The Work Before the Separation Of Worlds

A few months back I mentioned my great relief and joy over the fact that the Cosmic Cavalry as I called them, was on their way to physical Earth. Let me explain a bit better about who the Cosmic Cavalry are. As best as I can perceive today, they are Great Beings that exist very close to Source. From my current perspective, they’re massive Light Energies with little personality or other features we could relate to as individuals.

I’ve also mentioned about how I’ve been claivoyantly seeing new other-dimensional ET beings over the past three months or so now, suddenly popping into my awareness as head shots of them looking at me in this dimension…as if for the very first time. Lisa also mentions these beings in the first sentence of her article. More of us have recently been seeing these new beings as a couple of my readers have shared in their recent Comments.

That’s how high and vast the Cosmic Cavalry are, and I was tremendously relieved a few months ago when I perceived that we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Pathpavers had succeeded in our Work on physical Earth to the degree that direct help from HOME was coming down here to assist with the completion phase and all that goes along with it—and the long-awaited Separation of Worlds. I’m going to be talking a lot more about the approaching Separation of Worlds and what it means to us today, what’s required to be in the world that’s pulling apart from the Dark patriarchal Earth world if that’s what you want.

I’ve sensed for many years that there would have to be something massive like this coming directly from Source/God (something not needing to energetically reduce itself much or physically incarnate to vibrationally match the current physical Earth world frequency) to hand deliver some of the big completion stage tasks. A few months ago when I first sensed the Cosmic Cavalry heading towards this physical dimension, I was so relieved and have watched for more signs of their energetic arrival into this dimension. I’ve also talked about how things, events, happen (from our current perspective in this dimension I mean) in the non-physical higher dimensions first and work their way down vibrationally into increasing density until, finally, it manifests within this physical dimension. I’ll come back to this in a moment.

Some other signs of this arrival and activation are how my body and mind has felt and functioned since the start of July 2011. Before I go any further let me backtrack briefly.

Prior to the start of the Ninth Wave on March 9, 2011, I wondered what Ascension related changes this final phase would activate in my body, brain, consciousness and being. Because the Ascension Process was activated in my physical body with the start of the Eighth Wave on January 5, 1999 (actually it began for me on February 1, 1999), I figured we’d enter another intense physical phase and energetic level—internally and externally—with the start of the Ninth Wave and we certainly did. Just do a quick, honest inventory of everything that’s happened and changed internally within you and externally in the world since March 9, 2011, it’s incredible and we’re not done yet!

In December 2010, I perceived that each month of 2011 would be about traveling up and through sequential numerical 11-11 portals which are literal Energy Stair Steps leading up to the November triple 11-11-11 cutoff and Separation of Worlds portal. And as the weeks and months of 2011 have passed at light-speed, like many of you I’ve been acutely aware of the building pressures and friction (insanity and miserableness) between the old patriarchal world, its people, consciousness and energies in contrast to the people who are transmuting and evolving/ascending. Now midway through August 2011, the profound polarization between these two radically different levels of humans is nearly unbearable for many of us. We’re at what feels like the absolute breaking point which brings us back to today and the arrival of the Cosmic Cavalry.

Another of these easily recognized signs was the money stock market bi-polar BS; the violent riots in the UK; the scripted, academy award-winning BS from all parties (there’s really only one—the patriarchy Team Dark) of the American government supposedly over the debt; the escalating murders and suicides; the starving escapee’s in Africa; the Middle East trying to break free from their Team Dark patriarchal controllers; the increased violence and mental and emotional instability of people everywhere and on and on.

Well the Cosmic Cavalry has arrived all the way down into physicality and because of this, things are changing quickly and massively. What we all must remember is that what’s happening in our Physical body, Mental body, and Emotional body is directly related to what’s happening in the external physical world. And because we’ve now reached the phase where the Dark Ones—all the way down into this physical world and dimension—are acutely aware that their time and control is over so they’re using every stunt, trick and tool they’ve got to prevent you, me, us, humanity from increasing and/or continuing to increase our frequency and escape them and their Dark world and reality permanently.


July was a month of severe solar plexus organ pains, muscle spasms and pains in my back/spine near the solar plexus area. These solar plexus pains are directly connected to the massive clearing work of negative Mental body distortions (the many consciousness frequency fences) created by the Dark Ones and put upon humanity that we’ve been transmuting. Remember that these energy situations/transformations are not conscious or ego-centered or ego-driven on our parts but are triggered Ascension related energetic phases that unfold and manifest into this dimension through our physical and energetic bodies. WE are manifesting the NEW blueprints, the NEW crystalline Light “architecture” through OUR multiple and physical bodies.

Other July symptoms were intense head pains and pressures which are not at all like regular “headaches” and digestion difficulties, diarrhea or elimination difficulties and pains. August for me has been primarily intense sudden onset of head pains, pressures, pains that move to different sections of my head and skull; eye pain and pressure and continued Ascension Kundalini related hot flashes.

These head pains have been so intense in August that it caused me to demand help from my Ascension Assistants the other day. It takes a lot to cause me to second-guess my first embodying Ascension symptoms as possible physical-only problems (the severe pains in my head), or to cave emotionally under new severe physical pains and cry and/or demand help from my Ascension Assistants. But once I reached this point a few days ago because I thought the back of my skull might explode, I demanded help from my Ascension Assistants and, amazingly, in about a half hour the pains in my head reduced enough so I can cope with that lower level of pain. Thank you Ascension Assistants and I’ll certainly remember to ask for help more often.


I’ve talked about the Rewiring Process of our Body and Brain in other articles so this will only be a short recap.

Around 2002, I became aware of an inner electrical-like vibration happening inside my body. I’ve felt it primarily moving slowly around in my trunk or torso over the years. A couple of years ago it finally entered my head, however what’s happening in my head as of July and August 2011 makes everything that came before seem small and easy. As I’m writing this, I’m having tremendous pain and pressures in my head—at this exact moment through my left temple directly into the center of my brain. There’s also now a mild numbness and humming sound in my inner hearing, like a transformational energy explosion just happened inside my head, which is probably close to the truth!

I also just had a visual image and understanding dropped into my awareness about this. It was to let me/us know that what’s currently happening in different areas of our heads and brains is exactly the same Ascension related process that’s happening to different continents and tectonic plates around Earth. I just clairvoyantly saw our brains/heads sectioned off into different areas much like the different continents around Earth. As Earth vomits up hot lava, quakes, shivers and shakes herself back into wholeness, alignment and unity, so too do we in our physical bodies, our multiple energy bodies and our brains. These two internal/external processes are NOT separated from one another; we and Earth are “One” and we both are simultaneously transforming ourselves AND feeling each other much more than we ever have before in these lives and bodies. This ability is another aspect of our growing Unity or High Heart Consciousness.

This image I just saw of my/our human brain and head with different energetic sections in it (that are hurting due to these changes) that resemble different physical continents on Earth, told me that what’s been broken apart, dismantled, unplugged and made separate from all other aspects of Itself is now in an intense accelerated phase of transformation and return to being whole, aligned, and unified individually.

Back to the Inner Body Rewiring process.

It feels like a vibration or mild shaking deep inside one’s body and is easily perceived when one is slowly coming awake and is in that nice, comfy in between state. I’d maintain this awareness for as long as I could to observe this inner vibrating energy. When this Rewiring process began years ago it would buzz ON or vibrate for about three seconds ON followed by two seconds OFF. Three seconds of inner body vibration ON followed by two seconds OFF. This ON/OFF pattern lasted for many years as this Rewiring worked its way throughout my body.

Last month as I was waking up from an afternoon coma-nap I felt this inner energy roaring inside my head and brain again. The big difference this time was that I timed it running for one minute ON followed by one second OFF. One minute ON followed by one second OFF. What this told me was that the current pains and pressures in our heads/brains are directly related to everything I’ve mentioned above and more. We’re transmuting and overriding everything the Dark Ones have (and are still trying) to do to the human physical and energy bodies and consciousness via our “prototyping”—transmuting it all from within our bodies and brains first. And every time we transmute another chunk of the Dark Ones horrific distortions and perversions, we literally vibrate faster and shine brighter. Guess what happens when there’s no more Dark anything for us to transmute? The Separation of Worlds which I sense will arrive fully via the 11-11-11 portal on November 11, 2011.


Another long-term Ascension related symptom I’ve had since 1994, is clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds that resemble super-fast electronic sounding Morse Code clicking in my left ear. These 5D Pleiadian transmissions (clicking sounds) have basically remained the same since they started for me in 1994. But, like the recent changes to my inner body vibration pattern, this too has changed and is letting me know that everything is very near changing into something so much more wonderful.

Typically, this Morse Code-like clicking sounded like very fast clicks and dashes with short breaks in between them. Some transmissions would be short one-liners while other transmissions clicked on for twenty, thirty minutes or more. After seventeen years of listening to this I’ve gotten very familiar with how they sound so when they suddenly changed last year I noticed! What these Morse Code-like clicking sounds have done a few times over the past year and a half is completely different from what they’ve always done. They now occasionally start in my inner left ear as single clicks (dit dit dit dit) with no spaces or pauses and they increase in speed and tone so fast and so high that the sounds eventually exit the frequency range I’m able to clairaudiently hear. What this transmission is telling me is, End of Transmissions! In other words, what’s been transmitted for many years to any and all who could perceive it from the 5D Pleiadians in this way is now coming to an end because we’re coming up on the Expiration Date—the end of the Mayan calendar in late Oct. 2011 and the 11-11-11 Separation of Worlds.

This End of Transmissions transmission is also telling me/us that, like this sound, we too are speeding up vibrationally and will soon move beyond the energetic range of everything and everyone from the old lower Earth world and reality. (The sudden disappearance of the Mayans long ago was due to them intentionally increasing their frequency or vibrational spin rate to the point that they vanished from the third dimensional frequency range.) To many non-ascending people, we will vanish the way these End of Transmissions sounds are, going faster and higher in frequency to the point that we literally disappear from that old lower frequency range and its matching world and reality.

We entered Night Five today, Aug. 18th which runs through Sept. 4, 2011. Release, release, release and then let go of even more of whatever it is that’s left within you that must go now. Stay focused on what YOU want to be focused on and not what the Dark Ones and their human puppets what you to focus on! We must be Conscious of our Consciousness and honestly know what we’re focused on or what we’ve been sidetracked, manipulated into, derailed or hung-up on thanks to the relentless stunts of the Dark Ones. You want to reach the “Promise Land”, then we each must escape the Dark Ones traps and tricks and maintain the higher frequency within our bodies and consciousness. The Separation of Worlds that’s coming is about the Higher and Lower finally and completely separating from each other because they cannot coexist in the same space. We’ll be seeing and feeling these building pressures internally in our bodies and brains as we transmute this, and externally in the world as the Higher “Luminous Ones” and Lower Dark Ones battle now in this physical dimension too. Don’t get sidetracked or spellbound but be mindful of your consciousness and focus and redirect it to where YOU want it to be every moment you/me/we need to.

Denise Le Fay

August 18, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS & HighHeartLife, 2011. All Rights Reserved. 

44 thoughts on “The Work Before the Separation Of Worlds

  • Awful day of sobbing yesterday, never know a day such as i felt yesterday, not all at once like that. Hope your all ok.

    • “Awful day of sobbing yesterday, never know a day such as i felt yesterday, not all at once like that. Hope your all ok.”


      I deleted your quoted Sept. 2011 article from Lisa Renee ONLY because I want to quote it on the front, main page to guaranty that everyone sees it. It’s so important imo and that’s why I removed it…plus it’s very long in a Comment. I hope you understand.


      This week is just going to be difficult for all the sensitive, empathic people everywhere due to the mind control focus upon the “9/11” event. Don’t let the media/government draw your consciousness and Emotional Body energies into this designed negative energy-sucking manipulation over the next few days. That was directed at everyone and not just you J. This is a Collective manipulation upon everyone…do NOT go there!

  • Hi Denise and everyone else – I must say I’ve had non stop chills reading all these comments, it’s like a big grin is just spreading around to everyone! And Yvonne, your little boy made my day too! I just wanted to share a really cool thing that happened on Saturday. I’ve been feeling so awful lately that I called in sick on Friday – headaches and eyes being pushed on and exhaustion – good thing this is all coming to a close because all of us who have to work are going to lose our jobs anyway from calling in sick! 😉 Anyway, my boyfriend mentioned going to camp for the day Saturday, and I said definitely, YES, I knew I needed to be immersed in nature. So I, who wait all week just to be able to sleep in on the weekend and feel better, got up at 6:30 AM and we drove through the fog with the sun starting to peak through, up into the mountains south of Syracuse to where his camp is in the middle of nowhere. The light was magical dancing on the trees and the sky looked too blue to be of Earth, and total peace and quiet but for the birds and animal sounds. We were just sitting and listening when I started to hear a distinct cry and I said, I think that’s a hawk, and then a huge cream colored hawk started circling around the clearing we were in, making eye contact with me I swear, and he just spiralled slowly around several times and then slowly spiralled away, still making that call off into the distance. What a gift.

    Love to all in light!

  • Woweee, so wonderful to find your blog Denise, not even sure how I did but glad I did! Oh & a Pisces Ascendant too, me as well, love that synchronicity!

    This post has been wonderful for me because I relate to the physical symptoms (spiritual/emotional/mental been going on for years) especially in the last couple of months: thinking I had gallstones, pancreas issues, bowel issues all at once, yikes the pain & nausea, couldn’t really eat much for at least a month, its only subsided now. Headaches like someone was splitting my head open, gone. Heat & sweats (well I’m menopausal so who knows), dizziness (hasn’t happened for at least 6 months) where I felt like there was a lead weight in my head that would tip me over, smelling strange things that were ‘not out there’ but in me, neck/back/shoulder/hip aches out of this world, but I see all of this as growing pains, yeah nice in hindsight when I’m sitting pretty and not in pain, but phew glad for the moment they’ve subsided!

    Glad to feel connected to light families everywhere now … always felt different, first waver, early indigo, whatever you want to call it and when I heard of ascension I think it was the late 80s (remember that mag Connecting Link?) when it seemed all people who were lightworkers were so airy fairy I couldn’t get a handle on those people, too far out for even me, as I like grounded and down to earth, balanced I guess.

    Today feels amazing, the sun is shining, a holiday is 3 weeks away to Fiji and I feel like I’m living in 5D much of the time. Its as if I’m in the supermarket and I need to go to 5D aisle and ask for that instead of 3D aisle. Things line up magically all too often, SMILE!

    Lovely finding you and all the wonderful crew here, hugs to all xxxxx

  • Hi Denise!
    Im looking forward to reading more on parting with those who stay in the lower world and what happens with our loved ones who do not or cannot ascend.
    Warm Regards,

  • Yvonne, please give your precious little one a hug from his fans at Transition. That totally made my day! And my day was pretty made already.

    So good a Sunday and fun day I did not allow Calleman’s latest post bum me out. He tends to be a tad more negative than I on how it will come to pass, these final Days and Nights. But he probably does not have access to any 4-year-olds who sees the Legions of Light roosting in the trees!

    Meanwhile, I sit solitary with a bit of the bubbly celebrating with the Libyan rebels and the impending fall of Qaddafi. Fascinating, devastating, pulsating, perplexing and exhilarating times we are witnessing…

  • MUCH MUCH, LOVE AND HUGS to everyone here!!!

    I feel so light today, it is as it i am soaring through the sky as Love waves just pulse all through me..It’s been awhile since i have felt like this even though my feet are still swollen and look like loaves of bread my heart is light as a feather..

    I was sitting on my back porch this evening where i can see so much of nature, birds, animals such as raccoons, foxes, rabbits, turtles etc pass by and as i was thinking about an experience that a person told me about which i too had the exact experience i immediately heard the sound of the geese coming and i see they are a large flock flying in a V formation and i hear the word VICTORY and then a song titled Victory that i am familiar with pops in consciousness though i have not heard it in about 6 years..So things are really moving..

    Thank you Denise for your being such a stalwart in this massive storm we have been in as we near the shore, Love You!

    Love and blessings to All

  • Thanks Denise for explanining the ear sounds. I have the same thing going on in my left ear for some time. I was wodering what is going on?! Yes I also consider there is much changes gonig on what we can not always interpreted mentaly. No more to explain,the speed freqents…… For the last 20 years I have learnd to keep my mouth,only to them a few. Because if some one has not the expericene it sounds alarming and beond the daily expericence.
    Sorry for my bad Englisch! Love to All. Dhyana

  • Hello, everyone. Hugs to all!

    I had a sense that, when I visited Korea on my way back home, that I was supposed to visit the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).  I went today.  We ended up going to the Im Jin River and I happen to have a family member who fought there.  I put up a ribbon for him and was just in tears even before I got there and was sort of a mess while I was there.  It was a very sad, sad place vibrationally and I guess that many people died there or were in agony, so I asked every angel around to help me transmute it.  We also went somewhere right next to mine fields.  I just stood there for a while, sending light, and asking angels there to defuse the mines (I don't know if angels can do that, but they can't do anything unless they're asked, so I asked!  lol!)  It was a pretty intense day and I could definitely see why I was led to be there-- unfortunately with a tour, you only get a few minutes in each place which was not long enough.  I also noticed that Bukan Mountain in Seoul seemed distressed, but then I lost sight of him and did not get a chance to figure out why.  This hyper-sensitivity is wild!


  • Oh, Lamplighter, rock on. Wow, did I need that and I have availed myself of one of your hugs.

    Kudos to you, and to Yvonne’s little one.

    This is getting sooooooo good!

    Love to All

  • @ Yvonne!

    Wow. Thank you. Knowing about your 4 year old helps me more than anything else I’ve heard!


  • Dear Denise and ALL,

    Goodness how I love being connected to all of you! My little boy (four) sees beings regularly of light and dark and has been talking about them matter-of-factly since he was very tiny. Just recently he has been commenting on seeing “thousands of angels sitting in our trees” and angels just passing by the windows. He said “they are helping us” and that they are “very bright”. I feel so comforted by this.
    Thank you ALL so much for your sharings.

    • “Dear Denise and ALL,

      Goodness how I love being connected to all of you! My little boy (four) sees beings regularly of light and dark and has been talking about them matter-of-factly since he was very tiny. Just recently he has been commenting on seeing “thousands of angels sitting in our trees” and angels just passing by the windows. He said “they are helping us” and that they are “very bright”. I feel so comforted by this.
      Thank you ALL so much for your sharings.”


      Thanks for sharing what your little 4-year-old Indigo is seeing in connection to the Cosmic Cavalry arriving in this dimension. I agree, they’re VERY bright! 😀

      Hugs to you both,

  • Whole heart hugs to you Denise and anyone else who wants one! My thanks and hat off to everyone for their amazing and authentic efforts. This is not an end-game game, imho. It is simply a path in a different direction.

    Meanwhile, also imho, bass up or beer up! Whichever y’all prefer…

  • Hello Freedom Fighters! Can I add my 2 cents here to this lively and introspective discussion? Jeebus, I long for the day when a bunch of us can sit in a room and talk face to face….

    Anyhoo, these last couple of weeks have been indescribable for me. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, sometimes without being able to catch my breath in between, or think about what has happened. Probably a good thing.

    What I have been able to discern is that my Bass-O-Matic of Ascension has been turned on to Super Duper Max Frappe. The polarity situations are so dramatic and constant as to be nearly comical, yet utterly draining and difficult. I am talking on both the macro and the micro levels, to be sure. But since all Ascension is local, it is easier for me to look at what has been happening in my life with the same lens that views global circumstances.

    The Dark Ones, and one in particular, have emerged with an aggressively creepy re-entry into my personal universe. Expecting my conditioned responses to knock me down and drag me to the basement, I was literally surprised to see how much I had “separated” or detached, not only from these gnarly folks, but more importantly, from my typical emotional responses to these dramas. Sorta like I was numb, but not really. The main player in my Star Wars Part V has advanced even more audacious attacks than before. And lost, on pretty much all counts, with comparatively small input by me. Some basic maneuvers on my part, but then the rest rolled out like various formatted stage plays where I sat in the audience. Not that the play is over; I think I am in the bathroom, with my angels, at intermission right now. :0)

    When I have had the whereabouts to meditate upon the “WTF is happening, and why?” I have seen clearly what I am still needing to learn about myself, and then rise above. The truth is, I would not know how much stronger and freer I am without these dark energies still trying to exploit me into a negative reaction, or worse, quit. “Thanks, I needed that,” I actually said to myself the other night after a bout of fear, anger, tears and self-pity. Contrast still provides clarity in this world.

    I don’t think I will ever have nothing left to transmute, but I am getting better and faster at said transmutation. I am reminded of Carl Jung’s treatise, which is that we don’t so much solve problems as outgrow them. We add capacities and free ourselves from limitations that help us grow bigger than our circumstances. I feel like a hybrid car; I can run on my fuel cell for quite awhile but still have to fall back on that dinosaur gas periodically. I wish I was fully solar-powered and could drive across my world non-stop, but I am not sure that is possible in the human condition. Perhaps it is, time will surely tell. Meanwhile, I cannot be more pleased to now own this clean-energy capacity. Couldn’t even have imagined it five years ago, and won’t even recognize it five years from now.

    Love and light to all!

    • Lamplighter,

      Oh thanks for the laughs, plus very well done you!

      I too have many times thanked The Monsters in all their many forms, for forcing me to discover more about where I’m at within this ongoing Process. What’s almost funny about some of this is that these Dark Ones, these Monsters in all their forms, are guaranteeing that people like you/me/us succeed with all this! Duality is literally squeezing, pressuring us to exit it and exist beyond it now. How wonderful…

      And I too cannot wait until we can get together and have a Family Reunion party soon. 🙂


  • Hi Denise,

    I hope you don’t mind if I send a note to Bracha in response to her question about whether one will ascend if one is a smoker and drinker. My heart goes out to her because I too am a smoker and I have several beers every day after my “daily grind” is finished. Needless to say I have given much thought to Bracha’s question relevant to vibrational frequency and health physically and mentally comparing 3D to 5D.

    First, yes, you will ascend. My thinking is that 5D would be quite monotonous if we were all the same and in my own experience, escaping out of doors to have a cigarette has been tremendously helpful to get away from the energy of unawakened people. Beer calms me, slows my incessent brain activity, and takes me to a space of being able to see the humour in our wonderful though certainly painful times.

    I’ve also spent some time talking to my “guides” about cigarettes and/or beer, apologizing that I may be making things very difficult for them to work with me as easily as they might with those who have been able to beat their addictions. My “guides” tell me that there is no judgment and because humans are meant to experience all forms of spirit in physical form, there can be no condemnation of those who make their choices in awareness.

    So end result, I continue to smoke and drink without guilt and without worry that I am somehow sabotaging myself. I would say to Bracha that if you are part of this blog, then your awareness is sufficient and stop beating yourself up! And it’s quite possible that our present 3D cravings for cigarettes and alcohol will disappear along with 3D, but in the meantime I talk to my cells and thank them regularly for putting up with my so-called nasty habits.

    Love to All

    • Barbara & Bracha,

      Oh Bracha, my bad…I forgot to respond to your question (and a couple other people’s too which I’m now going to get to.)

      I quit smoking – which I LOVED btw!!! – a few days after my physical Ascension process started in 2/99. Not because I wanted to be “healthy”; not because I was trying to help the painful and strange Process that had activated within me; not because of any lofty, spiritual reason whatsoever. I quit smoking cigarettes only because they’d reached such a ridiculously high price that I refused to pay it to continue smoking! How was that for a lofty, spiritual reason? 😆

      I agree totally with what you’ve discovered Barbara, that THE most important thing about this topic is our personal beliefs (thoughts and emotional energies) about what we’re eating, drinking, smoking etc. I absolutely will NOT eat, drink or do anything if I have even a tiny little mental/emotional concern about it because I’ll make the item (whatever it is) vastly more negative to me and my body if I have a strong belief about it. This is another aspect of us evolving now into needing to be Conscious of our Consciousness, mindful of our minds and so on. We must be much more conscious and take responsibility for how we empower thoughts, beliefs and emotions to exist in a higher dimension like 5D where we’re “Conscious Creators and Co-Creators”. 😉 Welcome to the (Air sign) Age of Aquarius where thoughts count in a very new and important way!

      Thanks for your wise words Barbara. ♥


  • RL, Denise, and all – This post is in response to several that sort of tie together for me – I changed careers mid-life and am now working on full licensure as a mental health therapist. I am “provisionally” licensed which means I am a practicing therapist – I just continue to get supervisiona couple of x per month. What RL says is true – the “therapy” offered at this time – at least therapy that is considered “appropriate and evidence based” does not, imho, work. I struggle every day with the decision I made, and I struggle with walking into work every day. I absolutely do not “fit in” and feel alien most of the time. We had two “luncheons” this week – they were to encourage (FORCE) the crew to get to know one another better and form better working relationships. I wanted to scream – at one, absolutely no one spoke to me – the other I felt I was being stared at as if I were an alien and they were trying to figure me out. Of course, yes, I am and it was all I could do to stay for the hour. Which brings us back to money…. why do I schlep in every day? – to pay my bills. And my bills are not bad- save for the school loans and credit card debt that I acquired going to school. Other than that, I live a relatively lost cost life and am happy w/that. I am a Reiki Master and am branching out into Body Talk – so my goal is to eventually, within a few months, be in my Reiki office every day…. That said, in a few months, perhaps none of this will matter at all – and I truly hope that is the case. For me, It continues to be difficult to stradle lives in two separate dimensions. In my personal life, I am doing great – I pretty much do my thing and am happy. It is work that is the problem area, and I am working on my fears of living w/out an income. I know we’ve gone over and over this, but the honest truth is this is just where I am. Thanks to everyone that shares, I learn so much and don’t feel so alone knowing others are going thru similar issues.

  • Hi Denise and all,

    Many thanks for your thoughtful and informative feedback which brought up another subject which I’ve explored at length and many times in this life i.e. the dark ones motivation and why something or someone would choose to live such a destructive reality given such preoccupation’s are actually self defeating in the end.

    Nevertheless and as most people who’ve been through the ascension process mill during their evolutionary mortality, I’ve too have actively studied and laid myself bare in both psychiatric and psychological environments in an attempt to understand both myself and of course the former. Yet to be honest and whilst some of the science in those areas offers academically plausible root cause theories upon motivation et al, I personally find both areas spectacularly lacking particularly on a spiritual level because neither offer robust resolution solutions.

    NB It’s not my wish to offend or to get into any disagreements with any group member about the why’s, wherefores and validity of main stream psychiatric and psychological support because there are some well meaning practitioners out there for sure. However my concern is that I’m no longer certain that after 2000 years plus research, that those sciences and their evolution are being driven by light workers anymore. For if they were, surely far more significant progress would have been made by now as apposed to simply; academic, well meaning or self blaming rhetoric which never really solves any serious problem. e.g. Abstract scenario “Its no good telling me how or why I’ve got bad teeth if I’m conscious I will have an idea why, if I’m unconscious it wont matter a jot. The question is; can you fix them dude because if you can’t, enough already of all the scientific and I must do this or that talk”, “if you can’t I will find someone who can or simply put up with me lot”.

    All that being said and back to the dark ones motivation it’s only recently that I’ve begun to understand the phrase “energy feeding” and for me and as an engineer it’s all about process logic and wiring continuity now. As a starseed/lightworker my innate process logic and wiring by default is to love, help and empower, whereas I would suggest that a dark one’s process logic and wiring is all about hurting, taking and disenfranchising at will and for me it doesn’t get anymore complicated than that.

    I guess that’s why I’ve moved into an alternative way of being these days where I shower absolutely no love or prayers towards any dark one as I once did etc, instead all my love and support is directed towards those souls whom I feel will truly benefit. As for the dark ones well my warrior instincts is to simply visualise their brutal destruction by archangels and ascended master these days, thereafter I merely send them off packing to where they belong, which is not in any part of my peoples world 🙂

    Now I understand that what I’m actually saying is both paradoxical and implicitly discriminatory with me a mere mortal passing value judgments at will etc. Yet in my defence I really don’t know if this is simply a stage in my own evolution process which perhaps one day I won’t need to manifest. However my current gut feeling is that this new way of living feels right for this present time but then again all things change and I change with them so who knows where, what or who I’ll be in the future. They key for me now however is for me to stop wasting my time trying to understand, excuse or to help any dark one that I encounter and therein focus all my efforts only where they really can make a difference.

    Not so much as a brain dump this time Denise, more of a bit or a rant ha ha, nevertheless and in all seriousness this way of being is now my personal way of being statement of intent. Which I’m hoping is symptomatic of guys like you, me and us etc, simply taking greater control of what we’re actually here to do, because the “poop merchants” in whatever form they choose to present themselves etc, have held the balance of control for to long……….grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Extending my hope for rest and peace for all those working in every aspect of their own ascension process and may they always be in company of mutually conducive companions 🙂

    • I guess that’s why I’ve moved into an alternative way of being these days where I shower absolutely no love or prayers towards any dark one as I once did etc, instead all my love and support is directed towards those souls whom I feel will truly benefit. As for the dark ones well my warrior instincts is to simply visualise their brutal destruction by archangels and ascended master these days, thereafter I merely send them off packing to where they belong, which is not in any part of my peoples world 🙂 “

      Raphael’s Legacy,

      Believe me, it’s not our job to “love” the Dark Ones. I’m so &^% exhausted and repulsed from their insane delusions of godly grandeur that I just don’t care about them one way or the other any more. Besides, the Cosmic Cavalry has arrived from On High and is dealing with these Dark Ones on all levels finally. I don’t care or desire to know anymore about the Dark Ones; I’m just profoundly grateful and proud that the Starseeds/Lightworkers have reached this point because it’s easy downhill now because of this!

      You’ve got it correct RL in that the best way is to OVERRIDE these dark jerks and keep plowing forward energetically, vibrationally right over all they’ve created in and around us. We’re hardwired to do exactly this so forget about all the intellectual stuff. 😉 Well done you.


  • ah now i think i have a better idea what that floating serene looking smiling head was in my moms room she saw in the middle of the night awhile back.

  • I just want to say that not only is Denise’s work both inspiring and comforting, but the level of consciousness behind the comments is fantastic too. I was wondering, is it possible when one goes to 5D to help out one’s loved ones who are in 3D or would we be interacting with a 5D version of them?

    Naomi (

    • Naomi S Jacobs & Kit,

      Firstly, thank you very much Naomi for your kind words. ♥ Hugs.

      I’m going to write about this and what Kit’s mentioned about not feeling so great over the possibility of leaving certain people or loved ones behind in the old lower world. There’s a lot to say about this so I’ll do it in an article in hopes of more people seeing it. Hang in there and I’ll try to get it written asap.

      Hugs to you both,

  • Hi Denise and all.

    I’m enjoying the info as usual denise thanks. Like Michelle I’m having trouble with the idea of separation. It doesn’t sit well to think of leaving loved ones behind. I see those who are not in touch with their spirituality as vulnerable and everything in me wants to protect them, not just leave them behind.

    I know that we are all responsible for our own development, but still…..

    This last month has been an exploding light adventure. I find meditation almost overwhelming these days. What used to take me a week of daily meditation to achieve is happening as soon as I close my eyes with the intention to meditate now. Even the good stuff is hard to handle at first because it is so very potent.

    Hi again Denise, hit the post button before I meant to . Can you add this to my post? Just hoping to be equal to it all and hope to meet you all soon

    with metta

  • Thank you so much for your articles. I find that I strongly resonate with your experience and it’s very close to what I’m experiencing…hearing the strange noises right before the big Japan earthquake(for me it sounded like the Titanic sinking in my livingroom), seeing snapshots that look like actual pictures of humanoid beings looking at me in my 3rd eye, lots of brain work being done in the last month, and the list goes on…

    I just read your bio, and I’m also Capricorn with Pisces rising and I grew up in Southern California (Los Angeles). Pretty interesting…

    Sending lots of Love to you 🙂

  • Hi Denise,

    I really do find you’re posts immensely liberating because they formulate both structure and insight into what is and can be extremely challenging life experiences.

    That being said and as my own vibration has evolved beyond my comprehension at times over recent years I’m becoming increasingly aware of specific “dark one” groups or clans which even though I’m writing this, must sound absolutely insane. Nevertheless the two groups that have plagued me throughout my personal mortality are a small boned unattractive and often dishevelled group with a strong and even toxic body order to them and a larger boned attractive and well groomed group with an air of sensuality and sophistication about them.

    The dishevelled smelly group have very 3D qualities and appear to be preoccupied with deceit, back stabbing and intrigue and to be honest they don’t really wobble my frequencies anymore. The larger group however don’t feel even remotely of 3D presentation perhaps that’s why I find them much more personally and vibrationally challenging. The reason being; I find them significantly more scary than the smaller group because even though I find them strangely attractive, they are nevertheless completely insane in every area of their thought processes and can drain me within minutes of any direct or indirect exposure to them.

    I’m not really sure what I’m describing right here all I’m aware of is that I can now spot these groups from a hundred yards, however and interesting instead of their psychic attack being full on and at me they appear to be increasingly coming via often irrational attacks of someone close to my immediate proximity.

    Example:- I was working in the library today when one of the larger group simply boiled over in a vile verbal attack on a rather nice and well mannered assistant as if to make a statement; “I’m here and I’m feeding on everything in my sights”.

    I’m actually finding these new forms of attack really wobbling me now like never before and it’s like the dark ones have changed the way they’re attacking star seeds. Which again, one could be forgiven for thinking that actually its me who’s paranoid and possibly insane for even exploring such events in this level of detail. That being said; is it possible for there to be specific groups of dark ones out there targeting specific star seed groups? and if so does this awareness of them including this new form of attack make sense and if so what does one do in such circumstances?

    You see; I’m not sure what one does to protect oneself as we speed forward into the future being continually knocked for seven by these “shits” e.g. the result of an event the most would regard as something and nothing today, knocked me sideways and every cell in my body went onto high alert and it took me the best part of 6 hrs to calm them back down.

    I really do hope this brain dump makes sense and that perhaps you have some insight into the way ahead where the intensity of such psychic attacks don’t consume so much of our valuable time.

    And on that point I will stop waffling on and sign off but not before offering you my personal thanks for the insight that your posts and URL’s provide and trust that peace is always your loyal companion 🙂

    • Raphael’s Legacy,

      And what a great and insightful “brain dump” your Comment was! Thanks as it’s timely and important. 🙂

      Very simply…as the Dark Ones continue loosing their food and fuel sources they’ve used to perpetuate and control their realities and all of the humans within it, they’re having to make continuing adjustments to the ways in which they’ve fed off of humans in physicality. I’ve been aware of these recent changes in their tactics and use of mind controlled humans too and I know that the Dark Ones are profoundly angry, panicked, and pulling out all of their tricks and trying to re-route people and energies all so that they can continue feeding off of whoever they can at this point.

      November 2010 I had a lucid dream encounter with a small group of these Dark Ones (which I wrote about and of course can’t remember the title of now 🙄 ) where one of them picked me up and RAGED at me for causing his world and food/fuel source taken away. I was the size of a rag-doll in his giant hand. Point is that I knew back then that the Dark Ones would be changing their tactics and game plans because their time is ending now which means we’ve still got to be on our toes and not be manipulated by them and/or humans.

      Because I’ve been living this myself and have paid attention to the details as you have, I can tell you and others that the primary way in which to NOT be fed on, vampirized, used, abused, manipulated, tricked, attacked etc. by the Dark Ones and their humans is to continue increasing your personal vibration or rate of frequency. How to do that? Stay on-track with the Ascension Process and its energies and don’t look back! Let go of more and more and more of one’s ego and sense of egoic self in favor of living in (being from) one’s High Heart and High Heart Consciousness, which is about knowing things (5D), instead of old 3D linear thinking from the left-brain Mental body.

      If one is a Starseed then they’ve been on the Dark One’s hit list from the moment you arrived on this planet! Why? Because you and your kind are here now for one thing only; to transmute all of the energetic structures the Dark Ones have created to feed and fuel themselves while controlling the human species and this entire world, reality and planetary consciousness. Believe me, they spotted us long before we Starseeds fully remembered they even existed once we’d incarnated into 3D physicality!

      The Dark Ones and the physical humans mind controlled by them cannot reach you/me/us if we’ve literally vibrated out of their narrow dark frequency range. And to rise out of their lower narrow frequency range and become totally free of them means WE’VE each got to deal with our minds and thoughts, our emotions and what we allow ourselves to mentally and emotionally focus on. When a person has transmuted the majority of their personal inner dense lower stuff, (wounds, fears, projections, unloved aspects etc.), this means that they’ve made tremendous disconnections from how the Dark Ones vampirically (I haven’t a clue how to spell that word at the moment!) fed off of us energetically.

      To “protect ourselves” really means to take full responsibility for our thoughts, our emotions, our body, whether or not we take the Dark Ones bait when they dangle it in front of us endlessly, when they use other people to get at us or attack us, or to get us to produce specific LOWER energies which typically means LOWER emotions. I know how harsh and difficult that sounds but that’s exactly what we Starseeds have to do to on top of the transformational Work we do simultaneously. To get free of the Dark Ones requires we extricate ourselves from all of their negative non-physical control devices and we do that by transmuting them within ourselves and our many energetic bodies. You and I and each of us reading this are and have been doing this already so just keep doing what you’ve already been doing. Keep moving forward, stay away from the chaos and humans who are connected to the old lower falling Earth world and reality as best you can, and stay connected with people (like here and any other online place you feel is a frequency match to you) who are consciously, energetically rising up with the new Earth world that is Ascending.


  • A Godsend you are and the site (2012) that published your articles,is ! Thank you ! I have been getting those deep, inner vibrations for almost 20 years now. I thought I was feeling deep earthquakes so much that I moved from the very prone to earthquake area I was living in, Vancouver Island. I got another one a few days ago. I also am getting little tingling sensations throughout my body that are unexplained. One felt like a semi-circle decending into the back of my head then down my spine. I had no idea what it was or if I was imagining things, but you have cleared that all up now. I am being directed to the right places for the info I need to shift. Eternal thanks and blessings to you and your glorious work !

  • The contrast in polarization is palpable. I’m still at the point where I only go out to get what I need. I feel like I just want to stay in my safe and high vibrating sanctuary of a home. I meet nice people here and there, but I just cannot connect. I’m so tired of not connecting with people that I”m just plain over it.

    I’m looking forward to reading your continued thoughts on the separation of worlds.I’ve got to be honest, The whole disappearing thing doesn’t sit right with me. Its very “left behind”- ish. And me no likey. There are many, many people, groups & systems that I would not mind ever having contact with, but there are many people who aren’t necessarily living this same ascension process as we are, but are good people that I love deeply. My 3D mind just is not grasping this concept. I have no extended memories of other dimensions so I’m confused and a little nervous whenever I hear about separation of worlds.

    Thanks Denise, for being a sturdy and reliable guide throughout this confusing, exhausting and sometimes frightening process.

    Sending you lots of love

  • Denise…this is so so good and so true!
    Blessings to you and your wonderful guides…

  • hi, i read your artikels every day,my english is not good, sorry about the mistakes,i have the same simptoms,iam 60 years, and 11,11 i noticed already 20 years ago, my name makes 11 my birth place my 3 children were borb on 11 and more and question is can you ascend if you addicted to sigaretts, and alcohol ?

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you for your post. This seems very relevant to me personally. Also it’s nice to read the your reference of Karen Bishop in your post after a long while as she stopped sending her e-alerts till the summer of last year. I was always keen to read your comments on her regular energy updates. Please let me know have you read KB’s latest book Heart in the night.? Interestingly KB has become a publisher of her own books and owns her publishing site. I am the resident of a country where KB cannot not ship the book as she has stopped international shipping after a week of launch of her book and does not accept payment from international paypal user. I tried several times to purchase this book through paypal but transaction was rejected every time. Other international buyers also faced similar paypal problem when they attempted to make the purchase. Would you please share your views about Karen’s latest book on your blog? Is it just her energy alerts which are compiled together in the form of a book? I am so curious to read this book but unable to get it. Your feedback will be very helpful. best regards

    • revital71,

      Yes I know what Karen Bishop’s been up to, been going through, the changes she’s recently made etc. No I don’t have her latest book and probably won’t buy it only because I already know/sense/perceive what it’s about. (I do not mean to sound rude or disrespectful at all, it’s just that for many years I’ve been aware (from a higher level) of Karen and knew certain things that she was going through and why. No…I’m not saying any more about it either. 😉 )

      I’m sorry you’re having problems buying her latest book. Do you have a trusted friend in the USA that could buy her book for you and then mail it to you? That’s the only way I can think of you getting a copy of her new book in your country.


  • Denise
    I find your information very informative and enlightening here on this as i see and feel the new energies coming in like a storm. I have Hawks and doves that fly close to me nearly each day as i sit on my back porch to let me know spirit is all around me..One day three hawks showed up which never happened before and did a dance circle in the sky above me, so honored i was to know that Spirit was watching over me..One morning really early the crows were squawking so loud outside my bedroom window and then i heard the screeching of the hawk and crows were butt whipped and sent off and the hawk flew right past my window for me to see it so Yes, you are so right the Cosmic Calvary(CC) is here en-mass..

    Have you read this free e-book at link below? if so,what are/were your thoughts? and if not i think you may find it somewhat fascinating…

    Love and Hugs

    • Avian,

      A few years ago when I lived in a rural area I too would have Redtail Hawk encounters and telepathic love-fest conversations with them. I knew they could feel the love and appreciation I was sending to them because they’d slow down and circle slowly overhead and stare at me while I emotionally gushed at them. 😆 Many animals feel when we emit real, honest Love and Respect like this and they’ll come closer to get a better look at the rare human emanating higher frequency energies and consciousness!

      No I haven’t read this book. I’ll try to take a look at it when I have some time.

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Great article, Denise,

    I’m one of the ones that has been seeing the faces for brief moments, then gone. I’ve also had the clicking in my left ear since at least 1996 (but most likely sooner). That ear is very sensitive inside as well. Lately, sound sometimes fades and then goes back to normal. I have also seen what actually looks like liquid light– colored light that swirls around like oil in water. It’s beautiful and orbs are coming closer and are more luminous and full of brilliant colored light than before. The air around me shimmers often and it’s not only at home any more. I also saw what looks like a vortex or portal a couple of weeks ago in my room, which I think you mentioned in another article about how portals to other dimensions will be appearing for us now. It’s fascinating to have it all explained so clearly. And my legs/feet have been vibrating forever now, everywhere I go. The vibrating is so normal for me now, I don’t notice it much any more.
    July was brutal for me with too much heat and the inability to eat as well as headaches. That has eased off in August, thankfully, because I am moving and would not be able to survive it with the bodily brutalities. Had another run-in with dark-controlled humans the other day. They were running a service business and first ignored me, then were rude and belligerent, followed by lying. I was in tears by the end of it. Went to the same kind of business on the other end of the building and they were, in fact, the opposite– polite, kind, smiling, and gave me a discount! I love it when these things play out in my life in real time!
    Well, it will be a shock to people when a whole load of us disappear! Will we all go at once or according to the stair steps we are on?


    • Cat & All,

      I too have experienced the obvious polarization of people and how they interact with me out in public over the past many Ascension years. However… a few days ago, like you, I had four highly polarized encounters with people that was so radically different it was shocking to me.

      Just like you’ve described I too encountered a couple people (employees) who lied to me, blew-me-off because they simply didn’t want to assist me with something (in the store they were employed at!). I couldn’t believe how mean and selfish the person was to me all with a smile on his face! But, within ten minutes another person manifested (a customer like me in this same store) and I asked if he’d help me reach a product that I’d need a ladder to reach, and he was HONESTLY and GENUINELY kind and a soul with Light in it. I wanted to hug this stranger right there because he was one of us…he had HEART. I punched out as much Love and Gratitude at him as I could because he was like a wonderful drink of cool water after wandering the hot desert filled with crazy mean people.

      Then a half hour later at another store I experienced something very similar. Two radically polarized people; one treating me disrespectfully, lying, egoic, negative and borderline delusional…followed shortly be encountering another person who was the polar opposite of that. He was HONESTLY and GENUINELY helpful, kind, thoughtful and was – like the other shopper in the other store – someone who had more Light and High Heart in them than most other people. The stark contrast between these people and their actions was powerful and telling about how much the Separation of Worlds is currently building as these two radically different groups of humans are naturally, automatically polarizing towards the worlds/energies/consciousness that they each match. This ain’t rocket science! 😉

      I knew before I wrote The Work Before The Separation Of Worlds that it would cause a lot of questions. I’m going to be writing more about this separation and polarization business so I’ll hopefully answer everyone’s questions about this part of the Ascension Process in them. The main thing for everyone to keep in mind/heart is that there really is an Expiration Date with all this and it’s represented by the end of the Mayan calendar, coupled with the very important 11-11-11 cutoff portal of Nov. 11, 2011.


  • Hi Denise,

    Thank you for confirming the “feelings.” My thinking today was, “I’m so tired, I hurt physically and emotionally, and I don’t want to be here anymore.”

    I needed some help to complete this journey and here is your posting about the Cosmic Calvary. How LOVEly. And you are right about the End of Transmissions. I used to hear from “my Arcturians” regularly, but in the last couple of months, nothing, and last night, it occurred to me that they are so close to Earth now that if they transmitted, they may blow me apart. And again, you confirm my thinking. They ARE here.

    About two years ago, I drew on a table napkin for a friend how I saw the Separation of the Worlds, and you have today written into words my diagram. We will vibrate peacefully and completely apart, parallel worlds in 3D and 5D. I figure that if a parallel me is to stay in 3D, I will be that One’s guide. And if there are to be three days of darkness, I could use the rest!

    Love to All.

  • Thank you for the great info..I’m from India and I have felt the light beings around me, when i was in trouble couple of years back…As soon as light beings come near you….You get a feeling which you never had….Its soo blissful and peaceful….Nothing of this world can replicate what light beings could do….

    We all will go to a better land soon

  • Denise, I have just posted this on my blog: – my words of intro are below with a question afterwards. Thanks, ~Jean

    Transitions: The Work Before The Separation Of Worlds [For those serious about Ascension, this is a MUST READ.]

    Posted on August 18, 2011 by Jean

    This post goes a long way to explaining a lot to me about what has happened in my life. For the most part, I spend my time happily with my dogs either here at home or outside as we did today, taking a walk at a lovely lake on the way home from errands. I see people and stop and chat with them in a friendly way, but I cannot imagine being with or spending time with a lot of people in their usual way of getting together. If you were to ask me why, I would have to respond that I just don’t ‘live there’ anymore. It has been a very strange feeling, and I hope Denise’s ideas are the reason why.

    Denise | August 18, 2011 at 2:10 PM


    After fourteen hellish years, I have found myself in a place of complete peace – as if I’m already almost living in the higher dimension – maybe because I’m much older, retired, and do not HAVE to go into the world as it is today. Question: could you comment on how you see the Shift happening? Is it going to be a rapid, somewhat harsh separation – or is it going to be gradual, the way so many folks seem to be thinking about it. I look at people, and I know there is no way they are ready for this shift; that is, they are still loaded with fear and whistling in the dark. Do you anticipate something happening that will push them beyond their fears? Maybe there is no answer now; maybe we must just wait. Thanks, though, for whatever thoughts you are able to offer me.
    PS Maybe you will not want to publish this, and that’s okay with me . . . my email address is

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