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It feels like it’s time to create a Category at HighHeartLife that’s only for Q & A, questions and answers. Comments are open in this Category only. To keep Comments focused, tight and on-track, all questions must remain within the sphere of the Ascension Process so this does not digress into a verbal and/or emotional mosh pit, free-for-all. If questions go too far off-topic they won’t be published so please keep your Comment questions in alignment with the energies of HighHeartLife. This can be both fun and very helpful to many. Thanks very much and here’s to connecting again in this NEW way here at HHL. ❀

Denise Le Fay

November 24, 2014

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  • Thank you Denise for your latest article. I have to confess to feeling utterly vile. A lot of body pains have returned and I have been really struggling. The other day I was doing some releasing and I literally saw all the crappy black energy shake out my body like insects. It was as if all the layers of my skin shook like scales and peeled off. It felt like my body was dying. And I think on one level it is. All the old sinus and tooth issues are back and I am really trying to release what is needed. But some of it is sadness over being at the end of times. You can feel things slipping away. I keep looking around thinking how naive we have been as a world. How selfish. i have never felt so alone. I am sending you and all of us out there a hug. this last week has been like living in an alternate place. Completely separate from everyone else with stuff to release at every turn. There is light there is always light but it has and is very painful.
    Love and light to you

  • Thank you for your response. Especially thanks for not sending me to a doctor. I put the problem to my higher self and took a long nap. When I woke I realized that the candida was somehow connected to my allergies (which I’ve suffered from for more than 30 years). Looking into it I find that antihistamines create yeast overload. That’s the answer; the new problem is how to balance the two. I’m sure I’ll find a way; hopefully a way in which I can eliminate pharmaceuticals. Perhaps a new timeline would solve everything. Thanks, again.

  • Denise,

    I’m suffering from severe candida or yeast growth to the extent of burning eyes, dizziness and really weird headaches. Could this be related to ascension symptoms (lately everything is ascension related)? I really avoid doctors and wonder can I deal with this myself with good diet and meditation. Sorry to bother you with this but your comments are always so comforting. Thanks

    • Gerry,

      First off I’m sorry you’re suffering with this, and secondly do not ever hesitate writing a Comment about anything here. ❀

      I too will do most anything to NOT go to a doctor or take pharmaceuticals. Having said that, I've never had candida so I don't know how painful and miserable it actually is. In the end you've got to decide what you're willing to go through — the "illness" or going to the medical community for help. Both are miserable in my opinion!

      It's hard to say because everyone's body responds to these 2016 Light Energies in slightly different ways. Keep in mind too now that there are Light Energies coming in starting on Sept. 25-30th and again right after this that we've NEVER experienced before. Because of this I strongly suspect that the super sensitive Forerunners will have some unusual or slightly different Ascension related symptoms, including time distortions or anomalies, changes in consciousness, changes in reality, dimensional bleed-throughs and other such anomalies. (Some of the organs and chakars/energies etc. in my gut area have been undergoing tremendous evolutionary changes this year. Some feel rather "scary" occasionally because they're new to me.)

      Because I'm not familiar with candida/yeast growth, let me ask you, what causes it? Does stress cause it? Does fear? Does eating foods that you already know you shouldn’t consume cause it? Those types of questions are things you should ask yourself to get a clearer sense of what’s going on in your body now. Has something happened recently that blew your hormonal balance out of whack? Potent emotional issues or happenings will often traumatize me and my body instantly reacts and manifests the chaos at that physical body level. We can’t get away with any lower frequency such shite anymore. πŸ˜‰

      Take an emotional, mental, and psychic/energetic inventory of what’s been going on in your life recently that may have caused this, then go from there and do the Inner Work, whatever it is and your physical body should follow. Otherwise, see a doctor if you honestly feel you should.

  • Hi Denise. I found your latest article (More Inner Excavating & Offloading) really insightful. I have been looking around me and it feels like reality is thinning. The gap between what we see as materially real and what is, is beginning to close. Things seem faded and old and I keep wondering when the things we take for granted will be gone because they won’t be needed.
    I have been trying to clear some really core parent issues and was pretty stuck as I had hoped I had cleared enough in the past. So I asked for guidance and had a really in the face dream about the issue that night. While I was having it I was aware I needed to take note. It wasn’t pleasant but I did not wake up terrified and I also realised much of what I took on from my parents was their issues. I knew this in my head but just needed a visual reminder. I am still wondering how to let go and forgive successfully but saw finally that I had worth. They had let me down not the other way. So I am trying to remember that I am worthy. I always was and will be. And so are they. They gave me the greatest gift to grow.
    Love and blessings to you. It’s like being Aladdin , so hold on tight to your carpet.

    • ‘…Things seem faded and old and I keep wondering when the things we take for granted will be gone because they won’t be needed…’

      Those things we take for granted is some of what was represented in my dream as furniture. It was old furniture that no one used anymore because it wasn’t a match and was outdated.

      ‘…So I am trying to remember that I am worthy…’

      This one has been a biggie for many, many people in these current lifetimes especially. It’s much larger than just our parents. Never forget that you are, as we all are, literally aspect of Source God. That’s a great reality adjuster. πŸ˜‰

      Now that we’re past the September 2016 Equinox, things are going to be getting much more interesting than we’ve experienced so far within this evolutionary Ascension Process. Linear time anomalies are going to become commonplace for the rest of this year (and beyond), as are individual consciousness and “reality” changes and other strange experiences. Included in all this will be a big increase (I’ve been experiencing this off/on all of 2016) of suddenly experiencing Higher Awareness where we suddenly understand a lot more about a lot more things, people, ourselves, world and off world events and so on. It’s going to get genuinely “weird” from here on out but not in a bad way, just spiritual and consciousness growing pains sorts of ways! πŸ™‚ So yes everyone, hang on to your magic flying carpet as we go through these Zero Zone and other related anomalies and shifts out of the old and into the NEW. We are in transition now and will be until we reach January 2017.

  • I loved your blog today about us Forerunners standing calmly, serenely, anchoring our light, not dictating, not bossing, not proving to ourselves that we’re actually OK. Those proofs have come in abundance, no need for any low self-esteem any more. No need for competition, to see who outshines who. Just a lovely pillar of light with feet firmly on terra nova and energetic anchor firmly coming down from the bottom of our visible spinal chord and anchoring where it’s necessary. It’s always about self-remembering about over-the-top reactivity as a response to whatever madness is manifesting around us in whipping wild colours and bouts of operatic hysteria. It’s a matter of consciously breathing the breath but not in a pedantic way, and realising that as observers, we do not have to be the primary player on every stage. I have wondered why I have found myself “dropped” so perfectly into this particular place, location, suburb, coastline, whatever…. obviously it’s where Universal Consciousness needs me to be. That couldn’t be more abundantly clear, the way every puzzle piece has fitted in exactly as if designed.

    You’re more than adequate, Denise, perfectly adequate in my view, with the perfection part being the strong emphasis! Love you and your work. Thanks so much.

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you for all your recent articles. As usual you have really helped me get through another crazy few weeks. The lions gate portal was intense but I have managed to shift more rubbish again. Literally from my house and garden and from me energetically. I discovered the 12d shield and although I had interference an entity had to leave me from my heart chakra. I have been feeling amazing since. It had been there for years.
    Blessings to you and I am going to try to be just “being” . It is so exciting.

  • Denise,
    Thanks so much for the latest post. I was beginning to think I needed to see a brain doctor because of all the strange dizzy/vertigo feelings in my head even when laying down.(sister had a issue with hers) I would try to tune in to see if it was energy related as I do pick up on the collective often but this felt personal. I am looking so forward to getting past as I am still at least as if today having symptoms. Have also noticed my cats and dog being different, I thought it was the fleas. πŸ™‚
    Heres to happy zooming along to the next………lots of love

  • Denise, I don’t understand the comments section! Is this area for each article? I don’t see anything following the current lion gate article. I have a cheap phone. Can u elaborate? 😁

    • Edith,

      I needed to close Comments again on most articles to stop a couple of people from doing what they’d been doing recently.

      Sorry for any confusion Edith, I’d like to be able to have Comments on all the time on every article but… I can have Comments on or either off on every article which is a nice WordPress feature. On this Q&A section they’re always on.

  • Regarding lion article. Felt so calm DURING. Of course was off from work too. Today I feel so many inner sensations but I assume its normal inner changes. I feel insecure. Looking forward to clocking out today. Thank u Denise!πŸ’œ

  • Dearest Denise,

    Thank you so much for your latest article! Just before reading it, after getting up from a nap, I finally realized that my head and eye pains and physical/nervous exhaustion wasn’t just to do with all the busyness these past 4 months… that it must have something to do with the inner connections and NEW stuff. Guess I felt you writing that article πŸ˜‰

    I’ve also been paying attention to my dreams when I remember to. I few nights ago (I still remember bits of it) seem to tie into what you were talking about in the article as well. I was at the top part of one of our main roads in the city I live in, looking down to the west (it’s literally downhill that way). And where the main roads usually bisect the land through the city, they were all torn up down to the dirt. To the sides where the sidewalks and most buildings were, in their place were a line of solar panels. I looked at the torn up roads, and these clean lines of solar panels embedded in the ground (some of them stacked near where they were to be installed soon) and was in a bit of despair. Because me personally, in the dream, needed to get somewhere and I had no idea how I was going to safely cross this mayhem. I got the sense that I was “pregnant” and that I may have some troubles, hence I needed to get somewhere soon to get help.

    That’s a loaded dream/message/experience. Roads of Sun Light. The old way to travel was gone, and I needed help in the New but didn’t quite know how to get there or what to do.

    My cat is having issues these past few weeks. She’s been off her food for almost the whole time, having bits and tastes but not much. She still drinks her filtered water everyday though. Vet says her blood levels are ok, expect the kidney levels are a bit high. I mention this because she’s sensitive like me too. I’m struggling to deal with my own pains and taking care of my self, so it’s hard for me to get a sense/read on what she needs. Feel a bit frantic that she’s not eating hardly, and have to remind myself that she’s going through all this too in her own way. Plus she’s 15 1/2 years old. I let her know many times a day she’s loved, and I know she knows that.

    Much Love and Gratitude,
    Chrysalis/Fae Elf

  • Hi again Denise

    Regarding your comments about forerunners choosing to forget the horrors of their lives – personal opinion is that although it is tempting, no – I’d rather remember. More and more, a lot of my life seems like a movie, scripted by someone/thing else which has been hell-bent on destroying me. A few friends are the same, experiencing one ghastly challenge after the other. If it wasn’t for us reaching out to each other and the few courageous souls like yourself telling it like it is, rather than the popular versions of fluff spirituality, the majority of us may have gone under long ago.

    Now that it’s becoming easier to recall events and experiences without succumbing to the associated terror and despair, viewing one’s life more from the viewpoint of a detached observer, I think I choose to keep those memories in the vault in case I ever need to have recall in some other world/reality. We entered this reality in total innocence and naivete, and were immediately pounced on by those who could see and sense our vulnerability. I don’t ever want to do that again!

    I’m choosing to walk softly and carry a big stick, at least for now.

    Much gratitude for your courage in sharing your journey.


    • To Elle and Denise, enjoy your new homes and thanks to you all, yes I am on the same path and encouraging myself to understand at least some of what “we actually did” before we let it go, in fact I was just about to fall out of my third floor window last night, wrestling something unknown, like I do, when I just suddenly opened my eyes to find I was still in bed, so thanks for being there, and much love, Linda xx

  • Happy “new” old house Denise!! It’s like you’ve won one for our team!!!
    I’ve always loved your gritty, fierce self but I must say I think we will all Fall in Love with this “new” old softer side of you! Thank you, as always, for including us.

  • Denise, I’ve been waiting for you to write about your move. Just wondering from time to time how you’ve been, because I’ve bought and sold in the same period of time and it’s been hugely busy, with excitement, joy, anxiety, worry, mental fatigue, physical fatigue, emotional distance from the old life and some people….all of that and so much more. So much hope, and those flickerings of sheer happiness and finding myself, and so very, very fast moving!

    Two things you wrote about which I related to very much – after a lifetime of studying and trying to understand the dark side, suddenly I don’t bloody well care! It’s like I know that they can’t touch me, can’t reach me, it’s my life and nothing/no-one can affect me without my permission. Negative people have become irrelevant.

    The other stand-out was appreciation for the males of the species – the things they do that I can’t possibly do, the generous help and respect that I’m receiving from the majority of men I meet now – I’m so grateful and often happy to be in their company. Some have been through so much grief and betrayal at the hands of unscrupulous women and remain decent and steadfast.

    I’m so happy your move is done, and you and your mother and cat can now enjoy your new home. Well done to both of us!

    With love and gratitude


  • Denise- thank you for all the articles you’ve posted to help us all through the Ascension process! I’ve read many articles on ascension and your articles tie in everything that I’ve read together. Only mid through my symptoms have I discovered that I was undergoing the Ascension process, but it was terrifying not knowing what was happening. I’ve experienced most of what you’ve listed on other articles and only the other day did the head pains cease and I “heard” that this phase is complete.

    I wanted to know if you could share some light that before my symptoms started, I had clearer clairvoyant images, and I had lost some “sight” and images are less “tangible” to me since the symptoms started, but I am getting more things in another sense with my other senses that maybe have heightened. Do you know of any psychic abilities that decrease during ascension processes, then increase in time? And I wanted to comment on your articles mentioning head pains. They were very creepy and hurt a lot like worms crawling in my brain! Also the surfacing of dense, negative or suppressed energies drove me mad! Thank you for letting us know we’re not alone. I will donate for the energy exchange when question is answered. Thank you.

    • turcos333,

      I incarnated with all of the “claira” abilities and was very familiar with them and how they worked and felt etc. in me and my awareness then. However, with the Ascension Process all that changes, evolves into NEW abilities functioning at higher levels of our awareness. Example: in the past when I’d perceive something “psychically”, it was loud and clear that that’s what it was. Now however most of the things, Beings, energies and so on that I perceive look and feel to me like they’re all very much in this physical dimension. They’re not, I’ve just changed my perspective, meaning the perceived distance between myself and these other nonphysical, higher dimensional, otherworldly Beings and energies etc. is different, is much closer, more integrated, more refined and “unified” etc. This is a big topic and some articles need to be written about just this, which I intend to do once I’m moved into my new house and have more time.

      During the intense first phase of the Ascension Process — which can last for many years — many of our lifelong abilities do go quiet for a while because so much change is taking place within us in every way and in every Energy Body we have and in the brain hemispheres, the Chakras, the central nervous system and so on. But, as soon as we can safely cope with and handle higher level perceptions, we do, and then it becomes a process of us being open to these NEW ways of perception, sensing, feeling, Seeing and so on. And of course this is not the end-all either but only another level of an ongoing process so always be open to evolving more and more. πŸ™‚

      Denise Le Fay

  • oh, happy birthdays to denise and barbara. does it seem like november and december have a lot of forerunner birthdays? also such an intense time of the year.

    denise i just read what you wrote on the 22nd and thank you so much. i was sitting here in such a panic, physically, recovering from nightly work in the netherworlds and having the dark christians / draconians / ghosts trying to tear me to shreds for messing with their hells, (emptying them out! take that! be free, previously trapped souls!), looking forward to having our son come over though we’ve had a rough couple of weeks with him in the hospital with serious health issues, then picking up dark entities in the hospital and turning against me in such a painful way …. wow quite the month … a helper and i and one of his higher avatars did some work clearing those out, superimposing a young joyful version of himself on this one, filling him with luminescence and adding protection consisting of gold / divine masculine and turquoise / divine feminine … i could see and feel this happening. and finally he came through and will be here today, now, soon.

    anyway, i feel much calmer since reading what you wrote. it all made sense, mixed in with this crazy stuff i go through with the nonphysicals.

    much love to you, denise and all here,

      • i meet each week with someone. we have created a “synergy” that allows us to go Way Up for help. i deal with very dark energies so i am allowed to also have very high support. most of the time i am under attack and in a hell realm, my life and health destroyed. but once a week i drive up into the mountains and do this session in a cabin in the redwood forest with this amazing helper. we go Up and a Being speaks through her and brings healing, insight, understanding, support.

        so, about my son … first some cords had to be removed which apparently i had been using to try and give him strength. (he has stage 3/4 kidney disease. started in the womb, blockages that caused the kidneys to be damaged. he had several surgeries to correct these as a baby but the kidneys were already hurt.)

        i was told to imagine my son when he was happy and funny, as a child, superimpose this image on that of the adult sad son. the joy energy was powerful and i could see black evil beings floating out of him. i was told that the energy of joy was unbearable to them so they had to leave. then i heard, “call on the Overlighting Deva of the Master Color Luminescence to fill and surround him with this energy.” it was pearlescent pure white with radiant pastel hues imbuing in, really beautiful. then i was told to create a cocoon with the master colors gold, for the Divine Masculine, and turquoise, Divine Feminine.

        i could feel this amazing Pure Love and Light energy, and Infinite Peace, and could see beautiful colors. the Being asked Source if my son could be released from this initiation (he has no spiritual inclinations that he is aware of, but he he definitely an indigo, very light and can go into depression and deep sorrow; well, who wouldn’t, plus this disease messes with his brain chemistry) and they said he had come too far. it is an initiation about “incapacitation.” oh they give us the worst stuff! he’s 29 and works hard and is so good to people, volunteers at the animal shelter, such a purehearted person.

        when it comes to dialysis and transplant, he doesn’t think he wants to do it. this of course breaks my heart. i am hoping that he will miraculously heal. he’s doing everything he’s been told to do and sees specialists here and goes to stanford too to see others as we live in a rural area with not such great doctors.

        is this what you wanted to know? too much information, sorry. denise, i’m sorry for being off topic. if it is.

        when he decided to help at the animal shelter (“i walk dogs for two hours and cuddle cats for one hour” every sunday) … the Being that came through said, “the kingdom of animals reached out to him” to show him how loved and loving and precious he is. i thought that was amazing. also interesting to see that someone without a conscious spiritual path is having such an initiation and support from Above.


        • K
          I am so very grateful. Thank you for sharing this. I wish I could join you at that cabin bUT know I prayed for your son and for you and am presently employing what you outlined for my own son. I don’t understand all of what I am experiencing or why but am grateful to you for teaching me and for the light work you are doing. Every nugget of wisdom from light is a gift so consider yourself loved by this one stranger in old terms who now has adopted you into my “family” of love.

        • thank you and much love to you too. i was also told to do the same for ourselves. when i’m deep in the attacks of the dark, i imagine myself in a place of joy, peace, freedom….when i was 19, backpacking alone around europe starting in ireland….lying on a beach called glencolumbkille in county donegal in april, sunny, with all my belongings with me and no one in the whole world knowing where i was, alone and free. when things are hard, calling on such past memories can help. it’s like time travel but also using past self moments, which are still a part of us, to help us through these … times. i also use the “master colors” as suggested. (i had never heard of those before. they are, as might be expected, very high dimensional.)

          so much love to you,

  • However….(bipolar ascension process) to add to my previous comment, I do certainly feel the collectives “fight” for light is not over yet, 2016 is going to be an interesting year and I am not sure those of us that have been behind the scenes for many many many years will be out front and center yet. Still prep time perhaps to see who’s on board and more?

    But it can be easier for us who have healed and wholed and downloaded and uploaded and overlayed and merged and integrated.
    Now we are/will be the calm in the eye of the storm. (She says hopefully).

    • Giovana,

      Things have changed with this (and will continue to) and more than us Forerunners of the Forerunners and/or the Forerunners needing to be ‘out front and center’, is the need now to embody more higher Light and constantly radiate it for everyone else on the planet and beyond. No one and nothing can ignore, override or remain in the old lower levels and consciousness in this Universal evolutionary process.

      The eye of the storm is very much our own HighHearts and so long as we live there, perceive from there, create from there etc., then we are The Light incarnate on Earth and we are helping humanity evolve into it and out of the old lower insanity.

  • LOVE this latest article. I so resonate and concur and agree and FEEL it. Very exciting times now and every now from now on. I breathe a collective forerunner sigh of patting ourselves on the the back for “work” well done everyone.

  • hi denise,
    thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing. settled in your new old house yet?
    your last post was so creepy and so spot on. the draconians are my main torturers since they’re behind the catholics and the heinously dark history …
    trying to hold on but unholy shit they are ruthless.
    jehovah, allah, my guides call them “the old reptiles.” they are devious and determined and so so cruel.
    much love to you,

    • Karina,

      No, not moved into “new” old house yet, still working, repairing, cleaning etc. since May and I’m soooo ready to be done! Very soon now and will let everyone know when I’m actually moving. πŸ™‚

      ‘…your last post was so creepy and so spot on. the draconians are my main torturers since they’re behind the catholics and the heinously dark history…’

      Sorry about the creep factor but as you well know, the Draconian beings are a weird combination–based on what I’ve seen multiple times–of that classic 1922 vampire movie character and a classic satan/devil character. Major creep factor right? These beings have been the primary groups behind (generating I mean) global religious negativity, while the Reptilians are the ones that have been behind global wars, constant violence, global military consciousness etc. That’s interesting what your guides call them. Old indeed and going away believe it or not! Release, release, release… And So It Is. ❀

  • I am so glad that you posted the article More Light Causing More 2D Darkness to Surface. I experienced something like what you described about a week before your article came out. I was in the bathroom around 1:00 in the morning, and I heard a thrashing sound. At the time, I thought it was a bat caught in the fabric honeycomb blinds that we have. That was all I could think that it could be. I thought it was coming from the adjoining bedroom. This sound went on for around 1-2 minutes. Some pausing, then more thrashing, etc. I was FREAKED OUT. I hurried to get out of the bathroom, and tiptoed into the bedroom. There was nothing there. I decided to sleep in the living room, because I didn’t want to be near what made the sound.

    We thoroughly checked the room in the morning, and found nothing. My husband thought maybe it was a mouse, but they don’t say, “Quiet as a church mouse,” for nothing. We have caught 10 mice in our house this fall, and they are always in the kitchen, near the food, on the main floor or the basement, not the second floor. They are very sneaky and quiet by nature, so as not to call attention to themselves. I know mice can get in the walls, and I have heard them in the walls. This was a completely different and much louder sound. If a mouse made noise on the floor, I think it would get away as a soon as possible, not continue to make noise over and over. We don’t have pets in our room at night, so it wasn’t a cat, either.

    Your article made me realize that what I heard might have been some 2D entity. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  • Thank you for your latest article. However, I could swear that you previously said that 2015 – 2016 was the end; now it’s 2016-2017? This is so exasperating. Everything is so much better than just a short time ago but, I am so tired.

    Denise, I apologize for my previous message – a bit of frustration coming through. I know, stair steps. Everything is ok. Much sin ere thanks for all your help.

    • Gerry,

      I completely understand the frustrations, believe me!

      In all truth Gerry, December 21, 22, and 23, 2012 was “the end”. Unfortunately it takes more time in physical reality for the external changes to manifest, one after the other, in physicality. Added to that are all of the unaware people around the world — and this is super important for everyone to understand and promptly Consciously Create right over — that don’t know and/or believe that anything at all has happened or changed! The unaware people simply continue recreating the old lower crap, negativity, expectations, beliefs and so on in the NEW higher level Earth world and reality. That fact has frustrated me on occasion over the years, but it just is what it is, plus the unaware people CANNOT maintain any of the old lower pre-Ascension energies, consciousness, beliefs, ways, systems, negativity etc. in this potent NEW higher Light that Earth and the Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners now exist in. These NEW Light Energies are incompatible with the old lower patriarchal consciousness and reality, and so, the unaware are being changed, evolved by these NEW higher energies. This is visible already with more and more people demanding an end to the global insanity, greed, warring consciousness and so on. Great evolutionary leaps in global humanity happen very quickly actually, despite how slow and frustrating it is for most of us incarnate Forerunners. We’re in this now and will be for a while longer, but the improvements are here now and Team Dark’s power has expired so things are moving increasingly quickly now. By 2017 they’ll be amazing in the general global population so hang in there because the worst is behind us. ❀

      • Hello, Gerry and Denise, Β Β  I just want to add to this conversation, because of some big changes I’ve seen in the political spotlight in Canada, where I live. We had a government for almost 10 years that was the darkest of the dark– disregarding the environment, women, indigenous peoples, and Muslims (their campaign failed bitterly because of their open hatred for Muslim people).Β  All closely watched by a Prime Minister who controlled and micro-managed EVERYTHING.Β  He didn’t even look human and had dead eyes and saidΒ  things like, “I like movies and television shows, too,” just like an alien trying to fit into human society might! πŸ˜† The election was won by a young man who gave people hope and he is rapidly undoing the negativity of the old regime. He has 50-50 gender parity in his cabinet and it includes an incredibly diverse group of people, including an Afghan refugee. So, I can see clearly that things are changing. And, yes, it’s still politics and there is still manipulation, but it feels completely different now.Β  And my province did the same thing in the spring. And global energy prices falling and the United States not buying into oil sands has about decimated that dirty industry.Β Β  And, aside from that, I’ve noticed people being kinder in this city I live, which is a pretty harsh place, but has always had an undercurrent of people who have counteracted the dominant culture.Β  LIke us.

        Those are just a few examples of what I’ve seen recently, in the last six months.So, I can see a reason for hope. Love and Hugs, Cat

        • Cat & All,

          Yes things are improving right in the midst of all the old dying chaos and BS. But the NEW is here and the Indigo and Crystal generations are stepping in to many of the old patriarchal positions ONLY to improve them to the point that, eventually, they most likely won’t be needed. Until then however, the Light and the people carrying the Light are running the NEW Earth. Can everyone imagine yet how greatly improved life and reality is becoming because of this? ❀

          Keep radiating your Light Forerunners and also keep Wednesday the 11-11 and New Moon open for The Higher Work that’s going to pour in then. It already is but we should be consciously involved with this years 11-11 incoming NEW energies and embodiments.

        • I also live in Canada and have been almost afraid to celebrate the change that’s come politically here…fearing it will just all eventually boil down to same old heartless self-interest politics. But, so far so good. Several hundred Syrian refugees have landed in just the past wk. and the the new P.M. ( Prime Minister) was there at the airport greeting them, helping the kids find the right size coats, welcoming them as Permanent Residents. ( We’ll have 25,000 by Feb. 2016.) Then a few days later he gave 2 diff. speeches about restoring trust with the First Nations peoples…an immense travesty in this country. There’s a history involving residential schools (run for decades, into the 60s, by the Cath. Church and the fed. gov.) of trying to strip native children of their lang., traditions.. just unbelievable suffering. A document re: truth and reconcilation with 94 recommendations ( that have been ignored for yrs. by previous gov.) were highlighted in his speech. A promise was made to enact ea. of 94 recommendations inc. an inquiry into over 1200 missing or murdered aboriginal women. Lots of crying going on as he said this…inc. the P.M. And if you’re into astrology, he’s a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon, and Virgo ASC. Doesn’t paint a picture of sensitivity exactly…but his birth day is a 7, like me. And what I know, from astrologer/numerologist Sharita Star (who says your day of birth…just the day=your Karmic path), 7 is ruled by Neptune and we are cryers and seers and sometimes way more sensitive than we need/want to be. But to bring tenderness to this country via politics is almost unheard of. I’m a transplanted AmericanI feel bloody lucky to be up here.

          Thanks for letting me ramble. Was so nice to read of someone else feeling hopeful abt. the Canadian political tide turning.

          Holiday Season best to you!


        • L.M.,

          I know the old feeling of worrying that these NEW positive changes we’re seeing start now in these ways are a freak of nature πŸ˜† and that suddenly the demented old patriarchy will rush back in and take over again. Not gonna happen however because we’ve reached — in the physical I mean — the Expiration of Team Dark and the patriarchy running humanity and Earth. That is done and disappearing now finally, but of course it will take some time for these NEW higher ways to replace everything. But, it is happening and 2016 will be 100% MORE of this taking place globally. Because of this, there’s going to be a lot of whining, thrashing, lashing out at the Light, BS, fear mongering etc. etc. (same old TD/patriarchal crap in other words) by those people but none of it matters because that old lower energy/light/consciousness etc. has indeed Expired. There’s no more “support” for any of it, and so, all that’s left for those people is screaming, crying and complaining — or evolving. Just ignore it all everyone and keep your HighHeart radiating the NEW Light that you/we’ve “ascended” into. That’s how we each help physically manifest this change into the higher positive HighHeart NEW on Earth and beyond. ❀

  • Tying in with today’s blog, experiencing some things in peripheral vision. Yesterday, 2nd November, I was in my living room with my fifteen year old daughter (about 6:30pm at night). My daughter’s armchair was set about 90 degree angle from mine. In the space in front of her I saw with my peripheral vision a rip in the space/time fabric. It was about 3 metres high, vertical, and was momentary. She did not appear to see it. It was similar to the type of frequency glitch you might see on an analogue TV, in the old days when you used to adjust the frequency with the rabbit ear antennas in the room. It was real to me, and I don’t discount this type of thing. I am wondering if this is the type of thing many of us will observe in the coming weeks as the frequency fence around our planet weakens – I am psychically sensitive so I am seeing it now. My daughter is psychically sensitive too and has seen black figures and shadows (and a white one!) in the past, but yesterday her mind was engaged on some mundane thing, and she didn’t notice it. I have not mentioned it to her, but noted it for mental observation and catalogue! I label this a “Truman Show” experience, but most probably this kind of thing is going to become much more common for more and more people.

    • mapanthavedama,

      These distortions, anomalies, phenomena and such have been prevalent during these Ascension years because we’re no longer as “locked into” one physical linear dimension as we were before. The “Veils” and borders between dimensions have been nearly nonexistent for around 30 years now which is why it’s almost common now for increasing numbers of people to clairvoyantly See these things. Another common form this takes is Seeing what looks like a heat mirage; a crystal clear wavy area undulating in the air/space somewhere.

      Nowadays we’re so far removed from where we were before the Ascension Process began manifesting in the physical dimension, that it’s a wild ride for sure with all sorts of NEW sights and sounds etc. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing your latest Higher Awareness vision with us all.

  • Sandblasted…thank you Sylvia and Denise for reminding me of a vision I had in meditation a few years back. Like Michaelangelo, I saw Source sandblasting us on an Out breath to find our true selves and then pulling all the unused particles away on the In. To add to my interest πŸ™‚ I walked over to my bowl of found rocks and picked out two of my favorite azeztulites ( who knew) to add to my meditations. I live in North Carolina…had to…enough to leave everyone and everything I loved to find even more everyone’s and fewer things over the past 10 years. I am 55…I’ve been In this consciously since 1985. I don’t need to tell you what a struggle its been. Most days I feel like an overtired child in a “fun” house. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other hoping, praying it will all be over soon. Stuff still jumps out of the dark at me and the few souls that offer a hand seem to reside in a completely different reality than I do. I take it anyway because I know they’re held out in love. Denise I will always be grateful for your knowledge, insight, and guidance. Thank you forever.

  • Thanks Denise, very interesting. Got me to thinking for 64 years, I have been gestating toward the fulfillment of what was learned in the first nine months of each year during the last 3 months. I will have to do some thinking back to see if I can find any patterns. What happened this year on the 28th of September at 4am I awoke from a dream if giving birth to a girl child named Analis. I was alone planned on holding on to the frame of a door and had put towels down, Realized I could not do it alone and was calling someone to come help as I could see the head coming out. An old friend whom I have not seen in at least 8 years showed up to help. (dreamed her 2 girls before they were born) She cleaned out the nose and mouth. The baby had a large head but there was no pain. I would be interested what anyone thinks. For me I want to believe I am all done, complete.

    There was last week some very intense stuff with a sister, who may or may not get over my speaking the truth. I had already decided to forgo the holiday crap with the family, just can not deal anymore.

    Lots of love, peace and joy filled wishes coming your way πŸ™‚

    • Sunny,

      Typically when we dream of “giving birth” it represents a NEW aspect of our self is ready to manifest or be “born” into this dimension and reality. So, usually the newborn is a new aspect of us emerging at the time of the dream. There’s a lot of this happening for all of us throughout the last three months (10, 11, 12) of 2015. Trust that you can do this on your own too, even though we’ve always had and have Angelic midwives assisting us constantly. πŸ˜‰

  • Denise,

    Thank you for mentioning the sun changing colors!!! I first noticed this in 2010, and I mentioned it to my husband. He agreed it was white, but wasn’t too concerned. It bothered me because my kids were being taught to color the sun yellow, like I was as a kid, but it is no longer yellow. Like everyone is on autopilot saying the sun is yellow, when it clearly isn’t yellow anymore. Why doesn’t anyone notice this?!? Or why don’t they care? Is it because we are vibrating at a higher level? I have been very curious why it has changed. Do some people really still see it as yellow, and some see it as white?

    Also, I remember on Transitions, you mentioned the position of the moon, and I did notice many times it would change from one night to another. Sometimes, one night it would be due east from my house, and the next night it would be in the southern sky. Then it would change back. This would be within days at the same time of night every time. Do you know what was happening?

    Like you said, it seems that these things are real, concrete proof that something physical is happening/has happened.

    Thanks for you insights!

    • Mary,

      Thanks for expanding this topic. It sounds like it’s time for a full article about these dramatic, physical, easily-seen-by everyone changes. I’ll get at it soon. πŸ™‚

    • yes, for me the moon changed eight years ago too, when i went through a death or walk-in or whatever, a hell experience really … i’m always asking people, “do you remember the man in the moon?” the Chinese called it a rabbit. it was a gentle face or shape, subtle, and the moon was golden or silvery, soft. now it’s bright white and the “face” is so distorted, not the same at all.

      what’s strange too is that when i went to mt. shasta (east of here over the mountains, so not so far “geographically”), the moon was the old familiar one. this journey has been so strange in so many ways. and painful. but for now i’ll stick to the moon.

      love you all,

  • Thank you so much for the latest post on Wave X and the Blood Moon.
    For the past two years in the months of January and September I experience the most intense heart palpitations (atrial fibrilations) that usually start after midnight and before 6 am.
    They last anywhere from 1.5 to two hours. The pain is not only in my chest (back) but up into my throat and head. The pressure I experience in these areas are beyond explanation. I feel like my head will explode.
    I have had many heart related tests, of course, but doctors tell me nothing to worry about.
    Denise, have you experienced anything similar?

    • Norah,

      Yes I’ve had things go on in my chest, upper chest, heart areas (and head for that matter!) that caused me to wonder if…if it possibly was something physical. But, I know better and can sense that these things are energy related which of course manifests downward into the physical finally.

      When the higher energies are extra potent (as they are all the time now), my head often goes through periods of hurting like it sounds your heart does and that pain and pressure radiates down into my neck, neck muscles, spine, throat (Throat Chakra), shoulders and sometimes into my heart/chest area too. It’s all the same process of higher Light Energies evolving us.

      Try to not go into fear when this is happening (easier said than done sometimes I realize), and visualize the Light Energies coming into you but also flowing freely through you. That plus you realizing that the NEW amount of Light Energy is not damaging or deadly, but simply evolving you, expanding you into something much better. ❀

  • Hi Denise,
    Been reading you for a long time, have learned a lot from you, and finally had something to share. First, I wanted to thank you for being virtually the only person on the net who mentioned the phenomenon of the Fermi Bubbles and the only person stating the fact that they burst shortly after 2012. That timing is awesome to the Mayans saying this would be the beginning of an age, with light coming from Hunab Ku. I believe this Wave X phenomenon is the energy from that burst of the bubbles.

    I find it amazing that the burst of these 2 massive gamma bubbles were not considered important, even though articles stated that the energy riding on the galactic wind from the central galaxy was literally re-modelling and re-shaping our universe. I kept wondering why this phenomenon was so underwhelming to the science world. Simple, it seems to have been less than what they were really looking for, namely dark matter. However, when I learned that gamma rays are the highest expression of light in our spectrum and that they transmit coded info in their high frequency [B. Marciniak transmission], that explains why the left brain people don’t care.

    But here’s another cool thing. I was listening to a workshop about crystals [Robert Simmons.] His Book of Stones co-author Naisha Ahsian has a message from the Azez, a group soul angelic being, who wish that all the quartz on the planet would vibrate at the frequency of azez… and then earth would literally be vibrating at a frequency of light. Azeztulite is awakened quartz… He/they identified this new high frequency stone, which is actually an evolved version of quartz.

    The Azez, have said that the planet is evolving because of the light from the Central Sun. Their definition is: the nameless light from the Central Sun. And that the planet’s ascension will be assisted by all the quartz on the planet [15% of the earth] anchoring this light. That hasn’t happened yet, but the light is here. Simmons also found that Yeshua talked about azez in an excerpt from a Coptic Gnostic gospel, the Books of IEOU, not included in the Bible. Yeshua also uses the word Azozeo: light passing through a crystal.

    sI haven’t seen anyone make the connection of Azez light from the Central Sun as being the gamma ray light from the Fermis. But maybe now it can be named Azez , instead of just being called Wave X. And may all those fortunate enough to anchor it within be blessed by the gift it truly is.

    • ‘…First, I wanted to thank you for being virtually the only person on the net who mentioned the phenomenon of the Fermi Bubbles and the only person stating the fact that they burst shortly after 2012…’


      Thank You for saying that because I’ve wondered the same thing all this time too! That so-called “phenomena” has been, literally, ignored by everyone that I’m aware of which is mind-boggling to me but this has happened with the Sun changing colors etc. over the past 15-20 years too!!! It’s like it’s too much when it’s physical and people can see it or something. I dunno know (not true I do know πŸ˜‰ ) but here are TWO major physical changes that even the disbelievers can physically (not clairvoyantly) see and no one says a freakin’ word about any of it!

      I knew it was major because I’d been Seeing a waterfall-like flood of white Light Energies pouring out and down over the entire Milky Way galaxy. My view of this was always in a location out in space where these outflows of white Light energy fell downward, like a waterfall, which is why I used that photo of Niagara Falls in that article as it looked much like that to me. I saw this for two, two and a half years or so before the ‘Fermi Bubbles’ burst so I knew something huge and very important was coming. And of course the timing of all this was so obvious too, yet, no one said a word that I’m aware of about any of it. You dearest are the first person to even bring this topic up which is why I’m all chatty and happy! πŸ˜€ Thank you!

      I’d not heard of azez so thanks for sharing that info as it feels correct to me. I think it’s what some Ascension teachers/writers mean when they use the term Crystal or Crystalline or Christ etc. Combine that with the Heart, the High Heart and things make even more sense about all this. That Azez Light is being housed, embodied and now maintained within each of our “ascended” (evolved) High Hearts. Crystal Hearts contain all (neutral instead of fractured down into duality etc.) and this is what we’re living now. I fear I’m rambling now. (The whole time I was writing this my poor cat was crying and yelling at me because he was about to throw up all over, which he then did. No stress here!)

      Thanks again Sylvia for bringing this VERY important information up now. I’ll add a link in my Comment here to my old articles at TRANSITIONS about this after vomit cleanup detail is done.




      • πŸ™‚ do you remember the movie The fifth element? Its all about love. And one sentence in a scene in a pyramid is: “Aziz, light”.

  • Your latest blog was very serendipitous for me, as you listed out the common Ascension experiences most likely felt during or just after stair-steps. The best for me was having epic dreams which are bringing up very deep “stuff” to be consciously seen, worked through and released. This morning I had a dream about a man I had a 3-month relationship with when I was 19. He was 34 at the time, and he broke it off because of our age difference. In my dream he appeared to me wearing a white suit, and he was playing the Passionata Symphony in his room. After I woke I thought perhaps he had died, but now reading your blog I realise my suppressed stuff is rising. I have had 2 divorces and numerous heart breaks, so this old one must have been stashed really deep. Here I am, at 55, alone in my bed and crying my eyes out about that man I loved when I was 19. Although I grieved for 3 years, I have rarely thought about him since the age of 22. I have done a lot of spiritual work over many decades, so I knew that I just had to let this come up, cry it out and release it. Thanks, Denise – your work is spot on and I love in High heart life blogs whenever I can.

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