Navigating the End of the Mayan Calendar/Expiration Date

When I go quiet for a while and don’t write anything at TRANSITIONS, it’s always because I’ve been soul-deep in BIG changes once again. We all have the continuous smaller Ascension related symptoms, aches and pains and changes. However, every few months or so (your mileage may vary) we reach another of those really BIG phases within the Ascension Process where we suddenly take a quantum leap forward. Or so it seems from our old perspective. This was another of those BIG, major transition points for me personally. I suspect many of you reading this have also recently (the summer and fall of 2011) found yourself in some major inner changes. If you haven’t yet, not to worry because it’s coming. We’ve all got plenty of them coming now that we’re at the end of this Evolutionary Cycle, Mayan calendar October 28, 2011.

stairstep people2

I’ve repeatedly used the term Stair Steps in the past to express that the entire Ascension Process is done by us moving up many energy and consciousness levels or stair steps. We don’t and cannot go from the bottom of these many flights of Stairs (dense, dark, distorted, linear time and consciousness in duality in 3D) all the way to the top floor (Light-filled, much less dense, non-linear time and higher consciousness in unity in 5D) in one giant leap, not in our physical bodies that is. To make this grand transformation with our physical body we must travel up the different energetic stair steps to repeatedly adapt and adjust to the continuous frequency ascent. Eventually we each reach a landing at the top of a flight of these ascension stair steps, but to continue we must make a sharp 90° turn on that BIG re-directional landing to further continue up the next flight of ascension stair steps of this transformational Process and our individual soul missions within it.

My point is that there’s been constant Ascension Stair Steps since entering the Eighth Wave on January 5, 1999, but with less of these landings. Since we entered the Ninth Wave on March 9, 2011, there’s been far more of these landings (phases) where we cast-off more of our old lower aspects, consciousness and ways, while simultaneously embodying more Light “architecture” of the Original Divine Blueprint.

Said in the opposite incoming direction, these landings are intense phases when one physically embodies another large chunk of the Divine Blueprint within themselves and their physical body. Transmuting lower and Embodying higher, Transmuting lower and Embodying higher and on and on up those flights of energy Ascension Stair Steps with their potent landings.

What I’ve been experiencing building and expanding since the summer (of 2011), was my arriving at another of these BIG embodying/casting off landings with its sharp 90° turn. These larger embodying and simultaneous further casting off of one’s old aspects and habits phases (because the two cannot co-exist so the old lower frequency parts are cast-off) are comparable to your Higher Self suddenly grabbing you up by the nap of your neck and transporting you to a new energetic neighborhood and dropping you there. After the dust settles you start to better understand what just happened and why, but until then, it’s one intense transformational shift and major redirect.


For many years we’ve read about the famed end of the Mayan calendar but there hasn’t been much in-depth talk about what to expect after it. Words like “Unity Consciousness” have been used as have “fifth dimension” and “ascending into the great Golden Age of Light”, and “creating new timelines” and “changing timelines” and probably realities and High Heart Consciousness etc. But what’s really coming now that we’ve finally made it to the Expiration Date?

We are and will continue to Transmute our lower frequency whatever that’s still there everything and Embody more of the higher Light “architecture” of the Original Divine Blueprint and adapt and adjust to it all. But we won’t all be doing this at the same exact time (in the same timeline) because we’re not all existing on the same identical Stair Step or evolutionary level together. In this regard, things are as they always have been, but on the other side of October 28, 2011, and certainly on the other side of 11-11-11, everyone will be existing in a higher field of unified Light within an entirely new cycle and higher dimension on Earth. The Dark Ones are no longer in control and their negative, multidimensional distorted programs are and will continue turning to ash in the increasing Light.

Because so many are still using the lens of Duality linear consciousness, or they’re at the beginning stages of being able to access integrated Unity or HighHeart Consciousness, they read my words through whatever lens and level they have access to at the moment. If the gap between my words and their awareness is too great, then my words sound to them like I’m saying something very different from what I actually am; hence my occasional frustration and need to back-off and/or escape for a bit so that I don’t let myself get drawn back down into a lower frequency place and state that I’ve worked hard to extricate myself from and override. With time and more understanding this won’t be as difficult for me as it’s been throughout 2011. Until I reach that level of personal development and 5D anchoring, I will continue to distance myself from certain people, places and situations.


Because we entered the Ninth Wave March 9, 2011, with it came the new Light “architecture” of the Original Divine Blueprint all the way down into physicality and many of the Starseeds bodies to embody it and simultaneously override the Dark Ones horrific perversions. All of 2011 has been extra difficult in some ways for me, while simultaneously, 2011 has shown the most improvements as well.

The difficult things I’ve had to deal with since January 2011 (and they’ve increased each month this year) have been an INCREASE in my already ultra-sensitive senses, awareness, and being. The more Light “architecture” and Divine Blueprint I embody, the more sensitive I become to any and all lower frequency energies—not less sensitive—more sensitive. And just so there’s no confusion, by lower frequency energies I mean people, emotions, thoughts, thought-forms, foods, actions, belief systems, systems, locations, the patriarchy, consciousness, most TV programs and movies, most old world sounds or noise etc. etc.

Someone recently said to me that “…I’m very sensitive to criticism…” which is true because criticism typically comes from people with unrecognized and unresolved negative ego baggage that the person and/or people doing the criticizing are not even consciously aware of. Because I’m sensitive and feel and have a slightly larger conscious perspective, I do see and feel people’s negative egos and personal baggage that THEY hiss and spew at me that actually has nothing to do with me. Carrying more Light and Higher Consciousness comes with much more responsibility and this cosmic Law certainly doesn’t apply to only me. When you attack, insult, parasite, demean and use people Light embodied, it’s your clue to deal with YOUR unresolved, ignored, projected negativity and darkness.

Another 2011 increase I’ve been dealing with is being more consciously aware of people’s actions, emotions, thoughts, dreams, intentions, pains and problems. I don’t necessarily want to perceive any more of this type of stuff from strangers but there it is. Thankfully I sense that this will shift or evolve within me once I’m on the other side of 11-11-11. Not end entirely on November 12th but shift a bit more and then a bit more in December 2011, and then much more throughout 2012. Funny how embodying more Light makes it that much easier to be fully aware of and feel the Dark in people, places, systems, beliefs etc.

Another 2011 side effect is a fairly large change in my sleep/wake hours and pattern. I have no reason whatsoever to get up at 4 or 5 or 6 AM but this is the new schedule evidently. From 6 AM on it’s impossible for me to fall back to sleep so, after pushing the sleep envelope a bit harder, I realize it ain’t gonna happen so I just get up between 6 and 7 AM now. Kinda a big bummer at the moment.

Now that I’m up between 6–7 AM I must get my daily choirs done very early because by 11:30–12:30ish I’ve used up my daily allotment of fuel and become amazingly exhausted and absolutely have to take a nap. And on really intense days—which are almost every day or every other day in 2011—I fall asleep for much of the afternoon! I’m talking snoozing almost half of the day which is something I’ve never done in my life. But no matter how hard I push against this new schedule it overpowers me and puts me out almost every afternoon. It’s like we HAVE to get out of our physical bodies at different times now because the energies and their cycles or pulses or waves are that different. Basically, it’s like 5 or 6 hours is the equivalent of 12 or 14 hours of old lower world linear time, which makes sense while we’re teetering on the Cusp of so many BIG changes, timelines and realities.

Another 2011 side-effect I’ve had is being quickly shown when I’ve looked outside myself for some external help, guidance, direction etc. is that I’m immediately shown by my Higher Self that I’ve evolved to the level where I am and have the answers and guidance I need or want so stop looking outside of myself for them. Old habits die-hard but this is how we discover how much we really have evolved, and now in 2011 and 2012, we’ve GOT to use our expanding and evolving abilities and consciousness. Looking outside of ourselves will become increasingly ineffective until we fully and consciously put on our individual higher consciousness, powers and abilities.

One more 2011 side-effect and then I’ll end this. We can’t forget to look at the BIG changes, shifts of power, and Light improvements that have happened in 2011 so far, but from another angle entirely. That angle is from how most people who aren’t aware of the Ascension Process—and even many who are—but haven’t as yet transmuted their own lower frequency unresolved ignored issues, ego, negative habits and belief systems stemming from the Emotional and Mental Body perversions done by the Dark Ones. All that plus their own lower frequency ego-based lens focus on reality makes these potent endings and new beginnings EXTREMELY trying for most of them.

I’ve witnessed increasing numbers of people having growing difficulties because their old familiar vampirized food supply system has diminished in 2011 (and will continue to) due to the Light Energies and changes that began with the Ninth Wave phase. We see this manifesting in a myriad of ways on the News every day now and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

As these people’s Dark patriarchal world and reality disintegrates under them and their old familiar negative ego-based ways of emotionally manipulating others and/or being manipulated themselves to feed from other people’s energies isn’t working as it has, there’s going to be increasing numbers of people becoming sick, more energetically starved, frantic, increasingly mentally and emotionally imbalanced and yet not know how to not invade or manipulate other people to get their energetic food supply in this dark old way. I’ve watched this escalate in certain people all year and it’s amazing to see but horrific and repulsive at the same time. That plus the old familiar ego manipulations and lying not working like they always have are also causing further frustrations and chaos with lower frequency, lower consciousness people and systems.

Just like those transformational ascension flights of stair steps with their embodying landings, the masses that don’t know what’s really happening and why have to make huge changes now too or exit. Protect yourself and your loved ones and pets as we transition across the Expiration Date and 11-11-11 and simultaneously embody more Light and Divine Source Blueprints/Templates from Home. It is indeed the best of times but at lower levels it is the worst of times.

Denise Le Fay

October 14, 2011

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22 thoughts on “Navigating the End of the Mayan Calendar/Expiration Date

  • on the eve of the end of the mayan calendar, i am energized to what i am open to experience, i have already experienced much of what Denise describes in her symptoms. i am more with comfort now that i have knowledge of all the transitions i have been experiencing.

    tomorrow when i wake, i will start with universal breathing. …..look forward to reading the comment of the NOW, in the morrow. mychelle

  • Hi Denise and All,

    Tomorrow, 27th October… is my birthday: the EVE of the END of the Mayan Calendar. My Higher Self knows what and why it winds up being that particular date! 😀 I wonder how other October-borns feel … when their birthdays are closer or near this special moment in human/Life past-story.

    Has anyone noticed that… if you add the 28th + the 10th month (October)… you get 11? 2 + 8 + 1 + 0 = 11… which I find it to be another 11:11… a DOUBLE whammy which coincides with the 11th November 2011 portal… 11:11:11!!

    What such Divine timing and happy times indeed! ^-^

    Lou Ann

  • OMG, I’ve just been thinking that…

    The day after tomorrow we will cross the finish line of a 16.4 billion year evolutionary process. That’s 16.4 BILLION years folks! It is absolutely mind-blowing!

    I’ve been feeling for a long time now that this is something really significant, and now we’re finally here — it’s almost unbelievable!

    • Carolyn & All,

      I know!!! It’s barely comprehensible.

      We’ve had our heads down and noses to the Ascension grindstone, struggling and have worked so hard and long for what’s moments away finally that there’s this sort of calm knowingness and satisfaction floating through me. I can already feel some of the changes (improvements, New Energies) starting in my body and there were many times since 1999 that I honestly didn’t think I’d make it to this very point in this Now Moment. What a relief. We’ve done it kids…we’ve done it…be proud, everyone else certainly is. 🙂

      ♥ Denise

  • So very BEautiful, dear one!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Infinite Love, Brilliant Light, Endless Gratitude, and ETernal Blessings for All ❤ :)))

  • Yves,
    TY for the input, I will try to harness my energies otherwise my quarantined position offers very little leeway.

  • divsy, I totally relate to your apathy. It has led me to forcibly actively try to connect with others for the purpose of creative sparking. I have thrown small gatherings that serve as casual think tanks and generally been pursuing anything that artistically inspires me. It’s tough though. My theory about this is that, when you’re overly sensitive you absorb way too much already. Add to that that we are living in unprecedented times in terms of information overload and you have a recipe for “white noise.” Too many voices just become static. And static is not inspiring. The only way to get out of the apathy is to quiet your mind and surroundings and go within without any expectations of yourself. Just be. And of course be around people committed to being inspired by others’ creativity too. It’s important not to fall out of love with life. And again the over stimulation of the mind by the Internet’s extraneous chatter can do that to us by keeping us moored in the mental. Inspiration and motivation comes from a non-mental force deep within the spirit–the seed of the muse. You will get your energy and passion for life back. Hang in there!

  • Astreas/Thelma: Interestingly enough I have the energy but no drive to do whatsoever, kind of swimming in apathy. I just want things to be over NOW.

  • As astreas pointed out, I also find daily activities now becoming tiresome. It’s like it takes a major effort to DO anything.

    This may have to do with gradually exiting a lower-vibrating world (and getting more detached from it) or may be because we have less ENERGY because of the transformation we are still going through at various levels.

    I do whatever really needs to get done and if my energy just isn’t there for other activity, I postpone or eliminate it if possible. Otherwise it’s like pushing through mud!

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

  • Thank you Denise and thank you all for sharing! I am to experiencing “growing pains” and will ad that I am now also tired of doing all daily must things, like, go shopping, eating, showering, washing my clothes etc. :)) LoveLight to All

  • Thanks, Denise for this well-articulated article which is helpful to so many of us during this critical time. And it’s wonderful to read of others’ experiences as well.

    There is no one with whom I can share this transition with… cannot even BEGIN to explain what I believe is “going on” as everyone around me is still caught up in the old vibrations of the material world. Communing with nature and journaling with my Higher Self are my links to sanity.

    Things have definitely intensified for me. I, too, am more sensitive to other people’s true intentions. Recently someone I know criticized me for something and I FELT the barb behind the comment. It surprised me how hurtful it was, although I quickly recovered as I knew it had to do with his own unresolved baggage. I find it helpful to detach from most situations at this time and not to fixate on outcomes.

    I also cut out the majority of TV programs and music which I now find discordant. I am increasingly intolerant of other people’s unending dramas and unwillingness to change. I know I cannot afford to be caught up in this esp. at this time.

    The thing is, we can’t MAKE others understand the bigger picture if they aren’t ready. Unless they come to us for advice, it’s best to show where we are vibrationally by example and let them deal with their own issues (or not).

    For the last few weeks, I’ve been awakening at 6:00 a.m. or thereabouts and am up by 7:00 a.m. I get lots done in the morning and early afternoon but after that, also start to fade out. It’s good to know this is part of the process and NOT just me getting older!

    My hope is that even if there IS a split-off into a new earth due to a big difference in frequency, the old 3D Earth will CONTINUE to be purified and cleansed by the incoming Light. It’s time for every bit of Darkness to go!

    Lots of Light to all, Thelma

  • I am once again grateful for this new article Denise! I have a nineteen year old daughter, whom Is definitely an energy vampire. I am at the point now where I won’t take her abuses, guilt trips, and pity parties. I still feel bad because she is my child, but quite frankly I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take any ones crap anymore. I am looking forward to the relief in sight. Bless you all.

  • I am so glad you shared this. Throughout the 2011 change I have at times been apprehensive about sharing some of these things thinking, perhaps I’m imagining things. That 6 AM thing has been happening to me too! I am however able to fall back asleep. But for the past couple of weeks I automatically wake up at 6 (even when I’m wearing a sleeping mask). Have definitely also begun to see or rather feel/experience the true intentions behind someone’s words or actions. This isn’t a mental process, it’s very much experiential. I am a highly sensitive person and I do feel that my sensitivity has increased. It sometimes frightens me because I am processing loads and loads of information everyday–online and through in-person communication. I get overwhelmed and feel burnout…that chattering and frenetic pace; I absorb too much. But I’m learning that it’s about listening to the voice within not trying to cognitively make sense of all the info and voices on the outside.

    During my staircase landing periods I tend to pool so much energy that I have anxiety attacks. Then I quickly realise this is coming from holding all the toxic old energies in and I release–usually by crying and it dissipates. I must say for me it hasn’t totally been linear though. It’s more like a spiral. I keep experiencing similar things and dealing with them in different ways at each step. Also sometimes, it’s a leap forward and then two steps back to an old addiction or habit, then another move to the side and forward again. All a process. Anyway, I’m grateful that you have put this out there and shared. It really has helped me to know that I’m not alone in these experiences and that this is a collective process.

  • For Denise and All Here:

    Thinking of us:

    I lie trembling, exhausted on the landing of the stair case. I am on my back and I must consciously, slowly bring my breathing back to normal. I concentrate and repeat over and over, “Breathe in light, breathe out love.” I will the heaving of my lungs to lessen. My hands are folded over my heart which pounds and aches from the exertion of my climb. Steadily, gently my body quietens and I can feel the stinging, electrifying tingling of my nervous system subside, occasionally sending twinges to areas long immersed in the dark and now opened and opening to the conscious brightness of eternal love. I do not move, breathing in light, breathing out love, and when I am ready, I allow my thoughts to take me to contemplation of where I have come from. How long I have been on this path. I am so very tired. Tears clear my eyes and I gaze upwards to a ceiling that does not exist but reveals above me a brilliant night sky flashing on and off in golden warmth and rainbow colours, beckoning me, urging me upward. I know my destination is there. I can see it, but I cannot yet feel it. To feel it is my goal. I pull myself to my feet, one last glance back down to where demons lie expiring and disintegrating, lost and dying in my breath of light and love. I turn 90 degrees and approach the next stair step. I am here, I am called, and I obey. I raise my foot and plant myself firmly on the next step. I am a Light Worker and I am in love.


  • Hello, everyone,

    So glad to see the comments open again. I’ve missed my family here.

    Oh, this is interesting. I had a dream last night that I was in a building that was under reconstruction. I was using the elevator to go to the fifth floor. I asked a worker there if there really was anything on the fifth floor and they said yes, because I couldn’t believe it in the state of disarray the building was in. In the elevator, I was wondering where I was going. I couldn’t remember. Today I understood the symbolism: a totally gutted building is the earth as we know it now and I am on my way to 5D which is fine amidst the chaos, even if I don’t know where I’m going! lol! I’m seeing how the symbolism works and how you have to work on it a bit to understand it.

    In other news… the last couple of weeks have been intense. My eyes are continuing to see shimmers (and even ripples in yoga class) in the air more and more often. At one point a couple of weeks ago, I felt that my Higher Self had actually joined with me for a bit. Amazing! And I’m feeling like I’m going to fly off into some other space or time sometimes. This often happens with meditation or energy work. Headaches and a bit of energy sickness in the belly and tiredness, but I’m getting through it pretty well. It does feel as if things are moving forward (or upward) fairly steadily. 🙂

    Hugs to all,

  • Denise & Dedtra, My beautiful soul sisters, It is so delightful to hear that we are all going through the transition in the same way. Staying strong together. Letting go of the lower…which can be so challenging. I’m glad that you talked about sleeping in the afternoon. I have been fighting that, but just yesterday I couldn’t and went to lie down and went into a very light dream state. It was a good thing. I don’t know how long I was down but by 8:30 last night I was going back to bed waking this a.m. finally at 9:19. A friend whose telephone calls I have not been taking just showed up at my door thankfully while I was in meditation so I was in a strong state of Grace and was able to show her that all that I had been talking about…being unavailable to her…being in retreat…was how it will be. She stayed for only a short while because she could see that I was not going to meet her needs.
    I so enjoy your words which could very well be mine. I am letting go of everything that I fear to lose (to quote Yoda) and my heart is open to show others that Love is the way.
    Love to you…Love to all, vee
    Just saw Baruch’s comment…more joy

  • Exactly what I have been experiencing. Thanks so much Denise. I am a Starseed and the pains and energetic sensitivities have been huge for me especially the last 8 weeks.
    Blessings w/the coming uptick. Baruch

  • I’m quoting a Comment written by Dedtra which, because I’d closed Comments on this article, she placed it someplace else where she could leave a Comment. Comments are now open on this article.

    “Hello Denise,

    As usual your right on time with your info. I have been dealing with energy vampires extensively and I live with one. I thought it was just me being particularly judgemental. Lately Ive noticed people around me cant deal with the fact that Im” GOOD”, I no longer need to go out and do THINGS, spend money, be in the company of others 24/7, watch tv, listen to music, or “DO” much of anything anymore Im content inside Im no longer bored and I can sit hours just doing me. However friends and family seem to have the biggest problem with it. Certain people in my life are suffering with what you described in the article, they are going nuts, continually chasing the next buzz, women/man, item to buy, anything/one so they dont have to deal with their shit! Its sad to witness the state of affairs almost everyone I know is in. Im constantly trying to help them understand whats happening on the planet but no one is listening! Fortunately I wont lose the faith that my loved ones will eventually start seeing the BIG picture. Any other insights you might have would be greatly appreciated.


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