The Princess & the Pea Sensitivities

princess pea bed(Artist unknown)

I don’t remember the entire Princess And The Pea story but I do remember her suffering because of some wee little pea under her mattress that felt to her as if it was the size of a huge boulder. From your current perspective, what have you been feeling lately that feels boulder-sized?

I’ve repeatedly gone through this phase of feeling things, energies, emotions, other people’s emotions, weather changes, earth changes, astrological energy changes, solar energy changes, cosmic, galactic energy changes and having them all feel—to me—like the Princess’ boulder-sized pea! I know many of you can relate to this miserable phase of our endless Shifting or transitioning. The freaking little pea/peas feel to us like boulders and they make it nearly impossible to sleep, or much of anything else for a while.

Once I/you/us transmute the majority of our inner stuff (by stuff I mean lower frequency unresolved, polarized, stuck emotional energies, our inner wounds, fears, hates, guilt, low self-esteem, ego aspects that hang us up in different ways and so on), the tiniest little thing, issue, emotion, thought, or word spoken or written by someone can feel to us not like a pea but a hot, monstrous, boulder-sized pain that trips us up and sends us reeling back into some lower unpleasant state for however long it takes me/you/us to energetically crawl our ways back out of it, yet again.

In other words, once you’ve transmuted the majority of your personal lower frequency inner stuff via the Ascension Process, you literally cannot tolerate being back down in a lower frequency or emotional or mental state for long at all. Even if what you’re feeling and reacting to is pea-sized, to you it now feels boulder-sized, and utterly intolerable for more than a few minutes. Once you’ve gone energetically clear as crystal, it’s a real painful mess when something comes sailing past that affects you in a lower way and now you’ve gotten a little pea-sized section of lower frequency dirt and density back in yourself again. It feels like a freaking boulder and hurts now even more than it ever did before, but this is where higher evolved/ascended 5D responsibility, consciousness, and conscious creating REALLY becomes my/your/our new higher reality under our feet. Being more conscious of your consciousness is just a great sentence until you actually have to do it, live it, be it constantly. Aah, more spiritual growing pains. Feel those seriously high-powered Cardinal T-square/opposition energies creating a new higher reality inside of us? Little peas and huge boulders; keeping a higher frequency, and then not keeping a higher frequency; pressure and more pressure to maintain our clear as crystal-like state even while having our backs seemingly broken on that damned little pea under our energetic mattresses; not getting pulled out of the quiet eye of the storm into wounding lower frequency debris flying around at 500 MPH!

We can intellectually understand the whys of different things, but typically we still become emotionally wounded or effected in some way by someone else’s pea-sized tidbit of lower emotional debris that flew close to us and temporarily knocked us out of alignment. No blame at either end as this is how we learn to maintain a higher frequency of energy internally and externally — by “falling” out of it a few times. We’ll do this more than a few times to really learn how to NOT have it repeatedly happen and to eventually NOT have those peas feel like boulders and affect us at all.

Another aspect of this that I’ve had for years now is when some pea-sized something does get in under my emotional skin, later that night I will unintentionally dream about the irritant—whatever or whoever it was—to immediately resolve the energetic discord I’m feeling caused by both my reactionary lower frequency energies and the original irritant energy. Thankfully, only hours later while asleep the lower frequency pea-sized energies are transmuted and fully cleared during dreaming. One way or another, one dimension and body or another, we now very quickly transmute the lower energetic pea/boulder irritant and get ourselves back into higher alignment and crystal clarity once again.

Denise Le Fay

July 24, 2010

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PRIVATE CLUB: No Light Energies Tolerated Here!

Occasionally I’m impulsed or called to go back down into lower vibrating forums for the single purpose of dashing in, writing a couple of posts, thereby holding up a lit Lantern for anyone there who’s ready to see it, who may resonate with what I’ve posted, or who were already looking for something vastly higher and get the hell out as fast as possible! I do not want to go back down into those types of lower vibrating “spiritual” forums at this point and normally I don’t unless I’m called or drawn there for very specific reasons.

You know some of those forums with the words “SPIRITUAL” and/or “LOVE” in their names? You know how they instantly manifest the polar opposite energies every time you, me, or anyone posts anything that they don’t believe in? You know those certain “spiritual” forums where they preach, rant, endlessly debate for pages and pages, intellectually masturbate over every topic, and instantly, viciously, attack anyone who thinks or perceives differently than they do? Someone who actually has the nerve to post about it on their energetically closed-circuit forum! Those so-called “spiritual” forums where a few forum members and even Mods/Admins attack anyone who is vibrating faster than they are and is using something other than their left-brain intellects to perceive other levels, dimensions and states of awareness and being. There’s nothing more repulsive than people who use their patriarchal left-brain intellects to try and investigate their right brains and everything else that exists in higher, faster frequencies. It does not work that way no matter how many decades or lifetimes you try to make it so.

See and feel all their “SPIRITUALNESS”? See and feel all their “LOVE”? Feel their intellectual patriarchal beliefs, negative egos, and lower vibrating energies repeatedly trying to bludgeon you and your Light, hammer you endlessly into a puddle of bloody mush? Feel their wisdom and Love? All that is nothing more than the lower old-world version of what they honestly perceive as true spirituality, knowledge, wisdom and love. Repulsive, scary and profoundly sad isn’t it?

This situation is exactly like an addict who’s stoned or drunk out of their skulls, but they honestly believe that no one is aware that they’re stoned, drunk, both and/or addicted! Or like someone who’s mentally ill but knows without any doubt that they are perfectly sane. These sorts of people honestly believe that the rest of us are so stupid we just do not see that they are drunk/stoned/mentally/emotionally ill/or still vibrating at a lower slower frequency! Self-delusion. Grand and terrible self-delusions. The truth is that far more people do see that you’re stoned or drunk or existing at a lower vibrational rate than you’d ever suspect. But how could you possibly know any of this being so self-involved, so self-deluded, so disconnected, and so utterly NOT about “SPIRITUAL” and/or “LOVE” anything? The rest of us see this as clearly as we see everything else plus, we know why you’re still the way you are; why you still perceive what you do and why you do. Because we’ve walked through the transformational Alchemical Fires and have become more than that ourselves. You might reread that sentence again.

At the end of every Astrological Age—especially this one—the new higher incoming energies, consciousness and human carriers of it get attacked, killed off if possible, beaten and battered, distorted, lied about and so on by the people who fear actual spiritual change and growth. Remember the last Age change and how it supposedly went then? Today isn’t any different.

Another aspect of this is how quickly that dark violent gang mentality comes rushing in when a vibrational outsider posts something that’s beyond their forums lower vibrating Members Only Club frequency. Certain forum members and Mods/Super Mods/Ultra Fab Group Mods quickly rally around the vibrational outsider to literally take him/her/them down as quickly as possible to show the other forum sheeple members how “powerful” they are. “Off with his/her/their heads…” the call goes out across their forums and the alpha Mod Pack quickly comes in to kill off the real Light.

“Hey…we only intellectually preach and debate about things here! Nobody can come in here and actually claim to be personally living them! What the hell do you think you’re doing here huh? Who the hell do you think you are anyway? Get the fucking hell outta our closed-off, totally energetically controlled Spiritual Forum Club!”

Of course none of them openly and fully says that to me or you. No, they dip their verbal negative shit in pious, religious and/or new age poison and then sling it at me, you, us in open forum posts, PMs and personal emails. All the while feeling ever so knowledgeable, spiritual, smug and holier than thou. You’re going extinct and you don’t even realize it. We know who you are even if you don’t.

Denise Le Fay

July 30, 2008

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Past Junk But On A Higher Rung

Here we are 4 months into the new 1 energies that 2008 (2 + 8 = 10 = 1 ) manifests, so how is it showing up in your life so far? Have you noticed anything in this current phase that resembles any of YOUR old past junk? I call it “junk” only because it usually feels highly unpleasant and is something, or a cluster of  somethings, we’d rather NOT have to deal with. In truth discovering the “junk” is our salvation but we’ll get to that in a second.

What I’ve become more aware of in 2008 (= 1) is that strange situations have been moved into place so as to trigger certain emotional reactions within ME. At first I do some ranting, huffing and puffing, stomping and cursing over these blatantly stupid, incorrect and unfair situations because I’m living this ongoing process too just like everyone else. But, because my brain does not totally fall out my ears during the initial phase of my “junk” encounters, I eventually calm down emotionally and begin digging deeper for answers as to why the situation has resurfaced again.

After I do some honest internal digging I always discover what I needed to discover; deeper layers of some past “junk” still in me. Amazing! You do years and years of inner work on different issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc., only to have the cycle roll around again to a 1 year energy like now and have some of those old lower issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc., resurface via some seemingly NEW situation. Now here’s where the painful, unfair, pissygoddamned “junk” situation/situations is really the ways and means to even higher ground and greater Self.

If someone or a cluster of someones had NOT come along and triggered-off YOUR hidden deeper past layers of “junk” for you…just think how stuck you’d be! So bless their little egoic stupid cruel selves for igniting any deeper past traumas that I didn’t even realize were still in me! See how  our “junk” and other assholes usually go together?  Now say it with me everyone…“Thank you assholes for triggering MY old past junk therefore assisting me in clearing even finer deeper layers of past issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc. within myself. I hope I’m able to do the same for you.” Now face the Sun and smile real big.

Isn’t this fun?! Well it can become fun when I discover those deeper layers and stop obsessing over the trigger, aka  the cluster of assholes. Seriously, once I figure it out it becomes a fairly easy and quick fix for me. It’s the not understanding and emotional reaction phase that nails me every time, as some of you good souls have seen first hand. Won’t it be wonderful (for all of us) when I/we no longer need an external trigger to pour salt in some old wound I/we’d thought I’d/we’d dealt with years before?

Point is I’m seeing many of us currently being triggered in whatever form/forms that goes straight to any of YOUR/MY “junk” the fastest now, thanks to our having entered another rung of the spiral represented by the 2008=1 energies, not to mention some potent planets (Pluto and Saturn with Neptune turning Rx  May 26th) in retrograde now too. So rant and rave if you need but follow that with a deeper inner search  for any similarities to past issues and/or situations YOU may still have, despite all the previous inner work you’ve done.  If anything is still there, know that it’s vastly less potent and scary than the previous 1–9 year cycles worth of “junk”.

For us to continue the ongoing ascension process, we’re now going to be moving into and then through whatever issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc. faster than the previous 10 year cycle. We’re not working within the old lower dense 3D energies and world now and this will be reflected by our burning through any situations and inner cleanings and making adjustments in record “time” now. In other words, often same ol’ shit just much less potent because we’ve already cleared the biggest and worst of it in the past round so fear not. It can be resolved incredibly faster than ever before now if we don’t fall into the old lower frequency trap of fixating on the trigger aka assholes or whatever form the trigger takes for you.

As always, the key is to feel and deal so you can move through it asap and get to whatever is next, if anything at this point. Happy 1 energies everyone and use it well.

Denise Le Fay

April 26, 2008

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Unpleasant but Very Necessary Topic

There are certain things I don’t write much about on TRANSITIONS or anywhere else for that matter, at least not in-depth. In the past I felt it wasn’t important that I shared this information publicly, plus there weren’t many people going through these very dark, negative and unpleasant psychic experiences and attacks. I could however write a couple of books about this topic—and probably will some day—based on my lifelong experiences but again, it’s not a topic that’s light and fun so I figure why bother at this late date? Why scare the hell out of people and possibly feed fear when that’s NOT what I want to create in any way? So, I’ve left this subject on my personal back-burner for many years, wondering if I should ever talk about it. I feel that early 2008 is the time however for very obvious reasons. No fear, just more knowledge which is Light please understand. In a world where Duality has been the only game in town, the Dark and negative is just as important and valuable to know as the Light.

Because I’ve been a sensitive and psychic all my life, this unpleasant topic simply comes with the territory. It’s just more of reality is all. Have you ever seen those movies where there’s a ghost of some dead guy following a living person around screaming at them, frantically trying to be seen or heard? Because the living person is not sensitive or psychic he/she doesn’t see, hear or feel the dead person at all, much to his deep frustration. Well now imagine that instead of this being a “ghost”, a decent human who’s died, imagine that it’s a negative human and/or a negative nonhuman entity or demon. Now imagine that you CAN see, hear and feel it/them and it/they knows that you can. Understand that it/they saw you long before you even sensed it or them. The energetic stakes are dramatically changed and the battle begun with your ass on the line in very real multidimensional physical and etheric ways.

We need to talk about humans who are possessed by negative nonhuman and nonphysical entities.  Why you may be wondering? Mainly because of the current “falling” of the old lower world and its global corrupt, self-serving and heartless SYSTEMS and leaders. We’ve been reading about this current state of “falling”, of the very necessary downfall of all that needs to end that was created and controlled by the old patriarchal systems and rulers. The thing is however that the current “falling” and death throes of these ancient planetary systems and people is NOT strictly limited to the physical 3D realm. For you astrologers out there, think of the symbolism of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, now in Capricorn. The “Underworld” is in play here in a very physical way meaning that what’s happening in 3D is also connected to certain nonphysical dimensions, like the “Underworld”, like the 4D astral dimension.

Because humanity is NOT isolated in 3D physical reality dealing only with other physical humans and animals here, this “falling” is and will create panic and lashing out by some of the negative entities and beings that exist in nonphysical dimensions who are and always have been intimately connected to humanity in 3D. This “falling” has repercussions in more than just the physical 3D lower old world. Like the movie I mentioned earlier where the dead guy is chasing the living woman around trying to get her to see, hear and sense him, many NON sensitive people are going to be dealing with some of these negative human and nonhuman nonphysical entities themselves now.

There are far more living humans who are possessed by negative nonphysical entities than you’d ever suspect, and these people don’t even know they’re possessed. I feel the numbers of possessed humans is going to be greatly increasing as the “falling” or breakdown of the old lower planetary systems really becomes blatantly obvious, even to the densest disbeliever. The Underworld is superimposed over the physical world as the old falls, breaks down and dies away. This is why I feel it’s time to be openly talking about this now.

On the one hand, many of us are beginning to have subtle encounters and communications with very positive higher (5D) dimensional ET beings and Angelics etc. This will only increase each week as we continue the ascension process and ride out these last incredible years of the Mayan calendar cycles. We’re vibrating faster and higher and that, along with all the transformational work we’ve been living, is causing us to exist vibrationally closer and closer within the same frequency range as many of these positive ETs and other wonderful higher beings. We’re suddenly going to be able to see/hear/feel many of Them and directly communicate and interact with Them and vice versa.

Because humanity has been affected (many completely controlled) by unseen negative entities, demons and beings for many long ages, the current falling or disintegration of the old lower patriarchal rule is causing many of them to take drastic steps to maintain their control and connections to humanity in physicality. See the dramatic multidimensional contrast humanity is and will be dealing with? ETs and higher beings that we’re vibrating up to reconnect with, AND, due to the falling/ending/collapse of the old lower controlled world and systems, lower negative nonhuman nonphysical demons and entities trying to grab hold of anyone that they can while they can! It’s grow-up time in so many ways for humanity now.

As more systems collapse and disappear, as more materials, foods and products from the old lower world become harder to get and extremely expensive, more people will become deeply fearful. More people will do really stupid things to emotionally cope with the falling of the old lower world, its leaders, the planetary belief systems and their fears. I’m going to list some of the most common ways that humanity energetically psychically opens itself to entity/demonic attacks and possible etheric attachments to help people understand a bit more about this.

  • Drinking alcohol to get drunk
  • Taking drugs to get high
  • Sex with another person of either sex for lower physical release only. No love or heart involved while having sex. Sexual perversions
  • Fear
  • Violence, abusing, being abused
  • Being around a person or people who are doing any of these things themselves

The bottom line is, when we energetically open ourselves, we instantly become easy to be etherically attached to, used, energetically fed off of, and manipulated emotionally, mentally and physically by negative entities. In many cases, demonic entities that have attached to some human for many years eventually energetically deplete that person, so the negative creature then goes after another human or humans using their original human puppet. Other people who are physically near the original person with this “attachment”, like a neighbor or coworker etc., will often become targets of the demonic entity. They will also go after loved ones and/or family members of the original person to feed off of them. This is very much like a physical virus that spreads from one person to another except that it’s etheric but even more dangerous and long-lasting.

Again, I’m not sharing this information to cause fear but to inform during these intense and wild times of great change, falling and evolutionary caused TRANSITIONS. We’re rapidly becoming more consciously aware that we are indeed multidimensional beings. With this comes greater responsibility and awareness on more levels and dimensions at the same time. I strongly suggest that, even if you don’t believe in demons and nonhuman entities, or positive ETs and Angelics etc., that you at least be aware that the human Collective does, and you live within that.

It will NOT be like this forever, only during this massive falling, dying away, and full separation of the old lower patriarchy and the negative aliens, demons and other entities who’ve been attached to and controlling humans and the old world for so very long. This is not the time for fear, escapism in any form, or laziness but to stay in your body and take full responsibility. Don’t become a food source or a puppet of dark negative beings. After this intense evolutionary ascension phase is completed, this subject will no longer be something we’ll be concerned with. We’ll be too busy having wonderful and amazing encounters with wondrous positive beings who’ve been waiting very long for us to return to higher frequency Home.

Denise Le Fay

April 16, 2008

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Fallout From Not Playing THE GAME

It’s amazing how upset some people get when you publicly don’t play the GAME with them. The game being the mindless and uncomfortable but expected lie of just smiling politely and saying “yes” to someone out in public when you don’t really want to. Kind of like when you get asked, “How are you?” and you lie, smile and say “I’m fine thanks and how are you?” when really you feel horrible. Mostly it’s automatic mindless banter that’s expected but holds no heart or real worth.

For me this all depends upon the person/persons involved, the entire situation and lots of other things as well, including what condition I’m in at the time. There are lots of reasons really why one day I’ll just go with the social flow out there and then, how on other days, I won’t sit still for much crap at all. Today was one of those days where the later applied.

I was in-line at a checkout in Wal-Mart unloading my cart when this woman, without a shopping cart and nothing in her hands, came up behind me. She immediately gave me the up/down eyeball thing a couple of times while I was unloading my shopping cart. She was sizing me up for her GAME plan. Now here’s were it all gets tricky for me.

Being a sensitive/psychic I could hear what she was thinking about me, at me, and that she was sizing me up as to how she’d ask me if she could cut in front of me to buy a pack of cigarettes. She was pushing so hard at me energetically and yet physically she didn’t move or say anything at this point. And during that minute I could, unfortunately, also psychically see some things about her and her life. Understand that I do NOT want to see into other people’s beings and lives…ick! But in cases where the person is blasting energies, emotions and thoughts at me, I hear and feel them and at the same time I then see into them and parts of their lives as well. So it’s not a case of me psychically trespassing because I have a huge issue about this, but about just picking up on someone because they’re blasting things at me.

By the way, this woman was in her mid-60’s and had been around the block a few times and had a lot of fun doing so…if you get my drift. She was not some sweet little old lady just wanting to buy a pack of smokes.

So after I hear, feel and see all that I did while I’m unloading my shopping cart and having hot flashes mind you, and she’s all up in my wee little space screaming at me in her head….which I can hear only too well; she finally physically asked me if I’d mind if she went in front of me to buy a pack of cigarettes. Imagine that! 😉

Now, because I’d been tolerating her screaming at me telepathically, blasting her ugly lowly energy all over me and my body, eyeballing me up and down the whole while I was working to unload my cart while energetically invading my tiny, little, three-foot space in line…I was not in the mood to politely smile, lie, and say, “Oh of course, just cut in front of me and get what you need.” Nope, I sure wasn’t today. I turned to her and said that if she needed to get those cigarettes that badly to just go ahead of me and hurry up about it! Grrrrrr. 

Gasp, stare, shock, mega feakin’ high drama!!!


She was offended by my tone of voice and attitude, and she let me know it, loudly. I couldn’t believe that because I didn’t buy into THE GAME and tolerate all of her previous energetic trespassing, blasting and rudeness, that because I didn’t immediately LIE and just take it all as I usually do, I was going to get even more crap from her now out loud and with others watching and listening too. I guess that’s what’s to be expected when one dares to not play the GAME out in the lower world with some folks.

It got worse when her female friend joined her and she instantly began telling her, loud enough for me and everyone else to hear, about what a horrible thing I did to her. I couldn’t believe she was that loud about it all. Of course, she’s going to bitch about my not playing the GAME, hell I’m blogging about her, but she had to push it further, louder. So I turned to her and told her I found it amazing that she was complaining about it loud enough for me to hear and then, try to project it all onto me and tell me to “calm down!”

If she only knew the whole truth. If she only knew how “calm” I must be all the time while perceiving loads of other data, emotions, horrible crap and visions that aren’t even mine! If she only knew…I’ve been more “calm” and tolerant and patient and understanding than most of humanity could comprehend for many, many decades already.

The learning for me as a sensitive and psychic today is that from here on out, whenever I sense it’s correct to do so of course, I’m going to just turn and look the invasive GAME playing trespasser in the eye and answer them before they open their mouths! I’m going to say “No, you can’t cut in front of me” BEFORE they’ve said a freaking word. I’m done letting them believe that their thoughts, feelings and energies are theirs alone and totally private! I’m done playing deaf, dumb and blind just to make them feel comfortable and leave their silly little reality intact. And if they choose to get more in my face, then I think I’ll just share some very personal information I’ve psychically seen from them because they were all up in my little space in the first place! That should at least get them thinking about playing THE GAME don’t you think?

Denise Le Fay

February 29, 2008

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