The Different Frequency Earth Worlds & Evolving Beyond Linear Time

On April 13, 2011 Debora wrote in a Comment:

“Hey everyone! Got a question about all the weirdnesses going on for each of us and for all of us collectively…

On other “non-spiritual/ascension” sites, people are talking about what I can only describe as “timeline blips”. One guy was talking about having talked to a very distinctive sounding guy about ordering a very specific package of software on Wednesday, ordering it, and then on Friday the distinctive guy calls again to order the software. The guy checks for the order he remembers placing and no order there…

My point here is that I have had lots of little timeline blips like this — sort of deja vu all over again but not really deja vu — I *know* I did something and now it isn’t done. The prevailing theory on this non-spiritual website is that there are timeline blips because of multiple running timelines. I know that I have read that there are several possibilities at the *end* of this period, one where the dark ones go forward on the catastrophic timeline (3D), one were we all go off and live in happy spiritual communities (4D) and one where we are light bodies (5D). My personal jury is still out on this particular theory but I’d love to hear what everyone else says.

Lastly, I guess I am also asking if anyone else is experiencing these blips and actually having to do something over again that you *know* you did only a few days before.

Be well, stay centered and ride the energy waves!
Love ‘n light!”

This subject covers a lot of multidimensional Ascension ground but let’s scratch away at it.

Think of pre-Ascension 3D (third dimension) as a very narrow frequency band with highly specific and dualized energies and matching consciousness all happening within linear time in dense physicality within specific cycles of time within specific locations in physical space. Having lives within physical 3D is like riding the most intense, dangerous, fastest, frightening and exciting ride at any amusement park anywhere. Life in physical 3D is like believing in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy because you have amnesia to ALL that naturally exists beyond the narrow band of physical 3D. What would be the point of incarnating in 3D physicality if you consciously remembered that the Tooth Fairy and Santa don’t really exist? So, to get the highly polarized full effect, and hopefully the different spiritual learning’s and impact from lives lived in physical 3D, our Higher Self helps us put on awareness blinders and descend into linear time with amnesia when we enter 3D physicality so we can deliberately forget everything that exists elsewhere—including the greater aspects of ourselves. This way we can focus entirely within the physical polarized 3D ride within linear time.

It is the compressed Ascension Process that’s breaking apart the stuck old polarized linear 3D world we all incarnated into because we’ve reached the Expiration Date for this polarized physical 3D ride on this Earth. This Expiration Date is a built-in safeguard so the Dark Ones, Team Dark—most who’ve also become lost within this ride—would not continue controlling, limiting and destroying humanity, the planet and much more. Freewill of course but within time limit because Source/The All That Is ain’t stupid!

Polarized consciousness thinks in highly polarized ways, so people typically think and believe things are black/white, good/bad, either/or etc. Sometimes they think in those old polarized linear ways about the Ascension Process and this is why many run into difficulties trying to comprehend which “reality”, which “world”, which “Earth” etc. will be the one. The truth is that there will be (and are already) three primary Earth worlds and timelines born out of the Ascension Process; actually there could be many more but let’s focus on the main probable Earth worlds that are manifesting out of the Ascension Process and coming Expiration Date, 12-21-2012.

EARTH # 1, EARTH # 2, EARTH # 3

# 1) This is the Earth that’s been taken from Team Dark and energetically, vibrationally cleansed, transmuted, Rewired, ascended, lifted up energetically, relocated and re-positioned to house vastly more Light and Unity or HighHeart Consciousness. This Ascension Process hasn’t completed yet and is still unfolding today, albeit at a very accelerated pace from 2011 on. This NEW Earth is a non-polarized, unified, physical 5D frequency Earth world and reality that exists within an entirely NEW timeline in a different location in space. It exists within a dimension that can perceive and be quantum as opposed to strictly linear, and its Ascended, evolved inhabitants won’t be handicapped with awareness blinkers and amnesia but will naturally have a much larger multidimensional consciousness and perspective beyond old lower frequency linear time and space and Duality and Duality consciousness.

1 a) There will exist a wide range of souls on this NEW Ascended Earth world and dimension. However, everyone must be functioning within a specific higher frequency range to even be capable of energetically, vibrationally reaching and existing on this NEW Earth world. There will be a hierarchy of people—those energy Stairsteps—who are much more familiar with functioning beyond the 3D polarized Duality frequency, reality and consciousness Earth ride of old that will be the NEW Teachers, the NEW Guides, the NEW multidimensional Assistants etc. Everyone will exist within a tremendously higher frequency physical 5D Earth world with individually unified hearts and evolving unified consciousness but there will be a wide range of souls existing, working, growing and evolving within this NEW ascended 5D Earth world frequency range.

# 2) The old lower frequency patriarchal controlled 3D Earth world has separated from the #1 evolving, ascending Earth world and reality. It’s done so because those people have no interest at this time in utilizing the evolutionary Cosmic and Galactic Light Energies currently available to everyone to evolve and vibrationally ascend. Those people still desire and/or need to experience that particular density and negative physical linear reality so they will have an appropriate world in another space, Earth world and timeline to do exactly that. It just will not and cannot be the same Earth, the same world, the same reality or frequency that ascending Earth #1 is. A lower frequency cannot co-exist within a higher frequency so there are two, three or however many Earth worlds created that are needed; one for each level and group of souls to continue learning and evolving within.

# 3) There will be a third Earth-like world created out of the current Ascension Process and Expiration Date that has far less polarized extremes in it. It will still have Duality for those souls who want and/or need to learn within a polarized physical world reality but it will be less negative and controlled than the current patriarchal Earth world we incarnated into. In other words, the Dark Ones, Team Dark, the Negatives and the human elite will not control this probable polarized world as they have the 3D world we incarnated into.

# 4) This Earth world is one I’ve clairvoyantly seen and felt working very hard to build and form itself throughout my entire current lifetime. It’s a totally negative dark world where humans are looked upon exactly as most humans have viewed cattle, pigs, chickens etc.— as sources of food and beasts of burden only. The humans on this world are treated with utter disrespect and they don’t even know it. There is no freedom whatsoever, they’ve been severely altered genetically, most are implanted with certain AI machines to further remove them from their true spiritual Source/All That Is awareness plus make them even better unaware, unthinking, heartless worker automatons.

This probable world is so evil, so dark and totally controlled by Team Dark and there is no Light at all in it. It is the extreme polar opposite and humanity is seen by the Dark Ones as deficient in every way. It’s an elitist world where humans are the planetary food and fuel source and beasts of burden slave labor. The humans have been so thoroughly deceived by the Dark Ones that they believe being implanted with high-tech machines and AI is special and therefore makes them special and more valuable. Of course all it really does is make them less human, less conscious, more trapped and more easily controlled by the Dark Ones. This Earth world was where our Earth was being steered towards by Team Dark and the human elite and it’s what would have manifested as a primary world had the Expiration Date and Ascension Process not happened. In other words, there would not have been a Separation of Worlds & Timelines if the Ascension Process had not happened, which is impossible.

As I said, I’ve seen and felt this horrible probable Earth world being designed and built year by year by Team Dark and their human elite puppets all of my Denise life. I couldn’t believe that the masses didn’t realize what has been trying to manifest in this world and timeline and overtake them entirely. However, once the Forerunners, Starseeds, Lightworkers Volunteered to incarnate on Earth (think quantum, not linear) to take back the planet from Team Dark and the human elite and create a wide Pathway for the Light to enter and anchor, this incomprehensibly negative probable Earth world has been slowed considerably and now will be prevented from manifesting any further (all that’s finally happening in 2011 worldwide). But it was headed in this direction prior to the start of the Ascension Process and I’ve spent my life seeing and feeling it and knowing where it was being intentionally directed. The negativity that’s not been allowed to grow and manifest is almost beyond comprehension.

Over only the past couple of years I’ve perceived that this strong probable negative world won’t be allowed to manifest anywhere. In other times it would have, but it won’t now because of the Expiration Date. Mission accomplished on multiple levels, dimensions and in multiple timelines.


Because of the Ascension Process and Expiration Date many people are already experiencing periods of non-linear time and their consciousness starting to perceive multiple dimensions. Remember those mandatory awareness blinkers and amnesia we put on to incarnate into 3D physical reality in linear time? Now that we’re Ascending/evolving beyond the narrow band of frequency and consciousness that physical reality on Earth has been, we’re starting to undeniably experience time and space in grander more complex ways. This is why so many people are experiencing time slips, time distortions, no time, timelessness or quantum consciousness, time accelerations, past/present/future bleeding together and so on. The dimensional and time borders are gone and we’re Crossing Over; linear time and single dimension consciousness doesn’t apply in higher frequency dimensions above 3D.

All of the borders, boundaries, frequency and consciousness fences and linear time constraints that used to help us stay focused in 3D polarized linear physicality are dissolving rapidly now. It used to be very helpful having time be perceived as only linear, and physical reality as having very clear-cut borders so we couldn’t wander off and get lost in another dimension and/or timeline. Oh but how all that is changing now! We’re all driving but those helpful painted lines in the roads that kept us in our lanes and others in theirs are disappearing and we’re learning how to get around in very NEW ways now in very NEW vehicles.

We’re experiencing linear time and consciousness melting away (thanks to the body and brain Rewiring Process) and us being in and perceiving increasingly quantum-ness or existing within the spherical NOW moment. This is us taking baby steps in 5D reality and consciousness now and slowly familiarizing ourselves with it and how it feels, looks and functions. Guess what’s coming next within this unfolding Stair-step Process?

After we’ve experienced non-linear time and multidimensional space a few times so we don’t panic or get lost in the quantum multidimensional moment, the next step is us re-entering Universal Society. In other words, the Starbeings, ETs and many Others that have always existed out there in other dimensions and timelines will be within a close enough range to where we’ve Ascended/evolved into that we’ll be seeing and interacting with many of them finally. I believe we’ll enter this NEW level of consciousness and being after we transition through the 11-11-11 portal/gate coming November 11, 2011. Every day, week, month and monthly 11-11 portal we move through between today up to November 2011, is us living this Process step by step and inching our way vibrationally closer to Ascended individual and collective contact with other-dimensional Beings, Starbeings, ETs etc.

So every time linear time disappears for you and you’re not sure of what, where, when or why, go immediately into your High Heart Consciousness and BE and perceive from that space within your NEW 5D expanded self and awareness. The second you do that all the other crazy collapsing insanity holds no power over you because you know from a NEW space of 5D High Heart feeling awareness/consciousness that exists in a very different space and timeline. Get familiar with BEING more in a larger space and timeline so when you suddenly and unexpectedly have a face-to-face meeting with some Starbeings, ETs and/or Other Dimensional Beings you won’t panic or get lost or confused or wonder if they’re the “Good Guys” or the “Bad Guys” — you will simply Know.

Denise Le Fay

April 17, 2011

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28 thoughts on “The Different Frequency Earth Worlds & Evolving Beyond Linear Time

  • So has anyone actually felt they have shifted their time line into the fifth dimension? I find it tiresome and draining to be in the third dimension as there are so many negative people operating from a lower vibrational level. I think if you’re still surrounded by these kind of people (left brained psychopaths) it means your still operating in the third dimension.
    I find it tragic for a person who resonates on a higher vibration having to be around the negative people. When and how can you get away from these lower vibe people who seem to be everywhere whether its your workplace or family? How come the ascension shift is taking soo long? Does it mean your left behind?

  • Deepest gratitude to Denise and everyone who shared their experience about the unique experience in developing the multi-D connections/communication links, I learned and benefited sooo much!!!!

    much love

  • Denise,
    OMG, tears are pouring out of me right now. Thank you for your insight! I was sooooo conflicted over these two ETs! It was very confusing and then when they “went away” and “wouldn’t come back” I was even more confused! I love your use of “costume” because that (whether you consciously know it or not) has special meaning to me – in another portion of my life before things changed so drastically, I was a costume designer.

    And yes oh yes there are many polarity issues going on in my little corner of the Universe just now – both outside in 3D and inside in my heart and consciousness. I am struggling with the notion that I just need to let my husband do whatever he is going to do – ascension-wise. It is so very hard to let go because I want him to not only understand what I am doing but I want him to “come along”. I need to accept that either he will or won’t depending on what his soul chooses. Hard. Very very hard. Ego’s a bitch, yaknow? 😮

    Love and much gratitude to you, TRANSITIONS, and all of you wonderful souls here!

    • Debora,

      Oh yeah…I know about ego and the need to control, to drive, to steer etc., but I also know about letting go of too. 😉 This is how we learn about all of these things.

      I’ve experienced this so many times before when I’m being the interpreter for a person with their Starbeings/ETs kinfolk. The Starbeings will nudge me to use a specific word or term or to share something specific at that exact moment for the person. I know to trust this and just say whatever I’m impulsed to say, even if I don’t know why I said exactly what I did. The word “costume” was one of those words that I was very aware I was being nudged to use with you. I know the Starbeings know exactly what they’re doing for all of us at that moment in time. Multidimensional Beings with multidimensional Consciousness. Cool stuff huh? 😀

      Yep, the sooner we can let go of whatever it is that we each need to (and there’s always many things, not just one or two!), the sooner we AND our loved ones are free to get to where we each need to be now, mentally/emotionally/physically/energetically etc. We all know this but living many of these Ascension-related things is SO much harder than just intellectually knowing something. Hence the “twins”.

      I’m glad I could help you connect these Multi-D dots and know your Starbeing kinfolk will return, and most likely in NEW “costumes” so expect that too. 🙂


  • Thanks to everyone that has commented, it means so much to me. I have read and re-read all the posts. It is very clear I have set very strict boundaries based on my past experiences which were both good and bad. The bad experiences included myself and my pets being paralyzed and worse. The good included going to some type of school and I felt good there and “knew” others by their energy. I have beings around me all the time, and they surely are positive b/c I am not afraid (unlike before when I slept with the entire house lit up for years)and many magical things happen. Messages are left in soft and subtle ways – but I have not let any of them present themselves physically b/c of my fear. As well, they are being very respectful. I appreciate all of the suggestions more than words can say, and I will begin to implement (slowly). The ball of light that came to my window was so beautiful, but I just stopped it by ignoring it. I truly regret doing that. I will be away for about a week, with little access to internet, so please know I will be thinking about all of this and am so grateful for the input.

  • Hello, Denise and all,

    Ah, this is a very interesting conversation. I have been growing in my abilities slowly over time, so it might be helpful if I share. I can see some spirits around me– sometimes as colored orbs, sometimes like chalk drawings, and lately as large blocks of bright light to the side or these little shimmers of light in the middle of the room (they dont shimmer its more like oil in water, the way it moves– ah, to find the words to describe some of these things!) My sense of touch though is much more developed and I have a big cat who rubs against my legs and other touches and caresses and hugs that I feel a lot throughout the day. Some of these are very subtle– a light touch on your hand, for instance. I would say pay attention to the little things. Theyre not necessarily going to jump out at you. Years ago I was getting downloads of visions and images that were a bit much for me at the time. I asked them to please stop and they did, but, like others here, they have been slow to return. Im guessing that we should just take a deep breath and say yes to everything or it really stunts the process. I do a lot of talking to mountains and trees and rocks and animals and I get responses back. I can also feel or see some spirits in forests. I live within four sacred mountains which I acknowledge every day (and lately the spirits that live there) and Im really feeling the ones on the mountain closest to me. Some past or parallel lives have filtered in a little and I have made strong contact with my higher self. The Star Beings are slower to come, but I believe they will all come in their own time. And, with intention, I believe you can visit just about anywhere. I have had some interesting experiences with sparrows and squirrels just sitting and looking at me quietly or hopping towards me that are out of the ordinary and I put them in this category as well. I love Mias experience with the tall beings and have suggested to my spiritual friends that this would be a good way to make contact. As Denise has suggested before, sometimes these other worldly spirits dont really get what weve been going through or what its like to be human, so it might be wise to suggest something that wont freak us out!


  • Hi Debra,
    I have non-physical Being /Light and dark/around me for a long time.
    Perhaps it will help if I share how I ‘identify’ them. I feel and sense everything on the energy level. If the energy/vibration of that non-physical around me feels good or familiar to me, I let it in, let it closer. If the energy/vibration ‘freaks me out’ make me feel uncomfortable, there is no way I’m open for contact. Is the same as you can ‘feel’ people. Sometimes you like a person for no particular reason/the energy of that person is vibrates with you/good guy.
    Sometimes you meet someone and you just want to run away/the energy of that person makes you feel uncomfortable/not your guy.
    The keyword is to ‘feel’ them. When you start to ‘think them’ the confusion kicks in. The confusion of old, misguided teachings and believes /and I’m sure you know what I mean./
    Since my ascension process started I had been guided by non-physical masters, ‘I Do talk to the air’ constantly.
    But, to be able to visit my Star Family, was a different experience. Because, this time I was the one ‘visiting’ Them in Their Dimension(s). That, They made it clear, I have to come/shift up to Them, They are not ‘coming’ down…
    I believe as soon as you let go of the old teachings of fear, you’ll be open for the non-physicals and they will know you are ready to contact.

    All the best,


  • Dear Denise, Debra, et. al.

    Debra, how interesting! Thanks for bringing this subject up. I too have been desiring the reconnection with my star family. When I was little I had imaginary friends and I am now convinced they were part of my Star Family. But of course as so many kids have, my ability to see & communicate with my imaginary friends was lost as I “grew up”.

    About four months ago, I was contacted by a pair of beings who told me they were twins, Alin & Aleen. They were very pale people, with white blonde hair. To me, they appeared to be standing in a window and I couldn’t see their entire bodies. They appeared to be very much like “us” in our 3D world.

    They had a great deal to say to me and I had lots of questions. My questions were interpreted as “resistance” by Alin who seemed to be a very impatient person. Aleen, was much more gentle and understanding and wanted to help me be less resistant to their suggestions. Basically they were making suggestions as to what I should do for the next few months and, to be honest, I was resistant because I wasn’t sure if they were positive or negative. This frustrated Alin and he simply announced that they were going away. Aleen didn’t seem to want to but she left too and neither have been back, despite invitations for them to return.

    I still don’t know what to think. Is it possible they were negatives posing as Pleiadians? Were they positive and I turned away my Star Family? I am going to use Denise’s suggestion for re-contact (being non-specific) to see who shows up. Nonetheless, I would appreciate input here!


    • Debora,

      Sorry I didn’t respond sooner…been busy.

      You know how you can tell about a person just from the energies they give off? Put two humans in the same room; one a more evolved person with some heart and compassion etc., and the other a lesser evolved person with nothing but ego consciousness to work with, selfish, controlling, emotionally immature etc. Next, you walk into this room with these two strangers – now you tell me that you cannot FEEL, can’t SENSE, that you don’t clearly recognize the radically different energies that each of those humans are being/producing/radiating.

      We all can read energies and discern whose who and what’s what like this with other humans. The same is true with non-physical, other-dimensional Beings, Starbeings, ETs etc. Believe me, no matter how small or large, how much power or lack of power the Dark Ones have, you will naturally and instantly FEEL them as Beings focused only on “Service to Self”. These negatively focused non-physical other-dimensional Beings AND physical humans cannot hide or camouflage their energy signatures from anyone. Mean, cruel and selfish FEELS like what it is; Light, Love, honest compassion and care for others (“Service to Others”) FEELS exactly that way. You will know who is who because you/me/all of us can FEEL and read or discern these very different energies coming out from different humans and different non-humans. Trust your ability to recognize these different energies and don’t worry much about what these Beings may look like. FEEL with your body, your being, your High Heart and they will accurately inform you instantly of whether you’ve got positive or negative people or other-dimensional Beings in your face!

      I just loved the Lesson that these two Beings where showing you. This is pretty typical of positive ETs/Starbeings etc. They never, never, ever do only one thing for only one reason. They’re multidimensional Beings with multidimensional consciousness and so they always function (and work/teach us) in this way. They do multiple things at once to show, teach, help, guide us and it’s up to us to put their multiple puzzle pieces together to gain the full message/teachings/guidance etc. from them. Higher Beings often use pantomime or play acting just like this to teach us AND impact us at the same time with symbols, emotions and energies by actually producing or being the very things they’re trying to teach us about. [See plenty of this in The Temple of Master Hotei.]

      In this case I think they may have been trying to show you multiple things simply by appearing to you now as “twins”; one in a polarized male body and the other in a female body. That was a message in itself but so too was how they both exaggeratedly acted out typical 3D human polarities in a male and female body/mind/consciousness. The female typically more feeling and sensitive and not wanting to be rude or pushy etc. The male on a mission, impatience, forceful, expecting others to unquestioningly and instantly follow and totally believe whatever he said and claim to be “true”. I so love and respect how the positive Starbeings work (teach, guide, assist) with us here in physicality. 😆 I also loved how Alin the male twin became frustrated and wanted to leave because you weren’t understanding what he was trying to help you with. (That particular message was also directed at me right at this moment in time…so thank you Alin for that reminder.)

      Yes, these two Beings (the “twins” appearing to you through a “window” which symbolized a dimensional portal or peephole) were very positive other-dimensional Starbeings trying to help you, teach you, reflect certain polarized things to you (and because you’ve shared your experience with us all here, all of us too), reflect polarized thinking, emotions and actions in the old patriarchal world, and to also show you that you may have some of these polarized ways of looking at things in your mind and heart still too. What is Unity or High Heart Consciousness? It’s what naturally comes from us integrating these male/female polarized ways within ourselves and the body and brain Rewiring. 😉 This is one big thing I feel the “twins” were trying to show you and help you/us with.

      Thanks so much for sharing your ET lesson with us all here. They’ll be back when you’re honestly ready to have them. Just don’t expect them to show up in the same identical costumes again unless you need it and they’re going to teach you more about polarized consciousness and the left/right brain. Gawd I so love the positive Starbeings/ETs!

      Forgot another thing about this. Check the timeline when this actually happened and us talking about it now, today. This too was designed and utilized by them for us all. Quantum. 🙂


  • Thanks Denise; I know on a subtle level they are there already; and many dreams in which I work with guides. But I am ready for things to happen in my physical life – you confirmed it is my fear keeping more distance b/t us. I will make it clear and keep you all posted. I am inspired by yours and others ability to communicate on a more conscious level (than say the dream state). Thank you so much!

  • Hi Denise, Debra & all ~

    Debra’s post made me jump so will need to reply. Debra, something so similar happened to me! I closed off, did not want to know, thought that if I close off everything, then even the Darks don’t “exist” and I can be “safe”. Looking back now, my Higher Self clearly took over, I have been doing the required work in my sleeping hours etc, yet oddities have filtered through, even if I’ve done my best to ignore them. But now I think everything might have been easier if I had just faced the facts… Of course I haven’t been “safe” from the attacks, although mainly all of that has come from manipulated humans instead, not directly as such. Now that I’ve finally accepted how things are going, I too long for more contact. I don’t physically see, but sense presences now, it’s a bit freaky when it happens at home, but now I take this as “training”, I try to stand my ground and try to remain open to find out what I’m supposed to do, and try to discern if it’s “good” or “bad”. And something you might like to look out for, as this is how slowly they seem to move with me now: there have been days when I go about my shopping, walk on the street, and… suddenly catch the eye of the most peculiar looking character. One day at short intervals, three of these, all separately one by one here and there, walked past me. Just walked, looked at me, no contact, just walked past. But yes I did notice. They were all extremely tall and just did not “fit in” with the rest of the crowd. I don’t know if I had paid attention without having read Denise’s book, but I connected their extreme tall figure etc. with Denise’s descriptions. This is what suits me at this point in time. I notice them little by little… they take it “at my pace” which I’m very grateful for.
    Generally, all multidimensional experiences these days confirm to me I’m on right track. My reality as I used to know it has totally, completely changed, including how I view just about everything. I sense the whole atomic structure of everything around me “loosen up”, like everything tangible around me could disintegrate any given moment. I don’t take anything for granted anymore, just day at a time and try to view everything that happens with curiosity. It helps I’ve noticed 🙂

    Warm LightHugs to you ~ love to hear how everyone’s getting on with these things and HUGE thanks to you Denise for such incredible guidance, just awesome.

  • Eva/Denise/all,

    I so want to re-connect with my stellar family – it is such a deep longing. I lost most of my biological family and many pets in a series of deaths that spanned about 5 years. I have little contact with most other family members that are still here – except for my son. That combined with the ascension process has left this huge desire to connect and build a family again. Losing almost my entire bio family really opened my eyes; I took them for granted for sure and learned a huge lesson in valuing those I love.

    Is there something I can do to hasten the process? I don’t know what else to do to speed things up. There was a time about 15 years ago when I was contacted by beings from somewhere else – I’m thinking the Pleaides – but I wasn’t prepared and it scared me a lot – a lot! I asked/demanded to be left alone and eventually was. Maybe this is why there is no contact now? Is this something that will just happen on its own time? I feel more prepared now, more willing, but there is still an element of concern and maybe this is stopping things? I really want to move on – this life sometimes is just too painful and most times, besides loving my animals and being loved by them, I get very bored with this existence and have no desire for anything.

    About 2 months ago I was reading in bed when one of my cats started staring out the window and making noises. I saw a large ball of light, but I guess I was half asleep and I told my cat it was ok and then turned off the light and went to sleep. Looking back I guess again, on some level it scared me, why else would I ignore it? I have been asking for it to come back but it doesn’t.

    Thank you all for being a place I can talk about these things 😉

    • Debra,

      You have to move beyond your fear of the positive other-dimensional Beings. They won’t get too close or let themselves be seen/felt by you if you’ve told them to “go away”. So if you honestly want to start having more of a conscious interaction with your Stellar Family and Friends/Guides/Assistants etc., then you need to be more open to having different types of interactions/communications with them. Once you honestly feel safe enough for some type of exchange with one or two of them, tell them. Talk to the air (don’t laugh, it works really well especially if you’re a Starseed!) and tell them what you’d like to have happen. Tell them to start easy with you and why…like they don’t already know 😉 …and then pay attention to the subtle things, clues, feelings and knowings. And, pay attention to your dreams because the dream plane is so easy for them to interact with us in physicality.

      Know too that you have more Family than you can imagine. 🙂


  • Dear Denise,

    No, words can describe how I feel today! :)) I know you’ll know what I mean when I say:Your article/YOU helped me to re-connect to my Real Family, last night. I Crossed Over, I visited HOME /waaay beyond 3D/. Thank You Denise! To be able to freely communicate with my Star Family again…well, you know the feeling :))
    I understand now, that you are The Wayshower to the Wayshowers. It’s ‘feels’ like you’re pulling /unseen/strings or pushing/unseen/buttons to Activate and Direct Us.
    My Star Family and Friends are indeed near by/as you said/and the connection/communication will be clearer and easier.
    I’ve been ‘homesick’ for so long, but now I know I’ll be able to visit Home frequently, because the gap is closing in between 3D and the Higher Dimensions.
    I have so much more to say/about the re-connection with my Star Family/but, instead of writing about it, I wish to your readers to experience IT.
    And with your guidance, many will.
    Thank you Denise for ‘pushing my/our buttons’ :))



    • Eva,

      And thank you for recognizing that I do indeed “…pull unseen strings or push unseen buttons to activate and direct…” Conscious Creating means much more than what most people are aware of yet. Some of us Elder Starseed Lightworkers have worked like this all our lives and are only now in 2011 able to safely – for all parties – reveal it. That’s how much things have improved on Earth recently.

      Congratulations on reconnecting with some of your old familiar multidimensional Stellar Kinfolk at the NEW level you’re currently in. Don’t forget that this will change many more times however so expect your Multi-D relationships to continue growing and changing as well. There’s more fun to come in other words. 😉

      Hugs of Gratitude,

  • So yesterday I had someone drive me to the Expo in Northampton, Mass.
    I was to speak there and could’t drive becuase of my broken ankle.
    I explained to David(my friend) what I was going to talk about. I told him the Earth was rebirthing her self and what was happening. This is when I went into the explanation of the 4 Earth’s. It was exactly what you wrote today.
    The only part that was different was I said evil will not exsist. I read what you wrote and felt so sorry that beings would exsist with no light. Was very happy when you changed that part.
    I was just reading this in bed…jumped up and had to respond to your writing and thanking you for the conformation. It’s not like people are walking around here saying what I knew to be true.
    I spoke to people today healers telling them when I hurt my foot it was a time-warp or something like it.
    I had,had my hand tightly around the banister. That this energy was so powerful I was bracing my body (hands against the walls)I was forced down and my foot folded
    under and I stepped down or was pushed down on my ankle, and it broke.
    That night a friend called to tell me a friend of hers dreamt I had broken a 500lb piece of granite and had put the both pieces on each side of my alter.

    It was most meaningful for about 20 years I have been working on the PTSD and could not cry from the immense trauma. Yesterday I was doing a reading for someone and started to cry…I believe the break also shifted something major and..for me it’s freedom to cry….
    I am blessed today..

  • Feeling near to this happening now. Its been crazy, as you know i have family stuff happening, records they make are no more, new ones made, then no ones seen/read them,knows about it all, and this is in a hospital!

  • What a well written article Denise, Thank You! The latest inner mantra that I am hearing is: “There Is No Right Or Wrong, Only Choices”! Believe me, there are times when I feel that this is right or that is wrong, so this is a good mantra to continue to hear, helps me maintain neutrality. The reason I mention this inner message is because I think that it goes along with the multiple earth scenario’s that you speak of, humanity is being allowed to make a freewill choice! I have to admit there are times when I feel I don’t have a clue what is going on and then other times when I can clearly feel the Divine Order of All, depending on what timeline I am inhabiting! I also like your sharing that we are slowly adjusting to the 5D reality earth scenario as it can be quite disconcerting to “just be there” suddenly on a timeline but as we slowly adjust as you mentioned, we will feel more and more our returning to what we Truly Know, the veil fully lifted! Amen to that veil fully lifting in Divine Timing!

  • Interesting insights, Denise, although I am having a bit of a challenge reconciling these divided Earth scenarios in respect to our goal of Unity Consciousness as described by the Mayan calendar. My still-ascending mind wants to categorize them as good/bad or black/white, but my heart whispers, “no, just differenct.” The mere fact that I am aware of this tells me I’m on the right track!

    Personally I am feeling a bit of a disconnect from Spirit right now. In the past this has caused me great anxiety, but somehow it seems appropriate in light of this final push through the Ninth Wave — clearing the way for the sustained I AM experience that is the gift of the Ascension Process.

    As always, thank you for your generosity in sharing your gifts.


    • Steve,

      Well done you! 😉 And yes it’s just old familiar polarized consciousness that makes us perceive/believe things are black/white, good/bad etc.

      I’ve been through the – what felt to me at the time – HUGE disconnect from Spirit (and all of my old familiar Starbeing buddies) during the years I was transmuting/changing the most.

      It’s really a good sign that the old Steve with that consciousness and sense of “self” are ascending/evolving/moving and changing again. The more we change/evolve/ascend, the more our relationship and perception of Spirit, our Higher Self, our Guides/Assistants etc. and our self changes again and again. The more we embody, the more we change of course and so too do all of our relationships…on the physical plane and all of the other non-physical ones as well.

      You’re right on track. 🙂

  • Dear Denise,
    First, thank you so much for this article. I have had so many questions about the nature of time and our new perceptions of it and I am sure you have addressed much of this earlier in the site, but I feel that I am “just now” (a perception I realize and not necessarily a reality because I have been in the other dimensions before) entering this new dimension.

    The first thought that occurred to me as I read the article is that perhaps it explains my issues with concentration. I have a harder and harder time accomplishing tasks (here in 3D) because of a “lack of focus”. If one is trying to make the world operate in a linear fashion and the world one lives in is not always linear (anymore) then it appears that “you aren’t concentrating!”
    Thus when you say “Every day, week, month and monthly 11-11 portal we move through between today up to November 2011, is us living this Process step by step and inching our way vibrationally closer to Ascended individual and collective contact with other-dimensional Beings, Starbeings, ETs etc.” we are displaying more and more of the so-called Ascension symptom of “lack of focus” . In other words, some of our Ascension Symptoms are not “symptoms” per se but new Ascended Human Traits. Where “lack of focus” is a detriment in 3D, it becomes “multiple focus” in 5D and beyond and is an attribute.

    As best I can tell from a quick search for “quantum consciousness” on the site, your mention of it assumes we “know” what that is, so I tried to understand it via Google search which turned out to be quite over my head (I’m a theatre PhD and could play a physicist on TV but that is about it! 😛 If you have a way to “dumb it down”, I would really appreciate it! My sense is that it has to do with what is intangible in the 3D sense and the scholar in me wants to go down the Plato/Aristotle/Heidegger /Husserl/Merleau- Ponty road of Phenomenology and Perception – In one sense, the study itself is an attempt to capture lightnening in a bottle, and therefore impossible. At any rate, I won’t go down that road (again!) because it is a dissertation in itself and I gave all that up sometime back when I decided that the world needed far less academic-babble and more simplified love. Still, because of my own training I have a hard time just trying to understand something in an intuitive manner – I was much better at it 20 years ago, before becoming an academician! Arrrrgggh!

    This is one reason I love this site – we all bring so many different perspectives and understandings here.

    Love to you dear Denise! And love to all your readers.

  • WOW! Denise, you explain things so well that as stundo mundo as I can be at times, I actually understand.
    It’s so powerful to read all this and get a clearer understanding. For the past four months I have had so many changes in my life. Many were good changes but you would not believe the walls I hit trying to make them happen. I found out one thing though, if you really want something and you make up your mind, ask for help and guidance, and every time you ask, say “thank you” as if it has already happened, it WILL happen. I “knew” I had to move (and I’m seeing this a lot on here, and you too Denise) so I made it happen. I’d take one step forward, hit a wall, two steps back, then forward, then back…Every time I got discouraged I wrote a letter and I started it with “I am that I am, I am”, put it on paper what I wanted/needed, thanked the Universe for giving it to me, signed it, dated it, folded it up and put it away. Before I knew it, I moved another mountain. And believe me, that how it felt! Sell a house (which the realtor said would take at least nine months) but I sold it in one day! Get refused a mortgage for another house (by about 5 lenders) but I found a broker who got me one at an even better rate 🙂 In the middle of everything, our cottage got broken into! F%@#!!!Cleaned out a basement, packed up a house, found a new house, moved and unpacked,all within 5 weeks, in the middle of snowstorms! (snowstorms and shitstorms!!!)I won’t go into details about all the different things that could possibly go wrong scenarios that happened (right down to my water not passing the necessary test)but every time I felt like giving up, I wrote a letter! And as I was giving a sigh of relief the day we moved in, thinking “Yeah, I made it!” we got served papers by someone who used to call himself a friend, suing us for $30,000 for something completely ridiculous. I looked at my husband and I said I can’t believe this! All I want is some peace in my life and why is this shit happening??? Anyway, this guy is an evil little money hungry greedy bastard and we dealt with it and then did a lot of work to forgive him and let it go because, ya know, if you hold onto that shit, then that person really really wins! Ever see that little sign “He who angers you controls you”? Well, no way in hell were we going to let another negative entity have control over us, and even though I just called him names, I have forgiven him. I actually feel sorry for him because what an awful place he must be in.
    Anyhooo, just wanted to share my story because I know so many of us on here have this very strong urge to move, so I encourage you to not give up and just go for it! Get to where you “know” you need to be. For now anyway 🙂
    Love Pat

  • Hi Denise,
    I’ve come up with my own explanation for timeline blips, it’s based on my own subjective experiences. I hope it makes some sort of sense.
    In 3D we have free will, in order for this to work everytime we come to a fork in the road and have to make a decision then the universe splits to encompass those decisions (but we only move into one of those split off universes).
    The ascension energies are making us release old traumas, from past and present lives. When you clear an old trauma, that timeline collapses and you revert to the timeline you would have been on if the events that created that trauma had never happened. The larger the trauma, the more the world shifts around you when you finally clear that trauma.
    In 2001 I spent 6 months clearing out one large trauma from a past life. After that point in my life I had whole buildings changing and dissappearing from the world around me, as well as smaller things. Strangely that episode in my life finished in September 2001 ……..
    The next 5 years were some of the strangest in my life, finally settling down in 2006.
    I’ve summarised a lot, but I will the leave it here for the moment.

  • Is funny how confirmation comes at the right time. My de ja vu’s has always been apart of my life but lately I thought my mind was going because I have been forgetting the smallest things or believed with my whole heart I have done something only to find out it needed to be done again. These repeats and confirmations have been leading me in the same direction for a long time. Undo, relax, realize truth, write it down, listen to my dreams and to what people say. (because they say things that need to be said without them knowing at me its a spiritual message) When things have to be done over and frustration kicks in I have to eventually remind myself of the bigger picture or rest to gain perspective. My question to everyone is have you noticed that when you are being pushed or pulled by darkness the front of your head is full of tension? If you are disturbed, angry, pissed off, lied to, witness or remember hatred the front of your head region hurts? Or is it me? I’ve been noticing this for awhile but have started taking note….

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