is part and parcel in getting us to the destination point we mapped out such a long, long time ago.

      These losses are events or triggers that are similar to a set of alarms/codes/harmonics, all of which come in sequence, and in divine and perfect order — as each loss, death, etc occurs, more and more frequencies are being created to specifically assist in awakening, remembering, higher heart activation, and not just for the light workers, gate keepers, et all, but for a percentage of the sleeping masses, too. Not everyone here is realistically going to be joining the league of the truly awakened, however this isn’t about that as much as creating a energetic tipping point in the mass consciousness. Music and laughter are some of the highest of the very highest vibes here on the planet. No mistaking the correlation here given how many that have passed were musicians and comedians.

      Who ever stated that this is like a real life version of LoTR’s is correct– we are truly living out an ageless fable, although it may seem we are only now reclaiming a hazy remembrance in what was forgotten long ago.

  • Denise, thank you so much for this. Your dates of depression match mine perfectly. I will say, though that 2016 has been one of the toughest of my life. The things that I have been through in the last number of years are now building to a perfect storm of awfulness, while those around me just keep getting better and better. Nothing more to do than take one day at a time.

    • Hi Elle, I’m sorry you are going thru such a rough time. Hang in there, my thoughts are with all of you who are going thru a rough time. I wanted to mention to you that all those around you who seem to be getting better and better, it has nothing to do with the New. Also, remember that many of us are Forerunners of the forerunners as Denise has already mentioned and our lives will always look much different. Regarding the New, it will not have anything to do with our current reality as we know it, it will be something Brand New, a giant leap of Evolution. The New is inside of me and part of me but it will not show itself visibly as long as I am in this reality. I will mention though that Evolution is assisting us, even though it feels like it barely is at times, but never the less the assistance is there. Evolution is leading the show and it will do whatever needs to be done so we can so inhabit the New in form. I haven’t a clue what that entails and as Denise mentioned, it is usually after the fact of some monumental energetic that I can somewhat understand what had just transpired. As someone else mentioned, when I have to, I retreat even deeper into myself and have no guilt whatsoever with who or how that affects those around me. I have a continuing task and it has nothing to do with this old reality. All we can do is ride the rough patches to the best our ability and know we are there for one another thru our energetic thoughts. The New is already there, it is a given, just up to Evolution when it is time for us to fully arrive.

  • Your human ego is dying, your detachment to 3D energy is dissolving, the emotional body is releasing its unwanted load. I’ve been noticing that my emotions do not fire up anymore unlike before.I’m good within myself even that I’ve achieved nothing outside. I’ve retreated from the world’s scene since the Mars retrograde and it feels good, no rushing, no need for taking action, no guilt of doing nothing at all, slowing down feels OK. What you feel is a reason to be happy, because you’re leaving what doesn’t suit you well on a soul/emotional level and your hearts is preparing a space for the new energy to fill it in, the New Earth conditions (5D) requires it.
    And whether you know you’re an angel and it’s in your astral heart or not yet, your heart will open like a chest with treasures, with its knowledge, like an ancient script and you’ll be ‘reading’ and understanding the bigger picture. I’ve been through this and will be again, it’s a process of an upgrade. The full Moon in Scorpio has activated this. Though I felt absolute joy and lightness inside of me before the full moon which was weird, as full moons make me tense. Except that I got period that very day and it was unpleasant due to increased water ebb and flow caused by the Moon. This is all a detox we’re going through. But then I started feeling heavy again, in the heart, not depressive but afar, detached from everything, not caring either. You also might have felt a general sadness in a cloud of consciousness which may indicate something bad is about to happen in some country.
    Plus there were earthquakes. I noticed I feel them even if they happen very far from my location, before I even learn they hit anywhere. We are bound with gravity and our bodies feel those micro moves and frequency disturbances above and below. There was a geomagnetic storm during that time.
    I had a terrible headache on 26th, never happened to me before, so painful I was almost crying. I believe it was energy pushing up to remove all wrong concepts in my head and so I could connect with the Universe better, in May. I also experienced lots of longing to and from my Twin Flame, and I had a dream of being on a red planet, Mars or other, looked like Utah but I’ve never been there or interested in or studied any pictures so no physical influence. I was to undergo a test (I felt it was the 2nd time) and catch up with a woman- a guide named Julia, that’s what I shouted to her when she waved to me. Then I rushed as if using an inner engine since I had no body to meet her before she leaves. I woke up not knowing the purpose but I knew I passed the test this time.
    Then when I closed my eyes during that headache I could notice a rotating white circle twice, like 15 cm before my 3rd eye, which had blue and dark blue spots, blurry but noticeable. I’ve never seen it before. It was as if staring at me, into my 3rd eye which was swollen and the entire head was in pain. Every day something new right? 🙂 Be well!

  • Oh My God… Denise, you have been living in MY body! haha… everything you have experienced reflects my own experience, and it is so hearteningly enlightening to know that I am not going crazy. Grief, mourning, loss, love, all of the above and more… still ongoing, but integrating.

    As well as Prince, Victoria Wood – a beloved comedienne and all round fantastic light being – also passed over, and in the same week, a dear and beloved friend aged 29 on 9th April, also departed from a mountainside in Peru! A fitting departure lounge, albeit heartbreaking for all who know and love him. I am feeling their departure is not so much a thing to be sad about, although I am sad too, (it’s a bugger being a multi-dimensionally aware Empath, isn’t it?) but more of an integration of more of who we are, expressed through these amazing people… as the Mother of All Creation said to me the other day (as I was washing the dishes) ‘The more of you that you become, the more I expand also, beloved Creation of Mine’…

    I am finding that in every NOW moment, every cell in my being is being called to honour the All There Is… in its entirety. I am also finding that words are definitely not enough any more, to explain any of this experience that goes beyond Quantum Being! If you get my drift…

    Love love love your offerings, and thank you so much for sharing.

    Holding hands in the heart, Jay (UK)


  • Thank you Denise for this article. Ive been reading you since 2012 and every time you describe the symptoms or emotional up and downs Im going through the same darn stuff. I don t feel alone anymore thanks to you. Im also an empath and sensitiv and discoverd this thanks to you and your articles. I went through depression many times in my life and grief, emotional ups and downs with chronic fatigue. I hope that we all make it through this transition as I find it to much to bear at times and want out of this game. Reading you gives me courage to go on and hang on while Im surfing on the high waves and the low waves.

  • Reading this reminded me about my dream this morning right before I woke up. My family and I were taking a train ride to Canada. We noticed that there were no train tracks. I said, “That’s all right, we’ll just create them.” Meaning think them into being, and we did that. We went in the train, but I think it might have gone in the air instead of on the tracks, now that I think about it! Anyway, at one point, we were in Canada, in a crowd of people. It was rainy and dreary, and everyone was wearing light jackets. Everyone had their back to me, and I noticed that one person looked like a friend of my family, Della, who passed away in January. (I have known her my whole life. She and her mom lived next to us in a twinplex when I was little, and we stayed friends with them my whole life. She was the same age as my parents, and I really liked her.) She had a very distinctive hairstyle and beautiful white hair, so I could tell it was her from behind.

    A little background info, in real life, Della died at an assisted living facility in the town I grew up in. She never married, and had no children. We didn’t find out she died until about 3 weeks after she passed away. (We have all since moved away from that town.) There was no obituary. My mom kept calling her and leaving messages on her voice mail, and then her phone was disconnected. She called the facility, and they said that she had passed away three weeks ago. It was hard on us, as we had been close my whole life. Since she was single, and her extended family lived three states away, we always had her (and her mom before she passed away,) over for holidays.

    Back to the dream, I told my husband, “I think that’s Della!” She saw me and tried to hide from me. When it was clear that I saw her, she let me give her a long hug. I asked her if she faked her death. (Probably my reaction to no closure with her death, no funeral or wake, etc,) She “talked” to me briefly, and she was gone. (I put the word talked in quotes, because when I woke up I realized that she didn’t actually talk.) I woke up soon after that.

    Your description of giving all the people who were important to you in your life a hug made me think of this dream. It was very interesting and full of symbolism. Very interesting things going on this year!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head, once again! I’ve been wondering why I’m dragging through the grief and depression again. I felt cold chills and sadness about Prince. So much going on. I try to shield against some of the collective but I don’t know if that is what I’m supposed to do all the time.
    Thank you for being you and for committing to your blog writing…It means so much!

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