What Is High Heart Consciousness?



In very simplified terms, pre-Ascension polarized awareness, focus and frequency range emanated from the three bottom chakras. That was mass humanity’s singular lens to perceive “reality” — straight from their crotches and solar plexus gut! Is it any wonder why things have been so dark for so long if the bottom three chakras are a species only lens on “reality”? How repulsively easy it’s been for some to mind control, manipulate and heard the human species through these bottom three chakras in Duality frequency.

But via the Ascension Process this frequency range and level of function and perception is ascending/evolving into the upper chest area. Not the old lower physical heart with its Heart chakra, but the Thymus gland which is centered and higher in the chest above it and is what I call the High Heart. Now don’t you just know that reality is going to change dramatically because of this elevation of humanities focus point?

We all know what lower frequency Duality consciousness was all about. It was an endless tug of war back and forth between one side, one person, one family, one country, one group, one religion, one belief system etc. against all others. And of course, from the opposite side or group or country or religion or belief system it looked exactly the same. Them against us, us against them, him against her, her against him, endlessly back and forth like mesmerized idiots incapable of escaping their limited dualized brains and matching frequency consciousness and external reality.

Ascending individuals with blossoming High Heart function, focus and being have resolved Duality emotional energies and projected junk in themselves to the point where they’re able to escape the endless back and forth tug of war of Duality consciousness and reality. This was the start of individuals experiencing the beginning of the Separation of Worlds over the past few years. These individuals are increasingly existing and perceiving from the High Heart area in their upper chests spherically, as opposed to the bottom three chakras within the frequency range of Duality and linear only consciousness.

The main way I know I’m existing within increasing High Heart “Unity” consciousness now is that lower frequency stuff has much less effect on me in those old lower chakra gut/solar plexus ways. I see something horrible and seemingly wrong in the world, but I have a higher perspective and knowing about it with greatly increased emotional neutrality. My High Heart instantly understands why things are happening, and I have compassion for the players playing their individual roles yet I’m finally emotionally neutral and unaffected by what is happening around me. This is one easy to recognize trait of increasingly functioning, existing and perceiving from High Heart consciousness. It exists vertically and vibrationally as integrated position number 3 in my diagram, above the lower frequency of horizontal duality, the number 1 and number 2. Its perspective is radically different from the endless lower frequency tug of war of Duality consciousness and reality.

Another clue that you’re existing and functioning within increasing High Heart consciousness is that you FEEL and KNOW much more but it doesn’t imbalance you mentally, emotionally, psychically or physically at all. You feel, you know, and you know you are connected to All (ascended 5D Aquarian group) and yet you are still a unique individual (ascended 5D creative Leo). You know things but not through the brain in your head or your egoic intellect, but through your integrated High Heart FEELING KNOWING 5D awareness center in your upper chest.

Your physical body talks to you too, informing you of all sorts of things, but again this all happens not in your head, brain or intellect but through body consciousness, cellular consciousness and memory, feeling, sensing, and knowing information without having it be an intellectual, linear thought process. You FEEL and KNOW because you are within and using a more unified frequency using a higher, more unified range of perception. The “We are all One” statement means something very different once you are consciously aware of and can feel that fact but not lose your important individuality.

The new integrated, unified, Triality-based High Heart consciousness is vastly more about FEELING and KNOWING from this evolved new Center without lower head thinking, which I know sounds to some like an impossibility or just plain crazy. But after a lifetime being a psychic in polarized 3D Earth reality, I can tell you that what I’m experiencing of High Heart consciousness so far is tremendously more advanced and comfortable than being a “psychic”—clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, empathic etc.—in lower frequency Duality. There is no comparison actually.

Be ready to KNOW and FEEL as the new ascended primary way of perception from a very different place in yourself and your body than your pre-ascension head, separated brain hemispheres and intellectual ego self. Integrated and “ascended” High Heart consciousness and Center (as I’ve experienced it to date but expect I will evolve much further into it) is so much smoother, easier, gentler, faster, wiser and far-seeing and with no intense trauma and drama. Pay attention to the new ways that you are now receiving/perceiving information and reality through your entire body and energy field instead of only the left brain in your head. You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

Denise Le Fay

September 25, 2011

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2011. Use or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

61 thoughts on “What Is High Heart Consciousness?

  • Hi Denise,

    My name is leah and my gorgeous mum sent me your post because since I was 16 I have had these dark entities visit me and seem to also sometimes also seem to attack other people who are close to me. Forgive me but I am new to your messages and might ask a question you have already explained. As I have been dealing with this for quite a long time now( I’m 28), my strategies have become better and they rarely have the same negative effect on me as they use to but I continue to still try various solutions and methods to handle my situation. Instead of bothering me so much they are starting to connect themselves to my partner and the visits are rapidly increasing. I white light myself and project love from the source to protect myself when I am faced with these entities, when it comes to projecting love on them I have been hit back with revolution and anger. The entities can differ and one seems stronger than the others, i find that no love is ever accepted and I feel guilty wondering if I am being arrogant enough to believe that I can force love on a energy that seems to be quite happy to stay in the dark world its manifesting. I wonder if this energy is apart of the source and god as are all of us, if it can be dissolved at all? I feel okay sending it back to its own source but I feel guilt trying to force it to frequency it its not ready for. Do you know if this guilt is normal? Maybe I am overanalysing it, but I know I have never accepted something which was forced opon me so shouldn’t I treat it with the same kindness and love I wish to experience with my ownself. That maybe fighting or forcing anything will only distract from our purpose in this, to be a reflection of its polar opposite to show the universe offers choice to us all.

    • Leah,

      The Ascension Process has to do with each of us evolving beyond the old lower frequency range and consciousness of Duality. With that comes these attacks and such from Team Dark (my term for any and all negative beings/entities/demons etc.) mainly because they don’t want to lose their human hosts (their food and fuel supplies). As each of us “wakes up” more and more to more of reality, Team Dark typically attacks us in a variety of ways in an attempt to prevent us from evolving and literally moving beyond their influence. And as you said, as we learn more about how to protect ourselves, how to know more about energies, consciousness, frequency ranges etc., it slowly becomes more difficult for Team Dark to attack us, wound us, control us, derail us like they’ve always been able to. When this happens they do exactly what you mentioned; they turn their focus on someone else whose still easy to energetically get at (parasite off of). And, if that someone else is a loved one of ours then Team Dark hopes that their actions will derail us over what they’re doing to that someone else! These dark beings are cruel, vicious, literally heartless and they’ll do anything to get the energies they need from humanity to continue existing. They are nonhuman, nonphysical parasites and we MUST evolve beyond their reach and influence as quickly as possible.

      You know how it feels when they attack you? That’s how it feels to them when you or anyone “sends Love” to them. It causes them pain, it repulses them, it makes them want to hurt the person “attacking” them with “love” even more. This is why I’ve never suggested that anyone should intentionally send Love and/or Light to Team Dark beings. Doing so only keeps you in a state of Duality with them and they with you. What I do suggest you do is send them nothing — not Love, not hate, not fear, not Light, nothing. Be neutral and indifferent to them, ignore them, cut them off from you in every way you can imagine. Make them nothingness energetically in your mind and heart and then focus on something other than them. It’s NOT your or my or anyone’s responsibility to “heal” Team Dark so just release that thought or belief system. They are teaching us about Duality in the worst and more horrific ways and they’ve done a great job doing it! But now it’s time for us to understand much more about this and them and then move beyond them which is what’s happening. 🙂 Evolution…


      • Thankyou Denise for spending the time to reply back to my post. I’m sorry if I misinterpreted your information and promise to consider your words wisely.

        Bless you for taking the time to guide and direct others.

        Leah xx

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