2010 To Do List

 2010 TO DO List 

  • Don’t forget who is really in charge and creating the new higher world now.
  • Don’t bother trying to recreate familiar lower stuff in the higher New World, it’s not appropriate, plus you can do better than that!
  • Dream BIG—imagine much higher and much better and do not settle for less.
  • Become more conscious of your Consciousness. Increasingly important as we remember how to consciously create and co-create.
  • Expect seeming miracles, happiness and increasingly greater High Heart Consciousness.
  • Be prepared to become even more different and new yourself. Our evolution/ascension/DNA/consciousness changes aren’t finished.
  • Be prepared to let go of even more of your little self for a greater HIGHER SELF conscious connection.
  • Ignore the increasing of the falling old lower world as it’s not your issue, responsibility, or energetic state of being any longer.
  • Be prepared for New higher (5D let’s call them) Planetary Grid Portals to open and to clairvoyantly see them sometimes.
  • Expect becoming increasingly aware of certain inter-dimensional ETs/Beings clairvoyantly and telepathically, awake and asleep.
  • Because our consciousness is continuing to evolve, expect lower 3D linear “time” to increasingly morph into more quantum or spherical-like “time” and awareness. It’s fun, enjoy it!
  • Deal with the continued ascension symptoms, adjustments and numerous re-adjustments that we will still be experiencing in 2010.
  • Know that money is not the end-all, and that higher, much better, no-money methods will eventually begin manifesting.
  • Rely increasingly on your evolving 5D HighHeart Consciousness and not our old lower, linear, ego-based Duality intellect thinking.
  • Don’t expect the old lower falling world systems to solve your old problems. Expect, create, intend far above them.
  • You know what you DO NOT want in your/our New World, and so, it will not be there.

Depending upon where you currently are within the long ascension Process (which energy ascension stair step you’re currently standing on), you will either be deep in the early intense phase of ascension symptoms and thinking you’re dying, and you are and it’s wonderful so just hang in there and know it will eventually ease up. Or you are further along within the Process and have already transmuted much within yourself, and therefore, the ascension symptoms are much less intense now. As it has been all along, this means that many people are still standing on a different stair step energetically within this Process.

Those of us who’ve been doing our Inner House Cleaning ascension transformational Work for the past ten years or so now, are standing farther along on our energy stair steps at the beginning of 2010. This means we will be dealing with slightly different energies, responsibilities, consciousness and learning’s than the people who are deep within their Inner House Cleaning transformational phase of Inner Work. With the start of 2010, within the new separated world, some of us have reached the conscious creating and co-creating point finally meaning responsibility has reached a new higher level for sure.  I think during 2010 we’re going to get familiarized (again) with how consciously creating feels and works and get up-to-speed with what You/Me/WE want our New Higher World to look like and be. 2010 is the year for us to get our feet under us in our New World and get familiar with the many New Ways. (2011 however will take-off at a whole new level so we’ve got 2010 to get prepared and acquainted with being in a higher dimensional reality and body first.)

Another aspect of our reaching 2010 within the ascensions/dimensional shifting process, is that we absolutely have to get with the astrological Age of Aquarius and realize how mental (higher consciousness) it really is. Aquarius is an “Air” sign which means it is mental and has to do with consciousness (not intellect in a lower 3D polarized ego-based way) and our new more conscious connection to our Higher Selves; that Uranian wildcard energy that is like sudden enlightenment from On High. Sounds fun, sounds exciting, sounds like a lot of higher responsibility at a brand new-to-us level. We’re going to have to become much more conscious of our consciousness and what thoughts are wandering through our minds and hearts. Why? Because we could manifest them. Now that is 5D responsibility. Welcome to the fifth dimensional level of the Age of Aquarius.   

I know we’ve all got a lot more DNA and consciousness evolving coming throughout 2010. I get the sense that 2010 for some of us is about getting our feet back under us now that we’re completely in the New World. I sense 2010 will be a year of new and exciting energies/higher consciousness/DNA activations in preparation for the next 20 X faster increase coming in early 2011.  Happy New Year everyone and keep your Heart Consciousness on The New.

Denise Le Fay

January 1, 2010


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4 thoughts on “2010 To Do List

  • Hi Denise,

    This may be part of the ascension: I’m noticing many weird visions as soon as I close my eyes. It’s no longer so difficult to even “see” them anymore. There may be thought chatters here and there… but the visions keep being there. What’s different about these increasing “visions”… is that I’m not conjuring it up at all. A bit strange to me since I’m so used to daydreaming or creating new worlds.

    Is this all part of the process? Just curious… and Happy New year everyone. 😀

    • Hi Lou Ann,

      Yes I believe they are. Because our brains/consciousness/DNA/energy are all evolving so quickly now, we’re perceiving colors, energies, sounds, beings etc. that we couldn’t before. I know that this is only going to continue and increase and we will also have to adapt to experiencing linear “time” not being so linear but more quantum or spherical-like. In other words, we’re evolving quickly now, back into being multidimensionally aware and functioning beings. 3D was about perceiving ONLY one “reality”. Evolving energetically, consciously, beyond 3D means we’re going to be perceiving and interacting with “time” and ETs and energies etc. in 5D and even higher dimensional ways.

      Don’t worry too much about the weird things you see now and/or the things you hear. Besides what I said above, we’ve also been moving through numerous layers and levels of higher energies/space which is also causing many people to see/hear/feel unusual things, lights, sounds and so on. Some of these things we’re seeing/hearing are simply energies at much higher levels than we’re used to having been in isolated and polarized 3D and its matching consciousness. Other times what we’re seeing/hearing are other nonphysical lifeforms or beings that exist as light or energy. Another thing that I and my son (and I’m sure many people) have been experiencing for over ten years now is being able to see clearly with our eyes closed. Weird but sort of fun too. 😉

      Enjoy the wild ascension/evolution/dimensional shifting ride and all of the brain/DNA/consciousness/time changes that go along with it all.


  • Oh, what a yummyyummy new-year (gregorian…ugh, that old crusty structure of 3-D time measure!)breakfast of vowels and consonants you have dished up for us, dear Denise! Thank yoooooou! And I will add to it the tasty condiments of ‘vibrant enthusiasm’, ‘playful improvisation’, ‘curious navigation’ and ‘sweet smiling children’s songs’ that jingle while you walk…….

    Songs like:
    I love you, and you love me and we love just the same!
    This little light of mine! I’m gonna let it shine!
    Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow!

    I find that when we’re boldly creative and playful, we hyper-speed-up the multi-d ‘anchoring’ process. Then the re-wiring of our high-hearts can happen in an instant, in open laughter and play!

    And I think we need to dream up some ‘New Earth’ Folly-Days on the new calendar, opportunities for us to link up energetically together and celebrate, really have some fun!

    I’m so very excited, curious, and delighted about weaving our colourful tapestries on this extraordinary Loom of Light. Mighty Blessings, Everyone!

    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {ESPAVO!}-:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

    • Tieshla,

      Oh that was wonderful! Made me smile, made me giggle, thank you for that. 😀

      And I couldn’t agree more that WE should create a few New High Holidays for our New Us and World. 😉 Please feel free to list some more suggestions for us all if you’d like. It is a good way for all of us to get used to creating/working/playing together in New Ways now.

      Hugs & Gratitude Dear One,

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