Spiritual, Energetic & Physical Changes in December 2015

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I’m not sure where to even start this article because things are so different, and at times, downright strange and surreal which is to be expected in all honesty. I just do my best when the weird factor gets extra thick for a while because I’ve learned that it passes, or I’ll pass through it, or both those things is closer to the truth actually.

I mentioned in a recent article (November 2015 I think) that one of the “symptoms” I’d been having was suddenly discovering that my body was crying. Tears would be flowing down my face but I was not emotionally feeling or reacting to anything that I was aware of at that time. It’s another strange Ascension related symptom or side effect and one that I haven’t had a lot over the years. I trust however that something truly wonderful is happening at some level within me, and that this Denise aspect doesn’t always need to consciously know what it is. If I’m meant to know, then I will, otherwise just roll with it and don’t go into fear over anything NEW and different taking place internally/externally.

What I’ve been experiencing increasingly in December 2015, is realizing that at times I’m smiling and have no old lower type reason to be smiling. After this happened a few times this week, I forced myself to pay attention to what was taking place in me at those moments. What I discovered was that my body and face smiling was the same thing as when it cried last month; it was responding to more of the old lower disappearing and the NEW higher replacing it. It was responding to more of the Greater, Higher ME embodying in this incarnate Denise aspect in physicality at this time. It was responding to a little more of Home being embodied in me physically, making this Denise version incarnate in physicality a living aspect of Home right here right now. That would make one cry and smile wouldn’t it? 😉 ❤

I’ve noticed that when a little more of the Greater ME enters/embodies this incarnate Denise version in physicality, that NEW higher part is not having as much difficulty knowing what certain things are down here in Earth life. The first few times this happened to me back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, that newly embodied bit felt very much to me like some alien that didn’t know what door meant or why they existed, or what put trash barrels out meant, or what swallow after chewing food meant and other equally common 3D physical things meant and why they needed to be done. Thankfully this is no longer the case, and every time a little more Home and/or the Greater Higher ME embodies physically, I’m the one now needing to acclimate, adapt, adjust to the changes.

We’ve been so preoccupied with and focused on how it would look and feel when these incarnate versions of us down here in physicality went up, ascended, got closer to Home etc., that we or at least I didn’t think much about looking at this Process from the other direction. Consider it from the perspective of the Higher being embodied into this incarnate aspect of me Denise alive within physicality. (This is obviously old dualized 1/2, either/or, higher/lower type consciousness.) Just one more aspect of that weird factor I was talking about. The two are reuniting, merging as ONE which is something far above old lower duality and dualized consciousness and being.

Back to suddenly discovering that I’m smiling when I have no old lower world/consciousness reason to be doing so.

In those moments when I realized my face was smiling on its own, and after I checked in to see why, I realized my HighHeart (upper center chest area) was again greatly expanded energetically and literally radiating like a Lighthouse because more Home and more of the Higher Greater ME was now in residence there. Great gratitude, bliss factor, we did it!, OMG it’s finally happening!, did I pay the rent this month or only think about doing it? and dozens of other equally ridiculous reactions to having some more embodied Source/God/Higher Self merge with you, down here in physicality, which now is actually way up there.

So yeah, involuntary smiling and crying, repeated HighHeart expansions, more necessary layer peeling and releasing, more dying and resurrection step-by-step as something very NEW and different runs the NEW show, yet still needs to pay bills, put gas in the car, do laundry, shave, shampoo and so on. How long this phase and level lasts for some of us is something we’ll each figure out as we individually acclimate and adjust to having more Home in house/body/Self/consciousness/life.

I remember writing years ago at TRANSITIONS about how we really needed to remember to dream bigger, aim higher etc. because there was so, so, much more available to each of us than what we could comprehend or remember at that time. I feel the same way today, even while all this is amazing is happening in me, in you, in us.

‘Did you dream big enough, aim high enough Denise? ‘

‘No, but I’ll tweak things to fit better as I go.’

‘Good, you’ll want and need to over time.’

I’ve always had these ME (Higher) and me (lower self/Self) conversations but they’re evolving like crazy now as one would expect when the ME and the me are merging and becoming ONE in the physical in one unified, integrated body. You realize that this is just the bare-bones basics of this unfolding merging Process we’re going through now right? Of course there’s going to be some moments of confusion, disorientation and seeming “weirdness”, along side moments of sheer awe and brilliance lighting up everything everywhere. Just roll with it all and smile and cry when needed because a lot is taking place within many of the Forerunners now. If and when needed, peel off more layers of the old lower you and the consciousness, beliefs and expectations etc. that went with it because what’s really available is so very much larger and better than your/my/our biggest, highest dreams. Aim higher, dream bigger, then Create beyond all that.

Amidst this current Process of merging, unifying Higher/lower, which automatically produces something NEW, many of us are having some weird and/or very weird experiences, visions, dreams, hearing unrecognizable sounds, feeling certain emotions from the bottom of the old dark 3D dualized barrel, to feeling moments of merging HighHeart expanding bliss from being back in Home energies again while in-body in physicality. There’s been some physical body pains, some crap old emotions from old family stuff (yet another layer needing to be peeled off and released immediately), some Cosmic movements of energies and old and NEW being moved, and some deliberate stirring of the global pot by the Old Boys Club. Lots going on but we knew this phase would be intense, weird, wonderful and so worth the “admission price”. 😉

Most happy and high Creative Sagittarius and Capricorn everyone as we nail down 2015 in preparation to enter the NEW fully physically with the start of 2016. Celebrate the weird because you’ve worked very long and very hard for it. ❤


December 15, 2015

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10, 11, 12, 2015 Stair-steps & Expiration of Old 3D Templates

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The image above with triple hearts stacked on top of each other is much like what we’re going through internally, very much so during the last three (triality) months of 2015—October 10 and its 10/10 passage, November 11 and its 11/11 passage, and December 12 and its 12/12 passage. I’ve always seen these triple year-end months like potent energy Stair-steps we walk up and are evolved by, forever changed in further Alchemical preparation for the start of the next year at a slightly higher level of the spiral. This time however is different in that what we’ve prepared for is nothing like what we’ve been through before. More about that—2016—in a moment.

In October (10) 2015, it seemed to me like the Scorpio/Pluto energies were amplified beyond belief and felt like we all went through archetypal Scorpio life, death, rebirth processes multiple times. In November (11) it felt like we embodied a bit more of God/Source/Higher Self etc. into our physical bodies and, sometimes it was not a blissful ride but real Inner Work with some collective dark thrown in too. Now in December of 2015, it’s already feeling like something really great and big is about to happen, again, to each who can embody it now. Why? Because something really great and big is coming when we enter 2016.

Some of these 2015 Stair-step October 10, November 11, and so far December 12 symptoms have been greatly amplified. I’ve experienced high bliss type periods during this time so far, and I’ve experienced what felt like possible “near death” periods too. Periods of feeling profoundly empowered with the I AM awareness, followed by old self-doubts and brief moments of dis-empowerment. Periods of knowing I AM Divine Source followed by, ‘Do I have underwear and shoes on to go to the grocery store?!’  Sometimes it feels like I’ve got, like we’ve got Aquarian whiplash caused from us grabbing up some more remaining Duality bits here and there internally and externally!

Some of the recent symptoms from the last three 2015 months have been ragged sleep once again, followed thank gawd by short periods of unusually deep sleep in the daytime. When you wake up from one of these daytime pass out nap comas, you know you’ve been through something very special, important and different.

Another symptom I’ve had (once again) since around mid November is the heavy-pounding-heart-while-at-complete-rest business. It seems to pound so hard I can feel my whole body move slightly with each heart pounding beat. There’s no pain other than some pressures occasionally, just amplified intensity as the HighHeart area and physical heart and thymus gland etc. all undergo more preparatory expansions for what’s coming in December and beyond. If you too have had your heart and HighHeart area swell, pound really hard while you’re completely at rest, comfortable and pain-free, know that this is normal for what we’re going through now which is more HighHeart expansions in preparation for receiving, embodying, housing MORE Divine Source energy or Light right in ourselves and our physical bodies. Some call this particular energy Christ or Crystalline consciousness or energy.

When it feels to you like your HighHeart cup runneth over, know that it isn’t anywhere near that point and what you’re feeling is You and YOU and your body expanding energetically, increasing vibrationally (again, another Stair-step) and further merging so everything can safely, comfortably and naturally embody, house and maintain more higher Light Love Energies in the physical body in a physical world. Another way of looking at this is that in October and November we’ve been polishing our Chalice (our HighHeart) in preparation of receiving, holding and constantly maintaining much more Divinity/Christ/Crystalline Light energies into the physical body and Self in December 2015 and beyond.

Another side effect or symptom I’ve had recently is suddenly finding that my body is crying for no reason I’m consciously aware of. It seems to be happening at a deep cellular DNA level and my physical body is literally weeping with tears rolling down my face and I’m not emotionally feeling anything. It felt like that “near death” processing I mentioned earlier; some aspect of me is mourning the loss of the old lower bits and pieces, while simultaneously crying with joy over the higher embodiment and freedom taking place. Strange sensation/process but good, very good.

There’s also the emotional and mental bouncing between being repulsed and frustrated with the unaware folks one minute, and in the next moment you know you are, increasingly, the Divine incarnate in physicality and that your very existence and presence in this physical world is radically changing it for the better second by second. Welcome to real nitty-gritty, deep down in your cells, DNA and Soul physical level Ascension. Soon there won’t be any bouncing back and forth left anymore because you will, I will, we will be fully and completely contained within the HighHeart Light Love 5D level of the NEW reality and world. Just embody and radiate and so it is.


At some point during October and November 2015, I had a small but helpful higher overview of all this going back to December 21, 22 and 23 of 2012. I briefly saw and understood these years since December 2012, and how they’ve been large Stair-steps into greater amounts of the NEW Light and finally Love energies down into physicality.

For me, 2013 held a great desire and need to sleep as much and as long as I could get away with. I felt this was justifiable after what all I’d been through leading up to the Expiration Date of December 2012! And so, I did exactly that; I slept and rested and didn’t give a rats ass about much of anything throughout most of 2013. It was serious down time in many ways, and with glorious hindsight, it makes tons of sense considering how brutal, abrupt, shocking and downright difficult and painful in nearly every way all of 2014 and 2015 has been for me personally.

This little higher overview I had around the years from 2013 through the end of 2015, was really about the Forerunners needing to do some more, yeah, some more Inner Work both personally and for the collective plus ALL everywhere else. As usual this prep work was for higher, greater and larger incoming Light Love energies that we would need to and must physically embody and carry within us so we not only seed and anchor those NEW higher energies into the NEW Earth, but also be the living, breathing, walking and talking NEW Templates for the rest of humanity. ‘If you build it they will come’ comes to heartmind if I may borrow that great line from the movie Field Of Dreams.

The other aspect that I saw in this little higher overview was that with the start of 2016, all the old lower frequency, lower consciousness, lower ways and systems etc. will be fully and completely Expired. Not one of them will be allowed to move into the NEW higher ways and systems of the NEW Earth. They had their time and it’s run its full course and has finally Expired in-full with the start of 2016. Talk about a NEW “New Year”!

This means that humanity will be existing within tremendous change(s) as the old lower no longer has any power to it and will not ever again be supported or allowed in any way in the NEW higher levels. Dead and gone it is, except for those unaware humans alive now that don’t know anything about the Ascension Process and all the rest of it. Those people will, out of a lack of higher awareness and sheer habit and old negative distorted beliefs, continue to try to recreate the old lower ways and systems etc. They will try to do this out of habit, fear, greed etc. and it may look like it’s working for a short while but it is nothing more than the lag between the old permanently disappearing, and the higher NEW replacing everything everywhere. Do not get discouraged or second guess or doubt that the old is no longer running the planet because it is not and never will ever again. 2016 is the start of the NEW higher everything.

Now, whose gonna build what and why and for who again? Those with HighHearts and HighHeart consciousness who’ve embodied more of the NEW, the Christ, the Crystalline, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merged, more of the Higher and Lower Self merged into themselves body and soul, to seed IT, the NEW Light and LOVE into this NEW Earth world and reality for the rest of humanity long into the “future”. ‘If you build it they will come.’  Indeed they will so build it as high as you/me/we can now and leave plenty of extra room for even more of the NEW that we’re not aware of today. Use December 2015 well my fellow Forerunners, because what we build, what we Light up and Consciously Create today will be what humanity steps into over the next few years and well beyond. ❤

Gratitude HighHeart Hugs for your brave, brilliant and unstoppable Service to All.


December 3, 2015

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