Recent Repeated Dream Messages

From about October 15–16, 2011 up to early this morning, I’ve had four different dreams all saying the same thing but using different personal tools to make sure I get the message. My Mom also had a dream a few nights ago with the same message but using symbolic tools that meant something to her personally. I know if we’re both getting these messages now, so too are many of you, and all for the same reasons.

Most of these recent dream messages I and my mom have had were specifically for Starseed souls. Very briefly, most of us Starseeds, and probably Indigos too, have had monitoring and assistance from our different dimensional and stellar Home Stations throughout our lives. They’ve typically happened while we’re asleep and out of our physical bodies in another dimension and “dreaming” (not a dream at all of course but an actual etheric journey and meeting) where it was easier to connect with our non-physical Starbeing friends and family and them with us for different reasons. Some of those reasons were meetings where large numbers of Earth incarnate Starseeds needed to receive the latest information from Home about the Ascension Process. Other times we’d find ourselves in some hospital-like setting for Starseeds where we’d receive any needed energy adjustments and/or energy body repair work caused by our physical 3D Ascension Missions in physicality and so on.

These recent dream messages mean what they do to us now because they’ve been about our nearly lifelong Starseed inner plane “dream” meetings and hospital Repair Shop visits etc. Point is that all these recent dream messages have been repeatedly informing me and mom that all the old Starseed ways, methods, tools information exchanges etc. don’t work anymore and have been removed because we’ve evolved beyond the need for them. Said another way—Mission accomplished Starseeds—so these decades-old multidimensional, non-physical Starseed First-Aid Centers and Communication and Meeting locations have been dismantled because we don’t need them any longer. We don’t need these multidimensional middlemen and Way Stations because we’re now inches away from being Home again while on Earth in these bodies but in 5D finally!

So, if you’ve been or suddenly start having repeated dreams about old familiar things, tools, methods and ways of doing things or traveling or fixing or “healing” and them NOT WORKING anymore, they’re just more clues about how close we are now to moving through the important transitional gates of 11-11-11 which will activate much more fifth dimensional type energies and consciousness within us.


I was going to make this topic another article but it fits with these dream messages so I’ll add it here.

I’ve mentioned in other articles that my lifelong Starbeing assistants/teachers/guides and help from Home began energetically retreating from me the last couple of years before the start of the Eighth Wave (January 5 1999), which was the start of the physical, biological Ascension Process for the First Wave Starseed group.

Once I got my nerve up, I asked them why they were leaving me, and they informed me that I was about to start a very intense and difficult process and phase of my Starseed Soul Mission work and that they could not and would not in any way interfere with my living/struggling through it. In other words, the training wheels were removed in January 1999, and I had to do this thing on my own for my personal soul growth. No more multidimensional middlemen while I went through the Alchemical Ascension Fires of Transformation. Said yet another way, it was time for me to evolve and replace my own Guides and Starbeing Assistants.

Many of us have done this long and slow graduating, evolving away from our familiar and beloved ascension Guides and Starbeing Assistants because many of us have and will take their places at the completion of the Ascension cycle.

So if you’ve experienced your old familiar and much-loved Guides and other inner-plane Teachers and Assistants leaving you or not being able to contact or connect with them, this is why. Once our primary Ascension Mission is completed, which it basically is now at the end of the Mayan calendar and 11-11-11 transition, these old Guides, tools, ways, methods etc. are rapidly dissolving and disappearing from us because they’ve served their purpose perfectly at those levels and are being retired. Thank you, thank you, thank you my old Starbeing Assistants and Guides for having my back and babysitting me while I was down here doing what I came here to do now.

Denise Le Fay

October 20, 2011

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89 thoughts on “Recent Repeated Dream Messages

  • Sarita, ‘Have often dreamed about going back to University and completing a degree I have already completed. What makes a star seed? I’m wondering what I am, though I see many similarities I always felt I was committed to stay on this earth to be a presence for others. It doesn’t seem the time to leave. Can some of us stay and support a transtition? Help those in limbo?

  • Hi Denise and everyone, I just found your blog. Excellent reading! I wondered why I always dreamed about traveling, being at conferences, sitting in theaters, classrooms and auditoriums, always surrounded by so many people, always with purpose. My hubby seems to travel with me most of the time, though he does not subscribe to the idea of ascension or any new age thinking. I have also had throat trouble; I have always had to “clear” my throat since childhood, and now, I lose my voice frequently, especially when I am at work. I have so much fatigue and feel so bad being at work that I mostly work from home now. My guides left years ago, though I kept getting new ones as time went by. Now I communicate directly with Sirians, my higher self, Ascended Masters and others, occasionally…they are all so very kind and grateful. I have struggled with fatigue for years, due to a mysterious anemia of unknown origin, and have been thinking a lot lately about “going home,” whatever that means. Recently, I moved into a new home I was informed is fifth dimensional; it is located on an old military base! I feel that big changes are coming for me, but I cannot see or feel what they might be. I too have had a lifetime love affair with nature, especially animals and trees. It is so nice to connect with like minded people! Many blessings!

  • Denise and All,
    I knew when I woke up this morning it would be very special. Through reading all my blogs about ascension I was directed to this one and have been reading this and Denise’s latest post. I feel that I finally found a group of souls who are having the same experiences because we are all Starseeds or whatever term is appropriate for those of us who got the call and came to Earth at this time. Thanks and blessings for this comments section and the wonderful posts much needed at this time. First time I have been “late to the party” in my life–I’m always early for everything.

    On the dream front, I too have always had the school dreams but mine focused on being in school and not knowing which class to go to. I would frantically search my person, my locker and ask people where my schedule was. This was always frustrating and I would wake up with this feeling. In the 90s I started having this same dream and when I got frustrated I thought, “Go to the office and ask for your schedule.” That was a smart idea, so I did but everyone ignored me. That was when I realized I did not need to be there, I had already finished college in real life and that I did not need to be here anymore. I walked outside and the sun was shining brightly and I woke up feeling I had “graduated.”

    I love the animal stories from everyone and I know that I am able to communicate with animals on some level. Having 5 outdoor cats and several deer and raccoons who visit and many squirrels scampering about, I truly love nature and the animal kingdom. My cats too have been extra cuddly lately and want to be lubbed on (that’s rubbing with a lot of love) constantly.

    Much love to all,

  • I guess putting these dreams here is more appropriate than on the most recent post, although I think one of the dreams is a “going home” dream.

    I think I reported, maybe in another thread, that recently I have, several times, had a dream about an egg-shaped space ship that is of the shiniest yet non-reflective material I have ever “seen”. I am standing on a long straight road in a desert… I think it might be Monument Valley… It is night-time with a full moon and I can see a long distance up the road. Out of nowhere there appears this egg-shaped ship. It is a long way away from me — maybe a mile or three… hard to say but it is not “near” me. It settles to the ground. I can see that it is utterly smooth… no windows or lights coming from it. Then it begins to “uncoil” in a spiral starting from the top down to the base of the ship and I can see lights and openings in the ship. I think to myself “Well, isn’t that interesting.” And then the uncoiling metal starts to come toward me. By the time it stops it is right in front of me less than two or three steps. The clear message is “come aboard”. I wake up at this point so I don’t know if I boarded the ship, but I knew it would be OK if I did and it was a way home.

    I told this dream to my neighbor today because he is the only person that I physically know that understands that change is afoot. He told me a dream he had last night…

    He was a teenager again… laying in his back yard at that time. He sees three perfectly shaped clouds form over his head. They swirl around and form a cloud dragon. Then the dragon becomes real and flies down and lands next to him, shapeshifting into a lion. The lion talks to him and tells him that if he behaves himself, he will be alright. “Do you accept?” says the lion. He said to the lion “I except” The lion said “Accept”… the lion asked him two more questions which he couldn’t remember… each time saying “Do you accept?” He would answer “I except” and the lion would say “Accept.” Then the lion shapeshifted into a human. He was introduced to my friend’s family as his “friend” and he ate dinner with them. After a while he was gone.

    I believe the dragon/lion was an alien… a Draconian in particular, who was trying to get him to “side” with the Draconians. His shifting into a lion and a human were to reassure my friend that he was “good”. I think it is interesting that he “knew” he was saying “except” instead of “accept” because they sound alike and it would be hard to differentiate in a spoken conversation… also he knew that the lion was correcting him. He doesn’t believe he “agreed” to anything.

    They are still working at us … almost desperately I think… BECAUSE it is almost Time…


  • I think we are all being watch now instead of communicated with, like we’re being “graded” on our current states. The hardest part now seems to be keeping busy and occupying myself in constructive tasks; been getting by doing just what needs it and no more. Husband and I have both quit our pain medication, I have RA and a metal plate in my neck, but the other night it got so bad I just took a half; that resulted in my feeling lost in darkness until the stuff wore off. Whew. Didn’t like that – and even tho my parrot was covered up, when I reached for that bottle, I heard a muffled “Eek,” and he coughed and acted like he knew I wouldn’t like it…enough of that! I just hope we can’t regress now..and seems like dark ‘things’ have been coming around and putting a sort of glamour on me when I was only half here and I found myself gobbling down a plate of just cooked chicken and bread when I’ve been sickened more and more by eating animal meat – had intended salad but all of a sudden became starving for that chicken..been psychically saying stop that stuff since then!!

    Has anybody also noticed that the skies and Sun have been mesmerizing? This makes my soul sing…hardly can get any quiet time for meditation, either, and don’t we all need that. Denise I love how you tell about your Higher Self egging you on, and I’ve thought of one more place when you were listing universities and places you meet in dreams – has anybody else been in a beautiful garden?! Like a Way Station – I think I’ve been there four times. Anyway, the main message is that, in the end, it’s LOVE that matters. Birthday yesterday and now the New Moon tomorrow at 3 Scorpio – and my progressed birthday next year is December 21, 2012…haven’t figured that one out yet, but I’m getting ready to go and running out of patience, also fighting fear and stress at times at knowing ‘more’ (?) than most of my family and loved ones – what will happen to our beloved pets and children! I think, to close, that this is all a giant virtual life and we’ll soon step out of it…In closing, here’s a prayer of protection from Grey Eagle I’d like to share with love for everyone:

    We are all children of God, and as such, we live in the healing CIRCLE of God’s healing love and light. The LIGHT of God surrounds us, the LOVE of God enfolds us, the POWER of God protects us, and the PRESENCE of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is. I am grateful. (And remember, the circle is divine….
    Love and thanks to all! Keep on trucking anyway…

  • Tom, thanks for all your suggestions re extracting “life lessons.” Everything you said makes sense. I already journal and have been dialoguing with my Higher Self. My biggest learning, I find, has been to detach and let others take responsibility for their lives instead of trying to “save” them or to continually offer sympathy when they have no desire to change. I finally GET it, though life keeps testing me to make sure.

    Jamie – about going back to high school when you’ve already graduated from college – maybe there’s another learning you need to acknowledge from your past?

    Audrey – I loved your dream about going home after vacation. Sounds perfect for these times we are in.

    Lots of Light & Love to all, Thelma

  • Last night I dreamed that I was on vacation and it was time to go home. I was packing up my belongings. I was happy.

  • I had the same exact dream a few months ago. I was in high school (again ugh) but I know I had already graduated from college. I had been so uninterested in doing all the bs again because I knew I had graduated. I skipped classes, was miserable and just kept thinking F this, I do not want to do this again. Why am I doing this again? Wow

  • Hello everyone!
    I am really happy to find all the interesting information here. Thank You all for telling your stories. It’s good to know that we share similar experiences.
    I have also for the past two weeks had very vivid dreams. Some nights I have had to go to the bathroom and coming back to bed I have gone straight back into the dream. Then some days ago I started to feel very off, had no energy and came up with the weirdest neck pain. Had to sleep on the sofa for a few nights with my head up high. Felt dizzy during the day. Then last night my throat started to feel sore and still is but now with an odd cough due to the throat drying out every now and again. I have never had anything like this before and it is for sure not a normal flue.
    I guess this is temporary. Look forward to enjoy the ride as well.
    Much Love and Light,

  • Thelma, your most recent post really spoke to me. I’ve been doing a lot of extracting of “lessons learned” during the last few months, and it’s been an important part of my Ascension Process. I think you’re very wise to engage in this now.

    I’ve been remembering and reflecting on a lot of my childhood and young adult experiences during the last few months. I’ve been doing a lot of journaling about this, and it’s been helpful in recognizing and processing important life lessons. Looking at pictures and memorabilia from the early part of my life has helped with this. So has talking with family members and childhood friends about old times. If there’s anything else that helps you recall memories from earlier in your life, now would be a good time to do it. I recently posted on this blog about an intense past-life experience that had a lot of karmic consequences for me in this lifetime. It has taken me all of my 49 years so far to heal from it, so it’s definitely a biggie. I found that posting a summary of it here helped me step back from it and see it in a more detached way.

    You might want to try writing out your life story in the form of an autobiography. If writing is not your thing, maybe a visual art project or something else would work better. I hope this helps.


  • Denise, am very much looking forward to reading your forthcoming article on “graduation.”

    I also feel that we are now extracting “lessons learned” through our major life issues at this time and am trying to figure out if I did indeed accomplish what I set out to do.

    One dream I have very often is going to school to empty my locker and after finding the locker (usually involves a search), I retrieve my clothing left there.

    Any tips on retrieving and recognizing “life lessons” is much appreciated. I believe this is an important part of the completions we need to make at this time.

    Lots of Light & Love to all, Thelma

  • Hello, Denise,

    For me, the connection to animals, trees, mountains and such has been strong already.  (i guess it explains the interest in shamanism-- I couldn't envision a religion that didn't include them!).  While I was in Asia, I lived in a city with four sacred mountains.  Every morning when I woke up, I would say hello to the mountains and their guardian spirits, the trees, bushes, grass, and the birdies who lived across from me.  I ended up developing a relationship with the mountain and the guardian spirit closest to me and the birds.  I always seem to have mountain and tree friends.  When I first went to Asia years ago, there was a mountain close to me that I felt watched out for me, without me asking.  And I've become more adept at feeling the spirits that live in these places as well.  I have noticed the last week that this connection has opened up farther than it had before and it's amazing.  Just try saying hello to a tree now and see what happens!

    Lots of love,

  • Hi everyone, thanks for all your recent shares. I find them to be very validating and helpful as I go through this tricky time in my Ascension Process. My health has been good and my creative energy has been strong the last few days. I’m finding that I still want to be engaged in the 3-D world, especially in the area of career. I’ve been experiencing a lot of synchronicity, especially with regards to work and finances. This has been very satisfying and gratifying to me. My guides are still telling to stay very focused on my detox process, and keep transmuting all the old toxic energy that keeps coming up. I’ve been doing my rattling more regularly, and have resumed doing ritual and meditation.

    Despite all this, I’ve noticed that when I have a specific opportunity to do something in my career or another aspect of my 3-D life, I usually pass on it because it doesn’t feel right. The only writing that I’ve wanted to do has been my journaling and posting on this forum. Spirit has been providing me with some good survival gigs lately, but I haven’t been interested in pursuing any of the career options I was previously interested in. I’ve been making plans to get together with some old high school and college friends during a trip next month, but I don’t feel any need to go out and try to make new friends now. I enjoy seeing cabaret shows and have seen several in the last few years. I wanted to produce them at one time. Whenever I find out about a cabaret show or event that sounds like fun, I find that the timing isn’t right or that I lose interest in it when it comes time to decide to see or participate in it. Even though I still want to be engaged in the 3-D world, I stay at home and focus on health and spiritual matters most of the time because it feels right to me.


  • Dear Denise: I have had recurring dreams for about two years now that I am an adult struggling to finish high school, yet I know myself that I already went to college. Or I keep dreaming that I am unable to finish university, because I don’t have the money or other reasons, and I get frustrated because I know during the dream that I have in fact graduated.
    They have been occurring very often, and now after I read your post. They stopped.
    What could they mean?
    Lorenza from Mexico

    • “Dear Denise: I have had recurring dreams for about two years now that I am an adult struggling to finish high school, yet I know myself that I already went to college. Or I keep dreaming that I am unable to finish university, because I don’t have the money or other reasons, and I get frustrated because I know during the dream that I have in fact graduated.
      They have been occurring very often, and now after I read your post. They stopped.
      What could they mean?
      Lorenza from Mexico”


      I’m going to ask you too to please read Kit’s comment, Lefteris’ comment, and my response to them.

      There’s a message playing out here now for all the Starseeds about completing our mission and why we Volunteered to come to Earth to help with the Ascension Process. I believe that your two yearlong dreams about “trying to finish University and/or school” etc. is really about the end of the Mayan calendar and the cosmic alignment and its massive energy download that will happen when Earth moves into that conjunction alignment. You, as a Starseed who Volunteered to come to Earth now, “have already graduated” but many, many, Starseeds have indeed forgotten this fact and they need to remember it right now for reasons I’ll explain in the new article about this particular topic.

      I believe your dreams about this have stopped because you read this article. The article was the particular message you needed to consciously connect with right now (as will be this other one I’m currently working on). Remember how I mentioned that I was suddenly PUSHED AND PUSHED HARD to immediately write this particular article? This is why; many Starseeds need to remember that the completion point or “Graduation” is here now and will be unfolding step by energy step with the Oct. 28, 2011 end of the Mayan calendar, the 11-11-11 portal and activation, the December 2011 winter solstice, and all of 2012 up to winter solstice of 2012. You have “graduated” already so there’s no more need to focus on that in either the inner planes, or the physical Earth world.

      More to come soon about this. 🙂

  • Dear Denise and all, glad to read your post on dreams. Mine have started up again with intensity. Unexploded warheads at a school and an old German caretaker from the war offering to defuse it. A conference that was huge, Doctors healing me, the sun going out and huge waves of light running up my spine when it did. Biggest thing right now is the little voice when I let my mind drift or as I’m falling asleep telling me it’s “time to come home, Darling”.

    Please let it be soon. I’m tired of this.
    love Kit

    Ps. Glad you mentioned the thyroid/jaw/neck symptoms. Mine have been a real problem. I was beginning to think I had a terrible disease.

    • “Biggest thing right now is the little voice when I let my mind drift or as I’m falling asleep telling me it’s “time to come home, Darling”.

      Please let it be soon. I’m tired of this.
      love Kit”


      This Message has/is being loudly sent to all the Starseeds lately, trying to get them all to consciously realize that it is indeed, ‘time to come home, Darling’! 2012 is moments away…time is short…complete what you came here now to do.

      I’ve been working on an article about this particular topic and will publish it asap.


  • Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for this vitally important update, Denise!! And I am just in awe and appreciation of everyone’s comments on this blog. I had missed the comments section because I learn something from all of you!

    I’ve been pretty lost feeling recently. I am not quite sure what to do with myself… I feel this deep desire to get back to crafting and do something in the creative outlet. It’s such a strong surge of creative inspiration and I’m not sure where it’s all coming from because I’m planning my wedding right now and feel like I’ve been doing plenty to stay “creative”. I’ve also felt this very strong drive to get more in touch with sacred geometry even though I, myself, don’t understand mathematics or geometry well enough to produce it.

    Then I’ve been getting the repeating numbers thing again recently. It began with waking up for a week at 3:33 every morning. Now it’s 3:33 most of the time, but sometimes I get 12:12 at night and occasionally 12:21 at night and mid-day.

    I just got done battling a very intense “virus” which then lead to me almost getting pneumonia and struggling to just…BREATHE. I realized how much resistance I’ve built up in this life surrounding the simple act of breathing. I keep getting a strong message from my higher self that I need to do more mediation with focused breath-work.

    Lastly, I had this really profound dream about 2 weeks ago. I was in my childhood home sitting with my mother and a Shaman woman on the couches. It definitely felt like a induction ceremony or something. I was given this strange looking fruit that was bright yellow and nubby textured and it grew in this strange formation that looked like long fingers. When I bit into the fruit, it tasted so different to me…almost like a persimmon or kiwi fruit. After a few minutes, I then realized that the fruit was psychoactive and I was indeed beginning to trip. I haven’t really ever experienced “tripping” or altered-states in dreams before so this was a little frightening for me at first. I also wondered why on earth my mom and the Shaman lady didn’t tell me the fruit would make me trip. The entire landscape of my reality shifted and I began seeing things…”more clearly”… then I started to feel things landing on my face, bugs landing on my face and I told my mom about it and she told me they were ladybugs and sort of laughed. I immediately felt relieved that it was just sweet ‘ol ladybugs. Then she told me that the “Horse and the Chestnut” would be important to me. Then I woke myself up from the dream. Later that day, a friend told me on facebook (after I’d made an update about this profound dream) that the fruit might have been a citron fruit called, “Buddha’s hand”. It was chalked-full of symbolism, this dream I had.

    I’ve been in the shopping mall, the hospital, and the spaceships before. But I haven’t had those dreams in awhile and the dreams I do have these days seem so much more vivid than they used to.

    I’ve also lost my guides…I still feel connected to my main guide whom I think has been with me through multiple lives I’ve lived. I believe she and I are connected at a soul family level. She is how I’ve gained entry into the Akashic records on multiple occasions. My skeptical self though has always just wondered if perhaps…she is just me…on a different level. 🙂

    These times they are changin’ and I’m prepared for just about anything. I almost enjoy not truly knowing what is going to happen. It helps me stay continuously present for the ride, the journey…which I am enjoying.

    I feel confident that everyone and everything is on the right track and Mother Earth is going to remain safe.

    Much love and peace to all! ❤
    ~ Astara

  • Denise, last night I had a dream which was quite vivid, it had to do with unresolved issues in regards to my relationship with my parents, I woke up yelling…
    The interesting thing is that before I wake up, I took a deep breath and said: “I’m returning”
    I’m not sure if I was referring to my return “Home” or in my return to my bed. I think the first fits better 🙂
    Just before I woke up yelling, I heard a voice (probably a guide/angel) telling me: “Remain faithful to your Star” but I felt that he was referring to the people in general, that’s why I post it here.
    For me, I feel that my star is my soul, the way back home, the core of my joy regarding the mission being accomplished and Ascension.
    What do you believe he meant when he said this?
    Thank you
    In Love and Light.

    • Lefteris,

      Please read Kit’s comment and my response to it. I’m working on a new article about this particular topic and will publish it as quickly as I can. Trust your dream messages as they’re correct. 😉


  • Just wanted to share this pretty song that always seems to comfort me when I start to feel overwhelmed by all the changes. This woman had an amazing voice (she passed in the late 90s but her melodies live on):
    P.S. Sorry I just saw that that tentatively posted as a giant YouTube widget. I just meant to include the link to the song for anyone interested but for some reason it popped on like that–didn’t mean to intrude upon the page 🙂

  • For the most part, I don’t get interesting dreams. Instead, what others receive in the form of dreams, I seem to “see” played out in my everyday life.

    For example, last weekend I was on a yoga retreat. There were hundreds of us there, and the sacred space that was created was powerful and transformative. I knew, this is what the new earth will feel like all the time (or at least most of the time!). Every aspect of the weekend was expansive and uplifting. I was surrounded by a sea of high vibe peeps.

    This weekend, I am at my husband’s college reunion. He went to a college where the “hard” sciences are front and center: engineering and such. Last night I talked to two current students here and they both admitted they were going into their fields to make money, not because they loved the work.The school is located in a part of the country that has been economically depressed for about a century. It’s always gray here – cloudy, overcast, and cold. The people at the reunion are “nice” but oh dear god, so 3D boring that I feel like I have been given a full body Novocaine.

    Seems that my HS is giving me a tutorial: last weekend is what you are moving into, and this weekend is what you are emphatically leaving behind.

    Okay, so now that I’ve got the message, can I please get the heck out of here??!!

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