Fallout From Not Playing THE GAME

It’s amazing how upset some people get when you publicly don’t play the GAME with them. The game being the mindless and uncomfortable but expected lie of just smiling politely and saying “yes” to someone out in public when you don’t really want to. Kind of like when you get asked, “How are you?” and you lie, smile and say “I’m fine thanks and how are you?” when really you feel horrible. Mostly it’s automatic mindless banter that’s expected but holds no heart or real worth.

For me this all depends upon the person/persons involved, the entire situation and lots of other things as well, including what condition I’m in at the time. There are lots of reasons really why one day I’ll just go with the social flow out there and then, how on other days, I won’t sit still for much crap at all. Today was one of those days where the later applied.

I was in-line at a checkout in Wal-Mart unloading my cart when this woman, without a shopping cart and nothing in her hands, came up behind me. She immediately gave me the up/down eyeball thing a couple of times while I was unloading my shopping cart. She was sizing me up for her GAME plan. Now here’s were it all gets tricky for me.

Being a sensitive/psychic I could hear what she was thinking about me, at me, and that she was sizing me up as to how she’d ask me if she could cut in front of me to buy a pack of cigarettes. She was pushing so hard at me energetically and yet physically she didn’t move or say anything at this point. And during that minute I could, unfortunately, also psychically see some things about her and her life. Understand that I do NOT want to see into other people’s beings and lives…ick! But in cases where the person is blasting energies, emotions and thoughts at me, I hear and feel them and at the same time I then see into them and parts of their lives as well. So it’s not a case of me psychically trespassing because I have a huge issue about this, but about just picking up on someone because they’re blasting things at me.

By the way, this woman was in her mid-60’s and had been around the block a few times and had a lot of fun doing so…if you get my drift. She was not some sweet little old lady just wanting to buy a pack of smokes.

So after I hear, feel and see all that I did while I’m unloading my shopping cart and having hot flashes mind you, and she’s all up in my wee little space screaming at me in her head….which I can hear only too well; she finally physically asked me if I’d mind if she went in front of me to buy a pack of cigarettes. Imagine that! 😉

Now, because I’d been tolerating her screaming at me telepathically, blasting her ugly lowly energy all over me and my body, eyeballing me up and down the whole while I was working to unload my cart while energetically invading my tiny, little, three-foot space in line…I was not in the mood to politely smile, lie, and say, “Oh of course, just cut in front of me and get what you need.” Nope, I sure wasn’t today. I turned to her and said that if she needed to get those cigarettes that badly to just go ahead of me and hurry up about it! Grrrrrr. 

Gasp, stare, shock, mega feakin’ high drama!!!


She was offended by my tone of voice and attitude, and she let me know it, loudly. I couldn’t believe that because I didn’t buy into THE GAME and tolerate all of her previous energetic trespassing, blasting and rudeness, that because I didn’t immediately LIE and just take it all as I usually do, I was going to get even more crap from her now out loud and with others watching and listening too. I guess that’s what’s to be expected when one dares to not play the GAME out in the lower world with some folks.

It got worse when her female friend joined her and she instantly began telling her, loud enough for me and everyone else to hear, about what a horrible thing I did to her. I couldn’t believe she was that loud about it all. Of course, she’s going to bitch about my not playing the GAME, hell I’m blogging about her, but she had to push it further, louder. So I turned to her and told her I found it amazing that she was complaining about it loud enough for me to hear and then, try to project it all onto me and tell me to “calm down!”

If she only knew the whole truth. If she only knew how “calm” I must be all the time while perceiving loads of other data, emotions, horrible crap and visions that aren’t even mine! If she only knew…I’ve been more “calm” and tolerant and patient and understanding than most of humanity could comprehend for many, many decades already.

The learning for me as a sensitive and psychic today is that from here on out, whenever I sense it’s correct to do so of course, I’m going to just turn and look the invasive GAME playing trespasser in the eye and answer them before they open their mouths! I’m going to say “No, you can’t cut in front of me” BEFORE they’ve said a freaking word. I’m done letting them believe that their thoughts, feelings and energies are theirs alone and totally private! I’m done playing deaf, dumb and blind just to make them feel comfortable and leave their silly little reality intact. And if they choose to get more in my face, then I think I’ll just share some very personal information I’ve psychically seen from them because they were all up in my little space in the first place! That should at least get them thinking about playing THE GAME don’t you think?

Denise Le Fay

February 29, 2008


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2 thoughts on “Fallout From Not Playing THE GAME

  • Balsamic Moon,

    You smartie! 😀

    Pluto will make it’s first exact conjunction to my Sun in a few days and I’m trying to stay out of prison!!! That was a joke everyone. 😉

    However March is going to be heavy-duty anyway I sense. Actually I think it’s going to be heavy-duty all the way through to late July and August. Oh well….the Energetic Surf’s Up again so hold on for this ride.


  • This is exactly why Libra is the opposite sign of Aries! 😀

    Lazuli/Balsamic Moon

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