2016’s Zero Zone Third Wave

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Waves Recap

Briefly for perspective because 2016 has felt to me like it’s been about fourteen years long!

  1. The first energy Wave of this cycle first manifested very intensely for me on December 19, 2015 and was all about love and LOVE. Lower love for a male human and higher I AM LOVE itself all by myself type LOVE.
  2. The second energy Wave of this cycle also manifested intensely for me on April 18, 2016 and was about loss and love. For many people this 2nd Wave was highlighted by the unexpected death of Prince the musician. There were other things besides this of course but his (and others) sudden early death emotionally affected many people earlier this year.
  3. The third energy Wave of this cycle manifested again very intensely for me on October 5, 2016, which makes me suspect more is to come later this month around the 18th or 19th. Most likely will if this 3rd Wave plays out like the two earlier Waves have.

I needed to have my car serviced which is something I never enjoy having to do but did so October 5, 2016. The chemicals in automotive stores and garages makes me feel horrible instantly, so to be trapped in them for hours to wait on mechanics to change the oil or anything else the car needs is to me a slow, toxic torture. I quickly get sick feeling, swell all over, ache and feel poisoned and that’s just from the chemicals I’m immersed in in those “holding cells”, aka “waiting rooms”. The other thing about these sorts of toxic entrapment with other people is unfortunately… the other people! Usually I’m either already in a higher space or I get myself there and radiate Light the majority of time I’m held hostage waiting on my car to be finished. I’ve always been this way and have never liked being held captive anywhere with people I’d rather not have to be trapped with for hours on end. Most of you can relate and for the same reasons.

My First 2016 Zero Zone Experience


However, this October 5, 2016 experience was 100% more amplified than anything I’ve ever experienced before and I simply was not prepared for it. I’d made an appointment the day before and told the man at the desk that I needed to get in and out as quickly as his mechanics could manage. I believed that making an appointment would help us all with this, was told by him that it most definitely would, but of course reality turned out to be the same old patriarchal lies of, say anything the customer wants to hear.

I was very consciously aware of the fact that, from my perspective, linear time while trapped there waiting on my car stretched out, slowed down, got really weird and unnaturally long. Long as in slow motion with even slower spots in that while all was painfully amplified. It was amazing that time just stopped for me and that it doing so where it did frustrated me far too much and I couldn’t do anything to stop my exaggerated frustrations over being trapped in a Sears automotive garage with patriarchal zombie-like, unaware mechanics that worked, moved and walked at the speed of sloth. It felt like I was in an old Twilight Zone TV show where time stops and the main character is literally stuck in some entirely miserable situation that he/she can’t get out of. This sensation was super strange and my reaction to what I was experiencing and feeling emotionally was equally strange to me, mainly because it was so incredibly amplified. I hated that I was that frustrated at everyone and everything and could not get myself emotionally up and out of that frequency or whatever it was that was happening. It was miserable, painful, hurtful, frustrating and heartbreaking and—here comes the punchline and big insight—it all was themed around the dying of the global patriarchal structures and unaware people (mostly males) that are paid to keep it going at all costs no matter what.

While I was stuck in the automotive center waiting on slow as molasses mechanics who were more interested in chatting with each other than doing the work they’re paid to do while the customers can watch them through a huge glass picture window in the “waiting room”, I still had the higher ability to question what I was experiencing, why, do my best to keep my mouth shut and not say anything mean and nasty, and learn whatever it was I was obviously being shown in that timeless Zero Zone moment. The whole situation I was experiencing was surreal yet I knew I HAD to go through it to get to the magic hidden “prize” at the end of said patriarchal torture and entrapment. That magic hidden prize was my finally perceiving that time had stopped for me and not for anyone else, all so I could see, sense and feel the rage, frustration and total disappointment I had over this entire patriarchal period of history on earth. Are you kidding me?! I just need my oil changed is all! Oh yeah Missy, “the oil” is getting changed right now! 😉

Everything hurt me physically, emotionally and spiritually and everything and everyone made me frustrated beyond belief. I knew and felt too much and couldn’t emotionally handle it all in that very public caged moment. I pained in all ways like the long rejected and maltreated Great Mother God over the profound patriarchal negativity in its many horrific forms. It was a 9 energy revelation (2016 is a 9 energy year) I experienced while in the Zero Zone of 0 timelessness that lasted long enough for me to be forced to slow down and review it, live it, feel it, acknowledge it in that timeless shift space and understand it all consciously and lastly of course release it all so I could be free. Thanks to exhaustion, a broken heart and final surrender this last step usually happens quite naturally and fairly quickly.

Once I got home I passed out for a couple of hours from exhaustion, toxic overload and pain which is always the physical body reboot I need. All of 2016 has been this mandatory get out-of-body almost every day during the daylight hours just to survive all that’s been happening energetically this year and reboot the more I/you/we embody the higher. So after some reboot out-of-body time post auto center patriarchal review trauma, I felt better when I woke up. I could understand what I’d gone through, felt, seen, reacted to in such exaggerated ways and why, and in its strange way was for me the last 9 energies review within the timeless Zero Zone space combined with this third energy Wave started back in December of 2015. For me all three of this cycle’s energy Waves have been about the patriarchy ending now with this 9 energy year and males in general; males not coping well at all with the ending of the patriarchal energies, consciousness, structures, beliefs, reality etc.

I’ve experienced amplified male negativity, unbalanced behaviors, face to face lies, cash theft, deceptions, disrespect, abuse and misogyny throughout 2016, and it’s due to the old global patriarchal structures and matching energetics collapsing and quickly disappearing. Most people, most males know nothing beyond what’s been the Collective “normal” on earth, and most males aren’t even consciously aware of how badly they treat females, all females because that has been “normal” for thousands of years. It’s been the norm so of course they don’t even see it in themselves because they’re in male bodies in a global patriarchal reality. Right now however, this six thousand plus yearlong patriarchal Collective and planetary rule and consciousness is all coming to an end in this 9 energy year, at the end of Galactic Alignment, end of many lengthy cosmic cycles, end of the Piscean Age, and simultaneous return of the Divine Feminine Mother God aspect being embodied in increasing numbers of incarnate female and male Forerunners and much more. Witnessing this, feeling this, multidimensionally participating in all this is glorious beyond belief for us Forerunners/Starseeds/Indigos but it also often hurts in ways hard to even express out loud. Many of you can relate.

For me the energetic theme of 2016 with its 9 energies of completion have been about Wave 1—getting one last good look and feel with being in love and with being LOVE in the world as it has been. Wave 2—feeling emotional loss and love in this physical world. Wave 3—with directly feeling the profound imbalances, wounds, rage, pains, mental, emotional and energetic illnesses, frustrations, injustice and disrespect that existence within a patriarchal-only world reality has caused female humans primarily but males as well.

In the patriarchal world of the past six thousand years or so, female humans have been considered the absolute lowest lifeforms on the planet. Not color, not race, not anything other than being female. Harsh but true and now all that and everything else related has to go and for many people, many males, this is extremely painful, difficult, confusing and totally unacceptable. Change of how it has been on earth (the global patriarchy) is unthinkable to most and this is why there’s such insanity and growing imbalance globally. This is a volatile, difficult time of global evolution for everyone. Be safe, be wise, be aware, BE the Light for yourself and everyone else too.

Recapping this fact has not been pretty, easy or pleasant in any way for any of us and yet it’s what’s been on our spiritual plates all year; the end of the global patriarchal rule, consciousness, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, habits, lifestyles, internal and external structures and so on. This sick puppy won’t come down all sweet and nice-like as has been felt all year as these 9 energies force all to honestly See and Feel and then Heal current and ancient damages done to all by all everywhere across time on earth and beyond. And we Forerunners thought 2014 and 2015 were rough! At this point we should be getting a better sense of how profound and positive the change is going to be with the start of 2017.

Some Potent 2016 Symptoms

I’ve had the sudden onset of severe heart pounding so hard it’s concerning many times during the Ascension Process, but it’s reached epic levels off and on since the first Wave of this 3-pack cycle back in December 2015. With each of this cycle’s energy Waves this intense heart pounding while at complete rest has happened multiple times. Sometimes it’s so strong it hurts in the chest area and into the back and spine. There’s nothing wrong with my physical heart and this has to do with the HighHeart embodying more higher frequency Light energies—Higher Self, Divine Source, Light LOVE—in this physical incarnate Self and body. To our ego selves this incremental embodiment Process feels like it’s going to destroy, going to kill the physical vehicle we call “the main stage” down here because it’s that powerful, that huge, that evolutionary. None of us have died from it yet and we won’t either, but if you become honestly concerned over what your heart and/or chest area is doing, then go to your physician and get checked so you feel more confident.

This HighHeart further embodiment Process causes sudden heart pounding, pressures and pains in the entire chest area and sometimes radiating into the back and spine as well. It also causes increased inner body vibrations that are at this point just about as loud and strong as the sudden heart pounding phases! All year I’ve felt these inner vibrations increasing in my head, at other times I feel my whole body and head vibrating more powerfully than ever before. Combine this with the amplifications taking place in our HighHearts and it’s obvious we’re on the brink now at the end of 2016, of becoming something very NEW, different and greatly improved individually. We are the living Light embodied and manifest in physical flesh.

No one can predict how you are or will experience these 2016 9 energies while simultaneously moving through this incredible and never before experienced Zero Zone completion space of the entire patriarchal time on earth. Based on what I’ve experienced all year with males, and what was so horribly amplified for me on October 5th, I suspect we’ll all go through our own personal “stuff” from lives lived in the patriarchy plus some planetary Collective “stuff” from it as well. Because the Zero Zone 0 energies happen while out of linear time, be better prepared than I was on October 5th for anything to manifest for just you to See, Feel, Know, Deal with, Heal and finally Release so you’re crystal clear of this past patriarchal 3D Collective and personal issues with it. This is major evolutionary Ascension Process work we’re doing, living and going through now so give yourself more credit, more private rest time, more LOVE and Gratitude for all you’re experiencing and embodying down here in the physical. We Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers never seem to fully appreciate or credit just how important we actually are in these physical aspects on earth at this time. It’s invaluable, especially now so give credit where credit is due. ❤

This Zero Zone no time space will last through December 2016, so pay attention and do, see, feel whatever it is that’s presented. We’re releasing tons of old lower sick patriarchal distortions now and we’re doing it while in Zero Zone no time so it can feel extra surreal while unfolding. Know that this is normal for where we’re at now. No fear, just hang on and ride it through and thanks for doing what only you can do in all this. ❤


October 7, 2016

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20 thoughts on “2016’s Zero Zone Third Wave

  • Hi Denise, hi all!

    Just wanted to thank you for all your articles and also for the comments. It makes me feel a little bit better. I’ve read all your articles on TRANSITIONS and also here on HighHeartLife.

    Call me an outtie, call me a 3D person, I am still very confused about what is happening inside me and sometimes I feel the need to hide or scream because the pain is awful. Everything began in 2013 after a meditation retreat. Not sure why I thought if I will go my inner me will me more peaceful. But since than my life start to be a carousel. In September 2013 I’ve gone ill with a strong pneumonia so Octomber and November were sit-in-bed months. Not just that – in my life entered a person who appeared to be spiritual, but in the end seemed to be possessed by some evil spirits – she ended in a mental hospital. I can feel that she is not a bad person, but unfortunately somebody else took control over her, or this is how I sensed. Maybe I am wrong – she wished very strongly to be a spiritual person, this way she followed a lots of gurus. All I know is that I could not say No to her or refuse her with any request. In the end, I was not scared, I was send her a lot of love and this is it.

    2014 and 2015 was tumultuous as well – with many, many bad health conditions. And every end of year I just wish that next year be better. But 2016 surpassed all previous years. So this makes me wonder what will 2017 be like.

    On 19 January 2016 my best friend, my beloved cat Moja suddenly died 😦 He was next to me in this up and down travel, and he known when I was bad – he just looked at me and “said” – “Yes, I know what you’re feeling, I am here, don’t worry.” And layed next to me everytime I was feeling that this is it, the end. I felt protected somehow. 😦

    After his death, my reality drastically changed. Frequent panic attacks, the constant feeling that I am dying, painful headeaches, painful pressure on my top of the head, head and face numbness, heart stings, nausea, dizziness. Got to a homeophat doctor in June – he said that my thyroid and endocrine system are messed up. I even wanted to go to an MRI because I felt that my brain frys or shortcircuits, also don’t have a big appetite for food, life, nothing.

    I started a homeophat treatment, felt better in August and September, but at the end of September started again. Strong pressure on top of my head and painful headeaches which are stronger and stronger since the beginning of the October.

    Also this year I was acted like a hermit too. With all these conditions, I preffered to be more reserved. And don’t know if was my Higher Self but 2 years ago I’ve requested to find a way to work by myself and this is how I’ve ended working as a freelancer from home. Sure, I can work from a freelancing hub but I’m not prepared to connect with people.

    I really don’t know what to do. I’ve retained the idea that I have to work with myself – but how? What should I do when I feel that my head will blow up and all I can think is that I will die. Maybe I don’t understand much about whole Ascession Process but I try do to my best.

    My husband feels too some of these symptoms, but he is more patient. He always tells me to think about beautiful things and not let all these overwhelm me. And he brought home a dog and a cat – they are so funny together and so loveable. 🙂 very grateful for them.

    Sorry for my English, Denise, not a native/advanced here.

    Thank you for all your articles, support and love.


    • Laura,

      Everything you’ve described is common and normal when a person is activated to begin this evolutionary Ascension Process. The getting sick, the not being able to maintain old habits, friendships, relationships, jobs, living situations, everything is all part of it and it takes years, many years so just relax into it and accept it as your NEW normal and things will move more comfortably for you. 🙂 I realized years ago that I had to surrender to the Ascension Process and stop waiting for things to finally be a certain way for me. It doesn’t work that way, and once I’d completely surrendered myself and the rest of this incarnation to this ongoing evolutionary Process, things got much easier. We’re Great Works in progress!

      Please keep reading at both my sites because that info will help you to better understand what all you’re going through now and why etc. You are doing just great.

  • Hi Denise, well what has been happening for you is exactly the same for me… I had the man thing in the last month too but also my vibrations have been so high in my body and head…. its been like deep trances for me .. and a drunk feeling in my head.. on the 29/09/16 I had to stay home because I could not get out of bed… then its been full on since then.. you are right … but I am also having lots of food problems… my taste buds are rejecting everything that has anything toxic… I am not sure what to have anymore… I just have to keep it simple… I am just going with it all… the man thing has been a big thing for me this last month but yes over the years I have been very aware of my feelings and aware of the lack of respect … I have Viking background and we know how they treated their women… but world wide we have always been made to feel less … we had an article in the news paper last week someone showed me about feminism making Australia men depressed. Well what do they thing we have been through for all these thousands of years… Sorry just making a point..

  • 9 years of quiet in my apt building and now we have new people who are trouble makers and gossips starting trouble with everyone. I my self got verbally abused when I went to my car and found a ticket for parking in handicap with out my placard showing. The man who called the police on me, thinks that spot is exclusively his, he knows I have the disability placard but he called any way when he saw I forgot it , I got a $160 ticket. When I walked to my car on Sunday morning all the gossipy neighbors ran out side to see how I would react to the ticket. (weird right? ) I told the old man that called the cops ” I just surrendered my car back to the bank cause I cant afford it and now I got this ticket”. 9 years and I never had a ticket. I asked straight to his face “did you call the cops on me for parking in the handicap space? ” And he went off on me big time getting right in my face. Yelling at me that I shouldn’t park in “his” spot. I started to defend my self and three other neighbors jumped in on me too. One woman was half my size goin at me yelling. I was very aware of what was transpiring. It was very surreal as it was happening in slow motion . I felt great fear and even thought one of them was going to attack me. I slowly backed off walking backwards away from the projections and felt like I was watching my self in a movie.. I was angry hurt and hateful for 24 hours. I asked my higher self over and over again why? Why? What was this all about? Now I know. Thanks Denise. I cant get thru a month without you and your knowledge of what’s happening. Something strange happens in my life and then you write about it a week later, it never fails! Hug and blessings to you!

    • Let’s see how many egos I can piss off with this.

      First off it was an “old man”, as in male. What a surprise! What a mystery! What a shock! Not fucking hardly.

      This is the negative PATRIARCHAL consciousness, negative ego, and negative patriarchal elitist attitude that so many males, especially older males (but not all of course) and many females too have. When the Light comes near them they automatically attack — Portal People — and aren’t even aware of what’s going on and why in themselves or the person of Light they’re attacking.

      Three or four years ago I experienced something almost exactly the same and wrote about it at the time at TRANSITIONS. I’d drove into a grocery store parking lot with my mom in the car who has a disabled placard. I hung it off the rear view mirror as this old male pulled into the disabled parking space directly in front of me. He could not get out of his SUV fast enough and over to me with his cane raised in the air screaming at me that I had “no right to park in the disabled parking space.” Nothing mattered to this imbalanced older male Portal Person; not my disabled mom who was older than him, not the fact that I had a visible disabled placard hanging in the car window, not anything I tried to say to him over his threatening cane waving and hitting the disabled sign between both of our cars, nothing. He believed he was right and that was the fucking end of it all! In his deranged mind, I had parked where I did not have the right to, which he felt gave him the right to attack me, not my mom but me because I was driving, and carry on there in front of everyone watching and listening. It was unbelievable and happened so quickly and could have gotten much worse… but thankfully didn’t.

      But, this is how TD works through the unaware, through egos, through the easily accessible because they exist in lower frequencies. It just is what it is and when a person is carrying (has embodied) more Light, they come under attack, any type of attack, from those who are not carrying Light. Most every Forerunner incarnate now has experienced this sort of negative group mob mentality in this life and past lives as well and many of us Forerunners have been murdered by these types of deranged people. It’s been another trauma we’ve all had to deal with in this lifetime, both from our pasts of having it done to us and/or witnessing it happen to another Forerunner/Lightworker/Starseed/Initiate etc., and from people today (attacks) in these lives. Laura, I applaud you for ONLY being hurt and hateful for 24 hours over this! ❤ ❤ ❤ You did great so be proud of yourself. Now, maybe it's time for you to move? Just a thought however. Hugs back at you. ❤

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  • “the same old patriarchal lies”, “patriarchal torture and entrapment”, “with patriarchal zombie-like, unaware mechanics”, “dying of the global patriarchal structures and unaware people (mostly males)”

    Dear Denise, this message comes to you from your Higher Self…..who has been in communication obviously, with MY Higher Self, in order to get this message to you.


    Is to realize that you are “hating on”, the male aspect of yourself. Continuously. You have not yet stopped doing so.
    Our Higher Selves say that you will have to transform your Male Bashing feelings into Love and Acceptance, before you can continue to evolve further. Before you can climb up any more, “stair steps”.

    Because you are despising these lower Male frequency traits within yourself — for whatever reasons obviously related to issues from your other incarnations — you are always broadcasting these low frequency Thought Forms outwards into your Universe…these Thought Clouds of Energy are then also pulling to them and latching onto even *more* of the same low frequency masculine energies….. and you are attracting them all back to you. Boomeranging right back to you.

    You MUST have noticed, that you are always experiencing them. You are causing them to be so strongly attached to you, that perhaps they may even come knocking on your door.


    Turn this completely around and do a total reversal.
    Experiment with *feeling* and then LOVING EVERY SINGLE MALE TRAIT that you can possibly come up with.

    And then watch, how fast your reality changes.
    Watch, and see the no-longer-frustrating Masculine become more and more beautiful within your world, as YOU continue to change and to love/embrace the Masculine entirely, completely….more and more.

    In order to accomplish this within oneself first (which only then spreads to the Collective, and the planet)….one must understand, accept and LOVE BOTH Masculine and Feminine EQUALLY.

    ***This message was brought to you by our Higher Selves.
    It is being served to you at this time, because right Now is the time of fully integrating and RE-balancing the Masculine Energies together with the Feminine Energies.

    We need the leading Lightworkers, to finally begin doing this. And you are one of the very few with strong Masculine energies. Please don’t waste this gift.


    • It’s because of lack of awareness egos that need to preach as this so blatantly shows that I’ve closed Comments in the past everyone reading this.

      This Comment is not worthy of any response from anyone so please don’t. I published it only so everyone can see it and hopefully learn.

  • What an interesting timing! I just listened to Trump’s derogatory macho/bravado ‘take’ on females around him that just resurfaced on the internet (“I can grab them by the c****…. If you’re celebrity they will let you do anything”)… And then I read your article.
    Yep! End of patriarchy indeed and it is rearing ugly heads all over the place while thrashing around violently in its last throes…

  • Simple solution to your car maintenance drama: Jiffy Lube or similar. Go early in the AM and you’re in and out in 10-15 minutes. No worries.

  • Dearest Denise,
    I too felt the same intense heart pounding on the 5th of October. It happened early in the morning upon waking and later on that evening. I also felt it a few days before that as well. Totally insane feeling it gave me. My mom has heart disease and while this horrendous and painful heart pounding occurred to me, I just laid in bed thinking I was going to keel over and die right there from a heart attack. The second time it happened on 10/5/16 I called one of my friends who has helped me cope along my journey and she assured me it was not a heart attack. She told me to calm down and take a hot bath. Wow, just reading this article makes me feel so much better because I feel not alone in this wild energetic wave coming through. We are all connected as one and seeing others with the same issues just helps me to sit back and relax peacefully until this all subsides. We are all heading for happier and lighter times. Peace, love, and light be with you always

  • October 5 was similar for me. I am male. I had to work out some energies and thoughts that are foreign to the nature of my kind being. Random patriarchal judgment and labeling and derogatory thoughts and words have been coming into my head. I consciously to myself reject their exterior usage and consciously register the negativity of them in those moments. Much neutralization for me the last handful of days and since 26 Sept positive resolution neutralization but the last couple days, some irritation because I’m dealing with these male negative energies and neutralizing them means holding them myself momentarily. I don’t like to go out with these negativity neutralization processes running because I don’t want females to be exposed to it from me, a gentle and kind human in appearance and true self demeanor. I don’t want them to see the dark in someone who looks so light, not even for a moment. No sex energy, no male gusto energy. So lame and stupid, macho energies. I know we are all learning and growing from this. I know I am doing my job here and I must endure this time. Now my sister is getting married tomorrow, it is an interesting event for me to experience low love-lost emotions for hopefully the last time, my would be +1 of the past has been on my mind all day and myself on her mind too, with the wedding being known to her too. Consciously, don’t care, open free radiant love for her just as for all, high self. Processing, processing, processing. I will continue to be open to whatever I must process as a light male, I am rewarded by the consciousness of our collective and my individual progress. Your articles and those from two other sources have and continue to be so nice for me. Insights and guidance. Thank you. This one today was nice. Peace, unity, health.

    • 1991 & Mikey,

      Over time on earth we’ve all had incarnations, lives as males AND females and in this Ascension incarnation we’re all using all our past/present/future tools and abilities etc. to do this Ascension Process in these current bodies whichever sex they are this time. This level of Unity has been taking place in each of us for a very, very long time and in these lives we’re reaching Unity with this business and a whole lot of other things too of course.

      Because life on earth has been patriarchal, not matriarchal (we’ve done that already and for longer with Lumeria and long after it), everyone of both sexes has been wounded in a lot of ways by having incarnations across earth and time during the global patriarchal energies, consciousness and rule etc. has been in effect. Add to that Team Dark’s negative influences and the patriarchy didn’t have a chance in hell to be positive in any way. Because of this, everyone has suffered horribly for thousands of years, and a lot of all that, all that current and ancient patriarchal negativity profoundly distorted and redirected for Team Dark’s benefit, is what’s up and out now that everyone is feeling and having to deal with both personally and from the Collective across time. Many of the Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers have worked for the past twenty-five, thirty years to reduce all this negativity but because this time has Expired and must be released now, we’re all–females and males–feeling it in our own ways and none of this is easy at all. The intensity of what I felt while in the car repair place proved that to me and I just had to go with it, feel it, deal with it, heal it and then release it all. Like I said, this is HUGE energetic Work we’re all doing now and why we need to give ourselves and each other LOVE Hugs and respect occasionally. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I knew when I wrote this article that some would think I was male bashing. I wasn’t, I was patriarchal bashing and there’s a huge difference! I hope everyone understands this and that we’re all in this together, always have been no matter which sex body one has or if one even has a physical body at all! 😉

      • I think you wrote it all perfectly Denise. I’ve had a lot of moments where I’ve been placed in situations where the label of male/female just had no meaning. It was me at my core spirit essence going through the experience, and handling it in my own way.

        Don’t worry – we all know the horrid situations you’ve been through your whole life, male bashing doesn’t exist in any of your posts. I’ve read every single one, and go back for more sometimes when i’m in a spiritual jam. At least it’s not what I read.

        I find for me though that my role in this lifetime compared to other lifetimes has seen me heal a lot of thing’s, and i’m glad, As for TD they’re horrible for dividing the sexes. It’s something that I’ve never understood my whole entire life. Which saddensme as well, because it stops people from really connecting with th eother half of their own aspect and renders them unable to get balance.

        Don’t worry, you did wonderfully. Hugs to you, mom, and the kitten.

  • Hey Denise

    A lot of what you said about 3D and the males and the oh so many issues really rings true for me as well. It’s so strange to be a (Male) and yet have so many issues with males myself. I’m 100% sure I’ve got some past life issues as (female) coming out at certain moments to be addressed and healed. The funny thing is – I’ve been opening myself up a lot more and actually speaking up and out. It’s really an interesting thing for me to personally see where I’ve come from as I’ve dealt with sexual harassment back in 2013. Instead of facing it, I let the guy get away with it, and quit my job, and had to face those personal issues when the time came after I found myself on this Ascension Process.

    I’ve grown so much, that this time around, I was more annoyed at the tactic. I opened up and spoke to my boss about it. Hilariously last week, I went to the library to finish up an exam. The same Male was sitting there, as soon as he saw me walk threw the door he bolted a few minutes later. it’s been interesting to see how much I’ve evolved and have grown since 2013. It really pays to do the work.

    I’ve also had my fair share of the (female) version of the Male Ego. My sister is one, and I finally opened my mouth at how I needed to rest, take a break, relax, because she and her family were constantly wearing me out. I had to deal with her ego, until I couldn’t and told her that I just was exhausted and that her energy was stressing me out. I also did it because I know what i’m going to be going through in December into January and I need time to integrate the light. So hard when your family doesn’t understand, even though I’ve stopped thinking of them as family. She didn’t take it well, and I did something I never thought I would. I opened my mouth. It’s so strange how being (female) in many past lives, and this is what you said. “How women have been the lowest lifeforms” how remembering my female past lives, how I can still closely relate to that feeling of being treated as a lower form. To the point where even as a Male I’m barely capable of speaking up myself until recently.

    I’m slowly learning how to de-rewire that, as i’m learning how important it is to speak up. Most people don’t whether your (Female) or (Male).

    Thanks for the article.

  • Great article, as always Denise. Thank you! 🙂 You got me thinking about my version of the patriarchal system collapse and what I’ve been seeing. For me (and because I just got out of a decades-long, emotionally-abusive marriage), the personal issues have to do with career “success” as modeled in the patriarchal 3D collective. I’ve been facing some really scary stuff there as I head back into full-time work at age, 52. My career was truncated and stymied by TD for YEARS and now I need stand up and be noticed! Yikes! This is giving me hysterical fits which, after such a long, awakening process (me too – from 1999), now presents a whole new level of terror-inspired clearing. I know a lot of this this isn’t my stuff…it’s from the entire collective. I FEEL absolutely confident about what I’m doing. I KNOW it’ll all be better than fine (and BEFORE I run out of money) but the not-me-fears are UNREAL right now. The Zero Point space feels to me (and this is totally personal, as it’s what I’m working on before 2017) like a space of creation where I need to figure out how to bridge the old patriarchal business models into a better, more accountable system and with the understanding that the old models still work for most people, it’s what they understand and expect. It’s like walking through quicksand, discarding flotsam as I go. What a multi-dimensional challenge…let me tell you! Anyway, that’s my experience right now. Many warm thanks for all you do.

  • Dear Denise
    Some males are awake. I am an Empath and have become sensitive to energies and toxic chemicals like you described at sears ….I. Also have had that heart thing you mention off and on since 1997.. it feels like your heart is going to explode …….in fact it happened on the 5th early am as I was waking. The ache can be very intense and the sort of radiates out from the sternum. When it started happening I thought it was a Heart attack “…..so I had it checked out. That is when. I surmised it to be an energetic heart opening.. this past month or.so has been brutal with the parasites and cleansing..
    Thank you For what you do…….crazywolf

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