Deh Debowl Es In Da Church

This post goes along with an old one entitled, “Too Many Computies In Da Sky”. They both were inspired by a Hispanic man who does gardening and landscaping around town. To look at him, one would never guess, never suspect, that he is a wise and insightful soul who easily sees and senses vastly deeper and higher than the more typical “normal” folks.

Today he stopped at my house to ask if I needed any yard work done, and as is often the case, he said something unrelated to gardening and then so did I and that allowed the conversation to expand to another higher and more real level between us both. Don’t you love it when that happens? He asked me if I was going to church for X-Mas and I made an ugly, repellent facial gesture, shook my head no, and tapped my chest over my heart and then my Brow chakra and told him that was where my “church” was. His eyes lit-up and he smiled widely and excitedly agreed that he felt exactly the same.

After he knew how I felt about “church” and all of that, he did this truly great move. He quickly glanced around over both of his shoulders to see if anyone else was close enough to possibly hear what he was about to say to me. I smiled softly and waited for the incoming bomb of LIGHT that I sensed was coming. He leaned in closer to me, and with that heavy and marvelous accent said, “Deh Debowl Es In Da Church!”

I laughed out loud and told him he was 100% correct. He then proceeded to tell me about how the different churches he has gone to in hopes of finding something or someone actually vibrating higher—housed nothing but people who were/are swindled by the churches for as much money as possible. Nothing new here as it has always cost plenty to get into their heaven! He also told me stories about how, “Deh Debowl in da churches wantz to control deh pepolez!” I wholeheartedly agreed again and said that the governments do this too, to which he thoroughly agreed.

In those few minutes of he and I talking at my back door, we were very much in our own personal higher, inner church of self- responsibility and empowerment and he enjoyed as much as I did, seeing another person who was awake and standing alone in their personal power and fully responsibility.

In contrast, I had another Hispanic man, a “Handyman” do some work for me last week. He was a very nice and polite man and was far more educated (and clean and better dressed) than the gardener man. He however was a very religious man and was nothing like the dirty, uneducated gardener. The contrast between these two men was interesting and I’m sure you all have encountered this same type of thing many times yourselves.

The uneducated and always dirty gardener was one of us—an awakened soul who wasn’t buying any of the lower vibrating negativity in any of it many forms because he could see, feel, and knew for himself what was really going on. The second man, who was very clean and obviously well-educated and polite, was the polar opposite; he was totally disempowered and had willingly handed over all of his personal power to a religious belief system because—he told me this himself—believes he is totally worthless and god is everything and the only one who does any “good” and should get everything including all the praise blah, blah, blah. Sigh…

On that note I’m going to use Steve Rother and his group’s old Lemurian term, “ESPAVO“. ESPAVO is, according to “the group”, an ancient Lemurian saying that means “Thank you for taking your power.”

Denise Le Fay

December 17, 2009

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10 thoughts on “Deh Debowl Es In Da Church

  • thank you for your response, denise. i was baptised twice, once for my atheistic Irish ex-catholic’s family and once for my Norwegian grandmother, and the latter’s husband was an atheist in life but also a freemason. i have heard that this particularly mean one is him and possibly my grandma too, though in life she was christian but very tolerant of good folks (like her husband) who were not.

    i was raised methodist but never took to christianity, which never made sense to me, with hell and all. in college once i was approached by a christian and tried attending church once or twice but everyone there seemed like a robot and it all gave me the creeps.

    i have tried every possible attitude (arguing over and over, night after night), spiritual approach…i’ve traveled to workshops and conferences where i’m told i have no negative entities attached to me…see a spiritual therapist who does Soul Memory Discovery and we’ve tried all sorts of things over the last two years. well that’s a summary…it has been a long, hard process and still is.

    just before this two-year “psychotic break” hit (though i never actually cracked up, talk about the hell realms!), i was doing yoga, painting, composing and playing piano, had a beautiful garden that i had made, etc….went to a few Gangaji retreats and found a blissful way to connect to the Divine through my heart…and felt full of love all the time. and before that i was a writer/editor who suddenly couldn’t write or read books anymore, just short articles…a long story…my writing work dried up and that’s when i turned to colors and sound…
    so very, very, very weird.

    i do want to read your book when it comes out!

    i have printed out your answer to comfort me….thank you…love, karina

  • has anyone else been tortured by interdimensional/4D “christians”? i’ve been horribly tormented by them at night for years, and especially for the last two years. it’s like a “haunting” as well, in that things happen in my life (painful loss of pets, etc.) and i’m given horrible migraines and told things like, “you’ll suffer like this for the rest of your miserable life if you do not accept your lord and savior.” on and on and on…..there are good Oneness voices too who say that this has been lightwork and will end at the end of the year. a few days…..we’ll see.

    i’ve barely survived.

    thank you for this website, denise. at least i know others are having the nightly vibrations and such…

    • Hi karina and I’m glad you’ve found TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I haven’t experienced what you’ve described astrally/4D/forth dimensionally with religious crap…certainly in 3D however. Seriously, this sounds horrible! From what you’ve said it does sound like a “haunting”. Have you had any relatives/friends/anyone who died a few years ago that was hard-core christian? If not, and you can’t think of anyone, living or dead, who might be doing this or trying to send a psychic message to you, then I think it’s time for you stop this insane shit…pardon my French.

      Because I’m not and never have been a “religious” person, I’m fairly free from any of their distortions and BS. Of course there is the planetary Collective that does believe in religions, distortions and all, that I pick up on as we all do. So, if you personally don’t have any earlier religious/christian belief systems that you let go of a long time ago, then it sounds like you’re being messed with from the astral/4D/archetypal realm. I have had this experience many, many times however. I suggest that twice a day – morning and evenings – you set intentions around you, your room, your entire house if need be, that NOTHING lower/negative/hurtful etc. can enter into your space. And that means physical space, etheric space, sleep time/astral space, and so on. You are drawing an invisible energy line in the invisible sand and (if you know how to correctly draw energy pentagrams do that too to the 4 directions) stating that NOTHING vibrating lower may come into your space, your energy fields, your room, or bother you while you’re asleep and out-of-body and/or dreaming etc.

      You have got to kick some ass at the energetic/astral level and put a stop to this. I’ve been hassled like this too for years in the past and it is so brutal and negative. It will be over soon, but you can speed the process up by taking more of your own power back and fighting and not allowing any lower energies/consciousness to even come into your space. If I may have sounded a bit harsh in this, it was ONLY because I’ve been beaten, attacked, brutalized repeatedly in years past by nonphysical, lower negative entities. All of this is in my new book which will be on the market within a few weeks now. My anger was not directed at you karina at all, but at the shit you’ve endured. Be strong and fight back and tell it to fuck off now! 😉

      And remember that what is dying right now is these Piscean Age religions and the patriarchy that ran them and the majority of the masses through them. We’re evolving/ascending which means we’re moving vibrationally beyond these old, lower frequencies…and they don’t like it and are fighting and trying to grab onto anyone…like a drowning person going down for the last time.


  • Amen Amen Amen Amen!

    I would like to add something here…. about a recent topic about gays going to an Underground Church in Jamaica.

    Almost everyone bashed left, right, front and centre about how it’s not ethically right… that God wouldn’t allow such sinful “Sodom and Gomorra” nonsense … that this god created Adam and Eve… not Adam and Steve… etc, etc…

    I kept shedding light in the forum by challenging the usual homophobic beliefs about this god… that they’re referring to the King James’ version of the Bible… and that THAT Bible is highly distorted and filled with fear.

    O well I did try. Doesn’t hurt to change the ripples in the water… but again I’m learning to let that go and just be. Sooner or later Love is all there is anyway.

    Cheers to all
    Lou Ann

  • hi – know what you mean about feeling ill in church – there is so much negative stuff etc in those places left around waiting to leap on anyone that’s light enough to deal with it – and always seem full of geopathic stress too – even knowing that and what most of the church-goers are like i still occasionally go – do my bit to clear it all – etc etc – sing a hymmn – funny places churches – i agree with denise about the system though – they have NO idea! and are mostly very fearful people – Amen to all the lovely “grubby gardeners” of the world –

  • Hi Denise,

    What a wonderful encounter, I can feel how great this was for you my friend 🙂

    Love and hugs,


    • Stu,

      Nothing, nothing makes me happier than seeing other people’s minds and hearts expand beyond The Box. 😀 It is just the best imo.


  • AMEN!

    P.S. When I was young, I used to get physically ill just before church. Parents would not believe me thinking I was faking it so I didn’t have to go (but made me anyway) –but I truly was feeling ill. We just have to learn to listen to what our bodies (and hearts) are telling us (and our children).

    Have a wonderous awaking, Denise!

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