Transmuting More of the Patriarchy


Usually it takes me either a couple of hours or a couple of days to write an article. It’s taken me all of July 2011 and a few days into August to write this article because the Ascension “prototyping” body pains I’ve been having have been that severe. From many of the Comments recently, many of you have done this current “prototype” transmuting work too in July.

As of July 31, 2011 we entered Day Five (July 31–Aug. 17) of the Ninth Wave and I think most everyone is expecting the Shit-storm of Change to manifest now in ways it never has before. We’ve reached the point now where the negative patriarchal/Dark Ones crafted world reality is disintegrating fast and in very obvious far-reaching ways. Because of the specific pains my body’s been going through in July, and still is to a slightly lesser degree as I write this, I know the two things are intimately connected. I realize how strange that sounds unless you’re a Starseed Lightworker “Prototyper” to borrow Lisa Renee’s great term. If you’re living/transmuting/anchoring/creating as a Starseed Lightworker “Prototyper”, then the microcosm/macrocosm business is fairly familiar to you at this point.

However…the severe pains in my physical body throughout July 2011 had me, at times, mildly concerned if some internal organ—my liver, gall bladder, stomach, diaphragm, intestines, ribs and spine around the solar plexus chakra—were about to explode, meltdown, or have some little alien burst through my gut like in the movie Alien. Relax, I jest. I didn’t really think an alien would burst through my bloated Buddha Belly solar plexus, but I did wonder a few times if my internal organs near my solar plexus would hold up through this intense transformational phase. Things have to get pretty serious inside my body before I start second-guessing so that should tell you something about how large and important (and physically painful) what’s unfolding energetically throughout July and August 2011 really is. The rest of the energy climb up the unfolding numerical stair steps and then through the 11-11-11 cutoff portal is going to be something else as the entire patriarchal world and its negative reality disintegrates into dust.

Most Ascension “prototyper” physical pains aren’t worrisome to me because I usually know what they are, what they’re doing, why, and so on. However, there are certain internal organ pains that, when they arrive with a vengeance as they did in early July, they sometimes cause me to second-guess what in the world is going on inside my body and why. Such is how the month of July unfolded for this “prototyper”.

When I have small concerns or self-doubt about what my body is prototyping as I had a couple of times during July 2011, it’s that much harder for me to clearly perceive what all is happening and why. Because of this it’s taken me longer to consciously connect the multiple puzzle-pieces to better understand what’s happening in and through my physical and mental bodies and discover the connection to the accelerated disintegrating patriarchal world reality, its systems, its methods of control, the entire money thing not to mention the overall fears, frustrations and anger coming from the American masses plus the entire planetary Collective now.


I’ve had severe pains in and around my solar plexus area and said organs radiating out from the front and right side all the way through my body and out my spine and back. Kundalini hot flashes about every 20 minutes; occasionally clairvoyantly seeing head-shots of negative non-physical Beings flash angrily in my mind’s eye (if looks alone could kill I’d be one dead Starseed Lightworker Prototyper!)  endless patriarchal American government (possessed) insane tactics and manipulations, plus more of my own patriarchal dad anger about past family money issues and other issues surfaced for me to fully remember, feel, transmute and let go of.

In early July my solar plexus Buddha Belly expanded like a balloon while repeated hot flashes/kundalini fire scorched my back, body and head; inside my head felt like a series of invisible laser beams have been doing energy surgery to my brain, brain glands and skull; unexpected anger towards my own Father’s past actions and attitudes surfaced—plus energetically feeling the masses increasingly worried about their disappearing money and the “American Dream”—I realized what was manifesting in my solar plexus organs and spine was intimately connected to the current patriarchal disintegration override.

I didn’t think too much about the increase of symptoms I was feeling in the first half of July but I did recognize that something much larger was up when I suddenly had old Dad anger pop up in my mind after having worked through numerous layers of personal Dad stuff many years earlier. That was my clue that another HUGE layer of the global patriarchy is currently being transmuted by those of us who do “prototype” work. This stuff was about my biological Father, but it’s also about the global Patriarchy—the Father, the Male, individual family providers and protectors, governmental providers and protectors, the “breadwinner”, he who controls, he who owns etc.


Over the past couple decades I’ve often thought about the difficulties many people—mostly males—are going to have as the patriarchy and its systems rapidly disintegrate. Males especially have been taught to perceive and function within a very narrow range in the patriarchal world reality; that of boss, husband, father, warrior, intellectual, money earner, possessions owner etc. Females have been equally pigeon-holed during the patriarchal rule but at least they could emotionally feel and cry over the horrific nightmare that this Dark reality has been!

One man’s fearful Shitstorm of Change is a Starseed Lightworker “prototyping” which overrides and helps anchors the NEW energy blueprints through their physical and non-physical bodies on Earth. In other words, it’s business as usual for the prototypers, but for the negative patriarchal world reality it’s definitely the “end times”. Transmuting and pulling out energy plugs and controls in our mental bodies is usually painful, but this latest Work sure is doing what it’s designed to do to the negative systems! What’s a month or two of severe gut pains, extra bloating and burning hot flashes when it’s to help free humanity’s mental bodies from the Dark Ones negative control systems? Exactly. This is what we do and why we do it. Rest and recuperate because August 2011 is going to be potent, Leonine dramatic and reality changing too. Thanks everyone and hang in there.

Denise Le Fay

August 4, 2011

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59 thoughts on “Transmuting More of the Patriarchy

  • Hi
    Not sure where to post to ask question so will ask here. First place I found that said reply.
    Anyway been sick for long time born with dairy allergy. Anyway I’m now to the point can’t work. My body just vibrates internally nausea vomiting. Diagnosed now with crohns and severe food allergies to some very common foods (cane sugar and yeast) and meds are not helping. Did 2 quizzes a couple of times that say I’m a transcedental soul. Beyond old. The only good thing about that is that this is likely my last bout here. To me that is good as no fun being sick. I would like to get it under control as much as possible so I can enjoy some of my life.
    Question is what can I do to get control of my health ?

    • “…Question is what can I do to get control of my health?


      My physical, biological Ascension Process started Feb. 1999 and my health has been in a constant state of transition (aka chaos!) ever since! I too have struggled with becoming a “chemical sensitive” because of the Ascension Process, and as we all know there are man-made chemicals in everything we eat and drink, so that covers eating pretty much for me. The more integrated I become, the less and less and less I can eat, drink, do, interact with others, go anywhere and so on. In other words, the more I/you/each of us transmutes and integrates within ourselves energetically, the more difficult it is — still at this point — to function within a profoundly toxic world without being effected by it. This will not always be the case of course, but the getting there is what’s been so, so difficult and painful.

      I’ve had to continuously adjust what I eat, how often I eat it due to a rapid (within two or three days) buildup of chemical toxicity that quickly make me feel sick, poisoned. Like just living through the Ascension symptoms aren’t intense enough, many of us ALSO have increasing inability to be around anything or anyone or any place that vibrates energetically well below the range we are now. It simply makes us sick and/or frustrated and/or depressed etc. Going back down energetically eventually becomes impossible for us.

      So, watch what you eat and don’t eat the same foods often if you too have this buildup problem. The Ascension Process has also made the old food allergies I had much worse or rather, amplified, and for the same reasons. This whole food/eating business is so much more than ONLY food allergies etc. It has to do with the fact that many people react much more severely to the negativity, the chemicals, the very low or flat out dead energy foods we all eat. Many people aren’t as sensitive and can eat things that would nearly kill us.

      The inner body vibrations are simply a side effect of continuously increasing one’s vibratory rate, one’s “Light quotient” etc. via the Ascension Process. In itself, it is painless.

      In the end this is an Alchemical Process we’re all living through and it does get painful at times evolving so much so quickly. Ask your Higher Self and your Ascension “guides” or “assistants” to help you when it all gets to be way too much. Ask for guidance, greater insights for yourself and your body etc. and then pay attention because the answers will come!


      • Is there nothing that can be done? Would those copper bracelets help. Thought of trying those. I’ve been sick for many years. This last bout started with daily severe migraines and periodic stomach problems. Now for the past 2 years I’ve become pretty much useless. I don’t see or hear anything from guides but was told years ago I have 4. When I close my eyes and relax its like I can feel the earth moving. It’s crazy. I have a strong urge to help people with problems but don’t know how or if I can do it the way I am feeling. The nausea lack of energy and just plain exhaustion keep me from living. I’ve only recently been able to read again now that the migraines have subsided and they were strong for over 5 years. Any ideas on what I can do would be helpful. Because of Crohn’s and its complications I’m on a low fiber diet. 🙂

        Margot Roode

  • I am laughing because I have been complaining about my Buddha Belly to anyone who will listen…using that same term! It is August as I am reading this and this past week I had pains underneath my breasts alongside my solar plexus area that felt like a knife was sticking in me….thanks for explaining to me that surgery is not around the corner! Psychic surgery maybe, but no need to run to the doctor! Good info, thanks!

  • Indeed, tuning to the song of the universe (empathy) is our new band – channel.
    My second recent experience happened a couple of days ago when I started weeping just to notice the harbinger weeping after her speech.

    Denis Melvin: Glad to hear your sinus issue is fast healing; otherwise I would suggest UT only if you can brave it. I`ve had it on and off for like a decade today, but has been really stagnant/very disturbing in the last few months; thank grace someone guided me the UT site producing a long term cure since it is lasting.

  • Hi, Wolfke74,

    The empathic thing is difficult. Knowing that the emotions are not yours is half the battle. It took me a long time to realize that. I keep using the 12D Shield of Light which helps a lot (I think there’s a video on youtube) and when I’m feeling emotions that I know are not mine, I state that anything that is not part of me must leave now. It usually helps things. And I try not to go anywhere there’s crowds, so I travel in mid-morning and mid-afternoon when things are quieter or days when fewer people are out. I suspect a lot of us here are empaths from some of the comments I’ve read….


  • Denise, thanks for your update about July. I’ve been detoxing and experiencing severe ascension symptoms for 16 years, and July was a very challenging month for me. I thought I had worked through all my Dad issues, and had a lot more of them come up last month. I’ve been getting VERY sick and tired of the constant ongoing shit storm, especially when it got worse last month. I was hoping that things would get easier for me. HAH!

    As a sensitive, empathic man I’m painfully aware of the disintegration of patriarchy you described. I’m finding that anything macho or patriarchal bothers me far more than it used to. I’m also becoming more aware of patriarchal subtleties, and less tolerant of them. Reading all the replies from the last few days has been very validating, helpful and inspiring. Thanks!


  • I get you, Denise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating religion– I’ve kind of gone past religion at this point. Well, I guess there are just a number of people in one location that are ascending within a religious group. Whether they will stay with it is another matter. What struck me was the power of the group when they were all in tune with each other and spirit like they were yesterday, singing from their souls. (I’ve been to churches before, even evangelical ones and this was nothing like that.) They were like us. I could feel it. And using a creative vehicle like song together with this energy that we have now is overwhelming. I’m sure the dark people in the building were scrambling to get away. For me, it was a very significant experience and I learned what power there is in a group of us pooling our energy together. And, it was good to know that there are some people here that are going beyond the new materialism and image-consciousness, because you don’t see it often here. Oh, and I just realized that when I throw offerings out my window that it falls on their terrace. Hmm.

    I’m also realizing that I am being offered glimpses of this process from outside myself to “get” how it works and how powerful it is. The woman and man with the baby in the internet cafe so full of love and transforming everything around them and now this. Inside yourself, it’s so difficult to see or know what is happening clearly. Seeing it like I have here has been very helpful for me to understand this process.

    Hugs to all,

  • Hi Denise

           Yes I was also going through the Father stuff in July. He passed over in 1992 and yet I was buying his favourite cake every day and talking about him constantly. !! 
     Now it is the turn of my son and my ex husband of 35 years who are being Updated"          My ex particularly is in so much denial,,  but he is now asking what is going on. ?? Anyone got a sledgehammer handy so I can let him know, and get through to him!!!! joke!!!  
       There is a great website called www.The Magic of Being " with a post from Carolyn O'Riley, called Just Breathe. (Find it in the  monthly index for August)  Call in Archangel Michael to stand in front of you with his sword. This may help those who need protection. 

    I was guided to this site and yours, Denise , at the same time about March this year. Nothing is coincidence!!!

    Love The Whine List and the Conscious Complaining from another blogger!!!

      Thanks Denise for explaining, the depth of what is happening. As for not  fitting in. Well, that's great, who wants to fit in with what is going on out there!!LOL

    We will all fit in here even if we are divided by continents and oceans.

      Divide by continents, United in Love and Light.
                                Love Jan xx
  • Hi,

    Nadeanna thanks for the information. The problem is that I had surgery two weeks ago and they removed a cyst from my bladder and my doctor said that I had a chronic bladder infection. So beside taking the antibiotics I am also taking cranberry and cranberry tea. But thanks for caring for me.

    Denise, I also recently became very dizzy, more dizzy than normal.

    Cat, I am also emphatic, especially when people are talking to me I can feel that they are not honest to me. I can feel there feelings. The problem is after that I feel drained, I looked up how I can protect myself from that, but anything worked yet for me. The only time that it was the other way around was when I was talking to my best friend. I had to tell her to stop giving me energy because I was getting sick. Then she closed it off and felt instantly better.

    Anyway I hope I can survive this roller coaster ride, and hold on tight…(but what will happen if we don’t hold on tight and trust in GOD that everything is going to work out all right) I love this quote: “Thank you God for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for ME”.

  • I know that feeling! I got fired last May, and I had never been ‘fired’ before she (a loathsome negative energy)made my life a living shit storm, I do love that phrase. Since then I got another job in the same field, the one I just quit. I do have another job hope that it is enough…LOL…I am looking up the music as we speak to lull me to sleep tonight! Thank you so much for your support!

  • Thank you Denise, just seeing a different perspective helped. Funny thing is since I actually talked about the sinus infection it is better. I need to protect myself more. I tend to be too “open”

  • Thank you Denise,
    The chaos is so overwhelming around me, I had a hard time to focus and understand what is happening/with me/? But, you have the word:’prototyping’.. Thank you!
    Up until now, I never wanted to ‘switch off’ my ability to clairvoyantly see beyond physical, but, now…. I wish to close my mind’s eye. As I see people around me, is an ugly picture. Most of the time I don’t even see The Human, I see only what’s ‘connecting’ to that person, and That Shit is/still/ EVERYWHERE! /I work in a hotel, with 700-800 people around me every day./ There’s a lot a don’t wish to see!!
    It took me a while to understand that I can not get emotional about what I see /humanity in this ugly way/, because then the dark shit can get to me,dragging me down again and again. But, lesson learned! this isn’t the time to be soft.
    Do you have any advise, how to be with people and not to feel for them/as we used to/?
    I’m still figuring that one out…


  • Hey Denise Melvin – awesome! I did the same last August – quit a job (well I gave 2 weeks notice) – but I had NOTHING to fall back on. I’m still here – and just started a new job in May – and I had to smile reading these posts – it is so bad now at work – but one of my co-workers HATES me and there is nothing I can do right (in her eyes). She passive-aggressively sets me up and looks so sweet doing it…. I have found Tom Kenyons Songs of Magdalen very helpful lately; it just feels like I am wrapped in the arms of the Goddess when I listen to it.

  • Hi Denise,
    I have been going thru the exact symptoms including the DAD stuff. It all makes so much sense now. I had a job interview last Friday on another coast and one of the women who was ultimately the decision maker was just glaring at me. I was being interviewed by a group (the rest of them really seemed to like me) Needless to say I was turned down for the J-o-b.
    Then I got a horrible horrible sinus infection, I haven’t been “sick” in years, except for the normal symptoms. Ha ha ha I call them normal! I was then dumped by my best friend, or so I thought he was…
    I quit one of my jobs with no notice. I have never done anything like that before….
    So much for my whine list, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!
    Another Denise…

    • denise melvin,

      Be strong and keep yourself protected in Light so those lower frequency people don’t make you sick. When the Universe/our Higher Selves spin us around and aim us in a NEW direction, it’s intense but very positive on many levels. Hang in there with these latest changes and pay attention to the subtle all around you that will probably give you hints about some NEW possibilities and directions.


  • Nadeanna n Michelle-I have same experiences. I just no longer fit in n others let me know it some more subtly than others. I am having difficult time w this-I understand why this is happening but the alienation hurts anyway. I just can’t bring myself to respond the way “they” want me to to “fit in” – I can not live by the patriarchal rules any longer – one of my clients recently stated she felt like she just woke up from a “stepford wife state” – I thought that was perfect way to describe these feelings – but once u get there u can’t go back… My morning thoughts – thx to all n Denise n happy day!

  • I’ve been able to relate to the weird behavior towards me from other people pretty much my whole life. I’m empathic and feel what other people are deep inside them and always have. Sometimes what they are inside is very different from what they present to the world and they know I know it. I tend to get one of three reactions from people: they instantly hate me and are rude and relentless, they are a big fan and won’t leave me alone or try desperately to get my attention, or they don’t notice me at all. It’s a nice idea to get away from the rude ones, but I’ve been stuck with them in tightly packed conditions for up to 16 hours. I usually end up in tears at some point. But I always realized that it was because they could sense that I could either see inside them or because I was bringing light where they wanted none. Hotels here are the worst, because people behave very poorly in them here in general and they try to find out where I am and try my door to see if it’s open and they can what? Gawk at me? Steal from me? Talk to me? It’s just ridiculous.

    The building I have been living in for the last year and a half had some very dark spirits here when I first got here. I live with newly rich people in a poor country and many of them use shamans to get ahead (or just steal the money from work or whoever). A little shaman I know told me about it (although I certainly felt it) and I did a lot of work to lighten the place up. It has since felt a lot better in the elevator and by the entrance where it was ugly before. There is a Christian church on the first floor of the building and I’ve heard them on Sundays before, but today they were singing with absolute uplifting spirit! I’m on the sixth floor and they were lifting me up and up and up. They made the sparrows sing as well! Wow, amazing. I know you’re not a fan of religions, Denise, but this went beyond religion into the realm of pure light and positive energy. Maybe some religions are being changed from within? I’m leaving later this month and I feel like I’m leaving this building in good hands. Wow, when a group of us gets together and sings– look out!

    Lots of hugs,

    • Cat,

      No, religions aren’t being changed or improved…individual people and the planetary Collective is via the Ascension Process. People are becoming spiritual individually without any external props, middlemen, rituals or belief systems. This is what 5D High Heart Consciousness is. People are evolving beyond religions and into direct spiritual knowing and being.


  • You are so right, Denise. Michael (hubby) and I coined the phrase ‘the alien look’ quite some time ago, because of the light I/we carry and the eloquent looks that we receive. Funny times and yet times to be wary.

    I do have dealing with regular people in my work and have found that strong christian people feature a lot in those that would leave me sucked dry and dumped on the side of the road. They do it with such a loving countenance. I know that I have just made a large sweeping statement, so please don’t take offense, anyone. My latest experience was with a Jehovahs Witness guy, nice man on the outside but very driven by those JW gremlins.

    Anyway, I am awesomely impressed by who we all are and how many we now number. Makes my heart feel grand knowing that we have grown so exponentially over the last 10 years. Thanks to you all for taking up the light journey and growing yourselves into crystal light beings.

    Big hugs and blessings for all that you have undertaken as part of this team.
    Love from Authentic Linda

    • Linda Authentic Me,

      Absolutely NO apologies needed here about those “good christians” who work for the Other Team and don’t even know it.


  • for me I think, I may have had 4 “good” days in July….today, aug 6 is another HELL day, freezing one minute and burning up the next, stomach upset, severe depression and my eyes will not focus???? headache and just plain feeling like I am not in control of any thing……can anyone tell me when we will be done?
    Thanks for the post, it helps to know I am not alone 🙂

    • sunny,

      On top of everything else, the past few days we’ve been having a good sized CME (solar flare) hitting Earth/humanity which only adds to the other Ascension Kundalini symptoms/energies.

      My Mom’s eyes go out of focus and she get’s really ungrounded/dizzy every time there’s solar activity. I get “ascension flu” symptoms – body and bone stabbing aches, chills, severe head pains and pressures and so on.

      Hang in there.

  • Thank you, Denise, for putting this into perspective! This particular article has been a huge validation for me and the massive anger/hate/intolerance I’ve been feeling the for the global patriarchy in general, and biological parental unit in particular. Big relief for me to discover what is triggering this insanity. It’s always good to have validation for the bizarre pains we’re experiencing, too. This most recent pain fest has been especially daunting ~ put me in bed for three days with blazing kundalini activation and foot pain ~ what a trip it’s been.

    Thanks for all you do and share with us – keep writing!

  • OMG Nadeanna! I was going to write about the same thing! I swear for years now people look at me like a have a second head or something. It has gotten worse. I have been thinking for years that maybe there was something weird about me or i had something on my face….made me a bit self conscious. Lately I find people just staring at me or giving me dirty looks. Its really strange. Denise have you experienced this too?

    Oh yeah, the Daddy issues welled up throughout July. Same issues as you Denise. I found I was projecting them onto my fiance and needed to work through them. Thankfully that’s over with…UGH.

    July sucked. I think I slept most of the month. I was diagnosed with Lymes disease (caught very early thank goodness), which actually gave me leave to sleep as much as I wanted without anyone bothering me and asking me why I’m sleeping so much. The emotional crap that came up though all month, just draining. I could not wait for it be August.

    Mia: thank you for sharing the link for that sculpture. Beautiful and how easy is it to relate to it.

    Love to you all!!!

    • Michelle & Nadeanna,

      Yeah, I’ve had certain people stare at me like I was an alien sometimes. 😆 Aaaah…

      On the other hand I’ve also noticed that I attract certain people like a magnet, which is the last thing I want while I’m out in the badlands foraging for food! It took me a while years ago to put two n’ two together to realize why certain strangers would be all in my space in really rude ways. 1) They weren’t even seeing/perceiving that I was there or 2) they were very drawn to the energies I give-off or 3) they’re just your typical rude asshole.

      The other day I was in the grocery store and caught some woman staring at me from across the store with an angry frown on her face and her head tilted to the side a bit questioningly like dogs do sometimes. I got the impression that she hated my guts in the worst of ways, but at the same time, she didn’t even know why she felt that way towards me. I know however – the people who are unknowingly deeply controlled by the Dark Ones feel those of us who vibrate with Light and they don’t like us at all, which I can totally relate to. More people are possessed/manipulated/controlled by these Dark Ones than you’d guess and at some level they sense that we’ve penetrated their Dark energy fields and have taken over and spread that dirty LIGHT all over the freakin’ place. 😉 They don’t like us at all for that so just steer clear of those volatile folks out there.


  • Wow. Can’t thank you enough for validation of my guts, head, money issues and my heart. Man issues cubed. Dumped for unknown reasons last Tuesday still working thru that pain. Always look forward to reading Your posts. Thanks!

  • I sure can identify with the male patriarchal thing with two dreams of my ex husband last night and one he told my daughter that he heard my name announced on the radio that i was dead. He was so angry about me finally divorcing him 6 years ago which was the best thing i could ever have done but the dependency on him held me so long. Yes, my ex and my son though only 28, hearts are so closed shut down, so afraid to let their feelings out and i can know the pain they both have so deep in them.. As you say at least denise we females can at least cry though when i was in the marriage i couldn’t do that as he humiliated and made fun of me for crying but i knew it was all about his pain and now i have faced mine and wonder if he will choose to face his at 64 years of age. He did two tours in Vietnam and the pain inside him is like a monster eating him so he buried it deep and stay in denial but like i found out it can’t be buried deep enough as it will come up to the surface. I too feel for the men how they have been turned into robots/clones to have no feelings…

    For me the past two weeks/so my feet and legs have been so swollen, my feet look like loaves of bread. I asked Spirit and it is all with the liver, kidneys can’t keep up with how fast the body is changing so edema/swelling but i hear spirit say slowly, just keep on keeping on it will all be released soon..In the meantime i pull a chair up to the computer to elevate my legs and feet which helps them some and i always drank plenty of water so i continue doing that.
    On a side note I am reading this free e-book which i am enjoying very much and thought maybe someone here may like to read it so the link i put below.. I make no claims to this book or anything, it is just i am personally enjoying it.

    Heart of Love

  • Mia, Denise and all – THANK YOU Mia! Your post has been a huge gift to me. The sculpture has touched me so deeply and much more so after reading the artist’s story about it. Here is part of her story:

    “I knew that it was time to let go of all the finely-tuned skills I had acquired over the years, and just trust in the process of making art. The art world was telling me I had to break down my foundation, let my walls crumble, expose myself completely, and from there I will find the true essence of what I needed to say.”

    I have so many questions right now, and decisions I need to make, and this is the perfect example of completely letting go and following your heart – the old (patriarchal) rules no longer work/matter – it is so symbolic in so many ways. I can not even put into words the impact this has had on me – Thank you!

  • HI denise,
    yes, guilty as charged. I first referred to the “whiny little monkey” in a comment under the article”Remember Volunteering for This”. it was the most innocuous, least offensive way of phrasing the embodiment of this ascension phenomena that i could come up with.

    Like you, I thought i put the patriarchal issues to rest, but in the last 2 months its been heating up. the timing of your article was perfect because murder seemed to be a reasonable solution and know we can call off the swat team. like i said, i’m now a rabid pissed off monkey. but at the same time, frankly, the energy of this planet has never felt this good ever, hopefully one of the last by-products of duality we have to deal with!!

    your articles/website have been a godsend to me. you, lisa renee and lauren gorgo write as if you have cameras, mikes, etc. in my house. It feels like the truman show everytime i tune into your websites. thanks for what you do. it has been an invaluable gift to me during these last few years. Thank you

    • gabe,

      Oh cool, it was you who created the “whiny little monkey” term. YOU ROCK! Thanks for that long term giggle and heart smile I get every time I see it, use it, or think about it. 🙂

      And thank you for your very kind, generous words. They meant a lot to me. ♥ Lisa Renee and Lauren Gorgo are very special souls whose words help me as well. Yeah, it’s when certain people talk about those weird and difficult things that you’ve already been living, struggling with, barely surviving, BEFORE they write about it that lets you know they know what they’re talking about because they’re living it too. Those are the Co-Workers, the Consciousness Co-Creator partners I want to hang with!

      Heart Hugs of Gratitude to you as well.

    • mia,

      Thank you very much for sharing this woman’s artwork with us all. How perfect it is of how we’re breaking apart because the Light within is us expanding! Just beautiful… Thank you again mia for sharing this.

      ♥ Hugs,

  • It is August 5, and I feel AWFUL – physically and emotionally. All of July added up – I never felt this awful. I am literally shaking, partly from the energy and partly from emotional crap at work. The shit storm has hit my life big-time; I do see the correlation now b/t the cme’s/solar flares and me. I have had a week from hell and feel like I failed miserably. My entire goal has been to try and be focused and calm in the eye of the storm, something I am usually good at, but the shit that hit the fan this week feels much worse due to the way I handled it. Is this normal??? Do others of you feel this way? I feel like I am losing it – the one thing I have been counting on is that I could be in control of myself during these times. Are these tests?

  • Hi Denise and everyone posting here. Once again, Denise, you’ve wonderfully explained the not-so-wonderful machinations that are turning us all, male and female alike, into — not quite sure what, except that the more I experience in body, the more convinced I become that it’s for the good of All That Is, and sometimes, those very few times when I’m not in pain or mental/emotional confusion, I even miss it, just a little bit as in a strange way the aches and pains and the obvious deterioration of the patriarchy are somehow comforting me that I am indeed on the right path and definitely not alone. Anyway, yes, the CME’s are surging in and as I write this. I’m noticing that the Sun is a wee bit faded, like it’s blanketed in dust and I guess it is, an electrical, gaseous dust aura. Today, I decided that the CME will be extraordinarily beneficial to me in the sense that it will catapult me into 5D love without the trauma/drama of years gone by. I feel strongly that we’re almost there and before long we’ll be creating 5D love forms into 3D reality. It’s time for the forms! Love to All.

  • I’ve noticed people in public giving me dirty looks a lot in the last few weeks. Not the majority of people, but they are the “if looks could kill” sort of looks. I have been feeling paranoid or wondering if I am horridly unattractive or devastatingly attractive or if I’ve got toilet paper trailing from my shoe or what.

    My partner informed me that he must be going through his mid-life crisis. I think he’s going through the kundalini fire awakening. He developed restless leg syndrome or something akin to it back in May and now it seems like a nightly occurrence.

    Myself and two others at work had our cars go on the fritz today. I think all were electrical problems. Highly unusual behavior. Good to know about the CMEs.

    @Wolfe74 – I’ve found cranberry supplements to be extremely helpful in warding off UTIs. I take two with a glass of water at the first sign. Taking two, three times a day, and I’m back to normal in a day or two. They keep bacteria from adhering the lining of your bladder.

    Glad to know everyone is hanging in there, and I am so grateful to have an early start to my weekend. Whew!

    There’s a video on Space Weather that lets you see the CME. Pretty cool.

  • well, now i have transformed from being a whiny little monkey to a rabid pissed off monkey. and my 80yr old asian father has moved in for the next 2 mos. talk about patriarchal issues coming to a head. needless to say things have gotten quite ugly, with all those personal as well as global issues coming to a head right in my home.
    on the flip side, while the ascension symptoms have been a whole new level in the adventure, i seemed to have passed through to somewhere/something last weekend and WOW! Even though i’ve been on this ride my whole life i came to the conclusion that the 100th monkey we are waiting for to get it is developmentally challenged. But now, all i can say is WOW. The new 5D energy was worth waiting for and is beyond describing. Keep the faith, its here!!!!. We did it prototypers!!!!!!

    • gabe,

      Was it you who originally used that hilarious term, “whiny little monkey”? I searched n’ searched back through the old Comments trying to find who it was that originally said it but couldn’t find it to give them the proper and deserved credit for it. If it was you, thanks for such a perfect and funny catch-phrase for us. 🙂

      Daddy, Father, Patriarchal junk n’ stuff coming at us from all angles lately! It is more of the Mental Body distortions and patriarchal hooks into all of us that we’ve been transmuting most of July…and this will continue because it’s such an invasive and massive contamination/sickness/evilness via the Dark Ones/patriarchy.

      I agree that despite all the pain and struggles this summer – not to mention all of the mega changes unfolding every minute of the rest of 2011 – I too have recently felt a HUGE change for the better both in my body and in the external world. This is how the Process works.

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Denise,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful column. it has gotten me through A LOT. But the patriarchal fall is really something else! I’ve got a ring-side seat as many of us long-time married women do and boy is it brutal! You recent article about the Kundalini symptoms was a great reminder of just what’s been happening, and this entry where you shared your personal body symptoms was great too. Like you, it takes a lot to get me second-guessing my transformational symptoms after all these years, but this one got me going too! Knee and leg pains so severe that I couldn’t walk another step (literally couldn’t be any more flexible or take another step), working two jobs (freelance) while my husband grouses that I need to get a “proper job” (9-5 with pension, etc.) and “contribute” more to our family. What!?! Through my pain, hurt, and anger I could see it for what it was though – a very scared man looking for someone else to hide behind. Even he knows that the shit-storm is coming… Thanks for listening and more importantly, thanks for sharing with us. I hope that we have a proper sit down and share a nice mellow drink when we all get “there.” 😉

    In peace and love,


    • Sara Light-Waller,

      Thanks for understanding the real reason behind your husbands attitude towards you. Now you need to get HIM to see and understand his patriarchal fears as the world he believes in goes away. Good luck.

      ♥ Hugs,

  • I also am glad to know I’m not alone in this! My stomach area hasn’t hurt, but my head felt like it was going to explode for about 2 weeks straight – I finally just had to lay down for the last four days of it because the steelworkers in my skull wouldn’t stop hammering. I could FEEL my brain being reworked, and if I didn’t know what was going on thanks to you Denise and all your readers, I don’t know what I would have done. At least that part is over, can’t wait to see what’s next (not!). At least it’s a weekend and we can all stay home and recuperate! 🙂

    • “I could FEEL my brain being reworked…”


      YES!! and it’s a weird sensation. I could draw diagrams and show exactly what sections, what areas of my brain is evolving – being Rewired – it’s that clear to me while those “steelworkers” you mentioned are doing what they do! 😉

      Right now we’re getting hammered by another CME’s (solar flare hitting Earth) which only adds to the overall fun and transmutations. The top of my head (Crown chakra area) hurts and often radiates down through my entire brain to below my eyes.

      Hang in there and shine, shine, shine. 🙂


  • Thanks Denise for your message, as always it helps to know we are all in it together and feeling similar things. I too have had severe stomach/gut cramps during July and wondered what the hek was wrong till I realized it could be something to do with ascension etc. I also felt like I was plugged into some huge dynamo last sunday 31st July, wow, I was buzzing and throbbing all over and thought I was going to fry!! Had all the feelings of bewilderment, grief over all sorts of things and feeling as if I was “nowhere” and simply floating in some huge bubble. I actually am sort of homeless and flitting from one place to another and my life is really “different ” to say the least!! But its a funny feeling but I’ve sort of let go, because I can’t do anything but let go!!

    love to you and everyone x

  • Hello, everyone,

    Yes, July was excruciating for me as well. As I mentioned on another thread, my lungs were purging like never before and it lasted most of the month. At the same time, I was so hot that I felt like I was melting. It was extremely hot and sometimes humid where I was this summer, but it was beyond intense and extremely embarrassing being wet for a week solid day and night– growing black mold on a pillow in a matter or hours, dripping wet in Asia where other people hardly sweat. It was ridiculous. I also was unable to eat anything oily without getting sick and sometimes sweet things would make me ill as well. At one point all I could eat was potatoes and apples! 🙂 Well, the only thing for me is my belly is going down now, although it’s like 7 months pregnant instead of 8 now! 🙂 Thanks, Denise, for being able to clarify this disturbing month for us.
    Well, looking forward to August?
    Anyway, I feel clearly that money is going the way of the mastadon. I’m in Asia, which is booming, so people aren’t panicking here like they are in the States. But we have plenty of nouveau riche here. I’ve realized that all their blustering and bragging about money, their insufferable treatment of service people (they want everyone to feel like their servants or below them), their downright murderous driving behavior, and their need to have everything shiny and new and expensive and tell everyone about it along with the necessity of VIP everything is all testament to their intrinsic insecurity in their new found wealth. When money comes easily, as in a boom, people are very insecure in their security! 🙂 It’ll be a shock for them to lose it all as quickly as it came, but we’re not there yet in this part of the world.
    Till next time.


  • Hi,

    I have been feeling like crap lately. But my ascension symptoms started when I was 18. Not long ago I was between waking and dream state and dreamt that a light was breaking me down and re-building me again. But it was hurting so much I wanted to wake up, I had to struggle a bit to wake up. But finally did and I felt a pressure on my chest and stomach and severe headaches. Now I am battle a chronic bladder infection.

    Thanks for the uplifting article and as we keep on whining 🙂 and I hope it will be over soon.

    Wish everybody here lots of LOVE, LIGHT and JOY.

  • Hello to all!

    So glad I found your site! & found it quite by chance…I too, have been experiencing all of the above symptoms for many years now- but thankfully found a way manage the psychic attacks using gemstones. These little friends have helped to protect me in my darkest hours! The biggest problem for me is dealing with (live) peoples’ cords – those reaching out for help but drain my energy in the process. The de-cording technique I use is effective but recently I have to use it every couple of hours as apposed to days or weeks apart. A heartfelt thanks to all who are sharing this info.


  • Yes, it was really painfull. I didn’t have such a terrible time since 2009. Only today I woke up better, seeing everything brighter and shining! It gave me hope. Love to all!

  • Thank you so much Denise. Shit storm I love it!!!

    I walked into a healers office today,or more should say I dragged myself in his office.
    The last 2 days have been so difficult. Flame inside of me burning every part of my body on a cellar level. Vibrating so, I barely could walk straight. All that I could stand…No one to talk to, no one to explain the angst of it all. The Fucking Insanity of it all.
    But of course I would do it all again…for what’s to come.

    But your here, Bless you. The only place I’ve checked in with in the last year to feel connected.
    What a joy and blessing for those of us that walk this journey alone in our community. I watch people going on with there lives wondering how they could not “get it”

    I am sorry for your suffering, I usually make myself known as if I’m doing the walk with all of you.
    However, now is very difficult.
    Thank God(dess) you here,
    Love Cheri and to all

  • Hello, I am beyond fed up with being on the radar of dark ones, and my bloated belly very high up! I first must thank you for your none love and light statements, you are Real, ok to be freaked out we are human. Starting last October, I though it was because I moved into a haunted house, but now through your writings I see it was perhaps a last effort by them, I was doing a lot of light work on myself etc, My point is I began seeing a dark caped shadow, day, night, and most uncomfortably the second I woke up there he was to try to scare, me. The most alarming thing that no Spiritual person has been able to explain to me, was a black cord coming through my ceiling, like a garden hose there it was, the second I woke, I closed my eyes, it was still there, I have a feeling what it was, but any insights from anyone appreciated. I also saw a black caped form with red eyes, and a chicken type skull face, standing in my kitchen, I moved, the black form still stands there when I wake up, followed me, I have lived a pure life, but had an awful childhood, am a light worker who struggles with depression, and always has to fight the darkness of humans and places, due to living open for too many years, from a ripped aura I was unaware of, and some drinking of booze, so who is this who follows me? have tried everything to lift my vibration, put white light around me, I read a cool thing though to shine your light up, to not draw attention to yourself at this crucial time, and to not waste it on grey souls, which I had been doing. anyways, any small answer or input on who is trying to scare me, or us at this time, Thank you , I truly value your articles they are the only ones that hep and describe this ascension, as it really is, humans in a grinder, Bless you all, we can do this! Thanks Lisa

    • Lisa North,

      Euw… but yeah, these types of negative other-dimensional devices and tools do exist. I’ve seen some of them too like what you’ve described.

      Last Oct. (2010) me and mine experienced the start of a new level of psychic attacks from the Dark Ones. It lasted all month and halfway through Nov. 2010 before it started to ease up. Since then me and mine (that means me, my Mom, and our cat) have repeatedly been attacked by the Dark Ones. Why is what’s important about this for all of us. Because since Oct. and Nov. 2010 the Dark Ones have been loosing their connections, power, food sources (us and humanity) because their time controlling everyone/everything here is ending. So, they attack those who are helping to cause all this – the Starseed Lightworker Prototypers.

      As these many energy connections, feed tubes, energy siphon tubes and other weird etheric spying devices and windows into our dimension and homes, and weapons etc. of the Dark Ones aren’t doing what they’ve always done for them, and as more of us transmute their negative energies in and through our bodies, we’re clairvoyantly seeing many of the Dark Ones devices and tools like what you’ve described. What I do when I see the ones I’ve had attached to my energy bodies as both siphon or feed tubes and multidimensional windows or viewing devices, I read Lisa Renee’s Nov. 2010 article “The Restoration” with the “Command” in it dealing with these situations.

      As we transmute/evolve, the Dark Ones cannot touch us as they’ve always been able to prior. Lately all I’ve seen some of them do with me is flash hateful looks at me for what I’m doing energetically. This is nothing in comparison to them trying to kill me, attack me and my loved ones, deplete me into oblivion! Progress! 😆

      DEMAND the termination and permanent removal of ALL the Dark One’s devices you’re seeing in your home, your bedroom etc. Do this every day and every night with the attitude that you are an aspect of The All That Is…because you are! All of this is just another aspect of the Work we do as Starseed Lightworkers etc.

      Be strong, be determined.

  • Yee Haa Denise, and PHEW. I, too, had moments of feeling like I wasn’t able to even connect because these pains were so intense.

    Funny, as well, because normally any outside negativity that I may take on will generally show in my tummy as fear molecules. This new stuff (which was why I rode with it) started from my sacral chakra in the main and then seemed to radiate out. I can’t remember the worst of it, just had to go to bed.

    Thank goodness there was not much else to do and Michael was here to help. Coming out the other side I feel new and different and wonderfully positive about this journey we have all undertaken.

    Thank you so much, Star Sister, for being the one to write this down so eloquently. It always feels better when you know you are not alone. This has been a longish journey so far.

    Big hugs and loads of Love from Linda

  • You are so right on. I feel like a lightworker although most of my work is one on one and on the astral plane. I have been so sick lately, mostly aching bones, that I forgot the time and what humanity is going thru. We must maintain our intention and share the light and wisdom. Thank you for the good work that you are doing. Blessings to you. Shaba

  • Dear Denise.

    There are other things going on in the body other than ascension symtoms….which are called SPE’s..Suppressor Parasite Entities…You can read about them at Lisa Renee’s sight under on Psychic Self Defense #8..these were in my body causing a lot of pain….Now that my partner came into the Orion Healing Codes that remove these things..thank goodness for that…it has been hell for some of us Starseed/Prototypers…

    Blessings! Nancy Sophia

    • Nancy Sophia,

      Lisa Renee is one of the few people I quote here at TRANSITIONS because I know the information she perceives is very high and very correct and designed specifically for Starseeds. Thanks for sharing a link her site. She is a gift to us all. ♥


  • Hm, I keep having middle and lower back pain, hip pain, pain in the knee joints, and hamstrings and calves. Guilt, financial worries, traumas rooted in collective unconsious, fear of future, fear of moving forward, and so on. They do not trigger me, but have been around for quite sometimes. Neither acceptance, nor any other healing techniques work. I guess I just let them be for the time needed. 😉

  • Denise I love reading your posts. Thank you for helping me feel less insane and mad. I’ve been getting pains, feeling like something is wanting to burst out of my belly and having a lot of IBS attacks. Hearing noises, seeing flashes. But I know deep down inside what it’s all about. Good to have confirmation though. Keep up the great work.

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