You Had ET Sex With Who?!

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I have sensed for a while that with the Separation of Worlds many people would suddenly enter a new phase of more conscious contact with certain Starbeings/ETs/Other Dimensionals etc. I sense 2010 will begin this type of growth for many people and it will only increase from here on out.

I was told a couple of wonderful and hilarious ET experiences by a dear friend/reader last month. Because I have experienced very similar type ET encounters in the dream state, I could totally relate to both her personal ET bird-like experience, and also her girlfriends hilarious sexual dream ET experience. I feel it is important to share not only her (only one of many) ET dream encounters, but also the seemingly sexual one that her girlfriend had weeks later.

Back in November 2009, this reader friend emailed me about an awake experience she was having in the middle of the night. Evidently she was having an ET or cluster of ETs communicating with her via mind’s eye visuals and other-dimensional energies. She told me that she saw many different types of ET beings, many of which looked like birds or had bird heads. I found this interdimensionally amusing only because I too have had a lifelong passion for the way birds smell, their eyes, the falcon-headed Egyptian God Horus and so on. (I’ve written about this and the ET Bird Beings last year here if interested— “Ancient Feathered Friends” I think it’s titled.)  At the time she emailed me about her experiences I was writing in my new book (manuscript)  about the super-ancient ET Bird Beings and there is an accurate and wonderful illustration of one of them in it. More cosmic koinky-dinks as I like to call the higher consciousness synchronicities.

She also told me about numerous dreams she had in the past of parakeets but she was beginning to suspect that they really weren’t parakeets at all but ETs/Starbeings that looked like birds. She also felt a deep emotional connection and love of these ancient ET Bird beings, which again, I could totally relate to. She also said in this email something that I know is indeed very true and I want to quote her (Robin) here:

“…The thing I get is that the gates have opened indeed and there are a quadzillion different beings out there very excited, hyper almost, about trying to get in and make the connection, even if it is through this method and only for a second or two. Just like people who have crossed over – they tend to flock towards those (this has happened to me since forever, and at times I absolutely curse it, too) that are tuned in – in such a way because they want to have the contact or be seen/felt/acknowledged/ whatever. It’s the same premise, I think.”

Again I know this is deeply true because I have experienced numerous conscious and dream-state contacts with different Starbeings/ETs since age three. I’m going to add here before I forget, that people usually have ET contact and interactions while they are asleep and out of their physical bodies mainly because it is easier and faster for them and the Starbeings/ETs to exchange information/visuals/emotions and, for the person to remember the interdimensional meetings or contacts when they wake up. It takes A LOT more energy and grounding to be able to have fully conscious interdimensional ET meetings and conversations while fully awake AND retain the memory of everything  you saw/heard/learned/felt from Them. (My new book is full of my interdimenaional experiences with both awake and dream state Starbeing/ET meetings, teachings and information exchanges.)

A month later I think it was, Robin emailed me with a really funny story about a girlfriend of hers. This girlfriend was so freaked out about what she was going to tell Robin, that she got drunk first! Evidently, she was not only nervous about sharing such a weird dream experience with her close girlfriend, but that it was sexual in nature as well and so she got drunk. I found that hysterically funny.

Anyway, this girlfriend of Robin’s had a dream recently where she had lusty and wonderful sex with a strange-looking, blue-skinned man. Robin found this hysterically funny because she herself had had a previous dream meeting with a beautiful male blue-skinned being who had a female with him. She was told by this female being, “…that he has been known by many different names, one of them being Krishna…” (I hope I’ve remembered all of the details correctly and that I haven’t left any really important parts out! I do apologize if I have.)

During the time this happened I had been writing in my new book about the Orion ET being/beings I’ve known for 12,600 years. I’ve had a deep, personal stellar kinship with 8D and the eighth dimensional Orion system and an Orion Starbeing family member who had milk-white skin with a pale light blue tint. In other words, some of them had/have milky-white light blue skin! My ancient 8D Orion friend/teacher/stellar family had deep sapphire colored eyes and blue-black hair. I’ve talked about him—the Orion—in past posts here. He was one of  three Starbeings in my past life in Egypt of 12,600 B.C., and there is a portrait of him, plus the Sirian ET, and the Pleiadian ET beings as I knew them in that past life in my new book also. (In my new book,  A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution there is an illustration of a male ET Bird being, a male and female ET Lion being, a humanoid Orion, Sirian, and Pleiadian, and others.)

This is typically how many of the higher dimensional Starbeings/ETs roll; they talk to many of us in these complex and layered quantum ways. They’ll connect with one or more of us Starseed/Wanderers on Earth either clairvoyantly and/or through lucid dreaming. That’s sort of like the main anchor to all of the following contacts they will make with other people we know in some way. The whole ET communication process is like cosmic tele-conferencing on multiple dimensions with many people (us) while both awake and asleep. It is so complex and yet so perfect that it’s hard to explain or even catch all the interdimensional coincidences between all the meetings between all the linked people (us reading and discussing all this)!  But, this is one small aspect of our learning about quantum consciousness or Spherical-like awareness as I call it, that all of us are currently having to get the hang of interdimensionally with many Starbeings/ETs. These beings talk to us in grand and often funny giant weavings and multiple interweavings just like this, and we have to learn to read between the lines with these ETs and communicating in this much more nonlinear and symbolic quantum way. It is fun and often funny once you learn to catch more of their messages and symbols coming at you from so many other people, plus their dreams, and so on. We’re used to linear consciousness like this _____, but ET and interdimensional, increasing quantum consciousness and awareness is much like the glyph for Aquarius aquarius1 up/down up/down-like Energy Waves that we’re learning how to ride and better understand.

With our ascension/evolutionary process and everything else that is happening to us energetically/DNA/brain/consciousness etc., we are now needing to learn how to perceive and communicate in these higher dimensional, nonlinear, non left brained type of ways with increasing numbers of nonphysical, interdimensional Starbeings/ETs. Because of our ascensions and rapid growth, many of them have been and will continue to trigger us into remembering more about ourselves as interdimensional beings and not only physical humans. ETs communicate in symbols, visuals and emotions all at the same time. To grasp this type of larger more unified communications with them, we’ve got to learn to catch the symbols and coinky-dinks—aka synchronicities—because that is literally how they perceive and express.

I had three or four dreams with an ET being in the early 1980s that were profoundly emotional and important to me. In them this amazing looking being looked like an Amazonian shaman would suddenly appear in my dream. The first second I saw him, I loved him more than anyone I had known. What was really surprising about him, was that despite him looking like a strange savage from the jungles of South America, when he spoke in these dreams he sounded like an ascended Master! That was 1980’s ET clue #2. Clue #1 was that I instantly loved him like he was an aspect of me, which he could have been.

At some point in one of these dreams with him, we hugged and had Heart Sex. Yep, we experienced something akin to making love, very high loving sex, but at the Heart Chakra/chest level, which was beyond incredible. It was literally Heart Sex or Heart Mating and merging and it happened with him during a hug. I didn’t even need to get drunk to share that with all of you! 

Point is that we’ve reached the time (2010) where many people will suddenly be having both dream meetings and awake clairvoyant and telepathic communications, so be ready for that plus visuals, symbols, feelings and emotions all together (at the speed of light) Starbeing/ET contacts and educations. It is simply time for this level of our ascension/evolution/expansion back into Universal Society and increasing interdimensional awareness. Many of my posts during 2010 will be about this subject and our remembering how to perceive and communicate with different interdimensional ETs and Other Beings now that we’re functioning within our New World and new evolving and rapidly expanding consciousness.

Thanks Robin for sharing with me, and also for allowing me to share your Starbeing/ET parakeet or Bird ET meetings, plus your girlfriends seemingly from her perspective sexual encounter with the blue-skinned ET… who has also been known as Krishna. Be mindful of the seeming coincidences everyone because they are often deliberate interdimensional ET communications. ❤ ⭐

Denise Le Fay

January 6, 2010

copyright dk blueCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2010. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice are included.

15 thoughts on “You Had ET Sex With Who?!

  • Hello Denise…

    Fabulous, maybe my experiences are of a similar nature…?
    In the 70s at around the age of 7, as I was going to sleep one evening looking out at the sky, I saw a cluster 0f what appeared to be stars, zoom down from above and rise again to the sky. They did this a couple of times and on the third round, still just appearing as small lights, they had a quick chat with me and said that they were messengers just letting us know that they were on their way. That was my firs and last experience of this nature. seemingly so physical and whilst I was awake. a few years later I dreampt of them again. This time, their traveling vessels were still a very far distance, what was awakening though were pockets of energy in the earth that were starting towake` and vibrate in harmony with the comming beings. The colour of this energy was vibrant green…..similar to a glow stick.

    Again, many years later, in the mid 90s, I dreampt of a large flat rock face on which our early humans had carved symbols on- [ a languge I havent seen], to one side of the rock, at the other end where these star beings had plased their language, it looked identical to the humans the only difference was that it was alive and shimmering green and vibrating around the rock face..;.. many more portals in the earth were awakening at this time also. Their traveling vessels as they swooped to earth looked to me like fish and birds...very fluid though... What seemed to be welcoming them though, were all the animals and the ocean where I saw what seemed to be a red and green dragon in the breakers. I dont know what energy this represents..;. These beings vibrated at a very high frequency, green of couse, [this just seemed to be the colour that was given off from their frequency that I could recognize]. There was a little concerne for them about staying here for any period of time because the density of our dimension here would solidify them…. making them denser and more likely for them to be trapped in the body composite {image form]. I didnt see them personally in bird form, only their vessels... they looked to me either as simmering beings loosely forming human shape as they desended and focused form or as regular people as the adopted their rolls. they too were struggling with their choice of deployment as the reality took hold. I have had many dreams about this dynamic, the magnetism between our body and our beingness. they said that all life is made from this green energy, it just vibrates at different frequencies.... As a child I would wake exhaused from all of the [star] visits and [demands], I wouldnt remember what had happened, I only really remember info that relates to the earth cycle, so I asked it to all stop…. have a little rest.

    Thanks for the post to share
    Big Hug

  • denise – thanks – i did watch the video and the markings or writings in the ones you mentioned are very like the stuff i’ve been seeing – i found it fascinating to watch the whole video – sort of peaceful and mesmorising – so thank you tieshla too – if i get to find out any meaning to the writings will let you know – will ask fo some help with it – actually am seeing some odd stuff at the moment – with my inner seeing – it was like i was looking through several portals – all in a line and at the end of it was some piece of land/country – each time i saw it there was some difference to the scene – first it appeared to be smoking then a very bight light was coming from it etc etc – also am seeing with actual vision different sort of light – hard to explain and last night very oddly saw something right in front of my eyes that looked like a pink skipping rope!!!!! coiled up –
    cant figure that one out at all!!!
    thanks for all your help and also to everyone that writes such interesting bits to your articles – its great to hear everyone else views/perspectives on things –

  • Denise:

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ [ you’re so GREAT!!!] -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    All the welcoming care, wisdom and time you put into personally responding to every post is so wonderful; it fills me with giddy gratitude. 🙂 You are a most gracious host! And there is so much clarity going on here, that I find I’m now visiting with regular freak-when-see! (Ha! Now that one just came outta some Merc-in-Retro tweaky trickster neuron!)

    And thank you for all the tid-bitties you so candidly share with us while the juicy posts expand. I can so relate to your experiences and appreciate being well met here. Cyber family-UNITE!

    With your okay I’d like to include a link to a really excellent youtube crop circle vid. I personally feel that each new crop circle season integrates higher level multi-d info into our beings. The cirle-makers have been intricately preparing our DNA and our energy bodies for years. I feel the sacred formations are a Star Nation communication vehicle which serves us well to engage and study them.

    I also encourage folks to google image ‘Human Butterfly’ crop circle, which formed this past August in the Netherlands-the largest crop circle to date! It’s imagery is stunning and revelatory…….An indication of what We Are Becoming, which is what We Already Are, of course.

    Bright Blessings Bestowed.
    .. .. . . >>>~~~~~~~~~> xo

    • Tieshla,

      Thank you and hugs. And thanks for sharing that video of those 2009 crop circles. I hope susan ireland watches it and susan, if you do, from around 7:30 minutes into it through to the end 9:40 is the two circles I talked to you about with the Code and ET face.

      Thanks again Tieshla, today has been a special day of connecting with many people. 🙂

      Hugs & Gratitude,

  • Denise

    I’m gonna beg to differ here or toss the your statement around a little teensy bit: I think sometimes when these encounters are happening, they are in fact sexual at times, and just us humans interpreting them as being sexual. Why the heck not? Whether it’s a reunion of sorts with beings that we’ve known before or whatever you want to call it — I think that those of us inhabiting these physical bodies here in 3D, and now possibly 5D are often very much grounded in our sexual chakra as well as our sacral and solar plexus chakras, too. In order to “ignite” us or to cause a trigger (there’s my most over used word as of late, yet again, LOL) within us, sometimes the energy is actually exchanged in exactly the way it is indeed being perceived by us humans! I believe that in having that kind of exchange the purpose often has more to do with the heart chakra than the sexual — but often the way seems to go from the bottom up, if ya know what I mean. And in all truthfulness, perhaps thats just a small faction of what in all actuality is truly occurring when these types of fun little romps take place. Each one probably holds its own unique cause and subsequent effect relative to this as well as many other types of encounters. Just my own sense, granted, but I completely think there is at times definitely a two sided sexual component transpiring and for good reason :)! For one thing Sexual energy = creative energy….Also we are all multidimensional beings capable of vastly more complex interactions with other beings than even we have yet to understand presently. And even though many ET beings, ascended masters, etc are perceived in our minds as being often “above” interacting via sex, I don’t believe that is always the case. Look at Krishna — there’s a dude that loved nothing more than to get it on, make music and was a hedonist in a major, major kind of way. YAY!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Robin,

      😆 I hear ya. And the 5D Pleiadians have always stressed about the positive fun of love/sex/sex/love etc. I do believe that it depends on the human, the ET, the time, the energy exchange, the learning at that time and so forth really.

      All of this “sexual” and ET talk we’ve been having here is reminding me of something Steve Rother channeling The group said recently. The group said something to the effect that we were going to soon be having much more “sexual energy” in our bodies, and that it wasn’t strictly sexual, but just ENERGY. I think these ET talks and sharing we all have been doing with this topic is a prelude to that actually, and more.

      It is easy for us to see, feel and recognize sexual energies in our lower body and chakra area etc. But, I also know that that energy can be deliberately moved anywhere in our bodies and used elsewhere as well. I think we’re just getting a heads-up that a bunch more ENERGY will be landing within our selves and our bodies soon now that we’re on the backside of the Winter Solstice transformation, and that many people will recognize it as being “sexual” when it is just a whole lot more higher ENERGY. 😉

      Sex can be used to procreate or it can be used to just create! 😉 Look at what we have been creating just through this conversation. It’s great!


  • Wow, this is really cool! I love these luminous threads -:¦:-

    I too had an encounter with bird-headed dudes way back in the 80’s, when there were some pretty potent star portals opening up. They appeared while I was in a twilight state for a brief time (just before dawn) at the foot of my bed. I thought their heads were crow or raven heads because they were dark, but it could have been a shadow cloaking or something. I felt no fear, just curiosity and familiarity, and I immediately related it to my spirit connection to First Nations. They felt like animal allies. They were quite large with human-like bodies and these amazing bird heads. There were 2 of them.

    Another wild synchronicity is that my partner and I were recently making love (yes, the new earth sexual yumminess is very ECSTATIC and EXQUISITE!!!) and his already Scottish shortbread-paleness suddenly went all bluish. I thought he was doing some kind of funky Neptune morph and just observed with passionate curiosity. I thought about our mutual Pleaidian connection. They seem to come through to interact with us when we are in blissfully heightened states of sexual intimacy or healing. But I had never seen him turn blue before! It was pretty fun!

    We’re both musicians who play multiple instruments and I find that many Star Beings have much to transmit to those of us who have learned to speak something of the language of music. It seems to activate different neuro-pathways for these communications. Even being an avid listener can awaken such channels immensely, and create a link which is harmonic and geometric……the Universe-Speak of Creation.

    Wow!(that’s my favourite word these days! :)) These times are amazing. I’m so loving connecting with y’all here.

    Oh, and Denise! Please feel free to copy ‘n paste the sparkly glyph thingy I use that you like so much. I know, it’s fun isn’t it?!

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {wOw!} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    • Tieshla,

      See me grinning from Starseeded ear to ear! LOVING THIS!!! Thank you too for sharing your personal and blue experiences. 😉 I know exactly what you mean. When with the right person (another Starseed/Wanderer) who can naturally house those higher vibrating energies without blowing a fuse…and if you too can do the same, then physical sex easily rises way up high and you then are open to interdimensional and stellar Home stations (ET Tantra 😉 ) energies, memories, abilities, past life rememberings, healings, and all sorts of other amazing but very natural higher states of being.

      I loved your line about your man “…doing some kind of funky Neptune morph…”! 😆 because I used to do the same thing waaay back in the day. Isn’t this fun?! 😛 The first time I physically morphed during elevated sex was back in the mid-70s. My face and facial bone structure changed so obviously that the poor guy stopped, got up to retrieve a hand mirror, and made me look at myself! My face, eyes, lower jaw and everything was trying very hard to – are you ready for this – 😉 turn into a bird or hawk head! Whoohoo, yes indeed it was very cool and thank gwad my Neptunian morphing didn’t scare the hell outta him. I have scared the hell outta other boyfriends during sex years after this however. But, it was a very interesting thing to me to, of all things, have my head and hands and forearms transform into bird-like-ness which brings us back to those amazing and very ancient ET Bird headed Beings from real ancient Egypt. (See illustrations in my new book.) I hope I didn’t just blow my credibility with anyone because I confessed that one!

      And yes too about the music thing you mentioned. I feel the same is true with any more “right brained” type abilities (dance, art, creativity in general etc.). Creativity and these artistic abilities are the New and Higher 5D if you will – Aquarian/Leo energies and ways – which we need so desperately to be utilized and honored once again; all very 5D type stuff.

      Thanks for sharing as you made my day.
      Hugs & Gratitude,

      • Denise, it’s Kaisa again, I’ll try to keep it short because I feel you’re busy with other subjects, I just need to say this (it’s not about the et sex, but the morphing thru higher energies)… I followed the links yesterday from B and came to this comment and it gave the hugest peace.
        I was in a bad place with embodying Spirit in human form at this deep level we now must, and your comment made me see why, how true it is that I’ve missed shape-shifting thru this entire life and I kept trying to accomplish it and it never worked. My mind was struggling inside the 3d box of what would be possible, and trying to convince myself that humans look pretty enuf (lol) but it was just devastating me… until I read the comments on this page and it made sense. There’s this free feeling that my light body can do such things (as at Home) and the physical wasn’t able to, but it IS possible and shall happen…
        So thaaaaaank you from the bottom of my heart, to you and the others who wrote it, for showing me what I needed once more.
        I’m trying to find more articles about morphing and such on your blog but haven’t so far. If you remember having written more, would you please point me to it when you have some time/energy/inspiration?
        Super hugs.

  • Koinky dinks abound! More than a year ago I had a “waking” dream…call them this because I am not in a dream state but at the same time am…if that makes sense…about a blue skinned being. He was sitting posed with his left foot under and his right foot on the ground. His hair was deep ebony black and flowing loose and very long. He was bare chested with white pantaloons–like in the pic you have of Shiva and Shakti. He leaned forward and winked at me and said, “I am not who you think I am.” So, since I was thinking Shiva, therefore, he was not Shiva. This has bugged me ever since and I think I just found the answer in your post. It may take awhile by our linear time to get answers (or so we see it) but in our true reality, the answers will come when needed–lol
    BTW–Belated Happy Birthday !!! from one Capricorn to another….

    • Theocacao,

      Happy Birthday to you too fellow Capricorn. 🙂

      LOVE IT!!! Yes I know exactly what you’re talking about having “waking dreams”. I’ve been experiencing them during my ten ascension years within Phase One. I suspect many people have been experiencing this new way of perceiving.

      Thank you so much for sharing what your blue-skinned Starbeing told you. This ancient race of pale blue-skinned Starbeings that I feel are connected to 8D Orion…and gwad I hate this term but…the “Galactic Federation” within 8D, are ET beings humanity is learning are not “gods/goddesses” from Eastern religions (and/or ancient Egyptian “gods/goddess”) but very high, positive, loving and super ancient Starbeings from 8D and who knows where else! Thanks again for sharing with everyone here as we ALL benefit and are able to connect some more of the numerous interdimensional Star Seeds/Wanderers kinfolk and Home stations. The more all of us share our seemingly ultra weird experiences with Other Beings, the more we’re learning, but also the more we are building those New Communities and also preparing ourselves for even greater ET interactions and communications etc. This is so important right now I feel.

      Hugs & Gratitude,

  • that’s really interesting – might explain the writings i keep seeing on the wall opposite my bed if i look at it in a certain way – take it by surprise if you know what i mean – lots of stuff that look like egyptian hieroglyphics – there’s so much and i am hoping that on some level when i look at it it actually means something –

    • susan,

      I’m positive what you’re seeing does mean something. Do you remember seeing those two June 2009 crop circles in the UK (Milk Hill “Phase 3” and also South Field) that was huge and very complex with strange code or hieroglyphic markings on it running almost the length of the field? It (and another one in July ’09) had the face of a “Gray” ET in it with that code talk or whatever it was coming from the top of its head. On so many levels, in so many different ways we’ve been, and will continue to, be receiving all sorts of interdimensional information/Light from different positive Starbeings/ETs…because we’re getting ready to re-enter Universal Society.

      I would suggest that you ask whoever it is that’s sharing these symbols with you (on your wall), to ALSO send the information to you in other ways as well so you’ll understand it better. I often tell ETs, Guides and my Higher Self to please re-send the info in other forms too so that I better understand whatever it is more clearly. Then you need to pay attention to the symbols and clues and everything! 😉


    • Hi Tom and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I also wanted to add in my post (and forgot) about some people believing they are having actual 3D type sex with certain nonphysical Starbeings (and I am NOT talking about that whole Gray ET taking eggs/sperm from humans thing!), that it isn’t really “sex” at all. Starbeings/ETs and even some people (like Masters, Yogis etc.) carry such higher Light Energies within themselves, that to lower vibrating people who come into contact with them, they will often sense, interpret, or read that higher frequency energy as “sexual”. It is not of course, but that is often how we feel vastly higher amounts of energy within our lower vibrating physical bodies. 😉

      That was another reason why my experience with what appeared to me to be a profoundly advanced Being looking like an Amazonian shaman, hugged and had Heart Sex as I called it. It was how I was able to relate to his nonphysical and vastly higher vibrating energies via my Heart chakra while in the lucid dream state. I just wanted to add this seemingly sexual aspect we sometimes experience when in the energy of higher dimensional, nonphysical Starbeings/ETs.


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