The Blessed Last Minute 10-10 Energies of 2016


As everyone could tell by my last article especially, I’d reached the absolute end of the patriarchal rope on October 5, 2016. I had given up all I could of my old lower self and was near empty and greatly forlorn as I struggled on in the final days and hours of the dying global patriarchy. I’d done what I had to which was to live, journey, walk to the very end of it (the patriarchal reality, energies, structures, consciousness, damages etc.), look down into that negative abyss and feel it all personally for myself and collectively for humanity across time. As I did this in the automotive “waiting room” on October 5, 2016, I worried over how much longer I could hang on without a major influx of NEW higher Light/Codes/Enthusiasm/Creativity etc. to replenish me with much needed NEW in the external world that I’m existing within. That blessed answer came for me and many of you on October 10, 2016, the 10-10 energies of this 9 energy year of completion. Those final few weeks, days and hours leading up to 2016’s 10-10 were torturous for some Forerunners yet highly necessary. A sober, honest Review of the entire time of patriarchal rule on earth was required by some of us for complex reasons. I just had to go through this in an automotive repair garage to make sure I got it, saw and felt it all in this particular way.

I didn’t pick up on this year’s 10-10 energies ahead of time because I was empty, heartbroken due to seemingly unending negative patriarchal reality, and waiting in the timeless Zero Zone for the next gust of Light to propel me into the next phase. That powerful gust of Light arrived the morning of 10-10 like a blast of spiritual energetic rejuvenation and enthusiasm, desire to continue, create anew and exist only in this NEW higher way. I am profoundly grateful for this last minute, hanging on the very edge in-pouring of NEW energies and life-force, NEW burst of greater awareness, and a fresh desire to continue and expanded creativity that the 10-10-2016 portal brought those that were teetering on the patriarchal “end times” edge. There was absolutely no more room or ability to continue existing in any way any longer anywhere near the old lower patriarchal reality for another second.

You know how we go through periods of profound evolutionary toil and pain and while in that phase it seems and feels like it will never end? You also know how it always does end because we lived through every difficult and painful second of that particular phase and level of the Ascension Process, meaning we’ve been Alchemically transformed by the fact that we did actually live through every moment of it. Doing this automatically and literally changes one energetically, meaning one’s personal Energy Signature is altered, is evolved every time this happens. This is how and why the people who have actually lived through these numerous Ascension Process levels, stages, phases etc. can instantly tell who hasn’t, or, who currently is but is doing so in those earlier stages and levels of the Process. We feel it, see it, sense it and know it from Higher Awareness and this is why no one can lie to, deceive, bullshit, trick, hustle or fool any of us with their claims of being more than they actually are. When one lives through these Alchemical evolutionary Ascension Process energies, they automatically change you instantly over and over and over again at every level and phase of this Process. Because of this, a person whose lived it knows immediately in multiple different ways if someone has or has not lived it themselves because every individual’s Energy Signature clearly reveals it. This is why lying and deceptions of any type are impossible from the fifth dimension on up.

2016’s October 10-10 portal brought in SO much higher NEW energies (Divine Feminine) that it’s been absolutely uplifting and revitalizing ever since that day. It’s much more of HOME now in/on Earth and in the Forerunners of the Forerunners at this very last minute before it felt like I’d suffocate and expire in the old patriarchal sickness and misery. Every moment, feeling and step was necessary and each helped bring in this powerful, massive wave of NEW that’s been/being embodied by more and more Forerunners and therefore anchored into physical Earth too. This is the start of the real fun stuff finally! The 11-11 energies of November, and the 12-12 energies of December 2016, will further anchor in this “holy trinity” year-end phase of embodiment of the NEW within the Forerunners of the Forerunners and some Forerunners in preparation of the start of January 2017 (2+0+1+7=10= 1 energies of new but this time within the higher frequency of the NEW cycle and NEW Earth etc.) for everyone and everything else.

Ever since 10-10-2016 I’ve perceived so much NEW higher frequency changes and events taking place in ourselves and the world. I understand it but need to find or create new words and terms for much of it. Not so easy however.

One of the main and very obvious things that the 10-10 gateway brought was the very things I had been heartbroken by in my October 5, 2016 automotive patriarchal Review, which was the insane imbalance of a species and world of all patriarchy and no Divine Mother God or Divine Feminine in any of Its many forms and manifestations. Humanity and global reality is sick and insane because of this intentional blocking and lack of the Divine Feminine Mother God/Goddess aspects. This is why I said in my previous article that the lowest lifeforms on Earth has been—according to the global patriarchy which originated from negative alien Team Dark—female humans. The American political arena is finally revealing this longstanding fact for the entire world to face and feel, like it or not. The 10-10-2016 gateway brought in the return of the Divine Mother God in this NEW way, which means the patriarchy is and will come unraveled very quickly and very publicly now because this needs to finally be revealed, seen, felt and acknowledged so all of humanity can evolve beyond it and back into sanity and energetic health individually and collectively.

In 2015, there was a lot of public talk about gay rights, lesbian rights, transgender rights etc., everyone was included except females. It was astonishing to me that no one seemed to notice or care about that fact at that time. But, the time and human consciousness wasn’t ready for this last year, but with the Divine Feminine blasting back in into us, our hearts, consciousness and physical reality through the incredible 10-10 energies, they are now.

10 11 12 I can’t list all the grand improvements and progress this profound change that 10-10-2016 began with the long-awaited return of the Divine Feminine Mother God on Earth and in human bodies, hearts, consciousness, life and reality. And this will only increase via the 11-11 and the 12-12 gateways of 2016 in preparation for the start of 2017 (1 energies). What’s just happened on October 10th is a game changer in the best of ways so pay close attention to all the NEW pouring in now into you, into this world and into mass humanity because it is and will continue to rapidly improve everything and everyone… everyone that’s willing to evolve now that is.

There’s so much more NEW here now that it’s like an energetic whirlwind spinning around at the moment, lifting each of us up further and further. We’ll be readjusting to this major change while we simultaneously head towards the next major energetic Stair-step duo of 11-11 and 12-12. If the first phase of this threesome (10-10) is this big of a shift, just feel into how it might complete (at this level and phase) with the 12-12 energies followed by 12-21-2016 (or 12-12-9) Solstice. From now til then is going to contain more positive, sweeping change than anything we’ve experienced so far and that’s saying something!

one-two-three1Give yourself the time to readjust to what’s just happened via the return of the Divine Feminine through the first gate of 10-10. The second and third gates will unfold so quickly and more powerfully for those ready and able to embody them each before 2017 arrives. In case I’m sounding like all this are wild miracles unfolding one right after the next, well, that’s what’s happening finally and it’s about time isn’t it? This is the NEW pouring in and those who can embody it now are doing so and that is/will further change everything too. As soon as I can articulate some of these changes I’ve been experiencing since 10-10 I’ll do so. Until then, keep your HighHeart open to receive more and more of the Divine Feminine NEW as It returns in these three big Stair-steps of 10-10, 11-11, and 12-12 2016 (9).


October 13, 2016

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15 thoughts on “The Blessed Last Minute 10-10 Energies of 2016

  • Hi Denise,

    I have definitely felt the ‘re-birth’ of the divine feminine this year, and especially since the summer. Have you noticed how many world leaders are now female? In the UK, we have a female PM, Scotland has a female first minister, and a female (and gay) shadow minister. Northern Ireland also has a female first minister.

    Germany has a female chancellor – and has done so for some years now – who is considered the most important politician in Europe. And look what’s going on in the states – it seems incredibly poignant: potentially America’s first female president, up against a ‘man’ who sums up the old patriarchal system perfectly. Will the most powerful politician in the world soon be a female?? Could it possibly be?

    I was hoping so, praying so…but I just turned on the TV only to see that the FBI have reopened their investigation into her emails. Sigh. Is the timing coincidence…or something/someone more cynical at work?

    Great article!


    • Charlotte,

      Throughout the long, dark, negative patriarchal rule on earth and in some other dimensions too, it’s been females, the feminine in general that’s been “outlawed” by Team Dark. The reasons for this should be obvious at this point, beside the fact that most of these nonhuman negative alien beings absolutely HATE females/feminine everything! Their time and reign is over however. 🙂

      This is also why the vast majority of Forerunners and Forerunner Ascension teachers have been in female bodies in these Ascension incarnations; to bring this Energy and consciousness back to humanity and earth and beyond. It’s desperately needed…so long as it’s evolved that is.

      Because we had a black male president here in the USA, I knew that the next step for humanity needed to be a white female. I say white ONLY because the patriarchy would totally lose their little minds otherwise! Hell, they are anyway. 😆

      Having said that, do you see how patriarchal of a female (and she’s a Scorpio to boot!) she really is? Baby step towards no one or group needed, ever, to rule over humans. This is the Ascension meaning this is when we as individuals take back our own power and creativity over ourselves and our lives and very reality. Governments and rulers etc. as they’ve been are negative, corrupt and patriarchal and are dying as we speak. This is just one more step towards the inevitable which is Empowered Individuals that no longer need or want anyone to rule over them.

      • Hi Denise, thanks for your reply.

        Oh yes, she is very patriarchal, and I guess she has to be in her chosen career! But as you say, baby steps! The patriarchy needs someone it can relate to, I guess. But hey, she is most certainly A WOMAN! What a wonderful year to be alive. I just hope and pray Donald Trump can’t catch up with her…it is very nerve wracking!

        Your words make so much sense to me, Denise. I look forward to the days when humanity no longer need presidents and prime ministers to keep them safe & secure!


        • Charlotte & All,

          “I look forward to the days when humanity no longer need presidents and prime ministers to keep them safe & secure!”

          These are the days and months of this very thing unfolding, painfully, frustratingly, frighteningly for so many around the world but unfold it must and now.

          At TRANSITIONS I wrote an article yesterday that I knew before I published it, would bother a lot of people, but I can’t let that stop me from saying what I must especially at moments that need expanded awareness inserted. In that article the topic is about health, healers, healing beliefs and modalities etc. Here it’s the SAME thing we’re talking about but about governments, leaders, humanity, power and lack of power etc. Same old patriarchal business just spanning two seemingly different topics and sets of beliefs in personal weakness and lack of power.

          I look forward to the days when — and as a Forerunner I’ve always Worked very hard to assist this evolutionary change out of the dark and dis-empowered state of humanity — all individuals don’t need or want anyone external to themselves to “fix”, or “heal” or “protect” or “save” or “lead” or “govern” or “control” etc. etc. etc. themselves and their reality. Many cannot even comprehend this level of personal freedom and empowerment and so they continue to cling to old lower frequency 3D beliefs, structures and systems. What they don’t realize yet however is that those very structures and systems and therefore beliefs are disintegrating as we speak. We’re evolving far, far beyond them and this is the deconstruction phase of the global patriarchy and global humanity believing in and relying on it. Not an easy phase or transition but for any of us but it’s where we’re at as a species right now.

          Thanks for the space to say all this this way. ❤

  • 🌷💚We wouldn’t be here without people like you Denise. So, thank you. It’s more than great that we have something to celebrate after so much persecution. I hope you come to know the happiness you deserve.🌄 Caroline💛🌻

  • Hey Denise,

    I’m back!! 😜🤗🤗

    As I am living more in the moment, my memory of what I did a few days ago is sketchy at best!……😮
    I hope I am moving along and helping in this latest big change?…….🙄 It is frustrating though as work seems to rule my life……..🤔

    Warrior hugs & love, your angel buddy.

    Stubeing xoxoxo

  • Hi i need to get in touch with u for a serious un daignosable illness
    May be u can help becoz i read ur article though an old one of 2011 august abt feelin heat in th body..
    Wud appreciate ur personal email address


    • Ruhi,

      At the top of the page on both of my sites you’ll see the word Contact, click on it to find my email address.

      Also, all my old articles on the Ascension Process with its many related topics is still true and correct today. Kundalini is Kundalini whether one is feeling it today or ten, fifteen years ago. 🙂

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  • Hi Denise,

    I felt the leading edge of the incoming energy of the 10:10 a couple of days earlier on Saturday — experienced a wonderful surge of happiness (for no obvious reason). Then I slumped into darkness again on Sunday. However, by Sunday evening of the 9th, I began to feel a very intense focused “new” energy surge. My guidance was that this marked the “end of suffering.” Yippee! Decided to allow myself to experience the possibilities of positive change (e.g. reduction of pain in my neck, back, hips, legs and feet). Have had the sense all of this week that there is so much more to understand about this latest influx and the potential to change our lives, but I don’t seem to have the words to express what I feel it means, quite yet. I agree that this influx has to do with the Divine Feminine and the re-balancing that is going on between the Masculine and Feminine. Absolutely fascinated by the “out picturing” that is going on in the political arena this week, especially with the catalytic release over the past weekend of the old video/audio involving you-know-who and revelations by women has had abused. It involves taking off the mask of the old patriarchal to reveal the true nastiness and evil underneath, especially toward the feminine. Apparently his followers have expressed the belief that none of this stuff matters to them. As one commentator noted: They are already face down in the Kool-Aid. (Jim Jones reference.) This points to the readiness, willingness factor in accepting/receiving the new frequencies and the reality of positive change in our lives. It’s finally here!!!

    Finally coming to grok what it means to live in LIGHT and LOVE,

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