Inner Body Vibrations & The Solar Flashes & Pulses

I’ve written about the Inner Body Vibrations since I first detected them in my physical body around 2001, mostly at TRANSITIONS however. If you’re not familiar with this side effect of the Ascension Process (AP), you may benefit from reading my older articles about the Inner Body Vibrations. This particular article is for First Embodiers because they’re experiencing what I’m going to talk about or will increasingly be experiencing throughout 2018.

Back in 2001 when I first felt the inner body vibrations I mainly felt them when I was falling asleep and waking up. During those brief periods when we’re crossing dimensional borders and shifting from one energy body into another that’s appropriate for whichever dimension we’re going into, I could intentionally linger in the in-between cusp point of sleep and wakefulness, linear time and quantum timelessness, physical and non-physical life and realities and dimensions to better feel, observe and discover what these inner body vibrations were. I’d spend half an hour or more maintaining the in-between asleep and awake states, levels and dimensions to intentionally observe and take mental notes about this ever-increasing inner buzzing, vibrating, pulsing and eventual shaking energy inside my physical body.

In the beginning years it would vibrate for a three count, stop for a two count, and back to a three count and so on. And in the beginning it was felt in the lower core area of my body but it would move from one area in this location to another and remained in my lower “guts” for a couple of years. After a few years of this it moved up a bit higher into my upper gut area, and a couple of years after that it moved and expanded up even higher into my upper chest area. This inner body vibration was and is the evolutionary Rewiring Process and it’s continued until it’s a whole head and body vibration for me now that’s constant but does sometimes become a five count on, half count off, and back on again. In other words, this inner body vibrating Rewiring Process has been an ongoing side effect of embodying increasing amounts of higher frequency Light energies throughout more and more of my physical body, and lastly my head since 2001.

I’ve clairaudiently heard the inner body vibration sound like I was standing next to a jet airliner about to take off, it was that loud and intense from an inner perspective. I’ve felt it amplify and expand from a mild inner body vibration, to an intense whole-body shaking that was so pronounced you could physically see my physical body involuntarily vibrating. I’ve become so used to it after 17 years that sometimes when it would suddenly stop for a few moments I would jerk in response because it has become “normal” to me. I was constantly leaning into it so when it would suddenly stop for a moment, it was a shock to me and I’d feel like I could fall over! We’ve been energetically and physically Rewired so that we could safely Embody the NEW vastly higher frequency Light energies and NEW codes and DNA etc. Because of this we spin, vibrate, radiate, transmit and are something tremendously different from what we were ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Compressed evolution; hurts in most cases but is amazing and a privilege to be able to experience firsthand in the physical.

It was late spring of 2017, when I first physically saw the sunlight flashing in a fast strobe-like manner while I was driving home from the grocery store. I was stopped at a red light and noticed the sunlight was quickly flashing up in the air and down on the street pavement and everywhere I looked. It was the Sun flashing continuously and this was physically visible, no only clairvoyantly visible. A few months after I mentioned this in another article, a reader emailed me a YouTube video someone had recorded in another country of the Sun doing this and it was exactly the same fast strobe-like sunlight I’d seen in early 2017 while driving. [I’m sure you can find these videos online if interested in seeing them.]

While driving in early February 2018, I physically saw the Sun do something new again, but this time it was a massive pulse of sunlight. About two minutes later I saw the Sun do it again — pulse out a huge flash of Light everywhere. I continued watching for this as I drove but didn’t see it again that day. That’s not saying it didn’t happen (and isn’t continuing to), only that I didn’t see it do this again that day. I know there’s all kinds of related external phenomena I don’t personally witness mainly because I’m busy individually living it and assisting it from inside my physical body, which is exactly what First Embodiers do.

  Someone asked me recently why I don’t ever talk about what some are calling, ‘The Event’? The reason I haven’t is because most don’t understand what it is and how it’s physically reached and why. Most people who believe in ‘The Event’, believe that everyone is going to be “saved” by something external. That term, ‘The Event’, shows a lack of  understanding about the entire Ascension (AP) and Embodiment Process (EP). To me the entire AP and EP is one ongoing mega evolutionary event, but I understand why this term is popular and why people are excited about it, I’m excited about it too just as every other First Embodier is, but for very different reasons.

Increasingly throughout 2017, I kept feeling how my physical body was vibrationally syncing up with the Sun in new-to-me ways. This has amplified greatly these first two months of 2018, which indicates this year is going to be very different from any previous AP and EP inner processes and external shifts we’ve experienced leading up to this level.

So far in 2018, I’ve discovered that the rate of inner body vibration I now have is a match to and is synced up with the Sun and solar energy transmissions of both the repeated quick strobe-like flashing and the pulsing Light blasts as well. Many of the First Embodiers have Embodied enough of the NEW Light and codes etc. via having been Rewired over a decade ago, that we’re a complete frequency and vibrational match with the Sun and what it’s now transmitting. We’re finally able to instantly Embody everything the Sun radiates out energetically (NEW codes, NEW Light, NEW plasma etc.) into our physical bodies because they’ve been Rewired to do this and not be destroyed by housing such profoundly higher frequency Light energies, plus anchor them on Earth.

When I sit quietly I can feel the inner body vibrations in my physical body Embodying, catching, anchoring, maintaining and also radiating out these NEW energies and codes. The inner body vibrations have evolved into my, your, our being of the same frequency and vibrations as what the Sun is flashing and pulsing out now in 2018. Oftentimes now, what I’m looking at inside my house is flashing quickly too exactly like what it looks like when you see the Sun doing this. I didn’t understand this side effect at first and did the typical old thing of thinking it was “just my eyes” or something. However, after experiencing this a few more times this year I’ve discovered that there is no separation between what the Sun is doing now and what I’m experiencing and feeling inside my physical body, and, what I’m viewing with my physical eyes. It’s all the same frequency being transmitted by the Sun, received by the First Embodiers, then further radiated outward by the First Embodiers in the physical on ascending Earth. Why? So the Path is paved for the rest of humanity to experience the entire “Event” that is the Ascension Process.

💡 How many First Embodiers does it take to screw in the NEW Light? As many as there are now. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 😉

So what many are calling ‘The Event’ has actually been a very long ongoing Stair-step energetic process the First Embodiers have been relentlessly Working on and increasingly evolved by for decades to assist in it taking place and be anchored into NEW Earth for the rest of humanity. ‘The Event’ isn’t something the Sun is going to suddenly do all on its own with no preparations by anyone anywhere. Even as it’s been over these past many ascension years, all the solar flares, winds, storms, CME and so on have been incredibly difficult and painful to live through and be evolved by. We don’t go from zero to light speed in six seconds because it would instantly destroy every human alive on Earth, not to mention cause unbelievable damage to Earth/Gaia and the entire solar system and far beyond. The AP and EP has never and will never happen like that despite what many believe. They still expect and believe that some Hollywood special effect type solar event will suddenly happen and magically everything will be very different. Tremendous evolution and change is coming, faster now than it ever could happen before, but even with that it’s unfolding in incremental energetic Stair-steps so we all have physical bodies when all is said and done! That’s kind of the whole point with the AP and EP.

Having said all that, the fact some of the First Embodiers have been and now are capable of directly housing, Embodying everything the Sun is transmitting now indicates just how close we are to the bigger shift into the NEW.

When the Sun is active now via CMEs, flares, storms, winds etc., many are feeling these NEW plasma energies in more amplified ways in their physical bodies. Many First Embodiers have been experiencing the entire area and surrounding areas in the front and back of their bodies at the upper chest HighHeart level in greatly amplified ways. In the back of the body, this often manifests as increased pains and pressures in-between the shoulder blades which is behind the HighHeart (Thymus) and also in the spine in that area. That pain often radiates out left and right at and/or just under and just above the shoulder blades, sometimes causing muscle spasms in those extended areas. Out the front of the body at the HighHeart level, these pains and pressures can sometimes feel like your rib-cage is expanding, your HighHeart is expanding which it is yet again, heartburn, acid reflux, stiffness and/or slight swelling in that area of the body, heart thumps, movements and palpitations, amplified emotional reactions to certain things, and a great lack of emotions with an overall sense of greater connection to and with all things everywhere. Higher LOVE is very NON-emotional in the old lower ego-based ways humans are familiar with. LOVE is emotionless and endlessly expansive, ego-based love was entirely emotional and restrictive.

From above the head all the way down into and below the HighHeart area has, once again, been under a lot of ongoing EP expansion Work which is directly connected to being able to embody the solar energies recently. I mentioned in a previous article about how I’ve experienced waking up and instantly feeling how low-frequency, loud, obnoxious, restricted and infantile being inside my physical body feels to the larger, greater ME that’s incrementally joining Me in my physical earthly life and body. It’s felt and sounded to ME like I wake up in a free-for-all daycare center for very young children with them all chattering constantly about whatever rolls through their little heads! That doesn’t seem like it would match with Embodying more and more of ones Greater Selves and NEW solar energies and codes and yet, so far, moments of all this have felt and sounded very differently from what I expected. On the other hand however, I’ve also been experiencing tremendous expansions within myself and am consciously aware of more of the many higher aspects of ME being directly and intimately on-board with me now. I’ve been consciously aware of many of these other aspects all my life but they were always way over “there” while I was way down “here” on physical Earth. The gap between us could only be reduced by our interacting with each other for short periods while I was asleep and out of my physical body. Now however they’re “right here” with me. I cannot wait to learn more about this and what it automatically creates in us all for All.

We’re just getting started with this NEW level of the EP and Embodying the NEW solar transmissions and codes within our physical bodies and Selves. In half a year we’ll look back at now and smile to ourselves. For now however, it’s pretty amazing, albeit intense and painful at times. Who cares when NEW creation on all levels is taking place which will automatically produce even more. ❤

Denise Le Fay

February 19, 2018

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47 thoughts on “Inner Body Vibrations & The Solar Flashes & Pulses

  • Hi, I know this conversation is days past, but today March 6 2018…i just had to share my most unusual cat antics on this day. I Have a 12 yr old inside cat..she can come out if I leave the patio door open ,but rarely does…today she not only came out..she walked down the brick path to the gate which was ajar and just went she had done is always. I saw this from my upstairs window..and since I have a back pasture that leads to neighbors pastures..if she got going ..she could really, I ran down barefoot and she came back..Then my other outdoor cat…just kept kinda mewing and restless and went and sat in an odd place in the winter dead bushes and mewed..this went on at about the same time it would have been around 4pm mountain time today..they both quickly found a chair and are now fast was so odd..mostly the inside cat..I have never in 12 yrs seen this..and she is healthy as is my out door, just wanted to make note case some natural happening went quake and the like?
    Hope this finds you well and in good spirits..seems like never a dull moment..and time is going so fast..its really hard to deal with..I sometimes do not even know what day it is.

  • OMYGODDESS Denise … ditto ditto ditto … what has helped me understand the body changes, especially the last couple of years and the expansion of our Body Temples … is learning about the “the vagus nerve” which is connected to all of our inner guidance areas (chakra) … it affects every symptom one might be having in their ascension process … it truly helped me too understand.
    My inner guides (“they” have a wonderful sense of humor albeit, not always timely😁) and this is the part of “listening to what you are Feeling”, sounds easy enough to understand NOPE … not when the Higher Self is at the helm … “They” will immediately give me signs, symbology, a good swift kick in the buttinsky!! 😅 …. for if i have ventured off the given path I KNOW quickly! You probably do too and many are learning those “soul lessons” (we never stop learning) 😘 just happened within the week! 😘
    The Event is happening, like Denise shares, right now and has been since harmonic convergence and if someone is saying something “big” is going to come, then suffice to say, maybe “awakened”, not understanding that we have been on “the event” journey for quite along time!! If I had to define “event”, I would say when one AWAKENED and everything was forever changed within ones life!! As the “collective” awakens, the “event” amplifies creating the magnified energies of humanity!!! 💜
    Thank you Denise for sharing your beautiful wisdom as always! 😘 Love it!💜💜💜

  • Hi Denise, its amazing the things that come back to you when you have a bit of time to think and how an experience can happen over night. Thinking back to 1994 I had a major NDE that activated my pineal gland. Though I did not know it was called this but I channeled from there on in. When i think back to the physical vibrations then I had them because i was in and out of my body so much doing all kinds of things but also because my body was going through massive healing process… yes this journey has been something that a lot of people have not understood about me. But one of the people in my life my mother has always struggled with my spiritual life, more so when I received kundalini.. but just Saturday my mother had a kundalini experience… wow i was just amazed. she felt the energies from base to heart up and down.. her words were ” It was very powerful” and It felt like “when your pregnant and the baby is swishing around inside of you” I asked “Like a snake going up and down” she said yes, but her lungs are hurting and her chest is hurting. i have explained that her heart chakra is opening wide. and asked her to stay calm that this will probably happen again. She doesn’t want to take any drugs, she is 71 but she has been through a lot. i just love her to bits. My auntie whom is 76 is also experiencing some energetic changes and i have explained this to her also. thank you once again. I really want to read about your article “Inner Body Vibrations” also I realized I bought your book in 1997 Past Lives Present Dreams as i went through past life regression . as well as Sacred Legacies. its amazing to connect this way now. Thank you Sonia Namaste

  • I have so much to comment on here, it’s bubbling up inside of me, but first I just want to send this love vibration that I’m feeling for all of you whose words I’ve just read (and vibrations I’ve felt) – I’m so glad I opened up this message to read this morning.

    Lately I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling kind of depressed and heavy even though I am in so much gratitude for where I am in my life at this time. Denise, you addressed this in a previous message – about landing in the body upon waking and feeling the heaviness – I really appreciate you’re addressing that because sometimes I feel the urge to bypass my feelings and try to shift my energy to a “happy” place (being a little sarcastic there). Actually, shifting into appreciation works for me, not as a band-aid, but as an authentic feeling and if I can’t find it, I honor the weirdness of … well, now that I’m writing about it, when I tune in to that heavy feeling, it’s more like an eye-rolling so-over-this-ugh feeling.

    I have had pain in my lower back for a few months now, which is really getting me down. I’m going to be 64 in April and I feel like I’m too young for this crotchety body pain. My guidance team has told me that I need to drink much more water than I have been, so I’m working on that.
    I have felt the inner body vibrations (quaking) for many years now – usually when I’m laying in bed at night. I love the feeling – it’s like being on some kind of exhilarating ride and I know it’s energy expansion. The quaking has gotten more intense lately – sometimes during the day I will get a sleepy feeling and take a moment to lie down and feel the energy taking me into a theta state. It’s really rejuvenating.

    Then there’s the sun! I have noticed a shift in the sun for the last 6 or so years and in the last 6 months it is so “sharp” feeling and white. It is harsh and yet I love to sit in the sun and feel myself absorbing it in to my solar plexus – I used to absorb it into my pineal gland, but now it’s my sp. I haven’t noticed the flashing or strobing but I’ll look for it the next time the clouds clear.

    There has been a lot of death around me – some people close to my heart have left in the last 6 months. When I reach out to touch in with them – I feel two of them pretty delighted at where they are (one just left 7 days ago and I feel like he’s in joy).

    Now, about cats – (just as I’m writing this, my two cats are walking past the window out in the snow. Makes me laugh.) A few months ago my neighbor told me she had to have one of her horses put down. I just “knew” that I needed to be there with her so I offered to come over to offer support. When I arrived, the vet was there and another friend of my neighbor was there, too. She was holding an ancient orange and white cat. The cat was also being put down that morning. He was just so old and barely able to walk. The friend asked if I would hold the cat – he was getting heavy for her. The vet gave the cat a tranquilizer and I was holding him and gently stroking him and just kind of humming to him. Meanwhile, the vet was taking care of the horse and the friend went over to be with the horse. My neighbor was standing with me – we were both tearful – and she was telling me about the horse’s life and about the cat and how she rescued him from a shelter many years ago. Her daughter had wanted a kitten but there was this adult cat there who had been abandoned and she just had to take him in, too. Then the vet took the cat from me and laid him down and gave him the final shot. I was looking towards the horse, who was lying on the earth and out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the cat had died and with my inner sight, I saw a young man morph up out of the cat’s body. He kind of rolled his shoulders and stretched a bit and then said to himself “Wow, that was an experience!” Then he came to my neighbor and hugged her and thanked her for allowing him to have the experience of being a cat on her property. And then he faded away. This all happened in an instant and then I knew why I was so compelled to be there that morning! So, who knows who our cats really are! Or dogs or any of our “pets.” My neighbor wasn’t aware of any of this and I haven’t said anything to her about what I saw, but I recon I will share this with her when the time is right someday.

    I know this is a really long comment – I’ve never commented on people’s blogs before, except one other time here… there’s something about the community here, Denise – even though I see that you get some disturbing or annoying comments. I feel a connection here – like talking with some new friends. It’s really a comfort and beautiful sharing of energy. You’ve created a community here and I thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • “Then the vet took the cat from me and laid him down and gave him the final shot. I was looking towards the horse, who was lying on the earth and out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the cat had died and with my inner sight, I saw a young man morph up out of the cat’s body. He kind of rolled his shoulders and stretched a bit and then said to himself “Wow, that was an experience!” Then he came to my neighbor and hugged her and thanked her for allowing him to have the experience of being a cat on her property. And then he faded away. This all happened in an instant and then I knew why I was so compelled to be there that morning!”

      Leilah Nancy,

      I’ve wanted to respond to your amazing experience sooner but needed to deal with another attack from Cas aka Sac aka Posh.

      In the early 1980s I got a kitten that I was positive was one of these types; a intentional fragment of a human that wanted to spend some time being in an animal body in the physical. This is more common than most would believe. His name was Toki Moto — aka Mr. Gruntmore — and he was special beyond words. I talked to him like he was a human and he always responded like he totally understood what I’d said. I never clairvoyantly SAW the human him like you did with your neighbors cat, but I felt him. This human aspect existing in my cat’s body was also a male and he’d come and go from Toki’s physical body but he was the primary “owner and operator” of Toki’s cat body. Toki Moto was a human in cat form.

      Everyone reading this conversation, how many of you KNOW exactly what it feels like to be a cat, small domestic or a big wild cat? Or dog? A horse? A bird? A tree? A boulder? A mountain? A river? This is most likely the reasons why. At some point YOU intentionally projected a small fragment of your Greater Self into other dimensions and other bodies like an animal or a tree or whatever. YOU did this to experience more about being physical and being physical in different bodies with different focuses and abilities and so on. Leilah was supposed to clairvoyantly SEE and feel what she did with the cat dying and the human aspect exiting that feline body and giving thanks to the human cat owner.

      Now everyone think of this same thing, this same process and the reasons for it but only with human and humanoid bodies. Understand they all exist within different dimensions and different timelines, different bodies and so on but they all are different fragments and aspects of the big, Greatest YOU that all exist simultaneously in these different dimensions and bodies etc. Now imagine that this “You” version here now reading this are evolving via the AP and EP to be increasingly conscious of and interacting with many of YOUR other selves from this You living the AP and EP. This and much more is how we all are expanding to be consciously aware of much, much more of our selves/Selves/SELVES while in these physical bodies on Earth living the AP and EP.

      One more step with this topic. The “future” ME that is a Lightbeing in a very high dimension and state of being who raised its hand (it is not male or female but both and more) when the call went out about this Ascension Process and that help was needed, ‘Volunteered’ an aspect of itself to drop Light, go “back” in linear time, enter density and incarnate in a physical human body as Denise to Work, live, assist and anchor the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process in this time now. There’s more about this but this is a good start to this complex topic. I thank you Leilah for sharing what you did which created a great space for me to talk about this on larger levels. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I could not survive with out my 4 legged kids! And yes I do talk to them all the time. I have to continue working at the DV shelter full time for a while yet so without them I would not have happy. This past week, I had painters in my house, total of 30 hours, omg what hell and they are my cousins and really nice mid 30’s gentlemen and are very accepting of my thoughts on life. But gawd, I thought I would go insane.

        My heart hurts for your work with your mom. Big hugs to you.
        Coming on 6 mos. since mine left. We rented her house to one of her caregivers and mom has been there. Opening a kitchen cabinet door, moving things around and turned coffee maker on once. This lady is very open and she said she talks to mom when she is there.

        Since we have opened a door about humans living as many other things. I believe my mother is coming back in her great granddaughters body. Xyleah Moon was born 3 days before moms birthday and is 7 mons old now. My understanding is spirit can go in and out of body until the soft spot closes but in this now earth I don’t believe there is a limit on that anymore. Her spirit came to my house one day a physically repaired a small lamp shade. There is more to the story but this showed me there really is nothing impossible.
        Lovelight, Lightlove to everyone in this wonderful family.

  • Hi Denise.
    been following your posting on & off for a few years now, been really enjoying this site this month in so many ways, the inner vibrating body, yes, the flashing light yes, there is a pulse inside consciousness, I can hear at times, there is 3 sounds I hear thoese days inside of consciousness, a pulse sound, it’s a bit like the beat of a heart, there is the busy bees sound, its like 1000 bees busying inside my head, & the sound of 2 bearing rubbing againest each other, my feelings are this means lack of balance inside of consciousness, the vibrating of the inner body could be trying to balance this out. the high heart is opening up, this could be the flashing of light we are seeing.
    I am always at my strongest, coming up off the floor, it seems I must hit the floor every now & then & get so lost in myself & just want too give up, but this is where this process wants me at times, I do not want to be there, but as I look back on all those experiences Denise, it’s what takes me forward each time, anyone that said this process is easy, you are listening too a nut case, the energies have been so heavy lately, been unable to do much in the last 3 months, I have come too understand that love is not a word, but a action, living with someone that is very sick well have a effect on that person, I could find no wrong in the sick person I was staying with, they could do no wrong in my eyes, they helped me too find love in my heart that I did not even know was there, if I was able too take that love out into the world & give it too each person I meet, I would be there, where ever that is, you have a gift of putting into words what is going on in this monent & it helps people like me too get off the floor at times & find are feet again, much love too each & everyone of us – Vincent

  • Denise, so many of us are ignorant. We dont understand what we are reading or your true work. Back in the day with Transitions I trully believed that my opinion mattered. That I understood and knew things. And I needed to share. I also thought it was ok to share and do the very things that u discuss here now. Its been a long cold hard realization to realize you and others are consciously living this, and I sit with a pocket full of feelings or beliefs. Its also been difficult to understand and get it that someones blog or page needs to be respected. I used to think and assume that we were to set each other straight and help Enlighten You! OMG! And now I sit here these past few years realizing I know next to nothing and im lucky if im able to understand what u teach at all, and this is underscored in a huge manner by all the other people living and knowing what u live and know! Im a little kid sitting at the table with the adults. I hope something rubs off and tweaks my inner Spirit. You say u scatter hints like breadcrumbs and I know I’m clueless😄 Probably I’d b the same if u plopped bolders! So from the over flow of souls I thank u for allowing me to sit down, shut up and hopefully learn something. 🌼🌸💗

    • We are all ancients learning new things in physical human bodies during this rare Ascension and Embodiment Process. We all are on our unique individual Stair-step levels and it’s ALL wonderful, positive, and perfect, even the shitty bits. 😆

  • I’m saying this for the following reasons

    I’ve felt strongly compelled since the start of the year to say things here.

    It’s clear to me that this needs saying.

    Denise. So much love. All my love to you for your cussed stand in making this
    sacred place possible in these circumstances. It is exactly the equivalent of
    maintaining the peace of a monastery inside the shadow of a Greyhound bus
    terminal. Or even inside the terminal. I know, and all the ones who matter at
    this juncture know, that you are doing some thing impossible. This site is a
    little miracle and I would never say that to anyone except that at the moment we
    are at A juncture.

    It would be almost as childish to close comments at this point as the behaviors
    which necessitate its considerations. Not a criticism, just a fact. Why retreat
    now? Is that correct?

    I am chosing to add my presence here, in energy, attention and actual written
    words for the purpose of challenging this retreat.

    Every link that I’ve seen posted to this site has felt to me like a screen door
    on a space ship. There are some exceptions and its not worth naming either side.
    The point is that this is NOT a path which has any need of external
    information to continue. I want to watch the movie that I am watching at the
    minute not the one you are thinking of you neurotic gnats.

    Don’t think that I haven’t been moved just as you to post this that or the other
    at one point or another, but this is a PATH. The things we speak of constitute a
    way of living. Uncoerced. Chosen from within. And those WHO MATTER at this
    juncture are all conscious of this to one degree or another.

    The question is when does grey become black and what to do about that.

    For me. I’ve just been sending love. Its all that’s ever really going to matter,
    but I love this blog. This is a professional working blog for me. The thing that
    take place here are the very epicenter of my life. There is no other place where
    the intrusion of politics or vapid ostensibly spiritual sunshine enemas would be
    welcome. This is not a new age feel good blog. Perhaps that should be made a
    subtitle to act as a little speed bump.

    LoVE the new background. It made my heart skip.

    • First of all, Thank You Scary Monster for being what and who you are — spiritual warrior kin. ❤ Secondly, you're completely correct about the need for things to be said in 2018, in ways (and for reasons) they've not been said so far. I've come close a few times over the years to protect myself and my sanity from the never-fucking-ending supply of, as you so graciously called them, neurotic gnats to my blogsite.

      After yesterday’s Cas comment with the link in it that unknowingly instantly downloaded 100 pages of material from Sandra Walter whether one wanted it or not, I got really all done with these people and their tactics and using me and my sacred online Work space to promote whatever and whoever it is at the moment that they believe. My god, many of the people in the Ascension community are 1000 times worse than those annoying Jehovah Witness people! They only come to your door to try to convert you; the thousands of Cas’ and Tammy’s types come bearing links — that instantly download! — right into your home via your computer, uninvited. I’m done with them. Live it yourself or fuck off people. Absolute end of conversation.

      None of that was directed at you Scary Monster (SM).

      As I was saying, after the parasitic and highly manipulative bullshit from Cas yesterday with her auto downloading 100 page link stunt, I went through super compressed levels of a lot of stuff that I won’t go into detail here about, but will in another article most likely, and I then put my blue back on which means more than most understand. I got very frustrated as I sometimes do with the Cas’ and Tammy’s of the world and the unbelievable stunts they pull on me, but once I’ve blown through that level of exhausted, saddened, residual TD victim-hood distortion crap I put my blue back on again, which is energetically palpable to some. I go from trying to show what 5D and HighHeart consciousness is to this is what 5D and HighHeart energy is when you fuck with it. The new background image that made your heart skip SM, is a closeup photo of the gemstone Lapis Lazuli which has special meaning to me and is why my user name in forums long ago before I discovered that I could have my own blog, was always “Lapis”. I’m a Blue Ray, as it sounds you are SM because of how that color impacted you, plus I have connections to 8D Orion and the positive collectives that exist and Work from that dimension. I also changed my “Avatar” image at the same time yesterday for the same reason which is to show the triple points of my primary ME’S all living and Working the Ascension and Embodiment Processes together from different dimensions and bodies now. And lastly, I had already been thinking about writing an article in 2018 about this and related topics, situations and the difficulties with certain people and their wide range of developments and consciousness anyway. Yesterday’s comment events by Cas and so many others over the 15 years I’ve been writing about the AP online inspired me to do this sooner rather than later.

      So yes, it’s wrong for me to close Comments at HHL when we’re about to reach what we’ve been Working towards all these lifetimes. My saying that I’d reached that point again was me being frustrated, disheartened and exhausted. Everyone forgets that besides all this I’m also the only caregiver for my 88-year-old mom whose physical body and mind are broken. I make minimum wage for doing the absolute most difficult and horrible work there is; being physically pissed and shit on daily by someone who hallucinates, is deluded and cannot do anything for herself. She and I both will be very glad when she exits her broken body and mind. And the IRS just screwed me and all other people forced to take care of deteriorating elder parent(s) and/or others living under the same roof… never mind, it’s too unbelievable and once I figured out what the IRS did and why, I obliterated them from all timelines earlier this month. But hey, I put my blue back on again and will continue because there’s nothing else to do but that. Comments need to be open for those who are actually living the AP and EP, because for most of us, there’s no one else to communicate with about what we’re living via the EP. Deepest gratitude and respect Scary Monster for everything. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear SM and Denise,

        Wow, thank you for that Highly open and honest assessment and conversation between you two. I get so sick of the stupid talk out there, and to witness your exchanges (concerning the gnats and their tactics and the exhaustion) is so Heartening for me.

        I knew last night, Denise, that you were speaking from that place of hitting the wall (so to speak), as that’s the place I was coming from with my cat. I know it’s a huge job to deal with that crap that comes in your email as well as managing things with your Mom… AND I really DON’T know. Just like until I actually went through some of the process in attempting to get a house and filling out the paperwork, I didn’t KNOW until that moment just how overwhelming it was. So, speaking for myself, I apologize for the times I forget how overwhelmed you must be feeling throughout the day because of all the things you have to manage, on top of dealing with crap from those lower idiots that don’t (yet ought to) know better. Not to mention your loving generosity in allowing the conversation to blossom how it did a couple days ago about my cat, and graciously offering me a solution (I ordered the cat heating pad). I have since been able to pull myself up above all that and have interacted with my cat in a much more loving manner… and she’s been cuddling/sleeping in my lap quietly much more (as well as not shrieking so loudly in the mornings and through the day).

        It’s certainly a challenge to deal with the tactics and crap of the lower vibrating portal people around. It’s been freeing for me sometimes to be able to call people out on their crap regardless of how they take it or react because enough is enough. Sometimes I don’t realize until later that I needed to have called them on it or taken the reigns of the conversation and stopped it before it began. Still working on that. It’s time for them to grow up (and me too). I look forward to your article concerning this issue (and many more to come!).

        So I thank you both for speaking from your High Hearts, as it only makes mine blossom and bloom as well

        Much Love,

      • Scary Monster, your Greyhound bus terminal and peace monastery analogy along with Denise’s previous goat eating garbage analogy hit close to home for me. I’ve been living physically in a dense location (people-, unhappiness-, even smoke-heavy) though on the lower floors. The closeness to the ground, beautiful nature – trees and animals surrounding this quaint but sore area is all that keeps me going. The earth hurts where I am, is energetically spat on in spite of the dogs and some elders keeping the place lighter. The lotus in the mud, such a well-known sign of spirituality – a dainty flower no but a warrior yes. Blue rays, I wept inside when I discovered that term. Thank you SM and Denise and everyone else doing this.

  • “You can take a positive stance in viewing this as the preparation (in particular) of the Human Collective, which is still too far behind in its frequency development.”

    So Cas, it’s obvious you haven’t been reading or understanding my writings and drawings and images about the AP for over a decade. It’s also obvious you haven’t even read this article and the many others I’ve written about the Sun and how it’s been changing and affecting us for many decades. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother anymore.

    Do not reply Cas, ever.

    • Hi Denise. Thanks for publishing her (Cas’) response which is TOTALLY off base re YOU. I’m grateful for the book info (Tom Kenyon). And when i used Sandra Walker’s link it downloaded over 100 pages and I hope Sandra intended it for free?

      A different topic Denise. Something I’ve noticed via face book. Its obvious people are developing abilities like 3rd eye full open or maybe telepathic, maybe can read others, utilize energies at others. Big ones. I can feel them. What im observing is or appears to be HUGE EGO even tho these people think they are helping. The most obvious one is admonishing other people and uninvited sending energy. They loudly, and I mean LOUDLY proclaim their I AM and how they dont judge but post controversial posts and jump down the “ignorant” throats of those who don’t agree. I swear some think your he creature is God himself come to save the day. Its been an interesting Lesson and sometimes confusing. But I came to remember that not even the Higher Self is ego free, and maybe rare for physically embodied. (And Team Dark on the high mental planes have those same abilities.) It must be a huge test. Temptation to think you are IT.

      Hugs Denise. 💗💗💗💗

      • I’m really close to closing Comments at HHL for many of the same reasons you’ve mentioned Edith. I have nothing nice to say at the moment so…

        P.S. I just deleted Cas’ aka Sac’s aka Posh aka Psyche aka Kari comment so if anyone wants to find that link, go to Sandra Walter’s website and get her information directly.

    • Yes, you can ask Irene Parousis, and the reason is because it doesn’t belong here at HHL. It was a complete mismatch to the topics and higher level of awareness that I and the readers here talk about. In fact, your comment was so profoundly NOT like what I write/wrote about that I thought you may be a troll. People who believe such as what you obviously do based on what you said and the link in your comment that I did not publish, do NOT match what I write about at all, and I’m not talking about small differences but huge, glaring and highly obvious complete differences in awareness, personal experiences and beliefs. This is comparable to say, me going to a website/blogsite/forum etc. that deals ONLY with political debating and I posted my beliefs there about the Ascension Process. See the mismatch? That’s what your comment was here and I don’t publish anyone’s comments that are so profoundly out of alignment and understanding with what I and my website are all about. Your beliefs are yours but I’m not obligated to promote anyone’s beliefs that are at such extreme differences with my own at my online place of Work.

  • Hi Denise and All —
    Thanks again Denise for a great article. I too have had the vibrating and eye flashing for a long time but the eye flashing has been particularly intriguing. I even went back to the eye doctor thinking my cataracts were growing back or some other eye damage, but they are fine. They flash three or four times a day for about 10minutes each time, at all different times of the day or night, no matter what I’m doing. But here’s the intriguing part: I could swear the flashing repeats itself, like a code. Some days it’s one code, some days another. It seems to come from inside my head so I’m not sure how Solaris is involved. I have no idea what it means and I would love your thoughts on this phenomenon. Again many thanks, and thanks also for providing this forum.
    — Deb

    • “They flash three or four times a day for about 10 minutes each time, at all different times of the day or night, no matter what I’m doing. But here’s the intriguing part: I could swear the flashing repeats itself, like a code. Some days it’s one code, some days another. It seems to come from inside my head so I’m not sure how Solaris is involved. I have no idea what it means and I would love your thoughts on this phenomenon.”

      Deb & All,

      You are 100% correct in that what you are seeing are codes, the NEW codes. I’ve been seeing them too and flashing in clusters (or counts like what I described about the on for three counts and off for two counts of the Rewiring Inner Body Vibrations). All of these things are interconnected and are higher and higher aspects, levels and stages (Stair-steps) of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process. Because we entered a NEW level of all this in 2017, and more in 2018, much of this is new to all of us and not many AP teachers/writers are talking about some of these NEW changes. I’m doing my best to describe them and connect them to other AP and EP processes and side effects and use my own experiences to help express it all but things are really different now from what we’re used to with the AP. Sandra Walter is the only person I’m aware of that’s been talking, accurately, about this Sun business and the NEW codes its transmitting and all that goes with that.

      Think of this Sun and NEW codes and solar flashing and solar pulses AND more and more of us First Embodiers now seeing the Sun doing this AND seeing that in and through our own individual bodies/eyes/hearts/nerves etc. etc. We Lightworkers have constantly been Embodying increasing amounts of higher frequency NEW Light and energies this whole time, to the point that we’ve become much more potent Lightcarriers, Lightembodiers, Lightcontainers all the time. We live and breath and radiate/transmit the NEW Light from within our bodies and Selves. We’ve evolved from being people that Worked with Light to people that are the NEW Light because we’ve Embodied it year after year, decade after decade. Now, this same thing is taking place in and through us and our physical bodies in relation to the NEW codes/architecture/templates etc. that the Sun is embodying and transmitting out everywhere. It’s the same process but at NEW-to-us levels within the AP and EP processes.

      Now here’s where some people are getting confused by this. The Sun is transmitting NEW codes, NEW Light, NEW consciousness, NEW everything and because all that energy is needed to be Embodied and seeded and anchored by enough incarnate people on Earth — which are the First Embodiers, Starseeds, Pathpavers etc. — we are Embodying the NEW codes, the NEW Light, the NEW everything into our physical bodies and conscious Selves which means we are extensions of the Sun and NEW codes in very real terms. And that is why some of us are seeing the flashing and pulses that the Sun is doing both externally in the physical reality and space around us, but also internally from and through our physical eyes. We are flashing and pulsing and transmitting the NEW codes now just like the Sun is flashing and pulsing the NEW codes. We used to be Lightworkers, then Lightcarriers, now we are the NEW Light and we’ve Embodied the NEW codes and seeded them on and into the ascending Earth worlds for the rest of humanity coming up behind us. This is no different from how we used to embody increasing NEW Light over these AP years; now however the NEW Light has NEW codes in it that need to be Embodied by us so we can hold them, radiate them, seed them and provide them to humanity on ascending Earth as the NEW normal.

      Said another way, this is we First Embodiers Embodying the NEW Christ/Crystalline/Unity frequencies that the Sun is transmitting. We’re seeing those NEW codes both externally via the Sun AND internally via our own bodies and physical eyes. We’re becoming completely synced up with the Sun in our physical bodies, mainly through our HighHearts, which is why my drawing is a Sun radiating from our chests. I hope I’ve explained this well enough for everyone to grasp this NEW change in us and why it’s happened/happening. Ask me for more info if anyone needs it about this topic. ❤

  • Hello Denise and All,

    Starting about 1.5 months ago, I began feeling the sun’s light matching what I have been increasingly feeling in my heart-chest area and sometimes throat since September which is a light, soft, warm, peaceful, gentle, whole energy. At times, it feels like a diamondy-crystal sensation too coming from the sun and on the inside which I know sounds very hard to imagine. The Light that people describe in many near death experiences is what this all feels like within and coming from the sun. Thank you for your thorough and clear description of how you are experiencing this as well. Yes, I was so glad to read your descriptions of the inner body vibration, on for a few counts- off for a few counts, which I’ve experienced over the years almost like an inner motor turning on and off with the same pattern you describe. This vibrating happens most, if not all, of the time now mostly from legs down to feet, but sometimes in the heart or throat as well. Thank you for your clear, insightful descriptions as it helps me to better understand what it is.

    Around June 22, 2017, this vibration energy ran threw my entire body like a jetliner around 2 am, and then for a few months afterwards, it was a real challenge sleeping because the energy was running so high. Lots of time spent standing barefoot outside hoping to at least ground it a bit, and by September, I was able to sleep more regularly again. I’m waking up every morning with increasing Light-Power in the heart chest area (not the soft floaty energy…it’s different) that feels like a strong healing power, and it’s hard to put into words. Dreams are still so real and vivid. Some mild achy back stuff releasing this week as well, but that’s been very manageable. Thank you for your insights on back aches and pains and how that relates to the energy coming into the heart area in particular. My back released strange localized flu like aches from mid August-October. Husband and daughter confirmed that the shape of my back looked markedly more feminine and curvy by November, and it feels physically lighter and more limber to me as the stuck pain energies have released and cleared.

    It’s all so amazing, isn’t it Denise! We are really cooking with gas now! 🌝


  • Thank you Denise for this article. I have had such intense pressure the past week in my upper chest and back. And my throat, neck, jaw and ears have felt like they’re being remodelled. I have noticed many others around me tackling Ear/Nose/Throat symptoms and feeling like they don’t have a context for what’s happening to them. I’m used to the physical intensity of upgrading but there are plenty of days when I don’t feel ‘fit for duty’ if you know what I mean!!😉😧
    Can you explain why the Sun feels unbearable to be out in?- I don’t quite understand it. I’m in Australia and the intensity of the sun is too much! It’s like being a bug under a magnifying glass! It feels like you’re being roasted as soon as you step out in it.
    Thank you for your articles – they are truly appreciated!

    • HI Alex, I agree with you on the sun. I live in Colorado, usa. I have been trying to explain the sun heat and no one gets it. It is totally different than it used to be. It even burns when I open the curtains in the morning.It is odd here because it does not heat the air and yet the intensity of the sun is beyond a normal heat it used to put out. I am still drawn to be in it.I think at some point I have to just accept that I know that I don’t know the explanation many of these events going on in these times.

  • Hi Denise, Loved this article. I’ve had full kundalini 8 years… but no one in my family understand the vibrations… I have an aunt whom is 76 and she is experiencing these amazing energies and we have started having deep conversations about it all… The last Jan/Feb months are very strong … You write about last year with these rays from the sun, for me when these gamma rays were hitting the earth or the sun energies they were making me nearly fall on the ground.. I had a number of these episodes… I have found since December 2017 that I have had to minimise noise this has included the radio, music, TV… I need lots of quiet.. Shopping centres and I don’t do energy very well. Plus I live in a dark energetic area with lots of male to female violence. There are times when I have to shut my body down even in the afternoons so I can transmute these physical energies. yes at night but when its day time I have more of a tendency to remember where I’ve gone. But also I do see lots of things through my pineal gland like colours, symbols, geometric patterns etc… Thank you for this article and look forward to hearing more 🙂

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you so much!! While I’m not aware of having the experience of inner vibrations, you helped me clarify something for myself I’ve been trying to figure out the past week (I believe, linear/quantum time being what it is). I’ve been feeling super sensitive to my cat’s obnoxious yelling whenever she’s awake. It starts from before I even wake up until I go to bed. It was so bad yesterday I woke up saying that either she has to exit or the behavior has to stop because I hurt so bad I’ve been wondering if her jerking me awake/back into my body could induce a heart attack. I love my cat, and yet yesterday, because it was so bad, I was seriously contemplating whether I could keep her.

    I was very short tempered yesterday (in increments over the past week), and I had the added symptom of the top of my chest hurting, and no matter how much I tried deep breathing, it’s like I couldn’t get enough air, like I was constricted. It felt like anxiety might feel, except I’ve experienced over 20 years of that and that’s not quite it. I was finally able to get to a place of understanding that it was inner Light Expansion going on in my chest. I was finally able to breathe better last night, yet my chest was still tender to the touch. It’s almost like a vise on my chest except it’s being pushed out as well as feeling constricted if that makes sense. So when I read your description of the upper chest expansion and those symptoms of what it may feel like, I was so grateful.

    And yes, upon waking, it’s like the very air is too much/too loud and I just can’t process or take it. Having a 20+ year amped up nervous system from ptsd has left it worn out, and I was grateful for at least 4 years of feeling peaceful and balanced in my life. Now it feels like my nervous system (and now chest) is right at that edge of nails and screeching feeling, so I’m totally over reacting where before I was able to remain centered. Guess I need more Light repair in my nerves… still, it hurts!!

    Much Love to you…

    • This all is us adapting and adjusting to higher and higher and more and more higher frequencies both internally in us and externally all around us. It takes “nervous tensions” to another level completely! 😮 It feels like you’re going to rip out of your skin from the ongoing expansions of trying to pack a bit more Divine Source into your physical body and personal Self. Remember the “Princess & the Pea” analogy? This is that 1000-fold and we’re not done yet and is why we seem to be overreacting to many things and situations.

      Also, and I’ve kept forgetting to mention this, my lungs will also get very sore sometimes when so much Embodiment change and expansion etc. is taking place. This lung breathing mild pain doesn’t last long thankfully but it’s just one more of the many side effects of our ongoing Embodiment expansions.

      • Yes, my lungs have done this too. It feels like having an infection that’s healing, but it’s definitely due to more Light coming in versus any type of illness. Sometimes, I feel this mild lung achines in the mornings when first waking up, and my breathing overall has become much stronger and more productive in recent months as well. 👍🏻

        • Kitty is likely experiencing changes as well… hence all the effort to ‘communicate’… in recent months, I’ve noticed my cats know exactly what I’m saying/telepathing to them, as they typically instantly comply! We are all seeking compassion, healing, understanding… bless us, bless our families, including our precious animals. ❤

    • The issue with your cat may be because she is feeling the energies on many levels just like you are:) Maybe even more so. I have two cats that are very tuned into all this and me. I’ve noticed that when it’s rock ‘n roll for me it is for them also, especially one of them. She was so bad physically last Thursday-Saturday I wasn’t sure she was going to make it. I’ve found that Bach rescue remedy for animals really works well when I am prying them off the walls if I’m able to get off the couch (or floor) and get the eyedropper in their mouth:) In fact it’s pretty close to amazing…and it’s natural…..I don’t think you can overdose or kill them with it. In fact, I use the human version, which comes suspended in both glycerin or alcohol for myself….your cat is probably very tuned in to your energy…..:)!

    • Lordy, Chrysalis, a cat yelling even an hour would get on anybody’s nerves, but a whole day?!! How do you stand it? Is she just always talkative like that, or do you think she is reacting to the stress of the incoming energies too? Cats are soooo energetically sensitive, although they are great transmuters of energy on the whole. Hope the two of you find peace and healing soon, whatever is going on!! It is so intense lately for us all. I swear, Sweet Chestnut flower essence is the only thing that has been keeping me from running off the rails at times from the intensity. Love, Falcon

      • Dear Falcon and Ariane,

        My cat has been my “companion animal” during most of my 20 ptsd years. When I had it pretty bad, she would silently come out from wherever she was in the apt., gently crawl into my lap, stay still and quiet and wait until my anxiety or grief would pass, and then would just get up and go about her business. She’s going on 18 this August. Strange enough, the cat upstairs from me (neighbor) was horribly loud and would wake me at night (they let him out on the balcony). My cat was never loud… until some months ago. Now, whenever I’m sleeping, she’ll yell… not meow like she used to. She’ll jerk me awake/into my body sometimes a few times an hour before I want to get up, once she did it about 25 times (I’m not exaggerating) within a couple hours before I got up. She’ll yell when she wants the covers on the bed lifted so she can go to sleep under them. She’ll loudly announce she’s awake, or that the sunlight is coming in the room, or that she’s going to eat or using the box. Then she’ll settle until she’s off to do something else and announce that too. My parents have heard how loud she is over the phone when I talk with them. I’ve screamed like a banshee at her sometimes in the morning to shut up or shush her or yell no. Makes my nerves worse when I do that… sometimes so bad that my hands actually shake. So most days I don’t feel like I’m handling it well at all.

        So yes, she is sensitive to things and energies, but I have not figured out what’s going on with this behavior… as it’s left me pretty much sleep deprived and nerves jangled. I talk with her when she’s quiet or calm and say this behavior cannot continue. I talk all the time, let her know when I’m going somewhere, tell her what I’m doing the next day before I go to bed, and I know she understands… just haven’t kicked this yelling behavior and I’ve tried everything.

        As for the “princess and the pea” Denise, it’s more like the pea, the thread count, the fridge motor going on and off, and the whole frickin’ apt. and neighborhood noise that’s getting to me. My parents could tell how out of sorts and “not me” I was yesterday and that’s saying something. I’m really so grateful for what you described today in your article because it helped solidify for me and understanding of what I’m feeling and why I feel like I’ve been losing it.

        Much Love to you….

        • Chrysalis,

          So many of the things you’ve shared your beloved cat does are the same things mine did for years too. He died a few days after the “orange menace” became head idiot in November 2016, which in itself said a lot about how he was not going to stick around here any longer! I couldn’t blame him because he’d already been through so much just living with me for 11 (ascension) years.

          He was what I’ve called in years past, an “Indigo cat”, just indicating to readers that the animals are evolving too and living the AP right along with us and everything else. I would always have to cloak certain thoughts I’d have because he would instantly telepathically hear me and start meowing at my like crazy. I’d never had any pet that developed before so it was wild having to watch what I thought so he wouldn’t pick it up and respond. And, as the AP rolled on over his lifetime, I’d watch him go through the different side effects from things the Sun energies did to us all, and the attacks he suffered because Team Dark was trying to take me out and all the rest of it. Our pets are in all this too. Point is with my cat he became increasingly overstimulated, overwhelmed in his nerves mostly and would suddenly run through the house like something was biting him or hurting him in some way. If our central nervous systems (CNS) have been going through the Rewiring Process all these years (so we could Embody MUCH higher frequencies in our physical bodies), so too have the animals, especially our (First Embodiers) pets! No guilt here people, just how it’s been for all. ❤

          I often watch that TV show My Cat From Hell and the cat whisperer guy on it has dealt with many cats that have something going on with their nerves that, once they’re diagnosed, are put on a medication called Gabapentin. The only reason that info struck me was because my mom’s been on it since her stroke so the name of the drug was familiar to me. Once I’d gotten this far into the info about this situation with increasing numbers of cats, I realized this over stimulation of their CNS was/is the primary AP side effect many of them are experiencing. How often do you/me/we First Embodiers, Starseeds, Lightworkers/Lightholders, Pathpavers etc. feel totally overstimulated and overwhelmed HAVE to have no sounds, no movement, no light, no smells, no humans, no nothing for hours just to survive the latest AP Light upgrades? I’m positive many of our close pets are experiencing this same thing and display their nerve endings feeling totally overstimulated to the point of physical and psychological pain. Embodying more and more and more higher frequency Light energies is something all beings — human and animal and everything else — are living through.

          I didn’t share all that to make anyone feel bad about their much loved pets. It just is what it is for all of us. Every time I got overstimulated by AP energies, Team Dark, Portal People, stupid crap I didn’t handle well myself, my cat would be affected by me and my energies too, just as we are affected by them and theirs. “We are all One” is taking on a NEW meaning for more people as we increasingly better understand that everyone affects and feels and communicates with everyone else on unseen and unspoken levels constantly. Welcome to 5D reality everybody! Again, no guilt about any of this, just greater understandings about everything, which includes our beloved pets living the AP by our sides and going through it all in their ways too. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Dear Denise and Jan S,

          Thank you both so much for what you shared. I was already pretty rattled again this morning (hands shaking) from the cat alarm, and reading what you shared really helped me.

          Definitely no guilt feelings here, just so grateful for the information you shared, Denise. It started me wondering how to get from sleep-deprived-jangled-nerves to calmly-compassion-for-cats-nerves-too. When she woke a bit ago, I shifted to my heart to emote my desire for her to calmly quiet down. I believe it did help to lower her volume a bit. I’ll have to hold onto this New tool to utilize and see how effective going forward it is and make adjustments. I also am making sure not to have any stray/grouchy and grumpy thoughts of “if you don’t be quiet, you’re going to need to go”. I’ve also been noticing this morning as I’ve been reading your comments how even though my chest feels stretched/vised/and FULL of Light being shoved in there, that it’s not as jangly/nervy as it’s been even with me still being really tired. So that says to me that I’m somewhat adjusted finally to this latest change (thank gawd!!).

          Jan S, Thank you for sharing your experience with your 3 cats and how you interact with each other on higher levels. It especially helped to hear how the one cat has started a new behavior of waking you during the night…. as my cat began this late last year in 2017. I completely agree how just because there are no “people” in your life, that your life isn’t full of interaction! When I got knocked out with the F.L.U. (frequency light upgrade as Lisa Transcendence Brown referred to it as), my cat increased the frequency of her yelling behavior to the point where I was so sleep deprived after 2 days and nights of being jolted awake every 2-3 hours. I now realize and understand that she was effected by my F.L.U. just as much as I was. As sick as I was, I still had to feed her, give her water, respond to her; and yet she kept her distance from me physically, so it must have really been effecting her big time what I was experiencing.

          Denise, my cat does the under the covers at night when she’s cold too, except she’ll either jolt me awake with a meow or she’ll paw at the covers around my face and then dart in when I lift them. She sleeps in my bed during the day, and she expects me to lift the covers for her, 1 or more depending on how cold she is and how cozy she wants to be. She’s only a “lap cat” for me, yet she hates it when anyone picks her up even me. I’ve never picked her up by the scruff (even though that’s a normal cat thing), because I wanted to show her respect… on some level years ago I knew she was not a “normal” cat. However when I’ve gotten frustrated with her lately I’ll pick her up, hold her to my chest and scold her. I’m going to stop that though. I’m amazed she’s still here with me at age 17 1/2 with all the years of my ptsd and now Light changes for her and me both to contend with.

          Thank you so much for allowing this conversation to play out in the way it has, Denise. It’s been so helpful for me (and I’m sure many others) to help become more aware of what I can do, how I effect my cat, how she feels, etc. It’s so challenging to figure out some of this myself when I’m in the midst of a ramped up CNS and sleep deprived. Thank you and I feel grateful, and I love you are all words that feel so inept for me these days. I feel like I type them a lot to you here, however I know you can feel how I do behind the words.

          Love to All the animal companions and their People here who are coping as best they can,

        • Chrysalis & Jan & All,

          It’s felt important today that we let this conversation just flow. And, I heard on TV just now that today is “Pet Appreciation Day”, which I’d never even heard of before so there ya go!

          Chrysalis, I finally found a solution for this problem with Skeeter in the later years; it was a pet bed heater pad. They come in different sizes and only reach a certain temp so it never gets too hot for the dog or cat. You put it under their pet bed and it gets toasty warm in there and they sleep in it all the time. Translated — you get to sleep too! 😉 You can find them all over but here's some I found quickly at Amazon. It helped me with this situation with my cat so much that he slept in his heated pet bed day and night, unless it rained or the wind howled that is.

          I know you know this already but if elder cat is having this much pain and difficulty being in and/or around so much of this NEW higher energy in you and externally too, then he’s not long for this world. Make him warm and comfy and release him at the same time. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Dearest Denise,

          Wow, I did not know today was coined “Pet Appreciation Day”, although I am none too surprised (timing of everything).

          Thank you so much for the idea of the pet bed heater pad. I was reading about it in the link you provided and was still not quite clear how it worked. So I went to the store and looked at it/felt it and got a better sense of how to use it. She has a “self heating” pet bed in the closet that she uses during the summer; doesn’t seem to use it during the winter. It’s not one of those where there’s a place to insert a heating pad; so I figure if I get one about the size of the bed and wrap it in a towel, that the heating pad should be insulated enough from her body. That’s such a wonderful idea. I’ve grown up with cats all my life, however this is the first one who I’ve been with from start to finish (I got her when she was 3 1/2 years old) who has also been a complete indoor cat. So this was a totally new idea for me.

          There have been some days where I wonder when she will pass… and then the next moment I sense her and a “no, not yet, I’m still here”. She doesn’t look her age; has looked much better since on a wet food diet (makes me want to gag 3 times a day considering I eat vegetarian). I no longer feel like I will totally lose it if I lose her… no longer ego/lower love. I tell her sometimes that if it’s too much for her that it’s ok if she goes. And I tell her every night before I go to bed that I love her… even when I’m so annoyed at her behavior.

          Thank you for this wonderful multi-layered sharing/opening up of our furry companions and how it is for them too. This was a really good reminder for me, and I’m taking it moment by moment to change my response to her.

          Much Love to you all,

        • Not sure I am posting in the right order, Denise your reply about all our cats’ experiences is so great. I want to share my bit too.

          One of my companion cats has been bopping me on the head to wake me multiple times a night, also trying to sleep ON my head (but he’s too big so he settles for taking over my pillow). These are new behaviors this year. We have a strong mental connection, actually practice telepathy of words and pictures. My most obvious interpretation is that he’s disconcerted by some of my sleep phenomena. When I really need to rest, have to make a strategy for him to sleep elsewhere, and close the bedroom door. And not think too loudly about it beforehand.

          A side note, I no longer have any human relationships, but 3 companion housecats. (Also wild birds.) Each of these cats seems attuned to an aspect of my own experience – physical body, heart affection, mental (astral?). These cats have been with me since 2009. I admit that I look to them as mirrors about what’s going on with ME, tho I’m getting stronger in my inner connection(s).

          Also, I’m pretty convinced that the heart attuned cat is herself an ET. All my life I generally can see or know what’s going on for any cat I encounter. But she is a complete mystery to me. Over the years, she’s given treatments to open my heart chakra with Love. But she’s also one of the crabbiest cats I’ve met. I simply don’t understand what she’s thinking.

          The Body cat will sleep thru my noisy sobbing, but comes to nurse me when something physical is going on. So I let her support my self assessment of symptoms I’m experiencing, especially when I think I’ve identified energetic causes. That is, if she seems unconcerned then it’s easier for me to trust myself.

          One time recently I experienced an intrusive dream or dream hijack, and when I woke myself out of it all 3 cats were triggered and activated. Very unusual. This really helped me rely on my inner assessment that something Dark was up, and that I should act accordingly.

          Just because I’m not with people, there’s no lack of interaction.

          Jan S

        • Jan,

          I’m so glad you shared about your three cats and their differences and attunements to the different aspects, bodies and energies that are the overall you. Your comment holds tremendous Light info based on your personal experiences and Higher Awareness, and for that I thank you. ❤ This is exactly what's needed now; we First Embodiers to be sharing our experiences that helped/helps us gain greater and higher Higher Awareness. This is another big theme for 2018, for all people at all the many different levels of current awareness.

          I've usually only had one cat at a time so it was really interesting to read about your varied experiences with three cats. I hope you don't mind that I bolded some terms in your comment to draw attention to these three differences. Also, I loved your last line of “Just because I’m not with people, there’s no lack of interaction.” Gawd, isn’t that the truth! 😉

          My Skeeter cat that died in Nov. 2016, was very much like how you described your “heart attuned ET cat”. He was not a cuddle cat, which I sometimes really missed but it was an important part of our relationship and educations with each other. He would ever so gently touch his paw to my nose or mouth at night when I was asleep (for those very short intervals!) to wake me up so I’d lift the covers so he could get under them because he was cold or scared, usually from the noise of rain or the wind blowing. It was both adorable and frustrating because I needed to sleep for longer than an hour or two at a time.

          He felt and acted to me like he was wired very differently from other cats and had telepathic abilities more developed than any animal I’ve ever experienced and I’ve always been able to “talk” with and “hear” most of them. (I too have wild bird friends.) He was my Indigo cat buddy, my Lightwarrior sidekick, my only physical friend and I was glad when he died because he’d been through so much due to the AP and being with me. He had two strokes months after my mom had hers and it was all way too much.

          The animals, our pets and the wild ones, always respond to the negative immediately. Dogs will howl for no seeming reason and get very frightened and agitated. Cats usually stare and go into stealth mode as best as they can. Because of this, it’s smart for us humans to pay attention to how they respond and discern that with what we’re feeling, sensing etc. if anything.

          Thanks again Jan S for sharing this particular information because it’s valuable in many ways. ❤

        • Hi again, If it’s appropriate and still a special animals day, here’s the description of our Feline Heart Chakra Treatment. Chloe cat taught me this by demonstration. Maybe other cats already know this too, you could ask them. Picture doing it in your thoughts, that’s often easier for cats to “hear”.

          1. She demands to be picked up, its usually at her request. Tho I have on occasion asked her for “a hug” which is a milder version.
          2. She climbs up my body and wiggles around until her heart is positioned directly adjacent to mine. She prefers her head and paws over my right shoulder, then whatever I come up with to support her torso and legs. As she maneuvers, it can be difficult to keep her in my arms, as she’s very intent and determined.
          3. She begins to purr, and as I relax into it too, she increases the vibration. Until I physically FEEL a powerful energy first in my chest, then more deeply opening my heart chakra, often I cry a little too. I’m always moved to speak aloud “thank you”.
          4. Duration? I’m guessing 5-10 minutes. I also guessing that it depends mostly on how much I can handle, not her own preference.
          5. I sometimes hold a hand over my Heart chakra afterward, to anchor awareness of the experience. It’s quite profound.

          How much more might they have to teach us?

          ❤️ Jan S

  • Hello, well, I just turned 69. I have been at this for along time..’this’ being the simple way to explain a way to find words. I have definitely been having the upper body rib cage , back muscles spasm,but the other day I had something occur that was not familiar.
    I was just looking at a foto sent to me on my phone and was standing by my dinning table and chair..fortunately a chair was there because I was instantly taken to my knee..I remember saying ‘what the hell was that’? speaking to myself. I have never had a situation or sensation like that. It was gone in an instant and I stood up quickly ,but still it was disconcerting it was like something else was in control and I did not like it one bit. I had just left my car driving and I had the thought what if this had happened driving or in a store.There was no stopping myself from going to my knees. Again..never happened ever. I was hoping someone would share if they have had a similar incident. I am weary of all of this. Not just the spiritual aspect and body changes ,but of all the ‘truths’ being exposed from the ‘truthers’. I feel like the person in that painting called ‘The Scream’. Oh, and I live alone so, there is no one to ‘share’ these taken to my knees times.

    • Yes I’ve that experience especially when they want me to pay attention to something… I’ve been spun on a chair or turned around un-expectantly.. I must admit I don’t feel frightened of any of these things.. I have learnt to live the inner voice .. my guides only ever taught me healing…

    • A couple of times, over the last couple of weeks, when I’ve gone out into my yard and just leaned against a tree to watch the sunset through the woods, I’ve had this odd experience of feeling everything actually physically shift…like that old Carole King song about the earth moving under her feet. It actually felt like that, and like my energy body was shifting sideways in my physical form as well as the earth feeling like it was becoming liquid and moving. The first time it happened I actually watched a whole different landscape appear where the woods should have been.

      All I can think of is it’s just some sort of stronger experience of the shifting timelines of the merged dimensions we are all in. I’ve also been having that “void” type experience Denise mentioned…sometimes it’s almost like I’m just here, in the present, almost without identity or a sense of past or future, and like she said, emotion…but it’s not like we used to think about not having emotions….it’s not shut down or disconnected…it’s a whole new and very different level of emotional experience that, as she also said, there isn’t any precedent or guide posts for…there are old programs that tell us we should be concerned but…I just can’t make that work for me…I know it’s fine. So I just make the decision to stay with it and not get all tangled up in 3d blue:):)

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