9, 0, 1 Go!


We all know that tomorrow things will change dramatically. Please note that I did not say in a good or positive way, or in a bad or negative way—old lower Duality consciousness—I just said things are going to start changing now, and changing in this case is code for evolving. Not a lot of need to talk about the down n’ dirty of this in the physical level with the governments, political parties, presidents & entourage and such. It’s obvious to those with Higher Awareness, multidimensional perspectives and firsthand knowledge and experience of this Ascension Process as Forerunners/Pathpavers but it’s a terrifying concern for the majority, an honest belief and high-hope at best for many others. Give them all time because most of these big changes beginning now will do the job for most of them no matter which belief system and political party they have tucked under their old lower 3D hearts. Also please note that I did not say all of them. Always perceive from your HighHeart.

We’ve reached the time, the point within the Ascension Process where everyone else will now start to realize that things are changing and will continue changing and in ways they never ever thought they would or even could. This isn’t about one guy or a party or corporations etc., but about planetary and Universal evolution, and typically when this point is reached in the physical level/world/reality, people’s Adrenalin gets pumping good and hard for many reasons! This is “the Shift” for them in whatever way that translates for each person at each level or Stair-step they’re on at this time.

Some of you may remember something I repeatedly went through during the summer months of 2016, with three different handyman, a fence guy, an electrician etc. It was highly unpleasant but even while being assailed by these three different men in my house (three different times mind you!) that I’d hired to do some work, I could tell that something important was trying to be revealed to me back then. What all three of these men did was preach at me about the glories of Trump and how he was going to make it right, good and correct again and how he’d send all the “bad people” to prison etc. Because all three of these males were psychopaths and misogynists and they were in my home, I did my best to survive them plus get the messages being revealed to me through these highly unstable people. I’ve dodged patriarchal misogynist psychopaths all my life just like most of you have, but this was different and I didn’t completely get the prophetic messages back in June, July and August 2016.

I assumed that Hilary would win and she would have had these other powers and people not done everything they’ve done for the past couple of decades. What I couldn’t understand was that if she did win, it would simply be more of the same old patriarchal crap and that didn’t match up with where we’re at in the Ascension Process. So, to help get everyone more aware of how insane and negative things really have been all along, we needed someone and a group of steadfast sycophants to pull it all apart right in front of the entire world. Humans need it to get so bad and in-your-face blatant for all to see, hear and feel for themselves so they’re finally ready and willing to change/evolve. We needed someone & co. to light blazing obscene fires under unaware asses, deluded minds and long disempowered hearts to get them to make changes inside themselves. Again, this is evolution in this physical world for the masses. The 1960s were the First Phase of this with some of the Hippies actually being Forerunners back then. Today in Phase Two, it’s the Indigos and others. Breath, it will be okay, but for the majority of the masses things have to get so bad they’re embarrassed and all done before they’re lit up enough to dare personal change internally and externally. Humanity has arrived at this point now, and more so soon enough, so let them go through what they must while you simultaneously continue doing what you/me/we Forerunners have all along.


You know how things can’t and won’t begin until it’s the exact time for them to do so? How the planet(s) have to turn direct or change sign or whatever, and how the number energies have to go through the final series of the 9 and then the zero to finally reach the NEW 1 energies before things will really get going and so on? All this and more has gotten activated with our sojourn through this last 9 cycle, then through the Zero Zone zero energies between the 9 and the 1, and finally into the 1 energies in the NEW higher level and cycle. We’re there now which means things for everyone have changed, again. Welcome to the NEW latest and greatest energy Stair-step Forerunners and very well done. ❤

As soon as all the different pieces moved forward via the start of 2017, Angelic Lightbeings, different groups of ETs, different Galactics, Master Beings and such have all shifted into this NEW phase of the Ascension Process and that very much includes the incarnate Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers/First Embodiers. Each of our Ascension related Mission Work has recently shifted too so expect your Higher  Dimensional Crews, your Friends and Family from Home, your Star Kin, your Higher Self etc. to have updated information and Mission Work for you now. That sounds more dramatic than it really is as we’ve been through these updates hundreds of times, but be receptive to NEW information from them and your Higher Self now.

For most Forerunners this indicates we’ve evolved into a NEW level and phase of our Work and ongoing Process of evolutionary Ascension. You may find that how the information you used to receive has recently changed again. Or you may find that the information, the Light now comes to you in much more subtle and less dramatic ways. The main way I’ve experienced this so far is that the information, the Higher Awareness, the knowing is now so subtle, natural and internal that it doesn’t seem, feel or look to me as if it’s external information at all. This is one of many clues that you’ve evolved to another higher level of being and awareness, and because of this, you’re directly connected to and receiving Higher Light information in this more “adult”, sovereign, 5D way. This is going to continue for the Forerunners/Starseeds etc. this year very quickly and intensely so pay attention to the subtle knowings inside your HighHeart now like never before. Less linear thinking and much more quantum knowing because you’re now able to embody and maintain that level of Light Energy and not have any detrimental side effects from it.

Another NEW 2017 thing for Forerunners/Starseeds/First Embodiers etc. is that each of us must fully, consciously realize just how powerful we each are now and that we’re Consciously Creating the NEW now and far into the “future” as well and this too has become so subtle and natural feeling. Having spent so many decades in old lower 3D physicality, it’s taking some readjusting to what we were used to before we volunteered to come here and catch the energy balls Source throws out. It’s not so laborious and time-consuming anymore nor is it backbreaking and dangerous like it used to be only a few years ago. Now it’s just you/me/we thinking, feeling and visualizing what we are and what we want life on Earth and beyond to be now at this higher level in this higher evolutionary cycle. That term of Conscious Creators means something very different from what it did two, three, five years ago because it’s so fast and dare I say easy now in comparison. Point is to be aware of what you’re focused on now because you can build up a “reality” around it now very quickly. This is one of many 5D responsibilities we’re now quickly remembering while in human bodies of Light capable of Consciously Creating.

Another thing I’ve had to get a better grasp on is that of my being a Light Generator, a Beacon of Light, a Transmitter of Light on this planet and dimension as Denise. They were just words, nice words yes but they didn’t carry the full impact for me that they should have I feel. They do now in January 2017. When I leave my house to go shopping or do anything outside, I/you/we Forerunners need to now fully understand that your/my/our individual presence walking around out there in the world is literally changing it, evolving it. We don’t need to say anything to anyone nor do we need to think of ourselves as “holy” or any other such nonsense. We are the I AM incarnate in human form and we literally radiate Light and LOVE and Divine Source as sovereign individuals now. And obviously, there are repercussions to this of course, some pleasant, some unpleasant. Let your Higher Awareness and natural inner knowing tell you of what, if anything, you need to do or say or not do or not say in every situation. This too is another of those many 5D responsibilities more Forerunners are dealing with in greater ways than we were before.


This information I’m going to share next is only to express how potent and reality changing the shift into 2017 actually is. Please understand that I’m not telling you this because I need or want your condolences or sympathies or any such thing because I do not. I’m perfectly fine and have expected this and already bled over it for the past thirty-plus years. My sister died January 16, 2017, at the age of 58. She died this young because she abused her body, and everything else, horribly since her early teens so this was not a surprise at all but a relief. Again, I’m fine with this and if you knew the lifelong back story you’d understand why. It was vastly worse when my best cat friend died on November 16, 2016, because he was not a drug addict, had bulimia for forty-some years, nor fractured multiple times and mentally and emotionally ill and possessed.

I know many of you have had one after another family members and other loved ones die during these Ascension years. I know I’ve entered that time in 2017, and I intend to move through these events when they and all other evolutionary changes happen with as much wisdom and awareness as I’m capable of in each moment. NEW Mission Work, NEW energies, NEW evolutionary changes, some grand, some painful, but all are aspects of the Ascension Process. Step up and into your latest NEW shift Work Forerunners because humanity needs us and what we do even though they don’t even know we exist. ❤ ❤ ❤


January 19, 2017

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19 thoughts on “9, 0, 1 Go!

  • Denise

    Bless you. That was exactly what I needed to hear. sometimes one does just lose perspective. Thank you very much for your pragmatic and compassionate words. ❤️❤️

  • Hey Denise,

    Last 3 days and nights were awful – diziness, lot of pain around the heart and many electric “bugs” in my head. Why is this happening? I try to meditate and keep me in a high level state, but all I think is that I will die. 😦 Just really confusing with all these experiences.

    Thank you for your Love,

    • Laura & All,

      I’m halfway through a new article about this and I’m pushing myself to finish it, get it edited etc. and published today. I’m feeling these stings too and have been for the past week or so but I want to try to express this material as accurately as I’m able to now plus include at least one image/photo/vector image that comes close to what I’ve Seen and perceived from Higher Awareness and Vision recently. Complex stuff but fascinating and helps explain what and why we’re feeling what we are now.

      Also, today is the last of the 1-11-1 energies of January 2017, which is greatly amplifying these very energies and Photon Light and NEW Light Codes coming in now. Back to finishing that article. And Laura, what’s dying is your old lower ego self and not the real YOU. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you for sharing.

    Per Jennifer Hoffman’s video— I would like to add that this defensive light activity can and has been applied by those of us here/elsewhere not just to the Draco signature as she stated, but also to a vast number of different scenarios involving all types of beings— human and otherwise, places, situations, and organizations. No wonder we are tired.

    For the past few months, my dreams have been ladened with graduation symbolism, which although not entirely uncommon for me to have, stands out because it’s graduation from high school and soon heading to university.

    Last night I was sitting in my classroom— most of the pupils had skipped out to go and party as the semester was over, but I stayed back and attended my class nonetheless. The previous dream I was cleaning out my school locker.

    I took these dreams initially as a personal commentary from my guides, which indeed they are.

    However I also strongly believe it’s for the likes of us here, and elsewhere, who have been doing the good work, and staying behind and still going to class while the rest of the masses are out “partying”., ha ha. The good news— graduation appears to be imminent!

    Denise— my condolences. I’m glad for you and for your sister overall as the burden and load in carrying those agreements can be beyond heavy in every sense of the word. Hopefully peace prevails for you and yours with her transitioning.

    Happy graduation, everyone…


    • Robin,

      It’s so wonderful hearing from you again, and here at HHL. The old original crew, or pupils as your dreams showed, are still all here doing what we came here to do. It does my Heart good to know this. ❤

      I said recently to another reader like you from years ago back at TRANSITIONS in the early days of all this, that it continues to amaze me how many of the well-known Ascension teachers either don't publicly let on that they've had Team Dark encounters (attacks), or, they simply aren't familiar with them and their tactics for the most part. I know not all Forerunners have Contracted to deal with TD in these Ascension lifetimes, while some only have "24 hours" or so with one or a few of them and so on, while others of us have dealt with them constantly the entire time we've been incarnate. And that does NOT mean there's something "wrong" with us but that we're strong enough to survive them/it and continue embodying more Light and LOVE into ourselves and this world. I've said this multiple times before and I'll keep saying it until it's common knowledge; Real Disclosure contains a lot more material than just ETs and UFOs! 😉

      It’s so good hearing from you here again, thanks for letting me/us all know that one of the old original crew is still in the classroom working. ❤ ❤ ❤ And yes, graduation is happening simultaneously.

      • Thanks Denise! I NEVER left the fold, or the cause. Just been doing less talking and more observing last several years. 😊

        Darkness, and looking at the shadow comes as part of the package deal with lightwork. And some of the more vocal lightbearers who claim otherwise, by their refusal to discuss it, or who run the other way from it entirely, etc —in my opinion, are not only revealing the extent of their self denial, but their limitations as true way-shower guides, as well. They may be very wise, but they are not complete in their understanding of what part of this work entails. And they are failing those of us in need of specifically looking at the truth in the matter, and then assisting in opening up the lines of communication, shared experiences, and advocacy so that everyone can grow and learn how best to deal with the matter in the most clear and BALANCED way— which to me is where the ball ultimately so often gets dropped.

        Some of us are called to do this side of the work, more so than others. I get that. But as a form of an analogy or comparison I also know if a person decides to become skilled at something— saya doctor— when they enroll in school, they are put through rigorous training, and they learn a vast amount about not one aspect of healing— but a multifaceted one in order to become proficient enough in understanding the entire matter at hand– they learn about the colon and what comes with it, even if they think they would like to just be an orthopedist!

        Neutrality is the key, I believe to a lot of it— being able to focus upon the black robed ugly assed splotch floating around in the room, without becoming consumed by the worst side of it. Until that aspect of things is more widely talked about and promoted, there will be limitations to what can and is being done with our advancement as a planet, with this work, and as a whole, in my opinion.

  • Thank you Denise. It is a great help to have someone like yourself who is able to articulate into words what many of us are feeling. Being highly empathetic and tuned into the Collective (although quite reluctantly at times) I can affirm that it’s never been this intense. I know that each of us who are Starseeds/Lightbearers/Forerunners are targets of TD and the average person has no idea what we go through. It is perhaps a paradox that so many of us who came here to do this work because we were deemed strong and able enough, often struggle with self confidence, feelings of self worth, and sense of self. Couple this with empathetic sensitivity, TD targeting, Collective purging, and heavy karmic loads and you have a path not for the faint hearted. I have to remind myself almost daily that I’m stronger than I think or feel I am.

    On another note, for those familiar with astrology, Saturn, the great Karmic planet switched signs today (Capricorn in Western astrology, Sagittarius in Vedic) at 9:01 am EST exactly!

    Be blessed,

  • Hi Denise
    Firstly I do want to send you a massive hug.
    Yet again the last few weeks have been very weird. I clicked on the Jennifer Hoffman link and it is spot on. I have a contract I need to end with my 100 year old emotionally abusive nan. Finally other people are actually telling me what I already know about her. But I have suffered many years in silence as most of the abuse has been behind closed doors. So it is validating for me to hear the home staffs’ comments. I ended up having a lot of responibility for her after my mum died in 1999. I have been physically unable to visit her since the new year due to ongoing sinus infections. It is like I cannot stand to be in the space she inhabits. I have always stood between her and the world.
    Thank you so much. Keep an shining. Many of us on this site would not be where we are today without you.


    • Magda, Barbara, Michael & All,

      Yes the time of having to suffer TD Portal People is over with the entry into 2017. We’re at a whole NEW level and phase now, and for the Forerunner who’ve been at this since the beginning, this aspect of our Ascension related energy Work is basically completed. I felt mine start diminishing slowly in 2011, and much more so by the end of 2012 and it’s been a slow decline every year since. Their time is over here, and our (Forerunners) time of having to hold them at bay while enough Light entered here that they couldn’t even survive in a higher frequency NEW Earth world of Light with Light human Masters running it is also over. Now we begin our NEW Mission Work at this NEW higher level.

      Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the time to work on a new article about this topic plus other related things I experienced the other day. I had some old lower 3D patriarchal hoops to jump through having turned 65 last month and had to get Medicare squared away and all that junk. I got that completed finally today so I can now focus on things I want to focus on and not the old dying system of death called “health care”. 🙄 Strange times where we have to still go do mandatory things like that while we’re barely the same species!

    • Thanks Denise. I seem to be stumbling a bit literally in the dark. My chronic health issue of sinusitis has really kicked off and I am unsure what needs healing and how. I had a vision that something has broken in my maxillary sinus – that the flow is not correct. I am going back to the Drs to see if I can be referred again. I just feel like I have been pushed back to square one. I have read that the sinuses are part of our psychic gateway. I wondered if on some level the density of 3D for many years has wrapped them out. I am still releasing emotions but whereas normally I get a gist of where to go this time I don’t know where to start. Apologies if I am rambling like a crazy woman. It’s just as soon as 2017 started wham I was back about 20 years health wise. I can’t see my way forward. Love and light

      • Magda,

        I hear and feel what you’re saying but always try to keep in Heartmind that typically we Forerunners feel and perceive many things as HIGHLY amplified from what they actually are. I’ve struggled with this myself and actually been embarrassed by how I reacted and responded to certain things that I felt and perceived to be WAY bigger, worse, more difficult etc. etc. than they actually were. It’s that Princess and the Pea thing I’ve talked about over the years in relation to the Ascension Process and how we’re constantly changing because of it all.

        Also never forget that YOU and I and each of us are The Powers That Be now, not anyone else, us. 🙂 Do what you need and discern is correct for you now. You haven’t backslid, it just sometimes feels like that to us. ❤

  • Much love out to you Denise. I don’t know what was worse, starting this 2016 with the losses of a beloved spouse and a beloved dog or ending the 12 months with the rise of this horrible person in the public eye. As a friend of mine keeps saying “It all has to happen.” I suppose this is true. I just don’t know why I have to be here for it. But, apparently I do as there must be something I have to create. Just as I typed those words a bright ringing started in my right ear. I wish I understood. Love you and thank you for sticking with us.


    • Debora & All,

      Yes it’s been a long and difficult journey for sure but, believe it or not, we’ve reached that point now with the start of 2017, where the positive is quickly showing itself at long last. The positive and the Divine Feminine because It has returned in full force. The global Women’s March is just the start of this return and the global reintegration and equilibrium that it is causing humanity, human consciousness and activation of 5D HighHeart in more and more of the masses around the planet. This will cause a rapid domino effect in this country and elsewhere too with the old lower 3D patriarchy / negative Team Dark (TD) alien and human consciousness and influences finally, and with the in-your-face help of president tweet, easily be seen and heard by most everyone. Not all as some won’t make the grade this time around but the majority are and will. This is the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and the “end times” of TD’s reign over this evolving, Ascending Earth and humanity.

      Because I’ve been going through so much intense stuff over these past few months — who hasn’t!?! — I’m going to share a video I was “led” to yesterday that I feel will help many Forerunners better understand what, why, when etc. and why things for many of us are currently in such huge change and possible confusion. All this is a part of and connected to the shift into the NEW higher level of energies and awareness etc. of 2017 1 energies but there’s much more taking place because of this too. This video talks about one big and important aspect of that. Not all Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Lightworkers were Contracted to do this holding TD back throughout our lifetimes but many of us were and I’ve written a bit about this based on my personal experiences and interactions with TD over the decades. (I have a new book about this topic in the works and hope to get it done and on the market later this year.)

      I suggest everyone watch this January 2017 video by Jennifer Hoffman, and thanks Jennifer for it. ❤


      • Thank you for posting this video, Denise, it explains so much, and as a result I was able to deal with some of the beliefs I held because of my many long years on the spiritual path, and the unexpected and sometimes horrendous backlashes in response to ‘my work’. The big one I want to tell about, because as a result of my own recent trauma/drama and because of this video, I realized that what I had learned and believed from a lot of information that I’ve taken in over the years is that the expression, “What you see in another is in yourself.” is not necessarily the case. Now, this is very helpful if one is not ‘Contracted to do this holding TD back”, because it is almost instantaneous feedback and can be most beneficial in the process. However, if one is indeed ‘Contracted to do this holding TD back”, at least for me, it was imperative that I come to the realization that no, what I see in the nastiness and outright cruelty of others towards others and towards animals is definitely ‘not in me’. It’s taken me a very long time to overcome my Pavlovian Response to “What you see in another is in yourself,” and with the help of this website and TRANSITIONS, the landing of the Divine Feminine, and now Jennifer’s video, I sense a freedom arising for those of us who have held such Contracts arising in my heart. Where that will take me, I confess I have no idea. Love, B.

      • Denise, I cannot tell you how much this video and another video she produced called 3D Dis-integration, Dis-order and Chaos really helped. I’ve been horribly depressed over the new regime. We have fought so hard for the light and to have this darkness descend with such vengeance has been weighing heavily on me. Thank you for everything, Denise!


  • Not surprising that the collective (un)conscious…. shall I call it ‘angst’….. is ramped up and running at it’s 901 best, or is that worst? I’m hanging on that the 0 part of the equation makes it to the 1 part safely. Thanks, Denise, for an excellent article. Love to All. B.

  • Sweet sister Denise,
    Thank you! I remember having this same feeling of inevitability way back with George Bush too. Knowing that the collective had fallen far behind, needing to see their beliefs in living color. Me…we…just continued the climb.
    As hard as it is to watch I feel no need to be an enabler. Watch I will, ready in a moment to extend a hand when necessary to help someone up off their knees. Lord knows we’ve all spent most of the last 10 years there.
    I remember a long time ago…like 30yrs…being told by spirit that there was no choice. I had to go forward, to try to go back to what I once knew would bring insanity. It wasn’t a metaphor…Keep climbing or go crazy. The message seems particularly meaningful this morning.
    Thank you for trudging ahead Denise, lighting the way.
    Big high heart hugs to you and many Blessings♡♡♡

    • ‘Keep climbing or go crazy’

      So true Suzanne. There’s not much else to do at this point but evolve or go elsewhere and do it later but do it everyone will eventually. ❤

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