Links & 3’s & Love & Stuff

Around 24 years ago (seems like a past life at this point), I was deeply “in love” with a young man. Because of that I floated, I glided, I soared through my days and nights as anyone who’s been “in love” well knows. It felt so good, so natural. Then one very special day while I was floating, gliding, and soaring through a parking lot by myself, coated in this “love” I had for this young man, I had a mega realization; at least it was mega to me then.

As I was walking through that parking lot, I realized how wonderfully perfect it would be if, IF , I could only be “in love” like this with myself! If I could just “love” me, like I “loved” him, WOW… great that would be! To not require any external person (projection/reflection) to cause that great feeling of “loving”, but to simply be “in love” with all of ME naturally. How great it would be if all of us could naturally “be in love” with ourselves, like we are with certain other people and dear animals. What a concept huh?! Grin.

In that moment of profound insight, I heard the heavens Heart explode with Love for me. Love of all of us down here learning, slowly. In that moment I got it, I understood something I feel was/is very important for each of us but unfortunately, not always so easy to maintain in the old lower world. But this new us, in this new higher frequency, it is a very different (5D) story however.

A few years ago, I watched the “X-Men” movie and in it (I think it was the first one but I’m not sure) there was one short scene that was powerfully symbolic to me. The scene was of the character “Magneto” who could control metal. He’s up very high and steps out into empty space, but in that split-second he manifests one metal square for his one foot to land on, and then the other foot on another metal square, and so on. In other words, this X-Man guy is almost intentionally manifesting a small walkway for himself as he walks along! There is NOTHING under him except what he himself is creating at that exact moment and manifesting a nanosecond later to put one foot down on at a time. That is conscious creating!

With the ongoing ascension process, and everything that’s happening because of it, I’ve felt that many of us (“Lightworkers”) have reached the point now where this is pretty much what we’re doing. We’re winging it in many cases, and nearly instantaneously manifesting what we want, need, desire, much like the Magneto character’s walkway hovering far above in empty space. It was such a perfect visual symbol to me of what we’re RE-learning now; to be Conscious Creators in this new reality and vibration and how to manifest all on our own.

Often from my perspective now there’s nothing below me but empty space, and so, I’m learning how to pay attention to what’s rolling through my mind as it will now manifest in my reality faster than ever before! Do you know where your thoughts are? Thanks to all those previous years of ascension Work, I’m not carrying around tons of lower junk/crap/negativity/stuff from the old world and my time in it. We had to transmute all that before we moved into this area where we’re now manifesting things left and right. And, like the Magneto character, we’re currently manifesting one square at a time on which to place one foot at a time. Funny really, but I suspect we won’t need these current manifestation training wheels for too long.

Denise Le Fay

May 16, 2008

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