Some Transitional NEW Year Discomforts

3d-photonic-1024x640.jpg  Throughout 2016, many experienced an increase in different types of phenomena that was related to our now constant movement into and embodying higher frequency Light energies. At this point it doesn’t matter much to me where exactly these higher frequency Light energies are coming from—the Milky Way GC, other galaxies, our Sun, transmitted to and through our Sun from other locations, other dimensions etc. They’re all caused by natural, automatic evolution and at this point within the Ascension Process I just want to move through each phase and level as best I can, with the least amount of drooling possible. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention, although there has been occasional drooling in past years when things got extra severe.  euw  I don’t have a burning desire or need to know from which specific quadrant of Creation these energies are coming from at this point within the Ascension Process; they all originate from Source and their singular purpose is to push everything and everyone into evolving. Some of us don’t need or want to dissect this spiritual evolutionary “Shopping List”, but just live it as decently as we can in each moment.

Some of this increased phenomena many of us have experienced throughout 2016, has greatly increased and gotten even more unusual and other worldly during this Zero Zone transition from 2016 (9 energies at a lower frequency level) into 2017 (1 energies in a higher level). We knew this particular shift was a big and important one for many reason that have been covered last year, but I doubt most were really prepared for the weird, surreal factor that it’s been and continues to be. That famous old line from the TV Star Trek series automatically plays in my head during those moments when I question where exactly I am — ‘…to boldly go where no man has gone before.’  Right, we’re going where no one has before, not exactly like we now are and it’s okay to get momentarily lost in space and time and have different symptoms and side effects from doing so.

Speaking of it being okay to have side effects from ongoing evolution. I’m so unimpressed with people who shame other people for experiencing Ascension symptoms and side effects. I understand why some people haven’t and aren’t experiencing Ascension symptoms but I don’t need to demean, insult or shame them for not having them. Really? For god sake it’s 2017. One more time for any in the cheep seats — discernment people.

The symptoms/side effects of this ongoing Living Alchemy Ascension Process have been intense for a good long while now and they won’t be ending any time soon now that we’re in 2017, so, haul your aching and sometimes confused and disoriented backside up these latest energy Stair-steps and acclimate. This is the routine, and after all these years and decades we’re old pro’s at this so just do it and take notes along the way if that helps you with it all. Validation and confirmation are always nice, but after two or three decades of doing this Oh Great Master of Light in disguise as a dumb-ass bumbling human, you know exactly what’s going on and why and that it hurts occasionally and why it hurts occasionally. Said with the utmost love, gratitude and respect. ❤

Here’s a bit from my latest mental note taking. Yes, being Conscious of Process has been a lifelong thing for me and I take mental notes especially when things get heavy-duty like they’ve been.

I can’t even remember if the inner ear ringing (the Vegas nerve vibrating from higher Light Energies affecting it and being embodied) started up again back in September or October but it’s been epic since November 2016 and it’s still going meaning we’re still “upgrading” like crazy in January 2017.

The head, skull, face, jaw, Brow chakra area business has also been very intense lately. So much so that I’ve had bouts of nausea caused by how badly the pains and pressures are inside my head from the Crown chakra above, down into my brain and multiple brain glands. There are, once again, some big evolutionary changes/improvements taking place in our heads, brains and specifically our brain glands.

Whenever my head and brain/brain glands go through these big “upgrades”, my physical eyes are always affected by it. They feel strange, hurt sometimes and are numb sometimes, which sounds weird but that’s how it often feels. They get dry and my physical vision becomes blurry while my Higher Vision becomes more clear, vast and complex. These two go together, which also sounds strange but there you go. Eventually the physical eyes acclimate to existing in greater higher frequency Light Energies and 7D Photonic Light and they too clarify and aren’t so dry and sore anymore… until the next energy Stair-step arrives that is and then we go through it all again.

The sense that the earth under my feet is shaking and/or just not being there in those old familiar ways has increased lately too. I’ll get to the recent amplification of actual physical earthquakes in a moment because they’re related and connected to our Ascension symptoms. These two go together because we’re symbiotic with earth/earth with us and what one goes through so too does the other of course.

I’ve had the strong feeling that the ground under my feet was shaking lately. I’ve also had this same sensation in my physical body — Inner Body vibrations — that have become so amplified lately it often feels like Inner Shaking. Personal inner “earthquakes” we could say, along with increased external physical earthquakes around the entire Pacific Ring.

There were a couple of weeks in late December 2016 into early January 2017 where the possibility for some very large magnitude earthquakes in multiple locations around the Pacific Ring was very high. But, thank gawd, for decades now there has been a higher dimensional crew that monitors and directs/redirects Ascension related earthquakes and energies in earth. Only when absolutely needed will these higher dimensional crews redirect those energies that must be released because they’re caused by the Ascension Process, to physical locations that will benefit from things being collapsed. Some incarnate Forerunners/Lightworkers have also done this type of energy work with earthquakes and storms primarily, by intentionally redirecting them to less populated areas to save lives. (Some Souls want to experience death via high drama earth changes. Other Souls want to experience death quietly with as little high drama as possible, and some Souls want to experience death via Ascending their physical body. Options, lots of creative options always. No right or wrong, just what a Soul needs for greater overall balance of experiences and personal wisdom.)

Increased dizziness goes along with these other side effects which often is so severe that it causes nausea too. More heart thumps, flutters, rolling movement sensations and pains in the center HighHeart chest area. Combine all this and include the patriarchy devouring itself while pounding its chest over it all and not knowing anything about anything other than greed; the earth repeatedly shaking and quaking around the Pacific Ring like it’s trying to birth something NEW; mass exodus of humans out of their physical bodies right up to the last day of the previous 9-yearlong cycle (2016); amplified Ascension side effects and traveling through the Zero Zone with nothing under your feet but a wing and a prayer—and who needs more than that anyway right?—and it has been something else lately just like we knew it would be. I promise it’s gonna get more exciting for all throughout 2017, in high and wonderful ways, and in OMG sorts of ways too at times. This is the death of the old happening under the building of the NEW all taking place simultaneously. Aren’t you glad you started all that central nervous system Rewiring all those years ago? Our brains would shoot out our noses now if we hadn’t over all this profound compressed evolution manifesting very physically for ALL finally. Enjoy watching the masses “wake up”, get really pissed off and band together to intentionally create positive change for everyone. This is Phase Two to the 1960s and the Hippies Phase One revolutions against wars and the patriarchal “establishment”, and the Indigos are the “Hippies” of this phase of it. ❤ ❤

The end of December 2016, brought with it a whole cluster of earthquakes around the Pacific Ring. I rarely get worried about big earthquakes because I’ve repeatedly Seen that higher crew plus assisted with them over the decades. But, I had a couple of moments in December 2016 where things were popping all around where I physically live, literally I mean and I’m only a few miles off the San Andreas fault-line in SoCal, when I became momentarily concerned that there just might be a big local earthquake. Still might be although this is diminishing at the time of this writing. However, it’s been many years since I’ve felt the potential for multiple large earthquakes around the Pacific Ring (and right were I live too) this severe so it’s been somewhat stressful at times lately.

Because of this I’ve checked the USGS earthquake website every few days to see what, where and what size they’ve been recently. During this time I felt something very NEW was/is literally being birthed through the Pacific Ring. Years ago I wrote (at TRANSITIONS) about my having clairvoyantly Seen a new good-sized island being birthed in the Pacific Ocean well above the Hawaiian Islands. This feels closer now that we’re in 2017, along with other potential large islands surfacing around the Pacific Ocean area. It’s not old Lemuria resurfacing but something NEW and much higher frequency than original Lemuria was. Uooo...

Another thing, well two related things actually that I wanted to remember to include in this. One is how these higher frequency Light Energies have made the water, the liquid in my physical body and the water/liquids in my cells feel lately. In short that would be electrified, zapped from the inside. When this happens my body (and many of you reading this have experienced this treasure many times over the years) feels extremely inflamed from so much higher frequency Light Energies electrocuting the cells and fluid around each cell to bring home the goods so to speak which is further evolve the DNA — the multidimensional quantum DNA. So, one is probably feeling inflamed through-and-through again because, as Lauren Gorgo so aptly put it a few years ago, we’ve been ‘Electrocuted by God’ again. This happy side effect is related to ongoing evolution to our physical and nonphysical DNA, which spills over into the quantum NOW Moment because all this is multidimensional and exists both in and outside of physical reality and linear time space. Our spark plugs are being “upgraded” so to speak so we can travel greater distances in the multiple quantum NOW Moments and spaces and not blow an engine, or anything else. But I have to say that this particular Ascension related side effect is not much fun due to that sense of being inflamed and swollen throughout my entire body for days or weeks at a time.

The second part to this same business is the sudden end to the long and horrible drought (and heat) that’s been so severe here where I live and in much of the country elsewhere too. These two things, these two side effects are, once again, related. One is us going through it and the other is earth going through it but it’s the same thing taking place at the same time just like the earthquakes and our inner shaking etc.

I mentioned that shortly after my best cat friend died in November 2016, eight days after election day here, that the rain arrived which let me know that one long miserable cycle was finally over. The rain has continued here on the west coast ever since and then travels eastward across the USA and gets colder and more intense as it goes. Just like the water/fluids in our cells are being zapped by higher frequency Light Energies also triggering further DNA evolution, the water in the form of rain and snow is now increasing to help wash away whatever needs to be cleansed and cleared via this element and embody higher frequency NEW Light Energies. It’s going to get easier to see and understand how what humans are going through via the Ascension Process and its side effects, so too is the earth and all life on Her. The ancients knew this and lived from this knowing but current humanity is just starting to consciously reconnect with earth/Gaia, and then with everything else too of course.

To wrap this up I’ll add quickly because I’ve got to get horizontal for a while, increased weird dreams. Hearing strange sounds that you’re not sure are even physical. I’ve heard tiny bells tinkling occasionally, plus strange beeps going off that sound like some machine or alarm yet I don’t have anything like that in my house so I’m not sure what it is I’m hearing with this. Other sounds that I can’t even describe because they’re not physical so I have nothing to compare them to. Strange in between worlds types of sounds.

There’s also been and continues to be a lot of very strange, foreign thoughts and emotions. I’ve had some stuff suddenly roll through my inner landscape space that shocked me at how dark, violent and outright strange it was. I’m pretty familiar with my own Basement, and this stuff ain’t coming from there! I also know to take an honest look/feel at it and then release it so it can move on to the trash bin where it and all other “trash” now goes. I don’t need to dance with it, spend extended time with it, love it, heal it, dissect or analyze it, just acknowledge it, feel it and then hand it over to Divine Source to reabsorb and keep moving forward.

And I’m just gonna say this and I’m sorry for getting so intimate but we should be beyond all that at this point!  😉 Urinating, going pee, going pee at night specifically has changed again recently and it’s connected to the water/fluids in our bodies and cells and DNA all being further infused with higher frequency Light Energies triggering greater evolution in all ways. Problem is that sometimes this one makes it a bit difficult to urinate at night and one has to really make an effort to get it all out. Gads what we go through in the name of evolution! Anyway, I thought I’d be brave and publicly admit this Ascension related side effect. If however you’re concerned about having to push hard in the middle of the night to get all the pee out, then see your doctor. Otherwise, be happy in the knowing that your DNA is being further evolved.  😀 Happy NEW Year everyone and expect the unexpected to not only continue but increase. No fear, just big changes.


January 5, 2017

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24 thoughts on “Some Transitional NEW Year Discomforts

  • “Our brains would shoot out our noses now if we hadn’t over all this profound compressed evolution manifesting very physically for ALL finally.”

    My mind has totally left the building. I don’t know if it went with my brain out my nose, but this morning I got into the shower and forgot why I was there. If I ever get my mind back, I wonder what will be in it.

    Love to all, B.

    • Barbara & All,

      😆 I too have gotten lost in the shower on occasion. And in stores, in conversations, when calling someone on the phone, while counting out money to pay for something (this one’s a biggie for me), while driving somewhere, while writing articles and books. Oh gawd no, not while writing! Yep, that too unfortunately. :/

      The latest Ascension Process side effect that I’m finding really funny now is the one where you find that your own internal, in-your-head conversations with yourself are so boring that you just stop in mid mental sentence because it’s just not worth the effort anymore. 😆 It’s a glorious sign of how far we’ve evolved to date when your own inner mental chatter is pointless and boring to you, so much so that you stop doing it in mid sentence.

      Yep, the whole mental focus thing is evolving faster now than ever before and because of it we’re often finding ourselves in some weird places both privately and publicly. I find I’ve recently gotten very conservative with what I use my precious energies on, especially mentally and emotionally. Again this is one of many signs of our ongoing evolution so this is a positive thing. To bring this point home I want all of you reading this to think about every ET and Angelic higher Being you’ve ever known and had interactions and telepathic communications with in your lifetime. Can you ever think of any of these higher dimensional Beings being wasteful or extravagant with their words or emotions? Of course not because all higher Beings would never do anything so silly as waste energy. THIS is what’s really behind so much now and it’s going to expand as more and more humans start living from a fifth dimensional energy and consciousness base. It’s unavoidable because it’s simply how reality is from 5D on up for everyone.

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  • “Some of us don’t need or want to dissect this spiritual evolutionary “Shopping List”, but just live it as decently as we can in each moment.” Thank you for this as I have been feeling like this for a time now. Drooling, peeing, head aches, pain, etc. etc. So glad you are having rain now for your area – also helps to clear the air. Love to all from me in Canada

  • Hi Denise
    I have been reading your blog Transitions since Feb 2009 and this one since its inception in 2013. I also read blog of another Spiritual person named Owen k, waters given below. Surprisingly both of you mentioned on the same date that is 5th Jan the same message announced at the beginning of each episode of STAR TREK. just see below. Love the coincidence and relevance of it. Thanks, Hansa

  • A message from Tom Kenyon (from the Hathors, I assume).

    “Earth’s magnetic field is involved in a perturbation or morphing. This is taking place interdimensionally, and the net effect is incremental surges in amplitude or strength of the magnetic field.

    This morphing of earth’s magnetic field is like a wave that rises and falls very quickly, and the oscillations are minute, but distinct. This is having a very strange effect upon human consciousness, specifically your biological experience.”

    Happy New Now Reality to All!

  • I now fully understand what Denise has been experiencing, Waking up feeling like I am packing around a bowling ball in my uterus, not to mention a sudden 20 lb weight gain in just minutes, WOW this really feels like I wanted to, or should be able to unzip me and get out of the fat suite , I keep saying this is not me, what is happening, my mind going back to Denise’s picture on her web site with the angle trying to get up the stairs packing a ball and chain, oh how appropriate, feeling so blown up you can move with out feeling like when is this baby ‘s due date. So woke up this AM to my normal self and oh my god please don’t come back any time soon. Happy to fit my bra size this morning.. So remember if this happens drink dandelion tea to remove excess water retention and this to shall pass..

    • Patricia,

      Glad you and your bra are in alignment once again…I know the joy such small pleasures bring! 😆

      Seriously though, during these phases, which are basically constant now, when the Phontonic Light moves into and through our cells and the fluids around each cell throughout our entire body and head etc., things get inflamed and swell like crazy inside. I’ve often said how I’ll suddenly feel like a blow fish, all puffed up and round from the inside out! I try to make “light” 😉 of some of these side effects and other Ascension related events because they’re just so, so intense and severe at times. But what we’re experiencing now via having moved deeper into the Photonic Light (which is a 7D, seventh dimensional frequency!!!) is pretty intense and it’s literally evolving every cell, every nerve, every fiber, every everything within us, our physical bodies and consciousness and making us Crystalline-based which can embody and hold vastly more Light Energy than we could in the old lower state and frequency that was “normal” back down there. So yeah, some swelling and pressures internally are typical with and when we’re getting ‘electrocuted by god’, aka 7D Photon Light into every cell and nook and cranny of us and reality and everything else too.

      And yes, it will continue to happen but every time we get “Lighter” and more Crystalline which means we acclimate to these ongoing evolutionary changes. Fun times my friends, fun times! ❤

      • Oh thanks. I thought I was having food reactions but then it did not make sense because it could be any food any time. And here I thought I was going to lose some of this Buddha belly this year 🙂 2nd worse for me is my eyes. I love to read and the blurriness is frustration. And for sure GD MFKN SOB moments. Much love to you Denise and all the great comments.

  • Didn’t have time to read the whole blog. Got hung up with convulsive laughter at the drooling reference! Now I understand why I have begun drooling lately. Felt pretty retrograde but when put into perspective, with the intense series of changes taking place energetically — makes sense! Especially since my “symptoms” — otherwise know as transitional discomforts — primarily are digestive (particularly queasy stomach and serious diarrhea for days). … Look forward to read the remainder …

    Thanks for the laughs!

  • Denise I did laugh at your descriptions. Loved the peeing part. My daughter and I fight for the bathroom and always seem to be in there. Been waking up in the middle of the night again and having such weird dreams. The wrong words for things come out of my mouth at the most inappropriate times so people at work really know I am crackers. My forehead is peeling and red and my sinuses continue to produce like effects in a horror movie. And I really can’t tolerate anyone, which as I work in customer service has been a challenge. But one nice thing I saw my crown chakra full of lovely silver light all round my head like a halo. It had a good glow to it. Maybe that is what I am moving towards. My eyes have been dry for what seems like years. Sometimes it would be nice if I could take them out and put them in a bowl of cold ice.
    But I am full of creative verve. Been having some great images which am translating into fabric pictures. Slow but good process. Always happiest when making something out of nothing.
    Bless you and all of us. Rock on 2017
    Love and light

  • I can’t add a thing to your comments, Denise. So perfect (and funny) in explaining the current energetics! I started taking a little less of my thyroid meds because of the inner shaking but now I think I understand where these are coming from. My head and shoulders have been TALKING to me it seems… their discomfort. I finally saw a new chiropractor who put my C1 in and AT ONCE…I felt 100% better. I’ve also been dropping my old “wellness team” and slowly replacing with new people. I feel drawn to different healing modalities moving forward. I SO resonate with all the comments here. I can hardly tolerate people in my space for any length of time…..whew. I feel when I’m walking that I’m pushing through wet sand! And, last but not least….a darling silky black female cat has come to live with me. I lost my own cat (of 16 years) last March and been lonely for one but never seemingly ready. Then my neighbor moved in with lots of animals and this little one kept coming to see me. Finally we decided she should just stay. I think she is here to help me and I’m so blessed with her presence. Well, 2017 is here and a huge thank you to Denise and everyone. I feel honored to be on this journey with you all. Much love! Noelle

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  • Thank you. I have lied in the bed for almost 14 days. I have never in my life felt so high vibrations in the whole body included the stomach area. I am now feeling sensitivity on the skin in my face. Many years ago I went through a kundalini prosess.
    I am worried because I want to go back to my work.

  • Hee hee… YES to all of it!

    Walked round most of December as if I were in physical labour… pelvis and back were grindingly aching and painful – and earthquakes happening in my body, too. Strange noises, lights in my bedroom, beings in my room, dizzy, nauseous, headaches to kill brain cells (what few I feel I have left!) and the burning ‘electrocution’ from within…

    Jeez… did I really sign up for THIS?

    The simple answer is YES. And I’m more than happy to continue, because people like you Denise, and Lauren Gorgo and the wonderful people of the Children of the Sun Foundation (and all related peeps) have kept me sane throughout all of this.

    My dear friends (the few I have left; the ones that get me) have been an immense support and if we get too Ascension Busted, we get together, put on the Motown and dance, laugh and eat CAKE!

    Fuck-it moments are frequent, because sending it all to the Source is easier these days. In the crazy, funny words of one of the UK’s best comedians, Peter Kay, life is like a quickie-package-holiday… you have to Book it, Pack it and Fuck Off… hahahaha

    Thanks Denise for your continued humour and wisdom… I love you xoxoxox

  • Hi Denise, thank you for the latest on the ‘discomforts’ front, the ass-ending symptoms returned immediately following the winter solstice …. dragging myself around as if walking through treacle, plus feeling like a space cadet, oh dear god I can hardly look after myself throughout these intense waves of energy. Whilst my physical body can just about manage to drag it’s feet to the kitchen to put the kettle on, once there I have to stop and try to remember why I went there in the first place 🤔
    Then there’s the mental / emotional stuff that usually kicks in unexpectedly within a day or two later …… I loose the will to continue doing this and feel very sorry for myself …… I have to continually pull myself up by the bootstraps and remember what it’s all about, and that it will pass ( I will adapt to the new energy). I often feel as if I am walking a tightrope, carefully doing a balancing act and inching my way along the wire, and then wham! along comes another blast of high octane energy and almost knocks me off. My energy levels drop so far down that I wonder how I still continue to draw breath, it’s a feckin miracle that I am still on the planet. Oh, how I long for some relief from these draining symptoms, I am so ready to pack my bags and move out of ‘the cave’ .

    And then there are people …….. god help me, for I have no patience with most of them, I can’t bear to have anyone in my home (energy levels don’t allow me that luxury), plus I just can’t connect with them at any level, thank goodness for a couple of good friends who can talk the language 🤒

    Denise, the peeing thing made me laugh, I love you for your downright honesty, and yes I identify with that symptom 🚽 💧 😬 . Isn’t it just wonderful when you get to have one of those ‘Niagara Falls’ 💦 events though ?

    I felt the newness arrive on the 1st January, it felt like a huge celebration type of energy and my body felt much lighter and more energetic ( a rare event these days), however by the 4th I began to feel another wave coming in …….. the treacle feeling returning ……. ear ringing intensified (different tones either side) 😖, can hardly tolerate wearing my glasses to read as they hurt my face, wobbly feeling whilst attempting to walk, chronic tiredness, and oh so bloody boring and relentless …… frustration alternating with anger and followed by resignation.

    After saying all of the above, I love the true grit of the brave new humans who are moving through this, and are moving this literally by just being here anchoring the light onto this precious blue green orb. I love Be-ing a part of this despite the struggle.

    I wish you all a wonderful miracle filled 2017

    • Yep. Ringing in the ears so loud, I pretend that I’m deaf to most people.
      This phase also has lots of auras, blue mostly. Those people who show auras, I listen to and respond in kind.

  • Dearest Denise,

    As always, I LOVE your humor!! 😀 This was my FAVORITE line: “but after two or three decades of doing this Oh Great Master of Light in disguise as a dumb-ass bumbling human, you know exactly what’s going on and why and that it hurts occasionally and why it hurts occasionally.” Love your way with words and humor!!

    I have definitely had bouts of tremendous anger. Especially when I’m woken up in the morning by my cat yelling at me (not kidding here). I’m trudging around my apt. going as fast as I can to get her fed, trying not to trip over my own feet, all the while still not totally here yet and she’s meowing at the top of her lungs. This is a new thing with her. I finally get myself settled and water on for some tea (caffeine!) when she starts up again. 2 or more times I go in the bedroom and she’ll sit on the floor by the bed, but won’t get under the covers when I lift them up for her, so I trudge back to the couch to come to myself when she does it again… and the anger, horrid anger, get stirred. I love her, I don’t want to snap at her and be grouchy at her. I almost made it this morning, but then at the last moment before she did get into the bed, the anger reared its ugly head. Then this goes on when I sit down to eat my lunch; yelling at me to come in the bedroom 5 or more times but won’t get in the bed for her nap (not good for my tummy to digest, as it is a challenge). And have been starting naps in the late afternoon… and she promptly in the middle of my nap startles me awake because now she wants to cuddle with me too, not caring that she yanked me back to my body too soon and sudden. Doing my best to get through this anger… I know it’s definitely not mine, so thank you for mentioning that.

    I also wanted to share something. New years eve, I was laying in bed (before the fireworks and gun fire… not kidding), and had an inner sight of something. Remember a while back when talking about the separation of the worlds? Can’t remember if it was you or me that brought up the example of check out lines in a store as far as the eye can see in both directions, and how as people changed, they would change check out lines to go to a different planet or timeline, etc. Well, laying in bed, I saw only a few lines (maybe around 5), somewhat ethereal (not completely solid like I could visualize before), and very few people. It made me smile, as I took it to mean that we are close to separating in a more complete way than we have been up to now. The next morning, I definitely “felt” that everything was “new”. Not because of the calendar stating it’s 2017, I could feel it.

    I’m understanding more how just Being ME effects those around me. Most of the time I don’t need to say a thing. The rest of the time, I lack tolerance for the old behaviors and lies. People who don’t know me may think I have a lashing tongue, however I just cut to the bottom line truth of the situation. No hand holding, no tip-toeing them through it, just cutting to the bottom line truth. No tolerance for the old period. Looking forward to learning more about Creating more Peace and Quiet in my life, because I’m realizing the more I have that to rest within, the more I can effect those around without. Hoping to add my Light to all of yours for a Beautiful Loving World.

    Much Love to you!

  • I’m a long way from you in southern Australia near the Southern Ocean. All through November/December I kept thinking there was going to be big earthquake in California. I found it hard to even think this because the consequences would be so terrible. The feeling has worn off a bit now but hasn’t gone away. I have also had the feeling that new lands will emerge in the Pacific. I first had that feeling back in the old hippie days and it’s come back again lately.
    I guess what I’m saying is that if you have the sudden urge to go visit some old relative in another state or something like that – act on it. Something’s going on or something’s going to happen soon I think.
    I like what you say about ascension symptoms. I have been having many of the ones you mention lately. The dizziness is chronic – the peeing problem is happening too. 🙂
    Thanks so much for blogging so clearly about this stuff. Your voice stands out as being totally honest and heartfelt. Happy New Year and trust your intuition re the earth changes. Love – Suzanne

  • Thank you Denise. This writing was confirming for me on the heart symptoms and some head/neck issues as well as the nervous system stuff that I have been feeling for at least a few years. I’m grateful my symptoms do not get completely debilitating, but I can relate to the needing to be horizontal, especially this time of year, after the holidays.

    I also loved your humor in this writing. You have taken your life in stride and I know you have dealt with some of the most extreme side affects from ascension processing, and yet continue to persevere and express your wisdom consistently. Kudos for being a diehard through some of the most challenging years in our lifetimes.

    My channeled writings from ascended beings as well as the famous people I write from have been focused on love and expressing ourselves more fully and freely. Florence Henderson was particularly beautiful and uplifting on the subject of love and expression. I posted her message on my Facebook page if you’d like to read it.

    I wish you the best of everything you can receive in 2017 and look forward to your continued sharing throughout the year.

  • So glad you got intimate, Denise, thank you, because, “Yes,” to the peeing business. Sitting there, wondering whether I’ll ever see that Stream in the Islands (Hemingway re-take) again, then realizing, okay, it’s an Aquarius/water thing going on here. Just hope the other end doesn’t crap out!

    Brain fog…. another Denise expression that covers exactly what it means…. has set in. And I’ll mention this, just in case anyone else is experiencing same… I’ve been hit with creative inspiration lately (I’m a writer, though from my comments one may not get that sense), and so I sit down to WRITE only to be taken over by what I’m now calling, “freezing nausea”, body aches/weakness/dizziness, so that I must get up and try to walk it all off, only to return to my original inspiration to find that it is gone. BUT in the process I’m learning….. something about past lives methinks, i.e. been there, done, try something NEW!

    Thanks, again, Denise, for this great post. All of it resonates. Love, B.

    • Thanks Barbara ❤ and yes the freezing inner cold has been bad for the past couple of months now plus it's lasting much longer than I've ever experienced before. We usually feel this inner cold sensation when we're moving into NEW space and a NEW level and because this side effect is lasting longer now suggests we've been on the move out of 2016's energies and level etc. and into the NEW of 2017 with its matching NEW higher energies.

      That whole creative thing or doing anything for that matter seems now like if we're in the NOW Moment and it's meant to be, then we just easily slide into it, otherwise it quickly disintegrates into nothingness right along with our mental focus and intentions on doing it! We're learning how to be in the NOW and our HighHearts instead of our linear left brains. Huge learning curve shift that one! o_O

  • oh oh oh …….. good stuff AND,,,,for some reason THE COURT PUT MY CASE OF INACTIVE STATUS:) !!!!!!!!!!! holy smoke!!!!!! COME ON NESARA!!!

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