The Preparation Work for 11-11-11


I mentioned in a brief post on November 2nd that my computer suddenly stopped working on October 28, 2011—the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. I insisted however that it work long enough to let me get back online to let people know why I’d gone quiet and wasn’t writing new articles, publishing Comments, or answering emails so it worked briefly on November 2–3, then died. I was able to buy a new computer a couple of days ago and I’m happy to be back online finally. As many of you already know and/or have been experiencing yourselves too, there have been very specific reasons why I was literally removed from being able to get online and do what I’m used to doing at TRANSITIONS.


Throughout October 2011 some further transmuting/embodying (Ascension) symptoms grew in strength all month (and still are today as I write this on Nov. 8th). For me these symptoms were increased exhaustion and another bout of falling asleep almost every afternoon for hours! Sleeping at any time other than nighttime was unheard of for me, yet, these late 2011 energies simply force one out of their body during the daytime for multiple reasons. (Again, your mileage may vary due to whether you’ve been transmuting/embodying these particular energies now or not.)

This physical exhaustion and need to sleep from any point from around Noon on increased throughout October. It was becoming increasingly normal for me to fall asleep every other afternoon for one to five hours. While I’m asleep and in that in between state I could/can feel and hear a great roaring of energy flowing through my body/bodies. There are inner body vibrations from this roaring energy but it’s nothing more than increasing amounts of Light energies inside me/my bodies. It feels and sounds like a great roaring storm rotating inside my body, but it’s only increasing Light and Lightbody horsepower building within me, within each of us, so fear not.

Another October 2011 symptom was increased muscle weakness, tremendous bone and joint pain that felt like my entire skeletal system was being crushed. This pain also increased throughout the month with the week before and after October 28, 2011 (Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle) so severe I could hardly walk at times. The pain in my bones, joints, shoulders, different areas of my spine, hips, knees, ankles and bones in my feet became so severe I could barely stand or walk. I’ve also had some minor pains, pressures, soreness and rolling or turning inner movements in my front chest and heart and just above it, and in the spine and High Heart area too. Also occasional head pains but nothing as intense as they were throughout July and August 2011; and some pain and sense of pressure in my lungs and upper chest area with that sense of weakness and exhaustion there too.

October 2011 greatly increased the multitudes of demonic-like, monstrous, non-human faces I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing flash one after another before my inner vision. There’s no emotion or fear seeing these throngs of negative beings, only the knowing that PLENTY more in the Astral plane is currently being cleared out. Bye-bye nasty monsters and your numerous multidimensional pirated cable energy systems.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention the highly abnormal and unpleasant sexual dreams I had during this time too. Euw dammit, definitely doing another important layer of 4D Astral Cosmic Janitorial Work again for me to experience repulsive sexual type dreams at this late date! Do you see a theme playing out here?


Another symptom that hit me hard with the October 28th end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle was a wonderful but weird sensation of finally being outside the old familiar Evolutionary Cycle, structures, and systems. I felt almost overwhelmed by the incredible vastness of not having the new framework fully in-place and running yet. From October 28th on has felt like a death of sorts and a total separation from the old cycle and system, which it is, and it’s taken a week or so to adapt to having the old reality borders and edges gone and not become intimidated by the incredible open vastness that the New is presenting on this side of 11-11-11.

I’ve received a couple emails recently from people who’ve been feeling this incredible “empty” feeling inside like all the old familiar has recently been removed from them. It has and it’s felt weird, sad, and freaking wonderful all at the same time! Think of this post-October 28th empty and vast feeling as having two weeks or so between the out with the old and the in with the New. Change always feels strange and this is change beyond comprehension so allow yourself to float through this major transition and enjoy stretching out energetically beyond the old limitations and borders of 3D patriarchal everything.

For the rest of us who’ve been transmuting the old and embodying some more big chunks of the New, I suspect things will ease up considerably for us on the other side of the energies of 11-11-11. Sorry I was gone for so long but I was needed elsewhere to mop a large filthy section of floor in 4D Astral hell zone! Take those naps when you can because there’s still some transmuting/embodying work to be done by many of.

Denise Le Fay

November 8, 2011

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47 thoughts on “The Preparation Work for 11-11-11

  • Gerry and Kit – me too – Oh the pleasures of ascending! I can not drink alcohol anymore either – it is toxic to my system. I miss being able go have a drink now and then – escaping at times seems such an appropriate choice!

  • My 11-11-11 was a little unusual, and I think that the universe maneuvered me and a platonic male friend to use us to cleanse a natural area on that day. The area has been a focus of decades of controversy and animosity. He and I are well-versed, but neutral emotionally about the convoluted issues and bitterness attached to the area. Through a set of circumstances we met and went hiking on 11-11-11 at 11 a.m. — and, no, it was not an intentional choosing of date and time on our part. I think that Lightworkers on a different plane needed a neutral male/female energy to work through. Enjoyed the hike and the company and went home.

  • Dear Denise and all,
    I hope this finds you all well ( I say more in hope than expectation).

    I’ve just realised that breathing difficulties I have been experiencing lately started in the early hours of 11/11/11.
    I feel like crap!

    Gerry – the reaction to alcohol will only get worse. Ihaven’t been able to drink any amount for more than a decade and recently a half glass of red wine made me ill for five weeks. Meat has been out too for at least five years (bad asthma attacks when eaten – out of the blue) and it looks like wheat and dairy are following suit. This is no easy road that’s for sure.

                           Denise I know you're probably bored by talk of physical ascension symptoms by this stage but I can't tell you how helpful it is to know what is normal for all at the moment. It save a trip to the  Dr. who will invariably find nothing wrong with me.

    Stay well Kit

  • Denise,
    Starting on 11-11, I have been in extreme pain and illness, feeling depressed and even in despair. I would try to stop the pain by drinking wine — I seem to have a different reaction to alcohol than before. It may have made matters worse. Last night, amid many heat flashes — I’m having them almost continually — the heat went from the back of my head down my spine like I have never felt before. Today I was feeling well enough to go for a walk and look at gardens. For the first time in days, I have an occasional feeling of elation and once or twice a momentary feeling of ecstasy. It seems that “something” is happening that is very new.
    I appreciate your continued help.

  • Astara – Thanks for your kind, thoughtful reply. I’ve been transmuting a lot of intense past-life and birth issues the last few days, which has been making things challenging for me. The 11-11-11 thing pushed a lot of my old buttons, and brought up some painful things for me. I’m still experiencing a lot of synchronicity in my 3-D life, but right now that feels like the booby prize. I’m not exactly thrilled with the prospect that I may be here as long as another 13+ months.

    Lately my guides have been urging me to resume doing my psychic Tarot readings. I’ve been getting some good leads, and have taken steps to do readings for them. My specialty is helping people find their spiritual path, and advising them how to stay on that path. My guides are also telling me that a lot of people need help with that right now, and they’ve been providing me with the leads to prove it.

    I feel ambivalent about this. I hadn’t made any plans beyond the end of this month because I didn’t think I’d be on 3-D earth after that time. I thought I’d Ascend to 5-D, and come back to help people with their spiritual paths. Now it appears that my path is to stay in the 3-D world a while longer, and help people find and stay on their spiritual paths here. I’m still having a hard time accepting this. Maybe I should start watching pro wrestling on TV and reading the NATIONAL ENQUIRER to take my mind off of things. 😉 But seriously folks, thanks for all your help.


    • “The 11-11-11 thing pushed a lot of my old buttons, and brought up some painful things for me. I’m still experiencing a lot of synchronicity in my 3-D life, but right now that feels like the booby prize. I’m not exactly thrilled with the prospect that I may be here as long as another 13+ months.”


      I hear ya…11-11-11 was a fierce bitch for me and mine too, and Stu also mentioned it was a highly unpleasant day for him as well.

      Very important transitions/Initiations usually are hard and painful to certain aspects of us that simply cannot remain within us AND continue forward through said transition/Initiation/portal etc. Such was the case with the 11-11-11 portal; old shit had to go before we could cross over into the VERY New…and everything is VERY New now that the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle was reached on Oct. 28, 2011!

      Another aspect of all this that I know many people are suddenly realizing is that most of us have more Work left to do first. Harsh I know and I’m in this Group that’s got more embodying/transmuting Work to do before it’s Party Time. When I realized this for myself at the 2011 Fall Equinox I was sad for about five minutes, then just went back into my normal Cosmic Janitor Mode again. I’ve been through too much to give up now! But this realization too has/is/will be a hard one for many people who thought my article Starseed Troop Withdrawals was going to happen immediately for all. It isn’t.

      I’m working on an article that’s going to cover this topic and some of the things Lisa Renee said in her Nov. 2011 article too as soon as I’ve got brain function enough to do so.

      Hang in there with the rest of us.♥

      • Denise, thanks so much for your kind, thoughtful reply. I just got back from a long walk, which helped me process a lot of what I shared in my previous message. During my walk I saw a ship named Atlantic Hero. I thought of Atlantis, and took that as a sign from Spirit. Now that I realize I’ll be here for as long as 13+ months, I’ve resumed having moments when I envy people who aren’t on the Ascension Path who have easier lives, especially if they have more financial success than I. I’m glad that I’m experiencing so much synchronicity, and that Spirit is providing me with good leads for my Tarot card readings. These should make it easier for me to remain here up to 13+ plus months.


  • Hey Tom!

    Just wanted to let you know that I really haven’t had any significant change in my life since 11-11-11 either and to be honest, I didn’t really do anything special to tap into it which I sort of regret but alas, life had its own plans for me and I tend to go with the flow of what’s happening rather than pushing to create it. I mean I do manifest quite regularly and I did have several life changing things happen on 11-11-11 but nothing as to what I would call “spiritually enlightening”.

    I stayed pretty positive on that day and I kept sending out telepathic gratitude and thanks to the Universe for the life she gives. I actually had a pretty weird, scary dream the night before 11-11-11 where my mom was just simply HORRIFIED by something on my neck and right as she was about to tell me what it was, I woke myself up. Dang!

    Anyhow, today was a pretty great day overall but again nothing spiritually amazing or anything. I feel that the message I keep getting is that each day is what you make of it, it doesn’t simply depend on a specific date or “energy portal” so much as what insight and joy you gain from your day, whatever day or numbers it may be.

    I’m learning that specifics related to time and counting and stuff aren’t really important in life anymore…. I do believe that being specific when visualizing life goals and hopes for manifestation is important but not related to a time-frame. Universal and Galactic time are so way far off from what we perceive as Earth Time.

    I hope you can relate and I am sending you big Universal hugs through this post! Keep plugging in, however you may and can, and you’ll be just fine. What I’ve been told from guides, spiritual teachers, etc…is that what is most important (especially for us Indigos, Starseeds, Wayshowers) is that BE-ing and DO-ing are exactly where we need to be. Nothing less, nothing more. Just be YOU! You are enough!! ❤

    Peace and love,

  • 11-11-11 was just another day for me, and I didn’t experience anything unusual related to Ascension that day or today. My life is exactly the same as it was before 11-11-11, and now I’m wondering why that date was such a big deal. I haven’t seen anything in the mainstream media that indicates that anything major happened on a global scale that day. All this has been a big letdown for me.

  • Hi Denise and everybody ….
    Thanks for this article Denise. The first of November I felt vibrations going through my my head and body, as if tuning in to a different radio station (maybe 4D?5D?). It also happened on 3the, 6the and yesterday. I am also feeling kind of light headed, sometimes when I look at things/nature it is like everything is vibrating in waves. (I also feel now the ships around our earth and see it through my 3rd eye (feel silly writing this). I feel very exiting and can’t wait to be free …..I feel something is going to be happening tomorrow, something wonderful.

    Namaste, Lisa

  • Thanks for your insights Denise and for others comments – as much as I wouldn’t wish these ascension symptoms on anyone, I am comforted to know I am not the only one experiencing them – particulary so intense these past couple of weeks.

    I’ve been experiencing chronic back problems since March (started right around night 1 of the Mayan Calendar) and have done energy work, chiro, massage etc. but these last two weeks it’s been so painful I coudn’t be at my computer, write articles, respond to emails etc. Even now I can only be here for short periods of time. Yet when I get spiritually senior or have a friend read me (I am so fortunate to have a friend who does similar energy reading as I and we trade) I see that I am releasing lots of old junk and bringing in more light – if only my mind and body could relax through this culture shock experience.

    Re the new space without limitations – what I keep seeing is a white blank slate that I and others are stepping on to. It’s so unfamiliar because it has no boundaries, structures, old beliefs to guide, contrast or duality. My mind/body is a bit scared of it (will I exist or be able to do anything?!?!), but I can see with my spiritual sight that it is a brand new place to create from scratch where anything goes. Can hardly wait to be there and relax into it!!!

    Take care,


  • Once again, thank you Denise and everyone else for your comments. This is the only blog I read through including commenters. I learn so much and I can smile and laugh through this, amazingly! Oct 28th was a very dark day as was the day after. But I too have been experiencing pains again, intense, burning especially in my upper back area….it feels so heavy like there’s an added 20lbs of pressure. My heart too is acting up quite a bit, sudden pounding, and pains, then gone. On Sept.27th began a strange ailment where I simply couldn’t catch my breath. For 2 weeks I had to lay quietly on a moist heat pack, breath shallow, not feel, not think, not move, not eat, otherwise I couldn’t breathe and I’d struggle for hours to catch my breath, lungs and back painful etc. I could not figure it out. However I did learn to breathe from a new place in my heart area in my back. It feels like a new organ or something, but as long as I breathe from there I’m fine. Only later could I think ”processing intense grief” or something. Then I was fine for 2 days before another ailment. For months also my heels have extreme pain so that I cannot walk, then it disappears. Also there is no food I find interest in, no matter how delish, all foods seem archaic and boring. A new pattern of crashing at 7;30pm feeling sick, only to wake up alert at 11;30, 4 hours later! Last night I decided to shower and when I went to bed again I realized I was completely free of all pains, felt happy and giddy for no reason, and I felt 30lbs. lighter! Completely different! so I cannot take any of this seriously anymore. I can only breathe through it, drink lots of pure water, and bless it through. Aside from unusual stomach discomfort, I’m still feeling light and pain free and completely light of heart and mind all day 😀 I can’t keep up with myself. 😀

  • Very helpful and reassuring article (my thanks to Denise). The dark, sexual dream experience – strange, but I had a similar experience and FELT some outside energy was trying to trigger it. It spooked me out – so it’s good to read about what’s going on.

    The honesty and sharing here is quite spectacular; I can feel the warmth. I can sympathize for all those going through body aches and pains though my own symptoms have been minor (mostly fatigue).

    A few nights ago, I dreamed there was a celebration being planned – for MY DEATH. I believe it’s ego-death or death to any low-level layers that must go.

    Lots of Light to all esp. for these days preceding the 11-11-11…. I plan to meditate and to be in nature to feel the energies….Thelma

  • Kit – me too – I am having huge problem w – dare I say it? – ACNE at 54!! I know it is from detoxing but really? I just starting taking an herb to help detox my liver and an herbal combo for my blood and the BIGGIE is I’m treating myself to Cha water bc I like it a lot so am drinking tons of it. And vit C. Wow prob tmi but maybe will help you or someone. It’s helping me.

  • Denise, I was hoping you had jumped in a car and ducked into a Nor-Cal forest, romping with the woodland faeries and your Higher Self. Methinks I doth project too much. :0) Still, I hope you got some of frolic in while you were asleep! Thanks for coming back on-line, so happy to reconnect with my cross-dimensional peeps.

    The few days before October 28 I was in a state of dizzy ungroundedness. In between worlds, head-to-toe vibrating, unable to focus much except for scrapping everything in my material world that no longer held meaning for me. Which turned out was a a lot. I even burned old childhood diaries and bagged up clothing I wore frequently, but no longer felt like ‘me.’ I am a minimalist by nature, but this was a tad extreme. Then I cleaned my house like it was springtime. Every little dingy nook and cranny — but only on the inside. The outside, well, that is for another time/space continuum. It all felt great and looked better, but more importantly, implied that I actually felt enthusiastic about something. Loving the End Times!

    However, the days following October 28 felt like a funeral. I cried and mourned and grieved; for what I was never quite sure. Probably everything. Again.

    Then around November 1st the load started to lighten, my mood was elevated, my hope and heart stood up and took a deep breath. Nice.

    Until about mid-day Friday, the 4th. WHAM BAM No-Thank-You-Ma’am! Chalked up the visceral pain in my ears, lower back, hips, neck and shoulders, and intense internal heat followed by bone-chilling cold to the sunspot/solar flare outbreak. OK fine. But no new flares since Sunday. More detoxing, more releasing, more WTF?!!! I wish I could sleep more, or at least better, but lying in bed is a difficult process. So weary with pain and discomfort I am periodically engaging in self pity and other not-helpful thought patterns. However, all with an underlying sense that It’s. All. Good. Could be conditioned thinking or divine inspiration; no idea anymore. Does it really matter?

    Denise’s timely reconnecting message and Lauren’s similar validation does allow me to lessen my self-harassment, but I have to say, this process is starting to really wear thin with me.

    Hopefully. ;0)

    On a lighter note, since everything is happening so freaking fast, I know I don’t have a whole lot of time for festering. No idea what is on the other side of 11-11-11, but I have no idea what is on the other side of this afternoon. I keep thinkinghopingwishing that it will/should all be ‘over’ soon, but the truth of the matter is it has only just begun. Whatever IT is. So I am clapping louder and louder until I break on through to the other side of the Doors to Higher Dimension Acuity. (Pitiful pun intended. Totally awkward metaphor not).

    Sending out much love to all of you. Them. Us. Keep those heart lights a burnin’!

  • I’m so glad you found the Divine wisdom / intervention in your recent “unplugged” status 🙂
    A couple of posts before your crash I remember thinking that the tone of the comments seemed “stuck” on the same blockage… I had decided to give myself a little break from your site when the very next day I read your message that you had disabled comments (yay!)

    I absolutely ADORE your insight and wisdom, it always seems to help me grow in an unexpected way! Most importantly, I learned how sensitive I’ve become to even the group consciousness of a social website- what a gift!!

    We’ve all been “stuck” from time to time; and as First Wave Lightworkers, I lovingly encourage all of us to remember those dark times and how we worked through them -together.
    The next generation of Awakenings will need our compassion, experience and guidance. So to those new to Denise’s site, I say, “Welcome! Who ever you are, where ever you are, you are not alone… you are Loved”
    Boo Damphir of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of Light xoxo

    • “I’m so glad you found the Divine wisdom / intervention in your recent “unplugged” status 🙂
      A couple of posts before your crash I remember thinking that the tone of the comments seemed “stuck” on the same blockage… I had decided to give myself a little break from your site when the very next day I read your message that you had disabled comments (yay!)
      I absolutely ADORE your insight and wisdom, it always seems to help me grow in an unexpected way! Most importantly, I learned how sensitive I’ve become to even the group consciousness of a social website- what a gift!!

      We’ve all been “stuck” from time to time; and as First Wave Lightworkers, I lovingly encourage all of us to remember those dark times and how we worked through them -together.
      The next generation of Awakenings will need our compassion, experience and guidance. So to those new to Denise’s site, I say, “Welcome! Who ever you are, where ever you are, you are not alone… you are Loved”
      Boo Damphir of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of Light xoxo”

      Boo Walker,

      It was hard for me to cut Comments off but I was very aware that The Group was, as you said, “stuck” but also getting off-track too. I’ve worked too hard and long to allow that to happen on TRANSITIONS – especially now – so I knew shutting Comments off for as long as needed and then turning them back on again would be the reboot to shock some folks back into Continuing Change Mode again. 😉 Time’s short…

      More and more of us are increasingly becoming very consciously aware that we ARE indeed starting to function/perceive/feel/communicate etc. from a fifth dimensional (5D) state of being and consciousness. The Group is waking up more and more to the fact that they are indeed a living, breathing, connected and conscious Group that can feel, hear, sense, interact with and be effected by everyone else in said Group. This is just the beginning of life in 5D and we’re all getting familiar with (remembering) how it works, feels and functions. Soon many of us won’t even need computers and the Internet to communicate with each other because the 5D Group/Groups will be able to telepathically and empathicly (and more) be able to communicate with each other.

      There are many of my readers that I/they communicate like this already and have for the past few years. I and many of the other Ascension Teachers have been able to communicate with each other in this way for the past many years too because most of us are all functioning/vibrating within the same frequency range so we all feel and sense things from each other without the need to communicate physically in any way. This is also why so many of the Ascension Teachers all get the same information/Light at the same moment; we’re all functioning within that similar frequency and consciousness range so our messages/articles usually all say the same things but in our own unique ways so as many readers as possible get the information/Light too.

      On the other side of 11-11-11 and the other important energy Stair Steps coming in Dec. 2011 and all of 2012, more of The Group will begin functioning like this too. Psychic Etiquette 101 is coming big time for everyone Ascending into 5D.

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Hey Denise and all 🙂

    Well, the past 3 weeks have been very tough for me and my wife, battling a constant cold which is very draining, and all the other stuff to contend with as life changes on a daily basis.

    I’ve had the urge to sleep in the afternoon, but can’t as I am at work, don’t think it would go down well me asleep at my desk!

    I found a great channeled message which I really needed to hear, here is a link to it,

    Hope this helps you all.

    Love and hugs,


  • Hi Denise, I like so much to read your blog and I feel very connected. Thank you for sharing a detailed report from the dark junk from 4D to be cleaned! I was wondering why the transition period was so troubled, with a coming back of heavy and dark feelings. I was waiting for some enlightment and… no…..Emptiness was my everiday mood with an increasing physical sensation of not being able to communicate or interact with people (and a strong desire to leave the place! going back to my other planet!!! 😉 ). I also experienced sleepless nights due to my resistance to fall aspleep during the night. I had some rest in the day (thanks to some holidays!). I don’t remember disturbed silly sexual dreams but for sure, my 2d & 3rd are running wild and it is like if an old strong pressure had been removed from them. The effect is not really fun.. I have an ambiguous feeling of both freedom (not a clue what to do with it!) and loss (like an addiction!).
    Thx for allowing me to share this with you!

  • I blame my weird sexual dreams on watching too much of that lizard- like- tongue -thrusting creature, Herman Cain, on msnbc this week. The guy creeps. me. out…

  • Hi all. Great to hear from you and thanks Denise for this awesome update.
    Thought I could outline my road for those who are under huge financial stress. Himself and I have been going thru a ‘hardship’ routine with our debtors and have managed to get into a routine where we pay the house and the car, but those credit card payments just didn’t get done.
    So I had a chat with my team about us all clearing any little, teeny, weeny bit of poverty mentality out (I didn’t think there was any left) and for this world to provide me with enough 3D money to keep my financial contracts as a human. I didn’t feel good about not doing this.
    So, what happens, I get offered a job. It’s training people, working from home, my time scale. It also means that I get to learn more about how to protect myself. I have been instructed to pull on my disguise and there’s a different one for each part of my human life, and this protects the Real Me from the ‘stuff’ but still allows me to do my work on the other levels at the same time. It’s fun and helps me with this part of my life.
    OK, hope this has helped someone, Love and hugs to you all.

  • thanks for the latest article – my mother died in august and my father it now appears has atlheimers – he is a jekyll and hyde confused person who has decided that i am the enemy and is telling lies about me etc etc – the situation is extremely hurtful and upsetting and my life is in complete turmoil – i understand that changes were to be expected an d people and situations would be removed from our lives etc et – but i am findin g it all so difficult. plus the physical probs denise has mentioned as well as throat peculiarities are all wearing me down – i am also seeing with my inner vision random faces and places that make no sense – they just flash in and out – some are weird some not – i am wondering if anything will seem “normal” ever again – i cant sleep during the day then i wake up early hours of the morning – so completely exhausted – i know this sounds like a poor me moan but i need some sort of positive/good/happy/ something to happen right n ow just to keep me going – twelve years is a long time out of someones life for all this stuff to happen – so light at the end of the tunnel seems to be the right phrase to look forward to!!! hopefully soon
    with love

    • sulaireland,

      Your Comment wasn’t a “poor me moan” any more than my article was! We’re all going through our stuff so don’t ever feel bad for feeling bad about Doing The Work. ♥

      No things won’t ever “feel normal again” for anyone anywhere. This is a time of CHANGE for all no matter what. It will get a lot better and a lot easier for many with the incoming Energies from Home through the 11-11-11 portal or gate. As is always the case with these big incoming energies, there’s an orb of influence period before and after November 11, 2011 so be open but grounded now through next week okay.

      I’m sorry you’re having such troubles with your Dad. My heart is with you and remember that his delusions are his delusions! Be strong and take care of yourself and don’t worry so much about Dad as he’s got invisible help with what he’s going through and his probably soon exit.

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Wow, i have been napping every afternoon as well. I sleep very peacefully but rarely remember dreams. It;s been that way for years. I have always wondered why I can’t remember dreams. anyone have any insight?

    I haven’t been having sexual dreams (or maybe but don’t remember!) but I do remember months back having pornographic images popping in my head while trying to meditate. I remember feeling like someone or thing was trying to control my thoughts.

    Check out Eric Francis, Planet Waves,site today. His daily post talks about the astrology of sexual abuse, there seems to be a tie in with the energy right now.

  • ditto. ditto. ditto. AND DITTO

    I’m in awe of all of your comments — thanks for talking for me!! my fingers are still to numb and tingly to type — feeling like I may have turned a corner though.

    LOL on the sexual references — you should take a look at what I posted yesterday when I heard about the comet flying by!

    “Your whole era, your whole Earth is geared to that at this moment, and that is one of the changes of this New Age. It is called the arising of the Goddess. It is not just in woman, it is also in man.”
    ~ P’taah… Transformation of the Species

  • Hi Denise

    I was so relived to read this post. Yesterday, I said to my husband that I would just stop eating lunch as early afternoon I feel absolutely shattered – thought that it was the density of the food or something. And it was not as if I just needed a nap – I wanted to sleep for at least an hour if not more. Then trying to get back to work after I forced myself up was even harder…. It’s a real relief to know that lots of people are going through this and next time I will continue resting and go with the flow.

    On October 28th I developed sciatica and was gettting severe spasms multiple times a day for at least a week. One day I “saw” an old women whipping me from behind and the words back-breaking or breaking your back came to mind and I was able to process it and it went. And yes to those nasty non-human faces which seem to be firing volleys at the moment. On the day the Mayan calander ended both my friend and I saw dark angels at exactly the same time from different locations – I thought that it was odd to see something like that on a day of such light. Just a sign of the challenges we are all going through in this interim period I guess.

    Also, earlier this week I had a surreal experience of looking down on myself as I was sitting at my desk. It really felt as if a part of me was in another place whilst my 3D body was still in the old reality.

    I love your blog.

    Best wishes, NICOLA

  • Ah, Denise, thank you for this post! My knees and hips have been absolutely killing me lately, my sinuses have been stuffed up, I’ve had discomfort in the chest area, and intense lower back pain (which I usually don’t get). And I’ve been vibrating like crazy, especially when I read something that resonates with me, and the ringing in my ears has gotten a lot louder recently. Also had a creepy try to go for my neck a couple of times the other night. Yuck. I usually don’t remember a lot of dreams, but the last three nights I’ve had ones similar to the ones mentioned here– the adolescent sexual ones and being in schools– with the exception of one where I got married to a very peaceful guy and it was working out well. We were rearranging the kitchen. Then last night, I was a teacher in a school, working hard, trying to change the status quo and the other teachers were doing nothing in their classes and laughing at me for working so hard. I was also Asian in this dream, which I’m not in my waking life!

    Oh, it’s good to be back with my family! I’ve missed you guys. And Jeremy, I’m in the same situation and it’s been a godsend for me, too, during the last few years.

    Love to all,

  • It’s been a rocket of a month hasn’t it? And it’s only a little over a week in!!

    I have been checking in on your blog to see if you were able to get back online and I’m so happy to hear you were able to find a computer and get back up and running on the web. Alas, I know it’s needed to have a nice rest and retreat from the glowing screen sometimes too.

    I am physically so worn out and actually, mentally too, now that I think about it. I’ve been experiencing the painful joint paint and very intense muscle spasms in my left shoulder, left eye, and left foot. Hah, that left feminine essence side sure is letting in the light, huh?!! I’ve continued to experience painful headaches with very little relief since July though I’m finding that when I block out the electronics and 3D world attributes, the tension eases up some. On the mental note, I do feel crazy about half the time. LOL I can certainly sense that there are so many timelines running around right now and so much chaos to get caught up in if one doesn’t continually balance and direct themself towards stillness and high heart living. I’ve let the clock fall away and am now observing time in a rather strange way. It’s a lot more about what I’m doing than how many minutes or seconds or days something takes.

    I am leaving Northern California after only being out here for 6 months. I suppose I sort of feel as though my energy signature doesn’t match with it very well. That’s ok, Austin Texas is a pretty awesome place despite there being no Redwood trees to talk to. So we have the move coming up the week after Thanksgiving and then my fiance starts his new job a week after that and then I’m starting school up to finish my degree and then we are getting married in 2 months. It just seems to be an influx of change, one day to the next.

    I’m glad you mentioned the creepy faces as I’ve caught glimpses of them here and there or “shadow figures” and I’m proud of myself for not feeding them. I have no fear or negativity towards them, just quietly observe them and go on with my business. I’ve also seen other worldly characters as well…lots of light beings and what I believe to be fairies or other elementals. I had a profound experience happen at the tale end of the meteor shower last month in which a huge glowing orb cut across my vision in the park across the street from our apartment. It was like a mini-spaceship just landed right in front of me!

    I definitely feel as though we are going to be meeting more and more Universal travelers as the days go on.

    I’m preparing myself for the 11-11-11 gateway and will be participating in a guided meditation and visualization. Raising my vibration with others via internet and telephone. My hope is to continue helping people see the light within themselves and each other and to maintain the heart space and peacefulness.

    Denise, sending you so much love and empathy and to everyone else as well! Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves with the Universe.

    Much Love,

  • Thank you for all the work you do on the other side and this side too. Your post today is so on target for me. Much appreciate you sharing and being a way shower. Tons of hugs.

  • Wow, I love this blog! I am learning so much. I had a really disturbing sexual dream last night, too, and it makes me feel better to have an explanation for it. I used to have the “shit” dreams like Barbara as well. I had them for years, different variations of backed-up toilets, and I also thought I was trying to tell myself something with those dreams. I never thought that it might be related to transmuting work. That makes so much sense, though! Those dreams stopped a few months ago to be replaced by the the teaching dreams I mentioned in a few posts ago. (Where I am back teaching but am not prepared for my classes. However, those dreams stopped after reading your blog post.)

    I am sorry that you are experiencing painful symptoms. I have had many of the ascension symptoms, but the don’t last too long, and are not debilitating. Do these symptoms affect people differently, or do you think that perhaps I am “baby-stepping” in this area, and not taking on as much?

  • Perfect timing, Denise!

    During a nap this afternoon I was caught in a dream where I was battling a possessed television in a haunted house. Crazy! I awoke and immediately started releasing all of the fear, anger, frustration, images from that. As I fell back to sleep the dark tried to draw me back in, and I was lucid enough to say, no, I’m not going there. The dream faded away and someone told me that I had handled that very well. Then I realized that it was my Higher Self telling me that. Sweet.

  • Thanks for all your shares about how things have been going for you the last few days. I’ve been experiencing Ascension symptoms and doing lots of transmuting, and I’ve been able to function well in the midst of this. I’m still experiencing lots of synchronicity, and am still very satisfied with my current 3-D life. Despite this, I still have no interest in any of the 3-D things that used to be very important to me. I’ve been feeling very “empty” in the way that others of you described earlier in this thread. I’ve been waking up at 3 or 4am every day, and getting more sleep later in the morning. I’ve needed to sleep for an hour or two almost every afternoon, and often have vivid dreams during this time.

    Thanks for the explanation and shares about weird dreams. I’ve been having lots of those lately. Earlier this afternoon I had one where I was working on the backstage crew of a play, and had committed to working every performance for the entire run. The director came up to me, was very friendly, and told me that I could have as much time off as I wanted during the run to visit my mother while she was in town. I protested and said that I had already committed to working all the performances, and that no one else could do my job on the play if I didn’t. I said I was afraid the play might suffer if I weren’t working every performance. He said “Your mother hasn’t been here to visit you in over two years. You need to spend time with her while she is in town.” He insisted that they could cover for me during the performances I’d be missing. I was still unsure. This didn’t make any sense to me since my mother hasn’t visited me where I live in over 15 years, and is currently living in a care facility because she had Alzheimer’s. After I read your earlier posts, I realized that the play represents my old 3-D life and my attitude towards it. I was on a lot of running crews for plays in college, and had a strong “the show must go on” mentality. My mother in this dream represents the Goddess returning to Earth in a big way. The director represented my guides. Thanks for helping me clarify what this dream meant. 😀


  • Hey Denise and all! I haven’t posted much lately – as others have stated I just can’t get excited about anything anymore. I do come here n read all the time – I start to post then erase it. Me too w the dreams also hot flashes and ringing in my ears has bc insanely loud sometimes I just can’t stand it.

    Cheri – I posted a couple of months ago that I got fired too – it will all work out and as you know there is a reason. If it helps you at all – I am getting by just fine – the growth I’ve managed to achieve would not have been possible otherwise. So in that sense it was a great gift.

    Denise my thoughts have been with you. Glad you got the new computer and some down time to reboot :-). Thx for all you do.

    Best to all and happy 11.11.11!! Debra/Morgean

  • Dear Denise and all, ditto on the teenage dreams, the muscle pain, joint pain etc.

    Also head pressure, jaw pain and very very loud whine in left ear. Ayone else?

    Best Kit

    Dear Denise and all, forgot to mention teenage spotty face (never happened in teenage years – rather a shock in my forties). Just me or more joys from above?

  • Denise,I have been going through the same things you have. The bodily pain and exhaustion is unrelenting. Actually the nothingness has left me in an almost not caring anymore. I have no strength none sometimes it hard to walk across the room.

    Just got fired from my 2 day and night job(nothing I did of course).. It was all I could do, started to panic but realized I needed to sleep so much durning the day..I’d go with this for a few weeks.
    I don’t know what is next, but hearing from you really helps. I know a few people understand but not enough for me to hold on to my sanity at times.

    Thank you so much, Cheri

  • And a PS to say how sorry I am that the Ascension Symptoms are playing havoc with your body and energy to such a painful degree, Denise. If it’s any consolation, I have been experiencing a repeat performance in that regard. My neck and upper chest are on fire and I’m afraid I will bleed from the scratching that I do, not to mention that I am now thoroughly stuffed with fluid in my head, dizziness, leg and feet tingling/pain, and bouts of one moment euphoria, the next frustration and impatience. I note Lauren Gorgo today posted an urgent update from the PHC that helps take the edge off a lot of what we’re experiencing. My heart is with us all as we embody the flip side of what we have endured for so long. Love to All.

  • Denise,

    Thank You for your confirmations ( My Spine / Back muscle weakness and Pain ) got so bad this summer that I consulted a few Doctors to be told it’s all in my head and was put on anti depressants by a well meaning Doctor who could come up with no other explanation for the pain / fatigue I was going through this last while. Denise, I hope you are right about things letting up a bit as we cross 11 / 11 / 11 as it has been a long journey this past couple of years. Will those of us on needed medications have extra problems with this ascension process ? I sure could use your advice !!! Many Thanks Again !!!

  • thank you I have been for days going through this didn’t get to the doctors because as much as I suffer he can never find anything wrong with me..have also found that every time I put my head ON the pillow I get really light headed this seems unusual to me

  • Hi Denise and All Here: Thanks so much for telling us about your silly and repulsive dreams and to the others for mentioning their own. When I read in your comment, Denise, “enough of this silly shit already” I laughed because now I know why I have been having, and have had, so many “shit” dreams. Really stupid stuff like in one where I’m walking through mounds of crap and get so fed up with it, I manifest a white sheet and cover most of it over; another where a Barby Doll dressed in a white suit falls into a vat of the stuff, but these dreams do leave me somewhat disturbed as I keep thinking there is still “shit” in me that I have to deal with. Now having your message, I realize I’m doing “double duty” and quite honestly I’ve been having these “shit” dreams for years and am heartily tired of them. As we take in the amazing energies of 11-11-11 I’m thinking the 4D astral will be fully cleansed and I no longer will have to wear rubber boots and hold my nose in my astral travels. Love to All

  • well worded, and sounds very familiar, in my own way I’m hanging out with you ~ much love and appreciation, and a big hearty laugh with us all, how astonishing! ♥ Linnet

  • These days, every single day has turned into waiting for me. Living in a dream, knowing that the reality is just an illusion and waiting for the New Earth. Just waiting, doing everything routinely. And eventual sadness for my loved ones that I will eventually leave…although I know that we’ll meet again in spirit and that we are never really separated, it is kind of sad.

    Thank you for your insights Denise. Although i know where I am going, the human part of me is a bit sad and wants everyone that I love to be happy and safe. But I am so sick and bored of 3D, that I’ll embrace the change with my heart and hands open.

    Spreading love & light

  • Thanks! I was feeling sort of heavy, and in a sort of super-solitary, not wanting to do much of anything but read, sleep, and meditation (This is easy if not overly social, as I am a graduate student doing a Ph.D. thesis at the moment.). But yeah, I’ve had wierd sexual dreams. As an empath I haven’t seen any creepers, but I have felt them, and they’d occasionally wake me up and I’d have to deal with creating a Light Space from which to engage myself as a vessel of Light & Love. I tend to feel more frisky and happy as the Full Moon blossoms, but I really do feel much more empowered each day as I wake up, especially in the past 5 or so days. Of course, the Mayans and Crystal Skulls are at the forefront of my mind as well, and I try to connect with that Sacred Ritual Energy. I’m keeping my crystals around, burning a lot of sage and cedar, eating well, and taking time to watch sunsets and the sky.
    Love & Light to you All!

  • So THIS is why I have been having so many weird sexual dreams lately?!?!?!? I was actually laughing about it to my husband saying that you would think that I was a teenager going through puberty or something! What is the reason for it? (Not that I am complaining … none of mine have been disturbing at all – just …. odd.) I am guessing another form of release?

    • “So THIS is why I have been having so many weird sexual dreams lately?!?!?!? I was actually laughing about it to my husband saying that you would think that I was a teenager going through puberty or something! What is the reason for it? (Not that I am complaining … none of mine have been disturbing at all – just …. odd.) I am guessing another form of release?”


      So much of the old patriarchal negative junk has been accomplished directing and using humanities sexual energies, stealing from and distorting the Goddess and her many aspects in 3D physicality and in other dimensions as well…like the 4D Astral. The sexual dreams I’ve been having have been so…so…ridiculous and immature like a young inexperienced boy’s might be. I’d wake up embarrassed that I’d had such a repulsive and ridiculous dream/dreams! That and the other things I listed in this article told me that many of us have been very focused in transmuting some more 4D Astral negative sexual energies and beings existing there because… enough of this silly shit already! 😆

      As much as we’d like to just walk away from ANY MORE lower energetic clearing and transmuting Work, we’re simply not done yet and have some more of the old Collective human and Astral trash to clear first. The Dark Ones/patriarchy did a lot to try and make the Goddess and her many aspects go away over the past 5,100 years so cleaning up that mess and getting Her back into the new Earth and timeline through us embodying those energies often requires us working in dreamland (the Astral and lower Astral) for extended periods to transmute the negative residual junk in the Astral.

      Just a day in the life of huh? 😉


  • Glad you are back online Denise.

    The confirmation here is just wonderful, thank you very much. I was just searching the archives to see if anyone had newly commented on the post ‘Inner Body Vibrations & Other Unusual symptoms’, because I’ve been vibrating quite violently for two days. It stops when I move and then restarts when I’m back at peace. My clairvoyant abilities have increased, or should I say, returned, after being rejected by me in late childhood. Interesting times, huh? Much love.

  • hi denise, interesting that i have also been very sleepy, falling asleep in the afternoons which is unheard-of! i am reassured by your mention of joint pain, no matter what i do the pain in my hands and feet keeps increasing, limiting my movements …difficult since i am a yoga teacher … but maybe it will improve soon. We are holding a Divine Feminine Retreat here this weekend, beginning with the full moon …ushering in the New! Thanks so much for your writings.

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