The End of the Old Negativity

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There have been two times in April and once so far in May 2016, that I’ve participated with a small group of other Team Light (TL) beings in a higher dimension to, yet again, deal with a small group of representative Team Dark (TD) beings. These TD beings consider these meetings to be negotiations’, they are however strictly informational. There will be no negotiations.

We of TL were, once again, meeting with these particular ancient TD beings because they wanted to try again to “negotiate” with us to be allowed to continue living and carrying on as they always have. We informed them, once again, that that was not going to happen because that time has expired and they must now, like everyone else, evolve. They have repeatedly resisted this information, this fact. Every meeting with them however, they have been slowly realizing that this is indeed happening and that they have to change, evolve, or cease existing as they have. Of course they’re not happy with any of this and so have called for repeated meetings with our small group to attempt more “negotiations”. The calm neutral patience of TL with them about this has been impressive. The slowly diminishing rage and growing angst of TD has been impressive to witness firsthand in these meetings also. This is a first for TD and it’s been rough going for the majority of them. Some of them have seen the light and chosen change instead of extinction. Others have been hanging on and on in hopes that this wasn’t really happening and that they could navigate around it via another timeline(s) etc. Not gonna happen or be allowed however. This is why some Forerunners/Starseeds worked so long and hard on closing down and dead-ending many different timelines over the past four years. Alternate timelines couldn’t exist at the old lower level of frequency because TD would have used them as escape routes and/or alternative realities where they could try to continue existing energetically off of others. Sometimes “payday” takes some time in this dimension to show up and make more sense.

At first they didn’t believe and thought they could scream and rage and demand to get their way. They’re not used to not getting what they want or to be interfered with or outright prevented, so to have things not work any longer has been a difficult and shocking situation for them. It’s taken some time for them to stop screaming and threatening everyone and for them to finally realize that this change is really happening and that there isn’t anything they can do to override it, steal it, distort it, derail it or manipulate their ways out of anything.

Personally, I’ve never before seen TD do anything other than heartlessly plow through everyone, so for me as incarnate-on-earth-Denise to witness and participate in these meetings with them in a higher dimension has been… fulfilling. I’ve come, we’ve come full-circle and are now at a totally NEW place. It’s been good to see the end of this in this particular way after all I’ve been through at their hands throughout this incarnation. This is one of many reasons why I was in this particular TL group informing this TD group about the expiration of their old ways; I (incarnate Denise) needed to experience the end of this ancient negativity and witness those involved with it make the choice. Another reason was so I could share this information with you incarnate here on earth that may not be consciously aware of some of the complexities taking place at higher levels with TD.

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As more of these ancient TD beings finally accept that their old ways and days are done and gone, there’s been, if you’re sensitive to them, some pretty potent blasts of real anguish flying about lately. All that has been can be no more in the NEW Light and the TD die-hards are grieving and are in mourning over what they’ve lost and what they now must do to continue existing and evolving. Spoiled *&^%wits! Sounds much like the current political arena in the US doesn’t it?

Yes lots of beloved, unique humans have exited this dimension like crazy this year so far and because of this we’ve all felt the loss and pain lately but, there’s much more going on than only that. There’s much more “dying” now than certain humans. Entire ancient negative systems, structures and ways of being and existing have ended and there’s plenty of wailing, thrashing about and intense mourning going on in multiple dimensions because of it. All this while simultaneously more and more complex and even higher frequency Light pours in and through each of us. Is it any wonder why some of us feel a tad overwhelmed one moment then euphoric the next? Or, both at the same time? That’s what I’ve felt; both at the same time! I guess this is me burning old Duality into my soul’s memory banks before I evolve beyond it. Nice but strange feeling.

Stay the course, don’t get distracted by the old insanity playing itself out at lower levels, keep your HighHeart on the prize and you’ll be just fine. This is also how you/me/we Forerunners and first to Embody help the rest of humanity navigate these choppy waters of change. Thank You for your great Works. ❤ ❤ ❤


May 7, 2016

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16 thoughts on “The End of the Old Negativity

  • Just one more mention that even though I was feeling the negative energy so strongly this evening and felt it was starting to pull me into the abyss, I had a wonderful, empowering conversation with the only human, remaining close friend, that I have real voice communication with this evening. We have worked together, only as a team of two, closely for around the last 5 years or so. We constantly remind one another that our “eyes are on the prize” and balance and buoy each others spirits. We had an amazing empowering conversation. We have already become that which we think we are still seeking or having to wait to be put into action, this is important to remember. That is what our conversation reminded me. As a Sovereign Human Being with Free Will nothing can be taken from me that I claim ownership of. Nothing and no one can harm me because of this. Also remembering the title of Denise’s article, “The End of the Old Negativity” thusly the end of the old is within sight!

  • Thank you, Denise, for posting these updates about what is happening with Team Dark. Hope is so needed right now. TD are such squirmers, schemers, and connivers, and they have held so much power for so long… and so many of TL have lost their health and/or have lost hope. Your posts are like healing rain. It is so reassuring to know their bullshit is no longer going to be tolerated. What TD is receiving now is called Reality Therapy, LOL! The natural consequences of their actions are now ensuing.

    Let us hope we are not all subjected to that kind of ultimate Reality Therapy, however. If justice were not tempered with generous help and mercy from the Higher Levels, we would all be extinct by now. Thank God/dess for the Waves of Grace – for TD and TL!!

    Mikey, I too have had so much nasty “ascension flu” from electromagnetic fluctuations (or more properly, the adaptation process to them) due to what I assume is the incoming light. The symptoms for me were horrendous. Plus the wifi bombardment we are constantly subjected to these days can be seriously fatiguing, at least for me.

    Two weeks ago, though, I got a personal diode; it’s a thin, copper-colored thing about the size of a silver dollar; you carry it in your left pocket. (and got pet tag diodes for my cats, since their sensitivity is even higher than ours. i felt they deserved the protection, even though cats are energy transmutation wizards). Anyway, yesterday when the waves came in, I had the diode in my left pocket; lo and behold, it worked!

    I take that sucker everywhere with me now, even to bed, since I am not sure when a wave might hit. Honestly have no clue how it works, but if you are energy sensitive you can feel the energy field of the diode quite clearly when you hold it. Am less fatigued and more mentally clear (the wifi had been screwing with me big time) generally; but best of all I escaped the ascension flu yesterday. I could feel the incoming waves, as usual, so I knew when it arrived, but it did not lay me out as it has for years. I don’t know if all of TL is getting the flu as bad as the extremely empathic ones among us, but it may be moot point since we are all increasingly empathic.

    There may be multiple companies making effective diodes to protect the human field against electromagnetic bombardment for all I know. Mine is from Ener-G-Polari-T out of Scottsdale, Colorado. Their personal diode was pricey at $75 and their shipping is high at $13, but definitely for me it has been worth the cost so far. I hope it keeps working.

    PS, The next thing I am going to investigate is called a Lemurian Plug (made by somebody else), which supposedly modifies and regulates household energies and cell phone energies. Generally I am quite skeptical about things, but the diode (which a TL mentor of mine showed me) has made me a bit more open-minded. Apparently not everything is snake oil these days.

    Keep us posted, Denise, and thank you! TD has been on our necks and backs for so long, their being reined in and removed is the best news I have heard in many years!

  • thank you denise, jeff, mikey, everyone. i’m still deep in the trenches here clearing out the underworlds and interdimensional hell zones, so many trapped souls needing to be released and helped once they’re out …. and i’m being beat up, deformed, thrashed for it. was able to stay calm and steady and connect Up for a while but currently feeling so down and traumatised and constantly attacked, and the voices from so many dimensions … i sound like a lunatic but here we know we’re not. it’s been such a long, long, nasty road, a veritable horror movie come real, and TD are pitching such fits. i deal with the christian demonics and the beast himself. unbelievable. there is so much work to do still. so much evil. and they are, yes, greatly pissed off and relentless in their attacks.

    so thank you for the encouragement to keep on going …

    much love to all

    • Bless You Arishantia, what you just spoke of I am feeling so strongly this evening! It is like the “beasts of hell” have awakened all at one time and are pitching one hell of a fit so I can definitely believe your description. It is a level of evil like any I have ever felt so strongly at one time. It is feeling to me like this is going to be the “final battle”, the gloves have come off! Let’s do our best to stay strong for one another as I think this will really be needed at this time. Bless You Denise for having comments open at this time as I think this is really needed for us!

  • Thank you everyone for your responses and of course Denise for this great article! Been going through all of this myself. And yes especially crazy these last few days. Eyes on the prize!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • OMG! How this resonates with me… thank you Denise, for making sense of my quiet insanity!!! So much going on around me that I can see through your sharing here is synonymous with the death and dying of the old energetics… feeling every single cell in my body exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, and knowing that I have to stay in my Highest Heart to see this through…

    Bless you lovely one… our time is at hand!!! XXXXXX

    Love and appreciation, Jay Atkinson, North Wales, UK xxx

  • Very unusual things happening in my life right now. Feel like I’m on a see-saw of emotions. My family has been subjected to powerful entities in the house lately, but we’re holding strong. Interesting times we live in. Denise, what you are doing is amazing!

  • Dear Denise, I read your article with a huge “go girl” pump fist!!! Thank you, as always for sharing. And yes…gloomy weather in Northern California as they allow a little rain upon the land and hardly any sun. I am so happy I am waking up…and in such loving company. HUGS!

  • Thank you, Denise, for this great information. I’m working in tandem with Maria Bethencourt. We’re aware that we’re collapsing timelines by simply being physically in place. Moving through several states recently. Coming into a great awareness of mastery and what it takes to do this work… I’m grateful to be of service and to be here to see the end of the dark paradigm. Blessings to all participants in this work. Eliza Ayres.

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  • I have just recently come out of a battle with the Team Dark Renegades that just won’t submit to the New, they are Nasty Mother Fu_kers. Damn, they gave me a “run for the money”, (or no money) (lol), as the saying goes! I haven’t had to go into battle for some time so guess it was my turn. As you stated Denise, there are absolutely no options for them except to submit to change if they want to come along into the New, they have to go thru rehabilitation. One thing to remember everyone, they cannot harm you at this time, just be really frigging annoying. You cannot let them get to you in their uniquely annoying ways, the Power is within you to stave them off! As Denise says, Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!!! My Team Light consists of a kaboodle of stray cats on my property and they have sustained some battle scars but have prevailed. The attacks directed at them were non stop for days on end but they have volunteered for this particular mission. I know it sounds strange, even to myself, but they have been amassed through procreation for 5 years on this property to assist. The new Spring babies born are the most precious and remarkable little souls being born into the New! This has all been surprising to me because honestly, I never wanted to become the “Cat Lady” Lol I had 3 indoor cats until the last of them passed a few years ago and didn’t really want any more pets period and then 5 years ago I innocently started feeding 1 stray and now the “Cat Battalion”! Also, I am on the east coast of the U.S. and the weather is being manipulated to block the sun, goes along with Denise’s info concerning the Sun! 11 days straight now of cloudy, gloomy weather. Also the weather forecast changes constantly through the day, no way to predict it because of the manipulaton. Pretty much this period of weather manipulation has been the battle period. Hang in There Everyone, Times Are A Changing!

    • thank you for this sharing, Jeff ! I have the exact same… cat “battalion” ! It started in 2011, and as you said… just kept growing 🙂
      Agree that the newborns this year are even more special. Some of them are amazing, yes.

      And, yes, i also see them get hit. And sadly, lost a few of them on the way. But they are a wonderful presence, and great battle companions.
      Don’t you ever get flak from people ? I do, and it makes me laugh. The classic “but how many cats do you have ? Why, etc :))))
      Weather : same here. Totally unpredictable. Lots of wind also. I live in East Europe.
      Hugs from Romania 🙂

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