Starbeings/ETs Different Appearances

Fig. 3.5. Ancient ET Bird Beings from A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010) by Denise Le Fay, artwork by Yasmeen Harper.

John recently asked me about the differences in some Starbeings and ETs appearances so I thought I’d share what I know about this topic. [See A Lighworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution for some Starbeings/ET illustrations and portraits and many of my physical and interdimensional experiences with some of Them]

I think some people get confused with this topic because they’re more used to physicality and people and animals not changing physically, other than aging. From what I’ve experienced, seen, and remembered many higher dimensional nonphysical beings—Starbeings and ETs—evolve to a point where they can intentionally appear in many forms depending upon whom they are interacting with, where and why. See, even trying to discuss this topic will require people to use different aspects of their consciousness and get themselves outside of third dimensional linear time. To talk about this much more accurately we’ve got to go multidimensional and use our multidimensional awareness. It’s easier than you’d think so let go and let’s go.

In my past life in Egypt at the beginning of the Age of Leo (12,600 B.C.), the three Starbeings that I (and many of you reading this) knew there were really nonphysical beings from three different dimensions and three different stellar systems; 8D Orion, 6D Sirius, and 5D Pleiades. They were not naturally physical any more than you and I are. They down-stepped their higher dimensional energies and vehicles (bodies) to the point that they could become physical and manifest within third dimensional Earth physicality back then. When they were finished (just like the Mayans), they simply increased their energies back up vibrationally to what was more familiar and “normal” to them and disappeared from the lower, slower third dimension (Earth) vibratory field. Volume up/volume down, slow down/speed up vibrationally is all this is really about and with us ascending back into Universal Society now and over the next years, we all will be learning how this one works across the cosmic board with many different dimensional Starbeings/ETs/Lightbeings etc. (All this is much the same as the Ascension Process where we, our consciousness and body vehicles have been energetically evolving and speeding up via greatly increased amounts of Light we’ve been embodying.)

In other words, certain Starbeings/ETs will appear one way to us within 3D Earth physicality (and I’m talking about prior to our Ascension Process and dimensional shifting) if they too take on actual bodies or vehicles to be in this dimension with us, such as my 12,600 B. C. past life memory. In A Lightworker’s Mission I included three portraits of these three Starbeings from Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades as they appeared in that physical past life at that time. I also included two other portraits of other-dimensional Starbeings that appeared in that same past life, BUT, as they existed at that time within their own nonphysical, higher dimensional stellar homes. These two particular portraits are of a male and female Lion Being couple from nonphysical 6D Sirius at that time. I suspect they too have evolved beyond those Lion body vehicles that I saw in 12,600 B. C. The other book illustration is of another super ancient Starbeing race of Bird-headed Beings (the image above). And again, I would suspect that many (not all, but many) of those Bird Beings have since evolved into different vehicles or bodies at this point.

I’ve intimately known a 6D Sirian who down-stepped his normal vibratory rate enough to be able to manifest and  physically live and work within ancient 3D Egypt, and he looked (in 12,600 B.C.) like a rather unique and intense human with dark copper hair and pure green eyes. On the other hand, I’ve clairvoyantly seen some different sixth dimensional (6D) Starbeings/ETs that looked only like sacred geometric shapes and other strange energy patterns, and not humanoid, or Lion Beings at all while I was traveling within the sixth dimension. So you see, it all depends upon where one (you and/or Them) is dimensionally as to what appropriate body or vehicle a Starbeing/ET (you and I) will be using in the different dimensions. And to add to the complexity of this, is the fact that most all nonphysical, higher dimensional evolved beings can and do “shape shift” or more accurately, manifest in whatever external appearance that they feel would affect us in the best way at that exact moment. If they are trying to teach us something, they will either appear one way for us at that time, or they will downplay or cover or hide some aspect of themselves so that we don’t fixate or obsess on their appearance. They also use this ability to appear differently to us if needed to help trigger or teach or shock or activate something within us at the time. You’d do the same thing to drive a point home to someone (especially a Starseed/Wanderer Lightworker) you were trying to teach or help to remember something important.

For me to help trigger some of you reading this to better grasp multidimensionality, think of humans within the third dimension. You know what we look like and how we move etc. Now think of when humans die or exit 3D physicality and how “they” seemingly appear, now that they’re not in 3D anymore in a physical vehicle. Dead humans can appear to us as ghosts that still resemble their old physical bodies/faces. They can also appear to us as not resembling what they looked like at all while they were in 3D. They can appear to us as “orbs” of only light and energy, or mists of energy, colors of light  flashing or moving, dark masses of energy, and so on.

Depending upon which dimension our consciousness is tightly focused in on, and especially if we have also projected an aspect of our SELF into it, then we AND the Starbeings/ETs will typically appear in a matching vehicle (body) to the realm or dimension we are within at that time. When in Rome. 😉 See how much more fun and creative multidimensionality and multidimensional consciousness is? Does reentering Universal Society make a bit more sense now that we’ve ascended vibrationally and shifted dimensionally out of 3D?  How exciting!


January 23, 2010

gold hammered copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS 2010. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this article so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice are included.

5 thoughts on “Starbeings/ETs Different Appearances

  • Hello Denise! I hope you get this message. I know this post is from 2010 so we shall see!

    I was reading one of your most recent posts last night and something kept catching my preferential vision and I noticed that there was a video that plays over and over with your artwork. It kept diverting my attention so I clicked the pause button so I could keep reading without being distracted. So I went back to reading the article and after I was done, I happened to look back at the now paused video of your artwork and it was stopped at something that totally got my attention. It was the drawing of the symbols of the Orion, Sirius and Pleiades.

    On the palms of my hands I have beauty marks that for a long time I wondered if they had any meaning to them. On and off I would look at them wondering but it had been a while up to this point. On my left palm below my thumb I have what looks to me like the symbol of Sirius (the sun shape) and on my right palm under my thumb I have the Pleiades symbol (the triangle with sun beams).

    I’m just curious to know, in all your wonderful wisdom and knowledge, if this might have some meaning to it. Could this mean that I have a higher aspect of myself that is from Sirius and one from the Pleiades and their just showing me our connection? or maybe these are the energies I am working with while I Am here to assist in helping heal humanity and the earth as a Lightworker?

    hummm …????

    if you at have anything that strikes you with this by all means I would love to hear your insights!!

    thank you Denise! and keep on keeping on! I love what you do, how you do it, and for all the reasons that your doing it!

    Love and Learn!

    Cherîe Hebert in Ontario, Cananda

  • This is so interesting! Because I’ve had three guides that somehwat look alike. The first one looks like an average human being in his 30’s, the second one is a Pleiadian, the last one looks like an angelic being in human form. They are all male, blond and in their 30’s. Especially the eyes of the first guide and angelic guide are so alike that I’ve been wondering if this human form was only a temporary masquerade so I would feel more comfortable, but in actually they are one and the same? None of my guides have confirmed this yet, but it’s been on my mind lately: who are you guys/guides really! 😀

    • Blue Pixel,

      These 3 beings may, may be different aspects of the one same being, just like you’re starting to suspect. Here’s another mind blower to consider; they all may be nonphysical aspects of YOU at other levels, dimensions, and stages of being and learning etc. 😉 We’re so much more than we remember…yet, and that “We are all ONE” business starts looking and feeling very different when your consciousness starts expanding like this.


  • Awesome this makes things much clearer. I’d love to chat with you about these things because I have so many questions

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