FFFFFFebruary 2018

What a month February 2018 has been. Sudden greater reality altering came via the split-second energetic shove into another higher frequency I experienced on February 1st. Initially this was another instantaneous shift into a higher space and awareness that, at that time, was utterly devoid of any emotional reactions to it from me. This shift was so fast, natural and perfect and I was totally Neutral about it in every way. It happened, I instantly understood it from a higher level, and in that nano-second of great shift change a few of my old personal focuses changed track entirely.

Certain things I’ve worked towards for a long time in the old lower 3D world such as increasing my minuscule Social Security retirement benefits enough to survive on, had just barely been achieved by me in 2017 by earning more money that year than I ever have in my life. The IRS however declared that income earned in the way mine has been for a while now (as a State paid Caregiver for my elderly disabled low income mom living under the same roof) was not considered earned income so around 98% of my 2017 wages were not taxed, meaning all my 2017 income didn’t go towards my retirement benefits. I reached full retirement age in December of 2017, and intended to apply for it this year. I’ve known since childhood that “the system” wouldn’t be available for me when I was old enough to get it, but, having that lifelong knowing suddenly become a hard cold blatant screw-you-over fact at retirement age was the biggest patriarchal insult I’ve experienced so far.

‘When in Rome…’  one does as the 3D Romans do. One works, pay taxes, gets old enough to receive retirement benefits that one had to pay into over a lifetime. However, we’re not in 3D Rome anymore but continuously moving away from the dying corrupt edges of it. When in 5D one Embodies, evolves, anchors and radiates the higher NEW and helps Consciously Create greatly improved ways of living, creating and existing within the NEW on ascending Earth. What’s been difficult and at times confusing for some of us older Forerunners/First Embodiers has been living between these two worlds and realities as we age and our physical lives and bodies change dramatically for a number of reasons.

On February 1st. some more of my Higher Self was suddenly Embodied into physical Denise and this particular situation was instantly dealt with by It/me/Us. This was the instant shift change I talked about in the first paragraph. More things were revealed in that split-second across multiple dimensions, timelines and Selves and more large chunks of the old patriarchal world were instantly and permanently obliterated. And that’s what complete greed gets you patriarchal Old Boys Club — extinction.

As this latest addition of ME was Embodied into Denise me, more merging happened and my view, understanding, awareness and near future was both revealed and altered. In that instantaneous split-second this most recent Embodiment happened I was shown, saw and knew that old 3D Rome is gone and only rubble and dust remains at this point so stop focusing on it in any way because it’s a waste of my valuable energy, time and focus. A detailed 5D replacement reality was not revealed to me just to sooth me about this old 3D Roman patriarchal income retirement issue. What was revealed was that I/It/We don’t need it or anything from that old lower frequency and reality and all I need to do is continue overriding it with conscious creation from the NEW 5D levels and don’t worry about the rest of it. This is that moment when an unseen choir of Angels together brightly sings, Faith…

I know this article sounds strange, but this is why I decided, after living through the rest of February 2018, that I’d share about what “they” did to my 2017 taxes and how that corrupt 3D physical system was dealt with by the latest chunk of my Higher Embodied Self and Me and why. It’s not easy to talk about our lives and connections like these old laws and such in connection with what’s happening to, in and through us from the Ascension and Embodiment Process. The gap is so ridiculous at this point that it’s painful and usually highly frustrating when forced to jump through more old patriarchal hoops when the truth is that it’s a pointless fucking ghost town haunted by the money and power-hungry insane.

A Little About the Other Stupid February Crap

Those of you who read, write and follow the Comments at HHL know that it again got a bit unpleasant in there due to some children in adult bodies throwing Comment temper tantrums because I didn’t allow them to add LINKS to other people’s material! Because I want to keep Comments open for those of us who honestly benefit from connecting with each other and sharing, I’ve had to create some Comment Rules which are located in the header bar across the top of the page. The main NEW rule is that no LINKS are allowed in Comments at all. If this negativity and disrespect, abuse and bullying bullshit continues, I will permanently close Comments altogether. 

I also want to apologize for occasionally getting really frustrated by these individuals when they throw temper tantrums and attack me in Comments. Most of these Comments I don’t publish so everyone else isn’t subjected to this negativity and isn’t even aware that it’s happened, again. I am however and I’m the first to admit that I don’t always deal with vicious attacks by people who want to use me and HHL to promote other people’s material and beliefs in the highest of ways. I’ve Worked really hard for a very long time to create, lift, protect and maintain both TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife as online places where Higher Awareness information and experiences can exist for readers to benefit from. I’ve fought for and defended this repeatedly over the years so you and I would have a safe sacred place online to be honest and open about the AP and EP and related topics, this being one of them. This is a 5D frequency blog and space and because there aren’t human online Temple Guards standing at the HighHeartLife Temple Gates to do this type of protection and bouncer work for me, I have to do it for myself, my blogs and the readers of my blogs.

This topic is no different from the first half of this article about Higher Selves being Embodied and old 3D patriarchal greed systems and consciousness collapsing and so on. It’s all the same thing and process and the sooner everyone honestly understands that fact, the more comfortable and happier everyone will be. This is Ascension people and negative egos are a frequency and consciousness aspect of those who haunt the old 3D ghost town world. The energetic pressures to change and evolve yourself will NOT let up for the rest of your lifetime, and long afterwards, for you, or me, or anyone. The sooner you realize that at this point it’s easier to surrender completely to the Ascension Process instead of fighting for your low frequency narrow beliefs about some external something and/or something someone else wrote about, the easier this entire AP will be for you. I’ve battled face to face with demonic and satanic beings, negative aliens and many others, but know that it’s hurts more when a human attacks me that I’ve Worked so long and hard to help free from the lower levels of consciousness. It’s one thing having nonhuman negative beings attack you for being Team Light and an ascension Volunteer; it’s another thing when humans attack you for not accommodating their negative egos while seeing themselves as full of Love, Light, and all-around transcendence as they verbally bludgeon you publicly and privately and then close with‘Namaste’ and/or Love and Light etc. etc. etc. Bullies are bullies in Ascension communities too. You’re not fooling anyone.

I also want to apologize for my not being able to smile graciously and absorb negative attacks like a lady, a lofty lady, from certain humans every fucking time it happens. I’m hardwired to energetically Pathpave and Embody, so laying down to be used and abused by those who don’t understand higher frequencies isn’t in my nature. I’ve taken epic amounts of shit from people, just as all Forerunner First Embodiers have and still do, hence why there’s so much extra dumping by us. People need to realize that the AP is happening now while you are fighting for stupid crap, most of which is pointless, external and incorrect. You have to choose whether you want to continue fighting for your old lower beliefs, limitations and negative ego and consciousness, or release the stranglehold you’ve got on them so you can evolve and ascend beyond them into realities more amazing than you can comprehend at this point. The growing energetic Light pressures are only going to get more intense which make these things far more painful and difficult. The choice is yours — old negative ego or evolving?

It was a difficult but highly productive and directional shifting February, most of them are it seems. March will be more amazing, but April will be even more so I’m sensing. Nonetheless it’s the constant Now Moment that’s important. Be in every moment fully, even when sleeping much of the day to further Embody more NEW arriving Light and codes and expanding and evolving more. Life and reality is up to each of us now and the old 3D rules and beliefs don’t work or apply in the NEW higher so let them go, all of them, and consciously create the NEW in and through yourself and your physical body. It will all work out, even when it doesn’t look and feel like it at the moment.

Denise Le Fay

February 28, 2018



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  • Best website on the Internet. Not only because Denise is so great a teacher but also because all who comment – especially on this thread – share their experiences through (and because of) the Ascension and Embodiment Process. What a relief to discover one is not alone. Thank you all for speaking up; I’m very grateful to you all. I wonder how many others are out there that carry on thanks to you Denise?

    • I whole heartedly agree with you Barb! This space, Denise and other commenters are what allows me to make sense/heart of this process, my life, others lives, etc. To those that share here, thank you and don’t stop. You have no idea how much YOU make a difference in radiating your experiences and light. Then the chocolate on top is when Denise comes in to elaborate with further juicy words of wisdom and truth. YOU ALL are my life/ heart line. Thank you!💖

      • All benefit when more is known about these amazing evolutionary changes. ❤

        I've been sick with a head/chest cold for the past week now. I rarely ever get "sick" like this, maybe once every 10-12 years — AP and EP side effects constantly yes — so I've not felt well enough to do much of anything lately. I'm in massive snot producing mode and am sore from coughing uncontrollably. Adjustments and purging from the February changes I went through. I’ll be back at it soon though.

        • Denise, I’m feeling you. It amazes me sometimes the amount of snot and mucus a body produces. Feel better soon. Much love to you.

        • Denise,

          That sounds miserable. Hope you get better SOON. I am picturing you wrapped up in a comfy blanket, with your feet propped up and a mug of something hot and delicious in your hand. Just BE with it, and it will pass.

          Some people are writing about a massive “game changing” wave coming in after the Equinox but I think it has already started.

          Love to you & all here.

        • Thanks Thelma & All.

          “Some people are writing about a massive “game changing” wave coming in after the Equinox but I think it has already started.”

          You’re right, it happened with the start of February which is why that month was so intense for the Forerunners of the Forerunners/First Embodies/NEW Earth Frequency Holders and why I wrote about some of my experiences with it. It’s ongoing of course and I’ll talk more about it asap. WE live it, Embody it, anchor it and radiate it first so everyone coming up after us has it to move into at some point. WE always go through these energies first because we’re how they’re held in place for others.

        • I hope you feel better soon Denise, sometimes I think that HighHeartLife is the only area of sanity left on the internet.
          Now I’ll spoil that by wondering if the February increase in energies split the polar vortex in two, thereby disrupting the weather in the northern hemisphere. Last week here in the UK we had temperatures below freezing for days and a foot of snow, this week it has gone mild again.

        • “I hope you feel better soon Denise, sometimes I think that HighHeartLife is the only area of sanity left on the internet.”

          Head/chest cold pressures are easing up slowly but all that physical snot head pressure makes the current incoming solar wind energies even more pressurized feeling inside my whole head. Like ascension and embodiment side effects aren’t enough…! 🙄

          I have two articles I want to write when able. One of them is about the amplified craziness I’ve been hearing about via articles some people email me. Everyone has reached the point within the evolutionary AP where they now have to live these changes themselves and apply them to their own lives, bodies and consciousness. The time of only reading what other people are saying that the AP in 2018 as the way to figure out what’s going on or what’s coming is over. This is it, here and now and everyone isn’t dealing so well with all the changes both internally and externally.

          Speaking of the weather… :\ It’s been 80 degrees or higher all year here in Southern California with only a few days in winter where it cools down some. The average temp here has become 80-85 all year long (with long periods of daily 100-110 to 115) which some would think was great but it isn’t! Not enough rain and snow, freaking hot all year, hardly any clouds in the sky so it’s daily baking under the NEW Sun energies while getting zapped constantly because there’s such a buildup of electrostatic energies and next to no humidity 98% of the year. And this has been going on for over a decade, getting a little worse each year. Gaia hot flashing in areas and freezing in others and all of it happening faster and faster. Tis’ the ongoing AP within our solar system, us, Earth/Gaia, the Sun and Milky Way galaxy and beyond. But some good long rain would be just the best about now! 😉

        • Dear Denise,

          Thank you for mentioning the buildup of electrostatic energies. I kept forgetting to mention this the past couple weeks… then who can remember anything anymore linearly?? I keep getting zapped and/or zapping just about everything I touch lately. Good thing for surge protectors!! I remember one day I turned on the water faucet and was testing the water temp when ZAP!! I was zapped by the actual water! I had a passing thought of current in bodies/water in bodies… oh I’m not explaining this well so you know it’s one of those “knowings” that’s a challenge to put into linear words. Electric current/bodies of water (ourselves). I have a feeling you know what I’m trying to convey here. On the “surface” it was so weird to be “shocked” by actual water!! Under it all I wasn’t shocked via the split nanosecond “knowing”. It sure makes life a challenge to not want to touch anything because of how many times you’ll feel shocked throughout the day. I feel cold a lot lately, tired, and just dried out from the inside out and my skin and hair (fried in more ways than one). So all you mentioned really speaks to me.

          I remember when I was “sick” with the F.L.U. I really feel for you Denise. To have to contend with that, on top of taking care of your Mom, trying to focus enough to manage your emails/this blog, not to mention being pounded with all the energies that are ramping up to a new level. That’s a lot to manage especially when your physical body is so worn out.

          Do what you can to get rest for yourself. I’m sure everyone here can understand if you need a week to just back away. You do so much for everyone on so many levels; speaking for myself I would love for you to give rest and love for you. Doing my best not to say “take care” as it speaks to the old vampiric energy stealing. The nearest and best way I can find to say it so far is to give care for yourself… because you deserve it… we all do.

          Much Love,

        • Chrysalis,

          I’d have died years ago if I didn’t intentionally Work on myself daily and nightly. My sitting quietly every day and releasing, clearing, opening and expanding more and more, doing daily Self Inspections — which automatically happens when we get quiet and look within anyway — are things I have to do for myself and my body and central nervous system (CNS). The Embodiment Process is vastly more complex, more evolved, more confusing because of ongoing personal changes in Self and perception, and requires much more responsibility than the early years of the Ascension Process (for Forerunners of the Forerunners I mean specifically here) did. And on and on it goes for everyone no matter which level or phase of the AP and EP they’re at today.

          I’m going to take advantage of this particular conversation about how some are again experiencing super amplified buildups of static electricity in their bodies. I’ve dealt with this since the physical biological level of the AP started for the Forerunner First Ascenders around 1998-1999. It would get really severe for a year, then for half a year, then ease up for months and I wouldn’t get zapped by anything at all, which my CNS greatly appreciated! Then it would return and be almost unbearable, mainly because one’s CNS was so overwhelmed anyway that to add to that getting zapped constantly was almost too much at times. At least it was for me. Plus, I usually curse out loud when I’m unexpectedly zapped from touching anything, even water like you Chrysalis. I’ve seen the electricity arc from my finger to the flowing water coming out of the tap. Amazing huh? We EMBODY higher frequencies and anchor them into the NEW Earth world. We are the NEW Earth world.

          Since early childhood I’ve had many different past life memories from different past lives. One of these past life memories is from a past life in a male body in 12,600 B.C. ancient Egypt when certain ET beings were on Earth from 8D Orion, 6D Sirius and 5D Pleiades to help prepare it and future humanity for the CURRENT Ascension Process. I was a seeded aspect of all three of them and those three dimensions and more. (I’ve written about them and this past life some at TRANSITIONS if anyone is interested.)

          This particular past life memory was during adulthood in that male life and having large electrical sparks shoot off from my feet and heels as I walked on bare earth. It didn’t zap and hurt like what we’re talking about now in these AP and EP lives and time, but it had to do with being in the Photon Light during that time, which is astrologically opposite our NOW time and lives within the 26,000 year cycle. That past life with the three ET beings happened at the beginning of the Age of Leo, 12,600 years ago, and our lives now are 12,000-plus years later at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, looking at all this from a linear perspective. Our higher multidimensional Selves don’t look at things from a linear perspective however but a quantum and multidimensional level for the most part, especially NOW because of the Universal Ascension Process.

          Point is with this getting zapped all the time and severely for periods, is one of many side effects from our being in the 7D Photonic Light AND us living the AP and EP as First Ascenders and now as First Embodiers. There are more side effects than this of course but this one is very obvious physically and can be witnessed by other people who aren’t Embodying and holding increasing amounts of NEW higher frequencies/Light/Codes in their physical bodies. I had some guy in Walmart years ago be stunned by how many times I got zapped while loading my shopping items from my shopping cart up on to the checkout counter. Every time I’d get too close to the metal strip on the counter I’d get zapped really big and loud and he watched the electrical arc “zap” out from me multiple times. He couldn’t believe it kept happening the whole time he and I were standing there at the checkout. It was good for me to have another witness this however. 🙂

  • Very fine article, Denise, thanks! It gave me my own “aha!” moment. My feeling is most
    of the elements which hold 3D relationships together: obligation, habit, competition, sense of duty and history, cannot exist in the Light of 5D. All these values will be left behind.
    Just as Karma and it’s negativity has been burnt away so will these underpinnings be pulled out from relationships, leaving only compassion and HighHeart Love as the basis, if is does exist therein.

  • Denise, susie-walker, Chrysalis & All,

    I just submitted a comment and it disappeared into cyberspace. In case it’s gone, this is what I wrote:

    Denise – You hit the nail on the head when you wrote “our PRIMARY way of being is to help others.” Unfortunately those in lower consciousness often see our kindness as a weakness to get what they want; they know exactly what buttons to push. I also love what you wrote to susie-walker, about radiating our BEing. I believe now that we hold more Light, this is how we can MOST help the dissolving world around us.

    susie-walker – This is a pattern I’ve only cleared in the last couple of years. It has been my downfall a number of times, as I gave too much of my time and energy “to help others” and ended up getting drained and disrespected. When we tune into our feelings inside, we feel a discomfort when whatever we are doing is not in OUR best interest.

    Chrysalis – You’re SO right about there being different “levels and layers” to saying NO. (And bravo on honoring yourself in assisting your friend. She must learn by doing, or not doing, things herself.)

    In my own case, I agreed to pay for part of the memorial service for my Dad and am at peace with that. But the reception is turning into a lavish affair meant to impress guests with the quality of food and wine. This I will not contribute to.

    Blessings to All.

    • Thelma and the rest of the stairsteppers🔹️🔷️🔵
      This is such a great conversation! As the people around us awaken enmasse I have to keep reminding myself to stay out of Source’s way. Like so many here I have to sit on my hands to keep from reaching out to help. It means so much Denise to have your reminders that we can’t interfere in the plan by trying to fix anything for anyone. “Who are we to fix someones pain and deprive them of the learning and growth they’ll receive?” vs a compassionate, heartfelt response. Reading that people here are grappling with the same thing, trying to strike the right balance, is so helpful.
      Thanks y’all!♡sz

  • Hi Denise.
    around the time of your ‘‘split-second energetic shove’‘ I woke up outside of my Ego, I woke up in side of my Ego over 20 years back, not even knowing I had a Ego & spent the next 20 years trying too get rid of it, but when I woke up outside of it, a month back, I saw so many things so quickly, in many ways it was quite funny, again like you ‘‘my old personal focuses changed track entirely’‘ & I was neutral too, my ego has spent it’s life getting me ready for the higher parts of myself too come in, it’s been my greatest friend, if it was down to me, I would still be just sitting on my ass, I just couldn’t see that until now, the river of consciousness seemed to start washing away some of the old parts of myself, I am embodying in a very new & faster way now, it’s slowed down in the last few weeks now, still have no get up & go in me, my old patterns of thinking still try too come up with something or another, but it just old patterns of thinking I have been using all my life, I am not worried about that at all, it will all be just washed away within the river of consciousness in time, I one of those that rise quickly after more energy waves hit us, but not this time around, there is a time to be with one self & this must be my time now, much love too everyone – Vincent

  • I love this site! I get such moral support just from reading the articles and the responses. Just wanted to say that I have had people that I love break all contact with me for who-knows-why. I guess their love was conditional?

    I have always been easy going, never mean spirited, which admittedly means that I have always been a magnet for controlling people. I find I would rather be alone than giving it all for conditional love/approval.

    Having said that, reading Denise’s perspective as well as the experiences others are sharing, is like finding a light!

    With deep gratitude and appreciation to all!

  • Dear Denise,

    I am delighted to hear about your latest shift and how you witnessed and understood a “replacement reality” for your tax situation. What a relief not having to deal with bureaucratic levels of stupidity anymore. I am hoping the Light will intensify with the Equinox and we will see more collapse of the old and outdated ways of behaving.

    I have also been getting the message that we don’t “need” ANYTHING from the old 3D levels anymore. We can just focus on what we want to experience and things will materialize as long as we stay connected to our High Hearts.

    No need for you to apologize about reacting to negative attacks, either. You always take a step back and then come at it from a Higher perspective, which is what I tend to do as well.

    Lately a family member from whom I am estranged (my brother) tried to bully/manipulate/shame me into giving him the small amount of money my father gifted me with before he died, to help pay for a reception for their business associates whom I don’t even know. At first I caved in, but then I tuned into the discomfort I felt within, and got back to him in the morning with a change of heart.

    Attacks of all kinds are aimed for the jugular (they know our weak spots), and we can’t help but react at the human level. I just hope that next time I will step back a little sooner and come from my embodied Higher Self right away.

    Looks like the end of March as well as April will be times of great change on the planet! I know it’s been happening all along, but the shift will become palpable (and probably visible) to everyone. I want to put this twisted, distorted 3D reality behind me and never look back.

    Love to you & all here.

    • “…to help pay for a reception for their business associates whom I don’t even know. At first I caved in, but then I tuned into the discomfort I felt within, and got back to him in the morning with a change of heart.”

      Good for you Thelma! The disrespect and manipulations always stuns me. We’re learning higher LOVE and how to no longer enable and be co-dependent with lower consciousness people like this. It’s hard for most of our kind because our PRIMARY way of being is to help others so this one’s been a biggie for most of us as everything evolves out of Duality into Unity/Christ/Crystalline consciousness. ❤

      • Many thanks to you and Thelma for this guidance – definitely something I’m experiencing at the moment. That instinct to help people is deeply ingrained, but I’m increasingly aware that all too often in the past I’ve done that in an enabling and co-dependent way, albeit with the best intentions. But I’m learning and fully aware that this is a pattern I need to change. For me it’s not dissimilar to an addiction withdrawal, that’s just how powerfully I can feel the pull to respond to other people’s cries to have their needs met. Huge gratitude for all the wisdom and support you share here – can’t tell you how much it helps me to keep going xxx

        • susie-walker,

          Most Forerunners incarnate as Sensitives, Empaths, Seers etc. but also with 5D and higher Unity frequency and consciousness. It’s who and what we are which is fine, just not always down in the old 3D Earth world and reality! This situation that so many of us are having to understand from a much larger and higher level of awareness goes along with our having to learn and Master being Sovereign individually.

          3D egos with Dualized consciousness (still) are usually a waste of our 5D 1/8th of a tank of daily Sovereign Source fuel energies, time, focus etc. because they haven’t evolved enough out of the old lower frequency and consciousness yet so both sides often get frustrated with each other. This is another reason why it’s so helpful that the Forerunners/First Embodiers etc. radiate their individual energies — it’s not like we can hide them anymore or are supposed to anyway — because this gets the job done without our need to say anything to people that aren’t ready for more yet.

          The Ascension Process is a situation of humanity stepping up into IT, into the NEW higher 5D energies, Light, frequencies and Christ/Crystalline/Unity 5D consciousness. For us Forerunners/First Embodiers etc., we’ve been having to stop being there always for everyone else, which is hard for most of us because it’s our natural PRIMARY way of being. Now we’re needed to continue Embodying which automatically radiates out of us into the ascending Earth world Pathpaving the Way for everyone else that wants to live in a NEW higher way. Our “doing” has become our “being” and our “radiating” more and more, higher and higher and letting the others step up into that. The old 3D ways of our helping them doesn’t help them or us at this much higher level of the AP, which many of us have been learning the hard way for years now. ❤

        • Greetings Susie-Walker and Thelma,

          Great job Thelma! It’s not an easy shift to do. I’ve found in my own experiences that saying no takes steps. More importantly, the “knowing” that you need/want to say no has layers and levels. It takes practice, being aware of how we feel (knowing that the other person only cares about what they can get from others with nothing in return). I know you know this; I also know that it helps to hear another say (or write) it. It somehow helps solidify what we know on a level (like with what Denise shares of her own experiences and we all go – “That’s it exactly! no wonder I feel…”).

          I’ve been practicing enough to know that I don’t want to do for others anymore. Just yesterday I said to my friend that I’m teaching her to fish so she can do it herself… which she got, understood and appreciated. I don’t want to do it for her anymore, I want her to stand on her own feet – just like I learned how to for myself. I still find myself slipping into “I’ll just do it myself because I can do it faster” more out of habit than anything. Then I go back, stop myself, clear the feelings about it that come up (as best I can) and move on.

          Interesting analogy Susie – addition withdrawl. It can be, these habits and things we’ve had shoved down our throats. It’s certainly possible to move through them, however strong or challenging. And every step of the way we’re met with the challenge when we attempt to change something as if the Universe says, “Are you sure you’re ready to change this?” in order to help strengthen our Spiritual muscles.

          And Denise, you’ve responded as I’ve written this, in a wonderfully Higher Light-Filled way. Sometimes my mind is stuck in explaining things in a smaller (brain) way. And to read/feel your Higher responses reminds me of what I leave out. Again, this is another one of those steps and layers to get out of the “old ways of doing things” for myself to learn. Bless you for that awareness.

          Much Love,

  • Dear Denise,

    “I also want to apologize for my not being able to smile graciously and absorb negative attacks like a lady, a lofty lady, from certain humans every time it happens. I’m hardwired to energetically Pathpave and Embody so laying down to be used and abused by those who don’t understand higher frequencies isn’t in my nature.”

    I feel like you’re speaking from a place that I do as of late, and if this is not accurate please feel free to let me know. I wanted to say, really, that there is no need to apologize. The AP/EP isn’t perfect (it’s perfectly imperfect), it puts tremendous pressure from all sides on (and in) us, and there are so many unique ways and levels we all go through this… at the same time! As of the past year (maybe, who can keep track anymore), I find myself overly frustrated and impatient. If you’d known me 6 years ago, you’d know how totally 180 this is for me. I had the patient of the skewed/heavily/3D depicted saint. Now, I can’t stand the chatter, the small talk (even from myself), the whining, all of the ego crap. So I’ve been interrupting people more often (something I never would’ve done or thought to do years ago) and “bottom lining it” as I refer to it. Those who know me (and know I went mute for months because of losing myself after coming out of an emotionally abusive relationship), are open to what I have to say, and respect the love and wisdom I share with them. They know enough to realize that I wouldn’t say anything if I didn’t care. Not to change them, just to open their eyes to how their behavior screws up their own life. I have, on many the occasion lately, apologized to people around me for the impatience and anger. I’m realizing that it really isn’t necessary in these instances. Women have been hammered since birth to “be nice”, “if you don’t have something nice to say…”, “just stand there, smile and look pretty”. The AP has certainly helped me shed a lot of that crap lately, and gawd does it feel so freeing just to BE who I am in the moment and not according to whatever rule/role what instilled in me.

    I’m coming to know/understand that part of the True Divine Feminine is this Power in Truth. As long as I Speak Truth out of a place of love (feeling nudged inside to share with another), and not out of trying to fix or control, then there’s nothing for me to apologize for. Why do I have to apologize for my existence anymore? I don’t… that’s a BIG part of the point of this AP. I still have my moments, I acknowledge this, out of habit or exhaustion that I slip into that mousey “excuse me”s when it’s the other person barging in on my space. And Denise, I See/Feel/Listen to You and I See that Divine Power of Love. It’s not always supposed to be “lofty” and “pretty”. Great Divine Mama creates boundaries for the children so they can see what they cannot do anymore. If they don’t play nice, or throw a tantrum then the children have to have a time out.

    And thank you for reminding me that some of this anger/pressure I feel/experience isn’t necessarily my own. I need to pay more attention to that for myself.

    Love You for Who you Are and All you’ve done for us!!

    • “I’m coming to know/understand that part of the True Divine Feminine is this Power in Truth. As long as I Speak Truth out of a place of love (feeling nudged inside to share with another), and not out of trying to fix or control, then there’s nothing for me to apologize for.”

      That’s it exactly Chrysalis. I’ve said many times about how Divine Mommy and LOVE are not all warm and fuzzy but so powerful in their purity, honesty, absoluteness etc. that most don’t even recognize Them.

  • I’m so glad I “stumbled” across HHL! Love, Light and Gratitude for all that you share. It is helpful and inspirational more than you know! 💕

    • When we “stumble across” something, it’s usually our Higher Self pushing us towards some information and energies that we need right at that moment. I’m glad you’re here Renae and I hope you enjoy and benefit from reading through the older articles here and maybe also at my first blog TRANSITIONS too if necessary. ❤

  • One of the things that I absolutely love about your writings is that they don’t pretend that everything is wonderful about the ascension process. You don’t pretend to be untouched or take it ‘like a lady’, though I suspect even this response above is mild compared to what you actually received from others. My recent ap experience has been strangely filled with anger. This is unlike me so I know somethings up/shifting. I chewed out my dad, (ugh, my dad!) just because he likes Trump. I am usually a pretty chill and understanding person, not because I’m super zen but I just don’t get riled up easily. Lately, however, I have bitten the heads off of way too many innocent bystanders and I can’t seem to get a handle on it, no matter how much meditation, reading or thoughtfulness I put into it. I just hope that it is the 3D in me and my surroundings that is providing a last gasp on its way out. As you mentioned, I felt like I had already agreed to surrender, as you suggested, but I feel like just saying and meaning things (such as, ‘ok, I surrender to this experience), really isn’t actually enough. I often think this would all be easier, so much so, if we could all have access to guides so that we could understand from our own perspective what’s happening. Can you explain why most of us chose not to be assisted and have to rely on others, such as yourself, to lead us through this dark?

    • And Thank You Sarah for your honesty about the AP as well. ❤ It does no one any good if and when the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process teachers/Forerunners etc. pretend that it's all glorious, beautiful, glittery and perfect when it usually is not. It can and is beautiful and glorious but it's also difficult, ugly at times, crushingly painful at times, isolating and a thousand other things. After all, we are literally, physically, transmuting 3D Lead into 5D Gold backed by Divine Source! 😉 Some of that Alchemical Work is gonna sting like holy hell on occasion but one does it anyway because that's all that's worth our efforts in these lives and times.

      Yep the rage rages on and even amplifies at times to a degree that one is repulsed by oneself. I've been there again in some of February, for which I've apologized publicly. Some of the rage is ours and some of it is other people's that we're picking up because we're super sensitive to what is going on within the human collective. Most sensitives are Forerunners and living the AP and EP first and sensitives FEEL what's going on in and through other people around the planet and beyond in many cases. The trick is for me to discern what's mine and why and deal with that in myself, and also, be consciously aware of what's NOT mine but other people's, the human planetary collective and then deal with that in whatever way is appropriate for me at that moment in time. Now, because the Separation of Worlds is as far along as it is and it's showing to more and more people around the world that something really strange and new is happening globally, those of us who are Sensitives, Empaths etc. are feeling the human collective both waking up, freaking out, getting seriously angry, panicking over every old patriarchal system there is that more and more people are sensing is dying as we speak. Add to all that the constant incoming NEW higher and higher frequency Light energies, codes, consciousness and about to burst external manifestations of all that, it’s a wonder any of us are speaking to anyone at this point! 😆

      I’ve often preached about we Forerunners NOT being enablers or co-dependent with or to lower consciousness people, 3D egos and patriarchal systems and situations. We’re not here to make them feel better about the old lower 3D reality, but Embody the NEW energies and NEW codes of the NEW ascending Earth world for them to evolve into. Coddling, turning the other cheek, enabling or allowing negativity to continue is not what we’re here to do for humans/humanity.

      “As you mentioned, I felt like I had already agreed to surrender, as you suggested, but I feel like just saying and meaning things (such as, ‘ok, I surrender to this experience), really isn’t actually enough.”

      You are 1,000% correct about that Sarah and very well done you! It’s never enough to only intellectually tackle the Ascension Process because the AP HAS to happen in every cell and fiber of your/our individual selves and bodies, hearts and DNA for it to activated to evolve. Trying to live the AP from ones left brained intellect does not work because this is an Alchemical Process that MUST be lived in and through ones own physical body, heart, consciousness and very Soul for it to do what it does which is evolve each of us into something much more grand and developed, Christed in fact. 🙂 We have Guides, Ascension Assistants, Kinfolk and other aspects of our Soul Self/Selves in higher dimensions always overseeing us and what we’re going through down here… which is rapidly becoming UP HERE. However, it’s us in the physical that HAVE to live and Embody the AP and EP processes in the flesh in the physical to really make this whole thing work for All. I’m lost in my own Comment reply so I’ll end here. Let me know if more info is needed. ❤

  • TY Denise for sharing, these times are really insane but the more I think of it the more it makes sense. I read patterns in events, words and actions.. the current outlash on alternative media personalities by Youtube and the cry wolf screaming in MSM are very nice indicators that the shit is about to hit the fan … I’ve gotten so much information from separate sources about the same topic “New Earth” and it all correlates perfectly!!! Something HAS to give.. no matter how much the old guards are holding on to their alleged powers.

    Hugs Ollie

    • Ollie,

      I’ve said it many times over the years that every time certain things and people get extra nasty, vicious and attacking etc., it’s because another HUGE incoming amount of NEW higher Light energies is right around the corner. It’s a conscious and unconscious reaction to more Light entering and old lower reality leaving and EVERYONE being affected by all that and having to go through more personal and collective changes, evolution, growth etc. because of it.

      For days around the end of January and the first few days of February 2018, I listened to constant ambulance sirens scream past the back of my house on that street. One after another after another all day and night for over a week. People were being super impacted by this latest big SHIFT CHANGE up into another higher level. At the same time as the physical ambulances and fire trucks rushed past my house around a month ago, I was also clairaudiently hearing all sorts of strange nonphysical sounds too. I’ve heard them many times over these ascension years and they seem to increase every time we go through another one of these larger than usual SHIFT CHANGES up to a higher level within the primary Ascending Earth world. It’s like I’m clairaudiently hearing the creeks and groans of the entire solar system as it ascends up a few more energy Stair-steps!

      Yes, 2018 is going to visibly show to everyone — not just those of us in the Ascension community who’ve been living and Working this for years and/or decades already — that “Time’s Up” for it all! 😉 ❤

  • Thank you for explaining about the Feb energies Denise. I had a major breakthrough last night although I didn’t really understand what had happened but thanks to your article I now know exactly what happened.

    • That should have had a capital T and been accompanied by a long sweeping bow of respect Denise 💜

  • All resonates and totally agree with what you say about not diminishing your message and energy with other’s links, Had to laugh as have just woken from a dream where someone was letting go of things, but we suddenly discovered we’d forgotten ego – and there was your ‘ego’ remark jumping up. Many thanks for all you do!

  • Denise, thank you so much for sorting things out. You are such a beautiful soul and I always look forward for your posts. Love

  • UGH! Yeah, not looking like it right now as one after another after another of my (I guess) 3D creations DIE! Denise, thank you so much for your word. They give me a shred of hope to hang on as my old life is taking is last gasping breaths. Thank you also for the reminder of the attacks from “team dark.” It’s easy to forget this piece when all in front of me seems to be dying! Thank you for the reminder and for the glimmer of hope!

  • Thank you Denise! I hear you, appreciate you and will stand by you, as I do my own paving over here. Bless you thank you love and light! 💞💣💞💣💞💣

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