Transitioning from 3D DOING to 5D BEING & Creating


The title of this sounds so simple, so quick, like it’s just an easy-breezy effortless stroll from one state and level of being into another. Many of us have discovered throughout 2016, that it’s often been anything but effortless! What amazes me is that it should be and I know it can be, but old lower habits die hard as the saying goes, despite all the preparatory Inner Work we’ve done. What a *#^&#! year it’s been for many Forerunners with this particular Ascension related issue. It’s time however to be okay with that, to be kind to ourselves for that, but it’s also time to let go of that now too and start seriously utilizing the tools and benefits of being 5D beings that BE instead of old lower frequency and consciousness 3D beings that had to constantly DO, labor, struggle, pain over, worry over, pay too much for, spend a lot of time and energy on etc. to get the tiniest of things to manifest physically for us. This changeover isn’t wishful thinking, nor is it “magical thinking” or self-delusion, it is evolution and many of us have struggled with it, fumbling it, learning about it, getting better familiar with it and then falling back out of it repeatedly all year. This is okay too and how we learn and eventually Master the 5D rules of our existing within the NEW.

But I’d Developed My Left-Brain Muscles So Completely…

All of humanity has (and can we say profoundly imbalanced!), but now the Forerunners are having to go through this evolutionary change first too to help anchor, ground, embody and seed this NEW fifth dimensional attribute into physical global and species-wide reality also. The Forerunners have always been the ones in the physical to lay the groundwork here for not only ourselves but for humanity today, tomorrow and well into the future.

I also believe that some of the elder Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers have had more difficulty with this particular change only because we’ve got more decades of having done it and lived “reality” through our left-brains in the old patriarchal world. We’ve got more old lower to offload in other words, to release, to let go of and start using NEW tools in our NEW world and reality. We’ll get there, and when we do, watch out world! 😉

Repeatedly this year I’ve experienced seeing just how the old consciousness of linearly laying out plans to get something accomplished physically isn’t working like it always has. No matter how carefully I mentally plotted and planned out something I wanted and/or needed to get done this year via my old familiar left-brained 3D tools, it usually got seriously messed up or simply didn’t happen at all. In contrast are all the times this year that I’ve suddenly felt (not thought) it was time or correct or right to do something, go somewhere, start something, call someone, begin something and so on and it unfolded with the greatest ease and speed you could imagine. I’d be stunned over how easily and quickly things happen and manifest when I don’t use those old overdeveloped left-brained tools to get something done. There was my answer, my lesson, my insight into this particular issue and situation; the old linear left-brain plodding, pushing, thinking and planning ways of creating and manifesting aren’t an energetic match with a fifth dimensional world reality — HighHeart is, Light is, LOVE is. And, HighHeart and Light and LOVE are felt in higher ways that are often spherical or nonlinear and have nothing whatsoever to do with our old lower consciousness, minds, intellects, left-brains, logic, mentally visualizing, reasoning, slogging along in linear time space plotting and planning and working like crazy to get anything to manifest. We’ve known this information for years, but this is how it feels actually living it. Big difference.

Said another way, at some recent point during all our Forerunner Working like we’ve done since forever it seems, “IT” arrived, quietly, un-dramatically, with no Hollywood special effects exploding loudly anywhere, and most likely did so when I/you/we were passed out one afternoon from utter exhaustion from Working in the As Above spaces and the So Below spaces simultaneously.

I feel like the farmers tired old plow mule whose had its head down for the past 35-plus-years trudging along methodically, plowing the fields up and down, back and forth, endlessly toiling away to the point of almost forgetting that there was a higher point to all the unending difficult work. Then suddenly one day the farmer stops the tired old mule from plowing anymore, unhooks it from the plow and the mule blinks slowly while lifting its head, looks up and around itself and discovers that not only are all the fields plowed to perfection, but that all the NEW crops have been seeded, have sprouted and reached maturity meaning Harvest’ has arrived! The mule is stunned, but is ecstatic and proud, very proud. However, now the mule must learn how to not be a mule anymore because that type of Work is no longer needed. Now the mule is learning how to BE a Conscious Creator mule, or thereabouts.

It’s Really This Uncomplicated & Easy?!

Yep it is, amazingly. However, some of us have needed and/or desired to repeatedly move back and forth with this to understand and know this on a deep inner individual level. Why? Because some of us wanted and/or needed to be able to recreate highly detailed maps and blueprints of some of these Ascension related Processes for those who haven’t experienced them in the physical, in flesh as we have. There are many other Forerunners that haven’t needed or wanted this but understood sooner and moved through some of these phases more quickly and easily. All ways are perfect and needed. ❤

Throughout the 2016 difficulties, periods of depression, confusions, growing frustrations in many cases, Zero Zone moments of feeling lost and alone and like I’d/you’d/we’d lost the main evolutionary Ascension thread within all this, I have, you have, we have plowed all the fields multiple times, seeded them all, watched and cared for them devotedly all along, even in those moments when it’s felt like we’d bottomed-out completely in the Ascension Process. We didn’t, we haven’t, it’s just felt like we did from time to time in 2016, and even that is part of the Ascension Process so stop feeling like you’ve missed something or have done something wrong somewhere. You haven’t, we haven’t, we’re just stunned like the tired old plow mule whose recently discovered that the mission has been accomplished at that level and now it needs to learn and implement NEW things and NEW ways to be Creative and satisfied. And god bless all the plow mules for getting that level of the Work done. Now fellow Forerunner mules it’s time to learn and Master NEW higher ways to get things done that are profoundly easier and faster than what we’re used to.

When I get stupid I place my hand(s) on my HighHeart which automatically resets me back into 5D HighHeart BEing. When I get momentarily unbalanced in a world in profound transition, I place my hand(s) on my HighHeart which automatically resets me back into 5D HighHeart BEing. When I get depressed, lost, confused, distracted, interfered with or anything, I do this because it works and works immediately. I may “fall” back out of it just as fast but that’s me learning about and eventually Mastering how these wildly different levels of frequency, being, consciousness and reality actually are. Give yourself room and time to do this if you are or have been experiencing this in 2016. Like I said earlier, some of us need and/or desire to know the border-crossing points between the lower 3D world and the higher NEW 5D world(s) like we know the back of our hands and that’s perfectly okay. Others don’t need this and that’s perfect too. Never judge another Forerunner because you do not know what or why they’re doing what they are. Some of us will create new worlds based on what we’re learning firsthand now in these Ascension lives so back off and give them the room, time and respect they need and deserve to plow and seed the fields in whatever manner they deem necessary for themselves now.

BEing now includes feeling, sensing (not thinking) when it’s correct to jump or not jump, create or wait, move or don’t move etc. Thinking and functioning linearly doesn’t work well at all with these things anymore where feeling in the moment and acting on it in that moment does work beautifully, easily and quickly. Talk about a leap in faith however! This is an extreme change from what we’re used to in the old lower 3D world and consciousness and takes some practice doing repeatedly to discover that you won’t die or crash or “mess up” when you Create without your mind involved but your HighHeart in the drivers seat in nonlinear spherical time space consciousness and BEing. Welcome to 5D life and reality in this very base way. Much more to come of course and won’t that be great fun too? Well done everyone and keep up the Great but always changing Work. ❤

Denise Le Fay

October 28, 2016

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “Transitioning from 3D DOING to 5D BEING & Creating

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  • Thank you, Denise, for such a powerful and relevant article. I’ve been experiencing all these things and it is soooo helpful and encouraging to read your words!

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  • Totally resonating with this post! The wild and crazy flips to depression and confusion. Also the doing what feels right in the moment. I can’t really make plans because when I do – they never work out. It’s like God is testing me hugely and almost demanding faith. Proving to me that my ego mind barely has any control left. I’m relying on coincidences and feelings to function. Many thanks Denise!

  • Dearest Denise, thank you from my heart. No words can express my appreciation for this post. The personal sorting between 3D and 5D, while experiencing both at the same time in a linear and non-linear sense is….. exhausting, physically painful, yet profoundly, so profoundly, loving… truly, I can’t say what I mean, but then, and you know me so well, when have I ever been able to say what I mean? Maybe NOW. Love to you, my friend, and to all Forerunners. B.

    • Barbara,

      Yes, having to learn these 5D rules is like being a child in a “grown up” school suddenly and we’re having to learn how to Consciously Create but from a very different part of ourselves, a higher part that’s so much easier than the old lower ways and methods.

      Many of us Forerunners have had extensive interplay with certain positive higher dimensional ETs and one of the many things I’ve learned from them and even higher Beings is that they do not, would not ever waste energy for any reason. It’s a 5D and higher “thing”, plus without a lower ego self needing to use tons and tons and tons of energy constantly for the stupidest of things, it makes sense why higher dimensional Beings — including us now too — are respectful and aware of Energies in general. They “cut to the chase” with everything and don’t waste energy like humans have, do in lower 3D.

      Another things that’s been causing most of us to better understand this 3D to 5D evolutionary change is the presidential insanity here in the USA. It’s all a wild ego thrashing, energy wasting, BS con job and having to live through it (and everything else like it) while we’re trying to teach ourselves about life in 5D, the contrast is and has been utterly excruciating. This is when I HAVE to go hide away from the old 3D world and consciousness just to protect myself from it on those days when I’m not able to be and maintain being a ‘Neutral Observer’ fully yet. Other days it’s easy and natural and I’m not effected at all by the thrashing insanity of dying 3D reality. Other days not so much so I lay low until I can get myself stabilized in 5D HighHeart space time yet again.

      There are countless situations just like this and they’re all related to us living in, existing in a 5D frequency now with the old lower 3D frequency and consciousness still hanging on, fighting for every last minute of existence at that horrible old patriarchal level. Can everyone imagine how glorious life/reality/existence will be when all that is finally gone and the ONLY things left are all of 5D frequency and consciousness and higher in some cases? My gawd…it will be “heaven on earth” like never before.

      Solution: Just remove all monsters. 😀

      • Yes, I hear you, ‘monster removal’ is in progress…. to cut to the chase I had to take off my rose-colored glasses, and oh, dear, when I did at the end of September, the SHTF. I now find myself and my beloved cat in a tiny apartment where within a few days of each other the fridge blew up and the toilet flooded. With the latter, I got my sense of humor back and am for the most part watching with neutral interest the monster removal in progress ‘out there’, while knowing there are some 3D bullies in my own situation that I have yet to deal with, but, thankfully, I don’t have to contend with the insanity of the 3D US political scene. Thanks, again, Denise, deep respect and love to you and to all Forerunners….. Can I imagine? Oh, yes! B.

  • Thank you, Denise, for this wonderfully practical and encouraging article. I am finding what you are writing about here to be so true for me. It’s getting so I just have to do things in the moment or they don’t get done at all. I think that’s because it’s when all the energies are lined up that we receive the impulse to do something. Former procrastinators like me are really learning new ways, lol.

    • Just a little thought about “procrastinators”. Perhaps those things just never really felt right to “do”?

      • Procrastination is a tool for learning.

        It is how I came to understand that a “dirty” fish tank, with lots of algae, can be a healthy fish tank, provided you have already achieved a balanced and thriving “nitro cycle” culture, and the water is constantly oxygenated. Mind you, there is so much more to keeping an aquarium, but love and attention certainly serve #1 to a pleasant life for an aquatic friend in a stable environment. My first pet, a goldfish, came into my life when I was five. He died when I was seventeen. My beloved boxer girl died at an old age from a heart murmur that had miraculously disappeared for years, when I was the same age. I was totally distracted from my home life by friends and a girl towards whom I was projecting all my energy. My poor animals were dying of loneliness at home all the while. Love and attention are powerful. I do my best to not waste it on bulls@&t nowadays. Which leads me to my next comment…

        …Back to procrastination, more plainly. Often when someone expects something from me, I have told them I will yield whatever they are “needing,” or thinking they need, demanding, or power-trippingly thinking I owe them, by a certain date. Well, things happen, and things get put off to make space for more important things, like health and well being. Next thing I know, it’s that date, and the momentum I had with their task got lost in the whirlwind of life presenting other obligations. It doesn’t matter if the person expecting something of you thinks your other obligations are important or not. That’s not their choice and they could use to learn that. The way I see it, whatever you need to do to respect and honor your self and the needs of your tender being, especially right now with this intensely fast change happening, no matter concrete or tangible or not in the eyes of the blind, you should have the freedom to take the time and space to do what you must for you. If procrastination means another person doesn’t get what they expect, boo hoo, with all due respect. They can learn patience and understanding, and to not expect anything from others, even if promised. The greater good is served. Or they can yell about it, and you gain insight. The greater good is served.

        I don’t push myself at all anymore, and whatever I get done, I get done. Some things never get done and it doesn’t take long for me to see why, now.

        I have practiced doing what is right for myself for years. I still forget to in new situations, because they are new situations, and I go into them with a totally open mind again. But I always end up learning this: respect myself, and respect the others involved, but most important is to see the big picture, and do or do not with respect to the greatest good in the big picture, not because you or anyone else puts the pressure on.

        (Didn’t expect to be pouring out passion at 10AM on a Tuesday, I hope someone can get something nice and useful out of that.)


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