Past Junk But On A Higher Rung

Here we are 4 months into the new 1 energies that 2008 (2 + 8 = 10 = 1 ) manifests, so how is it showing up in your life so far? Have you noticed anything in this current phase that resembles any of YOUR old past junk? I call it “junk” only because it usually feels highly unpleasant and is something, or a cluster of  somethings, we’d rather NOT have to deal with. In truth discovering the “junk” is our salvation but we’ll get to that in a second.

What I’ve become more aware of in 2008 (= 1) is that strange situations have been moved into place so as to trigger certain emotional reactions within ME. At first I do some ranting, huffing and puffing, stomping and cursing over these blatantly stupid, incorrect and unfair situations because I’m living this ongoing process too just like everyone else. But, because my brain does not totally fall out my ears during the initial phase of my “junk” encounters, I eventually calm down emotionally and begin digging deeper for answers as to why the situation has resurfaced again.

After I do some honest internal digging I always discover what I needed to discover; deeper layers of some past “junk” still in me. Amazing! You do years and years of inner work on different issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc., only to have the cycle roll around again to a 1 year energy like now and have some of those old lower issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc., resurface via some seemingly NEW situation. Now here’s where the painful, unfair, pissygoddamned “junk” situation/situations is really the ways and means to even higher ground and greater Self.

If someone or a cluster of someones had NOT come along and triggered-off YOUR hidden deeper past layers of “junk” for you…just think how stuck you’d be! So bless their little egoic stupid cruel selves for igniting any deeper past traumas that I didn’t even realize were still in me! See how  our “junk” and other assholes usually go together?  Now say it with me everyone…“Thank you assholes for triggering MY old past junk therefore assisting me in clearing even finer deeper layers of past issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc. within myself. I hope I’m able to do the same for you.” Now face the Sun and smile real big.

Isn’t this fun?! Well it can become fun when I discover those deeper layers and stop obsessing over the trigger, aka  the cluster of assholes. Seriously, once I figure it out it becomes a fairly easy and quick fix for me. It’s the not understanding and emotional reaction phase that nails me every time, as some of you good souls have seen first hand. Won’t it be wonderful (for all of us) when I/we no longer need an external trigger to pour salt in some old wound I/we’d thought I’d/we’d dealt with years before?

Point is I’m seeing many of us currently being triggered in whatever form/forms that goes straight to any of YOUR/MY “junk” the fastest now, thanks to our having entered another rung of the spiral represented by the 2008=1 energies, not to mention some potent planets (Pluto and Saturn with Neptune turning Rx  May 26th) in retrograde now too. So rant and rave if you need but follow that with a deeper inner search  for any similarities to past issues and/or situations YOU may still have, despite all the previous inner work you’ve done.  If anything is still there, know that it’s vastly less potent and scary than the previous 1–9 year cycles worth of “junk”.

For us to continue the ongoing ascension process, we’re now going to be moving into and then through whatever issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc. faster than the previous 10 year cycle. We’re not working within the old lower dense 3D energies and world now and this will be reflected by our burning through any situations and inner cleanings and making adjustments in record “time” now. In other words, often same ol’ shit just much less potent because we’ve already cleared the biggest and worst of it in the past round so fear not. It can be resolved incredibly faster than ever before now if we don’t fall into the old lower frequency trap of fixating on the trigger aka assholes or whatever form the trigger takes for you.

As always, the key is to feel and deal so you can move through it asap and get to whatever is next, if anything at this point. Happy 1 energies everyone and use it well.

Denise Le Fay

April 26, 2008

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