More Blue & Lemurian Connections


1. Artist unknown – Krishna

2. Artist Phyllis Furphy –  from

3. James Cameron’s movie Avatar

I wanted to point out what has been unfolding in a typically multidimensional, Extraterrestrial, and Ascended Human sort of way recently. I saw the last maybe ten minutes of Ophra’s show the other day with James Cameron who created Avatar. I didn’t see or hear enough to get a better sense of his movie, but I did catch them talking about how they’ll look at trees differently now. Sounds silly, but just that is a biggie for most folks.

Remember my recent article You Had ET Sex With Who?!,  and in it I used some beautiful artwork of blue skinned Krishna? Read through the wonderful Comments in that post to please as they are very insightful. I and some other readers were talking in those Comments about an ET or group of ETs with pale blue-tinted skin and blue-black hair. I may have also mentioned about the ancient ET Lion Beings I’ve remembered for many years now. [See a beautiful  illustration of a male and female ET Lion Being in A Lightworker’s Mission.] And, added to all this has been a bit of talk here n’ there about ancient Lemuria. So, lets add these seemingly weird and unrelated ingredients together and see if anything interesting reveals itself in our here and now.

  • Other-dimensional blue skinned ET beings—who have been making more contact with people both awake and asleep
  • Other-dimensional ancient ET Lion beings
  • Original Lemuria
  • The New Earth or new higher world we’re getting more settled into now
  • The release of the movie Avatar which sounds rather like a mix of the above elements

I haven’t seen the movie Avatar yet so I can’t say much about it other than the short promo clips I’ve seen on TV.  The first time I saw the blue feline-like being in it I burst into tears, which isn’t something I do all that much anymore. But, my point with all this is that when I wrote the post You Had ET Sex With Who?!, and then all of your deeply interesting Comments and personal stories of interacting with one or another of these blue skinned ET beings (who sometimes appear to certain people as Krishna), as a higher vibrating (Aquarian) Group we all hit a higher energy level just talking/writing about this topic and our personal experiences. That is often one of many clues that you and some of the people involved, have all connected on a similar vibrational level AND some Starbeings/ETs were also involved with this, with us. Don’t forget how that felt and how it unfolded over a few days with many of us through Comments here and through emails. Familiarizing yourself with how that multidimensional process, contact and many coincidences unfolded and felt will help you better consciously recognize when you are indeed having contact and communications with higher dimensional Starbeings/ETs.

As more of us Group (5D Aquarius) together in these new Earth cyber Communities and open to each other about our interdimensional and ET experiences, these Starbeings/ETs are often nearby watching and working with all of us in unique ways. I’ve seen this play out like this many times over the years, and we’re getting much better now at holding the higher energies within us and our consciousness/Heart consciousness open for longer and longer periods safely. That is us inching our way toward Universal Society now, and I suspect the movie Avatar is only going to speed up that process AND open people’s hearts more for a deep desire to live in a world very Lemurian-like now.

Denise Le Fay

January 20, 2010

4 thoughts on “More Blue & Lemurian Connections

  • Wow, Denise… I never cease to be amazed…. I just did a search for “positive orions” on Google. This particular column came up as the #6 entry, so of course I had to click on it first! It seems that you have written on simply EVERYTHING!!! I say this because more often than not, when I think up some combination of words that I am interested in (like “positive orions”) you have written on it and it comes up in my search.

    Why was I looking for “positive orions”? Well, you may recall that I have a connection to Orion as a constellation – I am still concerned that he is in the “wrong place” this winter – anyway, I was talking with my brother last night about the constellation – he too has had a strong connection to the constellation over the years (I think it comes from our Mom who first pointed it out to us on a camping trip – I wish I could ask her now about her connection!). He also thinks the constellation is 1) in the wrong place 2) very important but he doesn’t know/understand why 3) contains something important that is “coming” to earth and soon. All of this kind of surprised me because I have thought of my brother as being — well — uninformed. Seems he is intuiting some things.

    I am trying to piece together some ideas to discuss with him, because I believe he is on an ascension path without information — not trying to proselytize! just trying to have some common ground for discussions with him.

    Anyway, thank you once again for this wonderful resource at TRANSITIONS!

    Oh, and I love you too! 🙂


  • Hi Denise and blog readers,

    I like many have seen Avatar, and had a pretty good idea this film was going to be special. Then Barbara Hand Clow talks about it in her latest astro flash (Denise has printed that a few blogs down).

    I was truly blown away by it, the higher energies running through it are obvious to see. The look and feel of the film is jaw dropping beautiful. I sat with a ‘knowing’ grin on my face! To really appreciate the film and fully experience and immerse yourself in it, watch it in 3-D 🙂

    Avatar is more than a film, it’s a vision of hope and what the new earth will (I was going to say ‘could’, but let’s get positive and manifest this!) look like in the near future……

    I’m going to see it again with my Dad next week, and maybe a third time as well!
    Anyone would think I liked the film! 😉 LOL

    Love and hugs,


    • Just wanted to share with everyone that I had the extraordinary pleasure of participating recently in an international conference call with Physicist
      -:¦:- Nassim Haramein -:¦:- and wanted to share this juicy tid-bitty:

      Recent Soho Probe images taken of the Sun reveal spherical objects THE SIZE OF THE EARTH AND JUPITER, hovering VERY close to the Sun, moving in erratic patterns unlike the ‘comets’ NASA claimed these objects to be when they were first detected years ago.

      If you’re familiar with Nassim’s wonderfully rich work, you know that he’s extremely well researched and studied in the history of Ancient Civilizations. His theory on these objects connects to his well-developed idea that the Sun is actually an inter-dimensional black hole through which the Ancient ‘Sun Gods’ passed through with their crafts/ vehicles. Nassim also suggests that we have black holes on the earth, (and mini-balck holes in our bodies) in the form of our volcanoes which tend to be areas on the planet with an extraordinarily HIGH INCIDENT of UFO sitings…..

      So, these enormous ‘spherical objects’ the size of the Earth and Jupiter which are now hovering around our flaring Sun are something to ponder. 🙂

      Also, the recent solar-flare activity is connected to the reversal of the Sun’s magnetic poles every 11 years, and we’re gearing up for another Solar Magnetic Pole flip in 2012 (of course!) The flares will only continue with intensity until then.

      Hang on!!!!

      • Tieshla,

        Thanks very much for this info and link and perfect timing too. At this moment I’m throwing together a post, Solar/Light Transmissions and will have it done and published in an hour or so. It’s all about the Feb. 2010 solar Light energies currently being broadcast to humanity/earth now – a whole new level of DNA activations now that we’ve reached Phase Two.


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