As You Know, the “Second Coming” is Us

heart icons 12 As usual there will be Stair-steps with this phase of the 2013 winter Solstice and winter quarter Ascension Process for the Forerunners of the Forerunners, the Forerunners, and so on. Think of this just like the “First Wavers”, the “Second Wavers”, and the “Third Wave” groups at the start of the Ascension Process a couple of decades ago. A very few will be activated on the 2013 winter Solstice just as a very few were on the 2012 winter Solstice that transcended physicality at that time. This December a ready few will be activated at the 2013 winter Solstice, a few more will be during the rest of December, and more in January 2014, and more and more will be throughout the winter quarter months and even more beyond that. Stair-steps, always stair-steps so we transmute/embody/transcend slowly, carefully, safely and incrementally so we don’t blow a fuse and/or destroy the body.

In my earlier article The 12 Labors, I talked about this phase of the Ascension Process for the Forerunners and how I’d perceived that many (not all but many) will need one full year–from the 2013 September Equinox to the 2014 September Equinox–to physically, incrementally live this phase of embodying more into the physical body. There are multiple reasons for this Stair-step approach or activation process but it’s always about doing it safely and only when one is able.

heart icons 16 2012 & 2013 Higher Messages to “WAIT”

Another aspect of all this that some of the Forerunners of the Forerunners have also been experiencing throughout 2012 and 2013, is that of your Higher Self and/or your Ascension Guides and/or On High occasionally informing you — ‘Wait, not yet…’

And so, some of the Forerunners of the Forerunners have repeatedly had to wait because no matter how badly we wanted to get to the next phase, we were informed multiple times over the past two years to hold up and wait. We understand, but after a while it does have a tendency to occasionally make one nuts with Ascension Process “cabin fever”. This repeated aligning and preparation business is incredibly important and things happen exactly when they’re supposed to. So, we’ve waited some more which makes this next part all the more humorous.

heart icons 3 The Entertainment Section

Because I know there are scant few who would publicly admit this, I want to share something personal I feel many may also have been dealing with besides me, especially since 9-21-13. From one point of view it’s rather ridiculous, but from a few other levels it makes sense. Some of us are so close now to the “really great stuff starting” that why not have a laugh or two over the silly contortions (aka distractions, procrastinations) some of us (me) have put ourselves through right up to this long-awaited start point of finally embodying so much MORE.

Since September 21, 2013 Equinox I’ve unexpectedly been in an ongoing process of having to quickly releasing certain people, certain things, and also every project (aka distractions, procrastinations) on my late 2013 To Do List. Some of this releasing has been wholly my doing because I could easily feel and know that I HAD to do this now and the sooner the better for all involved. In other cases however, this much-needed releasing has been placed on me from On High (and thank you ever so much On High for doing it and greatly helping me ❤ ).

These divine interventions I’ve been repeatedly experiencing in different ways since 9-21-13 but like crazy all of December so far, have come in the form of being stopped every single time I’ve tried to do something — something like start writing a third book; like find a plumber to install something that needs replacing; like hire someone to paint my backyard fence; like get the oil changed in the car; like figure out “Obama Care” and what/where/with who and how much is it going to cost me etc. Lots of that type of stuff.

Every time I’ve tried to start one of these many physical “Doing” projects during this 2013 fall quarter, and especially in December, there’s been all sorts of crazy derailments, distractions (of other people and myself) and me getting nowhere with any of them. When this business went to the ridiculous extreme that it had to because — well, we’ll get to the why of my silly actions next — that’s when it finally dawned on me that I wasn’t supposed to be “Doing” these physical projects now. I finally realized that I am the Project that needs to be dealt with now, not anything else. Me, not the fence getting painted, not the car oil changed, not finding a handyman or plumber but ME because I am the Project. You are the Project, not the Christmas holidays, not family or anything else, just YOU, just ME. On High says ‘No pressure though, just a reality check and a quick reminder to get your priorities sorted out dearest.’  Thank you yet again for this much-needed redirect and reminder On High. ❤

Once I realized what I was doing I had to honestly look at why I was doing it and now of all times! And know that no one was more surprised by what I discovered than myself. My birthday is December 23rd so every winter Solstice is conjunct my Sun/sense of “self”. So why after 62 brutal years of living as a First Waver Volunteer from minute-one, and working towards what’s about to begin for some, why oh why would I get myself tangled up with and distracted by all the silly physical “Doings” that I’d created for myself in my 2013 fall quarter To Do List? Why in the universe would I feel it more important to say to Source/God/Divinity/Evolution/My Higher Self, ‘Wait! I’ve got to do the laundry first.’ ‘Wait! I’ve got to paint the fence first.’ ‘Wait! I’ve got to write another book first.’ ‘Wait! I’ve got to hire a plumber first.’  🙄

I won’t bore you with the silly personal reasons I discovered in myself but just say that even those of us who’ve been at this Ascension Process for decades can become so habituated with the “Doing” and hammering out the Divine Work in the physical that we volunteered to do, that when the time finally arrives for us to lay down our old tools and “give it all up to God” as the saying goes and become MORE of us, become the “second coming”, some of us might be encountering a tad bit of personal hesitation. Utterly ridiculous I know but there it is for some of us now. However, thanks to utter exhaustion, unrelenting physical pains and many years of personal experience doing this it’s become very easy to quickly let go of, release, surrender, open and “BE” instead of “Do” and let the Ascension Process continue unfolding in and through us.

Just because this “Denise” version hasn’t done this before doesn’t mean that I won’t immediately recognize the incoming payday enhancements because I know I will. I know you will too because it will be so blessedly familiar–it will be “Home” again. But, to discover that some small inner part of me (and possibly you) has been recently saying ‘WAIT a second here!’ to the heavens at this particular phase of the Ascension Process is a bit of a mind-blower to me. I never would have expected this from myself and yet, that’s what I’ve found myself doing a few times lately. Even at divine monumental moments such as these we’re in now, some of us momentarily freak and need to “WAIT” to have one more good look around first.  😉

hearthands Dreaming While Awake

This is unrelated to the above material but I’ve wanted to mention this for a while and kept forgetting.

Remember many years ago when you first discovered that you could still see the room you were in even though your eyes were closed? Even though it was pitch-black and you couldn’t see in the dark with your eyes open or closed… but suddenly you could see in the dark and with your eyes closed to boot!? That’s another one of the growing list of Ascension Process higher abilities that’s pretty handy. Another one of them is what I’ve forgotten to mention — the ability to dream while you’re wide awake.

I’m not talking about “daydreaming” but actual dreaming that’s always been done when you were deep asleep. We’ve evolved to the point where the levels of waking consciousness and frequency, and sleeping consciousness and frequency are so close together within us now that we can literally dream while we’re both asleep and awake.

I can’t remember exactly when I first discovered I was doing this but it’s been a few years now. But, in late 2013 this ability to dream while I’m awake has progressed greatly and quickly become another “normal” NEW ability. There are many more of these types of NEW higher multidimensional abilities we’re all going to have, but dreaming while awake is great fun. Multidimensional multitasking!


December 16, 2013

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“Gimme Three Steps…”

1) Since the 2010 fall Equinox I’ve noticed that the fall quarter of each year (September Equinox through December Solstice) has greatly amplified negativity like there’s a big rush and push to the end of the year each year by what’s left of Team Dark in this world and timeline. And from their point of view it has been one big rush every fall quarter to grab (‘Smash & Grab’) as many and as much as they can before it all, before we all, disappear entirely from their influences and ability to reach us or even See us.

Like the negativity that’s still here and functioning in and through whoever it can in whatever ways it can, it goes into hyper mode during the last three months of the year (every year since 2010) in a great hurried and desperate attempt to cause as much individual and collective confusion, fear, doubt, personal self-doubt, emotional and mental pain, distraction, derailment and so on as absolutely possible. Unfortunately it’s been working every year since I first noticed in 2010, and this 2013 fall quarter has been even worse than 2012 which is really something when you think about it. But, as with all things including this, the important focal-point should be on why.

Having said that let’s next look at this same “phenomena” from the opposite direction (Duality) and see what it looks like from there.

2) From this opposite perspective I’d say that each fall quarter–certainly since 2010–have been tremendously amplified, accelerated, and highly compressed. This is true because we, humanity and earth, are rushing towards the next upcoming winter Solstice and we all know what a kicker it is each year, especially since 2010. We know that each winter Solstice brings in more NEW energies that require further inner work for each of us no matter where we are individually within this ongoing Ascension Process. We know that both the summer and winter Solstices bring in loads of energies and energetic pressures that cause huge change to/in/for each of us to live through, embody, adjust to, learn from and be permanently changed for the better by. Despite this being difficult, painful, stressful and highly uncomfortable on multiple levels it’s very “positive” in that the Solstice energies pressure and push each of us to continue evolving, embodying, and expanding ourselves and our consciousness.

Now lets look at these two Dualized perspectives from that all-important and seemingly magical higher third point or unified level and see what we can.

3) Number 1 tells us that the “negative” Dark dogs are still on our heels in late 2013, barking and howling and trying to maul us to bits via whatever methods still work on us. Same old Team Dark tactics. Read anything or watched any videos packed full of disinformation, distortions, BS and general lack of truth(s) and any higher awareness lately? There’s been plenty of these things all over the place especially during the 2013 fall quarter.

Number 2 tells us that more “positive” NEW energies are about to be delivered via the winter Solstice and that we need to deal with whatever it is we each need to now so that we’re empty or cleared some more so we can comfortably embody the NEW incoming energies that the winter Solstice will deliver.

Number 3 is both numbers 1 and 2 and more and is called by many Unity or Unity Consciousness, Triality or Trinity frequency or as I prefer, HighHeart Consciousness because it is all of these things and more.

Number 3 doesn’t become trapped, distracted or derailed in either the number 1 energies, dramas, BS, distractions, lies, misinformation, egoic slings and arrows from other people etc. Neither does number 3 become trapped, obsessive, distracted or derailed by the ongoing need of the number 2 energies to do further inner work, futher inner/outer change(s), further physical, emotional, mental pains caused by the latest energetic event(s). Number 3 takes numbers 1 and 2 and Alchemically transmutes them into what number 3 is which is a frequency that exists above and beyond numbers 1 and 2. And, this is you and me living this ongoing Alchemical Ascension Process and learning more and more from continuing to do so. This is you and me incrementally evolving beyond the Duality of old (and the Team Dark players seen and unseen) and doing it energetic Stair-step by energetic Stair-step and steadily becoming more adept with the overall Process.

People who know me and my writings know I’ve been preaching the mandatory Higher Awareness ability of discernment for years. I’ve been trying to make readers understand the absolute necessity of being able to discern people, Team Light, Team Dark, information, channeled material, the humans channeling the material, information from other dimensions as told to you and/or someone else by a nonphysical being and/or dead human etc. In other words, discern everything. Doing so should be a natural automatic ability each of us uses just as we do with our other sensory tools and levels of perception. If you constantly remain in and always perceive “reality” from your rational mind/intellect/left brain, you’ll never be able to energetically discern anything or anyone because to do so requires higher frequency tools of awareness and perception than the mind/intellect.

Being able to discern people and their energies instantly allows you to know from a higher level of perception if they’re lying or not; if they’re being used by human or nonhuman Team Dark; if they’re still dealing with some lower ego issue(s); if they’re actions are due to a fear over something like money or income etc.; if they’re mentally and/or emotionally imbalanced; if they have an agenda that they’ve worked hard to hide from their readers etc. Wouldn’t you like to be able to live and function from that level of higher perception and personal knowing?

Every month it’s getting easier for more and more people to see, to sense, feel and know who is honestly walking their talk and who isn’t but is just preaching the material and working hard on sounding right, looking right, and saying the correct words and terms. As many have said over the years, the more Light there is here now, the less places there are for the Dark to hide.’ The BS, lies, distortions, misinformation and lack of higher awareness and truth con jobs aren’t working on more and more people finally. It still is however on far too many people but this too is about those Stair-steps and each of us standing on different ones at different times. Stay in the higher frequency of that 3 or HighHeart unity energy and don’t get derailed or distracted by other people trying to sell you the distortions and lies they’ve bought into about whatever. Hold the higher frequency; keep your eyes on The Path before you; stay in your HighHeart; ignore the distractions on the sidelines doing their best to pull you and your focus their way. Do this and more and the upcoming 2013 winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere, summer Solstice in the Southern) won’t knock your feet out from under you as much.

The winter quarter (December 2013 Solstice to March 2014 Equinox) is I now sense, going to be one ongoing blast for the Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners and yet there’s going to be big “perks” like never before which will help take the sting out of all the shifting and embodying we’ll continue doing during that quarter. I’ll write more about this plus the months up to the 2014 fall Equinox in other articles. For now, continue doing your homework which is what gets you closer to Home.

Heart Hugs,


December 9, 2013

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