The 11-11 through 12-12-14 Wormhole

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I don’t know absolutely that this period we’re living and journeying through from 11-11 to 12-12 is indeed a “wormhole” but that’s what I’ve perceived. I’d call it an energy tube instead of a wormhole only because that’s what it looked like to me; a large, long, straight energy tube running directly from 11-11 through to 12-12. After 12-12 things change again and we enter a slightly different phase of this Process from 12-12 through the 12-21-14 December Solstice. Then there’s more phases after that of course, but for now, let’s get through the energy tube or wormhole or whatever it is. ⭐

I haven’t as yet, and I don’t know if I will, fully share about what all I’ve gone through due to my mom’s stroke and the related medical people and medical and health insurance systems insanity I’ve had to deal with from the moment I called 9-1-1 on August 28th. I’ve been unwillingly sucked into a dying old world with its dying old perverted systems that I’ve never liked or trusted and have avoided as much as I could my entire life. However, since August 28th it’s pretty much been all I’ve had to deal with daily. It’s only slowing down a little since November 28th, which is great for me, but it’s all still very Uranian feeling with bits and pieces of my and my mom’s so-called “lives” still in airborne slow motion free-fall from the life and reality-changing explosion that Aug. 28th suddenly brought us both.

I said that only to indicate how radical and life-altering much of 2014 has been for me personally, but I know for so, so many others as well. This current stage of the Ascension Process for the Forerunners has compressed and compressed and gotten tighter and more focused throughout all of 2014, but it certainly compressed (I’m using that word only because that’s how it’s felt from my perspective within physicality—amplify would probably be a better word) 100% more from the September Equinox. Epic amplifications week after week all year and you know that it’s all leading up to something even more amazing and no doubt life and reality-changing too. Bring it baby, bring it! 😛

Back to late 2014 wormhole-like energy tube journeying.

I mentioned recently (sorry can’t remember if it was in a Comment or another article) about how I can see with my eyes open and closed and how I’m dreaming while asleep and awake. What I hesitated including in that sentence then was that I feel very much like I’m no longer “alive” NOR do I feel like I am “dead” either. I feel like I’m somewhere between both. No, that’s not correct. It feels like I’m in a NEW state of transition beyond them that’s not full “life” nor is it full “death”, and like all other old lower frequency and consciousness 3D Earth world Duality things, this current situation of journeying through this 11-11 to 12-12 energy tube “wormhole” feels like I am, like we Forerunners are experiencing, embodying another level of NEW 5D Unity frequency and consciousness and therefore “life” and “reality”.

Mid 11-11 through 12-12 tube journey, that’s what this latest phase feels like to me personally. Instead of saying I’m alive or saying I’m dying or dead, it’s increasingly becoming I AM.  Yeperoonies, that’s what it’s feeling like to me. The Unity or further Unifying of old lower Duality stuff like us either being (perceiving, becoming aware of ourselves to be either) “alive” or “dead” to now being consciously and simply I AM and I AM everywhere simultaneously. I do know that what all we’ve gone through—miserable and blissful alike—has to do with us beginning to actually perceive our NEW Selves from this integrated, unified, higher frequency state of being of I AM and begin to function and “live” our NEW “lives” from that level of Being and Consciousness. Like I said earlier, bring it baby, bring it!

This article is flying out of me with little forethought on my Denise part which I know means it’s good stuff 😉 so I’ll not edit or squirm over any of it but simply press the publish button. ❤


November 30, 2014

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