Patriarchal Age of Pisces Death Throes


There’s been a lot of information in the news recently indicating the negativity, greed, and sheer stupidity of those who’ve run this planet, the patriarchy. With Pluto’s entry into the last of the EARTH signs Capricorn on January 27, 2008, this sort of thing will continue and increase quickly now.

  • Pharmaceuticals in the WATER
  • Xenoestrogens
  • Gasoline prices

As any astrologer knows, the primary things that Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune have to do with are the planets WATER, all drugs and petroleum for starters. This past astrological Age of Pisces has used these things half to death not to mention the general planetary, human, and animal pollutions causes by it. Now it’s finally being revealed that there’s manmade drugs in our recycled tap and drinking water! We’ve been ingesting these different drugs via our tap water like it or not, need them or not! If this isn’t the ultimate in greed, ego, and stupidity… Pollute the masses with over prescribed manmade pharmaceutical drugs to the point that they’re pissing out those numerous drugs, flushing them down the toilet where that water (and everything else in it) gets “filtered” and recycled and we pay for it all again and again and again! What a System huh? This is what happens with a closed controlled system; it eventually kills itself off.

The ultimate greed of Piscean Age Big Pharma and Big Oil has come back to haunt us all at the ending of the Piscean Age. Those chemicals and toxins are what flows from our taps constantly now despite all the stages of water filtration and purification it supposedly goes through. Pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals are in our drinking water, our oceans and rivers, lakes and streams, like a toxic soup altering everything and not in wonderful positive ways either.

I find it ironic that by the patriarchy trying to kill off the Goddess consciousness in humanity over these past few thousand years, it’s female hormones mainly in the form of Xenoestrogens (environmental compounds – usually petrochemical), that are everywhere now where they shouldn’t be! Like in men…and in our drinking water, our foods, nearly every single product we use and live with. Those Piscean Age petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals that are running wild across the planet turning fish and frogs and numerous other living things into females and/or hermaphrodites.

Don’t f%@* with the Goddess dudes because it just doesn’t work no matter how hard you’ve tried to kill off and stifle females in all those different patriarchal ways for so long now. See, this is the result of your trying to get rid of The Goddess, of Divine Mother Feminine, SHE/IT comes back in all these distorted greedy manmade patriarchal products that YOU’VE CREATED and profited from for decades. Female hormones everywhere, just eat drink and be merry in them all!

Gasoline. Buy another huge gas-sucking SUV America, come on do it, do it now. All you need is a cell phone permanently attached to your head and a huge SUV soaking up gasoline like a sponge and hell, you’re living the American Dream, and you even think you look good doing it.

But with the death of the Piscean Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Age here now, Americans and everyone else who needs this lesson will be paying more for not only their gasoline to fill up those patriarchal (mine is bigger than yours) SUVs but we’ll ALL be paying top dollar for everything. Everything is shipped, driven, flown, delivered from some place to some other place and diesel fuel costs even more than regular gasoline now. Guess what this is going to do to the cost of food? All products in general? That’s right, they all will be going through the roof now. Out with the old lower vibrating System, let it fall away under the crushing weight of its own greed and arrogance. Stand clear of the falling patriarchy and it’s archaic, overpriced toxic System and products.

Denise Le Fay

March 11, 2008

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2 thoughts on “Patriarchal Age of Pisces Death Throes

  • Balsamic Moon,

    When I started my ascension process in 1999, I didn’t know that’s what it was. I thought it was menopause, a very weird and extreme menopause for sure, and so I bought a couple books on the subject. One of those books, “What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About MENOPAUSE” by John R. Lee, M.D. 1996….talked a lot about how toxic and long lasting synthetic estrogen is for women and also for the environment etc. That book taught me a lot about how distorted just this one subject about women and menopause really was/is and how dangerous these man-made estrogens are to everyone and everything. Really frustrating and insane…

    Here’s a bit from that book about estrogens:

    1)”Phytoestrogens refer to plant compounds with estrogen-like activity. They have often been used successfully to decrease symptoms of estrogen excess.”

    2)Xenoestrogens refre to other environmental compounds usually petrochemical that generally have very potent estrogen-like activity and thus can be considered very toxic.

    3)Synthetic estrogens made by the pharmaceutical companies. These have had their molecular structure altered so they can be patented. Like the xenoestrogens, they tend to be more potent than the body’s own estrogens, and more toxic.”

  • Don’t forget about the recent news that antidepressants might be just as effective as placebos…

    Lazuli/Balsamic Moon

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