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It feels like it’s time to create a Category at HighHeartLife that’s only for Q & A, questions and answers. Comments are open in this Category only. To keep Comments focused, tight and on-track, all questions must remain within the sphere of the Ascension Process so this does not digress into a verbal and/or emotional mosh pit, free-for-all. If questions go too far off-topic they won’t be published so please keep your Comment questions in alignment with the energies of HighHeartLife. This can be both fun and very helpful to many. Thanks very much and here’s to connecting again in this NEW way here at HHL. ❤

Denise Le Fay

November 24, 2014

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  • I almost wrote before about the boils, yes they are very painful, I had 3 at one time. Mine however seemed to pass within a week or so. I was told to use moist heat to bring them out. For years I have had what I call skin eruptions, little bumps that itch and when scratched create a crater in my skin. These have come and gone, right now for 3 week have been bad again
    Interesting about the mother thing, mine had a sickness about 2 weeks ago, lasted about 10 days and now I am into my 6th day of the same cycle,
    Thanks for everything you do and hoping your housing is soon complete. 🙂

    • I have had boils as Denise describes in the groin area, as well as areas of skin on my back across the clavical area that have itched me beyond words for about 6 or more years now. The skin has turned to leather from the scratching. But what has happened recently, July 27th, has had me thinking/asking, “Really?” Seriously? Did I really agree to this? And “Did I really think I could face such a challenge at this time of Ascension.” Well, apparently, YES! I have to laugh!

      I had all the typical symptoms of appendicitis. The scan showed it was just that, so I was rushed on in for surgery. While I was under the doctor came out to tell my husband that he found a large mass in the area of intestine there where the appendix is attached, and needed him to give permission to surgically remove it which ended up being an entire foot long section of my intestine. Then he found another mass in the omentum, so he removed a portion of that, too, along with a number of lymph glands. The pathology report stated that it was adenocarcinoma. My appointment with an oncologist this past Thursday found me facing a stage 4 cancer.

      Then to top that off, one week ago, my dear husband was told he has developed congestive heart.

      I told the doctor, I am refusing chemo and radiation poisoning. I have chosen an alternative treatment. Of course the doctor told me a horror story about the lady who tried alternative medicine and died as a result. That’s what they do. They want to sell their poison so they use scare tactics to keep the big bucks flowing.

      I am determined to beat this illness. 🙂 I’m a survivor from way back, and my history from childhood on can prove that! In working with a kinesiologist (sp?) today, I am told this cancer grew out of my deep grief, from first, TD taking my beloved dog, Raphael, and then 3 sisters, close in time. Losing my baby sister at age 57 was almost more than I could handle. And yet, today, I am stronger than ever. 🙂

      My energy level is high…..I am always hungry…..have gained back 10 lbs.(Had lost from 134 lbs to 114, then down to 100 lbs the day I left the hospital.) Family and friends who visited me at the hospital were amazed at my speedy recovery. Couldn’t believe I was up and about and greeting them as if nothing real serious was wrong.

      Jesus was/has been with me the whole time. 🙂

      I AM. The Love and Light fills me to brimming, bubbling over. And whatever happens, I celebrate this time, because “they” are losing this battle, because the Love Light Wave is taking them out. 😀 So to all of you….bless your High Hearts, that you carry the Light…..shine on!!

      Much Love to all, and I thank you, and thanks to Denise. Her faith and energy has helped me thru the worst of times, and has helped me many times to rise above the TD crappen crap!


      • Dolly,

        Let “Wave X” heal you completely through and through right now. Let the past go with it and the NEW coming in with it to fill you body heart and soul. You are in all our High Hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤

        Hugs of Love,
        Denise & All

        • Thank you Denise….thanks to everyone. ❤ You say let the past go with it….and I resonated with that. These things of the past that I definitely must let go of now. I need to really take this as being part of the healing….very needful.

          Perfect timing here, to have this Wave X Light bursting upon us! With the stage set and TD ready to make this final move into complete global control, I pray all of humanity is given a big eye opening, ground shaking wake up blast!

          Much Love

        • Dolly & All,

          “Wave X” is greatly pushing and propelling the Separation of Worlds & Timelines apart from each other for good. Team Dark cannot do anything to stop or prevent this from happening either, so it comes down to individual frequency and consciousness as to which world each person matches vibrationally and therefore will exist within.

        • Denise, thanks for your info on Wave X. Let’s surf this thing for all it’s worth!

          Speaking of ascension forerunners, I’m including a link to a post that rightly questions where many light workers heads and hearts are at, or where they’re not at. Too many are often times part of the problem and not part of the solution.

        • Rick,

          Obviously I removed your link and here’s why. 1) I don’t know the author of that blog and 2) I have my own words to say about this topic that are long, long overdue. I’ve preached individual discernment for a decade or so now, but too many people in my opinion are STILL addicted to, habituated to someone else define reality for me and tell me what to do consciousness. Team Dark has done its job well unfortunately.

          Again, I didn’t remove your link because I don’t believe in what it was saying because I do — with some slight corrections and/or greater explanations such as Anybody can claim to be a “lightworker” but that doesn’t mean they are one! — hence why individual discernment is a necessary Higher Awareness too. I did so because I’ve intended to complain some myself about this very subject in an article. I’d been working on one four days ago but got run over by the Wave X Eclipse energies and had to do near nothing for the past four, five days. And, as is often the case, multiple REAL “Lightworkers” or Forerunners perceive the same Higher Awareness information at the same time at higher levels which is why multiple REAL Ascension Forerunners who write about the Ascension Process all write close to the same material around the same time. If readers were able to discern this they’d know this for themselves and know who was correct and who was not. This is easy if you have the REAL ability to tell the freaking difference between a pile of steaming bullshit and actual and true higher information — aka Light. Unfortunately too many cannot do this yet and so they fall for every disinfo article, channeling, lecture etc. that’s out there. Team Dark doing what it does well again and too many not being able to tell the damned difference between Dark and Light!

          Now, just imagine how fucking frustrating this has actually been for those of us that actually are the REAL Forerunners/Lightworkers/Warriors etc. etc.?

          My biggest complaint about this particular business is that these people and too many channels call themselves, actually believe themselves and the info they’re being given to be of the, from the Light when in fact it’s the other team and these idiots can’t discern different energies and beings etc. and therefore easily and happily spread Ascension related disinfo like crazy. This has always been the case…just like religions and everything else. Discernment is a must to be able to accurately, safely and wisely navigate these deliberate deceptions and consciousness/energy/awareness traps set by people who are anything but “lightworkers” or “forerunners”.

          Sorry for this long pissy rant and I’m on your side. More about this one to come soon from me. 🙂
          Denise LeFay

  • Thank you, Denise, for this latest info. So many times your updates and comments have been helpful. And so they were this time. I’ve been having an increase in physical symptoms especially in the last two weeks (there must be something to the month of September after all). It’s been crazy. Last weekend it really knocked me off my feet – I even wrote about it when I usually try to avoid the subject since our physical reactions to the ascension process are so diverse and individual and not a pretty topic anyhow. Well, at least I thought they were ‘individual’ and that, aside from some ‘typical’ symptoms that are typical for that ‘stair step’ we all react according to our individual wek spots.
    However, you mention that your ‘normal weakness’ are teeth and bones, correct? Yet you are having skin issues… and I’ve been having all kinds of rashes, blisters, viral infections in the last two weeks too. Skin is my weak spot though, so I really thought that’s the reason why, when the energies increase, I react that way. Looks like I was only partially right and the ‘ascension symptom du jour’ is linked to the skin.
    Thanks so much for sharing. It’s always good to get your input!
    Same on negative energies…haven’t had as many attacks in a while as I have recently – so just confirming : little me has the same problems.
    Not giving up though! I’m told to not see them as problems but as ‘indicators of change’. Hope that works.

  • I have to thank you Denise for this forum. I have had daily attacks this week and in the past I would have felt like a real victim of life. I know what it is all about. I strengthen my light with meditation and each day I get attacked on so many fronts, physically, business etc. Knowing what their game plan is, has helped me so much to walk away and shake my head and go “not this time TD”. Thanks so much for helping me put this into its place. Game on.

  • Grateful beyond words to have found your blog. I had just regretted to TD as the ick, as in the ick is vack, the ick did this etc. In the last month all was, as it should be in my limited want of that rainbow filed world, yes the human crap but as you can likely relate, that drama is merely a pfft compared to what I experienced at least from the ick. Had searched for info though much out there seems written by those who luckily haven’t had the full on attack shit and rather unabashedly left me wanting to scream that no I did not ask for this or let my vibration lower lazily and no it isn’t my own stuff clearing. It actually IS other and not some delusional aspect of my own making. I digress as I know realize of course that if you don’t tread it, you don’t get it, but in closing know that I am but one of surely many who stumbled upon you and your honest boldness is teaching me that sending light and love to the ick isn’t always an effective route. If anyone on get has recommendations for books, sites etc where I may learn some strategies or just learn more about how to deal I’d be most appreciative.

    • ‘…Had searched for info though much out there seems written by those who luckily haven’t had the full on attack shit and rather unabashedly left me wanting to scream that no I did not ask for this or let my vibration lower lazily and no it isn’t my own stuff clearing. It actually IS other and not some delusional aspect of my own making…’

      tsky / JH,

      What you said above that I quoted has pissed me off, frustrated me tremendously, and occasionally hurt my feelings in years past. Tiny minds are just that — unaware and closed off, but add in some ego and they’ll happily inform people of how wrong they and their personal experiences are! I’ve experienced this profoundly unaware and negative “new age” type shaming, blaming and guilt tripping bullshit too. Know it’s just more Team Dark negativity easily working through Portal People. 😦

      I’ve been trying to write another book for almost a year now that’s about this subject only in relation to the Ascension Process. But, I’ve been so busy and exhausted that it keeps getting ignored because I’m up to my eyes in other work. However, the moment I get us moved and settled I’m starting back working on it because I know how important and needed this information is to growing numbers of people now. I’ll do my best to get it done as quickly as possible.

      Back to the unaware “new age” people what want everyone to believe that THEY are the cause of the psychic negativity and attacks they experience.

      This next sentence says it all. 🙂

      People come under increasing psychic, etheric, physical, emotional and mental attacks from Team Dark (TD) because they are “waking up”, they are evolving and their consciousness and therefore power is growing and TD does not want that to happen so they attack those people both “waking up” and those that are Forerunners/Wayshowers/Starseeds/Light Radiators/Indigos etc. The truth about all this is that simple; TD doesn’t want you/me/we evolving beyond their energetic reach and influence because they will die without humanity to feed off from. To feed off of humanity they do their best to keep humans–all humans–functioning within a VERY low level of consciousness and reality. As long as humans are UNAWARE of TD, then TD can continue controlling humanity and restricting their natural evolution and spiritual growth and of course consciousness. That’s why the unaware Portal People instantly try to shame, blame, guilt trip those of us that experience negative attacks in whatever form they take.

      Also, sending “Love and Light” to Team Dark or anything/anyone functioning at a much lower level of frequency and consciousness only pisses them off pretty much the same ways we get pissed off when “new age” idiots and TD directs “Dark Negativity” at us! 😉 Forget them and focus on you because that’s how you’ll really be able to “help” anyone by increasing the Light on Earth in physicality. We do that by embodying it within ourselves and living from that NEW higher state of being, consciousness and frequency.

      Hang in there and take good care of you. And I’m working on that new book. ❤
      Denise Le Fay

      I forgot to include this great video by Lisa Renee (her website is Energetic Synthesis) on how to build a 12D Shield (protection). It works but you may, may experience some interference from TD while building this Shield around yourself energetically. That’s your clue that it really works! 😉

      • ‘I forgot to include this great video by Lisa Renee (her website is Energetic Synthesis) on how to build a 12D Shield (protection). It works but you may, may experience some interference from TD while building this Shield around yourself energetically. That’s your clue that it really works!’

        This is so true. When I started using the 12D shield I was attacked by TD in my dreams. I wondered if I had done something wrong! I wondered how did TD possibly get in? It happened a few times that I went back to my old way of shielding and have had only 1 small attack. My way is close to what Lisa’s 12D is. Now I am confused. Which way is best… I know I need shielding daily/nightly. Any thoughts?


        • Julie,

          The way that works and is “correct” is the one that YOU feel best about. ❤

          Now we all can slightly tweak other people's methods to suit ourselves, such as changing certain words for ones that hold more meaning, potency, power, Heart etc. for us. It just doesn't matter. Use and tweak and create whatever works best for YOU in this now. Over time you may find you want or need to do some more minor tweaking to your method, which I’ve done repeatedly over the years as I continue evolving, growing, changing, to keep it compact and potent.

          Example: I Love Lisa Renee’s term ‘I am God, Sovereign and Free’ (GSF) except I prefer the word Source instead of God so I use what I feel the most comfortable with at the time. It’s about YOU protecting YOU so YOU just use whatever works the best for YOU. 🙂

          ❤ Hugs back,

      • I am laughing right now after reading your wonderful and insightful reply. Thank you! I will try the shielding video and update. BTW if you ate looming for any info, tapes of ick via recorder or simply experiences let me know as I know others will only benefit from the great work you are doing. Your candor and attitude strengthen my own resolve to keep on keeping on and listen to what resonates only. Much love for your work and the care you’ve shown.

  • Denise, thanks for pointing out the solar activity. Could be one of the explanations for my current state of enormous headache, muscle pain in neck/shoulder area, ringing ears, pressure in my throat area making me cough, pressures as if someone is hanging on my shoulders pushing me down into the earth and of course because of all that I’m feeling very tired. Pfew it has been like this for months now getting worse and it’s heaviest/worst now. I’m doing my best to stay positive and reminding myself that it is negativity and pain coming out to make room for light and love.
    I already related all this to the upbuilding pressure into September and also there’s my lifeline support of astrology which gives me 7 (!) mayor personal transits with an exact date between 08/25 and 09/03 including Chiron square Ascendant (retro), Saturn square Sun, Saturn square Pluto, Jupiter square Jupiter and THE transformation transit Pluto square Uranus (retro). This last transit which is going on now in my life for two years, makes it’s last exact around the end of October so that keeps me hopefull that this heavy Ascension process is almost through it’s worst, which coincides with several messages of spiritual guides. Just thought I share this for other readers to also get backup/understanding from their astrology transits.
    Anyway as all is connected in this universe, the solar flares and storms are certainly no coincidence for me in this extremely heavy times. As are the reocurring storms and lightning here in The Netherlands, like tonight….
    Thanks again and I wish everyone lots of calm, consciousness, positive thoughts and endurance to keep hanging in there!

    Greetings form the heart,

  • Had a very strange dream last night. An older woman, short white hair, wearing some kind of robe, and being observed by another older woman (shorter) also white hair also in a robe. I was laying on a table. The first older woman turned her back to me but began pushing on my ribs – going up and down my ribs where they meet the sternun. At the level of about my 7th rib I guess, she placed a button, that is a indigo blue/saphire blue colour and then they left. I was watching out of my body but I was also aware that was my body. Any kind of insight would be really appreciated. I’ve been reading your posts about the battle for consciousness. I have been really feeling this negative pull daily, mentally and all around me in my world, home, thoughts. I am really trying to hold the high heart and I remind myself over and over again and go back to my beautiful breath but it seems I am doing a whole lot of reminding myself – more than usual. Thanks for all you do Denise to bring us together and keep us wise and of a high heart. Blessings.

    • Kathy,

      From what you’ve said about your “dream”, I believe it was an actual higher dimensional energetic assist treatment; one that sounds like it had to do with your High Heart.

      I’ve had many of these types of higher dimensional “treatments” at what seems like a Starseed/Wayshower/Volunteer/Lightworker etc. Ascension related triage center! To be expected if you think about it! We’re down here getting our butts kicked by all this so there’s got to be a higher dimensional “treatment location” for we incarnate Volunteers. 😉

      Anyway, it sounds like you received some assistance with the difficult ‘negative pull’ that we’re all dealing with now. Send the two Elder women Gratitude and don’t over think it all. ❤

      I just moments ago was impulsed to go to Barbara Hand Clow's website — which I haven't done for many months — so I knew something was there waiting for me to find it. And, sure enough, Barbara had written something I haven’t even read yet but I know it’s great so I’m going to create a quick article just to share a link to it —The Nine Underworlds of Creation and the Nine Dimensions from the Pleiadians, a channeling by BHC. I know already without reading it yet that so much of the amplified negativity we’re feeling and dealing with now (2014 & 2015) is related to eons of past negativity that all MUST go, MUST be released at the end of this cycle’s Ascension Process/Galactic Alignment. Maybe her article will help you better understand your blue button treatment.

      • Gratitude to the Elder women in my dream/work. Gratitude to you for all your wisdom in the reply. I look forward to the BHC info you post…..Shine on!

  • Dearest Denise,

    Thank you for your latest offering/observations that you’ve shared with us.

    I so crave staying home all the time now because it really is a swirl of madness out there! I drive even more careful than usual (and I’m really overly cautious as it is, and it drives others nuts!) and observe too many near misses and angry drivers around me. It feels frantic and swirly and dare I say “overlapping” at times. Best I can describe the feeling now that I’m paying attention to it. And as much as I crave staying home, I feel “shoved” out the door most of the week. It’s a paradox in that I would love to enjoy my new car (1 year now, but haven’t had one since 20 odd years ago), but am so tired to “pay attention” all the time in order to drive that I can’t enjoy it the way I’d like to.

    I’m sure you know this already, however these dates did not escape me from your article:

    “Each time you/me/we embody more NEW Light regardless of what’s going on, we help seed another evolutionary lift for All up another Stair-step, or two or three. This time the jump has been really big which is also a clue that September 2015—Sept. 12th Solar eclipse at 20° Virgo, and the Equinox on the 23rd, followed with the Lunar eclipse at 4° Aries on Sept. 27th—will lift us even more.”

    Immediately I noticed the 12th the 23rd and the 27th = 3 5 9 (trinity, 5D heart center, completion). That’s what I felt/saw as if a hammer landed on my head 😀 Just thought I’d share.

    Love Chrysalis (FaeElf) 😉

    • FaeElf,

      What a great catch with those dates! I didn’t notice that so thanks for sharing…potent month for sure.

      I can relate with the car and driving thing too. There isn’t much of anything of the old world that’s enjoyable any more, even the things, foods, activities etc. that I used to really like mean nothing now. Very little can compete with 5D! 😉

      • Denise,

        I’m glad I piped up then about the dates, as every bit of awareness helps all of us 🙂

        I’m noticing more of a lack of interest for myself… especially in small talk, a majority of shows and movies (I only stream or watch dvds, haven’t watched “real” tv for over a year or more now), just the blahness of everyday things in 3D that need to be taken care of. Gasp, even some foods that I really love are coming off somewhat blah now!! On the other hand, I’m actually speaking up and using my voice now. Many people really appreciate what I have to share, complete strangers when I’m running errands, and it nudges me to share more when I feel compelled to.

        5D is absolutely the place to be 😀


  • Oh yes Denise – I felt those wonderful, uplifting energies a few days ago! I even laughed and felt carefree and ‘at home’ for the first time since I don’t know when. God it felt liberating!

    Now however, the challenges are coming thick and fast again, and there’s a huge temptation to just withdraw completely from the battlefield…somehow. Just as the prize of freedom appears on the distant horizon, the matrix steps in and huge boulders appear on the path yet again. Physical and mental exhaustion are ramped up, and the increasing decay of this current reality becomes ever more evident. On the one hand, I welcome that, but on the other hand, I still have to forge a path through to the other side, as we all do.

    Giving up is not an option, but it’s sooo tempting. Thank you for your valued communications Denise. For me lately, it doesn’t really matter what you have written – just contact with another being on the same path is enough.

    Love to you and yours


  • I have been reading your posts for some time now and your latest “Feel the Energies Change Again” really hit home. The weekend (August 15 and 16), I felt these really great light energies coming through and I really felt like things are changing, and when I feel this I think it’s all finally over and this light is just going to continue like this from now on. Then Monday the 17th hit and I just felt this dark cloud descend and did not lift until Yesterday morning the 19th, exactly the days you mentioned. It is truly like a dark cloud that I can’t see, think or function through. And again just like when I feel the light energies, when these dark energies come over, it feels like they will never go away. And I see a correlation when the dark energies come through, I feel negative people or negative situations seem to rear their heads. For example, I get more calls from upset clients then. When I feel the light energy, synchronicities abound and good things manifest, things I put out, come through quickly. For an example, I have a gym membership running out in a week, and I can’t afford to renew, I immediately receive an email from the gym asking me to fill out a survey and I will receive a free thirty days. Then my mom calls to say she sent money because she wants to help me continue my personal training sessions.
    I have been through these waves so many times since 2008 ( when I first started my Spiritual Awakening Journey), but I just never seem to be prepared and I really get to the point where I think I can’t do this anymore. I am also dealing with a soul connection that I am telepathic and empathic with and I never can tell if it is their feeling I am feeling because it never matches up to what I am going through personally. So I just want to thank you for all of your posts. It really helps to validate what I am going through and that I am not alone in this.

  • Thanks so much for your latest post on “the real war”. It’s word for word what I’ve been experiencing . The only real answer is, as you say, trying to stay in the higher mind and not reacting where possible, while the world around us goes crazy. It’s especially hard when others do rotten things to us intentionally and continually – making it necessary to extend ourselves physically when already unwell and in pain.
    My heart goes out to you for all you are going through and I just wanted to say that you are not alone, unappreciated or uncared for.

  • Denise,
    I loved your last post. I was feeling the same way yesterday and I too was looking for some sort of why. I totally lost my shit yesterday with a co-worker. He is an alcoholic and incredibly childish at the ripe age of 60. I have worked with him for over 10 years and have always taken into account why he acts the way he does and let things go. BUT yesterday… he was behaving so childish and it was directed towards me with name calling as he walked away ignoring anything I had to say. Yup… psycho me showed up out seemingly out of no where. I yelled back! and loudly! I was so angry I was shaking. This is out of my character. He kept saying to me… there is something wrong with you. There is something else going on with you to make you behave this way. That made me even angrier because I clearly thought NO! ITS YOU! At the end of the day when I stumbled across Brenda Hoffman’s article, this part really sunk in

    “You, in essence, will be flying through your new you teen years in a matter of hours. Meaning you will most likely appear petty, pouty and petulant to even yourself as you rapidly move through your processes. And then you will not.”

    I thought, could I.. am I going through a spiritual puberty? It brought tears to my eyes. I realized that this co-worker could be right! It wasn’t all him… it was me! Something was happening to me. This morning I woke up and braced myself for another emotional day, but so far so good. Being born under the sign of Cancer full and new moons affect me. I wondered if this upcoming Blue Moon was wrecking havoc on my emotions as well. What intensity!
    Thank you so much! Blessings to you, your mom and your new home.

  • Denise,
    Than you so much for this latest report. I have been feeling the “I should be” doing thing when all I can seem to get is the basic care for self and 4 legged kids. Sometimes I am so lost I get concerned but thanks to your article I know it is just processing. I did have what I think may have been an extreme out of body twice and a difficult time pulling myself back in. It was scary :(. At work, the women coming into the shelter seem to be carrying a lot more dense energy that feels like is jumping on me. Ditto on the hot flashes….WOW
    Hope you are in and enjoying your new well deserved home.

    Love to all

    • “…Hope you are in and enjoying your new well deserved home…”

      Thanks for the lovely thought sunny but not yet. So much work, cleaning etc. to still be done and my body is having a hard time with the external summer heat combined with the internal energy heat…and the boils I’m still getting! The embodying of this latest level of Crystalline energies has been really rough on my body since April. It’s easier to embody when doing nothing else strenuous physically, which is the opposite of what I’ve had to be doing since I bought the house. Now I’m trying to sell this one and keep it clean too so I’m having to be really careful and respectful of my body or it manifests more boils and itching etc. What a time it’s been for the past year! :/

      Also the indifference, the disconnect, the complete dissatisfaction with the world and people as they’ve been (and so many still are) and my having to live next to them becomes discouraging at times. Neutrality starts to fade and I have to get myself back up to that level, again. 😉 We’re all learning and yes, we’re all still processing too. Hang in there and self-care like crazy when needed. ❤

  • Hi fellow travelers —

    With all the stories, shifting and elevating — has anyone had a miraculous healing of a physical ailment/issue?

    My neuro symptoms continue to worsen by each day (it’s crazy how quickly this is happening) and though what I’m learning about myself and the massive amounts of healing I’ve done, my nerves don’t seem to be getting the message. I’ve been holding on that this will begin to improve.

    Anyone heal? Please…I need hope.

    • Dear sweetheart Susan,
      i have the same issues with spasms and panic attacks. Yes it seems that every ay is worse 😦 I am praying a lot, traying to do some things, but as I am in complete disorder … Nothing is Ok 😦 I dont’t know what to say, will this ever end …. Next week i am going to a manual therapies, just to release some spasms. I hardly walk and crying all the time. Me too,belive, that one day all this will pass. I hug you and send you my love, Yasna

    • I am experiencing healing. I could not walk around the house without running out of breath. I turned my body over to my soul and things initially got worse to the point where I was hospitalized, but tests were normal except for my old foe anemia. Iron helped, but it has never helped this much!

      I have used TKM, and had good results for healing. Search for The King Institute based in Dallas, Texas. There is a self help booklet that has many hand sequences you can do to realign your energy. It is based on Japanese energy healing. I use a pendulum to determine if I need to do a sequence then ask it which ones would be most helpful. Good luck.

    • “With all the stories, shifting and elevating — has anyone had a miraculous healing of a physical ailment/issue?

      My neuro symptoms continue to worsen by each day (it’s crazy how quickly this is happening) and though what I’m learning about myself and the massive amounts of healing I’ve done, my nerves don’t seem to be getting the message. I’ve been holding on that this will begin to improve.

      Anyone heal? Please…I need hope.”


      In my own way I’ve had a “healing” of some of my old, incarnated with problems. I noticed this SLOW change over the past many Ascension years of some of my lifelong problems decreasing incrementally. This is still happening and it’s more like I have been and still am SLOWLY stepping out of those old physical issues over time. None of this happened in a sudden, dramatic, Hollywood movie sort of way where in seconds all pain etc. is permanently gone. If only it was that way! 🙄 No, it’s been a slow releasing of some of these things and mind you I’m not talking about my having done this consciously or intentionally. It’s more of the old just getting energetically overwritten by us embodying more and more of the NEW higher energies. That is the so-called “healing” — natural evolution.

      Having said that maybe you should read Sandra Walter’s latest because she goes into more detail about some of them and the side effects of these NEW Ascension related energies; not the old ones that had to do with our transmuting density and Duality, but now about our embodying more and more of the NEW higher energies and Light etc. I got a kick out of her using the word ‘prickly’ to describe what this latest NEW crystalline energy Light feels like in our physical bodies. I’m feeling the ‘prickly’ so severely that it’s causing the itching I’ve had severely since late April, early May of this year. And all my itching is causing other problems, such as boils, which hurt to screaming high hell! So yeah, prickly indeed! 😆

      Hang in there and let the old go but know too that for a while at least, embodying the NEW has its own pains and pressures at first, until we adapt to that. ❤

      • One way I have found to accelerate my own healing is to be more active, try new activities, do lots of walking and do everything that I normally do with my right hand – now with my left i.e. brush my teeth, comb my hair, even eating. It takes longer, I bring more of my attention to the job and I know I am creating new neural pathways. I walk in a forest and take what the Japanese call “a forest bath”. I lay on the earth and walk barefoot in the morning dew. I really try to see through new eyes. It affects who I am and challenges me and what I believed to be true.

      • Thanks Denise,

        I know anything is possible……is it possible to “get” an illness during ascension and never heal it? Because that is what I feel like….neuropathy. It’s advancing like crazy and I have no medical evidence as to why I have it.

        Two years ago I thought it was ascension symptoms, but after working on healing and releasing every week for almost these past two years, I’m getting worse.

        Should I hope it will one day begin to retreat because it will be healed as part of my higher vibrational being?

        Thanks for sharing how you are making slow improvements.
        Much love,

        • Maybe this might help, especially the last sentence. “http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/2683-listening-to-mother-earth” – by Lisa Renee:

          “The Mother Mitochondrial DNA and magnetic shifts have many factors which are making metabolic adjustments which may manifest hormonal related symptoms to the reproductive cycles of females. Estrogen hormones activate estrogen receptors which are proteins that go into the cell and binds to the DNA making adjustments to the genetic expression. Cells can communicate with each other by releasing molecules that produce signaling within another receptive cell. Estrogen is secreted by tissues such as the ovaries and placenta, crosses the cell membrane of the recipient cell, and is bound by the estrogen receptor in the cell. The Estrogen receptor controls messaging between the DNA and the messenger RNA. As such, many females are undergoing unusual, strange cycles of their menses at this time which tend toward estrogen dominance. Changes to estrogen levels are happening in both men and women, so be aware of listening to what your body may need to help support this change. Taking care of the liver, detoxifying, eliminating sugar consumption, removing hormone inducing or hormone injected foods, balancing bacteria in the intestines and body is helpful to support estrogen balancing.”


    • Susan, I hope this is not too late to offer some encouragement, but I have had a dramatic healing lately, which was miraculous and (oddly enough) traumatic. Long story short: I began getting recurring bleeding ulcers after a juice fast, which the docs told me were autoimmune and incurable, and I could not eat a fruit or vegetable without being in excruciating pain (esophageal spasms). I also have had an (incurable) autoimmune thyroid condition for most of my life. Well, I followed Spirit’s advice and used a combo Paleo Autoimmune/ Ketogenic diet to reduce inflammation and calm the immune system. (As a long-term vegan, this was not easy for me, but Spirit told me I needed the meat to keep my physical body grounded in 3D reality. Otherwise, my body would continue to shut down and I would eventually “check out,” which is a nice way of saying “die,” not an option now that I’ve adopted my 2yo son). Within 1 months, the ulcers stopped, but I went into thyroid storm and had to lower my thyroid meds. 6 months later, still gradually decreasing the meds, I developed myopathy, because my muscles had broken down from the excess thyroid meds. Thank goodness, my ANP agreed with my intuition, pulled me off ALL meds cold turkey, told me to keep doing what I was doing (clean meat/veggies/some fruit), and I’m now fine, but recovering…

      It has required weekly (and 1+ hours a day at home) of physical therapy and myofascial release to get my muscles back. To put it bluntly, I still feel like my body has been crushed by a building, and I’m having to rebuild it, one reluctant muscle at a time.

      Incidentally, my blood work has always been contradictory, and offers very little help. I’ve been told in the past (and now know it to be true) that my energetic pathways and body chemistry are not necessarily the human “normal,” so I have to be super careful with meds/acupuncture/body work/etc. and use my own judgement. That has been a real challenge these past few years, with all the changes, because there were times when I definitely NEEDED the help of western medicine, but I couldn’t trust docs to make all the decisions either.

      So hang in there. Try to listen to Spirit, even if what they tell you seems outrageous. The Ketogenic Diet and/or the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol have worked wonders for many people with neuro issues. Conversely, juicing has helped some, although (energetically speaking) it was like cryptonite for me… a few sips of raw veggie juice will send me straight out of my body. I’ve almost fainted a few times beet juice, no kidding, and no it wasn’t the sugar or the beets, because I can eat both without issue. Some people need to raise their energy; but some (like me) need to ground it; and only you/Spirit know what’s best for your 3D and omni-dimensional body.

      Also, I read in another person’s blog that our 3D bodies are literally changing (physically) and being rebuilt, and that we would experience problems as each system was overhauled. I don’t know if every light worker is experiencing this; perhaps it depends on where we came from and/or who sent us, but it has certainly has seemed to be the case with me. I thought it sounded a little excessive, until every muscle in my body starting freezing up after a workout, my shoulder blades started “winging,” and I had trouble lifting a glass.

      Don’t lose faith, Susan. I know how scary it can feel when your body seems to be working against you, but I know it CAN get better, once you’ve found what works. Good luck!

      • Dear sweet Leila,

        Thank you and no, it’s not too late.
        I have recently had a session with Vidya Fraizer who is a healer. Interestingly, it came thru that my nervous system contains foreign dna. This is a good thing in that I have “Evolved” DNS which opens me up to my physic and higher realms. Like you, I feel my body is not entirely normal human because anything I do or take that helps others causes the opposite reaction in me….this has been me my whole life. Vidya also shared that I have a very high vibration that is in opposition with lower energies I’m working to release. It sounds right, but why are my nerves still so symptomatic? Everyday, another inch is numb, painful, twitching.

        I eat so clean and higher energy….veggies and fruits galore…fish. No junk, gluten, grains. Your story makes me think that my eatting higher vibrational is not the best for me right now.

        Honestly, I’m not sure what to do because nothing is helping. I don’t know what my higher self is telling me sometimes, because my head gets in the way. But you have given me a spark of hope. My faith and belief is beginning to return. Why must we get so severely affected physically?? How did you keep from being fearful?

        I am sending you a big hug….you’re inspiring me. This rebuilding is not for sissies! Please keep me posted.
        Much love…Susan

        • Great, timely, and sorely needed article you just posted. My life right now is such a mess from so many directions that the people around me just can’t believe it. Everything about my life has been changing this year-EVERYTHING. If I weren’t living through it, I wouldn’t believe it.

  • Re: Stresses from Repeated Timeline Jumping
    Denise and all,
    I was so excited to read the above article. I had a death experience while connecting to my nonphysical support team last week. I had some health problems, specifically the heart, and experienced my death and ascension of the body. It was scary. My heart rate soared. My nonphysicals were so reassuring, taking my hands. I asked them where I was going? They said “where you belong.” I experienced myself walking through my house, but everything was very ethereal, and non solid looking. I figured that maybe death is when your reality dissolves and a new world takes its place. Later, they clarified my destination as planet A/B. I have never experienced an initiation experience so powerful, and I had three within an hour. I was sweating and weak when it was over. Since then, it’s been like I’ve never been ill. Such positive energy infuses me, and I feel even more at one with the natural world. Perhaps that was a big time jump to a the new planet? Thank you for all your writing. It has meant so much over the years.

  • Hello! With all the wonderful changes (yes, even after the lovely ascension symptoms) that our bodies are going through, I just have to ask one crazy question: Will the “enhancements” bring any changes for the female body, example menopause? And most importantly, the ability for us older gals to become pregnant?
    God knows, using birth control at later in life would be a drag!
    Any thoughts?

    • Kj,

      Absolutely there will be many very positive improvements to both males and females because of all this compressed evolution–aka Ascension Process.

      One of the huge deliberate distortions done to humanity by Team Dark long ago was to make some changes to the female reproductive cycle. Said another way, before TD deliberately interfered with female human anatomy and DNA, we had the natural ability to become pregnant when we wanted to. Females and the male in our lives consciously intended to become pregnant because we had the natural ability to do this. But thanks to TD, sex for females has been a fear of getting pregnant at any time over and over again. That is not natural but a way TD has forced multitudes to keep populating the planet. This tactic has expired, along with many others created by TD long ago, but it will take mass humanity a while to unlearn the past and learn how the NEW works and how they are in control of their own bodies.

      Menopause shouldn’t be any different in the near 5D future for female humans. It’s been super intense and amplified now due to the need for many, many souls in female bodies now during the Expiration Date and beyond 2012 to embody and reintroduce the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother side of “God” to help override the sickly old negative patriarchy. Every “hot flash” we female Forerunners have had over these Ascension years was a hot flash+; they were “hot flashes” that were also Kundalini Fire burning away old crap (ours and the patriarchys) and they were also us embodying the Divine Female aspects of “God” within this physical dimension and bodies. Our menopause has been that and a LOT more because they needed to be during these rare Ascension / Galactic Alignment years. 😉

      • Wow, Thank you for the info Denise.
        Yes, it seems like the menopasual the hot flashes the last few ascension years were twice as delightful than normal. Think I’ll be moving to a cooler climate till I’m through this!

        “we had the natural ability to become pregnant when we wanted to”.

        So in the near future I/we will be able to create our own birth control. Think I’ll visualize a sign in my uterus that says “Dead end”.
        Hope sperm can read.

  • Denise,

    I am somewhat surprised by your comment that you were getting new carpeting (congratulations). It seems to me that my 3D world, especially my home and garden, are falling apart around me. Trying to improve on the situation to any great extent seems almost impossible (physically and emotionally). I guess I’m waiting for a new world to arrive. What you are thoughts? Am I doing this all wrong?


    • Gerry,

      Dearest…whose going to create that NEW world if not those who can? 😉

      I’ve been held in place since 1991; 13 years at another house, and 11 years at this one. When those past energies released this year for me (the 11 year one) because my Ascension Process Work at that location and level of awareness and ability etc., I knew it was finally time for me to Consciously Create (and physically too of course) within this phase so that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I know this “new” house is not my permanent home because I don’t believe in “permanent” anything! However, I’ve got to make changes and now that I’ve been released to do so, by gawd I’m doing it!

      Please understand, and this is to everyone, that the rest of our lives will be dealing with this planetary change out of the old patriarchy and ways/systems/beliefs etc. and stepping into NEW High Heart ways/systems/beliefs/consciousness etc. This change already happened but it takes more linear time within physicality for the rest of humanity, unaware humanity, to get with the NEW in all ways. That’s why this will take the rest of our lives to unfold but it’s easier now than ever before to clearly and honestly see that the old patriarchy is no longer in control on this planet, and all the “monsters”–human and non–cannot hide any longer. They are all being revealed to an unaware and fooled masses finally, which means mass humanity is ready (we Forerunners/Pathpavers/Lightworkers etc. have always been ready!) for tremendous changes into the NEW and this is happening VERY quickly.

      Bottom line is that souls like we Forerunners are the ones that first Pathpave, embody the NEW, Consciously Create within the NEW and so on so it’s always been up to you and me and each of us to build that ‘new world’ you’re waiting to arrive. Don’t wait for it, Create it for yourself in the NOW. ❤

      • Hi Denise,
        Thank you so much for all you do! I appreciate this reply to Gerry, and just wanted to add…your remarks coincide with what comes to me recently….life goes on! For a while I was just waiting. I have to laugh at myself there. Yep…I was waiting. But then that somehow didn’t feel right. So then I began to slowly get the message. “Life goes on! Do whatever! So now as I create my beautiful new world, where peace and joy and love abounds, I will mow the grass, and shampoo the carpet, and will still work towards getting my hubby in gear to get that new walk in closet built. 🙂 And oh yeah….I am often just amazed in a most joyful way, seeing how fast things are now moving as far as TD being exposed, and moved OUT of all their “hiding places!” You gotta love it!


      • Denise, thank you for your response. It has been an inspiration. I’m actually changing my life already. Everything is becoming so magical. Wow!

  • Denise,

    I don’t remember if I have spoken about this here, but it seems that now is the time. For the past six months, the universe has been closing the door on my current life in the midwest. The window has opened solidly and urgently to a life in southern California. Now I know that this is the dream of many, but it has never been mine. “I” don’t want to go, but I am being given little choice. The appointed time looks to be at the beginning of September, so I should be there by the fall equinox. Do you have any ideas as to why this might be happening? There is going to be a total breakdown of my life as I know it and I will be disappointing many and leaving many loved ones behind. It will get ugly and is making me incredibly tired and upset/depressed. Make no mistake, I am being given very little choice. Everything I am doing in my old life is backfiring and the window is being flung open wide for this new life. I think I need some support as the ascension symptoms are breaking me.

    • Elle W,

      I’ve talked a bit about how, after many, many years of my being held in place where I’ve lived for the past 11 years, that in spring of 2015 that suddenly ended and I too had a NEW “door” open up so I could move. Mind you this is after about 8 years of my wanting and trying and butting my head against that closed “door”! I knew things would open up when it was time and that time has finally arrived for many of us. (I’m not moving out of SoCal, just out of the old house and neighborhood and energies that go with them.)

      I don’t know what you’re being moved out of and into Elle but if the “door” and the push to move is as strong as you say, and you feel it’s positive, then walk through that “door” into your latest NEW creative adventure. Many of us are in this phase too and not sure of what tomorrow will bring but we’re putting one foot in front of the other moving forward nonetheless. We’re Pioneers of and in the NEW.

      Be brave, be strong, be the highest YOU that you can now and all this will help you transition into the latest NEW. ❤


      • Denise, that is the exactly length of time I have been held in place (11 years). I know why I have been here and this is where I needed to work out many things, but now is the time. Change is still scary, but this move will be positive and unbelievably fortuitous. If I explained the details, you would say, “yes, of course you need to do this”. I sincerely hope the new energies you have come into are positive. One foot in front of the other. 😉

  • Hello Denise,

    Around the time of the solstice, I went through a very difficult and physically painful time. I’m now feeling very changed and sometimes wonderful. However, one problem is that I can’t seem to get enough to eat. I am constantly wanting to eat, even when I’m not hungry. This is quite different for me. What’s happening? Is this ascension related. (Lately, I assume everything is ascension related.)
    Thanks for everything, Denise


    • Gerry,

      During the worst of the worst Ascension years I too became ravenous due to all of the Inner Work, inner changes taking place within me and my body/bodies etc. So much fuel was being used to make these energetic transformations that I needed much more food, high protein foods, each day. During that time I often lived on peanut butter and pot roasts and even that wasn’t enough protein intake for me! Normally I HATE eating heavy foods as they make me sick and heavy feeling but sometimes when we’re needing more physical fuel to make the intense inner changes we and our bodies are going through, we need to eat whatever it is we’re sensing or craving and as much as it as we need at that time. You’ll just stop this when your body doesn’t need the extra fuel any longer so don’t worry about any of it; just feed and fuel your self and your body so it can do The Work it must.

      ❤ Hugs,

  • Following up again about your last article: “We knew Team Dark would make a strong Last Stand”. My life has become one big freak show of problems. 😉 Honestly, never have my husband and I had so much go wrong–daily crud that makes it hard not to go into fear. Denise, your articles have helped me to keep sane in this chaos. We keep trying to breathe through it, but seriously, how much longer?

    • Elle W. & All,

      This is how I felt all of 2014, because that’s when I was getting hit the hardest with difficulties, changes and traumas. It was horrible but it reduced over time and now, halfway through 2015, I’m dazzled by the ongoing reduction and removal of Team Dark/the patriarchy (all the way down in the physical) and their utter control over this planet and humanity. Remove the monsters and life is gonna be great! 🙂 However…this is the final leg of the Ascension Process/Galactic Alignment and the push is on to complete, separate the monsters–nonhuman and human–out of controlling this world any longer, and build a NEW higher frequency and matching consciousness world for us to exist within. That’s a lot we’re moving, living through this year and next and at times it’s going to be “trying” but I’m telling you and everyone else reading this that, underneath all of this, there is tremendous positive improvements happening every minute of every day and night now and this will continue. Keep your HighHeart focused on that as you traverse your way through whatever the current heaping pile of difficulties may be. The WAY things like this works now is totally different from the ways they always did before and this too has to do with us being in the NEW Evolutionary Cycle now and the old one long gone. Living now in the “Now Moment” just means that you/me/we deal with whatever it is that’s in front of us with emotional neutrality and the crap just moves on out super fast! It’s amazing and such a relief from how “reality” worked before the monsters were dethroned and removed.

      I’ll try to get an article written about this soon because I know many people are going through it this year. I’ve been experiencing these positive changes, this NEW freedom to move, to change, to expand into more of the NEW, more of my NEW so I know it’s real and actually happening finally. I’ve been super busy and will be for a while but I’ll try to talk a bit more about this phase and these profound positive changes taking place now in an article. Hang in there right in your HighHeart in the Now Moment and move through whatever it is that’s demanding your attention at this point of The Process.


      • Denise,

        You have no idea how much so many of us appreciate you! This stuff is so unbelievable that there aren’t many people to talk with, but we here know what we’ve been through and are going through. In many ways, it has been a privilege and an honor to work with so many in this community. Yes, 2014 was nuts and 2015 has continued for me; however, I know it is my/our obligation to not fall/fail. I am under tremendous stress, but keep telling myself to remain centered and to send out love and not fear whenever it is possible. For the last week I spend my nights radiating love and forgiving those who have hurt me (including myself). Waves of cr_p keep coming in 3D life, and I sink for a bit and then just come right back up. Last night (while awake, just prior to falling asleep), I found myself up above the earth, holding hands with others. It was our responsibility to send love radiating out from the planet. This was not a dream experience, I was there. I saw those I was holding hands with. It was REAL. I suspect it may have had something to do with the new moon along with the upcoming solstice. Physical stuff has been “off the charts” intense for the last week or so. I feel everything is absolutely on the verge of change. Awesome!

  • 2014 was tough and 2015 has been surreal. One door is slamming shut for me and a window has been opened wide-a new opportunity that is amazing. However, in the meantime, my husband and I have been pelted with one big problem after another. If I hadn’t gone through so much of the Ascension process, I’d be caving right now, but it is still very unpleasant. For the most part, I’ve been staying out of fear and just knowing that this new opportunity in a very different place must be where we’re supposed to be. It is not what “I” want, but we have been left with no choice. Assuming there is a reason for it.

  • Hi, Denise and all,

    Regarding your last post “We Knew Team Dark Would Make a Strong Last Stand,” I’ve had an experience with that recently that I’d like to share. Interference has been minimal for me in 2015– the parties have stopped next door, the people in the house I live in are decent, and I don’t even hear the aggressive hopped up motorcycles and race cars going down my busy street 95% of the time. So, I guess another tactic was in order. I met this young guy at a conference and we had a lot in common and were going to meet. I saw him by chance last week and he got really aggressive over some trivial thing I said (I guess it was wrong to have an opinion, lol). I thought he hated me, but then asked me for tea and so I met him and the first 15 minutes of the conversation quickly turned into an assault on any bloody thing I said. Almost shouting at me– making no sense at all, although he is intelligent and educated. He forced himself to calm down and we had a fairly interesting conversation where I was forthcoming but not overly so and he quoted various yogic and Buddhist texts. That night, while I was at the computer, I could feel an intruder and knew that it was him snooping. It seriously pissed me off and I told him to stop and then wrote it in an email that I never sent. I expect he might have read it, because it hasn’t happened since.

    Now, there are a number of things that made me go back and read your article, Denise. First, he told me he was schizophrenic and he attacked me because of the voices in his head. He also told me that he had played with spirituality when he was younger and had called in demons and the like and that he had lost it for a time and was still battling them. But his tone of speech was exactly like what you tell us to look for from Team Dark, Denise. It was a monotone with no inflection whatsoever like thoughts that are put into someone’s head. He thought he was on a level with me spiritually, but only quoted from books and his energy was all over the place during the conversation (I am so empathic, that cannot be hidden from me). And he told me about “helping” other people on the small platform he has and talked about calling on Kali (which made me go, No, not Kali for you). I got a strong impression of a beginner in spirituality who was enamored of the power he had and how he could control situations (“help”) and I got a distinct impression of someone who had misinterpreted the idea of “I am God” to mean that HE was God. I would call him a spiritual meddler and a wanna be spiritual “guru”. I have met his ilk before and they can be extremely destructive to the people around them.

    So, that’s an example of a new Team Dark tactic. Did not last long with me and I have no intention of ever meeting this guy again. He has too many evil spirits around him and he gives them access to attack me. Never again.

    Love that you’re still here, Denise,

    • Cat,

      Just when you think it’s safe to go outside — Portal People rush ya! 😆 That wasn’t funny, but you get what I’m saying and why. I’m glad your disconnect from him was that easy and safe. Thanks for sharing your 2015 Portal People experience.

      ❤ Hugs,

  • Denise, did you read Crucial Message from Cosmic Awareness? I missed it somehow when you posted the link to the blog. It describes a “blanketing of the planet by those who have access to certain advanced technologies” that “is being directed to those of a spiritual nature, those who are seeking to move forward, who hold something within them that is how for the future, a sense and feeling that which lies ahead will destroy that which has been.” This energetic blanket is “seriously dumbing down and hankering even those of the most powerful, sensitive and spiritual natures.” This contributes to feelings that “hope is lost,” and “this illusion is the worst it has ever been.” “At this very moment in time many are losing their way, many are struggling desperately, knowing at some levels they cannot go on in a way that does not resonate with them, in a life that does not support them or see them advance.”

    There is good news as well, such as these controlling beings becoming increasingly unable to “view fourth dimensionally alternative timelines” and “emphasize those timelines that put themselves in greater and greater power.” You have described this.

    Anyway, I have provided a summary of this channeled message to encourage others who may feel hopeless. I was relieved that “it isn’t just me” losing focus and faith, that there has been a concerted effort by those in power to paralyze us.


    • BM,

      I’d written about this myself, many times and in many different ways, but I was glad to see Cosmic Awareness address it now too. Not many are unfortunately.

      As I mentioned in this article, my onslaught of this increased negative interference started in April 2014 and the entire year was terribly difficult for me personally. If they can’t get ya one way, they shift tactics slightly and hit ya again and again and again until they find something that does affect you/me/each of us living and embodying the Ascension Process. This will go on for a while longer but it will disintegrate and disappear eventually.

      I know myself pretty well, pretty honestly and because of this I’m able to quickly tell or discern what’s mine and what’s not — thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, impressions etc. — and what Cosmic Awareness is talking about in this particular case is Team Dark through and through. They try to obliterate the Light in any way/ways they can and they do that, especially now during these completion years of Galactic Alignment/Ascension Process, by attacking those of us that are Forerunners, Pathpavers, Wayshowers embodying and living The Process first so as to lay the NEW energetic blueprints (foundations) for the rest of humanity in this life and into the future. Sometimes I’m glad that more of my fellow Forerunners and Pathpavers don’t fully realize or understand what dangerous spiritual/energetic jobs they have in these lives! Certain information has been deliberately kept from me too for this vary reason; I’d go into fear if I knew how big, how serious, how dangerous, how important what we’ve been doing and continue doing has actually been.

      When any of us suddenly feels overpowered by it all, beaten down by it all, alone and exhausted in it all, fighting a loosing battle, or just too weak and discouraged to go on, then KNOW that Team Dark, in whatever form, is intentionally interfering with you and/or attacking you in hopes of stopping you and/or preventing you/me/we from continuing doing what we’ve been doing all along. If you/me/we can remember that, it’s so much easier to shake off the negativity and go into Light Warrior Mode again and keep moving forward despite the crap and Portal People and plentiful other negative BS n’ crap that’s intentionally thrown at us.

      Here’s that Cosmic Awareness link again in case anyone else missed it in my latest article.

      Click to access 20150529M.pdf

      ❤ Hugs,

      • Dear, dear Denise and all 🙂
        About all mentioned – theTeam Dark on “the last mission”, I have one question.
        How can you/me/we know if there are Ascension symptomps, Dark night of the Soul, Team Dark on work, real health issues or even so called Black Magic?
        I had an accident with back hurt, but after 4 years, pains insreasing to the sky 😦 Whole right part of the body is in a huge spasm, nerve disorder, lower back is soooo weak … and depresion, anxiety and confusion … all the time. And yes all these intensified after April 2014. This year is ten times stronger 😦
        Anyone please have an idea? Will this pass? I have all the time pressure, that i have to go to some physiotherapist … But when i start doing some exercises, the spasm is larger and pains grows. I already had about fifty therapies …
        Love you all, J

        • Yasna,

          It sounds like you really injured something in your back, your spine, 4 years ago and probably need to see a specialist to get some relief. Also, if you do have a spine/disk/nerve injury, then physiotherapy isn’t going to help you at this point but could irritate the injury. Please know that I’m not a doctor and am speaking from my own lifelong experiences with back and spine problems (scoliosis).

          Also what do you need to emotionally let go of, release personally? I don’t need you to tell me what it is, I’m just asking you to think about this so you can make some positive changes on both the emotional and physical levels to get some relief. The Work for us all is and always has been internal and when we do that the external changes to match the changes we’ve made within. Be strong and release and change. 🙂


        • Dear Denise,
          thank you from all my heart for your answer. I have done so many medical/specalist exams, but they actually can’t find some serious injuries 😦 Neurologist – OK, orthopedist, just spasms … OK, I have scoliosis … Now I am reading an interesting book about spasm and pains: caused by repressed old trauma and negative emotions. How people lost all their pains, when they realised, which negative emotion is behind. The most what is momentally my problem is being mind confusion, anxiety, which caused some more spasms. As I don’t know who I am anymore … Tired, lost and afraid … But anyhow i breath and breath … Love you and hug you, Y

        • ‘As I don’t know who I am anymore … Tired, lost and afraid … But anyhow i breath and breath …’


          Not knowing who we are anymore is a very positive sign and natural side effect of the Ascension Process. 🙂 The old lower frequency ego self and matching consciousness is “ascending”, evolving, expanding into more of the higher aspects of the Greater You and Source/God/All That Is etc. etc. While living this Process we often feel an amplified sense of loss of our old familiar self with it’s old likes, habits, favorite foods, favorite activities, friends and so on meaning we often feel like NEW young creatures flailing around all on our own! This is simply us expanding, evolving into much more so celebrate the old aspects of “you” that are being replaced with much larger and more creative aspects with a much more direct conscious connection to Divine Self and Source. Release, release, release and do it now as the June 21st Solstice is coming fast and this will ramp up even more for all of us.


        • Denise, thank you 🙂
          But do all huge panic attacs and conflicts in my mind mean ascension too? Clearing or bi-polar … ??? It is sooo hard … Cant’ fond my own balance … Just panic crying, pains, and tensions all the time. I do have psyhiatric consultations and my therapist says that it is an anxiety … So hard ….

        • Yasna,
          I so understand what you are going through. I have had many issues with back pain as well as the panic attacks. I found that nuro-feedback helped very much with the anxiety, and having the brain more relaxed seems to help with the body issues some not all. This past week, I have been having muscle spasms and no reason I can figure why so I think this may be some love light coming in so I welcome and hope the body adjusts soon. I send you much healing energy 🙂

  • Can medications be connected to TD? Without stopping them, is there a way to negate the negative?

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your beautiful comments and feedback 🙂
    My awakening journey has been incredibly intense in my body, however now things are feeling a lot easier and I feel far more at peace with everything that’s occurring. I wanted to ask if anyone is experiencing any kind of restriction in their throat? This is a symptom I’ve had for over three years now. It’s always there, however sometimes more intense, and then less so. It can feel hard to swallow sometimes and eating and drinking is not always comfortable or pleasurable. When I look or listen internally all I get is ‘Voice’. And I have noticed changes in my voice, particularly a deepening at times, along with a vibration in the throat too. Half the time if feels like I’m being choked, but I figure that’s probably not going to happen now if it hasn’t already happened in three years.
    The other symptom is my stomach. Sometimes a sicky feeling right at the solar plexus, also abdominal discomfort and pressure, sometimes pain at my pelvis in a V shape and bottom. Feels like glands expanding and contracting as they take in food and prepare to remove waste etc. Tends to happen more intensely in the week leading up to a full moon, and that’s also the lead up to my menstrual cycle which falls around the full moon also.
    Any help would be most welcome 🙂 With Love

    • AnniLou,

      Everything you’ve mentioned sounds to me like Chakra blockages and/or the energetic work happening in those locations. The Throat chakra has been closed for thousands of years in females, allowing them no voice in their lives and the world around them — the Patriarchy has run the world. In men it’s been their Heart chakras that have been closed so that they wouldn’t feel anything for anyone. Makes killing others easier I suppose…

      The Solar Plexus is the stomach area, and the pain at your pelvis is related to one or both of the bottom chakras. Here’s a link to a great visual chakra/organs/energetics that may help give you more info about what you’re going through due to the Ascension Process amplifying all lower frequency things and issues etc.



      • Dear Angel Soul Denise 🙂
        I can’ describe, how much You and all You people here help me each morning, just to survive the day 🙂 I am from Europe and I can read – because of different time – all posts in the morning and late afternoon. 🙂
        Its interesting about all this chakras – how they relate to health issues. But now it feels like all the chakras are strongly affected. In 1997 it was the first time I have been hearing (if I don’t mention huge symptoms) that I am one of the “gang”, who started with so called creating a New World. Oh my God. I didn’ belive it. In all these years, the symptoms were more or less just on one specific area (emotions, relationships, body dying, releasing, nerve system upgrading, muscels turbulence, hearing mantras in the middle of the night, periods of extreme night mares, lost of mind and lostness, … if mentioned just a few). And they lasted just a few weeks – max.
        So after almost 20 years of “catching a breath” it seems, that all these symptoms are now happening all at once, with no ending. 😦 Like a Grand Finale in some Beethoven Symphony.
        Spasms, painful back, dhiarea for 7 weeks, anxiety, emptiness and fullness at once, legs like a cheese, vertigo … painful abdomen, nerves disorder … So my question is, dear sweet heart, Denise – is it possible, that all these symptoms are now amplified all together, and that it actually means Healing? That ascension process is healing/clearing? And if we have the whole body disorder, like never before – is this process – Healing and Transformation to something Beautiful? For 20 years I believed so. But now is really tough.
        And every morning when I read all these posts, I say, lets go further 🙂

        Thank you from all my heart!
        Love and light 🙂

        • ‘…is it possible, that all these symptoms are now amplified all together, and that it actually means Healing? That ascension process is healing/clearing? And if we have the whole body disorder, like never before – is this process – Healing and Transformation to something Beautiful? For 20 years I believed so. But now is really tough…’


          Absolutely. 🙂 I’m not promoting pain and suffering, it’s just that transforming from the lower level density and duality we were born in, into such a grand elevation as what we’ve been living through and embodying within ourselves, our bodies and consciousness causes some pain along the way. This has been, literally, a sacred Alchemical Process.

          The reason why some of these old Ascension symptoms — and some new ones too — seem so amplified after 2012 is because the old energies and blueprints/patterns etc., are gone and we are existing within the NEW energies and blueprints/patterns etc. In other words, there’s no going back for even a minute because we’re completely within the NEW energies and anything within us now that’s of a lower frequency is so profoundly amplified in all this NEW Light that it’s unbearable. Truly unbearable and one is willing to release and/or change whatever it is that’s still within oneself to make that all go away for good! I’ve been experiencing this profound amplification any time I have the slightest fear over something; it instantly is so huge and miserable and revolting that I’m happy to face it (whatever it, my fear is) just so I can be free. The energetic pressure now requires that everyone living in it is clear of all the old lower stuff because it cannot co-exist within this NEW Light. Period, and that’s a blessed thing!

          Try to understand just how intense and complete this stage of the Ascension Process actually is for each person, each being, each animal etc. because that makes it easier to live and move through the transformations and further embodiments we’re going through in 2015. Just look at the weather around the planet and the earthquakes and volcanic activity and it’s easy to see how these changes are affecting Earth in 2015…and of course we’re part of Her too so we’re going through the same changes within/without.

          ❤ Hugs,

        • Dear Denise and others,

          your comments and sharings help me feel a spot of brightness.

          I am at the end of my rope. I feel my body (actually my nervous system) getting worse and worse. It’s been a slow decline for two years with continuous 24/7 symptoms, but has sped up the past three weeks. I can’t take the twitching, cramping, burning, pain anymore. It seems hard to fathom I could be getting this sick this quickly, but that is what I feel. It is more difficult to function — and my spirit is dying, too.

          My physical symptoms have always felt like they were on their own agenda. Nothing I have done to help my physical has made a difference. Not one day of a break or glimmer of healing.

          I “get” what is going on with our transformation, but it is hard to for me believe I’m going to feel better physically. I’m continually releasing and processing what comes up as that seems the right thing to do.

          It seems that if it were transformational in its origin, I would get a break?
          I often think of how I wanted to go thru ascension years before I even knew what it was.
          Can anyone “read” if that is what is going on for me?
          Bless all of you — lots of light and love to you today and everyday.

        • Hi Susan.
          Yes it has been a very intense couple of months and I think everybody going through this is starting to get a little bit cranky even though we are supposed to be powder puff clouds of love and light 😉 I think it is starting to ease up though. I feel pretty good today. Head and jaw pressure is not so bad and I am full of energy for the first time in weeks. I’m noticing that each ‘wave’ of symptoms is speeding up but that is followed by a calm period where we get to enjoy some new gifts before the next wave. I’ve learnt to rest as much as I can when it gets too much, even if it means taking time off work if possible, and focus on the positive side. We are getting stronger and better with each wave, and yes, they do give us a break every once in a while 🙂

    • Hi Susan and Annilou, If it helps to know, I have had this throat thing for years, too, Inability to swallow, a feeling I’m going to choke when I do try to eat, and even drink fluids…same thing. Food goes a little way down then just sits there….very aggravating. Denise has shared with us that she does this too….and I thought that was so interesting what she reveals about how this is caused in women because they have been stifled for so long by TD!! The Rascals!!!!!

      I even had a throat scan where they give you this chaulky stuff to swallow and watch how it moves down the esophagus…definitely gets stuck there…but not a real serious medical problem….nothing like I feared. I have days when I don’t have this happen….it’s like periodic.

      I truly feel I am SO past the fear stage when these physical ascension symptoms appear. 🙂 My new intent in all this is, “no pain no gain” relax, accept, allow allow allow allow…. 🙂 It seems that having acceptance with no resistance works for me.

      Love and blessings ❤

  • Hi Denise and others, first I want to thank you Denise for the reply about my experience with the vibrations. I did go in and read up as you suggested…..then read on and on….you are a treasure trove of much needed information/Light!

    Everyone seems to be “afflicted” with all the aches pains and downright worrisome symptoms brought on by the greater influxes of Light. I can identify! Last evening the itching/crawling on my back got so bad that I ran downstairs, grabbed the salve my dermatologist suggested I try, and ran to my hubby telling him to hurry and put some on my back, “before I take a knife and stab it!” I know…..sounds silly….but for a minute there, I lost it. Actually, after 5 or 6 years of this, and not getting better, I find I can actually (most of the time) ignore it….don’t even scratch it, even if it feels like there are a million worms crawling around deep under the skin. It’s like self hypnosis or something. The pain is always there, too. Between my shoulder blades, up and down the spine from the bottom of my skull, to mid back. Goes thru my chest, too….and then there’s the headaches. I have had cat scans and xrays ….nothing is found. Nothing “remarkable” anywhere. Now, with these splitting headaches, and all this, if it was something medically serious, after 5 or 6 yrs, of it, I’m sure I’d be dead. <>

    Around a yea ago, I had just returned home from a dental appointment. Came in, took my meds for a lung condition I have, and then ran up here to check my mail, etc. I was fine. Then all the sudden I wasn’t fine. Something hit me hard, and the room got real bright, and at the same time, I became disoriented. On getting up from my desk here, I found I was also having vertigo. I made it to the door and called down for my husband and then just fell back onto the bed. He ran up to see what was wrong. I really didn’t know what to tell him except that something “really bad” was happening to me. I was so afraid. All these symptoms were getting worse and then I spent the next couple of hours vomiting. I thought I was dying. Really. My head/brain felt real weird. I just felt weird all over! Heart palps too. My husband helped me get all propped up on pillows and sat there holding my hand. I was literally telling him goodbye. Told him to tell he children and family how much I loved them. I was having a real hard time staying conscious. I fought that for several hours….struggling to stay awake. I asked hubby to please not leave my side, which he didn’t.
    Finally the vomiting let up and I felt so exhausted and couldn’t fight it anymore so I just thought to myself, “okay, let go, if it’s time to go, then accept it”… then I just relaxed and then I immediately slipped into …whatever. Not sure if I passed out or just went to sleep.

    I woke up the next morning…….. feeling fine!! No sickness….no symptoms, nothing. I was as normal as ever. To this day I wonder if it had to do with ascension processes. I pretty much accepted that it did. Of course, most of my family insists I had a stroke. But both sides of my body operated okay, no speech problems, could move both arms and legs, etc.

    My vibrations are mine, how I experience them. Sometimes vibrations, other times a fine buzzing all over feeling. Have the various different sounds/tones of ear/head ringing. Haven’t heard the jet engine sound yet. (yikes!) I do know, like Denise says….we will all have our very own experience, often very unlike what some others experience, and to whatever extent/degree.

    I have made it my intention to endure this even if it’s years before I get there! I am so grateful for this wonderous and blessed experience it brings me to tears! Much High Heart Love and Light wishes for everyone, that soon all this will pay off!!

    Dolly ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thanks Denise. I’ve been envisioning a new earth and new beings for so darned long now, these days I tend to think it’s more memories of home and me changing my frequency to return there, rather than me transforming anything about this out-of-kilter creation.

    The thing is, most of us still place some credence in the Weather Bureau (for example). If quite a few signs are pointing to a major weather event in a particular area, we tend to avoid planning a holiday there at that particular time. Those who live in the target area can choose whether to stay or go, put their good stuff up high or not, have an escape plan in place, or not.

    Seeing you’ve just bought a house there, I’m happy to believe that you and your Mum, and your abode will all be existing happily in 5D no matter what eventuates on 3D Earth. Who can remember any more what Kansas was like anyway? Onwards and upwards…..

  • Hello Denise and all
    I had a very vivid dream last night – driving with my son down towards the coast near where I live, when suddenly there was water everywhere, swirling and sucking the car out to sea. Tonight, reading a blog I occasionally check out, in the comments section was a posting about this video on youtube. I know we’ve all been hearing the ‘California falls into the sea’ scenario for decades, but….it appears to have some credibility astronomically.

    Any thoughts?

    • Elle,

      I watched the video which was interesting and no doubt with that many alignments (conjunctions, oppositions etc.) something will manifest physically on Earth. What exactly is another story however.

      For many, many years I clairvoyantly saw a strong potential reality of a massive earthquake that caused California (I live in southern California) to break off and disappear into the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say the tsunami that that event caused came inland to Arizona and Nevada. It was a horrific potential, probable event that I had to See for many years while I worked, as many other Forerunners did back during the 1990s, to override that future potential event. We were successful with that.

      As far as I’m able to perceive, nothing that catastrophic will happen on or around the last week of May 2015. Now, I’m NOT saying that there won’t be any earthquakes or anything else that week because we’ve been having small quakes in SoCal all week already, plus there was an oil spill in LA county last week that they’re still cleaning up and will be for a while. I do think we may, may have some quake or quakes on this cost but nothing as severe as what’s been suggested. What would be the point after all the Work Forerunners (myself included with this one specifically) did for many years in the 1990s to prevent, to override what was coming with the start of 2012 if we did nothing to elevate the frequency on Earth back then. But we did and so that probable reality did not happen for us.

      What I sense is happening now in the spring quarter of 2015 — both to our bodies and to Earth — is that she/we are going through a NEW level of change due to our embodying another big chunk of the NEW Light Codes/Blueprints of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle. So you see, the old potential event was pre-Ascension and this possible event(s) is because of it! 😉 There’s no point to ascend, to elevate the Earth to then destroy it afterwards! Before maybe yes but not afterwards, not to the degree of California falling into the Pacific Ocean. We may shake and rumble for sure and so may other areas — including financial and so on — but it’s all part of the old disintegrating and the NEW coming online so to speak now in 2015. Besides, I just bought a house and I’ll be damned if a week later we’re all going to fall into the ocean! 😆 No fear, just envision the NEW Earth and NEW humans creating wonderful NEW things on it. ❤


      • Denise, I appreciate your thoughts as well as what you have experienced, what you See…..these things you share with us. I truly do believe your work, along with so many others has changed the course of “what might have been”

        My sister, Dawn, who just returned to the states (East coast ) after almost 40 years in Chile, SA. tells me that now and then she feels what seems like fine tremors Of course living through a lot of earthquakes there in Santiago, she is quite sensitive to the slightest earth tremors. With me, especially at night when I retire, and I’m relaxed and still, I often feel this. It’s like a sort of vibrational tremor. I’ve had this happen during the day a couple of times, but mainly this occurs at night, when I’m ready to go to sleep and lying very still and relaxed. But then there are times when it just feels more like it’s just me…like my body is vibrating. Actually, I rather enjoy the feeling/experience. I think I’m more convinced that it is my body vibrating. Not sure exactly what is happening. Any thoughts on this?

        Much and love and gratitude, ❤

        • Dolly,

          I’ve written about this Inner Body Vibrations business both here and more at TRANSITIONS if interested. https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/

          The more Light we embody (the more we “ascend”), the more we feel this inner body vibration moving within us. The Earth (and solar system, Sun and everywhere else too) is also going through this “upgrade” of Light and frequency, so everything is feeling this inner body vibration. Another aspect of this Process is that as we evolve into 5D consciousness and frequency, we return to a conscious connection with Earth (and everything else too of course) and we feel Her intimately which is why everything is and will improve on Earth because no one will allow anyone else to harm Earth or any living beings on Earth. If you feel what others are feeling, then you’re not going to allow what the patriarchy has done to Earth!

          So you’re feeling the increase of the NEW, of the Light, of Photonic Light etc. and in our physical bodies it feels like an inner buzzing or vibration that’s almost electrical in nature. I’ve heard it too and it’s like standing behind a jet airliner with its engines readying for takeoff! That’s what we’re doing; taking off! 🙂 And of course the Earth is going with us and vice versa so She’s vibrating too as She embodies more and more NEW Light energies within Her body. We’re all in this together. 😉

          ❤ Hugs,

        • Hi Denise and others,

          My body, mainly legs/feet have been vibrating, cramping, buzzing, burning and simply been hypersensitive for over three years. Been extremely difficult to NOT think this is a nervous system disease.

          I have clarity of the path I’m on, supported by every symptom I find. Bingo!….that’s me. At this point, I’d believe anything just to feel better. Then I fall down, say all this ascension is fake and I have a body wide neurological disease.

          I’ve done loads of releasing, healng, etc. I wanted to change myself, thinking the only way was to go right down to my initial spark of my soul.

          I’m stuck…..how do I reconcile all my physical neuro problems being ascension/transformation? My body is not getting better with all the light I’m taking in.
          Does anyone get better? Waiting for all my work to pay off….hard to stay out of fear feeling this way.

        • Dear sweet Susie 🙂 i have all this neuro muscle joint back symptoms for 3 years … I had a car accident 4 years ago – broken one vertebra,but every year is more and more painful . Back, legs, joints, muscels … All medical researches are more or less normal 😦 i had houndreds of therapies, creams, pills, tones of bioenergetical and manual treatments … Huge verigo, anxiety, panic attacks, paiiiiiiins, endless painssss but it seems that nothing help 😦 and now again i feel lost of me/identity, too… I dont know what else i can do or think or pray or what. Just beeing is so hard. I don’t know if all this is just ascension stuff, but medicine cant find a thing. Love you, hug you, understand you soooo much… Love, y

        • The dark forces want people to be in fear so that the emotion of fear will attract physical, mental, and emotional challenges. It is truly difficult to NOT be fearful when health issues continue to be a problem. However, the forces of LIGHT are always ready to assist us, but they must be summoned. They do not interfere with our free will. Try this powerful ancient Sanskrit mantra: “AUM SHREE DURGAYA NAMAH”. It translates as: “Oh, Divine, I bow to the Invincible.” The word “invincible” means something that is indestructible. DURGA is an aspect of the DIVINE MOTHER who protects and heals the righteous. Mantras are universal. You do not have to be Hindu to recite them. Try reciting this as many times as you can daily. Watch the miracles happen! You will soon release cellular memories of old traumas, and you will begin to feel better physically. The cosmic solar flares also work gradually to cleanse and clear old programs. Work on patience.


        • Hi Susan,

          Same here, getting more and more sensitive for about 9 years with 2013 up till now feeling what you call hypersensitive. The vibrations in my body are also enormous, for me mainly in my upper half; back, shoulder area & head. Buzzing in my ears. Every now and then (like today) I feel like a power station about to explode. I feel extremely restless, but when I try doing some physical things like house or garden work, it’s already too much for my body. As is driving a car. I feel enormous pressure on my upperbody and muscles aches. Extremely frustrating!
          Some here write they enjoy these vibrations, well I’m not. It doesn’t feel nice at all.
          Like you, last night I lie thinking again in bed ‘all this light coming in doesn’t do me any good at all, I have felt no positive effects yet of this ascension process, where and when does this end (or a new life begin)?!’ Pjew is this hard hey!
          I definitely experienced a raise in consciousness and spiritual wisdom but physically it’s a mess. I do understand this process as far as I can understand it. I keep my spirits up most of the time with a big support from all the different resources on the internet on what’s happening and why many people are still not in the joy phase of this process. But it should come sooner or later, keep believing! Try not to have fear take you over, it’s a lower frequency emotion only making you feel worse. Go for trust! Trust in the process, in life, in yourself and your future recovery. Trust is love and a high frequency vibration making you feel better and calm.
          Our bodies are working hard to adjust to these higher and higher vibrations. They are extreme these months and should get a little quieter around mid-June as I understand it. Let’s pray they do!!
          Someday soon our bodies and nervous system should have adjusted enough to these high energies and we’ll be able to go out into the world again and share our light, wisdom and compassion.

          Supporting hug,

        • ‘…Been extremely difficult to NOT think this is a nervous system disease…’


          The entire year of 2010 I had a monstrous pain in one specific spot on the left side of my skull. It never relented all year and at times I wondered if something had gone “wrong” in there. However, I knew it had to do with lifelong Team Dark attachments/entry points and that they were slowly being ended, but it was at times worrisome.

          Did you read an old article I wrote at TRANSITIONS where I talked about a dream my mom had years ago? In it she came upon some city workers working on something and she asked them what they were doing. One workman responded and said, ‘We’re rewiring the whole city.’ 🙂 The second she told me her dream and what that “workman” in it said to her, I understood that that was what was literally happening inside our energy and physical bodies and central nervous systems etc.; we were being REWIRED so that we could comfortably and safely embody and run a much higher and larger amount of Light Energies through us and our bodies. It’s this Rewiring process and the nearly constant increase of higher frequency Light Energies being embodied by us all the way down into the physical and physical body that causes what we feel as that inner body vibrating or buzzing etc. We’re used to so little God Juice 😉 flowing through us in the physical, that when IT starts increasing, IT feels, to us, like we’re being overloaded and might fry!

          ‘…how do I reconcile all my physical neuro problems being ascension/transformation? My body is not getting better with all the light I’m taking in…’

          After all I’ve already been through due to the Ascension Process, what suddenly started for me in April 2015 has been so severe and just miserable that, once again, I’ve wondered if something has gone “wrong” in my body. As soon as that thought finishes I go deeper and have a better, Higher look at the situation. In this case it’s been severe itching from my waist (solar plexus) down to my feet with the base chakra area (tailbone, crotch, hips, hip joints etc.) just getting blasted like never before. What I’ve discovered about this for myself at this time has to do with “grounding” into the NEW, which means a lot more Light Energies are flowing through my body now in NEW ways which, to me at this time, feels overwhelming and like I’m frying from the waist down. I’m literally walking a NEW Path within the NEW energies and my lower body has been deeply affected by this fact since April 2015.

          So, back to your question about seemingly not “getting better with all the light”. I can relate but what you’ve got to realize is that it’s the Light that’s making us/our bodies feel these changes/pains/pressures/itching/burning/stinging or whatever the case may be for each person at this point with the Process. As bad as it is for me now with this itching and related crap, I am getting “better” and my life is changing dramatically in 2015 after 25+ years of being locked in and held in place doing that level and phase of The Work.

          Release, release, release, and embody, embody, embody, and always be open to change, change, change. ❤


        • Thank you everyone for your replies — I am overwhelmed by your kindness. It actually moved me to tears.

          I desperately want to believe all my physical symptoms are the energies. Each day, I gain more symptoms. If it was the energies, wouldn’t it come and go rather than stay and get worse for over two years?

          I AM aware of how I am changing “me” — my view of life and myself IS different, but I sometimes feel that is because I am in so much physical deterioration. I want off this ride!

          I appreciate the mantras, tips, reminders. I’m scared and realize I have to pull myself from that place.

          Your support gives me a bit of hope.

  • Hi Denise, thanks so much for all the work you do. Have followed your posts and progress for years now and we seem to have much in common with what we experience. My question here is about how to deal with liars??? I imagine you’ve come across this as well?

    I’m finding it amazing (and not in a good way) that some people can look you square in the eyes and lie their butts off without missing a beat. Even when there’s nothing to be gained from it. I get quite offended especially when it is from people who seemed nice and I have tried to befriend. Part of me wants to walk away and part wants to call them on it so they stop. “Big Me” wants to just let it go and just put it down to them having a bad day/year? – “Mini Me” wants to tell them it’s not okay and that I know the truth. I’m an empath libran and it’s doing my head (and heart) in. How do you cope??
    Much love to you.

    • Sue in Oz,

      I liked your great terms of Big Me and Mini Me as that’s very accurate. The Big Me part of us is what we’re increasingly embodying or “ascending” into etc. The Mini Me term is our old lower ego selves and how it functioned and perceived everything. That’s one huge contrast and gap between how a person functions and perceives everything — as many of us are learning!

      Those that lie with the greatest of ease are those who are still and completely existing with their Mini Me old lower frequency ego self and consciousness. When someone whose existing, increasingly, within their Big Me self tries to interact with someone, anyone, existing only within their Mini Me self there’s next to no real connections or honest interaction happening. It can’t because the gap is too great. Those existing, increasingly, from their Big Me selves can radiate the Light and Love/Peace/Knowing etc. that we are and are feeling but that’s about it really.

      Try to not take the negativity, lies, attacks, disrespect, hatred, judgements and massive negative ego crap from anyone personally. I know that’s hard while one is in transition themselves, but it does get much easier the farther away from our own Mini Me’s we evolve and the more we embody our Big Me selves. 😉 I know this because I’ve been living and at times struggling with it myself for years. There’s been a huge jump forward this year (2015) with this and it’s beyond wonderful to just BE in these higher ways.

      ❤ Hugs,

      • Thanks Denise … “try not to take the negativity, lies, attacks, disrespect, hatred, judgement and massive ego crap personally”…. you obviously do know exactly what I mean 🙂 Commiserations. So it’s not considered spiritual to knee-cap em then? Aaahhh naughty Mini Me.

        I agree that these new energies are wonderful and everything is whizzing along at incredible speeds now. With the planetary line-up coming in the next few days I imagine things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Beam me up Scotty!
        Bless you and yours.

  • Dear Denise, I have a question that I’ve been wondering about this past few weeks. My little great grandson, Carson, will be 1 year old June 13th. Until he was around 6 months he had only had breast milk, and a little offering/intro to baby foods. He loved being “latched onto” his mommy….nursed often and was perfectly normal about breast feeding. Then just over a couple of months ago he completely became disinterested in eating/drinking/food. He became upset when his mommy offered him the breast. This became alarming after a couple of days and to make a long story short, he ended up in hospital/with feeding tube, then after about a month, because he was able to pull the tube out, they did a surgical procedure, placing a connection directly into his little tummy, and the feeding tube is attached to that…..he has 6 feedings a day, each lasting around an hour. He was in hospital for 6 weeks, but after this surgery they were sent home. Then, they packed up and went to Cincinnati, Ohio, to another hospital where they would do whatever they do to “relearn” him to eat/swallow, etc. Still he will not eat, refuses all foods, the breast, bottles, sippy cups…..he just acts like he doesn’t even understand why people keep trying to get him to eat. Nothing was found in all the tests he was put through…..everything checks out normal.

    My question is, how are young children, even small infants and toddlers affected by the ascension energies/processes? I call him my “little Buddha,” and suggest that maybe he just enjoys his “prana” feedings. He is gaining weight now, has always been a very happy little baby boy, always smiling, laughing, playing, very active…..just the sweetest child! His parents, my granddaughter, Tabby, and his daddy. Jimmy, are absolutely exceptional parents. This is such a puzzle!!! Why on earth would a baby suddenly wake up one morning and refuse to eat? Doctors are puzzled….we all are! Could this have anything to do with ascension? I have yet to hear anything from anyone as to how children/babies are affected by the ascension processes?

    Thank you and love your heart!

    • Dolly,

      Oh god what a story! First of all I’d suggest that all of you adults send him protective Light Love energies and literally wrap him up in it daily.

      Secondly I suggest that you or his mommy or daddy or whoever you adults feel he trusts the most, sit down beside him and have an adult to adult talk where you or whoever tells him that here (meaning in physicality), everyone MUST eat and drink food every day to stay healthy and strong etc. etc. I think if he’s told this in this adult, down-to-earth sort of way and it’s explained to him why he and we humans MUST eat and drink every day, that he may just accept this as part of being physical and in-body. It’s such a huge and sometimes traumatic change for some souls incarnating into physicality — even with all the Light and NEW here now — that I can understand some babies and young children just rebelling over some of these physical necessities. I’m not much impressed with having to eat and other things either so it may help him and all of you if you adults talk to him like he’s much older and wiser than a 1-year-old and remind him that eating and drinking every day is a must here on Earth.

      Group Hug,

      • Oh gee….okay…adult to adult. But he is only 11 months old, and just now saying mama/dada. This tiny little human has gone through so many tests/x rays. Put under twice, once for the endoscopic look see, and then the surgery for the feeding tube. I so didn’t want him to be put under. Although his parents are totally there, even never left him for a single day thru all those weeks, even sleeping on the floor if they had to, you’d almost have to have a MD degree before they’d listen to me or anyone else, so I’m trying to just imagine their reaction if I suggest they talk to him adult to adult and do all this explaining to him. Well with me being the “weird person/grandma” I’ve always been anyhow….all the “weird and crazy stuff I’m always talking about, and my weird and crazy interests in aliens and things that go bump in the night, you know….all that weird stuff….LOL…who’s going to listen to this very strange person?….However, ignoring all looks and derogatory comments, this grandma here will be talking to him! And yes, I’ll get him all wrapped and bundled up in protection. No use talking to them about the protection thing either…but my daughter…his great Aunt Nanny (Jan) helps there, as she is my only child out of my 3, who turned out to be weird like her mommy here.. 🙂

        Thank you, Denise….I’m so happy you’re there/here. 🙂 Be blessed!
        <> back!

  • Denise, I got that same itch last May, starting on my left shin and spreading… everywhere. By September it was on my arms, belly and chest as well. Scratching and bleeding became obsessive, sleep came hard.

    Dermatologists finally gave me six days of prednisone, which worked somewhat, and allowed the earliest lesions to heal. The ferocity of the attack from within slowed down, but eventually the rash did spread everywhere but my face and hands. The last little scabs are just healing now, the new skin is tougher (and dry) and there are many scars which I hope will fade. The explanation is that this is an autoimmune disease, I know it is also an ascension symptom, but this one has been a doozy.

    I empathize with you — it’s awful, and I hope you won’t suffer in silence as I did, just railing at the cruelty of it all. Fwiw, I took antihistamines for months, and they helped. A friend told me that Zantac is also an antihistamine which blocks a different channel from Benadryl and Allegra, and that I might have suffered less if I had taken both blockers. Peace…

    • I had itchy bumps mostly on arms and legs for several years. Was told I had allergy to gluten. I have been off it mostly for a couple years but every now and then I get a break out. And yes the scars are bad but seem to fade slowly. Also have reactions to preservatives in food, some perfumes and cleaning items, like bleach. Someone using the wrong cleaning item can turn my work night into a nightmare 😦

      Thanks for all the great comments. Love to all

      • sunny,

        One of the many Ascension symptoms I got was suddenly becoming a ‘Chemical sensitive’ which was hell on earth for years. It’s not nearly as bad now but if something, anything has toxic chemicals in it — and in the old patriarchal petrochemical world what isn’t!! — then it makes me sick and feel poisoned which is the case. Negative Piscean Age stuff, which is being quickly added to with negative Aquarian Age stuff like electronic (Air sign) pollution and constant interference for one. :\


        • Another side effect of chemicals and technology is tremendous fatigue. Coupled with all of the solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and the Earth’s entrance into the Photon Belt, we are experiencing lots of symptoms in body, mind, and emotions. So, we need lots of extra rest, good water with lemon (to keep the blood alkaline and the liver protected), and wearing magnesium-rich gemstones help such as Black Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Nephrite, Dravite, Iolite, and Vesuvianite.

          Love to All, Dr. Schavi M. Ali

      • urine therapy cures skin issues when applied externally and illness when ingested.
        i have been using it for a couple of years now.
        it works.
        happy mother’s day to all moms out there!
        much love.

        • Hi one spirit consciousness and all!
          I have really appreciated everyone’s comments and this concerning the skin issues…not sure if it is related but for the last 6 years I have been literally plagued with one place on my back that covers an area across my shoulder blades from one side to the other and about 5 inches from top to bottom. I am constantly scratching till the skin now has a darkish brown leathery look and feel, and there are sores….not a lot but enough to where I have to be so careful not to scratch off the scabs and have them bleeding, and these sores have been there also for years and don’t ever heal. I have been to several doctors and have never really had a satisfactory diagnosis, and the most recent medication (some sort of steroid cream) doesn’t help at all. Nothing helps. This skin thing began around the same time I began hearing the ear/head ringing and the almost debilitating headaches. Recently, about a month ago, and after all these years, those headaches have all but stopped. On that note I have to squeal with delight and thank the heavens, as it is such a blessed relief!!!!
          I don’t know if the skin thing is related to ascension since my legs, arms and other areas are not affected as some of you relate. However, it is an itch I keep trying to explain to these so-called educated dermatologists, how it not only itches but feels like something deep under the skin is freaking crawling around!!! And I can’t scratch deep enough to get to it! It’s maddening! I have to keep a back scratcher around me at all times.
          Now getting to my question to “one” …..when you say “urine therapy” is that a particular brand of something, or is that the name of this treatment/medication/whatever it is that you mention here? I’m willing to give it a try….I’m willing to do just about anything at this point! This itch is strange…..it drives me crazy all the time, every day, but never ever bothers or disturbs me while I am sleeping. Not ever.

          Thanks much/heart love and be blessed all of you!

        • hi shadowdancer352015,

          i recommend checking out dr. armstrong’s audiobook found on youtube titled “the water of life”.
          applying fresh or aged urine (stronger) to a rash will clear it up in no time flat.
          i know it sounds strange and even gross, but everyone used to practice this at one time many moons ago.
          a well hidden cure for all illness.
          urine is not waste, not a part of the digestive system, but the lymphatic system. it contains over 2500 beneficial and life-sustaining ingredients.
          a couple of years ago, i heard many reports of this itching and burning across the back in the area you described and many at that time said it was our etheric “wings” growing!
          take care and good luck.

        • “…a couple of years ago, i heard many reports of this itching and burning across the back in the area you described and many at that time said it was our etheric “wings” growing!”

          onespiritconsciousness & Dolly,

          The location of your “trauma” Dolly is at the High Heart chakra area — right where onespiritconsciousness mentioned about our ‘wings growing’.

          I get muscle pain and stiffness in that area and have for years. And, because of all that’s been and still is going on with the High Heart and our “Shifting” or “ascending” into it from the bottom three chakras of the past, I’ve had problems with that area in my spine/back radiating forward and affecting my esophagus to the point where it spasms down sometimes when I’m eating/swallowing food or water. That entire area of our body has and is under going tremendous evolutionary change and there are occasional side effects because of it. The itching there, the back and spine pain there, the esophagus spasms tight and won’t let food or sometimes even liquid pass, heartburn etc. are all related to this. Painful to say the least but it’s all related to that area undergoing so much change.


        • Hello, onespiritconsciousness, I just thought I’d chime in here as well. In the part of Asia I lived in, urine was used for just about everything. A friend of mine said that mother’s urine is the best and horse urine was used in medicine a lot too. When I mentioned this to a medical student once, he told me that the Ancient Greeks, I believe, used urine in medicine as well. But most of us have never heard of it, so I agree that it’s accepted as part of medical practices in many parts of the world. In response to Denise and what she was saying about spasms in the esophagus and the High Heart chakra– I’ve been diagnosed with a disorder where my larynx spasms a lot, sometimes to the point of not being able to breathe. Food doesn’t cause it as much for me, although it does occasionally. What really gets me is smells– especially chemical smells and strong smells. It’s made my life very difficult because our society is overrun by heavy fragrances everywhere and I often have to run home to escape them. I’ve found that breathing exercises help to calm down the reaction and I am happy to say that I can endure extremely light fragrances for a short period of time now. 😦 I do get seized up in the shoulder and neck and jaw area quite frequently as well. I just remembered that animals have an eighth chakra that humans don’t (or didn’t) have. It’s in the chest area between the shoulder blades and I’m thinking that it’s the High Heart chakra. Cool– they’ve had it all along! Hugs,Cat

        • hi cat,

          i’ve been researching and experimenting with UT for a while now and am amazed with the results. it literally opens some kind of door in the heart and allows me to feel so peaceful.
          something i came up with, though i’m sure it’s been done before are pee socks. yes, pee socks! lol if anyone wants to try this out, and it doesn’t involve drinking it, soak white, cotton socks in aged or fresh wee, put on freshly washed and scrubbed feet, cover with bread bags and another pair of thick socks and wear to bed for 3 or 4 nights. anyone that has athlete’s foot, dry feet, plantars or any foot issue will see that it completely gets rid of everything.
          your feet will exfoliate like crazy, especially with aged wee, but wow!
          also, our feet are conduits as can be seen when we rub garlic on our soles and can immediately taste it, so all the vitamins, hormones, minerals, stem cells, are being fed to us while we sleep.
          also, we can add a little of our wee to our animals water if they are ill.
          andrew norton webber has some great info on UT.
          hope all is well and love and health to all.

        • Okay, back it off a bit with the pee remedies please cause I just can’t take any more. I’m sure it works and works beautifully for some people but… Call me old fashioned but I’ll just Consciously Create what I need from a higher level than my bladder. 😉


        • onespiritconsciousness,
          I know you were — I just had to slow the pee info down — I hope you understand too. Thanks.


        • I have experienced a rash/itching on the back of my neck since around 2008 which can’t be explained. It also started after I started hearing the ringing in the ears. It’s honestly been a bit confusing. Sounds crazy, but I have wondered from time to time if there wasn’t something implanted below my skin that I might be allergic to?

        • Oh my! First to One spirit consciousness, after I wrote my comment and asked the question I remembered doing some research on just that,..about urine therapy. Memory lock down again! So yes, I know many people have had success using their own urine, ingesting it as well as external use. One must make sure their diet is more vegan….raw. However, I just never went there. Thank you so much for your reply!

          Denise, thank you so much, too….at least now, seeing what is happening, I can love this “growing wings” process rather than being angry at it! Having the mild scoliosis, I was also somewhat inclined to think it had something to do with that, like coming from a pinched nerve bundle or whatever. And the esophagus thing, oh yes….my doctor has me on valium to try to control those spasms. And you are right, often times even just a sip of water can strangle me! I have undergone all possible tests to check these things out. I have decided/chosen to stop this doctoring….no more xrays and scans and all the meds that never work anyhow. From here on in, I’m going to LOVE what comes and focus on NOW! And SO IT IS!

          Much Love from my High Heart to yours!

    • The itching and severe skin outbreaks begun for me some 20yrs ago, and its left scars and skin pigmentation marks. My skin oozed water from the tissues and it was on my face and arms and neck/chest, and it kicked off with severe itching in 1987 on my legs, this was diagnosed as scabies by GPs, but it wasnt, and the only thing i got to eventually work was a Homeopathic remedy Hystaminum, and i took it in a 30c if i recall, so if you can get some from a Homeopath it may help you as it did me. I had the same awakening thing with the skin as Lisa Renee, had, and it took a longtime to heal. This is something to do with the Kundalini Process, and here is some info on it for those of you who can use it, http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=Histamine
      recently i have this heat and itching in the lower parts, and also i am soaked in sweat which makes for a unpleasant mess, groin, thighs, tummy etc, so i would think this is more to do with the kundalini stuff. I hope this helps some of you as it really is something else.

      • J,

        Thanks for this information. I didn’t remember that Lisa Renee had had this skin situation due to Kundalini/Ascension/higher Energy Embodiment. Mine came on so suddenly in April that I knew it had to be energy/Ascension related because it was, and still is, focused on the bottom three chakras and related physical body areas etc. I literally feel like I’m running so much more “current” through my physical body in physicality now that I’m having this “reaction” to it. I continue getting the sense about it that it’s about my/our literal walking within a NEW, higher frequency physical world reality and I and my body/bodies are being impacted by that of course and having to adjust and adapt. I had no idea how painful and miserable skin itching and the subsequent wounds that severe itching causes! I’ll be really glad when I’ve gotten through this Ascension related side effect!

        Thanks again for the info. ❤

        • Hi Denise, i just went to get her story for you, but what was once there is no more, only this short version which says about her spontaneus Kundalin Activation.
          She did have the full story of her losing her hair and how her skin broke out, and i remember this well as all but for the hair, i had the same thing happen to me and she was the forst person i knew of to go through it.
          Here is the very short version she now has up, not sure if she though it would scare people more so than help them to leave the full story up there?


      • So sorry to hear about the itching problems. I do have some itching, mostly down the spine on my back, (hard to reach!) and the backs of my hands. Not a big problem for me. I discovered a product I’ve used for years. It is “Miracle II Neutralizer Gel”. It’s clear and odorless. You spread a bit on the itching, burning, or irritating area__ very thin__ wait about 5 minutes for it to dry and NO MORE ITCH, or any other stuff. Good for mosquito bites, as well.
        It’s sold online at http://www.miracleii.com
        Their liquid soap and shampoo are also wonderful, especially for those sensitive to soaps.

  • Denise,

    I was being facetious regarding portal people,venting perhaps. And yet it is true also, the they being idiots part anyway 🙂
    And yes, I agree about not fixing others which is why I had to let go of family and soooo many and much etc..etc. I was trying to let the others know who are asking to do the work with their challenging people in dream state not to expect said people to change upon waking. I am simplifying yes.

    Is there any post or article I can find as to why TD pick the left side of bodies to mess with as you have stated?

    Thank you!

    • The left side of the human body–both females and males–is the receptive side meaning it’s far easier for negative things/beings etc. to gain entrance into the human energetic system. When this happens, we’ll typically feel or see side effects, damage, on the left side of our bodies and/or head somewhere.


  • Hello Everyone,

    Denise, you may have already explained this, but why is it the left side that TD messes with?

    And just a brief note about “portal people”..they don’t really help me to learn anything or heal or come to any new conclusions other than to validate that some people are just idiots.

    I am not clear that when we do work out situations with others in dream time/other realms that it changes them..the personality self is very different than the soul so it could take them a looot longer to come around and be open to the downloads/shifts….I just have learned to let go of all the people I had to, kept the growth and wisdom and evolution and also let go of the expectations of any change in their ways. I certainly hope though!

    • “And just a brief note about “portal people”..they don’t really help me to learn anything or heal or come to any new conclusions other than to validate that some people are just idiots.”


      That’s unfortunate because we all can use the unpleasant things/people/events we experience to grow ourselves. It’s never been about you or me having to or needing to “fix” other people or “heal” other people in dreams or waking life. It’s not about them — it’s about you, me, each of us working on ourselves.

  • Hi Denise. A very huge Thank You for your information. I am amazed at how relevant it always is. What has especially interested me with your latest article is about the reptilian “window”. About two weeks ago I was awaking from a nap (lucky me!) and I had a vision of reptilian looking at me. I saw only part of its face- a yellow/green eye and browny grey “skin”. I have never seen this before. I was surprised, but not scared. I can’t recall exactly what I said to it, but it was to the tune of go away, do not ever try to contact me again, or come anywhere near me again. I felt much stronger than it. I had tried to convince myself it wasnt real (and not succeeding) till I just read your blog.
    On another note, my life has improved a lot in the last few weeks. I recently went through some very dark times. I feel the energies have increased greatly. I also feel increasingly motivated to start doing more and working on getting out in the world, if that makes sense. I have wanted to be home, away from others for the last few years. I can be social and enjoy it when I want to, but only in small doses. I have felt isolated a lot, even though it is through my own doing. I feel now I am moving into a new phase, physically and spiritually.
    I also keep getting a feeling that a big change is coming in about two weeks. All positive of course. Again thanks, Love and Light to all.

    I forgot to ask, my memory still operates in what I call a time-lag. Is there something I should do to prevent reptilians from watching? Is there something I may or may not be doing that is leaving me vulnerable? I do not want TD finding out anything they shouldn’t. I have had a feeling before that I was being observed, but that stopped a few months ago. I also felt I was being “monitored” online, hope that doesn’t sound too paranoid. I don’t know why I would be. I am not really active online, but had a strong feeling. That has reduced but not disappeared.
    I guess many lightworkers etc are being watched. I hope we unconsciously deal with that and make it difficult for TD.
    Best wished to all.

    • Michelle K,

      Based on my personal experiences with Reptilian beings wanting to clairvoyantly See and/or be Seen by me and other humans, they typically only reveal a super up close visual image of one eye and a small area of their face. It’s just like they’re looking through a multidimensional peep hole into this dimension and one of us which only allows us to See that small part of them, and I also think this is deliberate on their part as well. I have clairvoyantly Seen Reptilian beings full-body superimposed over certain living physical humans who have Reptilian DNA and consciousness in them. Again, all this is just multidimensional and more of us becoming consciously aware of other dimensional beings, energies, consciousness and so on.

      Since what I’ve called the Expiration Date, which was 12-21-12, these interdimensional trespassings have been slowly (from our physical perspective, super fast from higher nonphysical ones!) ending. For EVER these negative beings/aliens/entities have been able to See multiple timelines into the past and future which is what’s given them the nearly effortless ability to direct traffic here in physical Earth reality. They’d look into the future or another timeline to See what existed there and they’d work things in whatever ways they wanted and needed to continue directing reality and humans here on Earth in this physical dimension. The deck has been terribly stacked against humanity for thousands of years because of this (and many other Team Dark tactics and actions) however all that reached its Expiration Date the end of December 2012 and increasingly every minute since then all sorts of wonderful Team Light beings — positive ETs, Angelics, incarnate Forerunners etc. — have been working to close down certain timelines and dead end them; escort TD out of places they’d stolen and taken over; shut down certain corridors to them and close down their old ability to See into the future and past preventing them from deliberately interfering with and controlling humanity and human consciousness and actions/creations etc. This alone is so freakin’ huge that I’ve been ecstatic over just this aspect of the multidimensional Ascension Process since it happened. It means that all of these TD beings/aliens etc. are quickly loosing their old ability to effortlessly See and “read” the future and past and other timelines and probable realities of old and NEW Earth, meaning they can no longer direct traffic here or much of anywhere else for that matter. This is why they’ve been more actively trying to get a peek into this dimension and timeline in any way(s) they can now; they’re loosing their old abilities to look into the future and make whatever changes and plans etc. They’ve never experienced this before and much of TD is confused and shocked over these growing shut-downs to the ways they’ve always functioned and been able to mess with humanity and life on physical Earth.

      I’ve been monitored physically and nonphysically for most of my life and that too is coming to an end for the same reasons as mentioned above; TD’s time has expired and more and more of them are realizing this and panicking and trying other tactics to get the same old results…but that isn’t working for them either. Just stay in your High Heart Consciousness and energy and power and let the old disintegrate as it it. The more hungry TD gets because of the expiration, the more they’re revealing themselves to more of humanity. This is just the start of this particular aspect of humanity waking up, evolving and expanding its consciousness to include much more and in other dimensions. 😉 From here on out is going to be something else but finally in very positive and exciting ways.


  • Sending warmest wishes to my family here. Your recent comments are read with great eagerness and resonance. I have had a very recent realization regarding my painful family relationships… Carol Tuttle helped me realize that we do have a “soul contract” with family members. So, I’ve decided to let my soul deal with my family. I am working on mending relationships and since it’s simply not possible to talk with my sister and brother on this low plane, I send my soul to talk with their souls on the higher planes. I ask that this happen while I sleep. This is new to me and I trust things will change. It’s wonderful that I don’t have to deal with them here. I keep the highest energy I can, ask my soul to work on this while I sleep, and I am better with myself in the physical body now. Let it go. Trust. On another note, I would have probably committed suicide– er, transition home from here– if I did not have my cat. He seems to know when his purr would be most soothing…
    Sending warmest wishes to you all. I agree… the planets are lightening up and things will get better… Can it get worse? 😆

    • Mary,

      This is often what we do in our dreams. We work on resolving actual problems and/or unresolved emotions and energies etc. with other people and ourselves in the hopes that we can finally resolve them. We don’t need to always be in the physical ring going toe to toe with someone trying to work out our issues or whatever the case may be.

      And know that blood family is, typically, the primary people we have Soul Contracts with and vice versa. The reasons for these Soul Contracts are SO complex it’s truly amazing. Sometimes there isn’t much “karma” left with these people, these old souls we’ve had contacts with in “past lives” too, but it’s more of one person being the trigger for another person or vice versa. Or, one person being such a heartbreaking pain in the ass/heart and everywhere else, 😉 that they cause US to finally do, see, understand, face, deal with etc. whatever it is that WE need to in this life. We pre-incarnationally often agree upon embodying certain traits/problems/gifts etc. for multiple different reasons, but one of those reasons could be to also trigger or test or push or disappoint or repulse etc. another family member so that THEY do, see, understand, face, deal with etc. whatever it is that THEY personally need to in this life. These types of things are coming from our Soul and its desire to experience and grow and so we role play or embody certain traits for not only ourselves but for other family members too (and of course for other people as well). Like I said, our Soul agenda is so complex and astonishing that it’s impossible to grasp in most cases. These Soul Contracts also play out in other “probable realities” so nothing is wasted.

      Problem solve in your heartmind and in your dreams and know that doing so is equally (and sometimes far more effective and quick) than having only physical, toe to toe, face to face talks/battles/arguments etc. with important people in your life.


      • Hi Denise and Mary,
        I am just now learning we can do this, or rather, we actually do this, meet during sleep with those who we have differences with, or whatever that brings distance and alienation, and who you cannot talk to one on one. There is a certain family someone in my life who, no matter how hard I tried, (like for 15 yrs.) to get along and establish a healthy, loving relationship with, I was still pretty much kept on the outside looking in, and always made to feel like I had to keep my tail tucked between my legs, so to speak. The least little thing was made into something wrong. One day I felt it was time to be true to myself, so I vowed I’d quit, period. And I did. I know this person actually enjoyed watching me crawl. I just grew very weary of crawling. I know there were many others who have had to crawl, too, with this woman. To me, especially on reading what you say here, Denise, although this separates me from others I love and miss, (who must do as she says, or else,) I feel I did what was best for me.

        Maybe then this was a lesson for me, that no one is expected to have to crawl to be accepted. At least this is how I feel. I know as sure as I am alive and breathing that if I were to approach this woman to try to resolve differences, she would expect me to be the apologetic one and take all the blame, before I was welcomed back in to the fold, because that was always the case on many occasions. I was always the one to make the effort to heal the relationship. Then I’d be put right back on “parole.” Anyhow, it is wonderful to know I can ask/allow this kind of soul contact.

        Another gal who advised me on this a few years ago told me to picture these people in my mind and embrace them and express my love. Since, as you say here, Denise, my soul has been doing this, I am sure that being daily mindful of this will be more empowering. And along with the visual daily hugs, maybe hearts can mend. I pray!

        Much love ❤

      • Interesting that this would be the first post I would see coming here, as it is most relevant to me right now.

        I’m not feeling good, Denise. Not at all. The past two months have been constant, uninterrupted malicious attacks on me, primarily being by one particular malicious family member that has always been very jealous of me. Every morning for the past two months I’ve woke up massively disoriented and tired all through the day. Nothing is helping, and the malicious person I speak of is deliberately targeting me when I’m at my most tired and disoriented.

        I can’t shake it off. It’s such a pain in the ass I’ve been trying to no avail to find a surefire way to ‘opt out’.
        It doesn’t help that this malicious entity is seeking me out everyday and makes a point of kicking me while I’m down.
        Any advice is most welcome.

        • Boy did you come to the right place. I’ve been in a situation nearly identical to this for… um… lemme see… 10 years? Yes. One full decade of hell (actually an entire lifetime, but thats another story). I have been placed into a position where I am dependent upon this hostile ‘other’ and due to many layers of obstacles, I cannot leave. I have seen so many permutations of this dynamic. I’ve had to confront myself and sometimes the other. This is not a one-upsman thing, I just want you to know that there are others that are going through it.

          Like Annemiek, I have landed back in my family home and am unable to ‘get it together’ enough to leave. I have watched this situation and studied it and I have come to the conclusion that – in my case – it is at the base a case of demonic entity possession. Of the entire family, and it seems to be anchored even into the previous generations. This entity has been playing the group of us against one another for – my whole life, at the minimum. But especially at a few key points early in my life, I received treatment which sounds really close to the stuff you read about in mkultra and sra discussions.

          For most of this time, which is to say up til about this past week, I was certain that it was just something that was possessing ‘him’. But based on my increasing knowledge and a specific demonstration last week, I see that somehow things are orchestrated over the whole group here. I do not feel that there really is any answer or any thing that can be done which I am not doing. If you are grounding, clearing, and focusing on connection to your Source, then you just have to deal with the rest of what comes up as best you can. But in this circumstance, I make an effort to be as gentle as possible with all involved, but especially myself.

          I read that Gurdjieff advised his new students to practice their exercises ‘as though they would never succeed’. It’s a hard truth to hear, but that is the reality of spiritual exercises as far as I can tell. You cannot allow the goal or any sort of change or hoped for outcome to be involved in the intent that you bring to the thing at hand. The path of least resistance is to treat the situation as though it will never end. It’s not like you are trying to be good to get a reward. Though it is constantly made to seem as though you’ve been bad and are being punished – the demonic trademark.

          I think it bears noting that sometimes I’ve had to stand my ground and sometimes I’ve had to yield to humiliation. This is the hardest part as it makes it impossible to develop adaptive strategies for any circumstance.

          Now, with all that said, I have seen miraculous change occur. I have seen for one single day (it was in the early spring of 2009) the entire situation disappear. For several hours it was as though none of the negative things had ever occured. No one else noticed and I didn’t try to draw their attention. It’s really hard to describe but since that day I have known what real change would look like. Since that time as well, I have seen amazing change occur in my ‘trouble’ people, but the core and causation of it is clearly still a present threat. I am constantly underminded, second guessed, outsmarted, humiliation over and over, and I just have to keep sticking to the same formula which got me here, I always and only listen to my heart.

          I send love, light and patience to you and all the other blessed ones that are carrying this weight. As Lisa Renee says, please take anything that serves you and discard the rest.

          Since I have gone on this far, I thought I may as well as also include some meditations by Caroline Cory that I have found very useful. These are in 2 parts, a class and a guided mediation.

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEB0ucnywV0 (class)
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwDMgPmpI-4 (meditation)

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umsSU4xopME (class)
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFk-EI2fWbw (meditation)

        • Pjew compared to your story, living in my parents house sounds like a breeze! For my part I feel it is/was necessary to relive some things from my youth and previous lifes this way, so that I became aware of certain patterns, blockages and low self esteem etc in order to loose that and become strongly connected to my inner self, trusting my intuition and loving myself no matter what situation I’m in or what other people close to me think. To really become a strong individual with own views and trust in life.
          It’s now been two years since I moved in and the past year was slightly better then the first, but still I’m happy that they are on a holiday now for a month and I have sort of my own house again, especially with the energies and physical pains/fatique being so extreme these past weeks! I don’t want to explain myself every time about this and especially not to people who will never understand. Having the complete peace and quietness helps to stay calm and see deeper truths.
          I certainly do feel that this 2nd winter should better have been the last for us all, if we are to keep the spirit up. I really need and somehow expect to be able to move out here before the autumn. As my father mentioned to me at the beginning of 2015 ‘this is the year of truth’ . Him saying that because I keep on telling it will get better and things will change, which he doesn’t believe anymore. But I feel actually the same way, only on a positive note and based on my intuition and all spiritual information. This should be the year things change, it just can’t be any other way!
          The thing is I have no clue anymore where I want to live, I’m completely blank after so many years of breaking down my old life and personality and being without work and strong connections with friends. Basically I can just move anywhere (if I would have the money…). I strongly feel that I have seen this part of my surroundings and need to go somewhere entirely new, even moving abroad to another country. I need change and a fresh start 🙂
          So wonder where I’ll be end of 2015… It better not be still in my parents house!!!!!!

          Good luck to you and all others living with or coping with difficult family members and I hope for change for all of you!


        • “…Nothing is helping, and the malicious person I speak of is deliberately targeting me when I’m at my most tired and disoriented.”


          That is a classic negative tactic. When “they” — TD beings and portal people — see or sense that we’re already weakened, exhausted, confused, sick or whatever, they attack, they come in for the kill so to speak to weaken us even more. Bully consciousness and tactics but it’s how TD works.

          You can shake it off but it’s not easy, not at first so you’ve got to WANT to end the attacks as much as you want your next breath! The other necessary ingredient to protecting oneself and stopping these bullies is to absolutely and honestly know that you can. That is more important than most would ever guess! Know that you have the Divine Right to NOT be attacked, bullied, used, manipulated, derailed and so on by anyone or anything. Once you know and honestly believe that this is truth, then you’ve got to go into Light Warrior Mode in yourself and your heart. Doing so is not fear-based or hate-based etc. but based only on the fact that you have that Divine Right to not be attacked in any way by Team Dark beings and/or portal people. So it’s changing ones mindset and attitude and not just a “battle”.

          Visualize yourself and your room or house or space utterly and constantly protected in Divine Light, like an impenetrable wall around you and the area you live and sleep in. Do this daily and nightly until you’ve literally constructed it, built it up energetically to the degree that it can be seen and felt. If you need to add extra things to this like visualizing that your walls of Light have mirrors on them too to reflect ALL negative energies — thoughts, thought forms, emotions, curses, intentions, etheric attachments, etheric tools and devices etc. — then do that as well. Create whatever works best for you at this time. We build physical houses to protect ourselves and our belongings from the elements, other people and animals etc. In addition many people also need to build energetic “houses” or walls or domes etc. of Divine Light to protect themselves and their living and sleeping spaces from negative beings and people and the energies, thoughts and emotional energies they direct at us. This is part of humanity expanding its consciousness beyond just the seen, just the physical. 😉

          So first know that you have the Divine Right, as we all do, to NOT have to fight for our lives or be safe. Secondly you must honestly know that you are powerful enough to protect yourself from these types of things and beings and negative humans. Know it. And lastly you need to do something to protect yourself and your house/room/property/space from all negativity by envisioning (consciously creating) Divine Light protection around you and your space constantly. Now, the negativity will greatly resent you doing this of course because it/they gets really pissed off whenever one of us does anything to protect ourselves from their attacks! Like I said, bully consciousness, just be prepared for some blow-back BS from the negative being or human because you’ve begun protecting yourself. They’ll hit hard and hope you cave in or become overwhelmed or weakened and just stop protecting yourself… BUT DON’T… keep up the visualizing and intending and Consciously Creating what you want for yourself and to hell with them and their tactics. It will get better but it takes some real work, determination and effort on your/my/each of our parts. You are already successful. 🙂 ❤


        • Well, I’m still feeling pretty terrible, all in all.
          ScaryMonster (you don’t seem that scary), I’ve lived in very much the same situation most of my life. For years I had a very hostile family, all very insecure and all seemed to direct most of it my way; I’ve most always been a considerably level-headed person, though, and I maintained the composure of a saint throughout most of it.
          I did, however, have the miraculous change you talk about happen to me in the past few years. Amazingly, most all but this one person is now directing their energies elsewhere. All those years of pure malice I endured from them suddenly seemed to pay off.

          The downside to this is, besides some leftover mental baggage in regards to the others, this one family member now seems to be overcompensating for all of them.
          Throughout most of those years I endured quietly and with grace, most importantly with peace of mind.
          Now, however… I don’t know. It’s just been way worse than it has ever been for me. This kind of suffering isn’t altogether new to me, just never on this level, and this persistently.

          It’s strange, because I’ve endured so much evil over the years with a general high degree of tolerance and control, but now it seems to be crumbling completely. I have bouts of feeling fury and despair.

          Still, today I feel I did have a moment where I felt somewhat lucid. I was throwing darts at a dart board, thinking up mental tricks to centre myself, and I imagined for a moment before I threw the darts that I lived in a world where I had just found out this entity that is causing me grief had just died, and that I was free. Free to live without nasty criticisms and pure spite for everything I do. Right after that I got my first 180. I guess it’s all in the mind, after all…

  • Hello, Denise and everybody,

    I, like many people here, are feeling some big changes, especially in the last week or so– I guess since the new moon. There are the usual things like skin crawling and headaches and seeing triple numbers, but they’re in overdrive. The skin crawling is particularly annoying as it is pretty intense. I also had one day last week where my lower back was in such pain that I was almost crippled by it– and I don’t usually have lower back pain. I’m also having some tones in my left ear, but I live in a noisy place, so I don’t hear that as much as some may, but I have noticed an uptake in it.

    What I’ve really noticed is in terms of energy– I have been doing some energy work on dogs and it’s been amazing to see the effect. With animals it’s almost instant, once they know what you’re doing and some of the pet therapy animals I worked on knew what I was doing instantly and a couple could tell before I even approached them. One just came up to me in position and another’s eyes followed me around the room as I approached it. In the short time I’ve been doing it, I’ve noticed a progression in my ability– the last time, my hands were tingling and I could feel a connected circuit of energy along the dog’s spines. They were down for the count on that one! Last night, I had my hand resting against my high heart and I could feel the energy radiating from it. It was amazing to feel it like that.

    In terms of “real” life, I am listless and through with it– I want the world that is not controlled by money and greed to be here now. I am so through with all the bullshit. Wondering how I’m going to be able to make a living so that I can feed this body and have a place to rest my head. I’m so not functional in this reality. Starting to understand who I am and what I’m meant to do (the animals helped with that), but still a long way from living that way.

    I really appreciate Denise continuing to put out these blog posts when she’s so overwhelmed with things at home. You’re almost superhuman, Denise. Oh, wait, you are! Much love and I’ll look for more signs. I’m noticing the uptake in volcanos and earthquakes all at once these days, as well. Something’s afoot.

    Love and hugs,

  • Dearest Denise,

    First let me thank you for all the effort you put forth to share with us your observations throughout this process. I have enough trouble looking after just myself and my cat and “making it through the day”… it’s a full time job for me personally!

    I also have done my best to make it a point of sitting on thoughts and ideas before externally asking and finding answers to my questions. Usually the answers come, and it helps me to rely more on myself… although I do still have issues when it comes to making a choice! Now though, I’ve come across something new (to me) that I wanted to share and perhaps get your viewpoint on. This is not to say I don’t have an opinion, I do, although not fully formed. I’m doing my best to refrain from jumping on and embracing anything new, opinions or ideas… because I find that it can change almost on a daily basis!

    I came across this article from another person, by Michelle Walling:


    I’m also in the middle of listening to the radio show that is on the same page. These “new” thoughts and ideas (to me) are bringing me to a new place. For a while now on a “under the surface” level, I’ve been wondering how all this Ascension process will work. If we’re to get beyond duality, to neutrality, how will that honestly look. Because many of us (myself included) have been visualizing and seeing a “positive” new world waiting for us. If we deem it positive, isn’t that just keeping things in duality? Even with higher dimensional beings, there still seems to be a certain level of duality (and I’m tending to look more at individual beings rather than their entire race), Galactic Federation vs Archons/Reptilian/Etc. In the article she talks about how the Organic Earth has a portal to Source that is pitch black, void of light, how this is the true connection to Source creating. This is what I understand what she is saying. I’m just finding it interesting how even in describing our journey of ascension, there’s talk and terms of duality along the way. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just the confines of 3D language. So I was wondering what your take on her thoughts of the Organic Earth and all that is.

    I’ve been having tremendous head pressures, moreso than I have to date, these past few days. I haven’t yet gotten to the source of it… I need to sit still and quiet more than I choose to these days. But yesterday I “saw” this rod, but not a rod, in the middle of my head (I believe it was symbolic) from the crown to the middle… and in the middle there was this perfect Dark and a Huge rumbling, resounding “I AM” as if it would shake the foundations of the Earth. Certainly made me go “Hmm”, especially since there’s this quiet in my Heart area. Will have to investigate this soon… the pressure is enormous at this moment!!

    And last and not least, my cat too has been sleeping a lot. She’s really dropped a lot of weight and is no longer overweight. I haven’t seen her this skinny in years, but she’s drinking a lot and she’s eating so I’m not too concerned…. if she stopped eating then I would be. Her tummy is sensitive, but she’s still able to eat everyday. Poor baby. When she sits in my lap these days, she always puts a paw up on my heart and looks at me. I shower so much love on her, so precious she is.

    Much Love,

    • If I may be so bold, I would like to respond without even reading the attached link.

      In short, it doesn’t matter.

      What we are starting here on Earth now is something so significant and beautiful and exciting that none of the niggling and irritating doubts and worries is worth spending a nanosecond of your time.

      Briefly, we are starting a new creation on a new template, of something that is NEW by Cosmic standards, a new beginning of a “universe” centered around this planet in which the Human potential will be realized and “improved” and “improvised” upon. When this gets going, it will be something that can be roughly described as “the apex of cosmic creative genius.”

      We are the forerunners of this “venture.”

      In other words, RELAX and HAVE FUN (as much as you can manage, haha)!

    • Chrysalis,

      I’m working on a short article (short because I’m super busy again, plus not sleeping which isn’t the best combo!) that talks a bit about how my body, via “Ascension symptoms”, has been changing lately.

      I clicked on the link you shared and read ONLY the title of that person’s article and cursing instantly spewed out my mouth. Just bein’ honest. So know that I went no farther than the title because I didn’t need to. WTF, good gawd almighty some of the ridiculous Duality consciousness BS crap on the internet is beyond belief to me. Sorry for that being so heavy and nasty, but really, it’s too much… People can think and believe anything they want, even during this Ascension Process, which they’ve been doing all along.

      For starters many of us incarnated with 5D consciousness, beingness, memories and so on and have lived and functioned that way all of our lives down here in what’s been (pre-Ascension / pre-Expiration Date etc.) Duality in 3D physicality with Team Dark running the whole place and global population. For we ‘Volunteers’ who incarnated on Earth this time around, we ALL came from 5D and higher levels of being, consciousness, energy. All of us. So for anyone to say or believe that 5D is a trap, sounds to me like TD trying to keep people in the old lower level of consciousness and frequency. There’s a whole lot of that going on, always has been, so it’s up to each individual to figure this out and relearn how to discern and think and feel for themselves and to hell with what everyone else is saying about anything and everything! Me included. Seriously. It’s grow up time for humanity and this is at the top of our current TO DO List!

      Akhilleus wrote a Comment about this and I agree totally that this particular Ascension Process Cycle is unlike any others in that SO much progress has been made. We’re in such a profoundly NEW place internally and externally that the sky is the limit creatively for each of us individually but also for all of humanity and beyond. I don’t have words yet to even attempt to describe or express how huge and absolute this change, this Shift, this current Ascension Process and Galactic Alignment etc. etc. actually is. And, it’s happened, it’s a done deal, and most humans and other beings haven’t even begun the NEW yet because we’re all amazed and stunned by how far we ALL evolved this time during this Shift. I’ll try to write more about 5D consciousness and related things but know that we’re already there, just still in physicality in physical bodies, living physical lives. And THAT is why TD is working so fast and hard to convince as many humans as they can that they’re still in old lower 3D Duality. Conscious Creators — which reality are you/me/each of us going to create now in the NEW? 😉 Choose wisely, dream big, aim high everyone because we’re already there. ❤


  • “I’ve felt that way numerous times over these long Ascension years and I’d long to reach that blessed state/level/frequency of Neutrality. I’ve reached it many times and “fallen” back down many times too and had to go up those Stair-steps one more time to again reach Neutrality. Once I master this, I’ll know it inside out, both the up and the down avenues which is a positive. 🙂 “

    Thank you, Denise….it certainly helps me to be able to sit back, take a few long, deep breaths, and assure myself that it’s not the end of things when you find yourself starting over. Especially since I previously questioned that, thinking since I had “fallen back” it meant I apparently “didn’t have what it takes.” What I love most about your talks with us, is that you refuse to put a time limit on how fast, soon, and “on time” we, as individuals, evolve through this process. Surely the Creator gives us time, when we strive to return “home” even though we may fall back at times. It’s all about getting up and brushing ourselves off and starting over. And you have been such an inspiration!

    Loads of gratitude!
    Dolly ❤

  • Denise, After all these many years of upholding the light and living, walking in gratitude, I’m now feeling a little angry… fed up… and ready for ascension to be over. Am I the only one? For the last 8 months my intolerance of the dark has increased. I feel alone and I’m not. I have the best husband and amazing family. But I feel alone and sometimes cranky. Is this normal? You’ve been a part of my life for a long long time now and I couldn’t think of a better person to ask this question.

    • Dr. Katharine,

      Only 8 months? You’ve wanted to blow dark things up for only 8 months? 😆 I’ve felt this way for many years, too many years but like I’ve bragged before, I’m not in prison for murder yet! 😉

      I jest only because this is so hard to cope with at times–times being years and years for many of us. It has nearly broken me, especially since 2014, but I can feel things changing for the better very quickly now. I’m not saying things will be “perfect and wonderful” for all tomorrow, but that things are indeed improving now and very quickly finally.

      Don’t feel bad because you feel bad, and don’t feel bad for occasionally wanting to turn a flame thrower or rocket launcher on some dark crap. I’ve felt that way numerous times over these long Ascension years and I’d long to reach that blessed state/level/frequency of Neutrality. I’ve reached it many times and “fallen” back down many times too and had to go up those Stair-steps one more time to again reach Neutrality. Once I master this, I’ll know it inside out, both the up and the down avenues which is a positive. 🙂

      I too feel utterly alone and always have and most of the time I’m fine with that. It’s when something get’s extra hard, extra difficult that I desire a friend in physicality to have an honest and equal conversation with. We’re getting there…

      So yes it’s normal to feel anger, rage even and a growing sense of being completely alone in this Process. We’re not of course but from ground zero it sure as hell looks and feels that way far too often. Knowing that most of us experience this helps one to move through it. ❤


      • Bless you Denise – you’ve kept us apprised for years and thank you for all the hard work and posting you do. There are many of us silent ones out there listening to you.

    • Hi Katharine, Denise and other lonely souls out there reading this blog,

      I think everyone experiencing this ascension process has long passed reaching their limit of what their body and positive state of mind can handle. And I expect we’re all very much have been keeping the faith for better times to start this spring. The loneliness has been a constant factor for me also for many years now and I’m starting to be my own best friend. The loneliness is increasing for everyone as we’re more and more evolving along this process and becoming our own unique soul. It has a function of us feeling an as strong as possible connection to our own inner voice which we should trust. We’re all unique souls with a unique path to follow now and in the future. And although there are similarities in this ascension process and it’s symptoms, still we have different experiences and timelines to follow. I for instance have no experience with ET or Team Dark, which info I just skip over. I feel that there’s maybe also a difference here in experiences related to our age. Me being 44 and Denise and others being between 55 and 70 or so….

      Anyway I sure don’t want and expect to stay in this isolated state for much longer and more so I am sure that’s also not my future, but quite the opposite. I’m here to make connections, enlighten people, be an inspiration. So that deep knowing keeps me somehow positive. But on the other hand I can totally not believe how I can ever feel energetic, strong and relaxed again to create a new life after being in this state of tiredness, extreme sensitivity and overrun nervous system for soooo many years now. Do you? I can’t imagine what it will feel like to feel strong and full of life again. But I know that I long to feel joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment to the very core of my being SOOOOO STRONGLY after all these years of emptyness, pain and seriousness (actually I have been too serious all my life pffff).

      As for the past month and these current days the energies are pushing my body and nervous system enormously. Hardly able to go out and get grocery’s. Astrologically I’m in the middle of some heavy transits which confirm this, next to the eclipse and new moon impacts of course. Also since beginning of April I’m having my sun, mars, mercury and venus staying in my 12th house for 2,5 months (just had 5 days of the moon there also..)! This being the house of endings, psychic sensitivity, spirituality, the cosmos e.o. is confirmation for me that I still have to trust, let go en let God in what’s going on here. I’m not there yet and must stay focused on connecting to my heart, love myself and dream my future life. Hopefully I will get some important insights the next months and after all planets move to my 1st house around middle of June things should be getting better with a new cycle starting. If not… I’m lost.

      Hope to have given some support for others with my current state. Also wanted to add that the blogs from Brenda Hoffman on LifeTapestryCreations.com have been just the help/comments I needed to stay positive in the past weeks.
      Hang in there folks, it’s spring time, time for new things to grow… Be out in nature and the sun as much as you can to feel positive and keep the faith that all this leads to joy and love soon!


  • Dear Denise, thanks so much for your blog, I try never to miss it! You are so endearing, and uplifting at the same time! With regards to your latest, about the potential for some ET disclosure coming in fact from some human ETs (ETs having a human incarnation), I myself have long ago intuited that both my ex husbands are in this category (first: a Reptilian; and second: a Draco walk-in). With my second husband, I was aware he was a walk-in for many years, but only figured out that he is a Draco walk-in within the last 5 months. The reason I have had the added insight is due to the flux of incoming energies and higher information, which I have been able to absorb full-time, since not working. But the interesting common denominator about both these husbands was that they were both consummate liars. Lying and deceit appeared to be their modus operandi (stimulated by different objectives that they wished to individually achieve). And just yesterday I viewed the documentary movie “The Armstrong Lie” about Lance Armstrong and the incredible mesh of lies that he conceived and perpetrated about the use of doping in his sport to become the world’s most elite distance cyclist. Whilst watching the movie, I couldn’t shake the feeling that he is a human ET (Reptilian). So, my point is, when we are looking for alien disinformation, especially coming from Human ETs, we should check out their propensity for lies – maybe this is a tell-tale factor. By the way, I don’t feel blame in any of this – just recognition.

  • Hi Denise and all…I agree about the “coming out” of Star Beings here to help…some call us/them hybrids (we that are in human suits)… what we temporarily chose to take on to transmute and experience ascension thru… and once this information is out in the public, more will come directly from their home planets/star systems to assist as they are. My goodness this has taken a loooong #@$% time to come out!

    Who knows the timing…that is one issue I still have at times, resentment and anger at the collective weakness of humanity. There I said it.

    I agree Denise…April has not been the easy smooth grace-full energy vibe that some have suggested for me either. Sigh.

    There is a great blog post by Jennifer Hoffman in which she talks about why this is. It is her latest one. Denise if this is not ok to say let me know.

    As for the suicide energy…I feel it is a melding of many things….I too have contemplated this at times over the last 8 years especially, and seriously too, but like you Denise, I know I am here for the duration and the feeling passed.

    Keep in mind that some people came in with exit points for an earlier age. They only signed on for a certain amount of time so it is not that they gave up, it is their agreement..and yes, there are many who could not handle the intensity either..also…the dying energy is a dying of our old body/template/reality in the old 3d timeline so we will feel that and wonder what is happening to us and mistake that for thinking we want to leave physically. I think you wrote about this Denise.

    Keep on keepin on everybody!

  • Denise, it was great to read your article about the April new moon. It has been absolute insanity around here. So much pressure since December and the 6th Uranus Square I hardly know which way to turn. Right at the new moon I woke to discover myself corkscrewing into the earth and vibrating at increasingly higher increments in an attempt to dispel negative elements in and around the earth. This was not me consciously directing it, but something I seemed to be called to do. Weird Stuff. I am now for the first time in my life realizing how powerful I am. Saying this with all humility. I have spent the bulk of this life feeling quite poweless, but have been presented with life situations that are profoundly releasing those feelings. Something strong coming.

  • “Dolly you don’t need to do anything other than what you’ve been doing all along. Think of we Volunteers/Forerunners like spies in a foreign land. We’re here in 3D to hold Light, hold Love, be them right in the middle of this septic tank! You only need to be the Light, be the Love, be the Higher Way in your High Heart and consciousness and you’re “golden”. That is “ascending””

    Thank you Denise….so much for these words. I can’t tell you how many years of my life where I have said, “I’m supposed to be doing something, but I don’t know what it is.” I even got to the point where after so many years of saying that, I finally decided that “I’ll know when the time comes.” There were times in between where I felt I apparently failed.

    I tried on several occasions to reply to your response. Even just before I began this one, I tried sending another I typed out and it wouldn’t go. I see now I needed to go back and reread and this paragraph pasted above was what I needed to hear most.

    Very happy to hear there are “extra’s” out there tripping up TD! And your urging to check out Inelia’s article…..how “sync!” So I am not alone in being targeted. The both of you have helped tremendously. I AM going to be okay, no matter what. In for the long haul. 🙂

    I can hate/loathe/despise what they do, but I AM going to Love my enemies.

    (((hugs))) and love from my heart,

  • Thanks to everyone for your comments, (very helpful!) and especially thanks to you Denise for your articles, which are always so enlightening and helpful in explaining so many things I question. As for me, I am still having the headaches from hell, as well as those high pitched ear/head ringing’s, that I have been experiencing for so many years now. Also the “spinnie’s” you wrote about have me running into things, tripping on things, and nearly falling on my face!

    With these portal people….all I can say is, this describes nearly all of my family, which was so dysfunctional in the first place, so dealing with them now in 2015 is a 24/7 job! The most difficult times involve family members who I literally have to stay away from as much as possible, which in a way breaks my heart, but is the only way I can continue to move on as much as possible. However, my moving on doesn’t really seem to get me anywhere, because it is so difficult to stay apart from the 3D world…and again this is almost totally due to family. It gets me down. I literally am finding myself hating, even just despising certain people. If I am being tested in all this, I’m not passing the test!

    This past week I have been so down with everything and have had a heck of a time rising above all the crappy crap my family seems to constantly wallow in. I’m angry a lot and when I’m not angry I’m just numb. But this past week was different…and so totally unlike me….I spent 2 days contemplating suicide. It just felt like it would be so nice to be away from all this….crap. I don’t like to talk about my family, but often wonder if there could actually be families out there like mine where nearly all of them are addicts, one kind or another, on something, and if not the really hard stuff, then there’s sleeping pills, nerve pills, anxiety pills, depression pills, bi-polar pills and of course they all say they have to have these, for whatever…like it is a normal thing in life! It’s like….”OH you take that? Maybe I should try that!! Can I have one?!! And then there’s the bi-polar ones, and I’m beginning to wonder if everybody out there is b-polar! To me, everyone is crazy. Now I know that sounds harsh, and maybe too critical but really…I think everyone is crazy to some degree! And getting crazier.

    The good news is, I will stick around. I finally worked my way up out of the dark place I found myself in and got outside today and cleaned my flower and fern beds and let blessed Mother Earth help me get a little more grounded. But I am now facing the fact that I am not ascension material….I am way behind, and I’m 70 now so really, I have decided I cannot manage the crap and still keep myself apart from the 3D insanity. The only way I could even manage is if I find a cave somewhere and go into hiding!

    Denise, I still So look forward to your articles, thoughts, sharing of experience, and more important, the wisdom/insight you give….and I thank you so much! And to those here also, who share personal experiences, give good advice, …I appreciate so much. I have to say, I may not be ascending, but I still feel so fortunate to have this guidance, and understanding, and especially to be able to watch as you all walk those totally wondrous paths of ascension! I love you all!

    Dolly J.

    • “…The most difficult times involve family members who I literally have to stay away from as much as possible, which in a way breaks my heart, but is the only way I can continue to move on as much as possible. However, my moving on doesn’t really seem to get me anywhere, because it is so difficult to stay apart from the 3D world…and again this is almost totally due to family. It gets me down. I literally am finding myself hating, even just despising certain people. If I am being tested in all this, I’m not passing the test!


      Many of us have had to disconnect from family and friends and jobs and numerous other things/places/habits etc. due to our being further along in the Ascension Process than these other people are. In some cases some of these people aren’t living the Process at all and have no intention to in this lifetime. Most of my family falls into this category and it is hard and heartbreaking, but, I cannot and will not stop what I came here to do and wait for them or anyone else. That is not my “job”; paving a NEW higher way for them and humanity and beyond is. That is what we Forerunners do and why we do it. ❤

      And yes, the hatred towards certain lower frequency/consciousness people who do their best to derail us anyway they can. It's normal to feel resentment, anger, hatred even at different points within this Ascension Process. Remember the story about Jesus going "postal" in the market on the moneychangers? There ya go. 😉 We all get utterly fed up with those people and beliefs and systems that continue to prevent humanity from naturally evolving. It's okay to feel this so long as you consciously know why you/me/we feel this way sometimes and keep Pathpaving nonetheless. I've never been fond of humans ONLY because they've been so horribly interfered with, deliberately altered (DNA, energy and consciousness), and "brainwashed" and emotionally herded for thousands of years by Team Dark. Like most Forerunners/Volunteers, I'm here now to help liberate humanity from these Dark beings and portal people who have prevented them from naturally evolving. THAT is not okay any longer and so here we are. What you/me/we hate and get angry at is what's caused and continues causing people to be the way they are.

      …”But this past week was different…and so totally unlike me….I spent 2 days contemplating suicide. It just felt like it would be so nice to be away from all this….crap…”

      This is what I really wanted to focus on now Dolly and All because it’s been building and building and building…

      I receive a few emails every month from people around the world who are at the end of their ropes and tell me they’re contemplating suicide. I myself have thought about it this year which isn’t anything serious people so please keep reading because we’re getting to something important with this topic and Forerunners/Lightholders or Lightembodiers/Volunteers/Indigos etc. I don’t worry about when I do think of committing suicide because I know I won’t — not because I believe that I’ll “burn in hell” if I did kill myself because that is not the case at all — but because I’m stubborn and will finish what I came here to do no matter what negativity is thrown at me. I haven’t put in 63 brutal Forerunner years here to kill myself off tomorrow! Guess who’d really like me/you/us to do exactly that however? That’s right, it’s Team Dark (TD) once again. Hell, it’s always TD.

      If TD can’t derail us, can’t directly attack us, can’t even get at us through living human portal people, then they’ll try convincing us to kill ourselves! This ones easy people; they want us to stop doing what we’ve been doing and continue doing, and if they can get us to kill ourselves, well, that would be the greatest inside joke they could pull off. You know why there were so many of us Volunteers? Because we knew before we came here that many of us would fall along the way due to the severe darkness and evil that has been the frequency of 3D Earth thanks to TD. We knew that many of us wouldn’t make it, wouldn’t survive this level of density Duality negativity and therefore we tripled the amount of “Volunteers”/Forerunners/Indigos that were needed to assist Earth and humanity out of this dark evil mess. Most of my blood family have not survived the severity and negativity of being in physicality and have broken mentally/emotionally and/or became drug addicted and fractured. There have been great causalities along the way and many wonderful Volunteers/Indigos/Forerunners became overwhelmed by the density, evil, cruelty, lies and darkness that has been “reality” and life on Earth. I’m going to repeat this because it’s very important that everyone knows this. We Volunteers knew before we dropped so much Light and entered an incarnation in 3D physicality to help with the Ascension Process from WITHIN 3D that many of us wouldn’t make it and therefore three times the numbers of Volunteers were needed to pull this whole thing off. When one would fall there was two more beside him/her to carry on and not miss a step. And, we’ve done it, period. TD wants, hopes to hell that you/me/we don’t know this fact and so they continue trying to take us out in any way/ways they can, with us killing ourselves being the best joke on us ever. 😐

      And Dolly, everyone is “crazy” and that too is because of what TD has done to humanity. Nonetheless, the Ascension Process and we Volunteers working from WITHIN physicality are Pathpaving and Embodying the NEW energies so that humans can make the Shift out of the old insanity and negativity and into the NEW higher frequencies. We cannot do it all for them but we’ve provided what we came here to do so now it’s up to them to choose which Path they want to follow now, which world and reality they want to live in. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. 😉 That part of it is not and never has been our responsibility… but theirs.

      A few days ago I was impulsed to check out Inelia Benz’s website and knew the second I felt this that there was something specific there that I was supposed to see. Here’s a link to what that was. I’m very glad she or anyone else is publicly talking about the growing thought for Volunteers/Forerunners/Indigos to commit suicide now.


      “…But I am now facing the fact that I am not ascension material….I am way behind, and I’m 70 now so really, I have decided I cannot manage the crap and still keep myself apart from the 3D insanity. The only way I could even manage is if I find a cave somewhere and go into hiding!

      Dolly you don’t need to do anything other than what you’ve been doing all along. Think of we Volunteers/Forerunners like spies in a foreign land. We’re here in 3D to hold Light, hold Love, be them right in the middle of this septic tank! You only need to be the Light, be the Love, be the Higher Way in your High Heart and consciousness and you’re “golden”. That is “ascending”. 🙂 ❤

      Group Hug of Gratitude,

      • Gratitude for this “talk.” The Inelia Benz link is most helpful and enlightening. Our connection with the “higher” has to be maintained… it isn’t like we “get it” and “we’re there” but I find it necessary to remain in the “higher, lighter space” consciously, with attention… often. Balancing between the physical… where I am now, with home, where I came from and where I do want to go is a constant, delicate struggle. But I do believe I chose to come here so I keep asking myself what am I meant to learn, how am I meant to serve and, most important, where is that coming from? Is it them or me? I am sometimes suicidal not because I am dramatic but I just feel like I have done what I am supposed to do. But then, that cannot be true, because I am still here. Keep asking how to serve. Ask, and you will receive your answer. I swear, sometimes it’s minute to minute… I also sometimes focus on the joys off being in the physical and remember there are angels who would love to wear my red shoes! (thanks, Elvis Costello…) Denise, we look to you as our leader and are grateful for your presence. I was in Egypt… Hugs and warmth to all. Mary

  • For me the “now” moment is one of experiencing incredible compression, which is very uncomfortable and difficult to stay with. Where this is coming from, I really don’t know. It’s just very strong and the 3d mind is having a real problem with it, as the compression has come on all of a sudden and the 3d mind doesn’t know what’s going on. I really try not to get into my 3d mind, but because I am still connected to it and it is still a part of me, it’s not easy to ignore, yet I know it’s really only trying to help me out and as things of late have really ramped up for me, it’s really finding it difficult to cope with it all. So staying in the “now” moment isn’t easy. I’m trusting this compression will leave at some point so I can feel a modicum of feeling centred in the “now”, but for now (ha, ha(!)), I’m having to really be good to my Self and do things I normally wouldn’t do, like watch movies and keep things as low key as possible. There is so much going on in the 3d world and that is why it is so important to be good to my Self. I can’t seem to use the internet much either. There is just too much information there and I think it’s really important to keep things simple right now. Still feel we are all occupying the same space, which I just find incredible at this late stage at the operation. When I look around, I just wonder how can that be? I think the compression has something to do with it, but I don’t have enough information. Thank you Denise for your post. It was a surprise. Love to you and love to all. Katerina

  • Thank you for this article Denise..you prompted my connecting some very important and huuuge dots for my now journey and new journey. It is such a relief. Wow! This is a turning point in my conscious thought process and I have chills to validate. Yay!!! Thank you!

  • Thank you Denise for confirmation regarding what is going on with the magnetic field and the new energies we are experiencing. The energies are extremely compressed of late. It’s like I am being taken out of 3d, as I continue to integrate and embody more of who I am in physicality. I feels as if we are all occupying to same space in this Ascension process and yet my consciousness is unable to connect with anything that is happening on the 3d level. This incredible compression seems to be associated with the magnetic field and this appears to be causing so much mayhem, noise and destructive behaviour in those who are located in the 3d “survival” paradigm. But this is still part of our experience, eventhough we may not understand it or why we are still connected to it, as there is nothing for us there anymore. I am aware that I am in the process of receiving and integrating new frequencies which are of a 6th dimensional construct and this has been apparent to me since the end of March, which is making it even more difficult to function and put up with what is is happening in the old 3d world, which is a gigantic mess. It’s amazing how all this can be happening at once; I sincerely wonder how long we are going to have to continue to be in the 3d world and not of it? Bless you all. You are mighty/ Love Katerina

  • Denise, thank you for your observations. My cat has been very “snuggly” and “sleepy” and I did find it unusual. I also find that the energies have shifed. I feel the presence of power and positivity much more strongly than throughout this past year. I think it will be better and better. Thanks for being there and for all you do…

  • Hi Denise,

    You are so right as usual about the pets – I lost my cat last month – he was only 6, but had always had health problems, which I always felt was from him absorbing a lot of negativity – he literally one time had surgery to remove 1/4# of poop, so you know he was transmuting some bad shit! In the past year he became even more really lovey dovey and needed at least 3 sessions of cuddles a day, and other than that seemed fine until he stopped eating all the sudden. I just hope my dog can handle it better because without him for company I don’t know what I’d do! Though he seems to be very in tune with something I can’t see, because he’s always staring at some spot and seems to be listening very intently, even cocking his head to hear better, and then will turn and look at me like, hmmmm. (He’s half border collie – they have the most beautiful intense and wise eyes!)

    Things are finally looking up for me – I’m finally feeling a bit better head-wise – the pressure comes and goes but it’s nothing like it was even a month ago (knock on wood), and I seem to be handling the floating/balance stuff better – I just have to really concentrate when I’m walking anywhere. The best thing is I just found out today that my horrible neighbors that were driving me insane have been booted by the landlord and are leaving next week – and no new ones until Fall at least! I was really dreading this summer because my backyard is my refuge especially when I don’t feel well and it’s been a loooonnng winter here in upstate NY. I would have been a prisoner indoors all summer to avoid the kids who are out of control with a crack head mother.

    Thanks for your insights as always – I hope your Mom and cat get better and better each day. I’ll be happy to donate some energy next paycheck, but in the meantime I send you my heart energy!


  • Hello Denise and to all,

    Wow, where to begin. I have been reading the posts for a week or so (I didn’t know we could comment again so yay 🙂 and decided to write one myself about my experience with TD with the intention of sharing and assisting those of you who are having a challenging time.

    The most important thing i want to suggest or reiterate is to not give in to any fear or give your power away. TD is not stronger than the Light, the Light is winning and it is imperative to find your inner strength, puff up and use whatever protection method works for you. There are Legions of Light who will assist you in a moments notice but you must ask. Don’t worry about who or what master/archangel etc just call in help from the Light, stand in your truth, raise your energy and demand they leave. They are persistent if they see you as a threat.

    If you see something on a dog or cat or human or anyone you love…have someone remove it if you are not sure how. It can be done. You are not a victim to this. This is a test and an initiation. What do you want to do with it?

    I have had many run in’s with TD over my lifetime. It took time for them to stop so I am not saying that it is always so easy to do this. My childhood was very supernatural (in a good way also) and I knew I was protected and held that close to my heart in truth when situations became very dangerous. I also too (as Michelle did) heard a voice once tell me to hit someone I love. I have had attacks while I am sleeping and woke with physical wounds, scratches on my back and pains. Had shadow watchers there when I woke or just outside my door.

    I won’t go into all of my experiences but Denise I too had to deal with soooo many “portal people” really my whole life up until last August. It will stop. Yes, we are all unique and have our own path and reasons and timeline but overall we are similar. I strongly suggest you study your Self, know who you are and know what specifically you came to Earth to do. This can be done very quickly now. Knowledge is power. Self knowledge is magic.

    One thing that may be the same for some of you is that I was told that these PP’s actually did me a favor in some cases (I know, hang in there a minute) by “throwing mud on a butterfly’s wings”..or covering my light as I was being protected from being located by certain TD beings/humans/groups. I am safe now but it was a looong haul.

    This is also one of the reasons I/we/many were born into a toxic family full of PP’s. And another is to break the old systems. Enough with the old ways. This we know 🙂

    Ok, I suppose that is enough for now though there is much more to discuss. I am in no way diminishing the challenge of this issue or making light..ah…yes! I am making LIght of it..pun intended 🙂

    oh..almost forgot..yes….sciatica pain, for me down my spine into hips and down both legs recently :-0 ouch…so hard to sleep it was so annoying and painful. I agree with Denise, we need to ground now onto the 5D crystalline grid. There are many power points on the planet that hold this new and activated grid where you can set your intention to and ground …Very important ! If anyone wants a list of them I can paste a link on a comment.

    Lastly, sleep, yes, I too had my sleep messed with for years in efforts to sideline me..and with noises,hums etc…they mess with our vibration. Oy vay.

    Please hang in there everyone, Denise you are a warrior of peace and light thank you so much for your contribution with your energy, your writing and this blog.

    Live in Beauty,

  • Spot on and just what I needed Denise. I like to know the Truth about all things, even when it is not all sugar and spice. I have recently had a few “dark” experiences, and sometimes find it a great struggle to stay Present. A couple of times I have had those monotone voices making dangerous suggestions regarding my loved ones. They are easy to detect- as you have describes they are monotone, unemotional, bland like. I have also been on a cruise recently. I spent almost the whole time feeling trapped, despairing and very, very pained. The room we were in vibrated the whole time- it was impossible to sleep or rest. The rest of my family barely noticed. I am not sure whether the “trapped” feeling was me clearing negative energies for the collective (it did feel like that, but stronger) or whether it was an attack. The vibrations were dreadful, like torture. Ever since then my relationship with my husband has gone downhill badly. I feel intense anger and hatred in him, and can hardly be around him. Strangely, he has been wanting to spend more than normal time around me, even though he is so angry with me about pretty much everything. He even rings me up about small stuff, then it is like a switch is turned on and he “remembers” how much he hates me. He does not believe or have any interest in Awakening and so forth, and is starting do get quite hostile about it, which is not how he used to be. I have always kept most of what is going on to myself, but feel it is more important now. We have two young children, so it is really diffcult at the moment. I am doing what I can to remain in a high vibration. Your article, and reading that others feel this so deeply affecting them too is a help and relief.

    • MichelleK,

      You’re going to have to figure out how you’re going to or not going to deal with this problem with your husband. It’s not “healthy” for either of you or the children. And the fact that you have clairaudiently heard negatives trying to influence you to harm/kill or whatever loved ones is your clue that you and probably someone else in your family (husband) is under attack from TD. Be VERY aware, VERY honest with yourself about everything that’s happening in your family and life, and be super careful because you’re deep in some dangerous stuff at the moment and this level of attack doesn’t magically go away overnight. It takes some real work and determination on your part AND your husbands, but it sounds like he’s not willing or desirous of evolving/growing/changing, which makes this situation nearly impossible not to mention dangerous for you both. Be smart and stay protected and honest. ❤


      • Hi Denise,
        Thank you for your words. Things have improved greatly in the last week. I have been very much focusing on protection, and have really gone into my self. An energy healing session with a gifted lady also explained a lot that has been happening for me.
        Since January I have had a very strong feeling of being “trapped”, especially in my marriage. I have had problems with my husband, but nothing abusive, mostly communication, and an addiction problem of his. The feeling was very intense at times, and I felt that it was partly an ancestral clearing happening- I have parents and grandparents on both sides who were “trapped” in bad emotional and/or physically abusive marriages. I had been working on transmuting these negative energies, but felt not to the degree I am usually capable of.
        Just after I sent my previous message I had an energy healing session. The lady knew I was having issues with my husband, but not the full extent. She picked up on a strong feeling of indecisiveness in me, and traced back using kinesiology to the source. My husband and I were together 8000yrs ago, in Australia (where I currently live). He was abusive, and murdered me when I was in my early 20’s. I had been indecisive about whether to leave him- we were nomadic, and I was with him and some male friends of his.
        Since doing release work on this, and a lot of forgiveness for us both, my life has improved greatly. I realised I could leave, I can leave any time I like. I do not feel that is what I really want to do at this stage though. I am breaking the pattern by knowing I am in control of this present reality, it doesn’t control me. We came together at this time to heal our past, and that is what is happening. Fantastic.
        As to the negatives, that too has eased up. I feel I have a lot of protection, I always have. My massage therapist (a very awakened old soul) has said he loves my sessions as I always bring a few “others” along.
        Giovana said something that resonated with me. I have long felt that I am being protected and held back from some things (if that makes sense) for my own good. That I could be a major target if I was not careful. I have felt a great energy increase in the last week in particular. I am literally vibrating a lot of the time. I feel very good. And very optimistic about our future. Mother Earth is changing rapidly, and some wonderful events are very close. Love and Light.

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