Ancient Feathered ET Friends

 When I was about seven my Mom bought me my first bird pet, a beautiful blue parakeet named Johnny. That was the first time I’d ever touched and smelled a bird and it was instant love! Johnny let me rub my face all over his chest and wings and smell his wonderful bird scent. I let Johnny eat my food so it was a mutual thing between us.  From that point on I’ve always loved the unique scent of birds and their feathers.

Throughout my adult life I’ve repeatedly psychically smelled (clairgustiance) the scent of birds and bird feathers usually in different areas of my house. I’ve not had any pet parakeets or any other birds since Johnny however. I’ve also psychically heard (clairaudience) the sounds of huge bird wings flying and pushing through the air up above me numerous times throughout my adult life. Both of these phenomena are connected of course and indicate some very specific beings and energies in my opinion.

This morning my Mom suddenly claimed she was strongly smelling birds around her. She’s never had this experience before and this is really why I’ve even remembered to talk about this subject. After she said that, I went over to where she was sitting and sniffed the air and I too smelled that wonderful scent of musty bird/birds feathers. I also felt a very strong energy in that whole area of our house and a couple of seconds later saw a large round light blue colored ball of light a few feet away.

Because the month of May (Sun in Taurus) the Sun transits (reaches a conjunction, aligns with) the star system of the Pleiades from around May 15th through 21st, these types of contacts and many others will be commonplace for the Starseeded and/or sensitive. So no matter in which way the 5D Pleaidians may come through to you and yours, pay attention this month to your dreams, your psychic impressions, visions, telepathic messages, inner ear Morse Code-like clicking (this also sounds like hummingbird clicking and/or dolphin clicking), and any and all unusual manifestations. Tis the season for contacts and downloads from the 5D Pleiades so stay sharp because they often ‘talk’ in many voices…and sometimes manifest smells like wonderful birds feathers!  I’ll leave it up to you to connect the many cosmic and planetary dots about some of our ancient ET feathered friends and the fifth dimensional Pleiadian star system.

5D Bird Beings by Denise Le Fay

[Fig. 3.5 Ancient ET Bird Being from A Lightworker’s Mission by Denise Le Fay, Artwork by Yasmeen Harper]


May 10, 2008

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4 thoughts on “Ancient Feathered ET Friends

  • Denise,

    Thank you for the answers and insight. Many are with you, it just takes courage to reply. I’m glad you’re here too! I had already stumbled onto Karen’s site, now I know what’s going on with my stomach! LOL- It’s okay, I went to Pilates this am and am getting back on track 🙂

    I’m kind of tired tonight….had some tough cases today, my energy is zapped.
    I was really eager to hear from you though, thanks for the prompt reply. Oh, did I mention that my birth middle name is Denise??? Interesting huh?

    Now I can rest. I’ll be keeping my eye on Transitions and “friends”. You are a significant piece of “the puzzle” we call humanity.

    Restful sleep my dear friend.

  • Denise,

    Your site is incredible. I’ve been going through it for days now. I’m especially interested in the past life writings relative to Egypt. I sense such a strong personal connection to that territory and feel drawn to the valley of the kings. I want to know so much. Where do you get the colorful graphics that are so calming? For some years I’ve been investigating the effects of certain colors/gemstones. I feel and sometimes see shadows or flashes of light pass by me. I’m aware of sound frequency changes around my head. Lately, I’m almost intolerant of negative energy on others. I can’t stand to be around such people. Recently I stumbled on the writings of Edgar Cayce and much of what he says particularly about Atlanteans resonates as true with me. I’ve always “known” that some other type of being was responsible for the pyramids around the world. I feel like I’m supposed to discover something. I don’t think we are supposed to struggle to earn a living…I’m big on manifestations by envisioning/speaking, but feel a bit overwhelmed by all of what is going on in my head lately. What is the recent planetary alignment about(Jupiter, Venus crescent moon) Jan 31-Feb 2. I felt like something was happening in the sky. My 45th birthday was this month(1-16-64) and I feel like turning many things in my life upside down.

    I started writing to ask you about the eagle photo on this post. It reminds me of a dream I had maybe 5 years ago. I saw an eagle sitting on a ledge with it’s back to me. It was the back porch of an old house I lived in as a child. The eagles backside was a royal robe of ornate heavy multicolored fabric(like a majestic robe). As I stared the eagle turned around, faced me and spread it’s wings and opened its mouth, it’s spread wings made my heart flood with awe and skip a beat. I began to praise God with a loud voice at the sight of the eagle looking into my eyes with spread wings that were huge. I’ve searched books and the Internet off and on for years looking to match a photo of that bird. Yours on this post comes closer than any other. Where did you get that image and what do you think of most of what I’ve said that probably sounds like rambling(sorry about that)? Thanks,


    • wisecounsel7 – Karla,

      Hello and thanks very much for your kind words. Just about the time I think I’m completely wasting my time working on my blog and not writing anything others are relating to, I receive your great Comment. Motivation to keep sharing my personal experiences and knowledge. 🙂

      The majority of images/photos I use on my blog I find on Google Image. It takes me 5 times longer hunting for images/photos that just come close to what I invision in my mind than it does to write the post! Sometimes I do find some photos/artwork etc. that comes close to what I want to go with one of my posts but usually it’s a compromise. Try searching through Google Image for whatever you’re hoping to find.

      You mentioned your birthday was Jan. 16th…..Happy B-Day fellow Mt. Goat! I’m a Capricorn too (Dec. 23rd).

      I loved your powerful Eagle dream. It just may be that Eagle is (or is one of) your “Animal Totems”. It could also indicate something Scorpio-like in you astrologically. It could also just be a potent symbol connecting you to the ancient Bird people who are (or where) from 5D and the Pleiades. The Native Americans have always known their Ancestors came from the Stars; many, many of them from the fifth dimensional Pleiadian star system. You may find some interesting info from that area too. I’ve always been drawn to the ancient Bird tribes from Egypt as well as the 6D Sirian Lion or Feline beings.

      I had to laugh at your comment about not being able, or willing anymore, to tolerate “negative energy” in other people. I’m much more rude and often refer to them as assholes n’ idiots 🙄 What you’re experiencing with this trait (and there’s numerous others!) is one very powerful and necessary “ascension” symptom. Are you familiar with what I call the ongoing ascension process? If not, please read through my Ascension Process category. You must also check out Karen Bishop’s web site (Emerging Earth Angels) because she is THE most knowledgeable person I’ve discovered in regard to the ascension process, its many symptoms, its numerous cycles, its constant shifting and so on. There’s a link to her new web site in my LINKS area. You will find a lot of profoundly helpful ascension information there and also in her “Archives”.

      A person living the whole ascension process will eventually reach the stage where they literally cannot energetically/emotionally/psychologically/mentally/physically cope with lower negative energies and consciousness from other people/places/foods/objects/belief sytems etc. etc. This may sound egotistical, rude, or just mean but when it happens to you…you know it is 100% true. As one’s energies and consciousness ascend/evolve/shift, it becomes physically and emotionally painful to be near other people who vibrate at a lower rate than you currently are. This doesn’t get easier over the months and years, it gets more intense and you find you must pull away, isolate, be highly selective with absolutely everyone and everything. Remember how the ancient Wise Ones, the Monks, the Elders, the Initiates etc. would go live in caves or up on the top of some mountain? This is why. Now, much of humanity is living this same process of outgrowing the old lower polarized world energy field and consciousness, and absolutely requiring the external world to match their new higher ascended internal vibrations. It is happening faster now than ever before and will only continue through 2012.

      Thanks again for writing because I’ve been feeling WAY isolated myself again. I hope you’ll keep reading TRANSITIONS and I’m so glad you’re here.


      I just remembered that I forgot to answer one of your questions. Here’s the URL to one place I’ve found with really beautiful graphics with many Egyptian bars etc. Check out their BARS for starters.

  • I just received the “nudge” to read your blog this morning, after I (accidentally) posted the strange dream I had last night in the Night Life board. I specifically remember holding two feathers for protection against a malevolent entity and later connected these feathers to an owl, which I believe is one of my animal totems. So this post couldn’t have come at a better time! 😉

    Lazuli/Balsamic Moon

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