The Princess & the Pea Sensitivities

princess pea bed(Artist unknown)

I don’t remember the entire Princess And The Pea story but I do remember her suffering because of some wee little pea under her mattress that felt to her as if it was the size of a huge boulder. From your current perspective, what have you been feeling lately that feels boulder-sized?

I’ve repeatedly gone through this phase of feeling things, energies, emotions, other people’s emotions, weather changes, earth changes, astrological energy changes, solar energy changes, cosmic, galactic energy changes and having them all feel—to me—like the Princess’ boulder-sized pea! I know many of you can relate to this miserable phase of our endless Shifting or transitioning. The freaking little pea/peas feel to us like boulders and they make it nearly impossible to sleep, or much of anything else for a while.

Once I/you/us transmute the majority of our inner stuff (by stuff I mean lower frequency unresolved, polarized, stuck emotional energies, our inner wounds, fears, hates, guilt, low self-esteem, ego aspects that hang us up in different ways and so on), the tiniest little thing, issue, emotion, thought, or word spoken or written by someone can feel to us not like a pea but a hot, monstrous, boulder-sized pain that trips us up and sends us reeling back into some lower unpleasant state for however long it takes me/you/us to energetically crawl our ways back out of it, yet again.

In other words, once you’ve transmuted the majority of your personal lower frequency inner stuff via the Ascension Process, you literally cannot tolerate being back down in a lower frequency or emotional or mental state for long at all. Even if what you’re feeling and reacting to is pea-sized, to you it now feels boulder-sized, and utterly intolerable for more than a few minutes. Once you’ve gone energetically clear as crystal, it’s a real painful mess when something comes sailing past that affects you in a lower way and now you’ve gotten a little pea-sized section of lower frequency dirt and density back in yourself again. It feels like a freaking boulder and hurts now even more than it ever did before, but this is where higher evolved/ascended 5D responsibility, consciousness, and conscious creating REALLY becomes my/your/our new higher reality under our feet. Being more conscious of your consciousness is just a great sentence until you actually have to do it, live it, be it constantly. Aah, more spiritual growing pains. Feel those seriously high-powered Cardinal T-square/opposition energies creating a new higher reality inside of us? Little peas and huge boulders; keeping a higher frequency, and then not keeping a higher frequency; pressure and more pressure to maintain our clear as crystal-like state even while having our backs seemingly broken on that damned little pea under our energetic mattresses; not getting pulled out of the quiet eye of the storm into wounding lower frequency debris flying around at 500 MPH!

We can intellectually understand the whys of different things, but typically we still become emotionally wounded or effected in some way by someone else’s pea-sized tidbit of lower emotional debris that flew close to us and temporarily knocked us out of alignment. No blame at either end as this is how we learn to maintain a higher frequency of energy internally and externally — by “falling” out of it a few times. We’ll do this more than a few times to really learn how to NOT have it repeatedly happen and to eventually NOT have those peas feel like boulders and affect us at all.

Another aspect of this that I’ve had for years now is when some pea-sized something does get in under my emotional skin, later that night I will unintentionally dream about the irritant—whatever or whoever it was—to immediately resolve the energetic discord I’m feeling caused by both my reactionary lower frequency energies and the original irritant energy. Thankfully, only hours later while asleep the lower frequency pea-sized energies are transmuted and fully cleared during dreaming. One way or another, one dimension and body or another, we now very quickly transmute the lower energetic pea/boulder irritant and get ourselves back into higher alignment and crystal clarity once again.

Denise Le Fay

July 24, 2010

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10 thoughts on “The Princess & the Pea Sensitivities

  • My adaptation involves a very large and heavy pea (as I have made it so in my mind) and 20 overstuffed mattresses piled ON TOP of my worn out body. I have been sleeping, deeply, for more than 6-7 hours in the last week or so, which is quite an oddity for me. However, I wake up feeling exhausted, squished, sore and forlorn. There is no mistaking me for any Princess. ;O)

    No doubt Saturn in Libra is pushing out relationship issues like toothpaste from the tube. I see it everywhere I turn. No pushing it back, no side-stepping. God knows I’ve tried.

    My personal issue is dealing with the last deep relationship I have that needs updating, uplifting or downgrading: Best Girlfriend. Not working for me in the way it did for many years. Not sure if I have outgrown her, vice versa, or simply need to find a new matrix to help it feel right again.

    I am as loyal as they come, but feeling resentment and detachment in ways I never thought possible. I have been assuming for the past few months it was my issues and discomforts lending to the distancing. Now I am not so sure. Clarity is not exactly my modus operandi these days. I am trying to keep my balance as best as possible and see what comes to the surface for treatment.

    I keep asking my HS and the Unseens for guidance as to what to do and where to look, in both our highest good and integrity, but I am coming up blank. Other than to look further and deeper down into my resistances. I think I fell into the well, I have looked so deep.

    This pea shall pass… Going to be an interesting coupla weeks. Sheesh. How many times have we heard that?

    • Oh, me too Lamplighter2 – definitely one of the most painful experiences of my journey. The family troubles I mentioned earlier pale in comparison. Always trying to find the balance between taking responsibility for my own issues and projections but nevertheless sensing there is more to the story. No complete answers yet – distancing is as much as I can manage at the moment. Sorry to hear that you are having a similar experience. Not an easy one but if you believe the pea shall pass, I’ll hang in there and believe with you 🙂

  • OMG, Denise, laughing here because just last night when I was getting ready for bed I said “Fuck – I feel like the Princess and the Pea!!!” That, as I was piling another memory foam mattress on TOP of my memory foam mattress because everything hurts! I feel like I have cleared so so much stuff and wondering why the pain isn’t leaving my body as I’m not carrying so much baggage around any more; however, we are having a family get together today, which I’ve been planning now for a couple of weeks and of course stressed OUT about it! I’m hiding a bottle of wine in my bedroom 🙂 My plan is to go there every once in a while, chuck a big glass and go back out with a smile on my face. Suppose that will work???
    Thanks for the great post my friend. You’re the best.
    Love and hugs and MUCH gratitude xoxoxoxox

  • Hi. I have been reading a while but this is my first time posting. As I’ve been an empath my whole life, I’ve had a lot of experience in taking on other people’s stuff. People would just tell me to let it go, but I would insist that it was who I was to understand and then transmute the energy. If one keeps this in mind when difficult situations come up, it is much more easy to deal with. You just go pretty quickly into the transmutation process. Recently, in a couple of quite serious situations, I just pumped a lot of light into it and it did change. Just some thoughts from long experience with this. Cat

  • Did you read my mind?? I had exactly this experience on Friday evening and it freaked both me and my daughter out. We both thought I was losing it, once and for all. I had what she thought was a totally irrational and unreasonable reaction to having to spend time with family members who I no longer have anything in common with. The thought of having to be around them sent me in a huge panic but she only saw her mother having a menopausal melt down. Which I thought I was – until I read your post 🙂

    I also found this on the Cosmic Path Weekly Weather Report – very reassuring to someone who seems to be on a steep learning curve about setting boundaries and knowing what is comfortable and right for her on this increasingly interesting journey:

    “From now on, the fact that a relationship or alliance or agreement exists is not alone sufficient reason for staying in it. For any arrangement with another person to continue or come into being at this point, we must be fully and freely ourselves in it. If we can’t be, the arrangement or its existing ground rules will shatter (which has probably already been going on in your life). Instead of the enmeshed, codependent, boundary-blurred meldings we had in the past, relationships from this point on will consist of two individuals standing next to each other, because they choose and want to be together. This week moves us along the path to that seemingly utopian, but ultimately workable dynamic, by stressing the “be yourself” end of the equation. Monitor your interactions and your motivations. You’ll notice it’s becoming harder and harder to play old games or follow old rules … assuming they even capture your interest in the first place.”

    Hugs and gratitude as always,

    • susiewalker,

      A couple of my recent astrology based posts were about this very topic; now that Saturn has entered Libra, all relationships (as in ALL and not only romantic/love/sexual) are in the spotlight with Saturn at the wheel. It’s about responsibility but in a new, higher, more complex 5D way because of what we’ve been going through for years already due to the ascension process.

      In the old lower 3D reality relationships in general were primarily based on ego and emotional need between people because they were NOT unified, integrated, polarity resolved beings within themselves individually. The ascension process does this to us individually, which means that now instead of having two polarized half-people trying to interact with each other, we have two fully integrated, internally unified, whole people now interacting with each other as very different beings. Each person is a much more unified, integrated, non-polarized, whole being within themselves so naturally their interactions with all Libran “Others” and relationships will reflect these new evolved individuals. We will perceive and manifest a new higher 5D level of Saturnian ‘responsibility’ that is nothing like what we’ve come from while functioning as polarized, 3D-based people.

      The other aspect of this topic I was trying to express was that of being ultra-sensitive to energies, emotional energies, psychic emissions, “Others” emotional energies flying around and so on. Nothing, nothing, nothing is as linear, singular and disconnected from all “Other” things as they/we seemingly were prior to the start of our individual ascension process. We’re so much more now and therefore we’re perceiving and being influenced and effected (consciously) by far more energies than we have in our entire lives so far! That is the higher 5D level of new Saturnian responsibility I’ve been talking about that few people seem to grasp as yet. Astrology and the astrological energies change because we have and still are changing or evolving.

      NONE of that was directed at you susie. It was just me needing to clarify what my original post/posts was about.


  • but were on the upward swing.. release. it made a difference for me when i intentionally let go, not to say i havent tried before but it worked now. such love pouring in. its been a great week…..

  • Thank you so much for todays message. The Princess and the Pea. It’s all so very, very true. Last night I tried to remember when another situation presented itself before. What did I do wrong!!
    Well I didn’t do anything wrong, I just don’t understand where I am and the people I’m interacting with again.
    Then I wait for the universe to intervine and show me the way…as I stand there totally confused with my eyes spinning in my head.

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